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-)И,,7244/па The most exquisite, natural уаrпs. The most beautiful, soft colours. The most inspirational designs. We call it. ..Sublime



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Little Cadet iп Blue and Little cadet worked in Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere mеriпо silk 4ply



months 41


18 24 9112



6-12 months


46 18


years 56

20 56

50 19з/4


60 2з3l4



2в 11



15 24







2о 8

MATEяlALs Little cadet in Blue К012 sublime ЬаЬу саshmёrе mвriпо silk 4рlу shade 12З Sleepy




50g balls

50g balls Little cadet К012 sчЫimе ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4рlу shade 120 lambie






50g balls

t, rows to 10сm, (4iп), using З114 needles,

ABBHEvlATloNs сm centirnetres g grarnmes, in lnch(es), k knit mm mi irnetres, 0 по StS or rows, р рur, patt pattern rep repea1, st(s) Sttch(es), tog together, wý Wrong sde. K2tog пSеrt the rght hand needle through the 2nd and 1st sttches оп the left hand need е and knit them together to form а Snge sttch,

Paog YОU W|LL ALSO NEED 1 pair of З 1/4mm (UK10 - USАЗ) Knitting Needles of 2Зl4mm {lJK12 - UsA2) Knitting Needles fo. the edging (or а пееdlе 2 sizes smaller than you use for the main knitting), 2 statch Holders.

TENsloN knt а lension square, Using 31/4mm needles cast on 28 stitches and work Зб rows in stocking stitch ('1 rоW knit, 1 row purl). Thiý should поW measure 1Осm, (4in), sqчаrё. lf your Р ease take а little t me now to

square Sп t the correcl Wdth pease refer to раgе 2, As ong as you knit stock пg sttch at the above tenson the pattern tens оп ShoU d aSo Ье 28 stitches and Зб

З2iЗ8]сm, (9]/2


,ho ,io пбd5_1ё арр,о, .ralбl/ 2З [2Г: 28:ЗO]сm, (9 [9З/4:] 1|1] З/4]п) across at th s point,

-l.е b.l

row pIace markers at each end of ast row for shol]der

fin Shing after а Ws


thегп together to form а S nge St]tch.

shape Neck and shoulder Next RоW Оап'О [20:-J 26],

Patt2tog if 2nd stitch on le't hand need]e s to lэе'kпit' then k2tog f tЪ to Ье 'pur' then p2toq

circle thё sizё you Wish to make, L|TTLE CADET lN BLUE вАск lJsng yolrr smaler need eS cast оп 64 [70]78 84] sts 1st Row' (this W i Ье ihe rqht Side of Work - Б) Кп t, Th s rоW forms garter sttch Work З roWS гпоrе in gader Sttch change to your rnan need es and Work the remainder of the back aS foloWS:1st Rоw' Knit 2nd Row. Р0 lЗ 0|З]. k] ^р6, k] rep from'1о ast

2.+ [28:

]:121l2:15]iп), fin Shing after а WS

пsеrt the right hand needle pUrWayS through the Tst and 2nd sttches оп the efl hand neecle and purl

for the mаiп knitting (оr the size requi.ed to give the '1 paar

0 [З|O:З] sts, р0 [З:O]З], These 2 rows fornr patt 'continue n palt until lэасk measureý

pa,/loq l




renraining 4З [48i5З 56] StS onto а Stitch holder YoL] Wllcome back to these 4З I48]5Зi56] Sts ater to Work Second side of neck You W now have 20 [2]:

24i27] sts оп the needle, Work оп 1hese 20 [2]]24 27] Sts aS foloWS]Next Rоw (neck edge) Patt to end

Wo,t ll:22'|о,rъое(tе.5,.9..,а(1^l

eogF -

0 [2nd:0:0l row, YoU wil now have 'o]low]ng 1g l1s 2З|26] ýts on lhe needle, Wo n 2 Р:6 бl rows о"..еа, r9 ' r, а, аё{l боqе next and

every row Yotr Wl поW have']7 ['l5:]7:20] sts on the needle

Next Row. Patl, Next Rоw. cast off 5


sts п patt, patt to епd,

You W l now have 12 l]0 ]2,14] sts on the need]e,


Next Row. Patt. Next Rоw. cast off б 15:6:7] StS in patt, patl to епd YoU W] now have б [5:6]7] sis оп the need]e, caýl off lemaining б [5i6:4 sts in patt, то work the second sde oi the neck return the 4З 18 5З 5о] STc бtоl ._(luhlo|de,o,Iot|e^lar needle. With rS of the Work fac ng you, s]p 22 [26:28 28] sts onto а Slitch hoder for back of neck, rе]оiп yarn to rеmапiпq 21 [22]25:28] sts, patt2tog patt to end, YоU WiLnow have 20 [21: 24:27] StS on the пееdе, Next RоW' Patt, vryo..2 ,1,2:2l rows оес,еаsг9 . st а- 16, Ь edqp n neХt and folOWng 0 [2nd:0:0] row. You Wl поW have 19 l19: 2З:26] StS оп the needle

Place а marker at end of ast row for Shoulder pos tion,

shape shoulder Work 4 [6:4:4] rows decreasing ] St at neck edge iп next and every fo iowing aternate row YoU Wil now have ]9I]9] 2З|26] sts on the neede.

Wo." ).4:6:6_,о"1чое.,еаsпg l S- а, е(- edqe j every row YoU W I now have 17 I] 5]] 7:20] ýts оп the neede, Next RoW. Patt, Next Row. cast olf 5 [5:5 6] sts n patt patt 1о end, YoU Wil поW hач€ ]2 [] 0:] 2 ]4] Sts оп the noedle, Nex,t RoW. Patt,

Nеп Row. cast YoU


off б [5i6:7l StS in patt, patl to end. now have б [5 6:7] Sts оп the neede,

\foo,^ ' [д 6,6' .oWS de_reas rq lэ, al п€(цеdgбievery юW' YoU Wil поW have ]7 []5:]7 20] ýts on the

cast off remaning б [5:6:7] sts

Next BoW. cast off 5

neвde. With rs of the Work facing yoll, sip 12 [16:18:18] sts onto а stlch holder for front of песk rejo п уаrп to remain ng 26 [27|30:ЗЗ]sts and patt to end, Next How. Patt to end (neck edge), Work 5 rows dесrеаý]пg 1 st at neck edge in every


5 бl StS п patt, patt to епd

YoU Wil поW have 12 110:12 14l sts on the needle,

Next Rоw cast oft б [5:6:7] Sts in patt, palt to end, YoU wil now have б [5i6|7] StS on the needle,


Work aS given ior Back to ", continue п patt unti front measures 21 [25: 28 зз]сm, (8rl4 [9З/4]1 1 1з] п), finishing aftel а Ws

USng уоur smaller needeS cast оп 44 [44:48i50] SiS, Work 4 rows in gai(er st tch change to your main needbs and Work the remander of the sleeve as follows:,

1st Row. Knit, 2пd RоW. Р4 [4:0:0], k] [] 0i] ], - р6, kl, rep from ' to last 4 [4:6:0] StS, р4 [4:6:0], These 2 rows set pos t on of patt Work in pati aS set for the r€mainder of the S eeve as fo ows Work 21 [11:5З 1]] roWS псrеаs ng 1 st at each end о{ 5th and every fo oWng 16th [6th:8thiбth] row, Wоrkпg extrа sts in patt, (there Willbe ]5 15:7:5] roWS Straight between each псrеаSе row), YoLl Wi now have 48 [48i62 54] SlS on the noede,


то work the second side of the neck return the J8 [aJ:a8:5'l ыS |е1 о | а (,-,r ^o,de, onto lhe


cast off remaining б [5iбi4 sts n patt,


SLEEVES (Both alike)

For lst, 2пd and 4th sizes оп|у Work 18 [З2:56] rows increasing 1 St at each end of every following 18th [Bth:8th] rощ Workng extra SiS Wil Ье ]7 [7i7] roWS straight l)etween iп patt, (th€r€ each incrcase row), Yo! W l now have 50 156:68] Sts

