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MASTER BEDROOM Situated above the parlor, the master bedroom and bathroom were also part of the addition. Here, my vision was to create an ethereal and soothing feeling – a sort of understated elegance that felt open and uncluttered. The in-house custom wood bed is a nod to the original Spanish architecture, and the wood beams added a warm, rustic element. Working with incredible artisans is really what this room reminds me of – from the plaster and finish, to the furnituremakers… there was a lot of heart and soul poured into this space. Rug - Marc Phillips, Chairs - Brenda Antin

MASTER LOUNGE An entry into the master suite, I wanted the lounge to feel like a cozy nest – small, and comforting. Functionally, the clients asked for a mini-home office and space to watch tv upstairs, and while the layout was tight, we capitalized on every inch! When it came time to select the color palette, I started with the rug, which also ties into the terra-cotta tile found downstairs. One of my favorite design tricks is to play with wood tones, varying them slightly so that the furniture doesn’t look too matchy. This is especially important when you have several pieces within close proximity. Rug - Lawrence of La Brea, Coffee Table - JF Chen, Art - Stuart Redler

PARLOR An addition to the original structure, the idea of creating the ‘parlor’ was driven by my clients’ love of entertaining and hosting large gatherings. The design direction began with the question of how to tactfully integrate something ‘so new,’ into an adjacent space that was ‘so old’. By incorporating original architectural details (i.e. the beams and steel windows), and maintaining the home’s warm and textural color palette, the space doesn’t feel like an anomaly. Cabinetry craftsmanship and details were important design elements, (and were drawn in-house by us). The custom metal shelving is adorned with the client’s collection of spirits....the crown jewel of the room! Pendants - Circa Lighting Stools - Thomas Hayes Studio Rug - Marc Phillips

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LA HOME Summer 2019  

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