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Thank yous!:

321 would like to thank Maura Emerson of Posh Beauty Lounge, of course the beautiful Angela (321 Beauty Model for Fall 2011), Thomas & Edie Hunter of Duque Cigars, Captain Dave Cooksey of Fish Cookhee Fishing Charters, Joel Jones of JDrama Designs, Jesse Davis of JRD Photography, Mark Quavillon of Villon Clothing, of course Tara & Lolli of Tolli Entertainment, TP and Chris Benavidez of WurldWyde Records, Rich and Karen Hayes of Tapps Pub in Palm Bay, the West Melbourne Charlie and Jake’s, Amanda Rupley, Blair Thein of Pool, Poker, & Pain, Richard Fitzpatrick of Black Triad Entertainment and Heart of a Champion Movie, David and Aggie Gainer of Essential Management Services, Inc., Nancy Dillen, Tri Pham of Maui Wowi Smoothies and Coffee, DJ Light Brown (Cesar Padilla), Dave Quavillon and Patrice Slaughter and the rest of the Like Dinosaurs band, Sean Putira, and last but not least Mercedez Fuentes of Raise Your Glass Private Bartending for all your patience. Thank you to all my friends! You are my family. I love you all unconditionally. Congratulations to Tiffany and Dave on the arrival of newborn Hailey Cooksey! You know what? I’d like to thank God and me too.

Once again and always, I would like to dedicate this second issue to Alex, Stevie, & Austin. I love you more than you can imagine. I am doing this for you, for me, for us, and everyone involved. I want us all to succeed. I love you... Daddy.

Steve J Huss III Tara & Lolli

Jesse Davis

by Steve Huss

ho would have thought that TP (Terrance Peterson) and Chris Benavidez started their journey together working at Dunkin’ Donuts seven years ago, off Lake Washington in Melbourne. After Chris installed a system in TP’s car, “it’s been on and poppin.” But now its time for WurldWyde Records. TP was in the rap game even before they met, since 2000. He had a good buzz goin’ til life happened with kids and a run in with the law. Things are defi-


big thing, TP doesn’t let any of that stress affect him. This is fun for him. A hobby turned into a lifestyle, lyrics into cash, but still not work. It all stemmed from poetry, then while in prison the energy moved toward rappin’. After 6 years of improving his skill and recording music, TP is ready to share his music with the world. Hundreds of tracks. In 5 years TP see’s his empire in the 9 figures. Anything and everything is possible. TP just wants to share 2 or 3 CD’s and

netly back on track with TP and Chris is right by his side. Chris got involved with the the music biz about 4 years ago, with TP’s guidance. Now Chris handles the management aspect, booking local shows and keeoin’ the Buzz flowin’ online and on the streets so TP can focus on the creative aspect:, lyrics, producing beats, and then puttin’ it all together at recording Studio 101 in Melbourne. TP has been recording there since 2006. Brandon takes care of management for TP outside of Brevard County. His fan base is all over! With all the hustle with everyone trying to becoming the next

he is out. He says at 28 years old, everyone should retire from rappin’. I guess that’s why LL and Ice-T are on prime time TV and not rhymin’. After retiring the rap game TP and WurldWyde want to become the new Def Jam, distributing deals to other labels, write music, sign talented artists, and produce their 2 or 3 CD’s. No matter how big WurldWyde gets, Chris wants to represent Brevard County and its local artsists. What is TP’s music about. It’s about flava and reality. Reality music! Unedited for your listening pleasure. TP’s new album is gonna be epic and he wants to be on top. “We comin!” 11-4-11

ike Dinosaurs started in the fall of 2010 when Patrice Slaughter (lead vocals) and Dave Quavillon (bass/ backup vocals) moved back to Brevard County after leaving 15 years ago. Patrice and Dave were excited to be in the same town as the rest of their current band, Led Astray (2000-2010). Matt Quavillon (guitar) and Ben Jarosz (drums) of Led Astray already lived in Melbourne. Led Astray had formed in Tallahassee 10 years prior, shortly after


national acts. Led Astray was a fast paced, girl fronted punk band that prided themselves in politically charged lyrics backed by a unique style of experimental hardcore mixed with 80’s style punk rock riffs. With all the members of Led Astray now finally living in the same town, the band decided to switch up their style some and add some new talent. With the addition of Bill Stewart (trumpet) formerly from The Skalidays and local music talent and