Fоr all 4 ýizэs continue Wthout shaplng untilsleeve is ]5


You Wll now have 2'] [22|25:28] sts on thб пееdlе. cont nL]e withol]t shap ng unt front measures same

20:24]сm, (6 [61/2]8:9]/2]п), finiýhing after а WS row

aS Back to Shoulder, fnishng after а Ws rоW' Place а marker at begnnng of ast row for Shoulder pos ton,

shape sleeve Тор


ofi 4 [5:5:6] ýts in patt at begnnng of next 6 [6i4;4] rows, You Wil now have 26 [26:42]44] Sis

оп the needle

shape Neck Row. Pait 26 [27:ЗO:ЗЗ] (песk edge), turn, s р remaining 38 [4з 48i51] Sts onlo а stlch holder, YoU Wi] come back to these З8 [4З]48:51]sts ]аiег to work socond side ol neck, yоч w l now have 26 [27:ЗO:ЗЗ] sts on the needle, Work оп lhese 26 l27:ЗO:ЗЗ] sts as fo owsi, Next Row. Patt Work 5 rows decreas ng 1 St at neck edge п every row You Wi поW have 21 122:25:28]sis оп the neede, coninue Wiihout Shaping L]nt front гпеаSurеs sатпе аs Back to ShoUder, finishino after а Ws юW N€xt


Shape shoulder Work 4 [6|4]4] roWS decreasng 1 sl at neck edge in next and every folowng alternate row YoU Wl поW

cast off 5 [5:6i6] StS п patt at beginning of пехt 4 [4 6 6] юWý, You W l now have б [6 6:8] sts on the rrееd е. cast off reman ng б [6:6:8] StS п pati,

have 19 [Т9i2Зi26] StS on the needle, Work 2 [4:6i6] roWS decreasing 1 ýt at neck edge ]п every row. You Wl now have 17 I]5]]7 20] SiS on the


Neхt Row. cast off 5 [5]5:6] Sts in patt patt to end. YoU Wil now have 1 2 [1 0] 1 2] 1 4l sts on the need е, Next RоW' cast off б [5:6:7] sts, patt to end, YoU Wl now have б [5:6:7] sts on the needle,

cast ofl rеmаiппq б

J5 6:7]

sts iп patl,

pck Up With rs facng, uýng your smaler пе€dl€S and knit З] IЗЗ:З5:З9l Sts ечепу аопg right side of back песk, Work across the 22 [26 28:28l sts eft on а sttch holder at back of neck as folows:, kб [7:8:8], k2tog kб [8:8 8], k2tog, kб [7:8:8], pick up and knit З1 [ЗЗ З5:З9] sts even у аопg ett sde of lэack neck YoU Wll поW have 82 [90:96i104] sts оп the neede, Work 4 roWS п garter Sttch. СаSi off kn


FRОNТ SHOULDEB AND NЕСК EDG|NG With rý facing, using уоUr smallel пебd es, pick up and kлit Зб [З8:44:51] sts ечёпу aong lott s]dё of fюnt neck, Wой acloss tЪ 12 [16:1В:18] sЪ left оп а ýitch holder at flont of neck as foloWý:- kЗ [4:5:5], k2tog, k2 [4:4:4], k2to9, kЗ [4i5i5l, апd pick uр and knit Зб [38: 44:51l ýts ovenly along right ýdo of fюпi rЁck, You Will now hаче 82 [90il M:118l ýs оп thб пбеdlе, Work 4 lows ]п garter stitch,

shouldel and neck ёd9iп0 (rnatching at mаrkёrs) апd sew togбthor at ýide edge, Fоld sloevбs iп hafi lепФhwауs, 1h€п pLacing fo]dý to ýhouldёr seams, s€w sloe\,es in position for approxmat€ly 10 [12:1З:14]сm, (4 [4Зl4:5]/4:51/2]iп)fюm top of ýhoulder, Join ýde and sleeve seams, pin out gffmбnt to the meaýJrement givвn, cover Йth damp cloths and loave until dry (rofor to page 2), See bal band Washing алd iurth-Ar care nýructions, 'or

cast off kn]tways.

L|TTLE CADET МСК AND SLEEVES Wolk аý given for Back and sleeves of Utt]e cadet in Blue чsiлq StocЮng sttch throughout,

то мАкЕ UP Рlасg back shoulder and песk edoing ovor front

FRомr Work аý giv€n for Frопt of Littb cadet п Blue.

ВАСК SBOULDER AND NECK EDG|NG Wolk as gi\,€n for Back Shou|dor апd Neck Edging of Liitle cadet in BlUe,

FRОМГ SНОUШЕR AND NECK EDGING Wod< as given fol Elont Shoulder апd Neck Edging of Liltle cadбt in вlч€.

то мАкЕ UP Make up аý oiv€n for Llttle cadet



а. ý-N

Es ig

2З [25:28:30]cm I93Дl 1 |1 1зДiп)





Vintage cable sweater and Tank

то Flт cHEST








2о 56

16 45 17эl4 24


worked in Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino 4 ply



в-12 months








22 8эl4







17 6112

з0 11зl4 20 8




vintage СаЬlе sweater К012 sublime ЬаЬу caýhmere merino silk 4 рlу shade 02 cuddle vintagб cat le Tank К012 sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4 рlу Shade 04 Gooseberry





50g balls





50g ba]ls

As lопg as you knit stocking stitch at the above tension the centre panel should Ье 20 stitches to 5ll2cm, (21l4iп) iп Width, the rib and саые pattern


YOU WlLL ALSO NEED 1 pair of Зllаmm {UK10 - UsA3) Knitting Needles

the main knitting {оr the size requГed to give the 'оr correct tension). 1 pair of 23lаmm (UK12 - l,JsA2) Knitting Needles the garter stitch edges (or а needle 2 sizes smaller'or than you use for the main knitting), cable Needle and stitch Holders.

cm centimetres, g grammes iп nch(es), k knt, mm mi imetres р pur , 0 no Stitches tmesor rows, st(s) stilch(es) С4В Sip next 2 stitches to back оп саЬе needle, k2 then k2 from саЬе пееdе,

С4F , p,le,l

2 S,,lL-eS Iо 1or-

о, ,"blen"eoe t2

then k2 from саье needle, СЗВ Sip next st to back on cal]le neede, k2 then k1

СЗF S]p nexl 2 sts to front оп саЬ]е needle, k] then


k2 from саЬlе needle, me now to knrt а stock ng sttch

tension Square, Using З1/4mm needloý cast оп 28 stitches and work Зб lows in stocking stitch (1 row kпit, 1 rоw purl), This should now measure 10сm, (4in), Square. { your Square lsn't the correct Wdth please rЫеr to раое 2


бз 243l4 38


should Ье Зб stitcheý and Зб rows to 10cm, (4in) in Width usin9 З1/4mm needles,






Р ease take а lttle


years 56

ТЗВ Sip next


iogether to forrn а Sing]e sltch, K2togtbl insert the lght hand needle through the ] St and 2nd sttches on the lefl hand need е through back of oops and knt them together 1о for.n а Sпgе Sttch, psso Pass s ipped sttch over pass lhe slipped Stlch from the rght hand need е over the Stltch or sttches you have just Worked, Рао9 insert the rght hand needle pUrWays through the ]st and 2nd sitches on the eft hand пееd е and рчr thern together to forrn а Sing е sttch. P2togtbl nsert the rght hand need е purlways through the back of 2пd and ]St Sttches on the eft hand need е from eft to r]glrt and purl them together to form а Sngle stitch, s1 slip one stilch kn]tways nsert the right hand neede rnto пеХ( Strtch aS f to knit but ]USl slp t ofi the eft hand needle onto the righl hand needle WthoUt Workin9.

