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Temora Visitor Information Centre 29 Junee Road | PO Box 262 | Temora NSW 2666 We are open Monday to Friday: 9.30am - 5pm Weekends and public holidays: 9.30am - 4pm (Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day)   02 6977 1086   tourism@temora.nsw.gov.au   temora.com.au   facebook.com/temorashire  #VisitTemora

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A warm Temora welcome On our 9 hour road trip from coast to county our conversation drifted to the claim that Temora is 'The friendliest town in New South Wales'. We wondered, 'could an entire town really be that friendly?' The answer is, yes. While the landscape holds its own expansive beauty - fields of golden canola joining a huge sky - it’s the kindness and ingenuity of Temora’s people that made the biggest impression on us. In Temora, community is everything. Have you ever been to a cinema run entirely by volunteers ranging from teenagers to retirees? At Temora’s Town Hall Theatre we were not only treated to the latest flicks, but warmly greeted by a group of volunteers intent on discussing the latest movie with us as they whipped up fresh popcorn. We spoke to two couples who left the coast in search of a community and found themselves warmly welcomed by their new hometown of Temora. In turn, they opened their hearts and doors to us. Temora seems to have that effect. The importance of Temora’s history is instilled in each generation. While young craftsmen like Ariah Park’s Craig Leiper breathe life into salvaged farm scraps, the Heritage Committee’s Max Oliver lovingly preserves valuable remnants of a forgotten era. We were impressed by the healthy relationship between the town and the council. Temora’s myriad of meticulously preserved historical buildings are testament to the joint efforts of council and community working for the common good. These days, visitors expect more than a list of sights to see when holidaying in a region. We want a direct route to the soul of each town; to see it through the lens of the locals who love it. We want to know about treasure troves like McShane’s Collectables, and that the local tennis club does a mean coffee and a cracking lamb burger. It’s these details that matter. That’s why we’re telling the stories of some of the characters that represent the down to earth community of Temora Shire. In a world where fast is often prioritised over friendly, you’ll soon discover that this is a town that truly deserves its tagline. Thank you Temora for welcoming us into your town and sharing your stories. We’ll be back!

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Temora - Down to Earth 3

Town history The first inhabitants of our region were the Wiradjuri People who lived a modest life off the land. This was something shared by the first European pioneers to ventured out here. Raised on Yellow Metal and Green Pastures They were followed by settlers who leased large tracts of land for grazing and selectors who bought smaller acreages for farming. By 1847 Temora Station had been established, and our district’s European history had begun. For all their pioneering efforts it was the yellow metal under the ground rather than the green pastures above it that built the foundations of our town. Temora Gold Field was proclaimed on the 4th June, 1880 and within five weeks there were around 15,000 prospectors on the field. Between them they eventually dug out over 4000kg of gold (worth almost $200 million at today’s prices) on the site. Like all gold rushes ours didn’t last, petering out within the decade and Temora looked like becoming a ghost town until our big fertile countryside came to its rescue. Many of the hopefuls who came in search of easy money under the ground, stayed and farmed, creating a new, more sustainable source of wealth through wheat and wool. Together they began to build a thriving agricultural industry that really blossomed after the arrival of the railway. Our new prosperity also attracted an influx of hard working pioneers of German decent from Victoria, South Australia and the Southern Riverina who settled around Trungley Hall. Their work ethic, and egalitarian attitude towards others, as they cleared the land and built a new life, also established a strong sense of community and belonging that we still enjoy today. Our history is all around you. You can see it, feel it and touch it. It’s written all over our many fine period buildings, from banks to pubs, churches to cottages that line our wide streets.

Heritage walks & drives The Temora Shire is home to many beautiful historic buildings whose walls tell the stories of our ancestors the way they lived worked and played.

Temora Heritage Tour Temora’s buildings reflect its changing fortunes - from its origin as a vast southern sheep station through to the heady days of the gold rush. Original buildings from as early as the 1880s remain in the streetscape, a testament to the era in which they were built and the confidence shown in the town's future. As the years progressed, so did the building styles, with Neo-Classical, Edwardian, Federation and Art-Deco features enriching the streetscape. A stroll through Temora using the self-guided tour brochure is truly a trip back in time.

Temora Cemetery A surprising number of visitors can trace their family heritage back to the Riverina - making a visit to the Temora Cemetery a fascinating experience. Pick up a self-guided cemetery brochure and use the map to locate the headstones and read about the lives of some of Temora’s oldest families and most significant historical figures.

Hotels in the Temora Shire Temora’s hotels were once central to community life and many of the town’s pubs retain significant aspects of its social and architectural history. Browse through our brochure, ‘Last Drinks from Long Gone Hotels around the Temora Shire’, to visit the sites of Temora’s original pubs and drop into the existing hotels for a schooner and a snapshot of local history.

Ariah Park Heritage Tour

What's in a Name The name “Temora” is of Gaelic origin. It is one of the many variations of “Tara”, the name of the traditional stronghold of the High Kings of Ireland. The name “Temora” first appears in the 1700s as the title of an epic poem attributed to the Gaelic poet, Ossian.

The Village of Ariah Park was proclaimed in 1907 and has since been impeccably preserved by a dedicated team of local volunteers. Amble through the quiet streets of Ariah Park to discover buildings that have had nine lives - surviving fires and transforming from general stores to butchers, bakers and more. Each building tells a story of the ingenuity and resilience of its owners.

Pick up a self-guided tour booklet from The Visitor Information Centre - Bundawarrah Centre Temora - Down to Earth 4

Aviation Museum a guided tour with one of 1 Take the knowledgeable volunteers. the aircraft collection at 2 Explore your own pace with informative

Lake Centenary 1 Walk the 2.7km Lake Loop path. the mesmerising 2 Capture swallow murmurations at sunset. a family feast on the free 3 Cook BBQs. 4 Watch the V8 jet boats in action. a fish - golden and silver 5 Catch perch or Murray cod.

audio-visual presentations.

the engineers at work 3 Watch from the viewing gallery. the aircraft in action at a 4 See flying display. a virtual reality pilot and fly 5 Bea warbird.

Temora Shire a heritage pub crawl and 1 Take yarn to the locals. about the myriad of 2 Learn heritage architecture in the CBD. or bike in one of the nature 3 Hike reserves. in the countryside and 4 Take discover quaint and forgotten 5


Take a stroll around the railway precinct.

Temora's top 20

Bundawarrah Centre the largest collection of 1 Admire ambulances in NSW. a personal tour of the 2 Request collections. your connection to 3 Unearth Temora at the Family History Centre.

yourself in an art 4 Immerse exhibition. the artefacts come to life at 5 See the Annual Open Day.

Visiting Temora

Bundawarrah Centre A time machine of memories and mechanical miles ‘The way we were’, the little things we thought we’d forgotten, happily called to mind - that’s the magic of a visit to the Temora Rural Museum. Set as they are, in beautifully landscaped grounds, the diverse displays and exhibitions of the museum indulge the imagination of the visitor. A kaleidoscope of the quaint and the curious, by any measure, Temora can claim one of Australia’s most outstanding rural museums.

Sir Donald Bradman’s first home

Extensive and varied The Rural Museum’s agricultural collection brings together one of the finest assemblies of restored and working tractors, stationary engines and agricultural machinery that is to be found. The fact that this standard is matched by the museum’s collections of rocks and minerals, textiles and its dedicated ambulance museum assures the visitor of a most memorable experience. For nearly half a century the museum has steadily grown, adding the hardwood slab house that was Sir Donald Bradman’s first home, a worker’s cottage restored to reflect life in the 1920s, a one-room public school, bush church, public hall, printing works and a flour mill. Temora’s gold mining origin is recalled by the Pirate King mine’s five-head ore crusher, which is maintained in working order. The rich finds among our goldfield’s totalled four tonnes. These are represented by a replica of the huge “Mother Shipton Nugget”. The memorabilia of the famous boxing promoter, Jimmy Sharman, and a tribute to Australian pacing champion the ‘Temora Tornado’, Paleface Adios, are prominent among our local exhibits.

Ambulance Collection Pre-eminent among dedicated ambulance museums in eastern Australia, the Temora Ambulance Museum showcases over 120 years of Australian ambulance heritage. With the support of the Ambulance Services of NSW and the ACT, the Paramedics Union and the wider fraternity of serving and retired officers, Temora presents an unmatched exhibition of vehicles and equipment spanning the decades.

Fire Brigade Collection A tribute to a century of service to the Temora community, the fire brigade exhibition features a working 1923 Garford fire engine similar to one used locally. The development of fire-fighting technology can be traced through improvements evident in the protective clothing and equipment in the well presented displays.

Temora Local & Family History Research Centre Co-located with the Rural Museum, the Local & Family History Research Centre assists local residents and visitors with a vast range of family and local heritage enquiries. The Centre is always adding to its impressive body of research, resources and also taps into the collection maintained by the museum’s unique Temora Community Archive - a treasure trove of original documents and photographs stored in a purpose-built underground vault.

Willo’s Wiradjuri Keeping Place A thoughtfully composed tribute to the first people of the Temora district, Willo’s Wiradjuri Keeping Place introduces the visitor to a respectful appreciation of the pre-European society to whom the care of the district was entrusted for many thousands of years.

Valentine Lawler Gallery As a temporary exhibition space, this gallery at the entrance to the Rural Museum hosts an ever changing program of art and craft exhibitions, social events and displays drawn from the Rural Museum’s many and varied collections.

Rock & Mineral Collection One man’s life work - his love and his legacy - that’s what Athol Stean’s Temora Rock & Mineral Museum represents for his community - a gift to share with the nation. Thousands of meticulously labelled specimens gathered from across the globe inviting you to experience the fascination he discovered in geology.

Annual Exhibition A date to circle on your calendar. Each year, on the second Saturday in March, the Rural Museum presents its Annual Live Exhibition. The working exhibits of the museum spring to life in a packed program of demonstrations and parades while numerous visiting artisans demonstrate their skill and creativity.

www.temoraruralmuseum.com  •  29 Junee Rd  •  02 6980 1223 9.30am - 5pm 7 days  •  Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Sheering shed

Ambulance collection Temora - Down to Earth 7

Shells from the Rock & Mineral Collection

Visiting Temora

“People see an aeroplane and they think, that’s pretty cool, but they’ve rarely got appreciation for the tooling, manuals and data required to make it actually function. Without a certain tool, the aeroplane stops flying. It’s that simple.”

