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Contributors Design, advertising sales & print production by Well Creative. Well Creative photography by Aaron Cuneo Printing by Graphic Web - This Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide is proudly produced by the Nambucca Valley Tourism Association Inc. Please see our ad on page 50. We wish to thank the fantastic team at Well Creative and the many volunteers, businesses, photographers and other lovely individuals who have spent endless hours to make this guide as amazing as it is. Front cover image: Estuary by Bob Lewis Image this page: by Chris Hewgill Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 2

Welcome Our visitor guide is your first step into the natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere of our treasured homeland. And yes, we want to share it with you! The Nambucca Valley with its aqua water, squeaky clean white sand, top surf beaches, unbelievable views, pristine rainforests and friendly people has always been a popular holiday destination. Many visitors who came here with their families generations ago, keep coming back year after year or now that they have seen much more of the world, come to revisit and rekindle. Escape the theme parks, high-rise and extensive nightlife and find the ultimate relaxation in our valley – enjoy the peaceful surrounds and rejuvenate. The Nambucca Valley has a fine position with an intricate river system and stunning estuary bordered by 20 kilometres of pristine beaches. The natural rainforests and lush farmlands maintain their unique tranquillity and relaxing grip on the mind, body and soul. Honest and hospitable, the Nambucca Valley offers fine accommodation, restaurants to suit everyone’s palate and an array of activities and sightseeing options.

Getting here Road

Situated 5-6 hours drive from Sydney and Brisbane; you will use the Pacific Highway along The Legendary Pacific Coast.

Plane Virgin, Qantas and TigerAir operate daily from Sydney to Coffs Harbour and on some weekdays from Melbourne to Coffs Harbour. Fly Corporate offers daily flights from Brisbane to Coffs Harbour. Flights to Port Macquarie are available from Qantas and Virgin from both Brisbane and Sydney. Car rental is available at both Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie Airports, and it takes only around 40 minutes to drive from Coffs Harbour Airport to the Nambucca Valley. The drive from Port Macquarie to the Nambucca Valley takes a little longer, however, when the Pacific Highway Upgrade is completed (expected 2017/18), the trip will only take around 55 minutes. Virgin Qantas Fly Corporate TigerAir

13 67 89 13 13 13 1300 851 269 1300 174 266

Train NSW Train Link operates daily services to and from Sydney and Brisbane. There are 3 Railway Stations in the Nambucca Valley, Nambucca Heads, Macksville and Eungai. NSW Train Link 13 22 32


(daily services between Sydney and Brisbane)

Greyhound Premier Motor Service

1300 473946

13 34 10 Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 3

Discover it Love it Explore the world, but hurry back to the natural beauty and warmth of the Nambucca Valley. Discover our idyllic temperate climate, unspoilt beaches, estuaries, rainforests and lush farmlands.

• Explore our azure river by boat, paddle board, canoe, kayak or on one of our river cruises

The Nambucca Valley is situated halfway between Sydney and Brisbane making it an ideal place for a relaxing stopover in order to recharge the batteries and experience our wide magnificent river, sandy beaches, magical views, lush tropical rainforest and country hospitality. The lifestyle here is laid-back and friendly.

• Surf at some of our world renowned surf beaches

Spend a time playing and dining in our area of natural beauty and you too will fall in love with the Nambucca Valley. We have one of the most liveable climates in the world with a timeless ambience to our region.

• Enjoy the ambience at one of our cafes, clubs, pubs or restaurants, sampling the sumptuous delights of our area. • Take in world class views from our plentiful lookouts and observe the whales and dolphins. • Treat yourself to scenic drives through the rolling hills and lush rainforests. We know you will have a great time in one of the New South Wales coast’s most enchanting and picturesque hideaways. Recharge your batteries, stay a night, stay a week, or stay a lifetime.

“Ngaya gayi, Guri, yirraali baga-baganyarr gurriji. Giinagay jaanybarr, nyami, gamambi. Yaam darruy ngujalinya nyaagaygu jagunda Gumbaynggida” This greeting from the Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Community means:

“I am talking on behalf of black and white people from the Nambucca. Welcome men, women & children. It is good to see you all in Gumbaynggirr homeland”

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 4

Image: Well Creative

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 5

Beaches swimming, surfing & playing!

Nambucca Heads Main Beach

Patrolled daily on weekends and holidays. Popular for wind surfing, parasailing, boogie boarding and sea kayaking. Dolphins and whales can be spotted sometimes close to shore.

Shelly Beach

A very pretty shaded beach suitable for paddling as well. It has a boat ramp at one end for ocean access. Awarded 8th best beach in Australia.

Beilbys Beach

Nambucca Heads: A quiet secluded beach suitable for beach fishing.

Bellwood Park

A riverside park with sheltered swimming for all ages. Good shaded facilities, BBQ, Toilets, Pontoon and playground.

South Beach

Very secluded with no facilities. Access is only by boat, 4WD or beach walk. 10km north of Scotts Head.

Main (Forster) Beach

The perfect family crescent shaped beach. Well known as a great surfing beach it is also perfect for swimming for all ages. The gradual slope of the seabed allows even tiny tots to play in the waves. Great for Malibus and wave skiers. It is patrolled on weekends and in holidays. Easy beach access.

Little Beach

Ideal place for a picnic or beach games. Good waves when the swell is big-steep and powerful, making it a dangerous break for inexperienced surfers.

Wakki Beach

This is the most southern beach & suitable only for experienced surfers.

South Valla Beach

A quiet uncrowded wide sandy beach with excellent conditions for fishing, experienced board riders, parasailing, sail boarding, sea kayaks, etc. Check out the cave and interesting rock formations

North Valla Beach

A pristine horseshoe beach suitable for boarders and walkers.

Scotts Head

Valla Beach

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 6 Image: John Holcombe

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

 urf at the famous world class Main Beach, S Scotts Head. Have a surfing lesson with Trent Munro Surf Academy. Stand-Up Paddle boarding is the new big thing! Bring your board. Snorkel at The Glen on Wellington Drive in Nambucca Heads (not on an outgoing tide). See if you can spot our tropical wonders! Grab some fresh fish and chips from a local café and enjoy our magnificent scenery. Make the scenic beach walk from Valla Beach to Nambucca Heads or Hungry Head. Take your dog to the off leash beach at Swimming Creek in Nambucca Heads (going north), Cockburn Street in Valla Beach (going north) or the beach access path off West St/Banksia Crescent in Scotts Head (going north) or the northern part of Stuart Island in Nambucca Heads for some fun.

Patrolled Beaches

Main Beach Scotts Head, Main Beach Nambucca Heads and South Beach Valla are patrolled during the holiday season and weekends. For more information please contact Nambucca Shire on 02 6568 2555 or look up the current information on Council’s website, please search ‘beaches’.

4WD Beach driving

You can drive your 4WD vehicle on our beaches in designated areas. Permits are required; you can purchase them at the Nambucca Valley Visitor Information Centre in Nambucca Heads, (open 9am - 5pm daily) or at the Nambucca Shire Council Chambers in Macksville. These permits also give you access to the beaches in the Kempsey and Port Macquarie Shires.

Top 10 surf safety tips

• Never swim or surf alone. Always supervise children. • Always swim or surf at beaches patrolled by lifeguards. • Swim between the yellow and red flags. • Never swim or surf under the influence of alcohol or drugs. • If you get into trouble in the water, stay calm, signal for help, float and wait for assistance. • If you are unsure of surf conditions, ask a lifeguard. • R  ead and obey the signs on the beach, e.g. no diving, no fishing, no surf craft. • Never surf or swim before dawn or after dusk. • Never swim directly after a meal. • N  ever run and dive into the water- even if you have checked before, water conditions can change. Image: Jon Holcombe

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 7

Rivers fishing, picnics & boat ramps

Imagine the silence of acres of pristine wetlands, a silence broken only by the calls of the native birds and the dip of a canoe paddle.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 8

The Nambucca River and adjacent Warrell Creek will give you many opportunities to experience the serenity and beauty of our region. Our river abounds with dolphins, fish, bird life and unsurpassed views.

Water skiing lessons are available from Nambucca River Water Ski & Wake Sports. Alternatively, you can relax and see the river from the deck of your own boat or a houseboat rented from Nambucca River Houseboats.

If you feel like a walk then the scenic pathway and boardwalks from the Visitor Information Centre in Nambucca Heads to the entrance of the Nambucca River provide a stunning circuit for either a power walk or a stroll.

Ngambugka – Original Aboriginal Name meaning ‘Winding or Crooked River’


The ‘crooked river’ begins its journey in hinterland to the west of the township of Bowraville. Weaving through farmland, the river moves on towards Macksville, the rural town at the centre of the Nambucca Valley. Gathering from feeder streams and gullies, the Nambucca River winds 47km through the valley to meet the Pacific Ocean at Nambucca Heads. At its widest point the catchment measures about 23km. The Nambucca Valley is roughly triangular in shape, stretching from the foothills of the Great Dividing Range to 20 kilometres of unspoilt coastline.


Another dimension is added when you explore the waterways. There are numerous launching sites along the river. Tinnies, kayaks and paddle boards can be hired from Nambucca Boatshed in Nambucca Heads. The fishing is great! We also have weekly river cruises from Nambucca River Cruises, which entice with morning tea or delicious meals. For the more active you can bring your powerboat for some water skiing.

3 4 5 6

 njoy the friendly Nambucca E River Cruise boat and marvel at the scenery on a morning tea, lunch or dinner cruise. Walk along the river from the Visitor Information Centre to the V Wall on our waterfront boardwalk. Chill out on the river on one of the Nambucca River Houseboats. On high tide take your boat or kayak up pristine Warrell Creek. Truly a delight! Go water skiing or tubing with Nambuccca Waterski and Wake Sports on the Nambucca River for an adrenaline filled time. Relax & catch a fish. A current Fishing Licence is required.

Boat ramps Nambucca Heads

Fishing in the Valley

Nambucca Valley ticks all the boxes for angling options on our pristine waterways, from the mountains to the sea. There is such a variety of fish from Freshwater Bass, Estuary Bream and Flathead to offshore Snapper all year round, and Mackerel in the summer months.

Nambucca River is oyster heaven for Sydney Rock Oysters, which are grown by many local oyster farmers on our pristine river. They have outlets on the river to buy their product when they are harvesting.

Freshwater: all upper reaches off our river and adjacent creeks hold a healthy population of Bass and Estuary Perch, some of these are in skinny clear flowing waters, so catch and release is the norm with the local fisho’s.

Shelly Beach is the launching area for ocean fishing and most locals. Good catches of a variety of species can be caught including snapper, pearl perch, teraglin, Venus tusk fish, (parrot fish) and Spotted and Barred Mackerel in the summer.

Estuary: We have a healthy population of all the estuary species including, Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Mulloway, Mangrove Jack, Luderick and Garfish. Bring your bait pump and mullet trap as there is a plentiful supply of yabbies, crabs and poddy mullet on the sand flats.

So bring your boat and enjoy. Or you can hire a tinnie at the local Bait and Tackle shop. You will enjoy your experience on our pristine clean waterways so much that you will want to retire in our lovely Valley like so many before you have done.

