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Charles and Ray Eames Charles and Ray leaving Los Angeles with the Films for the 1959 American National Exhibitionin Moscow


Eames house




AIA Twenty-five Year Award, 1977 Royal Gold Medal, 1979 "The Most Influential Designer of the 20th Century" IDSA 1985

*Eames House entry (Case Study House #8)

*Sweetzer House (between 1930–33) *St. Louis Post-Dispatch model home (193?) *St. Mary's Church (Helena, Arkansas) (1934) *St. Mary's Church (Paragould, Arkansas) (1935) *Dinsmoor House (1936)

Work Practice

The Eames Office

*Meyer House (1938)


Eames House

*Bridge house (Eames-Saarinen) (1945)


Eames Lounge Chair Wood (LCW) Eames lounge chair and ottoman 'Powers of Ten'

*Dean House (193?)

*Entenza House (1949) *Eames House (1949) *Max De Pree House (1954)


Charles Eames


Pacific Palisades, California map


1945 to 1949 timeline

Building Type


Construction System

semi-prefab, light steel frame with panels


mild temperate






Case Study House No. 8. Modern aesthetic of light elegant assembly from standard industrial elements.

Louis Kahn

Kimbell Art Museum


February 20, 1901 Kuressaare, Governorate of Estonia, Russian Empire


March 17, 1974 (aged 73) New York City




AIA Gold Medal RIBA Gold Medal Work

Timeline of works


Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban Yale University Art Gallery Salk Institute Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad Phillips Exeter Academy Library Kimbell Art Museum


Center of Philadelphia,Urban and Traffic Study

-1962 – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India. -1962 – National Assembly Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh. -1963 – President's Estate, Islamabad, Pakistan (unbuilt).

-1965 – Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Front Street, Exeter, New Hampshire. -1966 – Kimbell Art Museum, 3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, Texas.

Aldo Rossi

Quartier Schützenstrasse


May 3, 1931 Milan, Italy


September 4, 1997 (aged 66) Milan, Italy



Architecture -The Quarter Schüzenstrasse, in Berlin. -Monte Amiata complex in the Gallaratese district of Milan, Italy with Carlo Aymonino. -San Cataldo Cemetery, Modena, Italy (1971) -Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, Italy (1981). -Centro direzionale, Perugia, Italy (1982–88).

Alma mater Politecnico di Milano Awards

Pritzker Prize (1990)

-Palazzo Hotel in Fukuoka, Japan (1986–89).


-Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, The Netherlands (1990–94). -Quartier Schützenstrasse in Berlin, Germany (1994–98). -Ca' di Cozzi in Verona, Italy, his last project Mojiko Hotel, KitaKyushu, Japan (1996-1998).


Teatro Carlo Felice

-The contents of the book is :1). Structure of urban artifacts. 2). Primary elements and the concept of area. 3). The individuality of urban artifacts; from architectural aspect. 4). The evolution of urban artifacts.

-As a summary I conclude the following:1). Aldo Rossi provides a deep new "post-modern" perspective of the city as a diverse and collective human feat which refutes Le Corbusier's view of the city from the mere standpoint of urban planning.

2). offer different dimension to see a city. not only from utilitarian view like le Corbusier's Radiant City, but from another dimension like socio-historical perspective. Rossi idea about collective memory, urban artifacts, city's permanence are very profound.

Luis Barragán Morfín

Important works


March 9, 1902 Guadalajara, Jalisco, M exico


November 22, 1988 (aged 86) Mexico City, Mexico




Pritzker Prize

Torres de Satélite

-Las Arboledas / North of Mexico City (1955–1961). -House for the architect / Barragán House, Mexico City (1947–48). -Jardines del Pedregal Subdivision, Mexico City (1945–53).

-Tlalpan Chapel, Tlalpan, Mexico City (1954–60). -Gálvez House, Mexico City (1955).


-Jardines del Bosque Subdivision, Guadalajara (1955–58). -Torres de Satélite, Mexico City (1957–58), in collaboration with Mathias Goeritz. -Cuadra San Cristóbal, Los Clubes, Mexico City (1966–68). -Gilardi House, Mexico City (1975–77).