Flying high Temora Aviation Museum chief engineer Andy Bishop has the kind of job war plane buffs dream of - but it’s not all fun and games. From a room full of manuals for just one engine, to trips around the world searching for missing parts, Andy knows just what it takes to keep these valuable pieces of Australian history in working condition. Growing up in an ‘aviation family’, Andy Bishop knew he wanted to continue his family’s history of working with planes from a young age. “My parents were both pilots and my grandfather flew,” he says. “Planes are just part of us.” Whilst studying at TAFE and completing an engineering apprenticeship at Camden airport, Andy also took up flying lessons. “I always wanted to work in niche warbird historic aviation but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be an engineer or a pilot,” he says. “I quickly discovered that long haul flying was pretty boring and definitely not for me. I also loved learning about all the little bits and pieces involved with the engineering side of things.” Originally from Sydney, Andy applied for an engineering position at the relatively new Temora Aviation Museum. He flew down for an interview in 2004 and, as he says, the rest is history. Andy now heads a team of five engineers who work on everything from old tiger moths to jet powered fighter aircraft, restoring the aeroplanes to flying condition. The Aviation Museum was established in 1999 by Sydney businessman David Lowy, building on Temora’s rich aviation history. The Royal Australian Air Force set up the No 10 Elementary Flying Training School in Temora in May 1941, which became the largest and longestlived of the schools established under the Empire Air Training Scheme during World War II, closing in 1946.

After World War II, Temora continued its aviation heritage, becoming the preferred aerodrome for a number of activities including: parachuting, gliding, ultra-light aircraft operations, aerobatics, and model aircraft. The award-winning Museum is now home to a world class flying collection of Australian ex-military aircraft. “This Museum was born out of David Lowy’s childhood dream, his wish that he had something like this when he was a kid,” Andy says. “And also to remember the sacrifice that these aeroplanes and the pilots who flew them made.” Andy’s clean fingernails reveal that it’s not all greasy engines for him; he spends most of his days hunting for rare tools and parts online. “For example, the rolls Royce merlin engine that’s fitted to our spitfires has 22.5 thousand parts that aren’t manufactured any more, so it can be tricky to locate them,” he says. “We’ve got contacts all over the world!” “People see an aeroplane and they think, that’s pretty cool, but they’ve rarely got appreciation for the tooling, manuals and data required to make it actually function. Without a certain tool, the aeroplane stops flying. It’s that simple.” The challenges of restoring historic war planes range from navigating the library full of manuals to ensuring the final coat of paint on each aircraft is true to history. “When it comes to painting these aeroplanes, even the smallest trivial detail probably has some significance to a squadron,” Andy says. “We work very hard to make sure we get it right.”

Temora - Down to Earth 9

Visiting Temora

Temora has a rich and noteworthy aviation history having been home to the No. 10 Elementary Flying Training School (10EFTS) set up by the Royal Australian Air Force in May 1941. 10EFTS was the largest and longest lived of the flying schools during WWII with more than 10,000 personnel involved and upwards of 2,400 pilots trained. At its peak the unit contained a total of 97 de Havilland Tiger Moth aircraft and ceased operation on 12 March 1946. CA-13 Boomerang

Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII & XVI Gavin Conroy

Gloster Meteor F.8 - Gavin Conroy

Temora Aviation Museum See flying from a new angle


Aircraft Showcase

The award winning Temora Aviation Museum is home to a world-class flying collection of Australian ex-military aircraft. Here you can: • Take a guided tour with our knowledgeable volunteers • Explore the aircraft collection at your own pace with informative audio-visual presentations

Get closer to the action as you witness a themed selection of Australia’s ex-military flying history come alive. Our Aircraft Showcase delivers a full day of entertainment for all generations, including: • Flying displays demonstrating the aircraft’s capabilities • Informative commentary and music

• Acquaint yourself with the Museum’s history in the theatre

• Interviews with pilots and veterans

• Watch our engineers at work from the viewing gallery

• Engineering workshop tour

• Browse the specialty gift shop with themed merchandise and snacks • Enjoy the aviation themed children’s playground • Relax in the landscaped gardens and picnic areas • See flying from a new angle at Aircraft Showcase Temora has continued its aviation heritage for a growing number of sport aviation activities including gliding, parachuting, aerobatics, ultra-light aircraft operations and model aircraft.

Educate Engage students’ senses to discover, explore and experience learning. Our facilitated education programs are designed to engage primary and secondary students in history. Our world acclaimed collection of ex-military aircraft, hands-on activities and real-life stories, will transform learning into an adventure. Supporting the national curriculum, we teach students about the impact of war and the development of Australian society.

• Children’s activities and playground • Pilot meet and greet Our Mess Hall serves barista coffee, freshly cooked food and a selection of hot and cold refreshments. You are welcome to bring your own picnic to enjoy in our shaded seating areas. Aircraft Showcase is held most months throughout the year. View the flying schedule on our website or phone us to plan your visit.

Warbirds Downunder Since 2011 the Temora Aviation Museum has captivated visitors with Australia’s premier Warbird airshow, Warbirds Downunder. Every two years this event triples the population of Temora as aviation enthusiasts and families arrive to experience: • Jam-packed flying displays, including the Australian Defence Force, private Warbird owners and the Museum collection • Ground exhibits and ex-military vehicle displays • Grandstand and premium seating options • Airfield camping and caravan park, including Squadron Tent Barracks • A variety of food vendors

1 Tom Moon Ave  •  02 6977 1088  •  www.aviationmuseum.com.au 10am - 4pm 7 days  •  Closed New Years Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day Temora - Down to Earth 11

Visiting Temora

Saving our station Temora Railway The Temora railway station was just another dilapidated building destined to be demolished until a timely coincidence changed its fate. Established in 1893, the Temora Railway Station was renovated in 2016 to include a museum with a growing display of fascinating railway memorabilia. Temora Council Director of Environmental Services Kris Dunstan says the station had suffered ‘years of neglect’ until a need for public toilets bought it to council’s attention. “There’s a park beside the railway station that had no public toilets, so originally we just wanted to use the railway station toilets,” Kris says. “Once we started to look around we could see there was a need and a desire to do more. It’s evolved from there.” The station also houses a youth centre, where young people can make use of hospitality facilities, musical instruments and technology. Membership of the youth centre has grown from a handful to over 100. In 2016 the St Anne’s Central School Community Council organised a Long Table Lunch, which saw 180 people seated on white tables along the railway platform. The popularity of the event has secured it's position on the annual calendar. “We wanted a function that would give the community an idea of what the venue could be used for,” Kris says. “While we were here a train pulled in and we got a bit of wheat dust all over us! It was a big success.” Max Oliver is on the heritage committee that has been instrumental in preserving the building and maintaining the museum display, which includes everything from railway uniforms and tools to old newspapers and signs. “We feel really proud of what we’ve done,” Max says. “We had more heritage trains through in the 12 months since it was restored than we had in the previous 12 years. It’s great.”

The Railway Temora Museum is open every Friday from 9am to 12pm and on the first & third Saturdays of the month, 9am to 12pm Temora - Down to Earth 12

Max Oliver

Boofhead In the middle of 1959 a long legged black and white fox terrier turned up on the platform of Temora Railway Station. A smart and plucky dog, he was given the name Boofhead and it was soon clear that he thought trains were fun. Boofhead became known as Temora’s railway dog. In the early years Boofhead would mostly ride with Mr Hurtle Bennett in the guard van down back. But it was not too long before this cheeky pup charmed his way into riding up the front of the steam engine. Boofhead didn't care whether he got the driver’s seat, just so long as he was up the front, happy with the wind on his face.

Always amongst it, Boofhead also liked weekends of sport and would regularly attend football games in Temora, on one occasion even following the Temora Rugby League Dragons to Junee. Being the smart dog that he was, it wasn’t about cheering on the Dragons but the good source of tucker that was to be found at football games.

Not all the engine crewmen were tolerant of this apparent takeover and there were those who would banish him to the foot plate, the space between the steam locomotive and its tender wagon. It would appear Boofhead was just as happy here too.

Boofhead was also a life member of Temora RSL Club and had a suitably inscribed badge made to hang from his collar to prove it. Apparently, he would sneak in through the front doors of the club as patrons were entering. Once he was detected inside he would be then thrown out via the side exit door, only to go around to the front doors and sneak in again. Maybe they thought it easier to make him a member and just let him stay?

In those colder winter months while waiting for his next train adventure, he would lay in front of the station master’s fireplace. As he warmed up he would move back away from the heat, eventually ending up under the station master’s desk. But that privileged position at the station master’s feet had one condition, if pungent smells ever drifted up from Boofhead, he would be very quickly and unceremoniously shown the door. He was indeed a free spirit and would travel anywhere he liked, sometimes going missing for several days at a time. There was at least one occasion when the much-loved canine travelled as far as Sydney for the weekend, but he was under the care of a railway employee, a sleeping car attendant who used to live there. On another occasion when he turned up at the Parkes Railway Station.

Our intrepid terrier continued riding the trains until old age finally caught up with him in the early 1970s. He was diagnosed by the local vet as having chronic arthritis. This was in part because of old age, but more likely from the lifestyle that he had led over the years. The disease was described as untreatable and the vet’s advice was that, in the best interests of Boofhead, he should be put to sleep. Boofhead’s body was brought home where his railway family gave him a heart felt and fitting burial in the railway yards at Temora. The gravesite’s exact location has been lost, however its approximate location is near where the old station master’s cottage once stood.

Learn more about Boofhead on the Off the Rails walking tour, starting at the Railway Station. Temora - Down to Earth 14

Visiting Temora

Temora Tornado Paleface Adios Shirley and Colin Pike’s Temora home is adorned with faded photographs of Paleface Adios in his heyday, with driver and trainer Colin beaming proudly by his side.

Known as the ‘Temora Tornado’, Paleface was the Pharlap of Australian harness-racing, winning 108 races, placing a further 69 times from 240 starts in an extraordinary career. Owner Shirley Pike fondly recalls the friendship between Paleface and Colin. “Col had a wonderful bond with the horse,” she says. “It was like he was another son - Col would walk out and the horse would just come to him.” Colin and Shirley lived at Paleface Lodge horse stud for 47 years, raising five children and travelling continuously with Paleface as he won hearts and races - across the country. “We took him everywhere from Western Australia to New Zealand,” Shirley says. “Some of our best memories are of taking him to Albion Park in Queensland. He was idolised there.” Paleface Adios raced from 1972 right through until 1981, a lengthy career for a harness racehorse. “It’s a long time,” Shirley says. “Even when he stopped racing he didn’t want to just stand and do nothing, so he used to tear around his field. Col had to bring him back into racing because he was so keen!” When Paleface passed away on 11 December 1989 he was buried at Paleface Lodge, where his grave can still be found. The legendary horse is commemorated by a life-sized monument in the main street of Temora. Colin and Shirley are constantly amazed by the love people continue to display for their beloved Paleface. “We can’t believe the way it is, at our age and the years that have gone by,” Shirley says. “Our grandchildren often tell us there’s something been on television or Facebook about him. He was just a star.”

Visit the life-size statue of Paleface Adios on the corner of Hoskins & Loftus Streets

“Col had a wonderful bond with the horse, It was like he was another son - Col would walk out and the horse would just come to him.”