Main Image: Nambucca River - Josephine Drury. Left Inset: Jack Meagher. Right Inset: Well Creative

• Shelly Beach (off Shelly Beach Rd) • RSL Club car park (off Riverside Dr) • Wellington Dr • Stuart Island (access off Riverside Dr) • Gordon Park (off Wellington Dr)

Macksville • McKay Street • North Macksville Lions Park (off Ferry Street) • Boultons Crossing (off Gumma Rd via Boultons Crossing Reserve) • Nursery Rd North Macksville

Scotts Head • Forster Beach • Weir Reserve (off South Pacific Dr)

Valla Beach • Valla Reserve (off Ocean View Dr)

Bowraville • APEX Park (off Wilson Rd at Devils Elbow)

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 9

Nambucca Heads

1 2 3 4 5 Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 10

Kick back and have a meal at one of our many restaurants and cafés. Have a cup of coffee or a meal at the Nambucca Heads RSL Club with its million dollar views. Take in a movie at one of the three theatres at the Nambucca Cinema. Keep active at the skate park at Coronation Park, Nambucca Heads. Play a round of golf at Australia’s only natural island golf course – The Nambucca Heads Island Golf Course.

6 7 8 9

 o biking at Jacks Ridge G Mountain Bike Track in the forest near Nambucca Heads. Paint a record of your trip on the rocks at the V-Wall. Hire a tinny or canoe and take to the river. Immerse yourself in the history of the Nambucca Valley at the Nambucca Headland Museum.

Imagine the delight of the traveller who detours from the Pacific Highway and is greeted by the magnificent vista of the Nambucca River meeting the sea.

The breathtaking views from Captain Cook and Rotary Lookouts transport the visitor into a real-life postcard. Fabulous beaches and coastal scenery await those who wind their way down to the headland or take a walk along the outdoor graffiti gallery known as the V-Wall. Nambucca Heads is a beach mecca with its six amazing beaches and the mouth of the Nambucca River. The main street offers a colourful mix of independent boutiques selling collectibles, jewellery, clothing and knick knacks as well as everything you need for a holiday. It also has an eclectic variety of imaginative eating establishments, which use an abundance of fresh local produce. Once an important coastal port with ship building and timber mills as the main industries in the 1800s and early 1900s, the Nambucca Shire Council has installed an educational system of boardwalks and storyboards along the waterfront which will guide the discerning visitor through the town’s history. Outside the police station on Bowra Street, dolphins, fish and an octopus emerge from concrete waves in what may be Australia’s longest mosaic sculpture – ‘The River’ by local artist Guy Crosley. Today Nambucca Heads lures surfers, swimmers and those who love to fish. Image: Nambucca Heads - Chris Hewgill


The Nambucca Valley is the perfect location to watch the annual humpback whale migration. May and June are the best months to watch the northern migration of the humpback whales, while in September and October you can see the whales return with their young, back to the Antarctic Circle.

List of lookouts: • Captain Cook Lookout, Nambucca Heads • Rotary Lookout, Nambucca Heads • Lions Lookout, Nambucca Heads • Headland Lookout, Nambucca Heads • Lookouts at Valla Beach on Valla Beach Road. • Nyambaga Walking Trail Platform, Nambucca Heads • Yarrahapinni Mountain Lookout, Yarriabini National Park • Wakki Beach Lookout, Scotts Head • Headland Lookout, Scotts Heads • Kosekai Lookout, Dunggir National Park • Killiekrankie Lookout, Gumbaynggirr National Park/New England National Park Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 11

Nambucca Heads The V-Wall

When in Nambucca Heads, you can’t skip going for a stroll along the V-Wall. It is the outdoor art gallery on the rocks and boulders of the reinforcement wall at the scenic river estuary. Over the years, visitors, locals, artists and graffiti specialist have converted this wall into a spectacular, colourful, joyous display of paintings, mosaics and even sculptures. Everybody is invited to leave their special message on the V-Wall – just a couple of simple rules apply, use durable materials, don’t destroy someone else’s artwork, and wear proper shoes with firm soles when climbing over the rocks! We can’t wait to see your addition to our landmark!

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 12

Main Image: Main Beach - Chris Hewgill. Inset Left: Well Creative. Inset above: Jack Meagher.

10 reasons to enjoy our hospitality 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The draw of the ocean; ten unspoilt quiet beaches for the whole family to enjoy. Perfect for swimming, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing or just relaxing and making sand castles. A water lover’s paradise with a wide beautiful aqua river for water-skiing, canoeing and all other water sports. Catch a bream or flathead! Walk back in time in the quaint eclectic village of Bowraville and enjoy the two high quality museums and beautifully restored theatre. Spend some quality family time and have a ball with all the water sports and activities on offer. Have a real dining experience whether at one of our many fine restaurants or at the diverse cafÊs, taverns, and clubs or on the river cruises. Enjoy a round of golf at one of our three golf courses, surf the beaches, mountain bike at Jacks Ridge Mountain Bike Track, try a water ski or surfing lesson, skate at the three skate parks or just make a great sandcastle and relax with a book. The choice is yours. Enjoy the ambience of the diverse hinterland, from the palms and crystal clear creeks in the subtropical rainforest to the magnificent ghost gums and bush in the magical valleys of our region. Our subtropical temperature provides the ideal climate for activities all year round. Ideal for honeymoons, the Nambucca Valley will allow you to relax in a carefree atmosphere. Try our amazing oysters straight from the farms to you.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 13

Giin aga y Wa y to V alla Bea ch

BP Travel Centre

Na Ra mbu ilw cc ay a H Sta ea tio ds n


t er S lm Pa

Str ee t

s ad He a c uc ool mb ch Na igh S C a llistem o n Pl H

Water Towers

r nd ya

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R o ad

Silky Glen Cedar Oak Sh e at Cl Cl he


S u nbird Dr Ct

Zingara C l

Nambucca S





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lea C l e v il

Begonia C rs


Piggott St


Bel lwo od M cM Dri ve o rrine Park od Dr St Ln ell oyle D rk Pa od o R i versid e Drive w l B el Gu lk l m a ni a W d B o ar sh og s o ff le

m Autu Cl


Sa l


ack svi lle 11 k

To M

Warrigal Ave

Mu mb


Str eet


Nambu cca Shoppin Plaza g Centre

Myall S t

a man

da Pd e

Willunga Ave The Jabiru Motel 800m

Rut l a n d

Nambucca River Houseboats 2.1km


Pelican Caravan Park 2.5km


Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 14

The Nambucca Motel 2.1km

Leo n Foreshore Cl


Foreshore CaravanMann St Park


Car Pa



Bellwood Ro





the Par rhoo k d

Marshall Way


ew St

Illawong Village I l l awong Dr


Summ Place er Spring St

Faringdon Cl

Ne Dickso n S t

a NambuCccare Valley


Osp rey Village

Faringdon Village

Bank St



B e ll

Nambucca Heads Village & Tourist Park


C Ridg

B e e r Pd Ellis Ave




Cr s

C rs


Fennell C

Car Park

St ek re


Gardvee A

ta Cot Cl

Joh n A v

Av anda Jacar pletion)

Nambucca Heads

ls o

Bismar k St



w St


y ga


C u rle

Pelic a n

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n St Nelso


en t St

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be re na m ed


Mann St

m 1 co Crs nM sia po nk yu Ba Wa

t le Cr

low Banga

igh wa y( wi ll

Rock St

L Loftus

Casuarina Cl

Frank Partridge VC Primary School


Palmer St

m er St

r Dr



co Co

Pa l

West St




ld Dr

Pa cifi cH

rt ou sC

ga n ho rnbill Glen Lorikee t ho

West St



Christian School


eet ea t op Pl B e n St Tel a

Fred B rain

Forest Ro




op s St Bu

Co ffs EJ B Ha iffi n rb ou Field r4 s 5 km

Pa ce y


Stringe r

Bla c k

oad ght Cl



Davis Ct

Nambucca State Forest

Waug h

Cottage Park

d Old Coast R

Hyla nd P ar k R

n e e r Street


Pac ifi

oa K s d t e n H oward Cr S e

P io

dra Dr an

Nambucca Valley Community Church m 7.4 km 19 k Ale x le ravil w o B To

Fo res t

Centen ar y P d e



Du k


Lin kR

ilw ay R

Sta te

Watt le C My lose rtle Cl Co a wo chod Cl

Monr o



rd St


butt Road

Na m


017/2018 c Motorway opening end 2

Fo x

Nambucca Heads Highway Interchange

Stuart Island Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club

Bank St


lso n



t oS ag

ed S t


Nambucca State Forest

Morrison Park 4WD Beach Access Permit required

pm ash 6 on le


North Coast Parks Nambucca Headland Holiday Park

Ba W ck oo St lw or th s

Pilot St


A Pizza This A Pizza That   Boatshed Cafe   Golden Sands Tavern   Nambucca Heads RSL Club   Traditionally Grounded Café  

 P48  P49  P47  P49   P49



Nyam b a g a Trai

Pilot St

Wal l


1 2 3 4 5 6

 P46  P47  P47   P51   P47  P46 

AUTO 7 Bridgestone Tyres   8 Repco 

 P48   P48

Lee St

Wellington Rock

Galleria Shop Eat Relax  Divine Soul Centre   In Touch Boutique   Nambucca Plaza   Ocean Green Eco Store  Wendy’s Coiffure  




t Fraser S

t ek S Cre


U l rick Drv


et on

S t re


Sp Lis o rt St to nS t

Sch ool Wha




n Eichma

er Lee St


Ra W ell in

High St

Kent St

Back S t


Wellington Dri v

W o ods Ln

Captain Cook Lookout

Active Holidays White Albatross Holiday Centre

5 Rainforest


ch R d

V-W all

elle Sh y





Bank St


Boronia St


1 Big4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park P42 2 Destiny Motel    P44 3 Foreshore Caravan Park    P41  4 Marcel Towers Apartments    P42  5 North Coast Parks Nambucca Headland    P41 6 Nambucca Motel    P44 7 Nambucca River House Boats    P51 8 Pelican Caravan Park    P44 9 Riverside Rest B&B    P44 10 Riverview Boutique Motel    P42  11 White Albatross Holiday Centre    P43

1 2 3 4 5

Be a ch

Park es

Estuary Ln

Kent St


t aS wr Bo



Short St



y St

Rotary Lookout

ex Suss

k Stre et

r he


a cifi c

 P52  P12  P45  P52  P50



Lower Park s uarry Ba y o t n Driv e ling Wel

CBD detail Fle tc

Ocean St

Lions Lookout

t rS

Ri Hill dge St St


Surf Club

Ex ce Belle St nger S lsi n t o o t Lis ll St a Sm P


on Gord k r a P



An Pa zac rk

Short St St ites Raleig h




r lt atio C h a oron C val

ise llid



St eek Cr

Bank St

Fraser Stre

Woods L n


ge St

ark nP


Ridge St ington



Short St Estuary Ln

Lee St


St Bowr aS t



Beilbys Beach


Loftus St

Fletche r


y wr Ne

rP al m er B St

M a i n B e ac


Kite C r a hminy l St


e wman S t

n St

Lee Stre e t

N Lw


Skate Headland Drive Park

Mosaic Wall Nambucca Headland Museum   V-Wall Outdoor Graffiti Gallery   Nambucca River Cruises   Nambucca Library   Visitor Information Centre  





1 2 3 4 5 6

Big 4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park

Dogs off leash


m Ce

k Rd g Cree min m i Sw


on Gordrk Pa


St Bay

4 P22-23 Town Maps of Bowraville & Macksville P34-35 Town Maps of Scotts Head & Valla Beach

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 15

Nambucca Heads Business Directory NB: Pacific Highway will be renamed to Giinagay Way as soon as M1 Pacific Motorway is opened WHERE TO STAY Bellinger Beach House • 29 Bellinger St