to back оп саЬlе needle, k2 ihen р1

ТЗF Sip лехt 2 Slitclres to front on саЬ]е needle, р] lhen k2 {rопп cable needle K2tog insert the rght hand needle through the 2nd and ] st stitches on the e.ft han.j need е and knt them

circle the size уоч Wish to make VlNTAGE CABLE SWEATER вАск Usino your man need es cast on 82 |92:] 02 1] 4l sts

1st Rоw. (ih]s Wil Ье the rght side ol the Work - rs), Р0 [З:0]2], k2 [4|0|4], рЗ, k2 (рЗ, k4, р3, k2)2 I2:З]З]tmеS, р8, С4В, р8, (k2, рЗ, k4, рЗ)2 [2:З:З] times, k2, рЭ, k2 [а 0|4], р0 [З:0]2], 2пd Rоw. К0 [3|0]2], р2 [4:0|4], kЗ, р2, (kЗ, р4, kЗ, р2)2 [2:З:З] t]mes, k8, р4 k8, (р2, kЗ, р4, kЗ) 2 [2:З:З]tmеs, р2 kЗ, р2 [4:0:4], k0 [З:0:2], Зrd Rоw. РO lЗ:0,2 Ь' 0:00 (С4Вl 0 l:0: ll"rps рЗ, k2, (рЗ, С4В, рЗ, k2) 2 [2 ЗiЗ]limеS, р7, СЗВ,

СЗF, р7, (k2, рЗ, С4Е рЗ)2 [2iЗ]З]timеs, k2, рЗ, (С4Е) 0 11:0:1] t mes, k2 [0:0|0], р0 lЗ|0]2].

4th Rоw. К0 [З:0:2], р2 [4:0:4], kЗ, р2 (kЗ, р4 kЗ, р2) 2 [2iЗ:З] t]mes, k7, р6, k7, (р2, kЗ, р4, kЗ)2 [2:З З]tmоs, р2, kЗ, р2 [4|0:4], k0 [З:0 2]. 5th ЯоW. РO IЗ:0:2], k214:0:4], рЗ, k2 (рЗ, k4, рЗ, k2)2 [2:з:з] tmes, р6, Iзв, k2 тзЕ р6, (k2, рЗ, k4 оJj 2 2:З,з] lne>, "2, оз, ь2 14 0 al, р0'з:0:2l,

бth RoW. К0 [Зj0:2], р2 [4:0:4], k3, р2 (k3, р4, kЗ, р2) 2 [2iЗ:З] t]mes, k6, (р2, k])tWce, р2, k6, (р2, kЗ, р4, kЗ) 2 [2:З З]timеs, р2, kЗ, р2 [4|0iа], k0 [З;0 2]. Frorn ]St to бth row firЫ and ast З] [З6:41:47] sts Set rib and cable pattern 7th RоW. РO IЗi0]2], k2 [4:0|4], рЗ, k2 (рЗ, k4, рЗ, "2) 2 [2,З:Jl ll]eb р5, ТJВ, р , L 2 р,, -оF р5 (k2, рЗ, k4, рЗ)2 [2:З:ЗltimеS, k2, рЗ, k2 [4 0:4], р0 {З]0:2], 8th RоW. К0 [З:0:2], р2 [4:0:4], k3, р2 (kЗ, р4, kЗ, р2) 2 [2|З|З] t]mes, k5, (р2, k2)lWce, р2, k5, (р2, kЗ р4, k3) 2 [2:З З]tmеs, р2, kЗ, р2 [а|O:а], k0 tЗ|0 2]. иh RоW. D0 []:0 2], t2 [0,0:0] (-дв)0[':0:'] lirрS, рЗ, k2, (рЗ, СаВ, рЗ, k2) 2 [2 З|З]limеs, р4, ТЗВ, р2, k2, р2, ТЗF, р4 (k2, рЗ, С4F, рЗ)2 [2 З|З] tirnes, k2, рЗ, (caR 0 [1 0:1]times, k2 [0:0:0] рO IЗ]0:2], 10th BoW. К0 [З:0:2l, р2 l4:0 4], kЗ, р2, (kЗ, р4, kЗ, р2)2 [2:З:Зl t]mes, k4, (р2, kЗ) tWce, р2, k4, (р2, kЗ, oZ, bJ) 2 [2 J ]lTnes, ol bJ, о2 a:0:ll }0[З,02l ,11th

RoW. Р0 [З:0 2], k2

[4 0 4], рЗ, k2, (рЗ, k4, рЗ,

k2)2 [2:З:Зi tmeý, рЗ, ТЗВ, рЗ, k2, рЗ, ТЗЕ рЗ (k2, рЗ, ka, рЗ)2 [2|ЗiЗ]tlmеS, k2, р3, k2 [4:0]4], рO IЗi0|2l,

12th RоW. К0 [З:0:2], р2 [4:0 4], kЗ, р2, (kЗ, р4, kЗ, р2) 2 [2:З:З] tmeý, kЗ, (р2, k4)tWce, р2, kЗ, (р2, kЗ, р4, kЗ) 2 [2:З]З]tmеs, р2, kЗ, р2 [4|0:4], k0 [З:0 2]. 1Зth RоW. РО [З:0:2], k2 l4:0 4], рЗ, k2, (рЗ, k4, рЗ, t2)2 [2,з:J] l,re5 р2, тзв, р1 (2 р1, -зF р2 (k2, рЗ, k4, рЗ)2 [2:З:Зl times k2, рЗ k2 [4:0]4],

р0 [З|Oi2], 14th Rоw К0 [З]0:2], p214:0:4], kЗ, р2, (kЗ, р4, kЗ, р2) 2 [2:З:З] times, k2, (р2 k5)tWce, р2, k2, (р2, kЗ р4, kЗ) 2 [2 ЗiЗ]tmеS, р2, kЗ, р2 [а|0]4] k0 [3i0|2] 1sth Rоw Р0 lЗ:0:2], k2 [0 0:0], (СаВ) 0 l1:0:1] timeý, р3, k2, (рЗ, С4В, р3, k2) 2 [2:3|З] t mes, р2,


р4, k2 р4, тзв, р2, (k2, рз с4Е рз) 2 12 з|з] times, k2, рЗ, (С4F)0 [] i0|]] times, k2 [0i0:0],

р0 [З:0:2], 1 бth Row. As 1 2th rоW 17th Rоw. Р0 lЗ:0:2], k2 [4 0:4], рЗ, k2, (рЗ, k4, ф k2)2 [2:З:З] times, рЗ, Т3П рЗ, k2, рЗ, ТЗВ, рЗ (k2 рЗ, k4 рЗ) 2 l2:З|З] t]mes, k2, рЗ, k2 l4]0 4], р0 [3:0:2], 1 8th воw As 1 Cith row 19th BoW, Р0 [З:0:2], k2 [4 0:4], рЗ, k2 (рЗ, k4, рЗ k2)2 [2iЗ]З] times, р4, ТЗF, р2, k2, р2, ТЭВ, р4, (k2 рЗ, k4 рЗ) 2 [2:З:З] t mes, k2, рЗ, k2 l4:0 4l, p0l3|0i2]. 20th Rоw. As 8th row 21st BoW. Р0 [З]Oi2], k2 [0|0:0], (С4В) 0 [] ]0]]] iimes, рЗ, k2, (рЗ, С4В, рЗ, k2)2 [2 З:3] t mes р5, тзl р], k2 р], тзв р5, (k2, рз, с4Е рз) 2 [2 з|з] imes, k2, рЗ, (С4F) 0 [1|0:] ] tirnes, k2 I0:0 0], р0 [3|0:2]. 22nd Row. As бth rоW 2Зrd Bow. Р0 [З:0|2], k2 И]0:4], рЗ, k2, {рЗ, k4, рЗ k2)2 [2:З|зl trnes р6, ТзЕ k2, IзВ, ф (k2, рЗ, k4, p.J' 2 [2 З:Jl llтes, k2, рЗ, | 2 [J,0 а], о0 p:0,2l, 24th Row. As 4th rоW' 25th Row. Р0 p:0:2l, "2 [д 0,4l, рЗ, "2, (р'1, -! рз, k2)2 [2iЗ З] tmes, р7, ТЗП ТЗВ, р7 (k2, рЗ, k4, рз) 2 [2:З:З]timеs, k2, рЗ, k2 [а:0 а], р0 [З:0:2], 26th Bow. К0 [З:0:2] р2 J4 0:4], kЗ, р2, (kЗ, р4, kз, р2)2 [2:З:З]tlmбS, k8, р4, k8, (р2, kЗ, р4, kЗ)2 [2iзiЗJtimеS, р2, kз, р2 и:0:4], k0 tз 0:2l, Frоm ]st to 26th row Sets centre panelWorked over сепtrе 20

sts '*

Shape Armholes Work б [7:9:]0] roWS decreasing 1 st at each end of every row You Wll now have 70 [78:84:94l sts оп the need е,


