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Foundation Operation ●⊙ Organization Chart

Children and Juveniles of the World

Chief Executive Officer


Song Ja | Advisor, Daekyo Co., Ltd.

Deputy CEO

Lee Jae Hong | CEO, Taeseong Company Consultation Co.,Ltd.


Kim Han Sub | CEO, KTB Securities Co., Ltd. Kim Hae Rhyun | CEO, Adigm Co., Ltd. Sohn Kyung Hee | Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University

100 persons committee

Chung Moo Sung | Dean, Social Welfare Graduate School of Soongsil University Joo Tae San | CEO, Max Movie

Executive Director

Operation Director Yang Ok Kyung | Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Ehwa Woman's University Auditor

Strategic Alliance Department

Public Relations Fund Development Department

Planning allotment project

Public relations publishing project

Sponsorship allotment project

Fund development project/on-line fund raising development

Community support project Research development evaluation project Employees education workshop

Company CSR consulting Donors management Domestic and overseas network project

Choi Kyung Soo | Partner, Sam Kyeong Accounting Corp

Management Planning Department Board of directors and committee members support General affairs, human resource organization work Finance and accounting management

Baik Young Bae | CEO, Yoo Young Industry Co., Ltd.

100 Persons Committee

In order to support the development and supply of programs actually needed for children and juveniles of the world being conducted through practical participation of Noblesse Oblige, Kids&Future is operating 100 persons committee participated by venture and company CEOs and experts.

Assets management Basic property, fund and donors management

Executive Office : 16 persons (100% regular employees) Executive Director (1 person) : Overall supervision of executive office

●⊙ Internal Members Board of Directors

Board of directors is the top decision making organization of Kids&Future. Compose of totally 10 persons, 8 directors including 1 operation director and 2 auditors including chief director, board of director evenly consists of company executives and non-profit fields professors with prolonged experiences and extensive specialized knowledge on overall aspects of foundation operation. Board of directors is offering sustainable vision so that Kids&Future may be in transparent and healthy operation and fulfill its responsibility and duty for the socially disadvantaged based on their experience and expertise on the operation of companies and non-profit organization.

Strategic Alliance Department (7 persons)

Public Relations Fund Development Department (6 persons)

Management Planning Department (2 persons)

Annual report 2008 en  
Annual report 2008 en