Torres de Satélite

Walter Gropius Walter Gropius (circa 1919). Photo by Louis Held

Selected buildings


Walter Adolph Georg Gropius May 18, 1883 Berlin, Germany


July 5, 1969 (aged 86) Cambridge, Massachusetts



His tribune tower entry

-1921 Sommerfeld House, Berlin, Germany designed for Adolf Sommerfeld.

Work Practice

The Architects' Collaborative(1945–1969)

-1922 competition entry for the Chicago Tribune Tower competition. -1925–1932 Bauhaus School and Faculty, Housin, Dessau, Germany. -1936 Village College, Impington, Cambridge, England 1936 66 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, England.

-1937 The Gropius House, Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA. -1942–1944 Aluminum City Terrace housing project, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA. -1949–1950 Harvard Graduate Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (The Architects' Collaborative).

Peter Behrens (1908–1910)


Fagus Factory Werkbund Exhibition (1914) Bauhaus Gropius House University of Baghdad J.F. Kennedy Federal Building Pan Am Building

-Entries for 1922 Chicago Tribune Tower competition. From left to right, entries by:Eliel Saarinen, Walter Gropius & Adolf Meyer, Adolf Loos.

Selected works -House in East Hampton, Long Island, New York (1990). -Lewis Thomas Laboratory, Princeton University, New Jersey (1986). -Gordon Wu Hall; Princeton University, New Jersey (1983).

-House in New Castle, Delaware (1983). -Coxe-Hayden House and Studio; Block Island, Rhode Island (1981). -Best Products Catalog Showroom; Langhorne, Pennsylvania (1978). -Allen Memorial Art Museum modern addition, Oberlin College; Oberlin, Ohio (1976). -BASCO Showroom; Philadelphia (1976). -Franklin Court; Philadelphia (1976).

Robert Venturi

-Dixwell Fire Station, New Haven, CT (1974). -Brant House; Greenwich, Connecticut (1972).


25 June 1925 Philadelphia, Pennsylv ania


Pritzker Prize (1991), Vincent Scully Prize (2002)

-Trubek and Wislocki Houses; Nantucket, Massachusetts (1971). -Fire Station #4; Columbus, Indiana (1968). -Vanna Venturi House; Philadelphia (1964). -Guild House; Philadelphia (1964).

Vanna venturi house elevations and section.

Vanna venturi house plans.

*The New York Five refers to a group of five New York City architects (Peter Eisenman, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, John Hejduk and Richard Meier) whose work appeared in a Museum of Modern Art exhibition organized by Arthur Drexler in 1967, and the subsequent book Five Architects in 1972. *These five had a common allegiance to a pure form of architectural modernism, harkening back to the work of Le Corbusier in the 1920s and 1930s, although on closer examination their work was far more individual. *The grouping may have had more to do with social and academic allegiances, particularly the mentoring role of Philip Johnson. *These five, known as the "Grays", attacked the "Whites" on the grounds that this pursuit of the pure modernist aesthetic resulted in unworkable buildings that were indifferent to site, indifferent to users, and divorced from daily life. These "Grays" were aligned with Philadelphia architect Robert Venturi and the emerging interest in vernacular architecture and early postmodernism. *John Hejduk was primarily an educator, and died in 2000. *Charles Gwathmey died on August 3, 2009. *The remaining three of the New York Five have produced significantly divergent work, and disavow any continuing relationship with each other. *Graves embraced postmodernism. *Eisenman has limited his work to images and models of architectural-looking designs in printed media, although he became the architect most associated with Deconstructivism. *Meier's buildings remain truest to the modernist aesthetic and, true to Corbusian form. *Gwathmey, too, remained true to modernist style, although its purity has been tempered by realities of larger corporate and public commissions.

Parc de la villette

FIU school of architecture


Bernard Tschumi

-Parc de la Villette, Paris, France (1983–98) -Alfred Lerner Hall, Columbia University, New York, New York (1999)


January 25, 1944 (age 68) Lausanne, Swit zerland


More Than 20 Awards[show]

-New Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece (2002–08) -FIU School of Architecture, Florida International University, Miami, Florida (2003) -Vacheron Constantin Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland (2004) -Lindner Athletic Center, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio (2006) -Blue Condominium at 105 Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side of New York City (2007) -Concert Hall, Limoges, France (2007)

Work Buildings

Limoges Concert Hall

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