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E: The property that we’re sitting in is so beautiful. Can you tell me about it? M: My mom moved back to Topanga after years of acting and moving around. She found this house 50 or 55 years ago. She said she was walking down the street, saw the For Sale sign and came in and looked around the house. It was all closed up. She said the walls were all painted dark purple and it was kind of weird looking inside but she just got the best feeling from the property. She actually sat in the backyard and fell asleep. She woke up and said, ‘This is my place. I need to live here’. E: You were raised in this house, and then you left? M: I didn’t leave for long. I did quite a few years of traveling. I would go on six month long trips and then I would come home, and just do that over and over again for a few years. Then I decided I wanted to get more into art and was doing some theater at the Theatricum too. E: Tell me about your family. M: We have two children, 7 and 9 years old. My daughter goes to Manzanita, a little beautiful woodland school in Topanga, and my son goes to Topanga Elementary, which is a great public school. My husband Chad runs an after-school musical theater arts program for kids in Santa Monica. It’s called Theater 31. He lived in Manhattan Beach when we first met. Lucky for me he was excited to move up here. E: And would you ever want to live anywhere else? M: We talk about it. Chad’s business is doing well in Santa Monica and it’s hard to move away. I love having my kids close to my parents. It’s really a special time for them to be together. Sometimes, I think I would like to pack up and move farther north. I’m not a big city person and I love Los Angeles, but I wouldn’t mind living where the pace of life is even a little slower. The traffic just gets to be a little much. Lucky for me I work at home so I don’t really have to deal with it. E: It’s interesting. Every person that I’ve interviewed and all the people that I’ve met in Topanga are in some way an artist, and I love that about this community. I feel like we have something that most communities don’t, which is a common thread of not only what people do for a living but actually who they are in the world. I find most people are living in their life’s path or their dharma, more here than anywhere. M: Yes. And there’s a real connection to nature too, which I think is a big draw. A lot of people with a similar sensibility gravitate towards that, wanting to feel connected to nature and appreciative of the nature around us, wanting to take care of it and be in it. E: It’s true. Yesterday was the first day during the rain I actually could drive down Topanga Canyon without it being closed. I’ve never driven in the rain down the canyon because it always has rock slides. There are so many beautiful waterfalls, and this morning I drove Red Rock and the river through there is just jamming. M: It’s just so beautiful and so unique. There are several microclimates here and it is really amazing. That you go Red Rock and you feel like you’re on another planet, it’s so beautiful. Santa Maria is a whole other area and it’s gorgeous at the top of Tuna too. E: Well, I feel like the star seed that you came down on, landed right here on this perfect perch. I’m so happy to share with people what you do. It’s so special and it’s so beautiful, and you’re such a beautiful soul and you can feel it in everything you do. I really welcome people to check you out and support their local artist.


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