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A Rare Find

The beautiful jewelry that Peter Norman designs, is in demand country-wide.



Home Yoga

Danielle Cuccio has some pointers on how to start a yoga practice at home.


Second Acts

Tara Ellison shares her thoughts on how to minimize the effects of a ‘conscious uncoupling’.

Do The Hustle

Maia Suckle is caught up in a whirlwind of parties and events during the movie awards ceremonies for American Hustle.


Raising Hope

Samara Wolpe is a 17 year old on a mission to eradicate cancer – and to help her father in the process.

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Man in A Case

Mikhail Baryshnikov gives an interview on the eve of his appearance at the Broad Stage.

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Passion for Compassion

For the Goodman family, adopting a dog becomes a new way of life.

Insights into your neighborhood.

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Style&Gifts Nail Art “Nail art is all the rage! Loving these BHH inspired nails done at the new hotspot: Laque Nail Bar!” 13025 Victory Blvd North Hollywood, CA 91606 Nikki Joel

Trending Four tastemakers pick their favorite things...


“Mules are a classic style that can easily translate from day time at the office to date night at the lounge. I recommend a sleek and simple black closed-toe mule for a timeless and chic look like this selection from TopShop for under $150!” Rachael Dickhute

DE REX ACTIONWEAR “Fashion meets function fitness attire is all the rage right now. Athletic brands are heading more toward on-trend pieces with the same details we see on the runway, and on trendsetters worldwide. One of my favorite looks right now is cut-outs. From workout tanks to active swimwear, a little cut goes a long way to putting you in line with this season’s hot style. My favorite use of cut-outs is shown here on De Rex Actionwear’s “Actionsuit.” This hot little number is perfect for getting your heart-racing in the the lap pool, to laying out on the beach, to layering with some silk shorts for a post-swim happy hour!”

karma wrap bracelet

“House of Harlow 1960 has been one of my all-time favorite brands since its start. And what I love about the line is that they keep coming up with topical and on-trend pieces that make you fall into a quick infatuation each time. Really loving their latest addition with probably the most perfect wrap bracelets I’ve ever seen. These beauties come in both white and black.” $48 Elaine Daneshrad

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Nearest Stockist: Happy LA Boutique 542 1/2 Palisades Dr. CA 90272

Whitney English

BOUTIQUES | 04/2014


“Gratitude Couture is all about style with a purpose. We are a high-fashion, cause-driven luxury hat brand focused on supporting non-profit organizations with the intent on eradicating hate and bullying and devoted to creating Positive Programing at Every Age. We want you to look good, feel good, do good - and dare to be different. We are a company that understands the power of positive thinking, the science of quantum physics and that “What We Believe Determines Who We are”. We believe that every word that you hear, speak or even think is a seed that creates a tree of experiences in your life. And that is why it is so important to speak, hear and think positively. Every GC item has a positive affirmation or message inscribed. We want to make it “cool” to do good and give back while shedding light on how “uncool” bullying is. Twenty per cent of proceeds from our sales will be donated to Ariel King, winner of the various handpicked charities, commencing Queen of the Universe by those focused on anti-bullying. Pageant 2014, wearing Gratitude Couture. We are mixing LA’s high fashion, exclusive and glamorous lifestyle with it’s laid back, rocker-chic “Attitude of Gratitude” and undeniable faith in humanity. Our three key slogans are In Good We Trust, Happy People Aren’t Mean and I Take No Bull. We hope to bring the power of “I AM” into the everyday lives of children and adults through fashion. Our mission is simple – to spread the message of LOVE and GRATITUDE.” Ilana Peillo, Founder


Wick[ed]’s unique candles illuminate and define a space like no other, all the while seducing one’s senses. Founders, Mark Biren and Samantha Schacher Biren, conceived their first distinct candle in their kitchen. They could not find a single candle on the market that matched their vision for their wedding day, (an elegant, dripped candle that burned as a standard pillar, so it wouldn’t actually drip and create a mess, but was a real, all wax candle). So what did they do? They rolled up their sleeves and made the candles themselves, one by one, completely from scratch. They poured their vision and love into each one, to concoct the most exquisite and ethereal candles they could ever imagine. The “Pre-Dripped” Candle was born, and so was Wick[ed]. And so it began...their passion project quickly turned into a full fledged business, and a new line was created: “Memoir’s”: The Negative Space Collection. The candles are inspired by provocative authors of the past, and their tumultuous environments at the time of their existence. Each image illuminates through its vessel like no other candle, eliciting the aura and essence of each author’s psyche, as well as inhabiting distinct fragrances reminiscent of each fallen author’s world. Mark, gave up his full time graphic design career to build and tend to Wick[ed]’s rapid success, and Samantha splits her time working at Wick[ed] with working on TV. You can catch Sam co-hosting Dr. Drew on Call Mon-Thur at 9pm ET live on HLN, as well as hosting Pop Trigger each Thursday, on Hulu. Redefining the industry in candle innovation, alluring fragrances, and attention to detail, Wick[ed] can be found in fine retailers worldwide, and has seduced many of your favorite celebrities’ homes. Wick[ed] can be found at HD Buttercup, Kat Von D’s Wonderland, Urban Outfitters, Larchmont Beauty, Candle Delirium, Kitson, and Malibu Colony.

A COMMUNITY MARKETPLACE WITH ITEMS C U R AT E D F R O M A R T I S A N S A N D D E S I G N E R S I N T H E N E I G H B O R H O O D. Coming May 2014. More details in the Shopping Issue next month. 7

PETER NORMAN | 05/2014

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INTERVIEW | 05/2014


How did you get started in the jewelry business? I fell into the jewelry business, never planned to be in it, but always appreciated great pieces of jewelry. I knew retail and owned a chain of Benetton stores, which I sold. The retail bug stayed with me and circumstances led me to jewelry. I wanted a great location in Brentwood and there was a small jeweler in the Brentwood Town & Country, which was, and still is a great location. Well, Saturday I walked in and made an offer to buy the store. It was called Norman & Co. My father’s name is Norman. I then discovered that the owner’s wife’s name was Joy. My late mother’s name was Joy. That was a coincidence, sort of “made to be”. I decided to call the store Peter Norman. I was like a fish in water. I realized I had a pretty good vision for jewelry designing, although I am a lousy drawer. It worked and the store took off. 17 years later I am still loving it. Do you specialize in a particular kind of jewelry? We do everything, however a big part of my business is engagement and wedding rings. We also do a huge amount of custom pieces for people. Often they have inherited a stone or have an old, designed engagement piece that they want to revamp. Whether it is a ring, earrings or necklace, customers love being a part of the design process, especially if they are using their own stones. We also have great fashion pieces in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. What do I specialize in? In a nut shell, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, beautiful designs and great quality. Quality to me is imperative, I truly think we compete with the best when it comes to how pieces are made. I love beautiful diamonds and also fine color gems. We have a large and beautiful collection.. One thing that has changed in the industry is the diamond business, now that so much is sold on-line. This is not a profit area for us, more of a service. We sell them directly from the cutter at dealer prices. Very large or small stones. Cheaper than on-line and the downtown wholesalers. I would hesitate to buy on-line or downtown. At least we can guide the customer, and we only sell the stone if we make the ring. It works out well for everyone. Our other services include the repairing of jewelry and watches, appraisals and straightforward things like sizing a ring, stringing pearls, fixing an earring or restoring old pieces. It is a good service to our clients and they trust us with their jewelry. You design a large part of your collection. How often do you introduce new pieces and what is your inspiration in creating them? In a word “constantly”. I am always making pieces. I don’t bring out a “collection” at a time. All these pieces I make throughout the year have morphed into a collection. Small things inspire me, then I get an idea and take it from there. Sometimes it is an expensive piece, but often it is something a bit more fun. My staff help me a lot, I run things by them, or they often make suggestions of what they think people would like, not to mention sometimes

knocking my ideas down. It is not a one man show. I value their input. We also buy designer and fashion pieces and my staff are an integral part of that. It is a team effort. Can you create an engagement ring from my sketch? Bring a sketch, photo, idea or a thought. I love creating pieces with clients. Some of them keep the process going for weeks. Then we make it. I don’t remember anyone unhappy with what we have created together. Often it needs a tweak here or there or a size adjustment, but it is always gratifying to see their great reaction at the end result. It’s a fact that people call you from all over the country. Why do you think you have such a dedicated following? I have reached out nationally for many years, to create clients from everywhere. But truly our following are the locals. We have made many friends. They drop by for a ring cleaning, or just to say hi. Our clients trust us, we make them comfortable and they know we are fair. There is no attitude here, we have beautiful, unique merchandise – handcrafted and made impeccably, and I keep the environment very casual and friendly. In the 30 years you’ve been in the business what changes have you noticed in people’s taste in jewelry? Actually the store has been here for 34 years. A long time. I have owned it for half that time. People’s taste definitely have changed since then. I’m quite eclectic in my taste and my collection is such. From trendy to classic, I cover a lot of styles. I guess that’s why we have such a big clientele. I don’t really have too much heavy jewelry, although we do custom make it for clients. What are you favorite places in Brentwood? I’m a long time resident of Brentwood and also having a business here I like to keep it local. My girlfriend and her two boys and I live together with my daughter. Schooling is excellent. My favorite? I guess Vicente Foods. Between us we are there 12 times a week. They are like our huge pantry. There are great local restaurants around that we frequent. We love this hood. Peter Norman 11640 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049 T: (310) 820-8787 9


Internet Privacy

by Hayley Kaplan

Why parents and adults must understand social media and technology “I’M NOT COMPUTER SAVVY! MY KIDS KNOW MORE THAN ME! THAT’S WHY I DON’T USE SOCIAL MEDIA!” I cringe when I hear this because I consider these to be excuses. Like it or not, technology and social media are here to stay. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves and to get comfortable enough with technology so we can guide our kids and minimize risks to our families. Parents should be aware of what kids do online. Have younger kids use technology where adults can observe, teach and intervene. Guide kids when you’re present so they know how to behave when you’re not. You can’t often watch older kids but you can learn what they do online during amicable conversations, sometimes in the form of asking for help. Such discussions give parents the opportunity to point out risks that aren’t obvious to kids. For example, Snapchat disappearing photos and videos should only be used if sharing them extensively won’t cause trouble because images can be captured by a screenshot before disappearing. (Search “Snapchat” on for more details) Connect with your kids on social media to know how they’re behaving and what they’re doing online. Don’t avoid social media because you are worried about sharing personal information. You needn’t share much, but if you’re not on it, you can’t see what others are doing in real time, including your own children. I almost had a heart attack when I read a crude post my son made on Facebook in the midst of college applications. The taboo post was a penalty for losing a bet and my son was oblivious to potential negative consequences. Humorous and sarcastic comments made me want to crawl out of my skin with embarrassment until the post was deleted. But, I don’t regret the incident because it provided a valuable opportunity to learn from a misjudgment before anything terrible happened. To be effective, it’s helpful to use or understand the social media platforms kids are using. But be sure to use common sense when connecting: • Don’t embarrass your kids or you’ll lose access. • Don’t confront kids publicly - communicate privately instead. • Participate sparingly or kids will not do what comes naturally and you will lose your opportunity to guide. Kids won’t stop improper behavior; they’ll simply move it out of your view.

