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The Art of Virtual-ationships A Dating Roundtable discussion HOSTED BY ARIANNA THOMOPOULOS

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id he really just check his text messages while we’re toasting to our love over our plates of cracked crab and garlic noodles? Sound familiar? Remember when, “Hey, eyes up here!” meant, stop looking at my boobs? Well, times have certainly changed. Go-to dating advice website gal, Arianna Thomopoulos (@ moderndaygf) of, The Modern Day Girlfriend asks a panel of thirty plus something-ish women, “Do you think the rise of social media and the digital age has changed the way we talk to one another?” Since technology reared its fast-paced, ones and zeros head, the method of how we communicate with our businesses, families, friends and kids has transformed dramatically. Thus, if it has changed our business and personal lives, then it has undoubtedly messed with our love lives. I found out while listening to each of their candid and well-crafted answers that some like connecting via technology, and some, not so much.

Focus LA July 2016  
Focus LA July 2016