02 6568 6902 •

BIG 4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park 26 Swimming Creek Rd

02 6568 6120 • • P42

Destiny Motor Inn • Riverside Dr

02 6568 8044 • • P44

Foreshore Caravan Park • Riverside Dr

02 6568 6014 • P41

Marcel Towers & Riverside Apartments 12-14 Wellington Dr

02 6568 7041 • • P42

Nambucca Headland Holiday Park Liston St

02 6568 6547 • P41

Nambucca River Houseboats 86 Pacific H’way

02 6569 4055 • • P45

Oceanview Apartment 1 • Fraser St Pacific Studio • 1/4 Pacific St

NAMBUCCA HEADS AND REGION ATTRACTIONS & SERVICES Attention to Detail Beauty Therapy 4 Back Street

0456 724 348 •

Big Banana Fun Park • 351 Pacific Hwy, 02 6652 4355 • • P45 Coffs Harbour Bradley’s Real Estate • 2/41 Bowra St

02 6568 6599 •

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House 5 Strouds Rd Bonville

02 6653 4766 • • P45

Dolphin Marine Magic 65 Orlando St Coffs Harbour

02 6659 1900 • • P45

East Coast Yoga • various locations

02 6569 0895 •

Eve Gurd Gallery • 10 Bemago St

02 6568 5560 •

Faringdon Village • 500/1 Faringdon Cl

02 6568 9565 •

0417 674 804 •

Forestry Corporation of NSW 357 Harbour Dr Coffs Harbour Jetty

02 6656 8800 • • P43

02 6598 6000 • via

Helloworld Travel • 16 Bowra St

02 6568 6455 •

Pelican Caravan Park • 5982 Pacific H’way 02 6568 6505 • • P44

Holiday Coast Boot Scooters

02 6568 7232 •

Riverside Rest B&B, 2 Foreshore Close

02 6568 6348 • • P44

Riverview Boutique Motel 4 Wellington Dr

02 6568 6386 • P42

Jazzy Hairtique Nambucca Plaza, Pacific H’way

02 6569 4050 •

Junk Shop No 6 • 6 Railway Rd

0401 628 363 •

The Jabiru Motel • 6154 Pacific H’way

02 6568 6980 •

Majestic Cinemas Nambucca Plaza, Pacific H’way

02 6568 6677 •

Mid North Coast Babysitting Services Kirsty Walker

0417406822 • facebook. com/Coffsbabysitting/ • P46

Muurrbay Aboriginal & Cultural Cooperative • 14 Bellwood Road

02 6569 4294 •

Nambucca Boatshed Kayak and Boat Hire • Riverside Dr

02 6568 6432 • • P49

Nambucca Heads Croquet Club J.B. Biffin Fields


Nambucca Headland Museum Headland Dr

02 6569 4353 • • P52 02 6569 4111 •

The Nambucca Motel • 6038 Pacific H’way 02 6568 6899 • • P44 WatersEdge Apartment 2/26 Wellington Dr

02 6369 0803

White Albatross Holiday Centre 40 Wellington Dr

02 6568 6468 • • P43

WHERE TO EAT Bellwood Store • 42 Riverside Drive

02 6568 6056 •

Bluewater Brasserie at V-Wall Tavern Wellington Dr

02 6568 6344 •

Bookshop Café • Corner Ridge & Bowra St 02 6568 5855 • Davis Seafoods • 23 Riverside Drive

02 6568 6624 •

Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club Stuart Island

Golden Sands Tavern • 31 Bowra St

02 6568 6000 • P48

Nambucca Leagues and Sports Club 24 Sport St

02 6568 7210 •

Matilda’s Restaurant • 6 Wellington Drive

02 6568 6024 •

Nambucca Heads Library • Ridge St

02 6568 6906 • • P52

Nambucca Heads RSL Club • Nelson St

02 6568 6288 • • P49

Nambucca Heads Offshore Fishing Club P.O. Box 410

0407 455 378 •

Nambucca Heads Physiotherapy Piggott St

02 6568 7700 •

Nambucca Boatshed Café • Riverside Dr 02 6568 6511 • • P49 Nambucca Heads Bowling Club • Nelson St 02 6568 6132 • Nambucca Liquor Supplies • Bowra St

02 6568 6714 •

Nambucca Heads Table Tennis Club Headland Hall Liston St

0411 508 456 •

New River Edge Indian Cuisine 10/6 Bowra St

02 6568 9880 •

Nambucca Heads Tennis Club Tennis Court in Gordon Park

02 6569 4445 •

A Pizza This A Pizza That 42 Bowra St

02 6568 7460 • • P48

Nambucca Valley Visitor Information Centre • Crn Pacific Hwy/Riverside Drv

02 6568 6954 • • P50

Sam's Place (Chinese) in Leagues & Sports Club, Short St

02 6568 9688

Nambucca River Cruises 86 Pacific H’way

02 6569 4055 • • P45

The Nambucca Motel Restaurant 6038 Pacific H’way

02 6568 6899 • • P44

Nambucca Valley Community Church 9-11 Wirrimbi Rd Wirrimbi

02 6568 1647 •

Traditionally Grounded Café Shop 3&4 , 1 Kent St

02 6568 6400 • P50

Radio 2 NVR Radio Nambucca Inc. Rodeo Dr Tewinga

02 6564 7777 • into 105.9 FM

Rally Australia • P51


Roberts Real Estate • 10 Bowra St

02 6568 6605 • • P44

Slim Dusty Centre • 490 Macleay Valley Way South Kempsey

1800 18 SLIM • • P47

Sparkles Antique & Collectables 2 Ken Howard Crescen

0448 635 385 • Come in and see 02 6569 4382 •

Galleria, Shop,Eat, Relax • 1/42 Bowra St 02 6568 5283 • • P46

The Stringer Art Gallery/Nambucca Valley Arts Council • Community and Arts Centre • Ridge St

In Touch Boutique • 39 Bowra St

02 6568 7707 • • P47

The Valley Gym • 6 Old Coast Rd

02 6568 7888 •

Nambucca Boatshed Tackle Shop Riverside Dr

02 6568 6432 • P49

Visitor Point Tourism Services and brochure distribution

Kevin McDonald • 0411 825 149

Nambucca Plaza Shopping Centre Pacific H’way

02 6568 5077 • • P51

VW Spectacular Donna Pell P.O. Box 427

0427 695 203 •

Ocean Green Eco Store • Mann St

02 6568 9281 • P47

Wendy’s Coiffure • 5/28 Ridge St

02 6568 6146 • • P46

Zeny’s House of Photography 40 Bowra St

02 6568 7766 •

Bridgestone Nambucca Ken Howard Crescent

02 6569 4633 • P48

Coastal Curves Surf Shop, 42 Bowra St

02 6568 6902 •

Divine Soul Centre Seascape Shopping Centre 38 Ridge St

02 6568 7044 • • P47

Forever Fabulous • 15A Ridge St

02 6568 7749 •

Repco 50-54 Riverside Drive

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 16

026568 6673 •

Shop Shopping is a favourite past time in the Nambucca Valley. So while you are here, enjoy some relaxed retail therapy in our array of eclectic boutiques and stores. Or spend your weekend trawling through the array of bustling markets in our seaside and rural villages, where you can be sure to find a secret bargain. You will be most welcome! We have free parking in all towns and villages. Shopping in Nambucca Heads is very popular with the females. Designated tables on the footpaths come with the instruction: “Park your husband here!’. Galleria, In Touch Boutique, Ocean Green Eco Store Divine Soul Centre are names to remember when you go looking for a gorgeous dress, accessories or a present for your best friend. P.S.: Don’t forget where you parked your husband!

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 17


Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 18

Macksville is the riverside country town with a country heart. It has a fine setting on the Nambucca River, many waterfront and up-town eateries and cafés as well as gourmet food stores, supermarkets, beauty parlours and quirky boutiques offer all sorts of trinkets and treasures. The cafés, eateries and country pubs incorporate fresh local and organic produce into their menus. The riverside parks and the lily-covered pond at ‘Dawkins Park’ at the southern end of the town are popular resting places for travellers. Rich in history, the wide Nambucca River at Macksville now provides many recreational opportunities – sailing, canoeing, jet-ski and water skiing, as well as fishing and rowing. Macksville is the administrative centre of the Nambucca Valley. The local council chambers, the Valley’s primary police station, courthouse, railway station and district hospital are all located here. Macksville also plays host to the renowned Macksville Gift foot race. This is one of the oldest footraces and was initiated on 19 September 1953.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Enjoy a coffee or meal on the river at Macksville. For an adrenalin rush have a water ski lesson from Nambucca River Water Ski & Wake Sports on the wide beautiful river. Take a canoe trip of the wetlands at Valley of the Mist in Congarinni (near Macksville) and explore the bush food orchards. Take in the magnificent rural scenery of Welsh’s Creek Road and Williams Hill Road. Have a drink or meal at one of the historic and beautifully restored hotels, the Nambucca Hotel in the CBD or the Star Hotel on the river at Macksville. Visit the unspoilt peaceful National Parks of the area. Keep active at the skate park at Macksville Park. Visit the Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage and Museum and see how the early timber getters of the area lived and many other interesting historic items.

Main Image: Jules Kyle Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 19

Bowraville step back in time

1 2 3 4 5 6

Visit the Verandah Post town of Bowraville and walk the interesting historic main street. Spend an interesting few hours at Bowraville’s Frank Partridge VC Military Museum, which is reputed to be the best museum of its type outside a capital city. Go back in time at the Bowraville Folk Museum. Visit the beautifully restored Bowraville Theatre. Enjoy the excitement and country atmosphere of the Bowraville Races. Relax with a coffee and meal in the Mad Hatters Tea Garden or enjoy meals, drinks and the facilities at the Bowraville Ex-Services Club.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 20

Nambucca Valley's historic heart

Bowraville is a heritage village that was once the main centre of the Nambucca Valley. Known as ‘the Verandah Post Town’, many of the shops in High Street have overhanging verandahs.