Like Dinosaurs is a punk rock band with definite ska and metal undertones. Like Dinosaurs is a fun, dance band that tests the limits of mixing all the before mentioned styles of music while making it impossible for fans to not get swept into the energy by dancing and singing along. Like Dinosaurs is currently working on recording their first demo at Rocket City Studios with Xtian Goblyn. Like Dinosaurs is playing

Matt’s previous band The Skalidays had broken up. During their 10 years, Led Astray had played 100’s of shows throughout Florida while doing mini in-state tours, recording and releasing 5 albums and opening for several

long time friend Chad Apsey (guitar); Like Dinosaurs was formed.

their fourth show at On The Rocks on October 29th for a Halloween Party with other acts such as Wolfy Lonesome, Xtian Goblyn, and The Rawtones. Doors open at 9pm.


J Light Brown, Cesar Padila, was born in California, raised in Puerto Rico where hes became a dancer. When he came to the states and moved to Wisconsin, he became a promoter. Wisconsin was more laid back than what he was used to and wanted to bring more entertaining activities to the area. He

hired a DJ and started throwing reggeaton parties on a regular basis. He liked it so much, he continued the parties when he moved to Florida in 2004, where he became DJ Light Brown. The first DJ Light Brown Party was at the Havana Club and it’s been on and poppin’ ever since. What he likes about being

a DJ is the challenge to create the perfect mix of music every night. It’s not always the same crowd and you gotta cater to everyone, whatever it takes to keep them on the dance floor. No matter the genre, rock, pop, hip-hop, Latin, reggeaton, dubstep, house, dance, old school, disco, he can mix it all. Music is


everything to Cesar and keeps him young and fresh. When he plays to the crowd, he always makes sure he would dance to the music if he were on the dance floor. Latin and dance music is his passion but is able to play any party with all sorts of music from Rock to Hip Hop. Technology has progressed in the DJ game with Light Brown. He started with a computer and an old DJ program with some CD’s and now uses an updated laptop, external hard drives and

video format for his fans to listen and see. When he mixes the music he mixes the video. DJ Light Brown DJs full time now. To clear his head he’ll hit the waves on his boogie board. He can still get down on the dance floor, but far from back in the days of head spins and wind mills. Either way, find one of his parties and be prepared to dance. You can find DJ Light Brown during the week through out Brevard. Currently on Monday

His Biggest Night is Friday at City Limits where he hosts Latin Night and it’s getting a good crowd. From time to time he also brings in Reggeaton performers from Puerto Rico. October 28th, Cesar is leaving Florida to host 2 parties in Puerto Rico on the 28th and the 29th. He wants to keep this going for the future too, gathering the best DJs and flying around the country and performing at parties and clubs. This DJ gonna be worldwide! Thank you to Cesar Padilla for

uses Virtual DJ program now. Coolest part now is that 90% of DJ Light Brown’s music is in

you’ll find him at Barroos on Beach side. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at City Limits.

your creative talent and ambition to keep the party goin’.

12 | SEPTEMBER 2011

AGE: 25 HEIGHT: 5’4” OCCUPATION: Nightlife, Promotions

HOBBIES: Love love cooking, Painting, Fishing, Concerts, The Beach, Dancing, and Modeling.

BIO: Originally from Farmington Hills MI, raised in good ol’ Lakeland FL =p Moved just under a year ago to the 321, and love living less than 15 minutes from the beach! People are really laid back and nice here. I went to school for interior design, very big on designing. Since I was little, anything artsy was always a love. I’ve dabbled in modeling for a while, people would come up to me all the time when I was a kid and say I had the energy and the look to do commercials. I thought they were nuts, because I was all about dancing then. Loved ballet and tap class and couldn’t wait til after school to go home and change, and put my little Capezio dance shoes on. I think I really came to enjoy modeling when I realized the doors it can open, the beautiful places you get to see, and the cool people you get to meet in the process. The people I was able to work with on this project are such examples.

