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Above The Analyst – a daybed in oak, bronze and crushed velvet upholstery, designed by Matthew Morgan. Left Top: Matthew’s daughter, Cookie, on her tire swing at home, in front of the Peach Portal Etagére which Matthew designed and built. Left Bottom: Matthew’s bedroom. A unique hand cut marquetry wall piece in various wood vaneers and the Tropical Tantrum Etagére in birch, with glass shelves and marble base, were both designed and made by Matthew.

does attract a kind of person that is both open and expressive. There’s certainly a correlation between the wild spirit and wild nature. Yes, we have all the elements but I think that the nature here is unkept. And so there’s something really beautiful about people having property that is not ornamental, but rather surrendering to let nature take its course and to live amongst it. Absolutely. People would probably like to be a lot more ornamental and precious I imagine, but here, you’re forced to just accept what happens. Flooding, drought – it’s very extreme, and I think a certain kind of person actually likes those limitations. Its humbling, and inspiring and transformative to live in such a dramatic natural environment. I wanted to take a two way approach in talking about what you create. It seems like you don’t

have limitations because you have a way of saying anything can be done. Usually that holds people back and they stay within a genre. I see that you don’t really have a genre but rather an expression or an extension of yourself. At the same time, there’s a very practical side to you that just gets things built and completed. So there is the art side of you that has a beautiful furniture and pieces to use in the home and then there’s the other side of you which is the builder of homes. When did you decide to start building your own furniture? I hadn’t made any furniture before moving to Topanga. My wife, Carly, and I moved from a tiny place in Brooklyn where we left all our found furniture. We moved into a big house and we had no furniture but I had a fabrication shop because I was making things for other artists


or galleries, so I tried to make a chair. Then I started making more and more furniture. Life shifted dramatically and I just let that go for a while. I continued to make things but I didn’t do it through the business that had organically began growing. Only recently have I felt like I want to revitalize that business. I like the name ‘Only Love Is Real’ which is what the business had been called. Recently, I made a commitment to myself to only do projects that interest me. For awhile I was taking whatever came. Once I made that commitment, the interesting projects and clients started to come. I wanted to do architecture, landscape design and interior design, all of which I’m doing now. As I refine my practice, I realize that at its core, it is relationship driven. I’m attracting the kind of client that’s interested in the same qualities

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LA HOME Summer 2019  

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