It is a town of contrast with a main street lined with verandah-shaded footpaths, museums, art galleries and a treasure trove of Aboriginal art and culture. It is beautifully situated within attractive farmland and mountain rainforests. The Frank Partridge VC Military Museum is housed in the historic former council chambers. Its large and extensive collection of military memorabilia covers all conflicts in which Australian forces have participated. The museum is open Mon–Fri 10 am–3 pm, Sat 10am–12 noon or by appointment. Ph. (02) 6564 7056. The Bowraville Folk Museum is recognised as one of the best of its type in NSW – a must visit! Hundreds of items used in the district in bygone days are on display. There is also a blacksmith’s shop, saddlery and chapel. The chapel is still available for weddings and christening ceremonies. Ph. (02) 6564 8200. The Bowraville Theatre was built in 1940, and like many ‘picture shows’ in country towns, was at the hub of the area’s social activities on a Saturday night. In the late 1960s it went through several changes over a number of years until it fell into disrepair. In 2000 a determined group of local people began to work towards restoring this landmark in Bowraville. It is a unique attraction and community focal point for social activities. Ph. (02) 6564 7808. The Nambucca River Jockey Club conducts regular race meetings at the picturesque Bowraville Racecourse – it’s a country picnic day to remember with full betting facilities. Ph (02) 6564 7258 for race dates or look on our online events calendar. European settlement began in the area in the 1830s. When the first timber-getters arrived in search of Red Cedar, the river was used to transport the timber and the township of Bowraville developed. Main Image and insets: Well Creative

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 21


East Stre et

East Stre et

Willis S t

Willis Stre et Johnston Close


l on C Lenn

St llace Wa

Wall Street


nc y


Star St

Harg es Ln

Cooper St


Short St

un il PrinceCo ss Stcre et

Matilda St

Walla Lanece




llace S t Mary St

Wa llac eS t



Wil ly Till y




53 psey Kem

St rk Pa t sh S Mar

m Road rs Ar ylo Ta Valley Of The Mist 4.3 km Grubers Winery 13 km Perry’s Lemon Myrtle 24 km Pub With No Beer-Taylors Arm 27 km

Tennis W a lt e r M

rm rs A

West St


Stu rde eS t Til Bru Ra ly W nsd ilw on ay illy Ln St Cr ati Frank St eek on


lli c

Uritti R oad

Oxley St

Line ay ilw Ra

m Ar ylo




Cas e


Coronation Kennels & Cattery 1 km

o Tayl



Crescent re



io n



n at

Rosemary Grds

G ra

Co ro

Na m

eorge C oG l Egan Lan Fe e m Cl rr y Eg Li St Will an St Pacific H on iam Nambucca River igh sP wa St y /G Tourist Park ar iina k gay Grandview Wilson 2.6 km t S W t a Belle r y Drive Bridge Sho vue Driv M cLe e n nan Jo s North Macksville ffr e y D Playing Fields St N Belle am Rive bucca R v u r e iv er McKay St McKa Driv St y St e River St Ln gus n A Nambu St cca St Gum ce r Primary lla Winifr ma Kane St St School Wa ed R oa t d St es Pa rtridge St Police/ W Mar Thistle y Court Aquatic Park Oval House aPnioneerBoulton d M Cotta Library Centre Station useu ge Street Dudley St m (5 Gu 00m un Cammma R ) r Macksville o Pl War pgrouneserve Oval rell C d on Park Matilda reek Oval Street (5 k Dawkins m) Gallery Park Skate D u r k in S Donnelly Welsh Autumn parkNett Playing Fields Lodge ball Boulton Boundary St Street Macksville Briner St Ba High r ri Macksville eS School Hospital t

W ils o n Road


Macksville Showground (700 m) To Bowraville via Rodeo Drive (14 km)

e riv oD er de Riv Ro cca bu

To Bowraville via Wilson Rd (11 km)

Wallace Street

Macksville Cemetery



201 p en oto rwa yo

M1 Pac ifi


er R e Wa id S rre t


Ro ad



a rr

e ima n s Lan


Grant Crs

Northwood Cl Drive e R o w rrell a C re e k rW pe

reek Rd ll C


e re ll C

Co n

no r


e r iv

02 6564 7041 -

r th wo ns Ai

ts D igh



re ar W

Kerr D rive


d woo

ad ll Ro Hi



W ay






lo n

Wu r


Bin a

in Cv Crisp l hP ana Sus ra Pl Lau e


Cl da Win

yd L lo

a Dr

nd Wuri


Bowraville Business Directory Bowra Hotel, 33 High St

W a ll

a St

ee Str

Rd Axels

Pres ton Dr iv

dge We

g won Yarra

Kylie t

la Wu

Str e

Macksville Industrial Estate l ma C Gum


St St n Patrick’s wa Ja a Primary School l nC Macksville He ara

ark St

onga Street aw


Macksville Country Club Golf & Bowls

rway Cv Fai Ce n t P ra






Henderson St


ylie St


il l C l

Gillett Cl kins Daw Pl Mc Hodge t S

sC rs


Bowraville Community Markets Pioneer Centre in High St

re 02 6564 ll C 7670

(1) Phoenix Treasure Chest • High St

02 6564 7677 • • P47

re ar W

ATTRACTIONS & SERVICES IN BOWRAVILLE Bowra Post & Collectables • 27 High St

02 6564 7169 •

Bowra Hotel 33 On High St 33 High St

02 6564 7041 •

Bowraville Theatre • 74 High St

02 6564 7808 •

Bowraville Recreation Club 2 South Arm Rd

02 6564 7349 •

Nambucca River Jockey Club Bowraville Race Course

02 6564 7258 •

Bowraville Theatre Café • 74 High St

02 6564 7808 •

(1) Bowraville Folk Museum • 86 High St

02 6564 8200 • • P45

(1) Bowraville Ex Services Club / Keppy’s Bistro • High St

02 6564 8898 • • P48

(2) Frank Partridge V.C. Military Museum, 02 6564 7056 • • P46 29 High St

(2) The Bank Café & Gallery / Phoenix Treasure Chest, High St

02 6564 7677 • • P47

Bowraville Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 26

0428 527 545 •

Mad Hatters Tea Gardens • High St

02 6564 7631

Bowraville Community Development Ass. Inc.

Bowraville Community Technology Centre, 39 High St

02 6564 7420 •

(3) Nambucca Valley Phoenix • 88 High St 02 6564 7677 • • P47

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 22

Macksville Business Directory


NB: Pacific Highway will be renamed to Giinagay Way as soon as M1 Pacific Motorway is opened WHERE TO STAY IN MACKSVILLE Bellevue Riverside Motel 1A Bellevue Dr

02 6568 1363

(1) Gumma Reserve Campsite Nambucca Shire Council, 44 Princess St

02 6568 2555 • P52

(2) Mandarin Motel • 24 Princess St

02 6568 2222 •

Mid Coast Motor Inn • Pacific Hwy

02 6568 3544 •

Nambucca Hotel Corner Pacific H’way & Wallace St

02 6568

(3) Nambucca River Tourist Park 143 Nursery Rd

02 6568 1850 • P45

(4) Star Hotel • 16 River St

02 6568 1008 • • P48

WHERE TO EAT IN MACKSVILLE Bridge Café - 12 River St

02 6568 1028 •

(1) Macksville Country Club • Wallace St

02 6568 1400 • • P49

(2) Star Hotel - 16 River St

02 6568 1008 • • P48

Visions Bistro at Macksville Ex Services Club - Cooper St

02 6568 1740

(3) The Pub with No Beer Taylors Arm Rd Taylors Arm

02 6564 2100 • P48

Blushing Blueberries Blueberry Products PO Box 443

02 6569 6283 •

Gruber’s Winery • 536 Welsh’s Creek Rd

02 6569 6225 •

Jenny’s Kitchen Jams and Preserves P.O. Box 612

0425 205 737 •

(1) Lifetime Connect • 23 Wallace St

6568 2522 • • P50

Macksville & District Chamber of Commerce • P.O. Box 311

(2) Macksville Library • 51 Princess St

02 6568 1422 • • P52

Macksville Memorial Aquatic and Fitness Centre • 23a Cooper St

02 6568 1445 •

(3) Macksville Mowers and Auto Care 19 Cooper St

02 6568 1145 • 02 6568 1911 • P48

(4) Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage & Museum • 38 Gumma Rd

0466 046 849 • P52

Matilda St Gallery/ Nambucca Valley Art & Framing • 26 Matilda St

02 6568 4433 •

Nambucca Guardian News Shop 4/10 Princess St

02 6568 7555 •

Nambucca Macnuts • 48 Yarrawonga St

02 6568 4210 •

(5) Nambucca River Water Ski & Wake Sports - various locations

0459 100 118 • • P45

(6) Nambucca Shire Council • 44 Princess St 02 6568 2555 • Ngurrala Aboriginal Corporation 48 Wirrimbi Rd


02 6568 4400 •

(7) Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Rainforest Products 02 6564 2150 • • P47 2014 Taylor’s Arm Rd, Taylors Arm

The Remnant Basket 10 River St

02 6568 1829

Nambucca River Department Store Walllace St

02 6568 1120

Rusty Iron Rally-Mid North Coast Machinery Restoration Club P.O.Box 567

0487 874 894 -

Funkya @ Unkya Markets PO Box 612

0425 205 737

Unkya Cultural Eco Tours Shop 7, Skylight Arcade, 17 Wallace St

02 6568 2786 •

Macksville Riverside Markets River St

02 6568 3844

Valley of the Mist 88 Congarinni North Rd, Congarinni

02 6568 3268 •

ld Road

Rd en ng

li Bel ti b ot ssa m Mi 12 k

r m Rd

hS t Cook St River


Carbin S t

William St

George S t Bowravil Ex-Servle Bowra S ices t

Cohale n St

d Road

Bowra BelmoHreotel St Conen S t

Lions Club Park

High St

Adam S t

Alberta St

Bowra S t


n Dr



Sou th A

Carbin S t



c a R iver

River St

so Wil

Bowraville Recreation Club & Golf Course

High St

Bow l in g

Adam St


High St


Cook St


Adam L n

th A rm




Tennis or o n ation S t


Goldies Nature Park

To Nambucca Heads via Rodeo Drive 19 km

Lanes Bridge

Valla R oa

McKay Park

Na mb ucc aR ive r Par kS t

Bowraville Racecourse

Gra ssy


Rod eo Dri ve


© Maïta van Stockum

No through way to Bellingen due to landslip


Grassy R oa d To Macksville 13 km To Nambucca Heads via Wilson Rd 25 km Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 23

The ultimate Nambucket list Nambucca Heads area

• Nambucca River Cruises- Cruise the beautiful Nambucca River with a lovely Devonshire Morning Tea Cruise each Wednesday 9:30 – 11:30am Bookings (02) 6569 4055 • Nambucca Town Centre- Take a walk down Bowra Street and discover beautiful boutiques, like the stylish In Touch Boutique and for something with a difference try Galleria- Shop Eat Relax or Divine Soul Centre. • Nambucca Plaza - 21 specialty shops to explore...something for everyone! • Nambucca Boatshed & Café - Right on the Nambucca River, hire a boat, kayak or paddleboard, get your bit and fishing gear or enjoy a great coffee and fabulous fresh meal. • Visit the Nambucca Headland Museum – learn all about the history of Nambucca Heads and the large ships that would frequent the area – some until they ran aground!

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 24

Macksville area • Nambucca River Waterski and Wake Sports - Put your fears aside and book a ski lesson you will never forget. Fun for all the family, no experience required and the tube rides are awesome! • Gumma Reserve- Launch the boat or kayak while the BBQ cooks, enjoy the pristine Warrell Creek campsite. • Perry’s Lemon Myrtle – Treat yourself to wonderful food and beauty products made from natural Australian ingredients. Try the Lemon Myrtle cheesecake to put a smile on your face. Bookings essential! • Indulge in history and visit the Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage and Museum. Experience the way the locals lived in this cute and original cottage, and admire the many artefacts and memorabilia on display. • Clubs - The Valley boast numerous Clubs, Pubs and Taverns that provide great food to suit any budget, and entertainment to make your ears and legs happy!

Bowraville • Frank Partridge VC Museum-See the history of the Nambucca Valley in one of the best museums outside of capital cities, featuring an informative military display. • Bowraville Folk Museum-Step back in time and see how life was in the 1800’s and 1900’s. Features the old church and machinery. • Nambucca Phoenix - Arts and crafts and tea room in a beautiful historic building.