OTHER COOL THINGS ABOUT ANGELA: I’m actually pretty shy, a lot of people when they meet me find that very hard to believe, but that’s usually because I just finished taking a shot haha! No but seriously, I really enjoy my privacy when I’m at home. I guess you could say I’m a little bit of an “undercover nerd”. I love reading, and am a total regular at my public library. Yeah, I just said that. I check out books like it’s my job. Very big on history, was always my favorite subject. Just because I like tall shoes and make-up doesn’t mean I’m dumb, sorry. Favorite band is Deftones, Chino you’re the man! Favorite movie is a toughy, but I’ll go ahead and go with Goodfellas. Just doesn’t get old, and girly romance flicks are pretty much a big no. I find myself laughing at the “sad” parts. Biggest fear would definitely be losing a loved one, don’t even like thinking about it. I love odd numbers, and the color burgundy. And I have aspirations of becoming a fitness model(yes, I workout) right after I finish 2 slices of supreme pizza. Hey, there’s veggies! ;) biggest fear), and I truly believe you can’t judge a book by its cover.

e all know Tapps in Palm Bay. It’s practically a local Icon. An Icon that’s undergoing some awesome transformations. Live music has been great their, but now Tapps is gearing more towards being a DJ bar to make the environment during the evenings more sociable. I can understand the change. Depending on the band, the noise level can be too much for some listeners as well as the anxiety it can create for some people afraid of others that get


even installing a dance pole. If the crowd want a dance pole, you give them a dance pole. Dance pole contests and jello wrestling! Karen and Rich Hayes have owned Tapps since October of 2005. Happy Anniversary! Those of us natives know that the establishment has been around for 20 years. Its tarted out as a hubs pub, a small franchise, which survived for a few years, then split up. Tapps stayed here and the sister bar

bar business. Starting in the early 90’s, at The Southside Bar in Helen, Georgia, Darby Caribbean Grill in New Port Ritchie, then to Tapps here in Palm Bay. All locations have been very successful. Before all the Bar business, Rich was a cowboy! That’s right! The good ole Wisconsin bred Rich was actually in the horse business in North Georgia for a “long time.” Karen on the other hand is from Pembroke Pines, a totally different universe.

wound up. Along with the change in music, the environment is changing with it. Moving the pool tables around, extending the dance floor, building a DJ Booth, and

opened up on beach side, we all know as Coasters. Today they are separate entities with no affiliation. Before Tapps, Karen and Rich had experience running

Rich and Karen are much involved with their regulars and new customers during business hours and when the doors are locked they are are even more involved improving the bar any

which way they can. Behind the scenes aspect is just as important and there is always tasks to be tackled. Karen will be displaying more art work. There is a special touch that can be seen around Tapps and it’s all because of her. Most of the art is her own. Paintings, the star lights, drapery, and even the walls have been blessed by her talent. Tapps is like a home outside of their home and we all gotta take care of our homes. So whats goin’ on at Tapps

ing to a DJ’s and more dance music, Saturday Day is College Football day with all the college games plying, and wrapping the week up is NFL Sunday Ticket of course. Outside of the weekly schedule, Tapps hosts their Dart Tournament once or twice a year. Six or Eight darts teams that play for Tapps. Tapps has 2 pool table that need pool teams if anyone is interested! To watch all the football and sports, they have 11 flat screen and one huge 84 inch screen for karaoke,

Customers can breathe a little easier now. Tapps has cleaned up the air in there, meaning there is no smoking inside. It was a difficult decision because they might lose some of their smoking clientele. They have taken a hit, but it was either take away smoking or close up shop. I think patrons are happy that they did. Smokers can still party at Tapps of course. They just have to smoke outside. Tapps plans improve their business daily and gain more

now a days. Mondays is Dart League, Tuesdays is Poker, Wednesday is Darts, Pool, and Karaoke, Thursday is College Night (Cheap Beer!), Friday and Saturday nights are shift-

football or whatever. Golden Tee is available for the clubbers, sort of speak. With the bar top games and jukebox, Tapps has something that everyone can enjoy.

customers. As Rich said some turns 21 everyday! Thank you to Rich and Karen Hayes allowing 321 to tell the story behind the iconic Tapps Pub.


City: Sebastian Break: Sebastian Inlet Swell Direction: N-SE Crowd: always too Crowded