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Be a good role model. Do you frequently take phone calls and check your phone in the company of others? Do you place your phone on the dinner table at home or in a restaurant? When socializing with others, phone use is impolite. Remember to be actively present in the company of others and to teach kids to do the same. Help kids develop people skills and meaningful relationships. In-person interaction is an opportunity to observe non-verbal cues such as eye contact and body language and learning to read such cues is an important skill improved with practice. Texts and emails are susceptible to incorrect interpretation but in conjunction with social media they appear to be the preferred mode of communication for many people these days. It may be time to return to telephone and face-to-face interactions to preserve our ability to communicate in person! Protect yourself and your family by knowing what financial and personal information of yours is online. Enter your name, city and state into and and see what comes up. Expect to see your age, relatives, contact information and the addresses of all properties that have your name on title as well as the price paid for them. The link to a satellite image corresponding to my home address revealed my home, yard and car in my driveway. Imagine how easy it is for an identity thief, stalker or predator to connect the dots from these public records to our public social media profiles and to easily access the information they need to harm us! You owe it to yourself and your family to opt out where you can. For easy instructions, go to and click on the “Remove Online Info” tab of the blog or type “Remove Online Info” into the search box. The online world can be intimidating and dangerous but fortunately there are many tools available to protect our families. For information on a variety of online topics including resources pertaining to cyber privacy and cyber safety, visit what-is-privacy. com. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out via the contact form on the site. Until we meet again, … Stay Cyber Safe! About the author: Hayley Kaplan helps businesses, individuals and families protect their online privacy, reputation and identity by bringing awareness to Social Media and Internet-related issues and by providing suggestions and solutions. Hayley conveys this important information in customized lectures and on

PAY IT FORWARD | 05/2014

Learning to Give

by Felicia Waldman

Teaching kids to pay it forward is a gift that keeps on giving Just a short drive north of Sherman Oaks is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places that has touched the lives of many families all over Los Angeles. Step inside Laurence School’s “Secret Garden” and you will find children in kindergarten through sixth grade, smiling every day as they are led through daily lessons and agendas that inspire and encourage them to become good citizens and compassionate individuals. Laurence School is an independent K-6 day school founded in 1953 by Marvin Jacobson, who along with his wife Lynn, and daughter Lauren, now the Head of School, has created a place that feels like home to families who attend. “Our mission is to create a home away from home, a community that feels safe and grounded, building an atmosphere of limitless potential”. As you enter, you will pass through a lovely courtyard, with a simple wooden sign nailed to a tree, reading “Secret Garden”. Laurence is a lush and serene environment that is conducive to learning, with a beautifully manicured campus, and colorful studentmade artwork and plaques on walls and walkways everywhere. Tucked behind the city streets, you know you have come into a haven where special things are bound to happen. Every day children are encouraged to express themselves, to be compassionate and giving to those who need, and to accept and tolerate those around them. Lauren Wolke grew up at Laurence, and her parents Lynn and Marvin were, and still are her biggest role models and heroes. “Laurence is dedicated to teaching, reinforcing, and developing empathy in young children. Our children are excited to give back, take initiative, be proactive and use the power of one to make the world a better place. We have partnerships with four organizations that we strive to support each year - the Lowman School for Special Education, the Interfaith Food Pantry, LA Family Housing, and the Boys & Girls Club of the San Fernando Valley. Our students give back by creating “welcome home” baskets for LA Family Housing at Super Service Sunday, holding a Halloween costume drive for the Boys & Girls Club, contributing to weekly Food Pantry collections, and running a turkey drive before Thanksgiving and Toy Drive before Christmas for the families of the Lowman School.” The school holds a weekly student assembly, which parents are encouraged to attend, and often it is standing room only. This is community building at its finest. From students singing school songs arm in arm, to celebrating the birthdays of the week as children get called up to receive their blue ribbon as the entire room cheers for them, to elaborate class performances, these weekly rituals build confidence, happiness, and deep affection for this special school. The most inspiring part of the Friday assembly is when a child stands up in front of everyone to tell them something amazing they did, and to receive a “Making a Difference Award.” From cutting their long hair to donate to cancer patients through “Locks of Love,” to holding a lemonade stand for their favorite charity, to asking friends to bring books instead of presents to their birthday party to donate to the Laurence Library. What better role models than each other? Week after week, students become little philanthropists right before their parents’ eyes. “To see our kids stand up at an assembly and speak about how they want to give back, it’s so heartwarming, it just makes you feel day by day that we’re raising kids to be good citizens who want to make the world a better place.”

More info:

#payitforward Safe Kids Day On Saturday, April 5 more than 450 families and kids of all ages swept through the Lot in West Hollywood for the first ever Safe Kids Day in Los Angeles to help celebrate kids, prevent injuries and save lives. One proud sponsor was Kip’s Toyland – LA’s Oldest Toy Store. Kip’s was started in 1945 by Irvin Kipper who is most commonly known as “Kip” (97 years old) and is now being run by Don Kipper (Kip’s son) and Lily Kipper (Don’s daughter). Photos: (top) – Don and Lily Kipper (bottom) – Alana Juteau (Safe Kids Day Development Associate) with Lily Kipper.

Queen of The Universe Pageant

Joyce Giraud founded the international Queen of the Universe Pageant in 2012 to encourage women with philanthropic goals to gain a platform to support their causes and to become positive role models. Joyce Giraud told the crowd to great applause that the charitable support the pageant had received will be used to fund a new school through the UNESCO Foundation for Children in Need in Dakar, Senegal. 11


The Business of Love NICOLE FRANK AND CAMILLE ANDERSON MET AT A PARTY in Marina Del Ray on 4th of July, two and a half years ago. Despite their external similarities of long blonde hair, thin physiques and blue eyes, they quickly realized they had a lot more in common than esthetic factors. Not only did they both live in Bel Air, but they lived on the same street and, in addition, only three houses away from one another. But the similarities didn’t end there – their dating experience in LA would be the ultimate commonality and would be the main driving factor fostering both a kinship of true friendship and a thriving business of helping others find love. “The day we first realized that we had the same suitors who had, quite frankly, been making the same mistakes with both Nicole and I, was the day that solidified our friendship and gave us the idea of helping out people who perpetually tripped on their own feet while looking for love, “ says Camille Anderson. The desire to help people in finding love propagated the company Bel Air Dating Consultants (BADC), where Nicole and Camille focus on helping high-end clients find the companionship and love they have been searching for. “The ideology behind our business encompasses a customized, curvilinear approach, utilizing everything from psychology to style, to help our clients find and obtain the ultimate result: love,” says Nicole. Bel Air Dating Consultants does exactly that. They personalize their approach to matchmaking by consulting with both the client and their potential mates. “Sometimes the smallest things are overlooked and can actually make the biggest difference,” says Nicole, citing the need to examine everything from etiquette to the client’s views on the world, in order to determine what exactly needs to be reconciled before the client can properly attract the love they seek. Nicole and Camille have an unconventional, modern approach to love that makes their boutique firm unique as it is interesting. “The consulting aspect of our business is the most fun. We meet with our clients and customize our match making service depending on their needs,” states Camille. This approach can range from taking their client to dinner to evaluate strategies and talking points, to introducing their clients to a lifestyle that would better align them to being open to love. Camille continues, “The key is being open and available to love, if you want to manifest your true hopes and desires. Positivity and happiness within oneself will attract like minded people, and therefore will attract love.” Bel Air Dating Consultants leave no stone unturned, making sure their clients are completely satisfied with their experience at BADC. The two women seem to glow when talking about their business approach to love. Nicole sums it up by stating, “What started out two years ago as matching our friends up with one another has blossomed into an exciting business of fostering love for those who just needed a push in the right direction. It couldn’t be more fulfilling for us. At the end of the day, we are infusing the world with positivity and love and, in turn, making it a better place. We can’t help but to feel good about that.”

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WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? Are you ready to dive into a startup business? It’s time to let people know about your BIG IDEA, and possibly raise a sizeable investment to make it come alive. Email FOCUS for an invitation to a free networking and investment event for women entrepreneurs, taking place 28 May 2014, in Santa Monica. You will have the opportunity to meet other women with great ideas, and have the option to pitch your concept to a group of celebrity judges and Angel investors. Email: More info:


Raising Hope: Samara Wolpe I am seventeen years old, and a junior at Milken Community High School. I love to write, read, and study psychology. I’m the daughter of Eileen Ansel Wolpe, a writer and editor, and David Wolpe, the senior Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.

the support has been overwhelming. I feel unbelievably lucky to be living in such a caring community. It’s one thing to imagine that you are going to do good in the world, and another to see it come to fruition. Every time someone donates, I am struck anew by the realization that my donors are helping me save lives. This experience has reminded me how much goodness there is in the world.

