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(and Twelve), “Diner”, “Years of Living Dangerously” to name a brilliant few], was lucky enough to have a dish named after him on the Craig’s menu, “Jerry Weintraub’s Spaghetti Clam Show”. What likely won him his starring dish role was his investment in Craig’s restaurant. But, when I say, “his investment in Craig’s restaurant,” I mean, Weintraub was faithfully investing in his dear friend Craig, a person whom he believed could open and run a West Hollywood hit, from watching his work ethic during his many years as a regular at Dan Tana’s. Susser also mysteriously found his way into “Ocean’s Twelve”, playing the role of, ‘Men’s Club Waiter’. Okay, not much of a stretch but still - he was sharing the screen with massive star power, the likes of those he now delights at his very own Craig’s. There’s actually a strong list of acting work under Susser’s belt, but I’m sure the Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and a People’s Choice Award for good measure would go to Mr. Susser for, “Best Restaurant Owner” in the restaurant business. Craig’s: An American Restaurant, in 2016 is celebrating their 5th year Anniversary while taking a grateful look back on how his dream of owning a successful restaurant came true. After spending years cultivating and nurturing relationships with dear patrons, vast connections and trustworthy friends, the doors opened in 2011 with some funding from an enthusiastic diversified group. One amongst the first-in’s is his pal Gary Winnick and gives him high praise for knowing his market and most importantly his clientele. He should know; Winnick is a long time fan of Susser from the days at Dan Tana’s. Craig’s gained instant repeat customers and a few menu items that resemble retro Italian cuisine as a nod to his former home. Other than those few recognizable menu entries, Susser prides himself on a delectable and diverse innovative list of starters, entrees and desserts to choose from once you take your seat. Just in case you are wondering how much more fantasticalicious Susser can get, Craig’s donates money to thirty plus charity organizations, and asks everyone to join his mission to do the same with just a click on Now we add Philanthropist to his list of impressive titles. This versatile, Front-of-the-House man – now successful owner, earned his rank of Restaurateur Entrepreneur by devoting more than half his life serving, feeding, accommodating, hosting and making customers feel like they’re home. He believes his space is an extension of his guests’ dining rooms. Susser declares, “Every night I walk in here, it never gets old.” Once you walk through his doors no matter if you are a critic, celebrity, a business big wig, or a people-watching foodie – expect to be treated equally as one of Craig’s family.

Craig’s: An American Restaurant 8826 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 276-8900

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Focus LA July 2016  
Focus LA July 2016