Coffs Area • The Butterfly House- Experience the magic of being surrounded by butterflies, unforgettable. • Dolphin Marine Magic - Get a kiss from a dolphin or sea lion, visit the penguins and other marine animals. Watch the twice daily show, a great family activity. • Mid North Coast Baby Sitting -Need time out from the kids while holidaying? Give Kirsty a call on 0417406822. Servicing all areas. • Big Banana - Visit the iconic attraction with 7 fantastic attractions including a 17.5m tall giant slide, toboggan ride, laser tag arena, 36 hole mini golf course, theatre and plantation tour, ice skating rink and the biggest water park between Sydney & the Gold Coast!

Kempsey Area • Slim Dusty Centre - Travel along the new Pacific Highway to Kempsey and visit the new centre to honour our iconic Slim Dusty.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 25




Thumb Creek

Bowra Sugarloaf


Ro a

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 26

d r Ro a wne do


Perry’s Lemon Myrtle


lli a

Ngambaa Nature Reserve


Pub with No Beer

Dunggir National Park


rk R d


o n Ro

R o d eo Dri ve


Valley of the Mist


irr i m Nambucca Valley Community Church Giinaga y


Drifted Away



Foreshore Caravan Park Marcel Towers Riverview Boutique Motel The Jabiru Motel The Nambucca Motel Destiny Motor Inn Pelican Caravan Park WatersEdge North Coast Holiday Park Nambucca River Tourist Park

oad iR

Valla Beach Tourist Park

Wenonah Head



Bongil Bongil National Park




Eungai Creek Buffalo

Unkya Reserve



STUARTS POINT Yarralen Retreat Yarrahapinni Homestead B&B

Yarriabini NP



Dolphin Marine Magic

Big Banana Fun Park

Gumma Reserve Campsite Taylors Arm Road MACKSVILLE Gaagal Wanggaan National Park Congarinni Utungun r el kR l Ck l C Parts of the SCOTTS HEAD Highway under OceanScape Luxury construction Beachfront Villas est 2017/2018 North Coast Holiday Park The Pines Picnic Area

Grubers Winery W e lshs C


Roa d e r B u c k rabendinni Rd

North Ar m



l a n g R iver


Jaaningga Nature Reserve


Sou th

Valery Trails Horseriding Centre

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House


Promised Land Bonville Glenn ife r Road


Bollanolla Nature Reserve


Missabotti Lands l

Graces Road t t i R

rm Road hA




W ay

Dorrigo Rainforest Cente

Argents Hill


d B uckra b endi n n i R

Kosekai Lookout


a te r

Juugawaarri Nature Reserve

Horses h o e R o ad




Baalijin Nature Reserve


Bellinger River National Park


b a Roa


Dorrigo National Park

Wa r


Andersons Sugarloaf

Killiekrankie Lookout

B e l l ing

er Riv

all terf Wa



Co r am


Bellinge nR oa d



m s H ill Rd

Va lla

ad rre er Wa l Upp



d b

Missa b o Rd


k Cr e e wee Ne Way


Way G i i n agay


From Bowraville - Heading south on High St, Bowraville,
turn right on to Carbin St which leads on to South Arm Rd.
At 3.4kms keep to left hand road. At 5.3kms continue straight ahead on to gravel road (which is sign posted Taylors Arm 20kms). At 11.4kms turn left on to Welshs Creek Rd.
At 16.7kms cross Rhones Creek. At 17kms turn left on to Rhones Creek Rd. At 20.1kms cross Nashs Crossing. At 23.6kms turn left on to Congarinni North Rd. At 24.8kms turn right on to Wilson Rd.
At 30.2kms cross Blackbutt Creek. At 32.7kms cross Wilsons Bridge and
Tilly Willy Creek and on into Macksville.

Williams Hill Loop 34kms Sealed & Gravel Rd Allow 45mins

Turn off the Pacific Highway on to Valla Rd. At 1.5kms turn left (staying on Valla Rd). At 4.4kms pass the Valla Hall and enter the Viewmont State forest.
At 19kms (opposite Bowraville racecourse) you can turn right to Bowraville - 2kms, or turn left on to Rodeo Drive to continue on the Valla Loop. At 26.8kms turn left on to Wirrimbi Rd. At 29.1kms cross Newee Creek over Cassidys Bridge. At 31.4kms cross the railway bridge and at 31.9kms turn left on to Old Coast Rd. At 33.8kms cross over the
Pacific Highway and turn left on to slip road to rejoin
the Pacific Highway.

Valla Loop 34kms Sealed & Gravel Rd Allow 45mins

From Bowraville -Turn off High St, Bowraville, on to North Arm Rd, cross Brouggys Bridge. At 3.8kms turn right on to Graces Rd. At 5.9kms take left fork. At 8.5kms cross W. G. Grace Bridge. At 12.2kms cross Betty Allens Bridge.
At 15kms cross the North Arm at Betts Bridge. At 15.2kms turn right on to North Arm Rd.
At 15.9kms turn sharp left on to Lower Buckrabendinni Rd. At 18.2kms cross Jeff Boorer Bridge. At 27.2kms turn right to rejoin North Arm Rd to return to Bowraville, 1 km.

North Arm Loop 28kms Sealed & Gravel Rd Allow 40mins

Scenic drives

Ox ley H

igh wa y

Kumbatine National Park


m id ale -K



H as

ti n



Slim Dusty Centre




M Limeburners Creek National Park


Hibbard St



led) sea (un

Cre sce nt

Hastings RFerry ive rD r

So u


ad Ro



We s

Ro ck s




ea y acl



o use R d Smokey Cape

Hungry Head



Point Plomer

Settlement Point Ferry


ht h

Hat Head National Park




La e rs Ro P l umm ks Ro c t s We

er R iv d

oa Loftus


Plom er R oad

So ut h

eac h

Cedar Park Picnic Area

sR ive r


er lom Road tP

dR ea

Kill ick B

y Ro pse em Bel

Maria River R oa

y Valley W a y M a c l ea er Road Riv

Po i n


t Head R o a d Ha


Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 27

From Macksville - Turn off Pacific Highway on to Boundary Rd. At .6kms turn left on to Wallace St and on to Taylors Arm Rd. At 1km cross railway bridge. At 1.4kms cross Tilly Willy Creek. At 3.8kms pass through the village of Congarinni. At 9.6kms cross Franks Creek (Wards bridge). At 10.3kms continue on to Boat Harbour Rd (do not turn left on to Taylors Arm Rd here). At 11.2 kms cross Boat Harbour bridge. At 15kms turn left to continue on Boat Harbour Rd. At 16kms cross Charles Johnson bridge.
At 19.2 kms cross Grays Crossing bridge. At 20kms turn right back on to Taylors Arrn Rd. At 23kms cross Bakers Creek. At 27kms cross South Arm (river) into the village of Taylors Arm. Return by same route.

Taylors Arm 27kms Sealed Rd Allow 40mins each way

Turn off Pacific Highway .4kms south of Warrell Creek bridge on to TD 14.
At 4.4kms from Pacific Highway turn off cross Way Way Creek. At 4.5kms turn right at sign post - Way Way Forest - Yarriabini National Park. At 8.5kms reach ‘The Pines’ picnic area. Just past ‘The Pines’ you can either - turn left on to Jimmys Ridge Rd to reach Grassy Head (5kms) on TD 14, or continuing on at 12.5kms turn right on to the summit of Mt Yarrahapinni. At 15.6kms reach the first lookout and picnic area and at 16.5kms reach the summit of Mt Yarrahapinni.

Mount Yarrahapinni 28kms with options All Gravel Rds - Allow 40mins

Turn off Pacific Highway 0.4kms south of Warrell Creek bridge on to TD 14.
At 4.4kms cross Way Way Creek. At 9.5kms turn right to continue on TD 14 to Grassy Head. At 15.3kms pass left turn off to Grassy Head. At 18.6kms turn right on to Stuarts Point Rd. At 20.9kms turn left to continue on Stuarts Point Rd.
At 28kms rejoin the Pacific Highway (turn right to return to Macksville).

Tourist Drive 14 28kms Sealed Rd - Allow 30mins

National Parks & nature reserves

The Pines Picnic Area, Yarriabini National Park Take a short drive from either Scotts Head or Macksville, and enjoy a magical day driving through the subtropical rainforests of the significant Yarriabini National Park with lush rainforests, palm forests, crystal clear brooks and the magnificent Pines Picnic Area. Here you can enjoy a picnic or prepare your food on the BBQs supplied. After lunch there is time for some exploring of the majestic stands of trees and the small brooks, which weave between them. Don’t forget to enjoy the outstanding 360-degree views from Mt Yarrahapinni. Bliss!!!

Ngambaa Nature Reserve Ngambaa’s coastal foothills include large areas of old-growth grey gum and spotted gum forest of outstanding conservation value. Ngambaa Nature Reserve is a key habitat for arboreal fauna, including the threatened powerful owl and yellow-bellied glider, due to the wide diversity of tree species. Ngambaa is located 30km south-west of Macksville and 10km north-west of Kempsey. Best access is on unsealed roads from Eungai Creek - take Tamban, Elliots, then Searles Roads. Alternatively, from Frederickton, take Collombatti Road. Take lunch to Cedar Park Picnic Area on Jacks Road. The cool shady setting provides a welcome respite to summer heat. Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 28

Dunggir National Park... remote and rugged and great for 4WD Dunggir is the Gumbaynggirr word for koala, one of ten threatened animals found in this forested mountain park. For those with a taste for rugged ridges, Dunggir offers a drive through a variety of forest communities with bird watching and photography. From your car you will see giant old-growth tallowwoods and graceful burrawang cycads. The park is 20km west of Macksville and access roads are unsealed dry-weather roads. Drive from Bowraville, via North Arm, Buckrabendinni and Hanging Rock Roads. Kosekai Lookout on Kosekai Road is a focal point for your visit, with its great views over the lower Nambucca and Macleay Valleys. Killiekrankie Mountain Lookout ...for a spectacular 4WD experience. Take Horseshoe Road off Buckrabendinni Road, Bowraville for an adventurous 42 kilometres drive to this amazing view of the New England and Gumbaynggirr National Parks. The unspoilt views over the luscious mountains stretch for hundreds of kilometres - a spectacular spot for a picnic.

1 2

Have a picnic amongst the ghost gums and pine trees at the beautiful Pines Picnic Area in Yarriabini National Park. Take in the breathtaking views from one of our many lookouts.

Helpful Points • All parks and reserves are sensitive areas. • Pets are only allowed in State Forests – not in National Parks or Nature Reserves. • Please take your rubbish with you. • Drive carefully and keep to public roads. • All vehicles including trail bikes must be registered. • Many of these parks and reserves are located on unsealed roads, so please drive to conditions. • Leave everything as you find it – take only photos and leave only footprints.