What has been the greatest surprise you What was your inspiration to craft a experienced with your fundraising effort? fundraising effort for the Leukemia and The greatest surprise is how many people Lymphoma Society? have been able to relate to the story of my My parents had cancer three times during my childhood. Cancer is very isolating. I grew childhood. The first time, it was my mother. I up feeling that I was alone in what I was just a baby when my mom was diagnosed had gone through. But the moment my with reproductive cancer. She was lucky, her story was published on Huffington Post, surgery was successful. But she was unable to comments started to pour in; not only have more children. That’s why I’m an only child. with every donation, but from my friends, The second time, I was six years old. My acquaintances, and even from people I had dad had a grand mal seizure that was caused never met. So many have told me what I by a brain tumor. We got lucky again; it was wrote described their own stories. It seems benign, and he survived. Three years later, everyone has been touched by cancer in when I was nine, my dad was diagnosed some way, and I had absolutely no idea. I with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. One of the drugs he received with his “I want to see the day when cancer is chemotherapy was Rituxan. It was no worse than the common cold.” a breakthrough drug at the time, discovered by research funded by the want to thank everybody for their support Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Before and express how grateful I am. I was hesitant Rituxan, the average time to relapse was to share so much of myself with the world, thirteen months. Because of this drug, my but many people have reinforced that notion dad has now been in remission for over it was the right decision. Complete strangers seven years. I’ve been able to go through have gone out of their way to make me feel high school with healthy parents. comfortable, safe, and understood. My mom was a participant in LLS’s Team in Training for the last five years. She What online/social media outreach have wanted to do something to say thank you for you engaged? Rituxan, to make a difference. She was often Email, my LLS-sponsored website, asked to speak at her events, and she would Huffington Post, Facebook, Twitter, and occasionally she would take me along to talk now Focus magazine! to the teams as well. It was always a powerful How can people participate/contribute experience for me. I learned that funding for to your campaign? cancer research comes from people who believe Online donations can be made at: http:// we can, and will, find a cure. It’s my turn now to be a part of that story, and pay it forward. While donations are, of course, central to How did you feel when you got your first my campaign, spreading the word is just as contributor? important. People can tell their friends and Astonished. Although I had been planning post the link to my story on Huffington this campaign for several weeks before Post, and my fundraising page on kick-off, a part of me hadn’t really expected Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. anybody to donate. So when I had my Checks made payable to the Leukemia first contributor (besides my parents, who & Lymphoma Society can be sent to: donated at the start of the campaign) I was Samara Wolpe, c/o Sinai Temple, 10400 incredibly excited and moved. Since then, Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024.

We are also looking for in-trade donations that can be auctioned on CharityBuzz, so if any celebrities or business owners are reading this, please contact me through Focus magazine at Is there anything else you want to say? Someone recently asked me if I really thought finding a cure was possible. And I answered that I wholeheartedly do. My parents were young and healthy when they got cancer. They were in their 30s. Nobody expects to get cancer. But it happens, every day. When you give money to find a cure, Watch the video at you aren’t giving to some abstract person out there. There is no way of knowing how cancer will affect your life, the lives of your family, the lives of your friends. When you donate to LLS, the life you are saving could well be your own. Just a few decades ago, cancer was an automatic death sentence. Now, people who have been diagnosed are living out full, healthy lives. I want to see the day when cancer is no worse than the common cold. I want to find a cure. And I need your help. 13

DO THE HUSTLE / Felicia Waldman

Do The Hustle

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MAIA SUCKLE | 05/2014

by Felicia Waldman

The awards season for the best motion pictures of 2013 has been completed. Red carpets have been rolled up, and winners have been celebrated...but the excitement has not yet begun to subside in the home of Maia and Richard Suckle, a Los Angeles based Producer of the award winning film American Hustle. With an already impressive resume, this was Suckle’s first time producing a film that was nominated for every awards show from the Golden Globes to the BAFTA’s to the Oscars and every other film festival and award in between. The morning the Golden Globe nominees were announced would be the beginning of a whirlwind for both Richard and his proud and excited wife Maia. FOCUS recently sat down with Maia Suckle who was happy to reflect on being a first-timer at all of the awards shows and parties, from picking out dresses, to private jets, to being on the A-List, this was the time of her life.

FOCUS: The Golden Globes are the first big nominations of the season. Where were you when the announcement came that American Hustle was nominated and what was that morning like for you and Richard? MAIA SUCKLE Richard was actually in Detroit shooting a TV pilot for a show called 12 Monkeys, based on the film that Atlas, the company he produces for, made almost 20 years ago, so he actually called me to tell him the nominations! It was amazing, they got seven nominations, the same as 12 Years a Slave. It was genuinely gratifying because so many people worked so hard, and to get the recognition is wonderful. I just wished we could have shared the moment together versus being on the phone. And the Oscar nominations? Oh we had the alarm set. We’re in bed in our pajamas, we put on the news, and he nudges me like ‘get up’. So we were looking at the TV, and they’re reeling it off, and American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave got the most nominations, they got 10 or 11 nominations, I think it was 10. If he could let himself go there, he was actually pleased. Richard very rarely will let himself go there

but I was like, “You can relax now.” I was freaking out because that’s what I do best, and he was just..pleased. That’s about as animated as he gets [laughing]. Did he call anyone? Texting started, like rampant texting between David O. Russell [director] and Chuck Roven [producer], and he’s very close with Bradley Cooper, and congratulating Christian (Bale), and Amy (Adams), and all of those things started happening at the moment, and I was like, “Can you please be with me? Can you have a moment here with me?” It was exciting... it was exciting. Were you starting to think about the awards shows and what you were going to wear? Put it this way, the premiere for American Hustle was in New York. A few weeks beforehand, myself and one of the other producers wives, Catherine Gordon said, “Lets just walk around Soho,” and we walked into Vera Wang, and she was like, “Let’s try on gowns!” and I said, ‘Nah, no.” But we did, and I found two gowns, one which I absolutely fell in love with. When I went back I said, “Rich, if there’s any chance we go to the Golden Globes, can I get this

gown?” and he said, “I don’t want to look at it, I don’t want to talk about it, unless we are going to the Golden Globes.” So I told that to the manager and I said, “Can you please put this one hold?” [laughing] and he was very sweet and he put it on hold, and as soon as we heard the nominations, I said, “Can I call?” and he said, “You can make the call.” And so I made the call at 6am LA time and I got my Vera Wang gown. Vera Wang was amazing. Amazing. Not only did they send it to me, but I had three fittings in LA, and they treated me like gold. I’ve seen them treat everybody that way. Richard loves Alexander McQueen, I have six or seven dresses from him, and prior to the award shows they were running a 60% off sale here in LA and I went and I got four things. So I was stocked up. Have you ever been to an awards show before or do you usually watch at home in your pajamas? Home in our pajamas, in bed. No, Richard never wanted to go unless he had a reason to go. At what point did you believe that American Hustle could be a contender for all of the important awards? The nomination of the Golden Globes. We were very hopeful, but we are both very superstitious so we didn’t even say we’d probably be nominated. For me personally, I saw American Hustle in the last two weeks of editing and was like, “Wow!”. I was blown away, I hadn’t seen the editing since very early on in the process, and I even told David O. Russell, what came together, I was absolutely blown away. What he did was 15

DO THE HUSTLE / Felicia Waldman

pretty amazing. Richard is way too superstitious and he couldn’t even let on. It was me, I was the one who’s like, “Oh my God Rich I really think this is amazing!” And he’s like, “We’ll see, we’ll see, we’ll see. We won’t know until 6 o’clock in the morning when they name the nominees.” He would not go there, he’s very superstitious. Describe the process of picking out dresses, accessories, suits, shoes. Were you courted by fashion designers? Unfortunately no, not as a producer, much to my dismay. Richard was completely dressed by Armani. Richard’s wardrobe before this whole season was jeans, tennis shirts and some ratty old t-shirts. He finally grew up, I think, during this season. He has grown up and he is now dressing the way I’ve always wished he would dress – and he loves it. He loves it. He looked beautiful throughout that whole time, went to Armani and they really took care of him They were really great. He got a few suits, a tux, shirts and some ties. I went to Vera Wang first, then to McQueen. I already owned a few things and they fitted me for a few things. Then, when it came time for the Oscars, I really was starting to sweat, like i really… the whole thing was very daunting. I even checked out a couple of rental places where you can borrow dresses, like “Rent the Runway”, and another place one of the stylists told me all the costume designers go to rent, and I tried that route. I even tried an Alexander McQueen to rent. But it was like 800 or 900 dollars to rent for the evening. I didn’t really love anything and would rather own something I love, for that kind of money. Did you feel compelled to wear something different every time? I was told by one of the costume designers that really what mattered was not to be seen twice in the same outfit for the Golden Globes, the BAFTA’s and The Oscars. Because a producer is not always on camera like actors are, I would have been fine if I just had something different for those three events. Did you duplicate? I did duplicate, not for the award shows but for some of the parties. I did. There were so many parties, the agency parties, there were far too many for my wardrobe [laughs]. So I got some really beautiful things at Alexander McQueen and I didn’t end up borrowing anything, but I got some really good things and it was fun, it was fun to do that. Lets talk about the shows. What was first? The very first awards show before anything else is the Palm Springs International Film Festival. And at first I wasn’t invited, 16 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4

then I got invited, and we took a private jet of just our people. It was so much fun! It must have been so exciting to be at the Golden Globes? It was thrilling. However, we found out a couple days before that as a producer’s wife, I would not be seated with my husband! When I found out I was so, so sad. Everything is focused on the nominees, it was so sad. The very first event, and I couldn’t be with him – it was so sad to me. And he was trying so hard to get us but there was no way, the table was already set. All the celebrities get their “plus one”, but not producers. I sat with another producer’s wife, Catherine Gordon, in the 2nd tier, kitty corner at our own table. It was such a good night for us because the Golden Globes separates the drama and comedy categories, and American Hustle was nominated in the comedy division so we didn’t end up competing against 12 Years A Slave or Gravity – two exceptional films. So, at the beginning of the evening, she and I were big cheerleaders, and we were so excited to be there, and obviously it was our first time. Every time American Hustle won anything we cheered “Wowwwwww!!!” And I was sitting right behind Bono, and everyone just kept looking at, like, ‘who are those chicks up there?’ And we were right at And I was sitting right behind the bannister, so by the time Bono, and everyone just kept they won best picture, and looking at, like, ‘who are those we were coming down, they knew who we were. This is chicks up there?’ the picture of us from the TV while he was up on the stage, they actually caught us on camera, and one of my friends sent it to me because we were texting, and she was like, “You’re on TV!” and it was both of us and everybody saw it. Someone else put it on Facebook and then everyone saw, so we got our moment because we were so vocal. We were so noticeably excited! It seems like everyone eats and drinks lavishly at their table during the entire Golden Globes? Oh, you don’t eat. Everybody gets a box of Godiva Chocolates so all we had was champagne and chocolate, it was fun! How nervous and/or excited were you for Richard when you were at the award shows? Oh it was completely nerve wracking – every single one of them. In the beginning they were on a roll and getting a lot of awards, and that was really getting exciting at that point. Then at a certain point I think the climate changed, and it became more serious and it became more stressful. It became a three-way race between 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, and American Hustle. So as the awards shows were heading towards the Oscars, it became more stressful. Did your children watch at home? Yes. Every single time one was televised, and they were very excited. Who were some of the most exciting people you met? I met everyone, it was really amazing. It almost got to the point where it was just like talking to anyone. You know, the thing about