Collectibles & curios Bill McShane, Kellie Neilson and adored chihuahua Bella spend their days sifting through the treasures of yesteryear and preserving the stories behind everyday objects at McShane’s Collectables. Kellie began working at McShane’s scrapyard as a teenager 28 years ago for “a bit of pocket money”. With her sharp collector’s eye, she quickly moved over to manage McShane’s Collectables for Bill when he opened the antique store in 1995. A morning spent at the antique store offers an experiential history lesson; the colourful shelves filled with everything from delicate china teacups and antique erasers to telephones and prams that belong on a 1920’s movie set. A gigantic antique chair looms at the back of the store. “I’m actually a collector myself,” Kellie says. “I love old irons, water dollies and hair curlers. They’re just weird looking things there’s so many different ones.” Kellie also sheepishly admits to having a collection of over 3000 Smurf figurines and memorabilia.

“Anything with Smurfs on it - rulers, plates, eskies, houses,” she laughs. “You name it, I collect it! I probably should wake up to myself, but some of it is worth good money.” Kellie has become accustomed to a steady stream of visitors with peculiar collections. “It opens your eyes, what people want to collect,” she says. “I even know blokes who collect ladies makeup! Kellie and Bill keep McShane’s well stocked by regularly attending swap meets. Locals also drop by with salvaged historical items too special to be discarded. “Most of our popular small machinery is bought in by locals cleaning up their farms,” Kellie says. “Bill used to have 6000 old wheels, and now he’s only got four. These old things are getting popular - people love to display them in their gardens.”

Find McShane’s Collectables at 5 Ironbark St, Temora

Under The Arches

Temora - Down to Earth 16

Visiting Temora

Temora trading Historical buildings and hand-painted signs are the hallmarks of Temora’s delightful main streetscape, where you’ll find all the modern conveniences and plenty of one-of-a-kind treasures. Clean streets, hedges and well-maintained shop fronts reveal the pride Temora residents have for their town. A stroll along the popular Hoskins Street is a great introduction to Temora’s vibrant business community, where you can enjoy a milkshake at an original 1950’s milk bar or sip a coffee outside one of our many cafes and simply watch the world go by. When it comes to fashion and homewares, you won't find the usual generic suspects and chain stores in Temora - we have an eclectic collection of boutique stores that offer a range of unique fashion and giftware for all age groups. For lovers of vintage, there is a selection of antique furniture stores, collectable treasure-troves and op shops. The town centre also has several jewellery stores, menswear shops, arts & crafts, bookstores and florists. These days, country towns like Temora include all the essential comforts of modern living. With a choice of two supermarkets, five banks, multiple solicitors, accountants and hardware stores, visitors and residents have a range of choices when it comes to life’s necessities. Shopping in Temora is made all the more enjoyable thanks to our signature warm and personal service. Don’t be surprised if the café you’ve been to twice remembers your name and how you like your coffee - that kind of care and attention to detail is part of life in Temora. Whether you’re shopping for groceries or sifting through treasures at one of our antique stores, you’re sure to meet friendly locals who are happy to have a chat or help you choose the perfect gift for a loved one. Shopping in Temora is a great way to get to know the locals.

Search the online business directory at www.temora.com.au

Hoskins Street

Visiting Temora

Pulled lamb and slaw

Paul, Dan and Megan

Pea fritters with herby yoghurt sauce

Tennis meets seasonal eats What do you get when you combine a local entrepreneur with two farmers who are passionate about real food? T-Town Tennis, Temora’s own foodie hub located inside a tennis clubhouse.

T-Town Tennis The brain child of tennis coach Paul New, who has turned the local tennis clubhouse into a licensed café that dishes up some seriously delicious eats that incorporate local produce. He also does a mean coffee. “My wife and I have four kids and we moved back to Temora from Sydney to be close to family,” Paul says. “I knew a couple of the guys on the tennis committee and said, ‘what are you guys up to?’ Suddenly we were signing a lease! What’s great about Temora is that the Council is supportive, which enables people to have a crack at creating a business. I knew family and friends who were involved in farming, so I thought, ‘why not use this place as a vehicle to promote that?’”

Mimosa Valley Lamb Paul reconnected with Dan Reid, a sixth-generation Temora farmer and owner of Mimosa Valley Lamb. “I used to coach Dan in basketball when he was a kid,” Paul says. “We met again at a local food and wine festival, and it went from there. Now we use his lamb in many of our dishes and do a cracking lamb burger for our business house game on Monday nights. It’s great.” Mimosa Valley Lamb was born when lamb prices dropped a few years ago and Dan’s family wanted to take back control of their product.

“I was living in London for a while and saw how farmers were selling their meat direct to the customer at the farmer’s markets,” Dan says. “We built a butcher room on the farm and we now process our pasture-fed lamb and sell it both online and at the farmer’s markets in Sydney,” Dan says. “What people value is meeting the farmer and hearing the story of how the lambs are raised.”

Combaning Larder The fresh herbs and vegetables that adorn T-Town Tennis’ signature curries and stews come courtesy of Paul’s niece Megan Harris of Combaning Larder, who grows chemical-free produce on her 100-acre farm outside of Temora. Patrons of T-Town can also pick up her farm-fresh free-range eggs and homemade soaps. For Meghan, who studied sustainable agriculture and works in natural resource management, tending a market garden is a pleasurable sideline that she now plans to expand on. She also helps out with the cooking at T-Town Tennis’ pop up café, a skill she learned by working in her mother’s Temora café. “I grew up here, went to uni, then got a job in Wagga, but it never felt like home,” Megan says. “I decided to buy a little farm outside of Temora in 2010, and things have evolved from there. It’s the simple life that I keep getting drawn back to.”

Visit www.facebook.com/ttowntennis for weekly menus and activities. Online lamb orders www.mimosavalleylamb.com.au Temora - Down to Earth 19

Visiting Temora

Trains, buttons & beads Meredie Mee-Ling’s workshop is a kaleidoscope of colourful glass rods, tools and jars full of buttons, all housed inside a train carriage in her backyard. The Temora artist’s fascination for glass was born of simple curiosity, which led her to take classes in glass bead-making under Binalong master glass artist Peter Minson in 2000. After watching Meredie melt long rods of Venetian glass into one intricately patterned bead, it’s clear that beadmaking is as much a science as an art. “I always wondered how they got the hole in the middle of the bead,” she laughs. “When I started out, I wouldn’t eat breakfast until I’d made 50 beads. I knew the first ones I made wouldn’t be any good so I wanted to get them out of the way.” This gung-ho approach to learning has paid off for Meredie, who has won awards for her glass beads at the Royal Easter Show and performed demonstrations in Temora. “A lady who bought a string of red beads at the Rural Museum open day said that if she hadn’t seen how precise it was to make the beads she wouldn’t have thought of buying them. It’s surprising to see the work that goes into it.” Meredie’s family has a long history in Temora - her grandfather opened the town’s emporium, 'Man Sing & Co', which her father continued to run. As a child, Meredie always loved art but chose to study economics before becoming a high school teacher in Sydney, retiring last year. It was fond memories of travelling by rail between Temora and Sydney that sparked Meredie’s decision to purchase the train carriage, which serves as her backyard workshop. “I bought it at an auction in Redfern,” she says. “I used to spend so much time on trains that it just seemed natural to own one!” Meredie plans to convert the carriage into a store to display her jewellery.

Enquire about Imagine Temora, the community committee responsible for promoting the arts and culture in the Shire.

A history of one of Temora’s most popular stores The Mee-Ling store in Temora was one of the first shops in the town, established by Meredie’s grandfather, George Mee-Ling senior, and his brother. Originally named Man Sing, it was one of the most popular stores in Temora, advertising itself as ‘the cheapest store for everything’. After George’s death in China the store was run by Albert, his brother George Junior, and sister Annie. Mee-Ling’s remained well into the 1900’s, playing an important role within Chinese-Australian society.

Temora Tinseltown Beth Firman was one of the first volunteers at the Temora Town Hall Theatre when it opened its doors in 2009. She’s since been joined by over 60 volunteers - from teenagers to retirees - who keep the theatre running. As they laugh and discuss the latest movie with patrons exiting the theatre, it’s clear Beth and her team love their time at the cinema. “I’ve made friendships with people I never would have met under normal circumstances,” Beth says. “We all have a wonderful time together.” The community theatre manages to blend state-of-the-art facilities with country hospitality, showing a new movie each week and offering daily screenings (excepting Mondays) during school holidays. “We have a great relationship with Fox and Disney,” Beth says. “They give us first release movies, so we get them at the same time as the big cinemas.” The theatre volunteers are passionate about every detail of the cinema, making popcorn freshly from scratch for every screening and providing a catering service for the numerous community functions that they host. “We have fundraisers, operas and ballets, which we do all the cooking for,” she says. “We recently ran a fundraiser for a little boy who had cancer - we had a big turn-out for that one.” Beth and her team have much to celebrate, recently winning a national Cars promotion competition. “It was so much fun,” Beth says. “We decorated the whole theatre in a Cars theme and even had a sports car that looked like Lightening McQueen! We had a fellow dressed up as a driver and were all there dressed in our Cars T-shirts.” “We used the $5000 to build up resources. The Council are wonderful but we try to look after ourselves as much as possible.”

Visit www.townhalltheatre.com.au for screening times Temora - Down to Earth 21

Lake Centenary Water sports are a passion of many people living in and visiting Temora. Lake Centenary, just north of the town, is a 55 acre man-made (another example of our hardworking, innovative community spirit) aquatic playground for power boating, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing or just swimming. It’s been so popular that since its creation Lake Centenary has nurtured several world-class skiers. It also features a V8 Jetsprint boat racing course which has hosted national and state championships. The lake has an excellent boat ramp for easy access, as well as landscaped picnic facilities for relaxing waterside gatherings.

Visiting Temora

Nature reserves For nature lovers, birdwatchers and bushwalkers, or those just wanting a peaceful escape from town living, there are a number of nature reserves in the shire providing visitors with beautiful, scenic native bush land to enjoy. These include Ingalba Nature Reserve, around 10 kilometres west of Temora, and Pucawan Nature Reserve, a further 6km west. Big Bush Nature Reserve is 15 kilometres northwest of Temora. As well as being important survivors of native bushland, within a poorly reserved bioregion, these reserves contain several regionally significant plant species and provide a safe, sustainable habitat for a number of threatened animal species. One of the best, Ingalba Nature Reserve, is easily accessible as it is located on the Burley Griffin Way. It’s a peaceful place to visit and a beautiful way to appreciate the value of how this former state forest and logging site is now being conserved for future generations.