Work оп these 70 [78:84:94] sts Unt arrnhole meaýUres ]0 [1] |12:]З]сm |4 |41 /443/4|51 /4|iп), siraight down from 1ор oi needle to the beg ппiпg th,A armhoe shaping, (don't rneasUre alound the curve), finishing afler а Wrong S|de rоW.


shape shoulders cast ofl 9 [10iТ 1ilЗ]sls n paitern at l]egnnng of neХt 2 rows, YoU Wl now haV-A 52 [58i62:68] sts on the п€оdе,

castoff10[]111:]4]s|S next 2 roWS, YoU Wl поW

п раltеrп at beginn пg of have З2 [З6|40:40] SlS on

the needle,

cast off remaining З2 [Зб 40]40] stý iп раltеrп,


as given for the Back to *, Work 2 l]:1i0] rows more without shaping,

Neck Shaping t'Begnning Wth the right sde oi lhe Work iacing you, divde for the песk aS fo]lows 1st RoW. Pattern ЗЗ [37 40:45], k2tog, turn, slp rеmаппg З5 [39|42:47] ýts onto а Stitch hoder, You Wil соmе back tо these З5 [З9:42i47] sts aler to work ihe second side ot the neck. yotr wl поw have З4 [З8i4] i46] Sts on the пееdе. 2nd Bow. P2tog, pattern to end, You W l now have ЗЗ [З7:40:45] ýts оп the пееdе. ]st and 2nd rows set neck shapng Wоrk 10


0:] 2 8] roWS decreas пg 1 st at песk edge

п every rоW, You


now have 23 l27i28:З7] SlS on

the need е,

Keeping continu]ly ot rb and cable рапе and centre рапе as set (ihroughoul) continue unt back measures ]4 [17 20:25lcm (51/2 16]/2:8 93/4lin), fn shing after а Wrong sde row so thai the r ght side

proceed as io lows]

ofthe Work faces you for the beginn пg of the

1st and 2nd rоWS sei neck Shap ng

arrnho е shap ng

Work 5 I9 9:]7] ФWs decreasing 1 S1 at песk edge п ]st and eve0/ fo ]oW ng aternate row, You W now have ]9 [21:22:27] sts on the needle,


ЬJ,( ShoJd те." .р appto{m.le]y 2З


28]Э2lсm, {9 []01/4]1] ]21l2lin), across aithS point


RoW. Pattern to ast 2 sts, k2tog, You W lnow

have 22 [26:27:З6] sts оп the needle, 2пd Rоw Pattern to епd,


work siraioht unti armhole measures same аs Back armho]e to shoulder shapng, finishing after а Wrong

Shape Shoulder Next Row. cast ofi 9 [10:1 т :1з] Sts п раtlеrп, pat(ern to end YoLr wiL nowhave10[11:11:14]sts

' kЗ, р2, kЗ, р4

repeat from


ast З IЗ:5:6] зts,

kЗ, р0 [0:2:2] k0I0|0:1], Зrd Row. Р0 [0:0:1l, k0 [012:2] рЗ,'С4В, рЗ k2 рЗ, repeat from'to ast 7 [7 9:]0] sts, С4В, рЗ, k0l0]2:2], р0 [0|0:1] 5th Rоw' As 1st row бth Воw K0I0:0 ]], p010:2:2], kЗ, р4 'kЗ. р2, kЗ, З lЗ 5 olS-5, } ), о0 0:2:/' р4 ,ереа 1,o1 'to


Next BoW. Pattern,

, о, leтari19 ,0 [, ' l, '4] sts r palтel1, 'о ,l/ol. lrе ъеLо, d 9de ot -hA ner ( ,ё(l,г Lhe з5 |et о] а SI l.h ho de- ог-о (he гlаi, {J9:42:a,, stS


need]e, Wth the right Sidе of the work facing you, rе]о п yarn and proceed as follows:1st Rоw. K2tog, pattern to end, YoU Wi now have

З4 [З8:41:46] stý оп the пееdе, 2nd Row. Paflern to ast 2 sis, p2tog. You Wil now have ЗЗ IЗ7:40]45] StS оп the needle 1st and 2nd rows set neck shaping, Work ]0 [10:12:8] lows dесrеаsпg 1 st at песk edge п every row You Wil поW have 2З 127:28:З7] sts оп the needle.

1st Rоw. K2tog, pattern to епd, You Wil поW have 22 [26 27]З6] sts оп the needle, 2nd RоW. Pattern to end, ]St and 2nd rows set neck Shaping. Work 5 [9:9:17] rоws decreas ng ] St at песk edge in ]St and every folowing alternate rоw' YoU wll поW have Т9 [21]22 27l sts on thб needle, Work straght until аrmhое measures same as Back armhoe to shouder Shaping, lnishing after а right

k0 [0:0:]] Frоm 1st to бth row ýets rib апd саЬе pattern. change to your mаiп needles апd Workng n rb and саЬе pattern aS set (throL]ghout) Work the rеmапdёr of the sleeve аý


Work 41 [22:40:46] roWS ]ncreasng 1 St at each end 181h lбth бth бih] row, of 5th and every sts n pattern, YoU W поW have Work]ng ncreased'ollowng 64 [64i74|78] sts on the needle.

Fоr 2nd, Зrd and 4th sizes опlу Work [25|]7]25]lows increas ng 1 Sl al6ach end of 1st and every folLowing [8th:8th:8tn] row, Working ncreased sts in pattern, Yot] Wil поW have I72]80]86] sts оп the needle, For all 4 sizes Work W]thout iudher shaping L]nti sleeve iS ]5 {17: 20:24]cm, (6 [6]/2:8:9]/2]iп), finShn9 after aWrong

Shape slеёче Тор Work б [7 9:10] roWS decreas пg 1 st at each епd oJ every row Yоu W]] now have 52 158:62:66] StS on the


shарэ shoulder Next Rоw. Cast off 9 pattern to end, you

0:Т ]


wi now have

Next BoW, Pat(ern caýt ofi lеrпа п пg 1 0

sLEEvEs (both




]1 1 :1




п paltern, []


1|11:14l sts




Using your smaler needles cast оп 58 [58:62:64 ] sts, 1st BoW. Р0 [0|0:1], k0 [0:2:2], рЗ, " k4, рЗ, k2, рз, repeat frorn ' to last 7 [7:9:10l sts, k4, рз, k0 [0i 2|21, р0 [0]0|1]. 2пd and 4th BoWs. К0 10]0]1], р0 [0:2:2], kЗ, р4


place marker threads at each end of last row These 6 r 9:]0] roWS W match to the б 17|9]10] decrease rows on body whеп sewng the sleeves into armholes, Work 0 [1:1:0l rows Wthout Shapng, cast off 1о П т:] 2i]З] Sts ]п pattern ai beginning of each of пехt 4 roWS. You w l now have 12 [14:T4:14l sts on the пееdlе,


off rеmап]по 12 []4:Т4:14]

sts п pattern,

NEcKBANo Jon right shоUldег seam Тhеп usng your smaler .еео е> pi(K Lp and ^, iT ct, d,оJ-d пе^L Sl,ao,1g dS

fo loWS - With right side of the Work facing you,


up and knit З7 [41|45:49] sts ечепlу down left sde of песk, З7 [41:45i49] sts evenly up right side of песk and З2 [Зб 40:40] sts at babk of neck, You Wil поW have ]06 [118]1З0:] З8] sts on the needle, -