MAIA SUCKLE | 05/2014

the parties, like next time, you don’t really need to go to every party, because you see the same people and although it’s wonderful and fun, I was stressing out about going to every single one, you know I feel like I’ve done it. I don’t necessarily need to do that again. Robert DeNiro was amazing to me, because he was in the movie, some of the parties were at his restaurant in West Hollywood. It was very intimate and small so that was really cool. At the BAFTA’s I talked to Angelina Jolie. We actually talked about the BRCA [breast cancer gene], something I have been through personally. When I approached her, everyone was like, oh my God, they couldn’t believe it because they are like royalty, but I approached her because of what she’s doing for BRCA and that’s what I went through. I talked to her about that, and her experience, and that was amazing. What is the red carpet really like with all of the screaming fans and photographers? I’ve done red carpets for premieres, but this was absolutely surreal with people yelling and screaming. Richard doesn’t like a lot of attention so he wanted to rush through, and I was trying to hold him back, to savor the moment, but he wanted to rush through. It was ridiculous. It’s all – “Richard! Richard! look this way! Richard look that way!” And for a moment, he was celebrating. It was fun. For the Oscars, I actually was interviewed on the red carpet because I found this designer on Melrose, Oliver Tolentino. He’s Filipino, and he has beautiful stuff, and I got some of his dresses for the parties. He was amazing and impeccable, and he wanted me to be on the red carpet for the Filipino press. They coordinated it with Richard’s publicist and it ended up being on World Television and in all the newspapers around the world. Which show were you most excited to attend? The BAFTA’s, Because going to London is a whole different experience. I also loved the Oscar nominee luncheon, it was amazing. It was almost like a college graduation, only for the nominees. No agents or any other people, just nominees. They take a portrait of that year’s nominees and its like a graduation portrait. That luncheon was really wonderful. Would you do anything differently next time if one of Richard’s movies is nominated? Would I do anything differently? Not stress about what’s next, what’s next, also not stress so much about what to wear so much. I was so stressed about that and it was obviously not about me, but I just had never done it before so I was so excited. Did you save any mementos from any of the events? When we got to the BAFTA’s, the goody bag, and we don’t get that many goody bags, the actors do, but it was waiting for us in our hotel room. The thing that I loved the most was the actual BAFTA tote bag. They gave a lot of stuff like candles and all this stuff, chocolates, which I love, but the actual bag was my favorite thing. Then, when you go to Gala after the BAFTA’s, all the tables are dressed of the five nominated films for best picture. I was told I have to take these amazing placemats home, and we have a table for six in our kitchen, and when I saw them I just had to have them. I started collecting them, and David O. Russell came up to me, and some

agents...everyone was coming up to me, ‘what are you doing?’ And I said, I was told to take them and they are great souvenirs, and they are! Then everyone followed suit and went around the room grabbing them. Oh my God, I love them, they’re awesome, they’re like the best thing ever. You say this entire experience has been surreal. Did you ever dream this would happen for Richard? Yes, I did think this would happen to Richard because he’s that guy. He is so driven and he is a very serious guy, and I always knew something was going to happen for him. I’m really happy it happened at his young age. I mean, I think he’s pretty young to go through this as a producer. Do I think it’s going to happen again? Yes I do. I think he learned a lot from this experience. He learned about what material to focus on, material that will maybe get awards. But that’s not his only goal, you know, he loves good material and he just wants to work. So, did I ever think so? Yes. Do I think he’ll do it again? Yes. I understand he brought his Golden Globe award to his 2nd grade son Devin’s class for show and tell, what was that like? As soon as he brought it home, the next morning, Devin said, “Daddy, I want to take the Golden Globe in for show and tell.” And Daddy said, “You can’t take it without me.” And he said, “You can come too.” And it was amazing. The kids and staff were so excited and that was a proud moment for him. What’s next for him? Richard is going into the TV world and shot a pilot for the SyFy Channel based on 12 Monkeys, a film that Atlas did many years ago. The series just got picked up so they go into production this summer. And he’s got a lot of other feature things in the works, so he always keeps going. What’s next for you? Because he’s so busy, and because he’s so involved, I’m kind of going back to my roots, which is dancing. I’m doing competitive ballroom dancing, competitive Latin dancing. Also, I’m working on my own interior design business. What is the one moment that really stands out for you from the past few months? Richard getting his Golden Globe. Being up on stage, owning it. He was so natural on stage, and I just felt like he belonged. I’ve only seen that look on his face a couple of times. Really, he’s always very serious, so when he owned it – he’s only done that on our wedding day, at Cameron’s and Devin’s births, and then winning the Golden Globe. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen that certain look on his face. Because he never relaxes, and he is never truly happy, really thrilled and satisfied. And I felt for a moment, that he was really happy with himself and what was going on. And that was the best time. For more photos of Maia’s outfits and mementos, visit 17



I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING YOGA FOR YEARS AND IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Ugh, here we go, another yogi. Hold on. I know so many people that want to start, but don’t really know where, what or how to. They might feel intimidated to join a class because they have a fear of not being able to keep up, failing, being uncomfortable, have an injury they are nervous of making worse…the list goes on and on. I get it. But don’t get yourself overwhelmed before you even start! Believe it or not, when I started practicing yoga, I hated it! Isn’t that funny? If you told me 5 years ago, I would be a “Private Yoga Instructor” and owner of health brand, Cuccio Somatology, I’d laugh at you! Here we are, 2014 and I am a successful yoga instructor. Not do I only love teaching yoga but I love my yoga practice almost as much as I love my dog (and that’s a lot!). Yoga brings me peace on a day to day basis. Every time I make it to my mat, I feel safe and know that I am doing something so good for my body, mind and overall self. Just 30 minutes on my mat can be taken into the rest of my day bringing me peace, happiness and more joy. Just taking a few minutes to slow down and connect breath to movement can do wonders. Give it a try and see how you start to feel a change even within 1 day! Practicing at home with my pug puppy, Toby. HOW TO START • Buy a mat • Set aside 30 minutes a day where nobody will bother or interrupt you • Start playing with poses. Try these poses: Crescent, Warrior I, Warrior II, Warrior III, Triangle Photos: Carolina Tumpal

These are the basics. Start exploring on “YouTube” or google the names of the poses for a “how to”. For a small price, invest in a yoga DVD that you can get comfortable and familiar with.

Triangle Pose

Crescent Pose

I recently made a Home Yoga DVD for all levels, for those times you can’t make it to a class or if you don’t know where to begin. We go over the basics but also take you into a flow that will get your heart rate going and give you a little cardio to get those endorphins going.

For more information, or to purchase the DVD, visit I welcome you, and I am here for you on your journey to more health, happiness and peace through yoga. Your body will thank you! About the author: Danielle Cuccio offers private yoga sessions, customized to your individual needs. Cuccio Yoga Somatology Private Yoga • Retreats • Workshops (323) 863-5041

18 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4


Yoga Off The Mat by Pia Artesona

Spring is here! This is the season that is most often associated with cleaning up something around the house. Spring-cleaning can also apply to our yoga practice. After a yoga class, I feel like I took my body to the car wash. A shiny, bright sensation comes over me that I don’t want to muddy. Everything appears crystal-clear for the moment. It’s perfection. In Yogic Philosophy the discipline of “Sauca” (pronounced sow-cha) is related to cleanliness and purity. When we step on to the mat we learn to maintain a fresh perspective through a series of postures that help strengthen the body and provide energy to clear away toxins. Focusing on the breath and how we learn to alter it aids in the cleansing of the inner workings of the body, such as the lungs, blood, and central nervous system. Basically, we learn how to maintain a calm and open-minded demeanor.


Astrid McGuire I love being a part of the fitness community because I get to be a part of people’s life journey. My story begins, however, in another industry shaped by body image. At 14 years old I was ‘discovered’ and was signed by Elite Modeling Agency. I traveled internationally for shoots, walked many runways, all the while feeling pressure from agents and clients to be thin. Looking back now, I’ve come to realize this experience, helped form my passion for fitness, health and lifestyle coaching. At that young age, I had to make a choice; I could go the route of the unhealthy, quick fixes of extreme diets and poor choices or I could learn how to eat balanced meals and find a home in the gym. That decision changed my life.

