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The Cutting Edge Retailers Guide to Growing Your Business

MAY 2012

RETAIL SUCCESS Hi, it’s Adam and Naomi here creators of the Retail Success newsletters. Some say that we just wanted to find a place to demonstrate self professed wit, amazing feats and a little bit of our nutty humour (oh and to pump up our egos too!) but that’s only part of it! The thing is we know stuff. We know that you are in your retail business for many reasons...TIME, MONEY AND FREEDOM WITH YOUR FAMILY. We know that if you are doing something in your business right now and it’s not working then try something different! The title of this newsletter was carefully chosen to reflect what YOU can get out of reading it. It’s not just a whole lot of boring facts or doom and gloom - it’s showing you what we do what we know. It has taken us most of our adult lives to work out that we get a thrill from inspiring people to achieve. You will find proven practical solutions that you can implement STRAIGHT FROM THE PAGE and have effect in your business. That’s enough about us (please stop you might say!!). We look forward to hearing your story Proven as your business thrives not just survives... Adam and Naomi Practical Retail

THE MONEY IS IN YOUR LIST... Staying in touch with your clients. It’s 5 times cheaper to sell to existing clients than to source new clients... It doesn’t matter what type of business

your client. You may even find that 80% don’t

that you are in. Whether you are selling carpet,

want to leave their details however that means

furniture or clothing if you don’t see the value

that 20% will and it is this 20% that are far

in your existing clients then you are missing the

more likely to buy from you again. It is far

opportunity to grow your business.

better to then invest 80% of your time on the

In fact a database of clients should be considered as an asset. So if you already have

20% of the right clients than the reverse. Staying in touch once you have started

started collecting a database then great work!

your database helps to keep your business in

If you haven’t, then why not. Perhaps you

the forefront of your clients minds. Imagine

might think it’s too hard, or your clients won’t

our relief when we discovered that we didn’t

like it, our worst of all you don’t know how!

have to send out 4000 emails individually! Yes

The good news is that it’s not too hard,

there is a program that automatically sends out

the RIGHT clients like being wooed and it’s

emails that you load up. Don’t get stuck on

easier than you might think.

what to send out either. Just remember to

The best thing to keep in mind is that

EDUCATE and INFORM your clients about your

growing your database is the easiest way to

niche and products. Definitely DON’T sell to

grow your business by treating them like you

them. If they feel that you care enough to

are in a relationship with them. Put the time in and stay in contact. Surprise them every once in a while and always be willing to change to meet their needs. (Is this marriage counseling or database building?!!!) If your objection to collecting a database is that you think your clients wont like it well the truth is some won’t. But not everyone is

Solutions That Retailers Can Implement NOW

Imagine Doubling Your Business income...


The Most Powerful Way to Double Your Retail teach them something, when they are ready you will be the ONLY obvious choice to buy Business Income in 12 from and they will come to you. Months or Less!... Now your kids might be perfect but Get Yours at... accidents do happen!....Imagine the peace of mind information on cleaning texta mark from a www.RetailBusinessSolut couch would be to a mum shopping for a couch! Or Call 1800 62 61 60 [1]


Here’s what we use to help our list grow... There are a number of ways to collect client information to grow your list. If you have the right incentive then clients are far more likely to leave their details. Personally Adam and I dislike having a thousand different cards for different reward programs. Most things

You can always find out when and where our future events are at Now let’s look at giving such a great incentive that you clients will be WILLING to leave their details. This is where you need to get to know your IDEAL client and what makes them tick. At our recent event Mal Emery and

have to pass our ‘glaze over’ test. This is simply that if something has too many steps or you need to spend more than a few seconds explaining it to us our eyes start to glaze over which means that WE WON’T TAKE ACTION and either will your clients. Remember everyone is busy so you need to make it practically automatic to join or leave details. One automatic way is to have your