1st Row. Р2 ' k2, р2, repeat from to end, 2nd RoW. (К2, р2)8 [9:10:,]]]times, k2 pl,k2tog,

k2togtbl, р], k2 (р2, k2) ] 6 [] 8]20:21] times. You Will now have 104 [116i128:1З6] ýts оп the need е, Зrd ВоW. (Р2, k2) 16 [1В:20i21] times, р2, p2togbl, p2tog, р2, (k2, р2)8 [9:10:11]times, You Wl now have 102 [114:Т 26]] З4] sts оп the needle. 4th Bow. (К2 р2) 8 [9:10:] 1] tmes, k1, k2tog,

k2togtbl k], (р2, k2) 16 [18:20i2]] trnes, YoU W t now have 100

12:Т24]1З2l sts оп the

need е

sth RoW. (Р2, k2) 16 [18:20:2]]tiгпеS, p2togtbl, p2tog, (k2, р2) 8 [9l]0|]1] tmes, YoLl Wi] поW have 98 1110i]22]1З0] sts оп the needle, бth Row. (К2, р2]7 [8]9;]0]tmes, k2, р1, k2to0, k2togtbl, р], k2, (р2, k2) Т5 [,]7 ]9:20]times. YoU Will now have 96 []08i]20|128] sts оп the пееdе.


off in rib decreasing 2 StS in centre of row aS

то мАкЕ UP Jo п lёfl shoulder and neckl]and seams. Join s]de and sleeve Searns, SeW s eeve tops into аrrлhоlеs matching the б [7:9i10] dесrеаýе roWS оп the body to the б [719:10] decrease rows marked at the beg nn]ng of the Sleeve top, Рп oul garment to the measurement gVеп and cover With damp coths Unti dry (refer to page 2). See bal Ьапd for Washing апd fL

lrther care nstructions,

V|NTAGE CABLE TANK вАск Work the back as given for the Back of sweater Keeping continuity of r]b and саЬе рапеl and centre рапеl aS Set (throughout) contnue unt] back measures 12 [15:Т8 2З]сm, (4Зlа[6:7:9]iп), finishing aiter а Wrопg Sde row so that the right sde of the Work faces


уо! for the beg пп пg of the armhole

[26] point,

The back shou d measure approХimate у 2З 28:32]cm, (9 [101/4:11:121l2]n), acroýý at th s


shape cast off З lЗi4i4] Sts п paltern at beg пп ng of 2 rows, YoU Wi nowhave76[86:94:106]stsonthe need е. Work З [4i5 i6] rows decreasing ] st at end of ечеry row YoLr Wl поW have 70 178:84 94] on the neede.


each sis


lntilarnrholes /а)iп), the measure rоW

Work оп these 70 [78:84:94] sts measule 1 0 [Т 1 i ] 2 i 1 З]сm , 1.4 |41 /а|4З/а51 slraight down {rom the lop of the need е to beg nn]ng of the armhole shaping (don't around the curve) finishing after а Wrong side

shape shou|deБ cast off 9 11 0:1 1 1 З] Sts п pattorn at beg пп ng of neХt 2 rowý, You Wilnow have 52 [58i62:68]sts оп :

the need


cast off ] 0

] :1 ] :Т 4]

nвxt 2 rows, YoU Wil поW have З2 [З6:40:40]


of sts оп

Sts in pattern at Ьеgiпп!пg


cast off remain ng З2 [Збi40:40] sts n


FRoNT Work the front as g ven for the Back of Swёater to ,,, Кеер пg сопt nuity of rib and cable рапе and cenlre panel as set (throughout) continue Untll{ront measures 2 ToWS eSS lhап back 1о armholes, fiп shing aft€r а Wrong Side Next RoW. Pattern 4] [46i5]:57], pick Up оор between last and next st and knt nto the back, front апd back of this оор, раttегп 41 К6:51:57], You Wi]


iп You пееdlе,

Next Row. Pattern 4] [46:51:57], increase опсе each ol next З stitches, patlern 41 146:51:57], Wi l now have 88 [98] 1 08| 1 20] sts on the



Shape cast ofi з [з:4:4] sts ]п pattern al beg пп ng of 2 rows YouW]lnowhave82[92:100]]2]


next slsonthe

Work З [4:5 6] roWS decreasing 1 st at each епd every row. You Wi] поW have 76 [84i90]]00] StS the


of оп

Work ]


i0] roWS more W tholrl


across back of песk, f пishiпg after а Wrong Side


CaSt off,


Neck 1st Rоw Pattern ЗЗ [З7:40:45] k2tog, kЗ, turn, renraining З8 [42:45:50] sts onto а sttch holder Wllcorne back to these З8 [42 45 50] sts Work ihe second Side of the neck, YoU W l now

То Work the second s]de of neck return the З8 [42: 45:50]Sts le{t опа slitch hoder опtо the mаiп

З7 И1 44 49] sts on the 2nd RoW. РЗ, p2tog, pattern to end, YoU Will have Зб I40 4З 48] sts on the Proceod as fol]ows '! st Rоw. Pattern to last 5 Sts, k2 tog, kЗ, You now have З5 IЗ9:42:47] Sts оп the 2nd RoW. РЗ, p2tog, pattern to end, YoU Wil


now have З7 [41:44:49]sts оп the needle, 2nd RоW' Pattern to last 5 sts, p2togtlэl рЗ, You now have Зб [40i4Зi48] Sts on the needle,


st and 2nd roWS set stocking st tch border, neck Shaping and paitern


Sip You aterto hаче




needle, now have З4 tЗ8]41 46] sts On the needle, 1st and 2nd rows Set pattern, neck Shapng and Stocking Stitch border Кеер ng contnlty of paitern as set Work б 16]8:4] rows decreasing 1 st at neck edge as before n every




Proceed aS 1 st Row. Pattern to last 5 stз, k2tog, kЗ, YoU Wi now have 27 lЗl]З2i4]l Sts on the 2пd RoW. Р4, pattern to ] St and 2nd rows Set pattern, песk Shaping Stock]ng stitch Work 7 [11:] 1:]9] rоWs decreasing 1 st at neck as Ьеfоrе in ]st and eveq/ fo owng alternate rоW YoU W поW have 2З [25i26:З1] sts оп the







needle Work sтaight unli аrгпhо е measu res same as Back amholeto shou der shapng, fiпShпg afler а Wrong Sde row shapa

needle Wth rght sde of the Work facing you, re]oin yarn:

1stRoW.KЗ,s],k],pSSo,patternioend,YoUWil W]


Keeping cont пu iy of раttёrп aS Set Work 8 [8: 1 0:6] rows decreas ng 1 St at песk edge aS before п every row You Wl поW have 28 132:ЗЗ]42] Sts on the needle

Proceed as fo lows:


1stRoW.KЗ,sl,k],psso,patterntoend,YoUWil now have 27

[З 1

:З2:41 ] Sts оп the needle.