“When cleanliness is developed, it reveals what needs to be constantly maintained...” - Yoga Sutra As the body gets renewed and the mind calms, it becomes easier to take notice of whatever else it is that needs some clearing up. Maybe strength can be gathered to break a habit that is no longer benefiting us. Perhaps we can look to clean up our speech. Is there lots of complaining, judgment of others, or gossip? How do we take care of the space we live in? Is the garage cluttered? Are the drawers in disarray? Can we easily find items in the closet? When we begin the process of making space in the mind and body, it makes it a bit easier to take notice of what needs to go and what can stay. Developing a greater clarity of the self allows us to notice the quality of what we choose to put out into the universe, our environment, and relationships. Then we can decide how clean we really want to be. What have you decided to clean up? Tell us your story. We will discover the subtle effects of yoga right here every month. Pia will be guiding complimentary in-store yoga at Lululemon, Brentwood on Wednesday 21st May at 8.15pm.

About the author: Pia Artesona can be found guiding Recovery Yoga and Vinyasa Flow at Bhakti Yoga Shala and Naam Yoga in Santa Monica, Sattva Yoga LA in Brentwood, and Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles. She also offers private yoga sessions.

I have been a personal trainer and a master instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp for the past 7 years. I am AFAA, N.A.S.M CPT & CES, ACE Nutrtion & TRX certified. I believe in continuing my education to make me a better trainer for my clients. When people ask me why I stand out from other trainers, I don’t really know how to answer. At the end of the day, I just do the best that I can. My background as a model makes me empathize for those insecure about their bodies. I know what it is like to walk into a room and be judged. My personality and humor make people enjoy working out. The last thing I want you to feel is be miserable… I want you to be sore, yes, but miserable, no! I also don’t like to waste time. If we only have 30 minutes to work out because my client is between scenes, I will push through a HIIT workout. If my client is coming back from maternity leave, I will focus on getting the endurance back up and reengaging the core muscles. If you need muscles, I’ll get them…. When my male clients have been weary in the beginning because, as they have put it, “You are a girl”, I simply reply, “You are a genius, now do pushups!” I’m confident in saying those gentleman learned the importance of not judging a book by its cover. I push for all of my clients to reach their fullest potential and I love passing what were once my goals, to become healthy and fit, on to others. Everything happens for a reason and I couldn’t be happier to have excelled as an elite trainer and look forward to continuing to change the lives of others. 19





















































20 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4


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Intermix 2nd Anniversary Party Second Anniversary Party with host Ashley Dillahunty. 3 March at Brentwood Country Mart

Poshmark Spring Fling� Posh Party. 2 April at Sofitel LA, Beverly Hills. Photography by Sabrina Hill


Instagram pics sent from Coachella, clockwise from top: @cyndeelund, @claire_grieve, @dianedi, @samantha_eff, @taragren, @steezystephh, @annabelolivia. 21


BARYSHNIKOV “The last few times I’ve been to LA, I’ve performed at the Broad Stage, and I love that area. It’s quiet, but kind of ALIVE. Closer to the ocean it’s a Carnival.

People are out doing their weights and yoga, running, bicycling, gymnastics – you name it – it’s kind of a FANTASTIC FREAK SHOW. It’s great… I fit right in.” 22 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4

INTERVIEW | 05/2014

You’re universally renowned as a dancer but now we see you in a different role on stage at the Broad. What inspired you to take up acting? I’ve been acting since the 1980’s. My admiration for the theater along with my own pathological need to scare myself with new challenges is probably what drove me to try the earliest projects. It was television and film first, but now I’m really seduced by live theater. Man in A Case is based on the stories of Chekhov. You’ve probably been offered many different roles – what attracted you to this particular piece? Like every student growing up in the former Soviet Union, I studied those stories. Chekhov is sort of like Mark Twain in the US, or Dickens in the UK - everyone reads him. But the short stories are less known than the famous plays and this project was an opportunity to bring them to the stage. I thought they needed the vision of contemporary directors and that’s why I invited Annie B Parson and Paul Lazar to join the team. Can you tell us about the production? It is described as a fusion of music, film and dance. Indeed it is, but dance is the smallest element. The company members are from Annie B and Paul’s group, Big Dance Theater, so it’s a versatile bunch. They are gifted actor/singer/dancers and musicians and the play uses all those talents.

Photos: T. Charles Erickson

You have described the play as being about solitary men. You don’t appear to be an introvert so how do you identify with the role? There are two characters I play. They are both socially active, but they are solitary in their souls. In my mind the role doesn’t have to fit you like a glove – it’s the challenge of every actor to play something


he or she isn’t, but I think all of us can relate to being in constant conversation with ourselves. It’s a sort psychological ping pong and I think we all fall into that category at some point in our lives. In your persona as an actor, how does it feel to be on stage in a role which is primarily dialog as opposed to movement? I don’t think I feel so different. The voice is just an added element. Do you spend much time at your dance studio in New York? Is the theater a second career for you? Performing is what I do. I don’t categorize things as one career or another, I just want to be professional and committed. But I do still exercise pretty much everyday especially in recent months because of Man in a Case and a new Robert Wilson piece The Old Woman with Willem Dafoe. It’s all physical theater so I have to be ready for anything. How do you spend your leisure time, when not rehearsing or teaching? I don’t teach, but I go to a lot of performances and get in a round of golf with friends whenever I can. But, OK, I confess, I recently binge watched House of Cards with my wife.

How does it make you feel to see a new generation of dancers at your school and on TV programs like So You Think You Can Dance? First of all, our Center isn’t a school. The artists who come to the Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) have been trained elsewhere. That said, I love watching any emerging talent, but I have to say, the one time I saw one of those TV dance shows, it was pretty brutal. I felt sorry for all the participants and maybe a little sad to see dance reduced to a sporting event. Dance isn’t a competition, and it’s rough to watch some judge rip someone apart publically. I know hundreds of amazing dancers that would never win a competition – but I guess it’s just business and I shouldn’t take it so seriously. What advice do you have for kids who are thinking of studying dancing or acting? It has to be a personal decision. I would never tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. It’s a tough life and they have to want it more than anything else.

Man In A Case is at The Broad Stage 24 April - 10 May 23


Music & Theater 24 APRIL - 10 MAY


Adapted from two Anton Chekhov short stories, Man In A Case is a pair of haunting love stories. Though seemingly different, both are tales of fear trumping the pursuit of life’s most promising possibilities. Drawing from material as varied as surveillance footage, folk dance, instructional hunting videos, and interviews with the cast, Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar, the team behind the internationally acclaimed Big Dance Theater, bring their signature style - fusing theater, dance, music and video - to this newly distinctive work featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov.

The name rings more than a bell. It invokes memories of a long line of red-hot R&B and pop smashes recorded in the 1990s. Songs like “Hold On,” “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It),” “Giving Him

Man In A Case

Tickets: $59 / $137 The Broad Stage. 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Read our interview with Mikhail Baryshnikov on page 22

24 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4

9-24 MAY

Maurice Hines

En Vogue


Philip Glass Ensemble: The Etudes

Something He Can Feel,” and “Free Your Mind,” are just a sampling of the mega hits made famous by the Pop/R&B super group. Fusing style, sophistication, sass, and sex appeal, the En Vogue formula is magical, so magical in fact that the group has sold over 8 million albums. Doors 6pm. Show 8:00pm. Tickets: $48.00 / $58.00 / $78.00 + applicable fees. Canyon Club. 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 T: 818 879-5016

A solo piano work performed by one of the most influential American composers of the late-20th century, Philip Glass unveils his recently completed Etudes, more than 20 years in the making. Along with Glass, two stunning guest pianists will perform selections of the etudes for the evening’s program – Maki Namekawa and Sally Whitwell. Tickets: $30 / 95 7pm. Royce Hall 340 Royce Drive, CA 90095

Broadway legend Maurice Hines teams up again with the unforgettable Manzari Brothers for the first time since the smash hit production of Sophisticated Ladies to tap us through his incredible 40 years in show business. With song and dance, Hines pays tribute to his brother, Gregory, and the singers who have inspired him, from Frank Sinatra to Lena Horne. To help bring the history of American tap to life, Hines brings The Diva Orchestra, an all-female ninepiece big band. Tickets: $79/ $129 8pm.

Wallis Annenberg Center 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 T: 310 746-4000


Current Exhibitions

FROM 31 MAY Country: Portraits of an American Sound Historical and contemporary photographs explore how images shape the public identity of country music performers and


Hiroshi Sugimoto: Past Tense

Since the mid-1970s, Hiroshi Sugimoto has used photography to investigate how visual representation interprets and distills history. This exhibition brings together three series by the artist – habitat dioramas, wax portraits, and early photographic negatives – that present objects of historical and cultural significance from various museum collections. By photographing subjects that reimagine or replicate moments from the distant past, Sugimoto critiques the medium’s presumed capacity to portray history with accuracy.

of the genre itself. Celebrated performers such as Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Keith Urban and Hank Williams—as well as deejays, fans, executives and musicians—are seen in the works of photographers who documented multiple generations of this popular history.


Sugimoto first encountered the elaborate animal dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History after moving to New York in 1974 and began to focus his camera on individual scenes shortly after. Omitting the didactic materials surrounding each display, these works heighten the illusion that the animals were photographed in their natural habitats. While each photograph appears to be a candid moment captured by an experienced nature photographer, the subjects depicted will hold their poses indefinitely.


The Awkward Family Photos Exhibit

Mike Bender and Doug Chernack began a blog in May, 2009 after Mike saw an awkward vacation photo hung in his parent’s house. Realizing that there were probably plenty of other people out there with their own awkward family images, the two friends decided to create a friendly place where everyone could come together and share their uncomfortable family moments. Thus, Awkward Family Photos was born. The authors/guest curators started by posting a few of their own childhood photos and those provided by friends, and the site quickly took off and became an internet sensation; it now receives millions of hits and submissions from around the world. The exhibition closes on July 27. California Heritage Museum 2612 Main St Santa Monica


“Moz Goes to Hollywood: Morrissey/The Smiths”,

The exhibition features thirty iconic and rare images by renowned photographer Kevin Cummins, who has been shooting with The Smiths and Morrissey for over three decades. 25



The Adventures of the Cahn Family DESCANSO GARDENS

If you don’t mind hopping in your car and driving 45 minutes northeast of Los Angeles Descanso Gardens is definitely worth the trek! Located in La Cañada Flintridge - this 150 acre botanical garden is absolutely breathtaking. Between the long stretches of grass, beautiful flowers and trees, guided walking tours, art gallery, koi ponds, and music in the summer months - there is a little something for everyone! The park also includes an enchanted railroad which takes guests around a section of the grounds. It’s perfect for little ones who love trains! Currently in bloom: cherry blossoms, azaleas, camellias, irises, lilacs, tulips, wisteria, roses, and wildflowers. What: Descanso Farms Where: 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011 When: 9am-5pm daily (except Christmas) Cost: $9/General, $6/Seniors & Students, $4 Children 5-12, Free under 5 years Enchanted Railroad $3 per rider Online:

Things To Do 1 3 May: 2pm-5pm

Watch A Polo Match Ages: All ages Cost: Free

Riders and horses pound up and down the field right before your eyes. Learn a little bit about polo, watch a match and then hike the park or tour Will Rogers old house.

