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esides Jacquelin Napal and Katherine Emery being the owners of the rapidly successful gallery, Art Angels, they are also – “Artrepreneurs”. No, there is no such word… until now. However, it was James Georgopoulos, one of their prized modern artists, who unintentionally dubbed their newly transplanted art space with his customary greeting. Napal gushed, “James always used to come in and say, ‘Oh, it’s the Art Angels’, so we ended up using that name… it fit us perfectly.” Rightfully so, since they are extremely artist friendly, and they express a welcoming interest in the works that are submitted to the gallery. Art Angels pride themselves on having an impressive collection of visual genres from huge, voluptuous sculptured lips, paintings on canvas, x-ray photography to street art created by all types of artists made of all kinds of … well, stuff. You will never look at a fire extinguisher the same way again after seeing one masterfully painted in a Chanel theme by, Niclas Castello. If diamonds are your best friend - put yourself in a diamond coma gazing at the Russell Young portrait of Marilyn painted with real Diamond Dust. You might just blush when you see what French artist Cécile Plaisance does with playful photograph development (Lenticular Print, excuse my French) creating the illusion of Executive Barbie seemingly turn into Tattooed Lingerie Barbie. Not only does their gallery have, “The Banksy of LA” a.k.a. Plastic Jesus, but they actually have a few Banksy works in their vast and mixed collection. If it’s photographs that blow your sail, Terry O’Neill is one of the gallery’s prized featured photographers. Since the 1960’s, he’s captured mouth watering photos of some of the biggest celebrities and VIP’s to ever walk our planet including a black and white of – gone too soon – odd couple, Elizabeth Taylor feeding David Bowie a drag off her cigarette (1975). It leaves us wondering what Ms. Liz was planning after the oral smoking fixation finished. One of the perks working with these Angels is, if you are an artist and loved by the winged powerhouses, expect that your work will be beautifully displayed not only in their gallery, but also placed in multi-million dollar real estate properties up for grabs. Napal and Emery are Entrepreneurs, because they are smart business women who diversify their brand and products by “Art Sourcing”: showcasing their art pieces in million dollar listings, working with developers to stage large estates, placement in upscale offices, working with interior and exterior designers, hotels, popular restaurants and flaunted on any wall or floor that makes sense for their clients and artists. More often than not, the estate buyer wants the art pieces included. That’s how numerous works of art get purchased all at once. Yatzee! These consummate curators spread their wings to all parts of the globe making sure their buyers have sufficient eye candy to choose

from. So, if I wanted to pop by the newly planted street level store and purchase art by acclaimed Michael Moebius, would my FooyVuitton wallet glue itself shut? No… actually, their price points are affordable for a newbie collector such as myself or they’ll work with a seasoned veteran collector who is used to “investing” in famous or emerging talent. I Googled, “How to buy artwork” and found most business sites agree you should buy what you love with an amount you can afford at a reputable gallery or dealer. What are you doing with your tax refunds? Might I suggest you stroll through Art Angels Gallery and purchase a piece that’s a “must have” using their wealth of knowledge? No honey, they don’t do layaway. Napal mentions, “We also have an online presence with almost all artwork and always updated.” Whether you’re an artist, collector, dabbler, or interested in being a first time art owner - you’re going to want to collaborate with this beautifully brainy artrepreneurial twosome. Art Angels Gallery had a grand opening in its new location at 9020 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048 - January 28th, 2016 and was featured in the April issue of Focus Magazine. All of the above mentioned works of art are displayed on their website.

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Focus LA July 2016  
Focus LA July 2016