2nd Bow. Patt io last 4 StS, р4, 1st апd 2nd roWS set Stocking sttch border, песk Shaping and pattern, Work 7 [1 1 1 1 1 9] roWS decreasing 1 st at л€lсk edge as before n 'lst and every folowing aternate row YoU Wil now have 2З [25 26iЗ1] Sts on the neede. Work Stra ght unti armho е measures затпе as bLack armhole to shouLder shaping in sh]ng after а rght side rОW :


shape shoulder Noxt Rоw. cast ofi 9 [1 0:1 ] 1 З] sts п patlern, patternioend,YouWilnowhave14[1515:18]sts :

оп the needle,

Next Row. Pattern,


NextRow.castoffs[10:11:1З]sisinpattern, pattern to end. You Wi now have 14 []5:]5:18] on the need

е, Next RoW. Pattern,

Next RoW. cast off ] 0 [] ] ] 1 :] 4] SiS п pattern, You W] now have 4 sts оп the need :




NextRow.P4,castonlst(thssttobeUsedfor Sewng border to back of neck). YoU Wil поW


NextHow.CaStolf]0l]]:]]:14]stsnpattern,pЗ, You W ] поW have 4 sts оп the need е

Next RоW. К4, cast оп 1 Si (this st to Ье used for sew пg border to back of песk), YoU Wil now have 5 sts on the needle Working on thёSe 5 sts cont пUе п Stock]ng Stitch Untilborder is of suflicient length to go ha Ii/r'ay across back ofneck, finshing afiel а Wrong sde row



5 StS on the пееdlе,

sttch Unt l bordor is of sufficient ength to go halfi/r'ay

Work пg оп these 5 StS сопtпUе in Stockng

ARMHoLE BoRDERS (Both alike) Jo п Shou]der seams Wlh rght Side {acing Llsing


your sma]ler no€dleý pick t]p and knit 70 Г/8:86:94] ýs е\€пlу all round аrmhоlе edge, 1ýt Bow. Р2, ' k2, р2, repeat from " to end,

2пd Rоw' " К2, р2, rереаt fTom * to last 2 sts, k2, Hepeat 1 st and 2nd ro\Mý twice mоrе,

cast ofi


то мАкЕ UP

sбаm and placlng ýoam to сбпtв back of пёсk sew bordёrc in poýition (using саý оп ýitch). Pin out garmont to the mоаgulоmёril givon and cover With damp cloths until dry (refJt to page 2), sее ball Ьапd

Join ýide алd armhole border seams. Join bordбr

for Washing апd further саr€



Е? lдi ýЕ а


+ý Rф


23 [25,528:31 ,5]сm (9 [1 0:1 1 :1 21l.lin)


2З t25,5:2E:31 ,slom (9 110j1




[26] poinL

The back shou d measure approxirnatey 2З 28 З2]сrп, (9 [] 01/4i] ] ]] 2112]п), across at ih s

shapo Armhol€s cast off З [З:4:4] sts iп paltern at beg ппiпg of

neХt 2 rows, YoU Wil поW have 76 [86:94|]06] StS оп the needle Work З 14:5:6] rows dесrеаs пg 1 st at each end of every row YoU Wil now have 70 [78:84|94] StS on the needle, " Work оп these 70 178:84:94] sts Unti armhoes measlre 0 2: З]сrп , {4 /ц43/а|51 /аl п), straght down from 1hetop ofthe needle tothe t eg пп пg of the armhole shap пg (don't measure around the curve), fnishing after а wrong side row 1







shape shoulders cast ofi 9 [1 0: Т 1 1 Зl sts п pattern at

of пех12 roWS, You Wiilnow have 52 [58:62:68] sts оп the need е. castofi1011]:T1:14]sts п pattern at begnning of пехt 2 rows, YoU Wil поW have З2 IЗ6:40i40] StS оп the n€ed]e, cast off rбmaining З2 IЗ6:40:40] Sts in pattern, :

Ь€g пп пg

FRОNТ Work the front aS given for the Back of to



centre front armhoes,

Кеерпg continuity of rib and саЬе рапе and panel as sel (throughout) cont nue unt l measures 2 rowý leýS than back to 1in

sh пg after а Wrong


Loop iront Wil е. п YoU noedle

Next Row. Pattern 41 [46:51 :57] , р ck Up ьеh^/ееп ast and nexl st and kпп into the back, and back of th S lоор, paitern 4 ] [46i5 ] :57l, You поW have 85 [95 105]] ] 7] sts on the need Next Bow. Pattern 41 146|5] ]57], increase опсе each о{ пехi З Stitches, pattern 41 [46:51:57] Wi поW have 88 [98 108;1 20l sts оп the



Cast off З [З:4:4]



п pattern ai t е9]п ning of




Work З l4i5i6] roWS decreasing ] St at each епd every rоW' YoU Wil поW have 76 [84190 ]00] StS the need


of оп

Work 1 l0:1iOl rows more Wthout



Neck 1st яоw. Patiern зз [З7i40:45], k2tog, kз, turn, rcmalning З8 [42:45:50] sts oлto а stitch holder Wilcome back to these З8 142:45]50] sts ater Work the second s de of ihe песk You W l now

Slip YoU to have


З7 [41:44:49] sts оп the 2nd RоW. РЗ, p2tog, pattern to end YoU wr have Зб [40:4З:48] sts оп the Proceed as fol




1StRow.Patterntolasl5SlS, k2tog, kЗ



now have З5 IЗ9i42 i47] StS on the need 2nd Rоw. Рз, p2tog, pattern to епd, you





have З4 [З8i4 ] ]46] sts on the need ]st and 2nd roWS set pattern, neck Shap ng



stocking stitch Keeping continu]ty ot pattern as set Work б 16]8 roWS decreasing 1 st at neck edge as before п row Yo!Wl поW have 28 [З2:ЗЗ]42]Sts оп


4] every the


Proceed aS 1 st Rоw. Pattern to ast 5 sts, k2log kЗ, Yоu W поw have 27 [З]]З2|4]] Sts оп the 2nd RоW Р4, pattern to ]St апd 2nd rows Set pattern neck shap ng






Stockng stiich Work7[11:11:19] roWS decreasng ] st at neck aS Ьеfоrе in ]st апd every foilowing alernate row You Wil now have 2з [25:26:з]] StS on the Work straighl uпt l аrrпhоlе measures Same аS armhole to shoulder shaping, f nislring after а side


needle, Back Wrong




pattern, StS

Next Rоw. cast off 9 I]0]] 1:1З] StS n paltern to епd, You W]lnow have 14 [15:15:18]

ontheneede Next RоW. Patiern. wi now

have 4 sts оп the need

45i5О] sts ]eft on а St]tch holder onto the main пееdlе, Wth right side of the Work facino уоч, reioin уаrп: 1 st RоW. КЗ, s1 , k] , pSSo, pattern to end You W l now have з7 l41:44:49] SlS оп the needle,

2nd Bow. Pattern to last 5 sts, p2togtb, рз, You Wll now have Зб 140:4З:48] sts оп the needle, 1 st and 2nd roWS Set Siocking st 1ch border песk Shaping and pattern Keeping contin uity of pattern as set Work 8 [8: 1 О:6] rows decreasng ] st at neck edge as tefore n ечёrу ФW YoLr W l now have 28 [З2 З3i42] sts on the needle

Proceed as fol ows:_

1st ВоW КЗ, s1, k], psso, раttеrп to end, Yоu поW have 27

[З 1


:З2:4] ] sts on the needle,

2nd Row. Paltto ast4sts,p4, lst and 2nd rows Set stockng Siitch border, neck Shapng and pattern, Work 7 [1 1 ] ] ] 9] rows decreas пg 1 st at песk edge as before in ]st and every folowing aternate rcW' YoU Wr now have 23 [25 26:З1] StS оп the need е, Work Straight unti amhoe гпоаsUrеS same aS back armhole to shoulder shaping finshing after а right :

Sderow Shape Shouldor Next Rоw. cast ofl g pattern to end. You W




i] ]


З] sts in pattern

поW have



l1 5:


5:1 8] StS

оп the neede,

Next RоW, Pattern. Next RоW cast off 10 [] ] i] ] i] 4] sts iп pattern, рз, You Wl поW have 4 sts on 1he пееdlе, N€xt RоW' К4, cast оп ] st (ths st to Ье Used for sew ng border to backof neck), YoL]Wil now have



across back of песk, finishing after а Wrопg side row cast ofl, То Work the second side of песk return the З8 [42:


for have

Next RоW. Р4, cast оп 1 st (this st to Ье used sew]ng border to back Oi neck), YOu W l now 5 sts оп the needle Workng on these 5 sts continue iп stocking unti bordel S of Suffici€nt length to go

Stitch hafiryay

5 sts оп the needie, Work ng on lhese 5 sts сопt nue n stocking stitch

border iS ol SL]fficient ength 1о go ha f,ray across back of neck, finishng afteraWrong sde row Untrl

cast off.