Will Rogers State Park, 1501 Will Rogers State Park Rd., Pacific Palisades


8 May: 6pm

Fowler Out Loud: L.A. BlueGrassHoppers All ages Cost: Free

For some of the cooking-est, face-melting-est pickin’ and singin’ to be found this side of the Big Sciota, be a friend to yourself and come check out the L.A. BlueGrassHoppers. A crowd favorite, this student bluegrass ensemble entertains with their nostalgic sounds of Appalachia and early America. Fowler Museum at UCLA 308 Charles E Young Dr N, Los Angeles, CA 90024 T: 310 825-4361


10 May: 10am-12pm

Wake Up With The Waves: Randy Kaplan Ages: All ages Cost: Free

An interactive concert series for children each Saturday morning. Singer Randy Kaplan blends American Roots, Country Blues and Comedic Storytelling to host entertaining and unpredictable shows. In addition to his original compositions, his material includes Broadway numbers, Delta Blues songs and Ragtime tunes. Santa Monica Pier


12 May: 10am-3pm

Mother’s Day Brunch at Four Seasons Hotel

All ages Cost: $98 Adult / $49 Kids

An elaborate display of culinary stations, including spots designated for farmers’ market salad, sushi and seafood, meat carving, desserts and more. Find dishes like lobster eggs Benedict, roasted Sonoma lamb leg and made-to-order Belgian waffles. Gluten-free and vegan mothers have been considered as well and will have their own menu options, while their little ones can help themselves to a special children’s buffet. Reservations are recommended; call 310-860-4000. Four

Seasons Hotel, 300 South Doheny Drive, CA 90048


Till 7 September:

The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats All ages Cost: $10 Adult / $5 Kids

Kim Cahn left her television producer job to be a full time mom to Olive (4) and Buster (11 months). She writes about their family activities on her blog Watch this space for Kim Cahn’s family adventure next month!

26 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4

The evocative world of the children’s book author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats, featuring more than 80 original works by the artist. Ranging from preliminary sketches to final paintings and collages, the works explore a life and career that became an inspiration for generations of readers. Skirball, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. CA 90049


SXSW 2014 introduced all manner of apps and wearable items, and this month we look at the most intriguing fitness gadgets.


There are plenty of fitness bands that sync with your smartphone, but Wello cuts out the middleman by tracking your vital signs from the surface of a phone case. Simply press your fingers against Wello for about 20 seconds, and you’ll get a detailed report of your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and body temperature via the free Wello app. The iPhone case even ships with a special attachment for measuring your lung capacity. $199

Athos Apparel

Athos fitness apparel aims to provides a more complete picture of fitness by tracking exactly what your muscles are doing, as well as your form, and the activity of your respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Atlas Fitness Tracker

The Atlas fitness tracker touts that it will identify your exercises, count your reps, calculate the calories you burn and evaluate your form.

New and Notable Apps EGG MINDER FREE Egg Minder wirelessly connects to your mobile device to track the number of eggs you have, and to tell you when they’re going bad. In-tray LED lights indicate the oldest egg, while push notifications alert you when you’re running low. Check Egg Minder while at the store; you’ll never be in a scramble for a good egg again. Use in conjunction with the Egg Minder tray which costs $50 at CUPS - Unlimited Coffee FREE Currently only in New York , CUPS is a loyalty card app which offers users unlimited coffee at certain independent coffee shops in lower Manhattan at the price of $45/month for any size coffee and tea or $85/ month to include espresso drinks. TYPE N WALK FREE Type n Walk displays a transparent viewport of what’s directly in front of you. This combined with your peripheral vision is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles – like walking face-first into a tree!

JUNE Bracelet

The JUNE bracelet by Netatmo aims to measure a wearer’s sun exposure and advises on how to protect skin from the sun’s effects.

Despite the name, Type n Walk is useful while you’re sitting or standing too. Use it anytime you would like to keep an eye on your surroundings while you type. 27



21 May, 3pm – Malibu Speaker Series: Rafe Esquith

A once-in-a-lifetime educator, Rafe Esquith may be the Here are some things most inspiring school teacher you can do around your in America. He’s been called “a modern day Thoreau” by neighborhood this month, Newsday, “a genius and a saint” that won’t break the bank. by The New York Times, and “the most interesting and influential ACTIVITIES AND TALKS classroom teacher in the country” by The Washington Post. For 27 April, 2pm –‘Village the past two decades, Esquith has taught fifth graders at a Fête’ Tea Party Part of Brit Week, celebrating all public school in a Los Angeles things British. This themed soiree neighborhood plagued by features some British, best-loved guns, gangs, and violence. His exceptional classroom at Hobart childhood playground games Elementary-known simply as including Guess The Weight Room 56-is unlike any other in Of The Cake, Penny Up The the country. Wall and childhood favorite Esquith’s students are mostly Hopscotch. Complete with immigrants or children of complimentary classic postimmigrants, living in poverty WW2 British tea and biscuits and learning English as a second for all. language. Yet under his tutelage, Hotel Shangri-La, 1301 Ocean they voluntarily come to class at Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401 6:30 in the morning and often stay until five in the afternoon. They learn math, reading, and science. Till end April, 7.30pm But they also play Vivaldi, perform Shakespeare, often score in the – Desert Nights top one percent on standardized A residency with singer, tests, and go on to attend the best songwriter Lauren Barth. Lauren’s music evokes the sun universities. Malibu Civic Theater soaked sound of the waves 23825 Stuart Ranch Rd and the rugged call of the Malibu 90265 American West. She’s a poet as well as a musician and her lyrics reverberate with love lost and found among dusty Sunday Morning Yoga desert roads. Each Wednesday Every Sunday, complimentary in the month of April, Lauren in-store yoga at Lululemon will be joined by some of LA’s from 9:30 -10:30am. Take best and brightest musicians. Standard Hotel 8300 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

your yoga mat – and if you

28 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4

Curated by Leila Najafi, Eventbrite

Westwood M Dot Pop Off

A travel inspired pop up shop event and mixer with Newmark Models that will launch M dot Design Studio’s SUMMER 2014 first coast to coast tour into full motion. Thursday, April 24, 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm W Westwood, 930 Hilgard Ave, CA 90024

2nd Annual Gourmet Cupcakes & Champagne Fundraiser

Sample cupcakes from some of LA’s best bakeries. Enjoy an afternoon of food, friends, silent auction, prizes and more! Sunday, April 27, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM The Federal Bar, 5303 Lankershim Boulevard, CA 91601

An Italian Food & Wine Celebration

Oliverio invites you to Sorprendente, a poolside food festival celebrating Italian cuisine, local and international wineries and the freshest seafood and ingredients in Southern California. Featuring a hand made pasta demonstration, a head-to-head Chef ’s challenge and interactive entertainment. Enjoy an evening of bottomless cocktails and all-you-caneat samples and hors d’oeuvres, while mingling beneath the stars. Thursday, May 8, 2014 from 6PM - 10PM Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills, 9400 W Olympic Blvd, CA 90212

Eat See Hear: 500 Days of Summer – Outdoor Movie

See the 2009 comedy-drama film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel, under the stars. Enjoy an outdoor picnic, dog-friendly viewing environment, gourmet food truck fare and live entertainment. Saturday, May 10, from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM Santa Monica High School - Memorial Greek Amphitheatre, 601 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Craft Club

LA Classroom presents an afternoon of crafting and cocktails, making Wood Jewelry with furniture designer and sculptor Emma Holland Denvir, where you will learn how to transform wood scraps into stylish sculptures you can wear! Learn to fashion and construct earrings and necklaces using both woodworking and jewelry making techniques. Then go home wearing something truly unique! Saturday, May 17, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd, CA 90029

More info, and tickets for all the events at

Lounge Fridays

The Geffen Playhouse turns into a haven to help fastpaced Angelenos ease into their weekend and unwind at this cultural happy hour. Complimentary sparkling courtesy of Barefoot Bubbly and other refreshments starting at 7:00 pm. Geffen Playhouse 10886 Le Conte Avenue.

Must See Events

don’t have one, you can borrow one for the class.

Lululemon 11920 San Vicente Blvd, T: 310 442-3563 brentwood-store@lululemon. com

Leila Najafi is the LA Marketing Manager for Eventbrite, an online ticketing and event discovery website. Stay connected with her so you’ll be in the know about upcoming events and ticket discounts. Twitter: @BriteLA Facebook: Instagram: EventbriteLA


mid-century furnishings and lighting, hooked and oriental rugs, Navajo jewelry and Hopi Kachina dolls, and French and American modernist paintings and graphics, and endless accessories to fill three homes, a couple of apartments, several warehouses and/or additional storage spaces over these past 40 years. All have added up to a staggering cost to my wallet and to my aching back from lifting, moving, and displaying this horde of precious plunder…from Wisconsin to New York, from New York to San Francisco, then back to New York, before heading back West once more to Los Angeles, with added excursions of stuff to New Mexico’s Santa Fe and Taos just for fun. All in all, my history of an addict’s love of collecting has brought with it untold costs in rent, time, gasoline, shipping, back aches, and worry.