Main Image: John Nalder. Inset Jack Meagher

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 29

Scotts Head

Scotts Head is a must-surf destination! Mastering the waves there has seen a number of locals do well on the professional circuit. Surfboards and paddle boards can be hired or lessons booked at Trent Munro Surf Academy. Excellent surf conditions can be found at the three beaches. For family swimming you can’t go past Main Beach near the Surf Club. Make sure to check out the amazing views from the point on the Headland, accessible via stairs near the famous Whale Table. A variety of accommodation and shopping facilities are available. Scotts Head has one of Australia’s most impressive coastal panoramas. It has large stands of native bush, which are rich in flora and fauna. Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 30

To get there, it’s 10 kilometres off the Pacific Highway and about a 15-minute drive south of Macksville. Get your 4WD on the beach via South Pacific Drive. You need a Beach Driving Permit, available at Scotts Head Tourist Park, Nambucca Shire Council in Macksville or the Visitor Centre in Nambucca Heads. You can drive along Forster Beach nearly all the way to Nambucca Heads. The beach is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Gaagal Wanggaan National Park. You will find some spot where you can park the car and walk through the National Park to Warrell Creek. Bliss!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Main Image: Outamedia. Inset : Trent Munro by Jon Holcombe

Find sea creatures and shells on the magnificent beaches. Picnic at Scotts Head Reserve, where BBQ’s are supplied and kids can play. Build a sandcastle with the kids. Take Tourist Drive 14 and have a look at Grassy Head beach, Stuarts Point. Take your boat, canoe or kayak to the boat ramp at Scotts Head weir on South Pacific Drive and paddle on Warrell Creek. Take a walk on the headland via the stairs at the beautiful mosaic Whale Table in Scotts Head Reserve and enjoy the views, watch the surfers and spot the dolphins. Find a treasure at the market organised by Wildlife Rescue Inc on the 4th Saturday of the month.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 31

Valla Beach Valla Beach

On the coastal side of the highway this is the place for those seeking solitude. Miles of unspoilt beaches provide the perfect setting for slow leisurely walks and exploring interesting landforms, including a cave, basalt headlands and low tide rock pools.

The picturesque village offers modern cafĂŠs, small general store, a tavern, a pharmacy, butcher shop, a hairdresser and a real estate agent,. The popular Valla Beach Tourist Park, offering sites and cabins for all tastes, is located at the southern end of the village. The beautiful beach of sun drenched golden sands is a quick walk from the park over the footbridge crossing Deep Creek. The tidal waters of Deep Creek present safe swimming for children and the location is popular as a picnic area for families. Valla Beach is also popular with shell collectors, the prized cowrie shells can often be found washed up on the previous high tide. At low tide it is possible to walk to Nambucca Heads, which is just 3 kilometres south. There are many rock pools that are lovely safe swimming holes. Valla Beach is well known for dolphins and you will also see humpback whales during their migrations north and south. The beach is quiet, both in and out of season. North Valla Beach has Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 32

1 2 3 4 5 brilliant surfing. Imagine sitting on your board just after sunrise, looking back at the shore with Pickett Hill standing guardian over the village and a pod of dolphin joins you on the wave! Fantastic diverse and colourful markets are held at Valla Reserve on the first Saturday in even months (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec), featuring live music by local musicians, entertainment for kids, great coffee and a variety of delicious food and drinks.


The rural settlement called Valla, west of the Pacific Highway, offers spectacular sightseeing through luscious forests and pastures. Rolling hills, grazing cattle and macadamia plantations make the perfect backdrop for your scenic drive. And.. if you are planning your wedding, check out the amazing venue and meet the celebrants at the picturesque Eagles Rest Wedding Venue.

Main Image: Chris Hewgill. Inset : Valla Beach picnic by John Bennett

6 7 8 9 10

Relax with coffee and a delicious snack at one of the cafés in Valla Beach and watch the world go by. Take your 4WD for a ride: Valla Beach offers a great access point for 4WD beach driving (permit required). Take your dog for a run: North Valla Beach is a sublime spot for it! Come and watch! Valla Beach is one of the major venues for car events; the village hosts the Hot Rods (October), Volkswagen Spectacular (July/August every second year), GT Falcons (end October/ early November). Look for your cowrie: Valla Beach is a popular spot for shell collectors. Keep active at the skate park in Anderson Park, Valla Beach. Go for a snorkel around the rocks to see the varieties of fish, both tropical and cold water species. Take your mountain bike for a ride on the inland track to Oyster Creek in the Jagun Nature Reserve. Kayak along Deep Creek. Enjoy a stroll through the large Valla Beach Community Markets, held on the first Saturday of every even month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec) at the Valla Reserve (also known as “Lion’s Park”), at Valla Beach.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 33

Scotts Head WHERE TO STAY Headlands Beach House

22 Mathew St • 0412 396 580 •

Oceanscape Luxury Beachfront Villas

2 Seabreeze Place Scotts Head • 0448 772 525 • • P44

Scotts Head Holiday Park

12 Adin St Scotts Head • (02) 6569 8122 • • P41

Yarrahapinni Homestead

340 Stuarts Point Rd Yarrahapinni • (02) 6569 0240 •

ATTRACTIONS & SERVICES Trent Munro Surf Academy

various locations Scotts Head • (02) 6569 7127 •

Yarrahapinni Studio Gallery

445a Stuarts Point Rd Yarrahapinni • (02) 6569 0826 -

Unkya Culture Eco Tours

Shop 7, Skylight Arcade, 17 Wallace St • 02 6568 2786 •

© Maïta van Stockum

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R a l eigh St


Waratah St


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ze ree ab ce Se Pla

Gan To

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 34

Matthew St

Jo hn

Raleigh Street

ead ts H t o c S lic Pub ol o Sch

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Elephant Point


Vernon St

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Buz Brazel Park

Little Beach

at War


on leash 5:30pm-8:30am


River Oak

Ve rno nS t


River Oak



s ce ou

Warrell C


th Pacific Dri v e

Headland Macksville/ Scotts Head SLS Club

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North Coast Parks Scotts Head HolidayPark Bo wl ing St Ad rt i o n O Res Str Sh e e t in rve et Tennis e St tre Courts in S Adin S Ad t Wa t lla eS ce ac l l St Wa Ban k s i aC rs

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ca D buc

Nam ta Vis

reek Warrell C


Way cus s i Hib

Whale on leash Table 5:30pm-8:30am

Ban ksi aC rs


m ora Pan


Kent St

Christian Youth Centre



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m Sco tts H e a d Rd


West St

So uth Pa cifi c

Dr i


Wakki Beach

Oceanscape Luxury Villas

Rogers D rive



s St one

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t a Avenue


Valla Beach Community Association 40 Max Graham Dr Valla Beach • 02 6569 6736 Eagles’ Rest Wedding Celebrants & Venue 111 Valla Rd Valla • 02 6569 5771 • Valla Real Estate 33 Valla Beach Road • 02 6569 5690 • P44

St an


Vall aB ea ch

Valla Beach Community Markets Valla Reserve • 02 6569 5410

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an Vie w D rive

Thom p n St so

O ce Valla Nature Reserve

on leash 6 pm-9 am

Bu ch an Gr eg or yS t

Hib isc us mD Dr rive Val Steel la R e St e K al E etut C Val la B l stat e eac o R a d h lla Beac hR Va oad Fire Station Water Tower a ah

Bus stop

Valla Beach Tourist Park 1 Regatta Dr Valla Beach • 02 6569 5555



Hen de rs

Railw ay

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Anderson Park


ve aA ut


Skate Park


-Smith St orth tw



Shore s

4 WD Beach Driving access point Permit required

n Cockbur

Biru g an C l o se

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Pa cifi c Gii na Highw ga ay yW ay

WHERE TO STAY Dogs off leash north

Swordfish Dr

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Dr Drive

Seaforth D rive


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Valla Nature Reserve

Dolphi nP l

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Ped Valla Bridestri g e an Reserve Cre ek

Valla Beach Tourist Park

De ep

© Maïta van Stockum

Valla Beach Village

No 4WD beach driving nor dogs off leash past this point coming from south

Valla Beach Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 35

Taylors Arm

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 36

A meandering scenic drive from Macksville takes you up the mountain to the quaint village of Taylors Arm. In the late 1800’s, when its main industries of cedar felling and dairying were at their peak the small village of Taylors Arm was thriving. Taylors Arm and its surrounding area offer you the real country experience and fantastic scenery. Undulating landscape, State Forests, National Parks, the drive up to Thumb Creek and Taylors Arm river, harbouring some very inviting water holes in the hot summer - your camera will be clicking! An avenue of Paulownia trees is set in the foreground of the village of Taylors Arm – and with blue mountains in the background - you will love it!

The Pub With No Beer Made famous by Slim Dusty

If you are looking for an authentic country pub experience then the 27km trip from Macksville to The Pub With No Beer at Taylors Arm is an essential. This is the original Pub the famous song was written about and it does have beer with it’s own line of brews being a feature. Sit at the unique tables either inside or in the beer garden, enjoy the memorabilia and meet the entertaining locals for a unique country experience! Don’t forget to have a look at the quaint small town of Taylors Arm.

Main Image: Fig tree North Arm - Donna Baldwin

1 2 3

Enjoy a lovely lunch and cool drink in the shaded beer gardens of the famous Pub With No Beer. True Aussie atmosphere! Soak up the picturesque countryside and learn about the early timber and farming industries from the many photographs and artefacts decorating the walls in the pub. Drive up the road to Thumb Creek, enjoy the magnificent scenery and discover the refreshing water holes.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 37

Events The Nambucca Valley has for decades been the destination for spectacular car shows and events. The Hot Rods, Volkswagens and GT Falcons, just to name a few, have made the Nambucca Valley a preferred destination for their popular Show & Shine. Their fun outings during their prolonged stay in our diverse and beautiful Nambucca Valley further enhance the visit for spectators and visitors alike.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 38


Summer - December, January & February • Valla Fair at Valla Beach Reserve, 1st Sunday in January. • Elly Stig Memorial Golf Day, Nambucca Heads Island Golf Course 1st Sun in January. • Australia Day - Community Celebration at Gordon Park Nambucca Heads.

Autumn - March, April & May • Easter Quilt and Patchwork Show in Macksville, Easter weekend. • Macksville Show, Macksville Showgrounds, Fri/Sat two weeks after Easter. • Breakfast by the River, food, music, markets, Gordon Park, Nambucca Heads, 2nd Sunday NSW School Holidays. • Scotts Head Food, Wine, Music & Art Festival, Scotts Head Reserve, 2nd Sunday NSW School Holidays. • Autumn Orchid Show, Nambucca Heads Community and Arts Centre.

Winter - June, July & August • VW Spectacular held biennial in even years, early August, Show and Shine in Nambucca Heads and at Valla Beach Tourist Park for more detail, go to

Spring - September, October and November • Rusty Iron Rally – Macksville Showground Father’s Day Weekend September. • Hot Rods – Valla Rod Run – NSW School Holidays. • Hot Rod Show and Shine in Nambucca Heads Sat. for more info, go to: • Spring Orchid Show, Nambucca Heads Community and Arts Centre. • Nambucca Valley Arts Council Art and Craft Exhibition (biennial in odd years). • Garden Gala and Markets at Macksville Showground. • GT Falcons annual meet, last weekend October or first weekend in November, with Show & Shine in Nambucca Heads. • World Race Rally, Kennards Hire Rally Australia, November.

Throughout the year

• Bowraville Races are held six times per year with full betting facilities – (March, June, September, November, December). • River Cruises – Every Wednesday. • Devonshire Morning Tea Cruise, every 3rd Sunday of the month Barbeque Lunch Cruise (min bookings apply). • All Clubs and Pubs have special weekly meals, events and raffles. • The Unkya Aboriginal Land Council holds Eco tours in Scotts Head on a regular basis. • Local Service Clubs (Lions and Rotary) meet in Macksville, Nambucca, Bowraville and Valla. • Nambucca Birdwatchers has an outing every third Thursday of the month. • Kyeewa Walking Group has group outings every Wednesday and Sunday. • Nambucca Bike Riders meet every first Sunday of the month. • Bowraville Theatre has movies, shows, theatre acts and other performances most weekends at their beautifully restored theatre in Bowraville. Things can change, please check all events, dates and times on our online event calendar: or ring the Nambucca Valley Visitor Centre on (02) 6568 6954. Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 39

The taste of Nambucca

Discover the wonderful gourmet produce which is grown with passion throughout the Nambucca Valley. The Valley of the Mist in Congarinni (near Macksville) offers informative tours of the wetlands and adjacent natural bush tucker orchard. Here you can sample an incredible variety of native fruits and nuts.