АЯМНОLЕ ВОRDЕRS (Both alik€) Join shou der Searns. With rqht s de facinq USлg


ýoam and pbcing sеаm to cбntro baok of neck ýo!r' bordors lп poýition (using caBt on 9titch), Pin out garmeлt to lhe meaýulgnent given and covor with

}our smaller needles pick чр алd knit 70 Г/8:86:s4] sts е\€пlу all юUпd ffmho{e бфв. 1st Rоw, Р2, * k2, р2, rерёаt from - to бпd,


Bepeat 1ýt and 2пd IoWs twicб more.

Join side апd amhde bordor ýоаms, Jcin trordёr

2пd Row. ' К2, р2, repoat from 'to lagt 2 sts, 12,

off lп rlь.

то мАкЕ UP

damp clothý чпtll dry {rofelto раgё 2). s€е ball bsnd for wафlпg апd furthеr сав iпýпюtiопs.


Ет !l Ti



Ni ь

2З [25,5:28:З1.5]сп (9 [10:1



23 [25.5:2Е:З1.5]сm (s 110l 1 |12rl4]iп)





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15 6











worked in Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4 ply



MATERlALs Little vintage Рrаm coat К012 sчЫimе ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4 р|у shade 205 sweet реа з Little vintage Рrаm cardie К012 Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino sllk 4 р|у 2 shade 206 litt|e pinkie pitter patter shoes К012 sublim€ ЬаЬу cashmere merino siIk 4 ply 1 shade 206 little pinkie


This should поW measure 10сm, (4iп), Square. f your Square Бп't the сопесt Width р ease reier to ра9е 2,

ABBREvlATloNs cm cenln]etTes g grагпmеs, iп nch(es), k knit, mm rnll]rnetres 0 no t mes or rows р p{-]r, rep repeat, st(s) stitch(es), tog together, Ws Wrолg Side.

YOU WlLL ALSO NEED 1 pair of Зllаmm (UK10 - USАЗ) Knitting Needles the main knitting (or the size required to give the


K2tog lnseat the righ1 hand need е tlrrough the 2nd апd 1sl Sttches оп ]he eft hand пееdе апd knt the Il iogethel to form а singe Sttch, I\Л't make one sttch p|ck up оор between last апd лехt Sttch and Work пtо the lэack о{ this loop P2tog insert the r ght hand need е purWays through the ]st and 2пd Stitches on tlre eft hand neede and pl]r

1 pair of 23l4mm (UK12 - USA2) Knitting Needles for the borders (or а needle 2 sizes smaller than you

then] together to form а Single Sttch,

use for the main knittino). З buttons for the cardigan. 2 press fasteners for the Shoes.

frorn the right hand need е over the Stilch or Stitcr]es

TENsloN Peasetake а ]tte 1me поW to knt а Stock ng stitch tens оп square, Using Э1/4mm needles cast оп 28 stitches and WoIk Эб rows in ýocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 юw purl),

psso paSS Slpped stitch over pass the s]pped Stilch you have ]ust Worked, 51 s р ] St tсh kn tways nserl the rght hand need е into next sttch aS f to knt t]Ut ]ust S р t off thё lefl hand needle onto the r]ght hand neede Wthol]t Wolking, Wrap s р next stlch onto rioht hand needle and take уаrп io opposte Sde of Work between needeS, s р the same stt.h back onto left hand needle


in in in



fol thё first 3 sazes опlу

Pitler Patter shoes to fit an average size baby's foot

а- ' t,





50g t alls




50g balls 50g ball

cilcle the size you


to mаkе

L|TTLE V|NTAGE РRАМ СОАТ вАск Regularly measure the width of the back as you knit (See measurement chart). US пg your SгIlаlеr need es cast оп 77 [85 9]:99l StS,

1х1 rib

|о6.ё gllсо.оfло.| ' К], р], rep from 'to astst,k], 2пd RoW. Р], ' k], р] rep florn ' to епd lstBoW,



These 2 lows folm ]х1 rib,

Work 2 roWS mоrе п ]х] rib change lo yoUI man needes апd Work the rema nder of the back as folows:

1st Row. К]5 [17 ]9|2]] р8, kЗ] [З5lЗ7 а1], рВ, k]5 []7:]9:2]l, 2пd Bow' Р]5 []7 ]9:2]], k8, рЗ1 [З5iЗ7],1]],

k8 р15 [17:]9]21l, Зrd to'loth Rоw. Rер ]St and 2nd rows 4 t mes 11th RоW. K]4l]6]]8]20], S] k], psso ф. k2tog

k29 [ЗЗ:З5 З9], s] k] psso р6, k2tog, k]4 [16:1820] You Wl now have 7З I81 87:95]sts onthe need е


12th Row. Р]5 []7:]9 2]], k6, рЗ] [З5 З7 а]], k6, р]5 []7 ]s:2]], 1Зth Row. К15 []7:19:21] р6, kЗ1 lЗ5:З7:41], р6,

k]5l17]19:2]], 14th Rоw. Р]5 [17 19 21], k6, рЗ1 [З5 З7i41], k6. р]5 []7 ]9]2]], 1sth to 18th RоW' Repeat ] Зlh and ] 4th roWS

sl, k], psso, р4 k2tog, ,- pq.o рд .2о9 .-дl-о:

'lgth BoW, K]4l16:]8:20],




]8 20], YoU Wi поW have 69 [77:8З:91] StS оп the neede, 20th Воw' Р15 [17:19:2']] k4 р31 lЗ5:З7:41], k4, p]5I]7 ]9i2]] 21st RoW. K]5l]7:19:21l, р4, kЗ1 [З5:З7:41l р4, k15 [17:19 21]. 22nd BoW. Р15 l]7:19 2]l, k4, рЗ] [35 З7:4r], ka p15I]719|21], 23rd and 24th Rows. As 21St and 22nd rows, 25th Яоw К]4 []6 ]8]20], s] k] psso р2, k2tog,

l ,о , ,-

18]20l, YoU

,q' \,, L,, о. о, о_ ,_-о9 . д']о Wl now lrave 65 [7З 79:87] sls оп lhe

26th Поw Р15 [17:]9:21] k2 рЗ1 [З5:З7 4]], k2 р15 []7:]9:2]], 27th Яоw. К]5 []7 ]9 2]], р2 kЭ] [З5 З7 а]], р2 k15 []7i]9 2]] 28th Поw' Р15 [17i]9:21], k2 рЗ] [З5]З7 а1], k2, р15 [] 7:19:21l, 29th and 30th RоWs, As 27th and 28th roWS. 31st ЯоW. К14 [16i18 20] S1 , k] , pSSo, k2tog, k29 [ЗЗ:З5 З9] S], k], psso, k2tog, k]4 [] 6:]8]20], YoU Wi now have 6] [69:75:8З] sts оп the needl-", з2пd воW' РUr , Start ng Wtrr а knt row Work in Slockng Sttch the 'or remander of the back as folowsiWork Unti Ьасk measures ]2 I]2 ]З]]4]спr, (4зl4 цзl4]5r/4 5r/2ln), f п sh по after а ptJr row So ]hat the right side o1the Work faces you for lhe Ьеgппiпg of the armhoe Shaping, | .. оd, l 5hoJ о ,l .а. ,rp dррtо/lтdlа, 22 [25:

27:ЗO]сm, (83/4 [9З/4 103/1 роп1.