City: Melbourne Beach

City: Satellite Beach

City: Patrick AFB

Sea Bottom: Sand, Rock,

Break: Ocean Ave

Break: Mark Realty

Break: Tales

Swell Direction: N-SE

Swell Direction: NE-S

Swell Direction: N-SE

Crowd: Getting more

Crowd: Not too bad

Crowd: Its an obstacle

Stray Telephone Poles Tide: All Best Wind: West

crowded, but you can

Sea Bottom: Rocky

course through little kids

Locals: Angry, and every

always find a peak to

Tide: All

and tourists


Best Wind: West

Sea Bottom: Sand

Locals: Some egos, but

Tide: NE-S

one there has been surfing there the longest

Sea Bottom: Sand Tide: Low-Mid

City: Sebastian

Best Wind: West

Break: Spanish House

Locals: For the most part

Swell Direction: N-SE

everyone is friendly

Crowd: When it’s on, its packed

City: Indialantic

overall not bad

Best Wind: West Locals: Friendly

City: Satellite Beach Break: Perkins

City: Cocoa Beach

Swell Direction: NE-S

Break: 16st

Crowd: Too crowded but

Swell Direction: N-SE

Sea Bottom: Sand

Break: Boardwalk

now being divided up by

Crowd: Older longboarders

Tide: Low

Swell Direction: N-SE

High Tower

Sea Bottom: Sand

Best Wind: West

Crowd: tourists, and skim

Locals: A lot of talent in the water

Sea Bottom: Rocky

Tide: All

Tide: Low

Best Wind: West

Sea Bottom: Sand

Best Wind: West

Locals: Be ready to listen to

Tide: Low

Locals: The bums on the


Best Wind: West

beach are always nice

Locals: Everyone thinks

enough to piss on the

they are Kelly Slater

stories of how it was 10 years ago

boardwalk to leave it

City: Cocoa Beach

smelling nice

Break: Pier

City: Indian Harbor Beach

Swell Direction: N-SE

Break: Bicentennial Park

Crowd: Crowded

Crowd: weekends are packed

Sea Bottom: Sand

Sea Bottom: Rocky

Tide: All

Tide: Low to Mid

Best Wind: West

Best Wind: West

Locals: Respect them and no

Locals: Pretty mellow


ost of us here in Brevard County enjoy being able to visit local food establishments and not break the bank in order to do so. Luckily, in West Melbourne, the new Charlie and Jake’s Bar-B-Que Grill and Spirits is a wonderful welcome. Locally owned and operated, owners Steve McGann and Mike Fisher are able to offer a family friendly environment that will make you feel like you have been there for years, even if it’s your first visit.


searching for months, Steve found the right spot. Smack dab where the options are minimal, in between Palm Bay Road and New Haven on Minton Road. The perfect place! Around this area you will find great parks, the West Melbourne Library, Calvary Chapel, and you have the golf course. This new Charlie and Jake’s is gonna be the perfect spot no matter if it’s family night, guy or ladies night out, or a trip home from work! On October 5th, Charlie and

stop by charlie and Jake’s to see what they have to offer. Every Friday night they host a classic car show and Saturday they have something for the motorcycle lovers. Every day of the week you will able to enjoy food specials and extended happy hour. Charlie and Jake’s of West Melbourne is open earlier on Sundays for brunch serving mumosas and Bloody Marys. Owning a business is about making the money and paying the bills, but for Steve and

Steve chose to open the new Charlie and Jake’s after years of success with his Viera Location, which we all know as the Charlie and Jake’s Brewery. Manager Courtney Lillig, took a few minutes out of a very busy Friday night to explain how the new restaurant came about and their goals for the future. After

Jake’s had their grand opening. Courtney was so excited to show the community what they were capable of. They had live music and even the mayor attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. This won’t be their only event! If you enjoy live music, watching your favorite sports team and other fantastic events,

Mike it’s much more. They are planning on organizing events focused on Leukemia and lymphoma awareness. Charlie and Jake’s BBQ Grill and Spirits wants to be involved with its community and as many local charities as they can. And for that, 321 salutes you.


The Plan: While you might think of wine tastings as things that take place at restaurants and local wine shops, there are many great reasons to host a tasting in the comfort of your own home. With just a little planning and shopping, a wine tasting can be fun, easy, and affordable. The first step in planning a wine tasting is determining the kind of event you want to host. The simplest and easiest option is a tasting only event, which allows participants to focus exclusively on what they are drinking and not fill up on or get too distracted by food. Another option is to serve a light dinner, then follow with a wine tasting. For a larger, more elaborate tasting you may want to print formal invitations.