Temora - Down to Earth 23

Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

Visiting Temora

Canola Trail Journey through history, a tantalizing array of food and wine experiences, spectacular landscapes and some exciting and award-winning attractions on the Riverina’s Canola Trail, taking in the shires of Coolamon, Junee and Temora. Located just north of Wagga Wagga and two hours from Canberra, the Canola Trail allows you to ease into relaxation mode as you explore (and indulge!) at your own pace. From the beginnings of the rail and agricultural industry to the thriving area the region is today, the trail will immerse you in the story of each shire and its people. Follow the trail through the charming towns and quaint villages, overflowing with hidden gems that are waiting to be found. Discover the delectable delights of Ajanta Cafe, Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory and the Junee Farmers Market. Be ‘transported’ back in time at the Temora Aviation Museum, Temora Railway Precinct and Junee Railway Roundhouse. Enjoy the great outdoors at Temora’s Lake Centenary or stay overnight at the Coolamon Caravan Park. Experience history at the Coolamon Up-to-Date Store, Coolamon Fire Museum and Junee’s Broadway Museum. Uncover treasures galore in the many boutique stores and collectible shops along the way - plus so much more! The Canola Trail can be travelled in a day, or take your time and stay a while. The Canola Trail boasts a wide variety of accommodation options, including caravan parks and freedom camps, farm stays, quaint B&Bs, well-appointed motels and traditional pubs.

Visit www.canolatrail.com.au for further information and suggested itineraries Heritage train in Junee Shire

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Canberra Travel Distances 243km Wagga Wagga 42km 222km Junee 40km 264km 40km Coolamon 86km 207km 55km 61km Temora

dfie Gol

da m Man

Highwa y

To West Wyalong re W


’ wa y

1. Houlaghan Valley Wines 2. Sandy Beach, Wantabadgery 3. Murrumbang Nature Walk, Ganmain 4. Bethungra Dam & Ulandra Nature Reserve 5. Bethungra Spiral 6. Shearing Shed, Ulandra Nature Reserve 7. Kelpie Statue, Ardlethan 8. Ganmain Hay Display Centre 9. Matong Memories 10. Historical Society Museum, Ganmain 11. Fisher and Farmer, Ganmain 12. lngalba Nature Reserve 13. Boginderra Hills Nature Reserve 14. Lashbrook Farm 15. Wheat Lumper Statue, Ariah Park 16. Hazeldean at Quandary 17. lllabo Motorsport Park 18. Junee Chocolate & Licorice Factory 19. Monte Cristo Homestead 20. Roundhouse Railway Museum 21. Broadway Museum 22. Coolamon Up-to-Date Store 23. Coolamon Fire Museum

To Albury

H ic mp y Ol

Wagga Wagga

S t urt H ighw ay

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Murrumbidgee River

ay ew me F r e u H To Sydney To Melbourne

Eat 1. Bethungra Olde School T-House 2. Ganmain Providore 3. Ariah Park Hotel 4. Ariah 62, Ardlethan 5. Jail Brake Inn Cafe 6. Royal Hotel, Marrar 7. Bowling Club, Ardlethan 8. Beckom Hotel 9. London Hotel, Ardlethan 10. lllabo Hotel 11. Marrar Country Cafe 12. Ariah Park Bowling Club 13. Railway Station Cafe 14. Coolamon Cheese 15. Ajanta Cafe 16. New Coolamon Hotel

Stay 1. Avondale Station B&B 2. Ganmain Hotel 3. The London Hotel, Ardlethan 4. Gryphon Lodge B&B 5. Beckom Hotel 6. Short Stay Caravan Park, Ardlethan 7. Ardlethan B&B 8. Country Carriage B&B, Ariah Park 9. Karnes Cottages 10. Pioneer Cottage, Ariah Park 11. Ariah Park Hotel 12. Ariah Park Camping Ground 13. Fairview Off Grid Camping 14. Sweet Briar B&B














1. Temora Triathlon at Lake Centenary 2. Bush walks down cou @wittkephotos 4. Paleface Adios in Temora's Main Street @km 6. Lunch @zestbyotemora 7. Pardey’s Mill 8. Warbird flight 10. Sunset over wheat fields 11. Immortalised at the Temora Tenn Mill @xlightco 14. Foggy mornings at Narraburra Hills 15. Railw 17. Reflections at Lake Centenary 18. Passing graffiti at Te bradygilchrist_ 20. The Farmers Goat dairy and soap produ 22. Swollen Narraburra Creek @relle.williams 23. Wirraway tr 25. Wheat fields in summer @annecooperphotography 26. Fishing at Lake Centenary @thorpie_55 27. Canoeing on Lake Centenary @tahnimayfair 28. Local mental health advocate John Harper @ manuptvseries 29. Dolls at McShane’s Flash Trash  Tag your Instagram pics 30. Local foodies Poppy Seed Dressing and Mimosa Valley Lamb 31. Jump in at the Temora outdoor ↗ 38. Pat & Annie Thorn loving rural life in Springdale village @cen 40. Round About Bakery @ricky77 41. Main street Art Deco ar Station 43. The night sky @charlieashfieldphotography 44. L @ashtonmaereid 46. Sydney Weekender filming at the Aviati annecooperphotography 48. Summer storms with man’s best 50. V8 Jet Boats at Lake Centenary @whittkephotos 51. Farm b charm @juggler48 54. Off the beaten track @adam_thomas94 Centenary @tanyathorpe 57. The farmer’s daughter @mel_pre


Down to



































untry lanes @kyliedunstan 3. V8 Superboats at Lake Centenary myers_56 5. Snuggles with this woolly wonder @gypsygirlbeauty  demonstration @zipping12 9. Temora Tennis Club @cs2666  nis Club @lach_pell 12. Lake Centenary picnic tables 13. Pardey's way Temora Museum volunteers 16. Lunch at Temora Tennis Club  emora Railway Station @cadnomad 19. Canola in bloom @ ucts 21. Freight Train Blues concert at the Railway Station  raining aircraft 24. Warbird cockpit at the Aviation Museum  swimming pool. Sun funtime. @freckleface.alex  32. Shearing shed @annecooperphotography  33. Gidginbung silos 34. Bob Aldridge sports ground & Pardy’s Mill @ kw346 35. Amazing old printing press at the Bundawarrah Centre  so we can share them too 36. Hello Dolly! performed by local talent @meljg1 37. Cackleberries free range eggs on the Canola Trail  ntralwestlifestyle 39. Temora Dragons rugby league @josepholy6  rchitecture @themixicandrover 42. Market Day at the Railway Lake Arbortree in Ariah Park @richspeirs 45. Country walks ion Museum @mikewhitney313 47. Walking in wheat fields @ friend @jellybeansandcustard 49. Town to Lake path@elryall  boys @lowesheather 52. Temora Golf Club @lizbrab 53. Rustic 4 55. Yabbies - inland seafood @amspen 56. Mud bath at Lake eston_reid 58. Nature’s theatre - summer storms @blinkdolta


o Earth











Temora - Down to Earth 27


Lake Centenary

West Wyalong Forbes Parkes Dubbo Brisbane

Way fields Gold Notting ham

d Sherwoo St







dC oo ta mu Ma nd tth ra e ws Ash Rd St elf ord St Cla rke P2 St




B ulk Head Rd


sL ey


fo dil St



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Greyhound Park


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34km 57km 212km 418km




Tem or u a MuR seurmal

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Golf Club

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Stockinbingal Cootamundra Canberra Sydney


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ery Pinn rk Pa


or St Mcgreg

Nixon Park

Britannia St

The Ovalm Boo ll a Netb lex p ComSt

Hin de S

North St


iffin Way

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Burley Gr













St ter s ster Gloukce Par St rge Geo

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Young 80km Cotwra 160km Bathurst 267km

 Hospital

( Pk nnan

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Temora TAFE




The n eatio Recr ound Gr


7 s St

M1 F3 H7



Lions Pk






M4 H4

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Oak St




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Junee 55km Wagga Wagga 85km Albury 232km Melbourne 541km


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Kavanagh Cr

Hillview Pk


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Ambulance Station Bed and Breakfast Camping/caravan park

M2 H5 S1


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Church Clubs Council Chambers Court House Fire Station Hotel







M3 H6



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Lawson R

Temora West School

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67km 143km 133km 151km 957km

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Ardlethan Leeton Narrandera Griffith Adelaide









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Apex Pk



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Chifley St




Haig S


B1 23km




Wats Ford onAs h

Wellingham Pl






S osa

Tonkin St

Showground & Trotting Track (Harness Racing)

Lucas St



Killarn ey St


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Beattie St


th Nor

Centenary Place



St her



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Pearce S

Bradley Park

ee R

Sale Yards

Ariah Park 38km




dale Rd

Forest S

Gidgee S



Deakin St

rrah Rd

t por Air


70km 165km 198km 318km 1175km


on Av

li St

Tom Mo




Trungley Hall Rd


Aviation Museum









Temora Airpark Estate P1


Carson t S

Temora Aerodrome






Rifle Range & Woodlands Motor Circuit

Major attraction Motel Petrol station Police Post Office Public toilets

Rd C3 Golf Club

Self Contained accommodation Services & Facilities Swimming pool Runway Railway track (railway crossing) Cycleway

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Museums Temora Aviation Museum Temora Rural Museum

A1 D6

Accommodation (M1) D5 (M2) C5 (M3) C5 (M4,H4) D5 (M5) D6

Bed & breakfast Country Carriage B&B Patchwork Inn B&B Rose Cottage B&B

(B1) 23km west (B2) D5 (B3) D6

Self contained Firmans Units (S1) D5 Kames Cottages (S2) 6km north Revive Central Apartments (S3) C4 Temora Airfield Tourist Park Cabins. (S4) A1

Hotels Ariah Park Hotel (Ariah Park Map Railway Hotel Royal Hotel Shamrock Hotel/Motel Temora Hotel Terminus Hotel Westminster Hotel

(H1) C3 (H2) C4 (H3) D5 (M4,H4) D5 (H5) D5 (H6) C5 (H7) D5

Camping/caravan parks Temora Airfield Tourist Park Temora Caravan Park Temora Showground

(P1) A1 (P2) D6 (P3) B3

Things to see and do Cemetery Court House Lake Centenary Golf Course Lawn bowls Harness racing Greyhound racing Railway Station Skate park (Federal Park) Temora Aerodrome Town Hall Theatre Rifle Range Woodlands Motor Circuit

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Parks & grounds Apex Park Bob Aldridge Park Bradley Park Callaghan Park Father Hannan Park Federal Park (skate ramp Greyhound Park Hillview Park Lions Park Nixon Park Paleface Park (bus stop) Pinney Park Recreation Ground Showground Soccer Ground Temora West Park Boom Netball Complex (The Oval)

C3 C4 D2 D4 D4 C4 E5 D3 D4 E5 D4 E5 C5 B3 C6 B5 D5

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Streets Airport St Anzac St Apollo Pl Ashelford St Ashton St Asquith St Aurora St Austral St Baker St Bartondale Rd Beattie St Beelah St Bellevue St Brampton St Briar St Bridges St Britannia St Bulk Head Rd Bundawarrah Rd Burley Griffin Way Byron St Camp St Carson St Cedar St Centenary Pl Chifley St Clarke St Coolabah St Crowley St Daffodil St De Boos St Deakin St Delavan St Deutcher St Eucalypt St Evatt St Fisher St Forest St French St Gallipoli St Gardner St George St Gidgee St Giles St Glassop St Gloucester St Goldfields Way (Junee Rd) Golf Club Rd Grey St Haig St Hakea St Harrier St Hinde St Holbrook St Hoskins St Hyde St Industrial Av Ironbark St James St

