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Brigitte & Stone Offers Guilt Free Shopping Los Angeles Mom Magazine’s Shirin Yadegar talks to Brigitte & Stone co-founder, GOLRIZ TAVAKOLI-MOEINI, about their eco-conscious Brentwood boutique. BY SHIRIN YADEGAR

Shirin Yadegar: What made you open a retail store when everyone is shopping online? Golriz Tavakoli-Moeini: Online shopping is a fun easy experience and it definitely has its advantages for our busy schedules, but certainly only if you know the designer well enough and your size in that brand. Otherwise it’s a lot of shipping back and forth, and returning is a pain when something does not fit. That being said, nothing beats seeing the clothing in person, touching it and trying it on before you purchase it, especially with an on-hand personal stylist to help you along the way to get the right wardrobe for your buck. Also, the main reason for opening the boutique was that we both felt a huge gap in the market for eco-conscious clothing boutiques and “made in USA” all in one stylish shop without having to go scavenge through racks to find it. Our website will also soon be E-Commerce ready for those who absolutely prefer to shop online from their home computers. Shirin Yadegar: What do you offer that is unique? Golriz Tavakoli-Moeini: We offer many fun and sophisticated brands from all over the world like Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Sweden, England and of course most of the shop is made in good ol’ USA supporting brands like Stone Cold Fox, Flynn Skye, Sam & Lavi, Heidi Merrick, Gladys Tamez Millinery, Janessa Leone all made in Los Angeles, and Tryb212, Torn by Ronny Kobo, made in NYC. We have Mara Hoffman, for example, but we only carry her made in India selection as the quality is terrific. Everything is made for orders, and that’s the challenge as 90% of the market is mass produced in China, which is what you walk away from since you can’t get those clothes in every shop. With the jewelry, our Co-founder Joya Yadegar is meticulous about her collection and has curated it with the same love and care. The vintage fine jewelry collection we have in the shop, Joya bought each piece separately, and they add a certain mystique to our boutique as they all have romantic stories. A few even have been owned by some renowned celebrated people who are no longer living, but their jewelry will live on a glamorous stylish woman who wears it and perhaps gives it to her daughter or sister. It’s all about recycling beautiful things, enjoying them forever rather than fast fashion that people tire of seasonally.

Even our trendy fine jewelry that Joya collaborated to make for the shop is high quality and the prices are reasonable so you feel good knowing that you can always wear them. Shirin Yadegar: Why did you choose to open in the Brentwood Gardens? Golriz Tavakoli-Moeini: Brentwood is a great part of Los Angeles and Brentwood Gardens offers the best location right on San Vicente. There’s long time boutiques like Madison, and Ron Herman and BCBG in Brentwood Gardens and they have their loyal clientele following, but we fit in nicely since we offer a different shopping experience. We’ve been welcomed by the neighborhood and people that really get what we are doing here drive from Beverly Hills or Malibu to come see us. Shirin Yadegar: Do you make home visits and offer personal shopping services? Please explain how this process works. Golriz Tavakoli-Moeini: We absolutely make house calls. That’s why we are closed on Mondays because we make personal styling appointments in shop or at a client’s home. For example, we have one dear client who is stylish but is a new mom and cannot make it in the shop and I’ve taken over new collections for her several Mondays and we’ve had so much fun picking out her new wardrobe. This amazing styling appointment is free of charge for our clients who want to buy over a certain amount of goods.

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Focus LA July 2016  
Focus LA July 2016