The Nambucca River is a well-known prime source of luscious Sydney Rock Oysters. The water is clean and the oysters are very succulent. Indulge yourself in a dozen.

On your way to Taylors Arm, enjoy a stop at Perry’s Lemon Myrtle Farm for a delicious morning or afternoon tea. It’s free of charge, but you will have to book ahead. (Ph 6564 2150). Don’t forget to taste the Lemon Myrtle Cheesecake and take home some exceptionally fine Lemon Myrtle hand cream or soap.

Sample some of our tasty, fresh produce, for example bananas, pineapples, stone fruit, avocados and blueberries. Take some of our delicious conserves, sauce or jams home to enjoy or to give to the person looking after your cat or dog!

The Nambucca Valley has its own boutique winery – with fine mead, wine and port. Grubers Winery is situated 15km out of Macksville situated on two of our scenic drives. See map page 26. To sample and buy delicious macadamias grown in the Valley, why not visit MacNuts at 48 Yarrawonga Street in Macksville. Macadamia oils and spreads, food bars, short bread and cosmetics are available for purchase.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 40

The Nambucca Valley is a foodies paradise, where you can get up close to see, feel and taste some of the very best produce that is grown anywhere in the world. Settle in for a delicious meal at one of our restaurants, clubs, pubs or funky cafés. We are lucky they have magic views and a variety of delicious food to match. So whatever your preference or budget you are sure to find a tantalising meal from one of our inspired local chefs. Experience the ambience, the aroma and a delicious meal!

Foreshore Caravan Park

Where to stay Nambucca Heads’ most perfectly located caravan park is right beside the picturesque Nambucca River. It offers excellent camping sites and quality holiday cabins with terrific water views across the river and ocean. Your whole family will be delighted with the outstanding campsites and cabin positions right by a sandy beach. Enjoy our waterfront barbeque facilities and boat launching ramp. You’ll also be delighted by the adjoining waterfront park with more beaches, playground equipment, picnic gazebos and additional BBQ facilities.

25 Riverside Dr, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 6014 •

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 41

BIG4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park

Modern 2 bedroom cabins • fully ensuited • a/c • kitchens • linen provided Caravan & powered tent sites • Quiet secluded Nambucca Beach location

• water slides • playgrounds • jumping pillow • heated swimming pool • BBQs & camp kitchen

Ph: 02 6568 6120

Direct Beach Access


Turn at PO and follow signs to BIG4

Stay at the place with the best views! FREE WI-FI, FREE Kayaks, FREE Dinghies. • All apartments have balconies with spectacular views over the ocean and / or river and rainforest. • Separate bedroom(s), supplied linen, pillows and blankets. • Air-conditioning. • TV, DVD player, complimentary DVDs. • Spacious fully furnished lounge and bathroom. • Kitchen equipped with oven, large fridge and microwave. • Undercover off street parking. • Guest laundry and BBQ. • Resident manager. • Sorry NO LIFTS. * PLEASE NOTE Only some apartments are Pet Friendly – Pre-booking for pets required and conditions apply.

For the best price - Book direct! p: (02) 6568 7041 please quote promo code: NV2017 Offer expires 30/06/2018 Not available with any other offer

12-14 Wellington Drive Nambucca Heads NSW

A warm friendly welcome awaits you at

The Riverview Boutique Motel

Your room has all the comforts of home including free Wi-Fi, AC, your own balcony, Foxtel, microwave & tea/coffee making facilities. Your choice of a complimentary cooked or continental breakfast will ensure a good start to your day. You may opt to dine in our light & airy dining room, in your room or on your balcony overlooking the beautiful Nambucca River or gardens. Whilst this 1880’s motel is full of history, renovations have ensured that we have all the modern comforts. You have found a quiet, peaceful haven within walking distance to everything Nambucca Heads has to offer. Riverview Boutique Motel 4 Wellington Drive Nambucca Heads

Tel: (02) 6568 6386

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 42

p:02 6568 7041

Ph: 02 6568 1850

143 Nursery Rd North Macksville • •

Perfectly located between Sydney & the Gold Coast, the park offers a one stop holiday park with a range of generous caravan & camping sites, 4 Star luxury villas & self contained cabins. Enjoy a pet-friendly waterside location along the Nambucca River, boasting private fishing jetty & boat ramp. You will be more than surprised by the selection of holiday accommodation & the 5 star facilities available, the perfect holiday spot and base to explore the surrounding Nambucca Valley and Coffs Coast.

The perfect waterfront holiday location!

Ingenia Holidays White Albatross is set on the headlands of Nambucca and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Nambucca River and Gordon Park Rainforest. Soak up some sun on the surf beach, fish off the sea wall, launch your boat and cruise the Nambucca River, or enjoy the many water activities available in our tidal swimming lagoon – all within a short walk from your cabin or campsite.

52 Wellington Drive, Nambucca Heads, NSW p 02 6568 6468 albatross

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 43

Valla Real Estate

The Destiny Motor Inn

Valla Real Estate is a highly professional Real Estate team who live in and are part of our local community, Valla Beach. We may not be the biggest, but we strive to be the best in property services in Valla Beach and the Nambucca Valley. From the Mountains to the Sea! • Real People • Real Service • Great Results • Rural & Residential Sales, Rentals & Holiday Letting Visit our website for the best of our region's Holiday Letting properties.

Situated by the Nambucca River, we have superb 3 1/2 star facilities with a short walk to a swimming beach, Golf Club, Bowling Club, RSL Club and shopping mall. The complex has a private pool, glorious water features and 7.5 acres of lush tropical gardens to stroll through. We offer dining in a relaxed and friendly environment at the Rendezvous Restaurant.

33 Valla Bech Rd, Valla Beach 02 6569 5690 •

Nambucca Motel

OceanScape Luxury Beachfront Villas

Cnr Pacific H’way & Riverside Dr Nambucca Heads 1800 806 340 •

Pelican Caravan Park

Our team will ensure your stay is a home away from home with our 30 ground floor modern and comfortable rooms. We offer double, twin share and family rooms, nestled amongst 15 acres along the Nambucca River. Sit back and enjoy the view. Our restaurant offers you a fine dining experience and we have a very well stocked bar.

Two luxurious Villas Scotts Head, on Waikiki Beach, sensational. A wonderful vantage point to watch the surf, the moods of the sea, whale migration, sunrises out of the ocean and sunsets over the mountains. Near to freeway.

Pelican Caravan Park features broad river frontage on the Nambucca River. We boast many features including a pool, private boat ramp and jetty. Accommodation options include riverfront cabins, standard cabins, riverfront powered or unpowered sites and powered sites. Pet friendly all year round.

6038 Pacific H’way, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 6899

2 Sea Breeze Pl, Scotts Head Robert and Jenny Kemmis 0448 772 525

5982 Pacific Hwy, Nambucca Heads (02) 6568 6505 •

Riverside Rest

Roberts Nambucca Real Estate

Something special. Relax the minute you step inside. A welcoming smile and excellent service. New furnishings, modern decor, air conditioned comfort, free WiFi, wide screen television including free Netflix. Wake up to river views and a complimentary, freshly cooked breakfast. Bliss.

Roberts Nambucca Real Estate has a 45-year history with the Nambucca community and is one of the most respected real estate agencies in Nambucca Heads. Our full-service agency sells both rural and beachside properties throughout the region, property management services, and offers holiday lettings. Call Roberts Nambucca Real Estate today.

2 Foreshore Cl, Nambucca Heads (02) 6568 6348

10 Bowra Street, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 6605 •

To find out more about these and other accommodation options please visit our website.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 44

Nambucca River Cruises and Houseboats

Attractions & Services CRUISES • 2 hour morning tea cruise: every Wednesday 9.30am to 11.30am • 3 hour BBQ cruise: 3rd Sunday each month 11.30am to 2.30am (subject to numbers, bookings essential). HOUSEBOAT HIRE • Weekend Hire: Friday 1pm to Monday 9am • Mid-week: Monday 1pm to Friday 9am • Week: Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday For information and bookings call Robert and Robyn Kennedy. 02 6569 4055 • 0427 689 313 • • •

0459 100 118 a

f or i l y ! n Fu e fam h ll t

• Beginners • Skiers • Wakeboarders • Bare footers • Inflatables • No experience required!

The Big Banana Fun Park

Bowraville Folk Museum

Coffs Harbour Butterfly House

The Big Banana Fun Park is the BIGGEST Fun Park on the Northern NSW coast! It boasts 7 fantastic attractions including a 17.5m tall Giant Slide, Toboggan ride, Laser Tag arena, 36 hole Mini Golf course, Theatre and Plantation Tour, Ice Skating rink and the biggest Water Park between Sydney & the Gold Coast! It’s a whole “bunch” of FUN!

Jam packed with all kinds of great nostalgia, the museum has exhibits appealing to adults and children of every age. Visit us for a few hours to see the vast array of historic pieces on show. Open Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:00pm Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 1:00pm Coach enquires welcome.

The Coffs Harbour Butterfly House is a unique attraction just south of Coffs Harbour. Visitors have the opportunity all year round, to get close to nature and be surrounded by hundreds of live Australian butterflies. Our café offers morning & afternoon teas, light lunches and snacks all made on the premises. Open 9am to 4pm. (closed Mondays, except during NSW school holidays.)

351 Pacific Hwy Coffs Harbour 02 6652 4355 •

86 High St, Bowraville 02 6564 8200

5 Strouds Rd, Bonville 02 6653 4766

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 45

Frank Partridge VC Military Museum

Dolphin Marine Magic

Mid North Coast Babysitting

The largest collection of military artefacts on the Mid North Coast. Displays of vehicles, guns, uniforms, weapons, swords, trench art, relics, photos and medals. Each conflict era is displayed in individual rooms with audio visual representation. Open Monday to Friday 10 am to 3 pm. Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 1 pm.

Dolphin Marine Magic is located in the coastal town of Coffs Harbour approximately 40 mins drive from Nambucca Heads. Our “marine discovery” presentation runs every day of the year and continues to delight visitors of all ages. Every visitor gets an opportunity to receive a FREE kiss from our friendly Dolphins and cheeky Seals.

Friendly • Reliable • Professional • Est. 2001 • Qualified, experienced & background checked • At your home or holiday accommodation • Servicing Coffs Harbour & surrounding areas • Group bookings for weddings & parties

29 High St, Bowraville 02 6564 7056

65 Orlando St, Coffs Harbour 02 6659 1900

Where to shop

02 6658 8589 • M: 0417 406 822

Galleria Shop Eat Relax

NEW and EXCITING STORE SHOP Extensive range of gifts and clothing for everyone EAT Delicious, Local and organic eats Great coffee (GF,V,DF,SF available) RELAX Pamper and relax

Shop 1/42 Bowra St, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 5018

Wendy’s Coiffure

Professional Haircare for men and women. • Ear and Nose piercing • Style Cutting • Waxing/tinting • Colours, foils, • Spray tans streaks, bayalage • Seniors discounts • Affinage, matrix, opalex, everescents • Mobile bridal hair and make up organics • Free wifi • Bodywaves Shop 5/28 Ridge St, Nambucca Heads (opposite library) 02 6568 6146

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 46


Perry's Lemon Myrtle

The Slim Dusty Centre and Museum

Nambucca Valley Phoenix provides local employment opportunities for people with a disability, while boasting some of the most iconic landmarks in Bowraville. Our Op Shop is full of amazing artworks made by our clients and our café makes some of the best scones in the valley.