Temora - Down to Earth 29

B2 D4 C3 D6 D3 D4 C3 C6 C4 A2 C3 B3 B5 A3 A2 D3 C6 E6 E2 A4-G5 C3 C4 E5 B6 D3 D2 D6 F5 C4 D7 D4 C2 E6 D3 G6 F2 A3 D2 E3 E6 D4 E4 B2 C3 D2 E4 B1-C7 D7 C4 D3 F4 G2 D7 D3 C4 D2 F5 F5 E4

Jellicoe St Joffre St John Rands Pl Kavanagh Cr Killarney St King St Kitchener Rd Kurrajong St Kurrawong St Lawson Rd Loftus St Lucas St Macauley St Mallee St Mansfield Rd Matthews St Mcgregor St Meagher St Melaleuca St Milvale Rd Mimosa St Moroneys Ln Narraburra St Nicholson St North St Nottingham Rd Oak St Old Cootamundra Rd Pardey St Parkes St Parry Dr Pearce St Polaris St Quartz St Redmond St Rosella St Sharpe St Sherwood Rd Skidmor St Tenefts St Tewkesbury Rd Thom St Timmons St Tom Moon Av Tonkin St Trungley Hall Rd Truskett St Twynam St Vesper St Victoria St View St Vista Av Waratah St Watson St Watsonford St Wattle St Wellingham Pl Williams St Willow St

D3 D3 E4 E3 A3 D5 C3 B7 F2 B5 C5 A4 D6 F5 B6 D6 B5 E4 F5 F4 B3 E7 G3 C6 B3 B6 A6 F6 C4 B5 D3 E2 B5 B4 E4 G5 C6 B6 D2 A1 F6 C7 E4 A1 C3 C3 B5 B4 B5 C5 E5 E5 F4 E1 D3 F3 D3 D3 D3

Ariah Park Village Only 20 minutes and a hundred years away Just 20 minutes west of Temora is the charming village of Ariah Park which seems to exist in another era and at another pace. A village that grew up where the railway tracks and travelling stock routes crossed, its streets are lined with timeless peppercorn trees that provide languid shade for its town centre, which has changed very little since the height of its prosperity in the roaring 1920s. Even the clocks seem to tick slower here, in rhythm with ‘Ariah Park Time’ that creates a welcome change of pace to the pressures of big city living and hectic lives.

‘A town of wowsers, bowsers and peppercorn trees’ Ariah Park was once known as this for its eclectic social mixture of those frowning on pleasure and progress and those enjoying the new fangled automobiles (and petrol bowsers to fuel them) their wealth afforded them, all decorated with luxuriantly aromatic peppercorn trees. Coming into existence in 1850, in a district first settled by big grazing interests, the village of Ariah Park really sprang to life with the arrival of the railway in 1906 which connected it to the main Southern rail line via Temora. The village was officially recognised the same year and soon began to flourish. The peppercorn trees were planted in 1917. One year earlier Ariah Park took a special place in the development of the Australian grain industry when, for the first time anywhere in rural Australia, a shipment of wheat was loaded in bulk for rail transport to the seaboard. Not surprisingly, the still standing silos followed shortly after, being built in 1919. A bronze statue of a wheat lumper added in 2016 provides a fitting memorial to the community’s role as the birthplace of bulk grain haulage in Australia.

The Federation style Ariah Park Hotel has been untouched for over 100 years. The tile work of the hotel’s interior preserves the sense of prosperous expectation in which the village was established. A convivial highlight of any visit to Ariah Park is to drop into “Second Glance” a quaint community centre located in a restored billiard room complex. It’s where both visitors and locals can meet over a friendly cuppa, share community information and buy a curiosity from the ever changing array of bric-a-brac and old wares available. It’s open most days from 10am - 1pm. The development of both the ‘Echoes of Ariah Park’ museum and ‘Second Glance’ brings the heritage of the district to life and adds a new dimension to the Ariah Park experience, a glimpse of 1920s living tucked away in modern rural Australia.

Eating in Ariah Park At the Ariah Park Bowling Club you’ll find Benny’s Chinese Restaurant. Benny’s and the Ariah Park Hotel are open for meals Thursday - Sunday. The White Rose Café is open 7 days.

Camping In The Past The quiet and secure Ariah Park Camping Ground is situated in the south-west corner of the Ariah Park Recreation Ground and has 24 powered sites and another 30 unpowered sites. Fully self-contained motorhomes and caravans are welcome, while there is a small charge for the hot showers and powered sites. Toilets and tap water are adjacent to the sites. Please note that fire buckets are allowed in season, and dogs are allowed if on a leash.

For more information about us visit www.ariahpark.com.au Temora - Down to Earth 30

Visiting Temora

Wheat Lumper Statue | Nigel Judd

Visiting Temora

A fresh start Ariah Park’s signature red dirt is familiar to Krishna Morta, who was born in a rural town in India.

After he migrated to Australia with his family as a child, Krishna lived in Sydney for over 20 years before moving to Ardlethan in 2014 to open a supermarket. When an opportunity to operate an store in Ariah Park presented itself, Krisha ran with it, opening the supermarket in 2015. Krishna was initially anxious about moving to the small rural town, unsure how he would be received. “Coming from a different background, I was very nervous,” he says. “But from the beginning, people were so supportive and friendly.” In return, Krishna does all he can to support the region, sourcing local produce wherever possible. “We stock Sam’s PSD, which sells really well,” he says. “We get our meat from Coolamon and our bread from Leeton. We also have local families who make soap.” Fresh produce comes from Melbourne three times a week, ensuring locals can pick up their veggies and fruit without leaving Ariah Park. After joining the local bowling club two years ago as a way of connecting with his community, Krishna now enjoys representing Ariah Park in pennants and regularly watches local footy matches. He looks forward to moving his family to Ariah Park one day. “My wife is a deputy principal at a school in Sydney so she and the kids still live there,” Krishna says. “The plan is to slowly bring the family here once we can find a good job for her.” “They come to visit regularly and are always here for the school holidays. I take them out to the farm and they ride their bikes. The kids love it here.” “I like the peace - that’s the best thing about it.”

Find Krishna & his helpful team at 74 Coolamon Stret, Ariah PArk Temora - Down to Earth 32

Dressing for success Sam Dart is one of those women who keeps the wheels of her country town turning.

The busy mum of two serves on several committees in Ariah Park as well as running a farming enterprise and operating her own business, Poppy Seed Dressing. After ‘marrying a man destined to be a primary producer’, Sam moved from Sydney to Wagga Wagga before the family purchased a farm near Ariah Park. “I’m from the coast and I’d never seen red dirt before,” Sam says. “When we first got out here I said, ‘what’s happened to the dirt?!’” After settling into the Ariah Park’s famously down to earth community, an early drought meant that Sam had to supplement the family income by working as an oncology nurse in Wagga Wagga. “It was so hard to get the babies out of bed at six am to drive 200 km each day,” she says. “I knew it wasn’t sustainable.” That’s when she had a lightbulb moment. “My parents had a café near Albury where my mum served this popular salad dressing,” Sam says. “She gave me the recipe and I decided to take it into a production.”

"I’m from the coast and I’d never seen red dirt before,” Sam says. “When we first got out here I said, ‘what’s happened to the dirt?!"

Ten years on and Sam is consistently inundated with orders for poppy seed dressing, or PSD, posting it all over Australia and stocking it in 20 outlets in the Riverina. When Krishna took over the local general store two years ago, turning it into a high-quality SPAR supermarket, Sam was quick to welcome him. The SPAR now stocks PSD, a bonus for locals who are addicted to the dressing. “Having SPAR here has made life easier for everyone,” Sam says. “Even when mums are struggling to do their shopping, Krishna or one of the girls will hold the baby and put the groceries in the car for them. It’s the kind of place where everyone feels comfortable."

For stockists and mail orders email sam@psd.id.au

“Everyone knows now what I do, so if they’re pulling a shearing shed down they’ll give me a call and say, ‘come out and grab what you need.' I love the imperfections and the history behind the objects I find.”

Visiting Temora

Salvaged treasures Ariah Park sculptor and furniture-maker Craig Leiper weaves history into his bespoke creations, turning scrapheap materials into objects of beauty. Craig grew up in Ariah Park, spending his childhood playing in the bush and building cubbies with his mates. He moved to Deniliquin to complete an apprenticeship, then spent a decade working in the snowfields of Australia, Canada and Slovakia before the down to earth beauty of his home town beckoned. “My wife, Alicia, and I have two kids and one on the way, and I wanted them to have the life I had growing up.” When his father decided to sell the family home, Craig saw the opportunity and is now undertaking renovations to preserve the home he grew up in. A day job collecting wool for local wool brokers, Moses & Sons, allows Craig to indulge his passion for breathing new life into discarded material. “When I go on the farms to pick the wool up there’s often big scrapheaps,” he says. “I pick up pieces of timber, old fridges, barbed wire - all sorts of things. I usually give them a couple of beers or 50 bucks if it’s something cool. My shed’s full of interesting things junk to some people!” “Everyone knows now what I do, so if they’re pulling a shearing shed down they’ll give me a call and say, ‘come out and grab what you need.' I love the imperfections and the history behind the objects I find.” Craig’s artistic career began when his mother-in-law wanted some barb wire balls for her garden. “I didn’t want her to have to buy barbed wire balls so I thought I’d have a go at making them and it just went from

there,” Craig says. “I’ve always liked making things especially with wood - so it felt natural. People order things and I just have a crack at them.” “The best part is, I know where every piece of timber that I use comes from, who gave it to me, the history behind it.” Some of his creations include wine fridges, furniture, barbed wire balls and intricate sculptures made from scrap metal. Like most buildings in Ariah Park, Craig’s display space has a rich and colourful history. “This was built in 1906 to be used as a greengrocer and butcher’s shop,” he says. “In the 40’s it became a bicycle shop and the owner was a gambler who was into some pretty underground stuff. He built a secret escape hatch, which is still here now!” “Moses & Sons bought the building ten years ago and they allow me to use it to display my work. Eventually, I’ll have a storefront display of my work.” Craig is part of a group of Ariah Park residents who have returned home with their young families, eager to start creative projects in the town and make the most of its extraordinary history. “We all went to preschool and school together and now our kids are at school together,” he says. “There are about 20-30 people my age with young families, and we’ve all got ideas!”

