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The bedside reading lamps were originally made by Keith for their wedding as lights that were attached to the clawfoot tub beer coolers. The wood wall is made from reclaimed lath from the house. The steel window is from a building material salvage yard in downtown LA.

Top: The steel windows are from a building material salvage yard in downtown LA. The floating box shelf was made from leftover wood from the house.

Below: The opening into the kitchen was cut out as a kind of ‘eye’ into the room. The banquette and table are constructed from off-cuts from the kitchen millwork. The table legs are pipes from a railing on one of Keith’s previous projects.


he home that Keith and Bryce Fallen have built is a distinct reflection of their priorities, namely, family and community with close second of purpose-driven design. Nestled between Venice blvd and Washington, in what you may assume to be an urban area- the Fallen home serves itself as a physical representation of a good neighbor. Low fences, see-through hedges and a home that is so open the back garden is visible from the front. The different zones of the home are both discrete and connected due to the slatted wooden sliding doors used to section off rooms. The replacement of a conventional hinge with slatted wood doors, allows a removal of barriers and makes the home feel all interconnected, so the rooms for his two small daughters, Poppy and Lake, feel open for the ocean breeze to move lightly through. The kind of rooms you want to wake up in on a Sunday. The wood for the doors was saved from jobs Keith, an architect and builder, previously worked on. This saving of a materials is another theme. Over the master bed are two lights saved from their wedding to accompany the benches and bars outdoors, also recouped from decorating their wedding. Keith is a hands-on guy, and saves up material in his workshop in the back, to work on new projects. This is the true mindset of sustainability. A wholehearted love for re-use, re-build, and restore.

Keith Fallen, Architect

An unnarrated walk through would have no idea how much of Keith’s home was handdone or constructed, and yet so much is taken from their wedding, old jobs, alleys, given to him from neighbors. The cohesiveness he has created with such a diversity of sources is aspirational and representative of what it truly means to build your own home. The home itself has evolved with the welcoming of Lake, and a few years later, Poppy. Keith built a play house in the back that is something from a dream, with a maze for golf balls, a PVC pipe telescope lookout, and a window to open and close. The doors in Lake’s room have stenciled numbers for an order of operations for opening, and closet


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