The Supplies:

Providing a new glass for each wine removes the possibility that flavors from one wine might taint the flavors of the next, but it’s not very practical. Using one glass throughout the tasting is fine—just be sure that

tasters dump out any extra wine (and do a quick swirl-rinse with water) before moving to the next sample; keep a bucket nearby for dumping. And although different wines beg for different glasses, one basic wineglass works for most tastings. Use a glass that is perfectly clear (so you can see the wine), has a stem (so you don’t warm the wine with your fingers), and has a bowl that’s deep enough that you can swirl a little. Before the tasting, be sure to thoroughly wash and rinse all wineglasses, making sure there’s no soap residue that could affect the tasting. Here are some other supplies you will need. • Water pitcher • Corkscrews • White tablecloth or white napkins • Bucket or large bowl • Ice bucket • Tasting grids, plus pens and pencils • Tasting menu

The Wine: One of the most fun aspects of planning a wine tasting is deciding what kind of wine to sample. You might start by deciding if you want red, white, sparkling, or dessert wine. You can sample different wines from one region (Rioja, New Zealand, the Napa Valley, etc.), or taste the same varietal produced in different parts of the world (Cabernet Sauvignon grows in many regions). Think about your guests and how much they know about wine. If you’re hosting a group of novice wine drinkers, a more basic tasting such as an introduction to one of the major red wine grapes works best. If your group is more experienced, try experimenting with lesser-known varietals or different vintages of the same wine. I recommend sampling four wines at a tasting because it’s just enough to make it inter-


esting without boring anyone. Several days before the tasting, spend time researching your wine and preparing notes so you can introduce the bottles to your guests. If you like, prepare some trivia or fun facts. This will make for a more interesting and educational tasting, as providing some context often helps tasters connect to and remember a wine. Blind tastings can work for certain types of tastings. More experienced wine drinkers may relish the opportunity to test their knowledge, trying to identify different bottles. And, for a tasting of wines at different price points, it can be fun to conceal the wines—ask everyone to guess which ones are more expensive and discuss whether they’re worth the big bucks.

The Timeline: On the morning of your event (or even the day before), double-check that you have all the necessary supplies and set up your tasting area. If you don’t need to chill your wine, this is also a good time to arrange your bottles near the tasting area. Line up wines in the order in which they will be tasted. In general, white wines are served at 45 to 50°F (10°C) and reds at 55 to 60°F (15°C). Be sure to chill whites (in the refrigerator or in ice) two to three hours in advance. Opening all your bottles ahead of time can streamline the tasting process, especially if you have a large group. If you’re new to tastings, here is the general structure.


1. Introduce the Wine 2. Sample #1 3. Look 4. Smell 5. Sip 6. Swallow 7. Evaluate 8. Samples #2 to #6 9. Final Discussion Once all the wines have been sampled, lead the group in a discussion about all four wines. (If you held a blind tasting, this is the time to reveal your bottles.) For fun, have everyone vote for his or her favorite and rank the wines in terms of preference. If you do hold a wine tasting at your house we at 321 magazine would love for you to send us photos of the event and the wines you tasting that evening. We will post it on our 321 BottleTalk page. Enjoy!


eal Steel... The real deal? I

hind his son Max (Dakota Goyo).

Max finds an old robot that turns

think so... Charlie Kenton

Charlie, not up to the responsibil-

out to be the common ground for

(Hugh Jackman), ex-pro boxer is

ity, finds a way to make some ex-

them to work together to make it

on the road in the not so far future,

tra cash by keeping Max for a short

to the top. When I say top... The

hauling his fighting robot to the

period, before returning him to his

World Championship title match

next big fight. Yes, we’ve all seen

aunt. Charlie is always in it for the

top. yes robots have the belts too. It

the commercials, but it’s more than

money and the hustle, which gets

was nice to see 2 strangers bound

just rock’em sock’em robots. It’s

him in trouble. Low and behold,

by blood and metal take on the big

the reunion of a deadbeat and a son

they go on a journey that sparks


he hasn’t seen for 11 years. This ac-

the father and son relationship that

tion packed metal grinding block-

can make the eyes a little glassy.

buster has heart.

Honestly, I was expecting to be disappointed. The story and the special effects had me sold. Great

With the popularity of real box-

characters along the way. I couldn’t

ing declining, fans thirsty for a bat-

stop thinking about my kids and

tle are now entertained by huge ro-

the fighting gave that excitement.

bots fighting to the... termination!

It’s not transformers! Meaning, it

Charlie, running into every bit of

didn’t lag on... Sorry Optimus. And

bad luck, gets his robots destroyed.

it was cool to see these robots fight.

Out of money and options., his luck

From start to finish Real Steel kept


my attention. I give it a 9 out of 10.

an unexpected turn when

his ex wife passes away leaving be-


See for yourself 321!

321 Magazine | Fall2011 | Issue 2  

321 Magazine Fall2011 Issue 2

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