Find Echoes Of Arbortree at facebook.com/echoesofarbortree

Temora - Down to Earth 35

Living in Temora

Friendship & sport Winter mornings can be freezing in Temora, but that doesn’t stop Jo Brennan and her fellow joggers from pounding the frosty pavement before sun up. Jo is a member of the Temora Running and Multi-Sports Club (RAMS), a group of passionate athletes for whom the social side of sport holds as much importance as the health benefits. RAMS members include cyclists, runners and triathletes. The group has several organised weekly training sessions and runs numerous events throughout the year, such as the Running of the RAMS Triathlon, Fun Run and Winter Swim-a-thon. Our cyclists enjoy bunch rides to various local towns, often in support of nominated charities. After growing up in Temora, Jo moved away to study teaching and psychology before returning to the town with her husband and daughter. RAMS offers Jo a social outlet that offsets the demands of her work as a school counsellor, keeping her body and mind healthy. “The best part of being involved with RAMS is that I’ve been introduced to people I’d never met - even in this small town,” she says. “It’s really strengthened friendships with people that I may not have connected with otherwise. In running and cycling, you see each other at your best and your worst so there’s that real comradery. You can be struggling up a hill or have a flat tyre and someone always comes back and gets you. We don’t leave anyone behind.” According to Jo, sport is a vital part of the fabric that holds the down to earth community of Temora together. “Sport is the bloodline of this town,” she says. “People take a lot of pride in sporting achievements and we have a fantastic and diverse sports culture that people are really committed to. Cold mornings are hard but we still run two mornings a week through winter. Knowing that someone is there waiting for you keeps you accountable - which is great if you’re a reluctant athlete, like myself!”

For RAMS event details visit www.temoratri.com Temora - Down to Earth 36

Jo Brennan cycling past the Narraburra Hills

"It’s really strengthened friendships with people that I may not have connected with otherwise."

Temora recreation Temora is home to many sporting heroes Trent Barrett, Todd Payten and Luke Breust, to name a few. The Sportsman’s Walk of Honour at Paleface Park showcases the region’s history of sporting legends alongside a statue of Temora’s famous harness racehorse, Paleface Adios, and his driver, Colin Pike. For a small town, Temora punches above its weight when it comes to both sporting stars and recreational facilities. Sports enthusiasts are spoilt by a wide range of well-maintained recreational facilities including swimming pools, an indoor sports stadium and multiple fertile sporting grounds. Temora Golf Club

Temora’s Top 5 Recreation Activities 1. Enjoy a round of golf The Temora Golf Club is situated only three kilometres from the centre of town. The 18- hole course has grass greens and is an easy walk for golfers of all ages 2. Plan a BBQ picnic at the swimming pool Pack a picnic blanket and some snags and head to the Temora Recreation Centre. Both the 50m and toddler pools are set in landscaped grounds with free gas BBQs. The centre also houses a 25m indoor heated pool featuring an accessible chair lift. The all-weather multipurpose stadium at the centre also includes two basketball sized courts. 3. Do the Lake Loop at Lake Centenary

Lake Centenary

Enjoy a stroll around the newly built path that circumnavigates Temora’s popular man-made lake. The Lake Centenary precinct is located just north of town and includes a playground, self-weighted gym equipment and landscaped picnic facilities. During summer, the lake becomes a hive of activity where water-lovers can enjoy aquatic adventures such as powerboating, water skiing, sailing, canoeing, paddle boating or swimming. 4. Barefoot Bowls at the Temora Bowling and Recreation Club There are few recreational activities as sociable and relaxing as barefoot bowls (especially on a Sunday in summer!). Grab some mates and pop into our friendly local bowlo for a roll up. 5. Let the kids loose at the skate park. Encourage the kids to expend some energy at Temora’s modern concrete skate park, which boasts small ledges, banks and a half bowl - great for all ages and abilities.

Running of the RAMS Triathlon

On the ball When Ashley Kobar and Helen Narayan moved from Sydney to Temora, they had no idea football would become such a huge part of their lives. The couple took two years to plan their move to Temora, attending a country living expo before finding a suitable house to purchase.

With housing and work sorted, Ashley and Helen began looking for something that would help them integrate into the local community. Enter rugby union.

“My grandparents moved to Ardlethan in the nineties, so I’ve been coming here since I was a kid,” Ashley says. “A few years ago when the kids were born we decided to buy a house. We were travelling back through here and I asked Helen if she’d move to the country, and she said yes!”

“This rugby club has been the best thing to happen to us,” Ashley says. “It’s not only introduced us to a lot of new friends, but it’s opened other doors too. I’ve picked up some weekend work from someone I met here - now I’ve got a freezer full of sheep after helping out a mate on his farm!”

“Everything panned out nicely so it was an easy decision in the end.”

“I’ve never played rugby but they’ve helped me out, showed me the rules. At the beginning of the season I couldn’t catch a ball.”

While the family were in the process of moving, Helen attended an interview at Temora Hospital and secured a job working three days as a cluster support officer. “It worked out really well for me,” she says. Ashley initially worked in Wagga Wagga before landing a job with the Temora Shire Council.

Both Helen and Ashley enjoy the slower pace of Temora and the down to earth nature of its people. “It was always rush, rush, go, go in Sydney,” Helen says. “It feels like there’s more time here, and everyone is so nice.”

Living in Temora

Calendar of events Temora Shire is proud to boast an entertaining variety of events throughout the year, ranging from aviationthemed major events, annual functions, seasonal festivals and regular monthly meetings.




Temora Pacers Cup

Temora Art Prize Exhibition

Temora Country Music Festival

Seven-a-Side Cricket Day

Springdale Mind Body Spirit Expo

Oars-4- A Cause

V8 Super Boats


02 RAMS Triathlon


Bald Archy Exhibition Farmlink Open Day Ariah Park Show

Rural Museum Open Day

Temora Show

V8 Super Boats

Charity Variety Concert

St Patrick’s Day at the Golf Club Temora West School Fete Greyhound Carnival of Cups Retired Ambulance Officers Reunion Temora Seniors Festival Temora Fly it Forward

04 Anzac Day Ceremonies Heritage Week Festival Temora Fisherama Horsepower Ariah Park


10 A Country Weekend Rod Run Mary Gilmore Cultural Festival Heritage Pub Crawl St Anne’s Long Table Lunch Ariah Park B&S Ball Warbirds Downunder & Street Fest (biennial) Bikers 4 Boobs Charity Bike Ride Taste Riverina Festival Music Food and Wine in the Vines St Anne’s Garden Viewing

Miniatures Art Exhibition

06 TADVAC Art Exhibition

07 TDEF Debutante of the Year Ball

08 Local Government Week Temora Open Golf Tournament Redkite & CanAssist Music Marathon

Temora - Down to Earth 39

Light Up Christmas Street Fair Carols in the Park Community News Year’s Eve Celebration

regular events: Quota Club Markets fourth Saturday of the month. Temora Aviation Museum Flying Displays - weekends and special holidays. Greyhound Racing - twice monthly. Station Sounds & Freight Train Blues Outdoor Concerts - twice per year. Harnessing Racing four times per year

Playing it by ear Norm and Jill Bailey were ready to make a move and decided to give Temora a try.

For twenty years, Jill and Norm owned and operated a music shop in Nowra. They were ready for a change and started searching for a new home, one where they could pursue their passion for aviation. They started looking at Airparks around Australia, even visiting a few. It was just by chance, that they found themselves in Temora. “We were in Bundaberg for an air show with some friends and were flying back to Nowra, when we made a stop in Temora. We had planned to leave first thing that morning, but were delayed by a rare fog,” Jill remembers. They ended up spending the whole day in Temora, talking to members of the Aero Club, including the Chief Flying Instructor at the time. “I had been teaching people to fly back at home and he told me they were looking for someone to take over the CFI position here in Temora,” Jill says. Despite not having considered a move to Temora, they decided to trial it for six weeks. They rented an apartment in town and got to know more about the town and its people. “We found the townspeople to be so friendly. We would walk down the main street wearing our old flying school logos and strangers would just come up to us and start talking about the Temora Aviation Museum and the Airpark,” Jill describes. After just two weeks in Temora, they both knew that they were ready to make the move. They loved the vibrancy of the town, with its beautiful gardens and great weather. Jill started working as the CFI, while Norm worked on building their new home and hangar that they designed together. One of his biggest projects was their theatre room, which is a place of entertainment and a great excuse for Norm to showcase his organ. Norm provides a lot of technical support to TEM FM, Temora’s community radio station. Meanwhile, Jill keeps herself busy with her role as National Operations Manager for Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA), overseeing flight training and operations across Australia. She loves having the freedom to work from her home office. Jill and Norm encourage prospective residents to give Temora a trial '...It’s a good idea to ease into it and make sure you are happy with the community. However, I doubt anyone would be unhappy!” Jill adds.

Learn more about house and hangar blocks at www.airparktemora.com.au

“Music and aviation seems to just work so well together and there are many Airpark residents who have an interest in music too,” Norm says.

Living in Temora

Embracing change When Marilyn and Sal Carrero retired to the NSW Central Coast, they thought they had it made.

“We lived five minutes’ walk from the water and it was very beautiful,” Marilyn says. “But after seven years we realised we’d never met our next door neighbours. We wanted a community.” The couple contemplated moving, spending months researching their options. “We went to a country living expo and we saw this big banner that said, ‘Temora the friendly town’, which really appealed to us,” Sal says. “We’d never heard of Temora so we took a drive out there and noticed this beautiful old house. We just looked at each other and said, ‘want that!’ We ended up buying it.” As soon as Marilyn and Sal were settled in their new home, the Temora community reached out to them. “The first thing that happened was somebody rang me and said, ‘I believe you’re into quilting?’” Marilyn says. “They invited me to a meeting and I’ve been receiving invitations ever since!” When Marilyn’s sister Dianne and her husband Brian came to visit, they also fell in love with Temora’s down to earth community. “We were planning to move somewhere else, but changed our mind,” Brian laughs. “We just loved the place.” Both couples have had stints in the local hospital, and feel reassured that Temora’s medical facilities are more than adequate. “The hospital is absolutely wonderful, offering total personal care,” Dianne says. “There’s also a terrific medical centre.” Sal, who runs several online businesses, has also been surprised by the speed of the internet in Temora. “There’s a common misconception that small towns have slow internet,” he says. “I reckon the internet here is one of the fastest in Australia. I can have 150 browsers open at one time so I couldn’t live anywhere where the internet was slow.”

Tell us about your ideal country change, email relocate@temora.nsw.gov.au Temora - Down to Earth 41

Ariah Park Village & Camping Ground

Caravans and RVs

The “1920’s Heritage Village” of Ariah Park offers a neat, quiet and well appointed camping ground within easy walking distance of the main street. Visitors are offered a friendly welcome at the community run “Second Glance” Opportunity Shop, and the “Echoes of Ariah Park” Museum alongside the picturesque Davey Park.

Temora enjoys a great reputation among caravan and RV enthusiasts for its clean and tidy parks, all of which provide modern public toilets and free gas BBQs.

Second Glance Op Shop & Museum 75 Coolamon Street Ariah Park • 02 6974 1375 Camping ground caretaker 0458 184 033

Temora Airfield Tourist Park

Located in walking distance to the Aviation Museum and 3.5km from the CBD. • • • • •

Modern facilities Powered and unpowered sites Camp kitchen, BBQ and laundry facilities Linen provided Dogs on leads permitted.