Visit and enjoy “The Lemon Myrtle Experience”. See the trees, smell the leaves. Visit our gallery, sample and purchase from our extensive range of lemon myrtle products. You can buy and try our delicious Lemon Myrtle cheesecake or ice cream. We also do special Lemon Myrtle tastings for a free morning or afternoon tea. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL 24HRS prior.

“An Australian Life in Song”, a unique multi purpose cultural centre exhibiting a visually rich and astonishingly varied display of Slim Dusty’s life and his passion for Australian Country Music. The Museum has something for everyone. OPEN 7 DAYS 9.30am – 4pm • Museum • Galleries • Theatrette • Gift Shop • Café • Function Centre

88 High St, Bowraville 02 6564 7677 • • NDIS Registered Provider

2014 Taylors Arm Rd Taylors Arm 02 6564 2150

490 Macleay Valley Way, South Kempsey 1800 18 SLIM •

Nambucca Valley Phoenix co mmunity suppo rt services

Divine Soul Centre

In Touch Boutique

Ocean Green Eco Store

New Age Inspirations and more. Crystals, Clothing, Statues, Essential Oils, Jewellery, Wall Hangings, Prayer Flags, Wind chimes, Dream Catchers, Salt Lamps, Incense, Books CD’s & DVD’s Giftware, Scented Candles. Holistic Health Practitioners. Clairvoyants/ Mediums. Group Meditation. Yoga Classes.

Extensive range of quality Australian and international labels Inc. Mela Purdie, Johnny Was, Verge, Joseph Ribkoff and much more! Top to toe casual and special occasion outfits and accessories and superior service. Ageless, timeless and original style. Open 9 to 5 weekdays and 9 to 2 Saturday.

Authentic Aboriginal Art and Crafts. Come and see our large range of natural body and baby products and sustainable living products and Aboriginal clothing lines. Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm (3.00pm of Fridays).

Seascape Mall 16/38 Ridge St, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 7044 •

39 Bowra St, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 7707

Day of month


1st Sat

 alla Beach Community Markets at Valla Beach V Reserve every second month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

2nd Sat

159 Mann St, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 9281 •

Day of month


Every Sun

 offs Jetty Markets, Jetty Shopping Centre Carpark, C Coffs Harbour.

Horseshoe Bay Markets, South West Rocks.

Every Sun

 offs City Uptown Markets, Coffs Harbour Palms C Centre Carpark.

2nd & 4th Sat

 owraville Country Markets, Aunt Emily Community B Centre, High Street, Bowraville.

Every Sun

 arbourside Markets, Jetty Foreshores, Coffs H Harbour.

2nd & 4th Sat

 acksville Riverside Markets, M on the river banks in Macksville.

2nd Sun

 ambucca Heads Plaza Markets, Plaza Shopping N Centre.

2nd & 4th Sat

 ellingen Organic Produce Markets, Bellingen B Showground.

Last Sun

3rd Sat

Bellingen Markets, Bellingen Park, Bellingen.

Funkya @ Unkya Markets at Unkya Reserve Pacific Highway, Eungai - Every second month (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)

4th Sat

Sawtell Community Markets, Elizabeth St, Sawtell.

Last Sun

 runga Riverside Markets, U 10-14 Bonville St, Urunga.

4th Sat

Scotts Head Monthly Market Adin St Reserve

Every Thurs

 offs Coast Growers Markets, C City Square, Coffs Harbour.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Guide - 47

Macksville Mowers & Auto Centre

Bridgestone Nambucca

‘Service that moves you’ • All mechanical repairs & servicing • All brands of tyres • Farm service available • Batteries • Full brake service

• Wheel alignment & balancing • Unregistered vehicle inspections • Authorised inspection station

1 Ken Howard Cres, Industrial Estate, Nambucca Heads 02 6569 4633

Food and wine

OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT • Mowers • Brushcutters • Chainsaws • Generators

19 Cooper St, (was Pacific H'way) Macksville 02 6568 1145 or 02 6568 1911

Recently relocated with a huge parts range expansion • Knowledgeable friendly staff • Brand new air-conditioned store • Open 7 days • NRMA members discount available •All major brands carried from airfreshners to specialised parts • Major distribution centres available for overnight orders on items we don’t have in stock • Parking right at the door Unit 5 50-54 Riverside Dr, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 6673 •

Bowraville and District Ex-Services Club - Keppy's Bistro

Golden Sands Tavern

Located in the historic town of Bowraville, we're a rural club servicing the community with daily happy hour, pool table, Tab, Keno, weekly raffles & much more. Visit our dining room, Keppy's Bistro, for a delicious meal. Lunch: 12-2pm Wed-Sun Dinner: 6pm Wed-Sat. Keppy's onsite/offsite catering is available for all occasions. Call Keppy's on 0408 435 813.

The tavern has a range of meals catering for all ages and appetites with fully qualified chefs that have worked around Australia. Best described as ‘Modern Australian Cuisine’, all of the dishes are prepared with fresh locally grown produce. We don’t forget the kids, with a children’s menu available as well. The Golden Sands Tavern welcomes large groups.

57 High St, Bowraville 02 6564 7304 • •

31 Bowra St, Nambucca Heads 02 6568 6000

Pub With No Beer

Star Hotel

Pizza, Pasta and Seafood made fresh, tasty and delicious... just the way you like it... just the way it should be. Dine in, take away or home delivery ($5) • Specials - Tuesday & Wednesday nights -any 2 medium pizza’s only $25 pick up or $30 dine-in or delivered • Thursdays - all you can eat pizza & pasta from 6pm • BYO OPEN 6 NIGHTS, TUESDAY - SUNDAY FROM 5PM

No trip to Taylor’s Arm is complete without a visit to the pub made famous by Slim Dusty’s song. Founded in the late 1800s, the renowned pub is open daily from 10am with the bistro opening for lunch from 11.30am till 2.00pm everyday and Friday and Saturday nights from 5.30 till 8pm. Accommodation is available.

Serving Macksville since 1885, the Star Hotel offers excellent food serving lunch and dinner 7 days. With its magnificent river setting, beer garden and wide verandas, it’s the ideal place for a quiet lunch or your next function. The Hotel has its own pontoon & jetty, making it a popular stop for boaties and Houseboats.

3/42 Bowra St Nambucca Heads 02 6568 7460

4 Taylors Arm Rd, Taylors Arm 02 6564 2100 •

16 River St, Macksville 02 6568 1008


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A Pizza This • A Pizza That

• Mechanical Repairs • Log Book Servicing • Pink Slips/Safety Checks • Tyres • Batteries • Oils • 4WD Specialist


Come and join us at the

Macksville Country Club

... be it for a relaxing social outing, a round of golf, a game of bowls, a shoot in our new 3D archery range, Tuesday’s bingo or our Friday night meat raffles and buffet dinner. Families are most welcome – our “Kid’s Corner” has been a favourite with all kids. Our club is a popular location for functions such as wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary parties, socials, bucks nights, hens parties, wakes, seminars, sporting and fundraising events. We can cater for and accommodate up to 250 people. Our in house kitchen – ‘Donna’s Place’ offers delicious, home style bistro meals at reasonable prices. Opened Tue – Sat for lunch from 12.00 pm to 2:00 pm and Thur – Sat for dinner from 6.00 pm.

Superb FOOD Riverfront VIEWS

We would really love to see you here! YOU CAN FIND US AT 206 Wallace Street, Macksville OR CALL US ON 02 6568 1400 OR LOOK US UP AT

Enjoy our riverfront verandah or lawn area for Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee and Cake. FREE Wi Fi, Seniors receive 5% discount Wheelchair Access Pet Friendly Area Open 7 Days

Boatshed Tackle Shop All your Fishing and Boating needs Fishing Licenses, Rods, Reels, Bait, Boat & Kayak Hire.

Riverside Drive Nambucca Heads (in the RSL carpark) Cafe p:02 6568 6511 Boatshed p:02 6568 6432

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Traditionally Grounded Cafe & Toy Shop

A unique cafe experience staffed by Local Aboriginal people. Come in for a big breaky, lunch a coffee, ice cream cones and buy a great range of educational toys. Air conditioned comfort inside or cool outside dining available. Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm.

Nambucca Valley Visitor Information Centre

For your free, friendly information on our unique & unforgettable area. Come and talk to us! Free maps, brochures and lots of info.

159 Mann St, Nambucca Heads 02 65689281 •

Open 7 days 9 am - 4 pm (close 5 pm in summer) 57 Riverside Drive, Nambucca Heads 2448 p: (02) 6568 6954 w: e:

Choose Local

Local services supporting the whole community

• Aged and community services assisting you to be independent in your home • Family services to support the needs of all its members • Children services for school readiness, out of school care and Disability Services JOIN IN OUR COMMUNITY SERVICES:

Community Gardens • Mens Shed • Information Centre Need help navigating MyAgedCare? Approved for NDIS and need assistance?

Ph: 6568 2522

Join Nambucca Valley Tourism Association Inc We invite all businesses large and small to become a member. You'll receive discounted advertising rates in the next visitor guide. Your membership will support tourism in our region and help market our destination. Contact us for more information so you can be featured in the next edition.

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CALL US ON 6553 5828 13A Bent St Wingham, NSW. 2429

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Campfires Allowed

Pet Friendly

Great for Kayaks

Low Rates

Newly renovated amenities! • Boat Ramp • Fire Pits • Firewood For Sale • Caravan Waste Disposal Point For more information call Nambucca Shire Council: (02) 6568 2555 or visit:

Discover the Past...


Nambucca Headland Museum

Frank Partridge VC Military Museum

Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage

Bowraville Folk Museum

A collection of memorabilia documenting the history of the Nambucca Valley.

The largest collection of Navy, Army and Air-force artifacts on the Mid North Coast.

A replica pioneer’s cottage, with barn and garden, showing the life of a pioneering family.

Step back to a time when Bowraville was a major centre on the Mid North Coast.

Headland Drive Nambucca Heads

29 High Street Bowraville

38 Gumma Road Macksville

86 High Street Bowraville

Wed, Sat & Sun 2pm - 4pm or by appointment

Mon - Fri 10am - 3pm Sat & Sun 10am - 1pm or by appointment

Wed & Sat 1pm - 4pm or by appointment

Mon - Fri 10am - 3pm Sat - Sun 10am - 1pm

p: (02) 6569 4353

p: (02) 6564 7056

p: 0466 046 849 p: (02) 6568 1265 e:

p: (02) 6564 8200 f: (02) 6564 8200

Visiting? Need to stay connected? Nambucca Shire Libraries offer visitors FREE WiFi & Internet Access Plus a wide range of information and resources. Nambucca Heads Branch 23 Ridge Street Nambucca Heads p: (02) 6568 6906 Macksville Branch 41 Princess Street Macksville p: (02) 6568 1422

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