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Peter and Janet Hate Their Jobs

Peter and Janet Hate their Jobs an experimental place

an experimental place

tom made this Š2010

This is Janet. Look at Janet type.

Peter and Janet work in an “office”. See Janet synchronise diaries. Peter is very busy.

This is Peter. Peter works with Janet. See Peter slack.

Here is Janet. She is preparing for her Sales meeting. Janet doesn’t have the quarterly estimates. Watch her panic.

This is Daniel. Daniel is undertrained. Look at Daniel pretend to work. Watch him sweat.

Here is Peter again. Peter is preparing for annual reviews. Watch Peter evaluate himself. See Peter like, whatever.

Janet has had her meeting. No-one noticed the made-up figures. No-one read it. See Janet fume.

Here are “the boys”. They are having a "huddle" Which pub will they go to?

This is Mickey on the phone. Mickey is telling HR that Peter is “in a meeting”. Watch Mickey lie. He doesn’t even notice.

Steven rides a motorcycle Peter just brings in a helmet Listen the boys compare “cc’s”. Look at the funny boys.

Here is Steven. Steven fixes computers See the suits patronise Steven. Watch Steven check their web histories. See Steven chuckle.

Here is Robert. Robert feels undervalued. Look, Robert is being head-hunted. Isn’t that nice?

Robert is fixing Mickey’s computer. See Mickey learn. He turns the computer off... then on. Voila - it’s better.

Where is Peter? Peter is “working from home�. Imagine Peter at home. See Janet scowl.

Jolene is concentrating. She hasn’t pressed “save” for ages. Can you guess what is going to happen? Oh no!! See Jolene cry.

Here is Sara. Sara is an office tart. Watch her prowl. See Sara prey. Isn’t nature wonderful?

Janet has got a **memo**. She is cross. What can it say? See Janet email her team that the board are a short-sighted bunch of wankers.

Emma has upset a client. See Peter shout at Emma. Look at Janet tell her off. Isn’t Emma shafted?

Emma is joining a conference call. Which buttons should she press? See Emma pressing #. Repeatedly.

George is making a joke. He likes making jokes. Every office has a “joker”. Doesn’t Jane look amused?

Here is the photo-copier. It doubles as a singles bar. Casual physical contact cannot be construed as sexual harrasment.

Here are Alan and Susan. They are having a secret affair. It is not very secret. Watch everyone watch. Isn’t it sweet?

This is Clara Clara runs reception. Watch Clara crush the unwary.

Watch the girls gossip about Al'n'Sus. Gossip is fun.

Here is the CFO Doesn't he look blissfully ignorant of the shit that's going down? See Janet and Peter. Watch them make faces.

This is Chris He moves paper and sends e-mails. He hates his job too. Laugh with Chris.

This is Alice. Alice is forwarding an ‘e-mail’. Apparently the Nigerians need our help to save starving children in the rainforest being sold into white slavery in Sudan and forced to wear flip-flops by the Dalai Lama and Al Gore.

This is Alexandra. She is hungover like a dog.

Here are the Management Consultants. See their strategy wipe out a quarters profit. See the share price plummet.

Peter has an “annual performance review�. He is wearing a tie. Peter cannot think of anything that he has achieved this year.

Here is Stuart the temp. He is working at “data entry”. It’s Stuart’s last day. See no-one give a fuck.

Here is Martin. No-one knows what Martin does. The admins call him “One of Life’s Mysteries”.

See Janet and Peter. They are discussing redundancies. Look at Peter laugh. Watch Janet sigh.

Janet & Peter hate their jobs. Janet & Peter are getting pissed. See Robert do his impression of the CFO. Watch Janet laugh. Isn’t office life fun?

This is Tom, no-one talks to him. Tom is doing “work experience”. No one will explain what he should be doing. Tom wants to cry.

Is this like your office? Write about your office here:

Is this like your office? Write about your office here:

Peter and Janet Hate Their Jobs  
Peter and Janet Hate Their Jobs  

A story about some people who work in an office