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different throughout the year. It was very special. Z: During this time we woke up to the idea of living a natural lifestyle. We learned about eating organic, using clean products on our bodies, what “superfoods” were, and we started consuming Chinese and ayurvedic herbs...our lives dramatically changed. That’s how we got into making biodynamic chocolate. E: Do you think that moving to Topanga inspired your aesthetic? Z: It definitely did. It was a life-changing move. It had brought me back to self and slowed me down a lot so I could think through my decisions and truly enjoy being creative again. With each passing year, we’ve become more present and connected to Mother Nature. We became more earthinspired, using natural dyes and playing with recycled materials in our creations. B: We started getting into organic architecture and interior design. The family that owned our first two rentals had an amazing, whimsical wabi-sabi style that we hadn’t seen before, and we didn’t see that kind of freedom in anything we saw in the city. E: When I see architecture such as this, where you’re using different elements from different periods of time with all these fragments, it feels like an American farmhouse but with an original perspective. I think it’s one of the unique things about Topanga that the majority of people here are collectors. It’s nice to see the collections that move up here and how they are interpreted. It’s almost like a project that’s never finished. B: Welcome to the life of two artists.

Z: It’s very much a living ever-evolving artistic expression of ourselves. When your home is a giant art project, it teaches you patience. We’re not so scheduled and rushed as we were in the big city. We’re on what people up here literally call ‘Topanga Time’. E: Would you live anywhere else? B: Sure. I’m down for whatever. We love diversity and traveling. As long as I’m with my family, I’m happy anywhere. The Tao of Pooh says, ‘wherever you go, there you are’. Z: We love this place. But we can see ourselves living in multiple spots throughout the year. E. Tell me about all your shops and how interior design came into your world. B: Our shops were like treasure chests, magically and meticulously curated, and people would come in and ask if we could make their homes look like them. Z: So we started ZenBunni H.O.M.E (Healthy, Organic, Magical Environment). We would not only fill their home with magical pieces but would consider the health of those that lived in the space by introducing “non-toxic” building materials, incorporating a bit of feng shui and vastu and treating the home as a living extension of themselves. Our distinct vision became known as ‘ZenBunni Style’. E: Oh for sure. Definitely, you guys have a characteristic that’s unique and easy to spot because no one is doing what you’re doing. Bunni, I know it’s very exciting to get back into photography after 14 years of all things ZenBunni. B: It’s amazing to be back in the darkroom. I’ve only shoot medium format film with my Hasselblad, and now almost 30 years later, I’m still doing it this way. It’s become a rarity


to shoot and print yourself. Although, any camera I look through makes me happy. E. Zen, what are you doing right now? Z: I’ve started Zen The Wyldeflower Design Co. where I do Creative Consulting with a focus on brands that are sustainable and care about Mother Nature. I’m currently helping a few ‘clean beauty’ brands, a fashion house, and there’s the possibility for some restaurant and music projects up ahead. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 22 years and have done everything from the inception and creation of an idea, to formulating, wholesaling and retailing – from the design side and as an owner. So I have a diverse array of skills that I now can share. Along with the unique aesthetic discernment that I’ve cultivated, I’m able to help manifest a company’s vision with a wide perspective. I spent half my life ‘working hard’ and now I can ‘play softly’, and have a wonderful impact on great companies that need a little or a lot of help telling their story. E: I’d like to talk about Alchemy. Z: Yes, she’s our favorite creation and the love of our lives!!! B: We had been together for over ten years. However, we were always busy with our brand and our shops. I was turning 40 and thought this could be the end of my window so I mentioned this to Zen and he smiled. “Of course, let’s try”...We tried once! Our midwives said when that happens, the child is just “waiting” for us. Z: That’s what it felt like when she arrived. We felt complete. I didn’t know what it meant to be human until I had a child and have my heart expand to realms I had no idea existed. B: We had just moved out of a large home and

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