Tenefts Street, Temora Book at www.temora.com.au/places-to-stay.aspx 0418 780 251

A welcoming destination

The Temora Muster

As an ‘RV Friendly Town’, Temora offers a choice of three beautifully maintained campsites. The Temora Caravan Park and the Temora Airpark Tourist Park both provide modern facilities and include powered and unpowered sites. Alternatively, the Temora Freedom Camp is located in the heart of town and is free for up to 48 hours. The two public dump points for waste disposal are located at the Temora Showgrounds and on Airport Street. Bookings can be made at caravanparks@ temora.nsw.gov.au or by phoning 0418 780 251. During the bi-annual Warbirds Downunder Exhibition, the Temora Shire Council also offers self-contained airfield camping and a tent city ‘glamping’ option on the airshow site. Warbirds Downunder is set to be held in October 2018, and will once again be the largest gathering of warbird aircraft in Australia.

Every second year, Temora becomes a mecca for caravanners from all over the world during the Temora Muster. Held just after Easter, the event allows like-minded travellers to converge in Temora to enjoy a wide range of activities, including traditional camp breakfasts, day trips to nearby towns and villages, nightly happy hour entertainment, workshops and a good old fashioned dinner dance or two! The muster is a great opportunity for curious caravanners to get out and explore the 'friendliest town in NSW' - incorporating a heritage pub crawl and a guided tour through our local museums.

More information is available at www.temora.com.au/ rvmuster

Carravan and Tourist Parks - Temora - Down to Earth 42

Temora Caravan Park

Enjoy the hospitality of the friendliest town in NSW. • • • • •

22 powered caravan sites, 12 tent sites. Refurbished amenities Laundry facilities and free BBQ facilities. Centrally located, 600m to Temora’s CBD. Dogs allowed but must be on a lead at all times.

19 Junee Road, Temora Book at www.temora.com.au/places-to-stay.aspx 041 878 0251


Peaceful and private rural retreat 22 kms west of Temora, just off Burley Griffin Way.



Unique self contained train carriage accommodation on a fifth generation family farm. Day trips also available offering morning tea and guided tour of Pioneers Cottage/Museum.

The Overlander - Self Contained accommodation for up to six guests with three separate sleeping compartments for families or two couples travelling together.

The City Circle - Self Contained accommodation for a Single or a couple. King Size Bed.

809 Quandary Road, Ariah Park bookings@countrycarriage.com.au www.countrycarriage.com.au • 02 6973 1221

Aromet Motor Inn

Experience the hospitality of the friendliest motel in the friendliest town - Temora. • 15 Ground floor units • Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning • Free wireless internet • Foxtel • Pool and BBQ

Phone (02) 6977 1866 • TemoraMotel.com.au 23-25 • Junee Rd, Temora

Courthouse Cottage B&B

• Breakfast and evening meals available • Lunches by request • Non Smoking rooms • Close to CBD • Large parking area

132 Victoria Street, Temora booking@aromet.com • www.aromet.com 02 6977 1877

Terminus Hotel Open 7 Days 8 Cold Beers on tap, TAB & KENO, FoxSports, ATM & EFTPOS facilities available Bistro - Lunch and Dinner served 7 Days Extensive Menu. Groups welcome Family friendly atmosphere with large Dining room and beer garden

Courthouse Cottage is one of a kind as it is the only Federation Home accommodation offering luxury bed and breakfast in the heart of town.

Accommodation. Airconditioned / TV/ Verandah rooms available Drive thru bottle shop

158 DeBoos Street, Temora courthousecottagebandb@gmail.com www.courthousecottage.com.au • 02 69781911

136 Crowley Street, Temora • 02 69780968

Accommodation - Temora - Down to Earth 43

Firmans Units

The Goldtera Motor Inn

Kames Cottages

Two modern, self contained, one bedroom boutique units in town centre. One with a queen bed and one with two king singles, full kitchen facilities, modern bathroom, A/C and TV, DVD.

Conveniently located on a quiet street, right in the heart of Temora's CBD. Close by and within walking distance are shops, restaurants, hotels and clubs.

Hosts: Don & Sue Turner - 6klms North of Temora Shire Council Self contained Cottages BBQ & Pool

Linen and basic breakfast provided.

For some great entertainment and food, visit the Temora Ex-Services Memorial Club directly opposite.

Reverse cycle air conditioning. Linen Supplied.

230 Hoskins Street, Temora bandbfirman@bigpond.com 02 6977 2791 • 0427 772791

80 Loftus Street, Temora 02 6977 2433

Research Station Road, Temora booking@kamescottages.com 02 6978 1888 • 0428 931 275 • 0429 782 227

Koreela Park Motor Inn

Moose and Mimi’s

Railway Hotel

The only four star accommodation in Temora The Koreela Park offers you the benefit of being close to the centre of town, while being snuggled away from the noise and bustle.

Fully self contained 2 bedroom unit, located within walking distance of the Temora township, across the road from the Rural Museum. The unit is spacious, designed for ease of mobility and is wheelchair friendly. The unit features queen size beds, TV and DVD, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ and pool for relaxation.

134 Crowley Street, Temora 02 6977 4987

26 Junee Road, Temora 0405 421 707

134 Hoskins Street, Temora temorarailwayhotel@gmail.com 02 6977 1330

Revive Central Apartments

Rose Cottage Temora B&B

Royal Hotel

Luxury Serviced Apartments

1 & 2 bedroom units, allowing for up to 4-6 guests per apartment.

Enjoy high quality accommodation with modern Contemporary rooms. All rooms have king beds, own private en-suites and TV. There is a shared dining/lounge room and out door sitting area . Only 400 metres to town CBD. Continental breakfast is provided with our very competitive rates.

89 Parkes Street, Temora Book online @ www.revivehotels.com.au 0458 738 483

2 Junee Road, Temora rosecottagetemora@gmail.com 02 6977 2630

If you are visiting Temora or just passing through,

• Full Kitchen Facilities • Super Comfy Beds

• Awesome Showers • Fast & Free WiFi

Accommodation - Temora - Down to Earth 44

• • • • •

5 Icy cold beers on tap TAB & Keno Facilities available Pub style accommodation Lunch 7 days a week Family friendly

Over 20 rooms available. Main Bar, (Pool table, Juke Box), Lounge Room + Beer garden, off street parking available. Weekly rate available from $140 Overnight stay - single from $40 double from $60

238 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6978 1254

Shamrock Hotel Motel

• • • • • • •

The best cold beer in town Chinese Restaurant 9 Hotel rooms 7 Motel rooms Covered beer garden 6 beers on tap Open 7 days

Starlings Nest

SkyLodge Accommodation Temora offers Queen & Family room accommodation for all aviation enthusiasts seeking the absolute Temora Aviation Museum experience by staying at the only accommodation available onsite. Everything the Temora Aviation Museum has to offer is just footsteps from your door!

Starlings Nest offers three modern, fully self contained cabins. They are located in a rural setting but not too far away from the local shops, Lake Centenary, restaurants and approximately 500 meters from the Temora Airport and Aviation Museum. Each Cabin offers two bedrooms, kitchen, reverse cycle air conditioning, Linen and towels

286 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 2016

1 Tom Moon Ave Temora • 0408 495 915 • 02 6977 1088 landings@skylodgetemora.com.au www.skylodgetemoraaccommodation.com.au

www.starlingsnest.com.au 0400 082 439

Temora Airfield Tourist Park Cabins

Coffee Bar on Hoskins

Diners Choice Restaurant

Coffee Bar On Hoskins is small locally owned takeaway coffee business. Coffee Bar strives to deliver consistent high quality coffee with convenience.

Enjoy a delicious meal in this award winning a la carte restaurant. Function catering available.

We are open 7 days a week with 6 of those days open at 6.30am. Treat yourself to a delicious coffee and meet our friendly team.

Opening hours: Tuesday thru Saturday - 6.30- Late

173 Hoskins Street, Temora 0477 505 263

Loftus Street, Temora shan.dinerschoice@gmail.com 02 6978 0322 • 0409 448 238

Modern cabins in walking distance to the Aviation Museum and 3.5km from the CBD. • • • •

Skylodge Temora

Bunk cabin sleep up to 13 2 x 2 bedroom cabins Reverse cycle airconditioning Linen provided

Tenefts Street, Temora Book at www.temora.com.au/places-to-stay.aspx 0418 780 251

130 BAKER STREET TEMORA PHONE - (02) 6977 4177

Our facilities include • Keno & TAB • Icy cold beer • Bistro open 7 days a week - a variety of foods, blackboard menus changing frequently, buffet Tuesday, Friday & Saturday evenings & Sunday lunch. • Raffles -Tuesday & Friday nights & include meat trays, gift cards, dinner vouchers as well as lucky draws.

Accommodation • Goldtera Motor Inn is situated adjacent to our Club for your convenience. Room service, charge back, internet, pool & BBQ facilities are available. • Koreela Park Motor Inn is situated behind our Club. Room service, charge back, internet facilities available. The four star accommodation at a 3 star price

Accommodation and Dining - Temora - Down to Earth 45

Located in the Temora Bowling Club.

Temora Bowling Club

A&B Financial Planning


Professional services Come and enjoy a drink and the best food in town. • Thursday and Friday night raffles and members draw. • Ladies and Mens bowls • Social and Business house bowls

• Pokies and Club Keno • Function room • Great entertainment nights • ATM


Loftus Street, Temora 02 6977 1236

Specialising in: • Estate Planning • Financial Planning • Investment Advice • Personal Insurance • Retirement Advice • Superannuation Advice Contact Andrew, Ian or Paul

AFSL 238256

246 Hoskins Street, Temora planning@abfp.com.au • www.abfp.com.au 02 6980 9000

Bett's Garden on Gallipoli

A wander through our garden centre is bound to inspire you. Our team is on hand to give you great customer service and advice along with quality stock. • Plants • Pots • Statues

• Fertilizers • Gardening accessories • Giftware

Open 7 days

Do you love attention to detail and a diverse collection... 242 Hoskins Street, Temora »« 02 6977 4122 »« info@debsjewellery.com Find us on    facebook.com/debsjewellerytemora

47-53 Gallipoli Street, Temora christine.bett@bigpond.com 02 6977 4181

Gersbach Firman Real Estate

Cutting Corners

HUTCHEON & PEARCE YEAR after YEAR after YEAR. The performance and reputation of John Deere equipment is second to none ... so join the winning team at Hutcheon & Pearce, for all your John Deere Proven Performers.

Hair Cuts Only No appointment necessary just walk in and have your hair cut the day you want it!

Opening Hours

Recently changing ownership Gersbach Firman Real Estate offers Property Management and Residential Sales With up to date training we can give you the right advice in regards to leasing or selling your property.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9am - 5pm

Come and see Kelly and Sheriden.