Call it Spring Cleaning by Tom Callaway


t seems to flow in the blood stream of most every designer I know: to grab “great” objects, furniture, and art whenever and wherever we find them…whether we have a client’s needs in mind or not. As it goes, this having to “get it while the getting is good” notion has put most of us into having untold “treasures” piled up in warehouses, storage bins, back rooms, and peeking out from every corner of our lives. This acquired stuff now requires a roof over it’s heads to preserve their precious value and beauty until the perfect scenario presents itself, to position the extraordinary object in the spot we believe it was born to have been placed. Over the years, all this dreaming, hunting, purchasing, and scheming adds up to one hell of a monthly rental fee. All totaled, over these many years, the storage of my booty has added up to many, many, thousands of dollars…all to preserve these great finds, these inspired and coveted trophies to be the “perfect thing” for some, so far “unfulfilled,” design notion. Some of these items are things we’ve collected for our own use and delight in our personal residences. Therefore they take on an additional meaning because they can conjure up memories of the moments and details that make up our personal histories. At least that is the added value and reasoning I have placed on my many collectables. I think of them as my story, my personal value, my lifetime of memories.


o what does it all mean…that what began as a moment of inspiration and often a bargain, has, over the years (of transporting, storing, and protecting), damn near broken my piggy bank? What once was a thrilling and most happy purchase (has turned into a thread in the fabric of my life), these items waiting longingly to be used in the perfect spot in the most artistic and inspired way. Whether in a design project or in one of my own, dreamed of, living spaces (that have yet to materialize), they wait to be rediscovered and used. Wait a minute! Am I a hoarder? Has it come to this? Do these possessions have a hold on me that have me tied up in emotional knots, preventing me from parting with this concoction of memories or my unfinished dreams for this stuff? Where is the tipping point on the scale from “needed acquisitions” to do excellent designing on the one hand, versus the gut level desire to own every collectable that fits every imagined scheme…which then gets added to the heap of hoped for design resolutions, when seen by some casual passerby, adds up to no more than a hoarders bloated warehouse of stuff. Is this accumulation of “treasures” leading to business and life decisions based on one’s pile of indispensible acquisitions, instead of those carefree, once held dreams of hitting the road to see the whole world, while carrying all your material possessions in the pack on your still strong back? I’m sure that what some might value as “only more stuff ”, is for a designer, the indispensible raw material that allows artistic dreams to become realized. But an essential building block of good design is the ability to edit…to know the value of taking away, as well as to add.

Do you perhaps need to Spring Clean your life and your Like many designers, and even nonprofessional collectors, I possessions? I don’t know about you, but I have some serious have moved from one passion to another…nautical themed “editing” to do. goodies from ship dioramas and models, to sea faring etchings and paintings, and love affairs with lighthouses and nautical About the author: light fixtures. I’ve had a life long romance with all things Native Tom Callaway is an interior designer and American, from pottery to weavings, to buckskin clothing architect, living in Brentwood. and beadwork, to paintings, photos, and lithographs depicting American Indian life. Then there is an infinite breadth of categories and subjects, including, American primitive furnishings and naive portraiture, Chinese Export porcelain, 29



Spring Salads VEGAN ‘TUNA’ SALAD by Whitney Lauritsen

INGREDIENTS Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans (freshly made or in a BPA-free can) - 1 cup Vegan mayonaise (try Vegenaise or Mindful Mayo, both available soy-free) - 2 tbsp Celery - 1 stalk Pickles or Relish - to taste Dulse Flakes - to taste Optional: fresh parsley, lemon, apple cider vinegar, onion, soy sauce/Coconut Aminos, nutritional yeast, and mustard DIRECTIONS

Blend or mash it all together (that’s really all you have to do!) You can also use tempeh instead of chickpeas.

This salad has become my new go-to dinner. Whenever I make it, I’ll do a huge serving so I have enough to pack for my lunch the next day, and it is even better after all the flavors have come together overnight. So you don’t need to worry about a soggy salad (yuck!) for lunch – this one is still super crispy and fresh! It’s jam-packed full of healthy ingredients, tons of texture, and a whole bunch of flavor. I was inspired to create this salad when I saw a new blend of lettuces at Trader Joe’s called the “Cruciferous Crunch Collection” – not an easy or pretty name, but the blend of chopped kale, shaved brussels sprouts, purple cabbage, and green cabbage definitely intrigued me. Now here’s the key to making this salad a success: you have to give the greens some lovin and MASSAGE them until they became a bit softer, nicer, and happier. This will take all the coarseness and bitterness out of the brussels and the kale, so it’s very important! Then all you have to do is throw in the rest of the healthy and flavorful ingredients, whip up the homemade dressing, and you’re good to go! I promise you, this is the most satisfying and delicious salad ever.

30 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4



by Lindsay Levine

by Taylor Erickson Serves: 4 Prep Time: 15 minutes

INGREDIENTS 1 bag Trader Joe’s Cruciferous Crunch Collection (if you don’t have a TJ’s, chop up some kale, raw brussels, red cabbage, and green cabbage) 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts 1 avocado - cubed 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds 1 fuji or honeycrisp apple - chopped 1/3 cup freshly shaved Parmesan cheese Optional: 2 chicken breasts chopped 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Juice of 1/2 lemon Salt & pepper to taste Dressing 1 shallot - minced 1 tsp red wine vinegar 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Juice of 1/4 lemon 1 tsp dijon mustard 1 tsp honey Salt & pepper to taste

Pour lettuce blend into a large bowl. Add 1 tbsp olive oil and juice from 1/2 a lemon into the bowl and massage well, until the greens soften a bit. Chop shallot and put in a small bowl with 1 tsp red wine vinegar. Allow to sit and macerate while you make the salad. Add all salad ingredients into the bowl, except the avocado - we will add it at the end so it doesn’t get mashed as you mix the salad.

INGREDIENTS For the Vinaigrette 1 tablespoon white balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon anchovy paste 1/2 teaspoon honey mustard 1 teaspoon creme fraiche 1 teaspoon honey Generous pinch of salt & pepper

Whisk all vinaigrette ingredients together in the bottom of a large salad bowl. When fully combined, add in all ingredients for the salad and toss, rotating all the components until evenly coated. Serve immediately. This salad is very well complemented by a crisp white wine. I paired it with Anthilia, one of my favorites. It particularly brings out the sweetness of the tangerine. Photographer: Marc Mez

For the Salad 1 head butter lettuce 2 cups frisée lettuce 2 avocados 1 cup cherry tomatoes,halved 2 tangerines, peeled, and in pieces 12-15 jumbo shrimp, peeled, deveined, and cooked 1/4 cup raw, whole cashews

Season with salt and pepper. Now, finish the dressing. Add the rest of the dressing ingredients to the shallot/red wine vinegar. Pour dressing over the salad and mix well. Add the avocado. Garnish with a few extra pom seeds, shaved Parmesan, and avocado. 31

SECOND ACTS / Tara Ellison

Second Acts:

by Tara Ellison

After the “Uncoupling” Part, What Happens Next? When Gwyneth Paltrow recently announced her decision to seek a “Conscious Uncoupling” to end her marriage (unlike a simpleton divorce, suitable for the rest of us), it effectively whipped everyone into frenzied speculation about what that means. While the term does sound slightly pretentious, it has highlighted a genuine need for a gentler way of permanently disengaging from a partner. Anything that can make this process less scorching has to ultimately be a good thing. When I went through a divorce ten years ago, it was, regrettably, a very long way from a “Conscious Uncoupling”. It was unconscious, ugly and much more contentious than I could have predicted. My ex and I have since had to learn a lot about coparenting - and we do it reasonably well - but at the time, with lawyers fanning the flames, it was pure, unadulterated hell. Arguments with ex-spouses aside, learning to navigate life as a newly divorced parent is not for the faint of heart. The first year is going to be miserable. Nobody prepares you for the cleaving of friendships and loyalties and a multitude of other unpleasant surprises. Dating in Los Angeles can be challenging to begin with, but when you attempt to do it as a single parent, you discover it’s an entirely different world. It’s full of complexities and there isn’t a neat little manual that covers helpful tips or guides you through the process. You may not have any divorced friends to turn to for advice (I didn’t), or for questions like when or whom you should date. Or when is the appropriate time to introduce someone you’re dating to your kids? Without a Divorcee’s Handbook or mentor, I fumbled my way through, to the best of my abilities - which at times wasn’t saying much. The greatest luxury at that point was laughter and I just didn’t have enough of it. I was lacking a sense of joy in my life and needed to rediscover what gave me that life-affirming, rejuvenating feeling. A great way to reconnect with that wounded or lost part of yourself is to revisit old passions and interests. One of the most empowering things I did post-split was to return to my love of writing. It was a way to create something on my own without

waiting for anyone to give me permission. After a dismal foray into the dating scene, I retreated and started creating amusing stories about the obstacles one faces as a divorcee attempting to put a life back together. I took writing classes at UCLA Extension and relished the moments spent creating characters to act out roles in my own literary world. The sense of playfulness and fun that came from this joyful activity was something I had sorely been missing. That new, lighter energy began to seep into all areas of my life, including romantically. Before long, many amazing transformations began to occur as a result of being in a positive, happier place. With time, painful events can offer unique gifts in disguise but you have to be willing to do the work and create a space for them. Life goes on. Taking time to rediscover what makes you happy is an important step to reclaiming yourself post-divorce and becoming the narrator of your own story. Divorce doesn’t define us- whether it’s conscious or not - it’s what we create next that makes all the difference. Those little stories I nurtured for years eventually became my first novel, Synchronized Breathing. My greatest hope for the book is to share it with other women who are in need of a few laughs and to provide a bit of inspiration for those dark days when you can’t imagine what the future might hold. In next month’s issue... Dating Tips for Divorced , Separated and otherwise uncoupled Mothers

About the author: After enduring her own ‘miserable divorce’ and the ensuing malaise, Tara Ellison realized that what she needed most was a good laugh. She turned to her passion for writing and Synchronized Breathing is her first novel. Tara is married and lives in Los Angeles, California. Contact Tara at

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A YEAR IN FOCUS | 05/2014

A Year in Focus

APRIL 2014






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MAY 2013

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INSTAGRAM COMPETITION Post to Instagram your most inventive pic, with the magazine in view and a great caption, and tag it with #lovefocus. Or send it to photos@ The winner will get $300 worth of vouchers – to spend at Eden by Eden Sassoon, Pilates Platinum, Pressed Juicery and SoulCycle.