Steve Plummer talked about ways to work out your ideal client. Mal refers to them as you ideal avatar and once this is known then your marketing can be an ideal match. Steve uses the knowledge of your client to write the copy (the marketing words) to attract your ideal client. What we know is that it depends on who is the decision maker when it comes to buying

website set up to capture details. Funnily enough you need a ‘capture box’ to do this. Check out the Retailer Techie Zone on page 4 to see how this works. Another cutting edge way is to use mobile phone technology - these days practically every client that walks into your business has a portable computer in their pocket also known as the mobile phone. There is a way for clients to scan into your reward program or join up via


our future events to walk you through this stuff.

social media to receive benefits. It’s a win-win because you can give away part of a profit that you never would have had. We will have Australia’s leading mobile technology expert at

something for the household and find something that will solve their problem. Most often this would typically be the female of the house. In the example of carpet, she would be the one that was sick of looking at and cleaning old daggy carpet. Eventually she would convince the household that new carpet was needed. A great incentive to join your VIP program would be to offer free stain removal for the first year. Cheap to offer and most often probably not even used. The important thing is the perceived value. To a busy working mum you would be solving her problem where to I join!

Does your shop front give the right message to your clients? When was the last time you had a look and listened to people walking past? If we were to walk up to your business we should within seconds be able to tell what your product or service is.

On our website you can enter your details in the box

We all want instant gratification so your Unique Selling Point (USP) should be clear and compelling to make us want to find out more.


Things That We Learnt At The Latest Retail Recession Rescue Seminars in Newcastle And Canberra... We really enjoyed hearing the stories of your businesses at our recent events in Newcastle and Canberra earlier in the year. Our invitations were sent out to thousands

• We learnt that our passion and energy is in helping others achieve For those action takers that joined us we have great news! If you implement even 1 thing that you learned on the day - you are already ahead of your competition. Nothing frustrates us more than seeing retailers struggle when we know that you can

of retail businesses in your area but thousands

turn you business around or just dominate your

did not turn up.

niche through methodical and easy to

It got us thinking - why not? It’s not a secret that there is a global recession going on and the newspapers have reports everyday of the struggle that retailers especially are contending with.

implement ideas.

Didn’t make it to our Retail Recession Rescue Event? Don’t Worry! If you missed our information

• We learnt that Newcastle and Canberra retailer business owners are great people!

packed training event there is good news. We

• We learnt that there is a REAL need for our Retail Rescue program RIGHT NOW -

production. You will need to forgive us as the

everyone knows they need to do something

the info from Mal Emery is top quality and

and getting access to proven strategies and

cutting edge stuff.

tools and having a plan and a system

had the Canberra event video’d and it is in final sound quality is not great but rest assured that

All you need to do to get access is to go to

purpose built for retailers vital.

the website and as a bonus you will also get a

• We learnt that we need to do better in getting our message to the right retailers that

copy of our free report which you won’t have

would prefer to thrive not just survive

• We learnt that Sunday may not be the best day to run events due to your need to


yet! Go To: Thanks again for your feedback as it helps us provide you with the very best stuff.

The Power of Social Proof Having someone else tell everyone how good your product is social proof. Thanks to everyone who recorded a testimonial for us at the recent events.

pay staff double/triple time • We’re parents too so we are going to run some future events shorter so getting a babysitter is easier

We have a winner from each. Congratulations to Carmel and Matthew. Each winner received half an hour with a speaker of their choice which potentially could add $$$ to their businesses bottom line. Carmel chose John Dwyer and Matthew at the time of print was still thinking about it to make sure his choice of speaker had maximum impact. Thanks again we really appreciate your kind words. Check out page 5 for an example of our social proof.


RETAILERS TECHIE ZONE... You know you need it but who wants to do it them selves?!! (do what you’re good at) BUILDING YOUR CLIENT LIST ONLINE... Take a breath as we will keep this simple and to the point. Your options for building your list online start with having a Capture Box for clients to leave their details. HOW DO I GET AN ONLINE WEBSITE CAPTURE BOX?