2 Old Cootamundra Road, Temora 0427 771 941 Proprietor Sandra Moye

184 Hoskins Street, Temora info@website.com.au • website.com.au 02 6977 1710 • 0488 771 710

Retail and Professional Services - Temora - Down to Earth 46

• John Deere factory trained technicians • Genuine parts and accessories • Sales, Support, Service, Merchandise & Gifts

101 Kitchener Rd, Temora NSW 2666 (02) 6977 1100 www.hutcheonandpearce.com.au

certified practising accountants

Accountants that are focused on you achieving your business goals. Go to www.catalystaccountants.com.au to submit your goals. or contact us on Ph 02 6977 4333 or email: enquiries@catalystaccountants.com.au

Helping you live your life, your way. Pinnacle Community Services provide a range of in-home and community based support for older people, younger people with a disability and their carers to help them to live independently in their own homes in their community

AGED CARE SERVICES Commonwealth Home Support Program: • Food Services - including meals on wheels • Social Support - Individual & Group • Home Modifications & Maintenance Contact: My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 Website: www.myagedcare.gov.au

Home Care Packages: Levels 1-4 • Community Transport • Respite Care • Personal Care • Domestic Assistance


Community Care Support Program: • Community Transport • Flexible Respite • Meals • Social Support • Home Modifications & Maintenance * NDIS Individual Packages will replace the services listed above. Pinnacle Community Services is an Approved NDIS Provider

Packages include: • Community Participation • Life Choices • Flexible Respite • Active Ageing • Leaving Care • Community Support.

Pinnacle Community Services is an Australian Government approved provider of Aged Care and Disability Services P: 02 6977 1326 | E: temorareception@pinnaclecommunityservices.com.au | W: www.pinnaclecommunityservices.com.au Retail and Professional Services - Temora - Down to Earth 47

Fritsch Bros P/L is a family owned business that has been providing automotive & electrical services for over 60 years.

Our Services Auto Electrical & light vehicle mechanical service & repairs Jaycar & Road Tech Marine Stockist Energi Battery Stockist RV/Caravan repairs & Installations Auxillary battery / floodlights sales & service Electrical Contracting & motor rewinding service & repairs

Find us on the Cnr of Hoskins & Parkes Streets (02) 6977 1391

If you are having issues with your tow vehicle, motor home or caravan we will have you back on the road in a flash



80 Hoskins St 02 6977 1933 admin.temora@intersales.com.au

4 Vance Rd 02 6953 3388 admin.leeton@intersales.com.au

AWARD WINNING DEALERSHIP - Proud dealer of all CASE IH Agricultural Products - Intersales customised Comb Trailers -

• JCB Construction & Ag • MacDon

• Horwood Bagshaw • Westfield Augers

• Hardi Pumps & Sprayers • Morris

• Finch Bins • Bogballe Spreaders

• Honda Power Equip • Aussie Pumps


A “TARDIS Experience”, “a treasure trove of memories”, “a hidden gem!”; The Bundawarrah Centre, with its many and varied feature exhibitions, is all of these.

Open daily from 9.30am 29 Junee Road, Temora The Centre also hosts the Temora Visitor Information Centre.

www.temoraruralmuseum.com ruralmuseum@temora.nsw.gov.au 02 6980 1224 or 0428 771 291

Complementing the agricultural, engineering and lifestyle collections of the Temora Rural Museum, the centre is also home to the Temora Rock & Mineral Museum, Temora Ambulance Museum, NSW Rural Fire Service CEC, NSW Temora Fire & Rescue Exhibition, Temora Local & Family History Research Centre, Temora Community Archive and Willo’s Wiradjuri Keeping Place. The rustic childhood home of cricket legend, Sir Donald Bradman, has been restored within the park-like grounds of the Centre, and the memorabilia of celebrity showman and boxing promoter, Jimmy Sharman, is preserved in “Bagdad Hall”.

Retail and Professional Services - Temora - Down to Earth 48


Shop where the locals shop • • • •

• • • •

Liquor Fresh Fruit & Veg Meat Dairy

• • • •

Bakery Deli All grocery lines Open 7 Days

KaMarley & Me

McShanes Collectables and Old Wares

At KaMarley & Me Homewares & Gifts you are sure to find that unique gift you are looking for.

Signs • Old Toys • Traps • Lamps • Old Cast Irons • Seats • Kettles • English Crockery • Blacksmith Tools • Much much More!

Homewares - Gifts - Clothing - Accessories - Children's Fashion - Toys

Open 7 days 9am - 5pm

Come and have a browse, there is something for everyone.

Cnr Baker and Victoria Street, Temora 02 6977 2788

173 Hoskins Street, Temora kamarleyme@hotmail.com www.kamarleyandme.com.au • 0419 287 735

5 Ironbark Street, Temora 02 6977 4151 • 0417 291 453 • 0488 132 642

McGuirks Discount Tyre Service

MGS Accounting

The Open Door Bookshop

Largest stock in town - with over 30 years experience in tyres - We know tyres!

At MGS Accounting we offer a full range of Accounting and Financial Management services to meet the changing needs of our clients. These services include:

Tyres Batteries Wheels V-Belts

• Taxation • Accounting • GST Compliance and Advice • Self Managed Superannuation Fund

• All major tyre brands and sizes • After hours, roadside and on farm service available.

92 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 1689 • 0408 412 562

Administration • Small Business Management and Consulting • Bookkeeping".

We can offer you products to inspire and encourage Bibles and devotionals, novels, gift books, children’s books, greeting cards and gifts for all occasions including Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.

185 Hoskins Street, Temora admin@mgsaccounting.com.au www.mgsaccounting.com.au • 02 6977 1194

162 Hoskins Street, Temora opendoortemora@tpg.com.au 02 6977 1779

Paisley Robertson

Pikes Concrete Mix and Landscaping Supplies

Ian & Sue Pike Local Independent

Ready Mixed Concrete

The small business specialist

Landscaping Supplies Local Delivery

140 Hoskins Street, Temora temora@paisleyrobertson.com.au www.paisleyrobertson.com.au • 02 6977 2655

Retail and Professional Services - Temora - Down to Earth 49

Delaven Street, Temora suepike@bigpond.net.au 02 6978 0560 • 0429 488 831

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Schulz Automotive

South West Fuel (SWF Pty Ltd) M.D. 041742 MVRL No. 49465

AH: RICHARD 0417 273 458

PHONE: 02 6977 2144

• Brake, Clutch & Suspension • All mechanical repairs • Log book servicing • Road worthy inspections • Diesel Repairs

• Auto Electrical • Rely on the team at Schulz Automotive for trusted car service • Nationwide warranty on all parts and labour

121 Hoskins Street, Temora PHONE: 02 6977 2144 AH: RICHARD 0417 273 458

• • • • • • •

Autogas 24hr Fuel Ice BBQ Gas Fishing Tackle Vortex 98 Car Wash

4 Mallee St, Temora • schulzgarage@bigpond.com www.carservicetemora.com.au 02 6977 1320 • 0408 977 933

109-111 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 1265

St Mary Community Pharmacy

Temora’s Own Arts and Crafts Changing lives, building stronger communities We offer great incentives for Employers and continuous support for our job seekers. Contact your local Sureway office today!

• • • • •

Make it, bake it, sew it, grow it!

Express Prescriptions Service Free Delivery Free Webster Packing Wide range of Perfumes and Gifts Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm

A larder stocked full of locally made produce, jewellery, gifts and babywear. Art gallery exhibiting local artists. Open Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm Weekends and Public Holidays 9am to 1pm 1/112 Hoskins St Temora 1300 787 392 www.sureway.com.au

156 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6978 1994

Temora Capital Chemist

Temora Dental Surgery

For all your health care needs including a broad range of free services to the community. • FREE Home deliveries, Blood pressure monitoring and Webster packing • Friendly professional advice • Customer Loyalty Programme

204 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 2026

182 Hoskins Street, Temora temorasown@hotmail.com 02 6978 0200

Temora Floor Covering

Shop locally for:

Caring for your dental needs.

• Quality floor coverings including carpet, vinyl, timber and laminate • Floor, wall and feature tiles • Custom window furnishings including blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings • Ready-made blinds, curtains and rod sets • Fabulous linen, throw rugs and decorative cushions Contact us for a free measure and quote.

187 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 2106

170 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 1311

Dr Christopher Chew

Retail and Professional Services - Temora - Down to Earth 50

Temora Holden

Temora Podiatry

Temora Medical Complex

Simon Ray - Podiatrist

Now stocking a huge range of new and used cars. • • • •

We service ALL makes and models Inspection station for pink and blue slips Factory trained technicians Genuine parts and accessories available

Come in and see us today

• • • • • •

General practitioners Registered nurses Visiting Specialists Allied health services Tele conference facilities Women’s Health and Obstetrics

• • • •

Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm Saturday 9am to 11am (unless advertised different)

General Footcare EPC & Workers Comp Foot Care Products Diabetic Foot Care

• • • •

Sports Injuries Ingrown Toenails Dept of Veteran Affairs Gait Assessment / Orthotics

193 -197 Victoria Street, Temora www.temoraholden.com.au 02 6977 2255

296 Hoskins Street, Temora www.temoramedical.com.au 02 6977 3600

90 Hoskins St, Temora • 02 6973 1367 • 0427 215 644 simon@temorapodiatry.com.au www.temorapodiatry.com.au

Temora Town Hall Theatre

T Town Tennis

Westminster Hotel

Temora’s own Eighty Two seat theatre in the heart of town blends state-of-the-art facilities with country hospitality.

• Hot Shots Tennis • Cardio Tennis • Innovative Competitions

• • • •

Professional Coaching Holiday Camps Court Hire Pro Shop

Beer garden Four icy cold beers on tap Pool table Juke box Accommodation on request

Friday night flicks or Sunday matinee, six weekly screenings provide a time to suit all moviegoers. Box office opens one hour before sessions for tickets.

Relax and enjoy live sporting fixtures on our BIG screen while sipping on one of our superb barista coffees, a cold drink from our licensed bar or sampling some of our amazing seasonal food.

Cnr Loftus & DeBoos Street, Temora www.townhalltheatre.com.au 02 6980 1177

Crowley Street, Temora ttowntennis@outlook.com www.ttowntennis.com • 0402 722 267

207 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 2540

White Rose Café

Whites Shoex

Step back in time when you enter our 1950s style café still with original booths.

Family footwear specialists. Stockists of:

Dine in or take away meals available. Friendly family owned café. Opening hours: 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Sunday

Quality Footwear since 1953 • • • • •

186 Hoskins Street, Temora 02 6977 2131

Retail and Professional Services - Temora - Down to Earth 51

DF Supersoft • Asics Blundstones • R.M Williams Dianna Ferrari • Mongrel Boots Redback • Skechers Hush Puppies • Arcopedico Shoe Repairer in store

178 Hoskins Street, Temora whitesshoex@bigpond.com 02 6977 1505

Down to Earth

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