Eden Sassoon with Focus magazine editors Andy Waldman and Mark Castellino 33


The Passion of Compassion


WNING A DOG IS AT THE TOP OF ALMOST EVERY CHILD’S WISH LIST. This is a huge decision many parents choose to forego, often taking the goldfish route, or hoping that peeking at fluffy puppies through the pet store window will suffice. Jackie Goodman, a Los Angeles Pilates Plus instructor, and mom of two grade school children, decided to grant this wish for real. The Goodmans were all set to acquire a dog from a woman who no longer wanted it. When they went to get the dog, the woman had changed her mind. Imagine the look on Jackie’s kids faces. You know that look, and you know the inner beast that is a mom, now willing to conquer anything in her path to turn those heart breaking frowns into happiness. A friend told her about an amazing website, “The first dog that came up was named Penny Lane and it was love at first sight. I had to have her!” said Jackie. “She was at a rescue called Saving K9 Lives Plus in Encino, close to my home. I called them immediately.” Saving K9 Lives Plus is a nonprofit animal rescue. It was founded in 2011 by owners Jasmin Kimball, a former model and actress, and Bobby Kimball, the lead singer for the group Toto. They adopted their first dog in 2005, and they saw firsthand the dire needs of animal shelters. They now devote much of their lives to provide public awareness of the growing population of homeless animals, and animals being euthanized. If they arrive at the crowded shelters too ill or injured to be considered adoptable, they are soon euthanized. Jasmin and Bobby began fostering and finding homes for these special needs dogs. They host annual fundraising concerts called K9 Crusade, bringing together many well known musicians, including Bobby of course, and an amazing auction of donated goodies to help fund the medical costs for the ailing dogs.

PENNY LANE The Goodmans did adopt Penny Lane ten months ago from Jasmin and Bobby’s rescue. She was recovering from a severe dog bite wound and an ear infection, and could not go home with the Goodmans until she was healthy. Jackie and her children, Max, age 9 and Ashley, age 12, went to visit Penny Lane every day after school. The children learned how to take care of her as well as the other dogs in the rescue. By the time the Goodmans brought Penny Lane home they already knew that fostering was in their blood. They have since fostered 8 dogs and helped find homes for at least 10. Max and Ashley have been profoundly affected by the experience. Ashley did all of her school’s Community Service requirement by helping Jasmin. She walked, bathed, and helped care for the dogs at the rescue, helped out with paperwork, and helped with the “K9 Crusade” Fundraiser. “One of the best stories,” Jackie recalls, “Jasmine called last summer, and asked me to go to the shelter 34 FOCUS | M A Y 2 0 1 4

Jackie Goodman

Max with terrified Abbie

Ashley and Penny Lane

Jasmin Kimball and Bobby Kimball

with her to see a poodle named Abbie, ‘She’s terrified, hiding in the corner, she’s going to be euthanized,’ said Jasmine, ‘I think she’d be a good foster for you, but you have to bring your son Max. If the dog is freaking out and terrified of kids you can’t take her.’ So Max, my mom, and I met Jasmine at the shelter. Abbie was terrified, dirty, and just a mess. I said, ‘Max, do you want to hold her?’, and he looked at me, and I took the dog, and put her in Max’s arms, and she just melted into his arms, like ‘Oh my god, thank you for holding me’. My mom and I were in tears, because this dog was shaking and terrified and crying, and then the minute Max held her she just went like “ahhhhh”. And it was the greatest thing. We took her home, and she literally hid in the corner. We fed her and she ate like she hadn’t had food in a year! By the second night she wanted to come upstairs and sleep in our bed, she would not be downstairs alone. Luckily my husband Steven loves the fosters as much as we do! She was the greatest dog. We fostered Abbie for a while, got her bathed and cleaned up, and then she was adopted by a lovely woman. It was amazing to see her before and after – it made me realize why I do this.” THE HUMAN CONNECTION Jackie has seen the biggest difference in young Max, “He’s become so much gentler and empathetic. At first Jasmin was a little afraid of him with the small dogs, and now she just says “Ok, go take the dogs”, because he’s so amazing with them. It used to be just Ashley, but now when I say I have to go to Jasmin’s, Max says “I’m coming! I want to go see the dogs!” Because I think that experience with Abbie changed him. I think he really saw the connection between a human and a dog and how it can change a dog’s life.” Changing dog’s lives is obviously changing the Goodman’s lives. Since adopting Penny Lane ten months ago, Jackie has been named a board member of Saving K9 Lives Plus. She devotes many hours to helping Jasmin and Bobby with their quest to save more dogs from being euthanized. “My first statement would be, PLEASE adopt, don’t buy a dog!” says Goodman, “If people saw what the puppy mill dogs go through, they sit in cages their entire life, just breeding and breeding them. By the time they’re five or six years old they are so worn out they can’t breed anymore, so they put them to sleep or dump them. And people buy these little puppies at pet stores or at breeders and have no idea what the mommies went through. It’s miserable. That’s why I love before and after pictures because people look at rescue dogs like they’re dirty or, oh, they have this or that. Give them a month of love and they’re amazing.”

For more information on adopting a pet, becoming a foster, or making any kind of donation, please visit Jasmin and Bobby Kimball’s website: The K9 Crusade annual fundraiser page:

ADOPT A DOG | 05/2014

These cute dogs were rescued from area shelters and are in need of love, hugs, and a HOME! Focus Magazine, together with Saving K9 Lives Plus, will proudly donate the full adoption fee paid by anyone choosing to add one of these adorable pets to their family, enabling this amazing organization to rescue another dog. With your help we can save twice the number of dogs on this page! As an added bonus, Focus Magazine will feature your new, precious family member in an upcoming issue.


Female 6 wk old Beagle Dachshund mix


Female 6 wk old Havanese Terrier mix


Male 5yr old Maltese


Male 6 wk old Beagle Dachshund mix


Male 6 wk old Havanese Terrier mix


Male 1yr old west Highland Terrier mix


Male 6 wk old Beagle Spaniel mix


Female 6 wk old Havanese Terrier mix


Male 4yr old Pug Min Pin mix


Female 6 wk old Beagle Dachshund mix


Female 6 wk old Havanese Terrier mix


Male 10yr old Chihuahua mix

Rescue these wonderful dogs today with Focus Magazine’s pledge to #payitforward


Female 4 mos and 7 mos old Maltese


Female 6 wks old Shi Tzu Terrier mix


Female 2 yr old Beagle Dachshund mix

Find out more from Jackie Goodman: Read each dog’s story at 35

7324 WOODROW WILSON DR. CA 90046 3B | 2.5 BA


Set back from the street, atop a knoll, sits your private and gated modern home on coveted celebrity row. Modern, airy and spacious feel inside and out, on a half acre of tiered land with views of the Hollywood sign. The home features a spacious, light and bright living room with high pitched ceiling, surrounded by tall glass windows, tree top views, chrome railing, woodburning fire place. Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors that extend into the modern kitchen, which is great for entertaining. Master bedroom has high beam ceilings, two walk-in closets and large master bath. The additional 2 bedrooms are spacious, with a remodeled full bath. Take a step-down to the family/ ent. room with installed 92� HD projector tv, bar, double closets and laundry area. Doors lead outside from nearly every room onto balconies, patio space or tiered land.The backyard has endless possibilities, there is enough flat yard for a pool. Full security system with cameras and house is prewired for Ipod use. A must see!!! Thinking of moving? Call me to discuss your options. Get a complimentary market analysis and take advantage of the Spring selling season!

Mona Cohen

T: 310 466-6675 Rodeo Realty Brentwood 11940 San Vicente # 100 Los Angeles, CA 90049 37

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Measure the effects of sun exposure with a bracelet. Page 27

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Painted New Mexican Wooden Trastero (Cupboard/Cabinet) c.1900

2928 Nebraska Avenue Santa Monica, California 90404 Open daily by appointment Call 310 828-1030





Realtor, NRT’s Top 1,000 Sales Associates


Operated by Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc.





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“Lisa has worked hard for her success…her ability to work with all sorts of people and situations has made her into a realtor to be reckoned with…. We asked Lisa to represent us…one of the wisest decisions we ever made. Lisa and her team made the sale of our house…painless and stress-free.… She is also a wonderful negotiator.…We would recommend Lisa enthusiastically and without reservation.” – Bonnie & Sam Strangis



KITCHEN:… You may want to expand… removing the wall between the kitchen and dining or living area...CLOSETS:… installing an organizing system…with additional rods, shelves, baskets….Look for places to add closets or other storage areas…” (John Bredemeyer, Appraiser, CNN Money)





1362 1 11338 2451 1425 11326 11331 11343 429 11414 11450 145 11362 Burnham Dr. Brentwood Glen 4Beds+3Baths+Great.Rm Updated, “Picture-Perfect”! Asking Price:$1,735,000

CELL: 310.993.2303

Burnham St. *For Sale!!! Burnham St. *In Escrow!!! Cloverfield Blvd. *In Escrow!!! Stanford St. #5 *Just Sold!!! Homedale St. *Just Sold!!! Homedale St. *Just Sold!!! Homedale St. *Just Sold!!! Bundy Dr. *Just Leased!!! Albata St. *Just Leased!!! Albata St. *Just Leased!!! Beloit Ave. *Just Leased!!!

Contact me to hear about my upcoming listings! – Lisa

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Focus Magazine – First Anniversary Issue  

This issue contains a feature on Maia Suckle and her whirlwind tour of the movie Awards circuit – as wife of the producer of American Hustle...

Focus Magazine – First Anniversary Issue  

This issue contains a feature on Maia Suckle and her whirlwind tour of the movie Awards circuit – as wife of the producer of American Hustle...

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