Imagine you are them and have just joined your list or purchased and make the education and information flow in a methodical manner.

Don’t get Ian Marsh CEO of


StreetSmart Marketing started

You firstly need a website and you can

on this one! He loves them! But

ask your web person to add a capture box onto front page. It must be in the top right

he is right. A newsletter should be full of information

hand corner as this has been tested to be the

relevant to your niche. It is great in 2 ways,

most effective. We also can help you with this

that is online and offline. If you are growing an

if you wish.

online list then the newsletter can be emailed

STEP 2 - LINK THE CAPTURE BOX TO A PLACE THAT YOU CONTROL Get your techie to connect you to an Auto-responder Service. We have used Aweber and Infusion Soft. For most of you

easily to all on the list with an auto-responder program. If you already have one then it’s simply a matter of writing it and uploading it to the program and pressing GO! If you are growing an offline list (postal or

aweber would suffice. Click on this link to get

home addresses) then you can also send the

access through us.

newsletter can be send via ‘lumpy’ mail. STEP 3 - HAVE A GREAT REASON FOR CLIENTS TO LEAVE THEIR DETAILS The best way to do this is to imagine what you ideal client looks like, hobbies, daily frustrations etc and tailor your incentive to solve their problem. You are the best person to get to know your clients. Just ask them. STEP 4 - KEEP IN CONTACT WITH THEM IT’S EASY! The best way to do this is to start with a plan. Plan your marketing from day 1 to day 45. Initially ‘touch’ them with your info on day

TESTING AND MEASURING... ANY marketing that you do you MUST test and measure everything. You spend more

Naomi and Adam are not afraid to tell you about their journey to success. Just ask them!! They have both invested thousands of dollars and time at multiple seminars to get to the point where doors opened up for them in business when Mal Emery from StreetSmart asked them to come on board. Now through Retail Rescue they want to give back and save you time and money by helping your retail business

your list depending upon what ‘media’ they received your info from. For example, when we send this newsletter out online we use one web address (called a URL) for people to order the free report. If we send it via lumpy mail we will use a different URL link for the same free report. This way we know whether online or offline is working better for us or we may even find out that a combination of both is required. You can purchase URL’s for as little as $10. You can get your techie to set this up or email us for more info.


marketing budget on what works and less on

Retail Rescue Auto-responder

what doesn’t. That way you reduce the ‘dumb’

money spent. Again to our relief also there is a

Retail Rescue URLs shop:

simple way to track this! (Are you starting to

get the impression that we are all about getting the outcome with the minimum of fuss!) This is done by using different web addresses and/or methods that clients join

Get your questions answered: Don’t forget to grab your FREE REPORT even if you are a Retail Rescue member at

1, day 3, day 5, day 7 then weekly and so on.

About Us...

The “How To” of Growing Your List of Clients


thrive not just survive. They both bring to the table strategy, drive, encouragement and energy from the skill set they picked up along the way. Adam as a tax agent and CFO where he turned $1M/year business into $18M/year. He is a Financial Artiste! Naomi as an airline pilot who discovered her daily problem solving, accountability, strategy planning of getting a jet from A to B are skills that are a perfect match in business. She also knows how to shop!


Are we real?! Yes we are normal (well sort of!), married but not to each other and both have great kids and live in Melbourne.

CONTACT US... au Or call us on 1800 62 61 60 if you have any questions...


Naomi Radke, Mai Emery and John Dwyer in Newcastle (Adam Reeves was busy providing solutions)

NEWCASTLE HERALD 20 FEB 2012 Mal Emery, John Dwyer and Naomi Radke listening first then giving solutions in Newcastle at our latest Retail Recession Rescue event.


As photogenic as Adam is, he didn’t get a chance to be in the photo. Why? When you are Australia’s leading retail business advisor it’s hard to get away! Naomi doesn’t like to share the lime light anyway!

If you are reading this newsletter then you are ready to listen. If what you are doing now isn’t working DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! It’s time...

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