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What is your background? I take great pride in being a true native of Los Angeles, my family goes back 4+ generations right here on the west side of LA. I’ve lived in other cities at different points in my life, and while I treasure the experiences, I’ve always come home. I do have a regular 9-5ish job, which I actually enjoy, but photography remains my passion. How did you get into photography? I’ve always been creative in one form or another since childhood. Drawing and painting, graffiti, design, music etc... but about 6 years ago, I picked up a camera again and it was completely different than all the previous times I’d taken a photograph. It felt more natural, like that “damn, this is what I should have been doing all along,” sort of feeling. What are your inspirations? I’m constantly inspired by my city. Not just physically but in the feelings. Los Angeles is filled with so much energy and has so many different moods. I take long drives every week, I call them “doing my rounds”... I drive from the Westside through Mid City into Hollywood, through DTLA, and all through South Central then back home. I just drive slow, taking side streets. Watching and absorbing the different moods and how everything changes block by block. It’s not necessarily pretty, but it’s beautiful to me. Sometimes I’ll get out and shoot or talk to people... most times I just drive and feel lucky to be able to live here. And then obviously my Sundays. LA comes alive on a Sunday like no place else. Check my photos if you don’t believe me. Lol I’m inspired by quite a few other photographers, artists and musicians. Bruce Davidson, Estevan Oriol, Simon Davidson, Mike Miller, my bro Sig from Atl, Glen Friedman, Charles Peterson, John Coltrane, fugazi, e40, built to spill, Chaz, ELP, defer, LA graffiti... too many to name. What camera/lens do you like to use? I’ve been using my Canon 5dmk3 and my Sigma art 24mm combo for years. If it ain’t broke.... ? Do you want your photography to be seen as art or do you want to get across a message? Both. I try to tell a story in every photo. I try to transfer the energy I feel out there into the photo. Hopefully, the audience can feel it. I’ll keep the message and what it means to me, up for interpretation though. What do you enjoy about photography? The ability to capture a moment in time, through my eyes, and to present and preserve it forever. To share my perspective on these moments and hopefully give the viewer something cool as fuck to look at. I’m lucky to have been given the keys to be able to document a part of LA most people don’t get to see. I never take that for granted and I work to protect that privilege. All these years later, I’m just as excited for each Sunday as ever. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? As long as I’m alive, spending time with my kids and my friends and family, I’m good. And if we’re lucky, the Sundays will still be cracking. Jason Cordova Ig: @jsun217

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