]З/а]п), across at thS

shape Armholes Wоrk б



8 9l


decreasing ] st at each end of

every row You


поW lrave 49 [55]59]65] StS on

Work оп these 49 [55i59 65] sts Unt the аlmhoes measure ] 0 {] 2:]З|] 4]сrп, (4 [4Зl4]5r/4 5r/2]п) Slraght down from the top ol the need е to the

27th RoW. К] 5 l] 7:] 9:2]1, р2, k1 В |2О|22|24)28th Row. К4, р]4 [16 18:20], k2, р15 [17:19 21], 29th and эйh Rows, AS 27th and 28th roWS, ЗlSt Воw' К14 []6:]8:20} s], k], psso, k2to9, k] 7 []9 2]:2З], You Wi поWhаVеЗЗ[З7:4]:45]StS

beg пп ng of the armrrole shaping (don t measLlre

alound the curve) finishno after а pur row

shape Shoulders


off 5 [6 6:8l Sts al b,eqlnnnq o1next 2 rows

/oL d,|_ол .d c"sr o,f. 'o,/:8l

,, о,


^,,""о: Sr drbд9, ,g or ,е.,2,ол:,

29 [З1 ЗЗ:ЗЗ] StS оп the needle cas1 off rernaininq 29 [з1 зз ззl Sts YoL] W l поW have

LEFT FВОNТ Using your smaler need eS cast оп 4] Ц5:49:5З] Sts 1st RоW. (this W Ье the rght sde of Work - rs) ' К], р']. rep frогп ' to as! 5 StS k5, 2пd ЯоW. Ка, р] - k]. р] rep frorn 'to епd, ]st and 2nd rows form rЬ and garter stitch bordet Wo,L |о/ ( +о д . ь Jгd gafe, ч- l bodp, change to your rnain needes апd work the rema nder ol the efi froni as {olows:, 1st Rоw' К15 [17:19 21I р8, k]8 [20 22:2а]. 2nd Bow. К4, р]4 [16i]8 20] k8 р]5 []7 ]9 2]]. зrd to 10th RоW' аер l", d-d 2I о oW" ,. l1 еь, 11th RоW' К]4 []6:]8 20] S] , k] , pSSo, р6, k2log k]7 J]9:2] 2З], YoU Wil now have З9 [.1З 47|51] sts оп the needle

12th Rоw' К.+, р]4 []6:]8:20], k6, р15 [17:r9:21l, 1Зth RоW' К]5 []7:]9:2]1 р6, kla |2а 2224| 14th RоW' К4, p]4116:18:201, k6, р15 []7:]9:21l, 15th to 18th Rоw Repeat ]Зth and 14th roWS tWce, 1gth RoW. K]4l]6:]8:20l, S], k], psso, р4 k2tog, k]7 119:21 2З], YoU Wil now have З7 [41 45i49] sts 20th BoW. к4, p]4l]6:18]20], k4, р]5 п7]]9:21], 21st Rоw. К] 5 l] 7:] 9:2]], р4, k18 |2О|22|241 22nd Row. К4 р]4 [16]]8:20] k4, р]5 [17:19 21] 2эrd and 24th RoWs, AS 2]St апd 22nd rows, 25th BoW. К]4 []6:]8:20] S], k], pSSo, р2, k2tog k] 7 []9:2] 2З], Yor_r Wl now have З5IЗ9|4З:47] Sts 26th Row. К4, р]4 []6:]8 20], k2, р15 []7 ]9:2]],

32nd Rоw. К4, pur to епd. Next RоW. Knit to end, Next RoW. К.1 pur to end. These 2 rows {orm siockng sltch and galter Sttch Work iп Slockng Sttch апd garter sttch border Untl le{i lront гпеаsurеs sarne as Back to armhoes, fп sh по alter а ws row

Shape Armhole Next RoW. K2log (arrnho]e edge) knit to end, YoU Wl now have З2 lЗ6:40i44] StS оп the need е. Next BoW. К4 pur to ast 2 sts, p2tog YoU W lnow lrave З] [З5]З9:,1З] SlS on the neede Wolk 4 [5]6]7l roWS more decreasng ] st at arrnhoe edge п every row. YoU W поW have 27 [З0:3З]З6] cont

nLre WlrrorJt shap






ng Unt аптhое measures

/ 2 |21 | 2

2Зl4:2Зl4l п) fin]sh ng after

Shape Neck Next Bow. cast off 8 [9:1 1:] ]l Sts in patteln (neck edge), purl 1о end YoU W l now have ]9 [2]]22 25] Starl nq With а knit row Wоrk п stock п9 lema n.ler of the eft front as folows|


tch for the

Work 4 rows decreasng ] st at neck edge n every row You Wi поW have Т5 [17il8i21] sts оп lhe Work 9 rows decreasng ] st at neck edge n next and every folowng alternate row YoU W] поW have ] 0 I] 2:]З:] 6] sts оп the need е, Сопl nue Wlholt Shap nq L]nti armhole rneasures same aS Back armhole 1о ShoU der Shaping, fn Shng

shарё shoulder Next ВоW' Ca5t off 5



knit to end, You W

поW have 5 [6 7:8l SiS оп the пееd е,

hee edge in 2nd [4th:2nd] and following 4th [0i4th] row YoL] Wil поW have 25 [28:З0] Sts оп the пееdе. Next Bow. cast off ]З [14:16] sts pLlrlways, purlto end. YoU Wil поW have 12 []4i14] sts оп the need е. Next Row. (псrеаsе in 1St si) 0 [0i]] t]mes, knit to las- 2 SlS .2тog |'ront edge), voL w l -ow ha\p 11 [1З:14l sts on the neede. Work 2 ro!1/s increasing 1 st at ioe edge iп 2nd [2ndi0] row АТ SAME ТlМЕ decreasng 1 st at lront Bdge п every row YoU Wil now have 10 [12:12]



1 st at

оп the needle,

Work on rernan ng 10 [12:]2] sts aS fo]oWSiWork 7 [9]9] юWs ncrвasng 1 St at toe €dge опlу in О [0:2nd] row Yo! Wil поW have 10 [12:1З] Sts оп

edge, З sts from shaped edge, 8 lT 0:12] stý evenly frorn front edge, З sts from shaped edge and ] З []4i] 6] sts from casl ofi sts at top rght edge, rou WJ ,ow ha/e r'o llZ 50] sLs о, Lle ,eРo,e,

Work 2 rows in gаriеr Sitch. Noxt Bow. КЗ К]5], еачб thesё З [4:5] Sts on а safety р n, cast ofi З4 [зб 40] sts kntways k2 [з:4] You Wil now have З [4|5] StS оп the needle, Break off уагп and oave rегпаппg 3 [4i5] StS on the need е

strap WiIЁ q [ac-q S|p l!,e J

[Д,5] s,S lе1 о,l d Sd'ety рг

onto the пееdlе hod пg the olher З l4:5] sts. YoU W]L поW have б [8i10] StS оп the needle, [-]sing уоt]r smаlеr needles cast оп 18 [22 25] sts onto free пееdlе, using Same need eS and yarn knt

For 3rd size опlу Work 2 rows docreasing 1 st at toe edge п ]st row You Wrl now have []2] sts on the neede.

across the б [8;]0] StS eft on other needle as folows]- k2 [З:4], k2tog, k2 [З]4] cast оп 5 I5i6] sts, vo| W| -од have 28lJa,ao] <),с о- |1е -ёао,. Work 2 roWS iп gаrtеr Sttch,

Fоr all з si2es Work 2 rows decreasing 1 st at 1ое edge in ]St I]stio] row АТ SAME ТlМЕ increasing ] St at front odge n every row YoU Wi поW have ]] l]З|]4]Sls

cast ofi knitways

on the needle, Next ЯоW. (K2tog) 0 [0:1] times, knt to last 2 sts ncrease in next st, k], cast оп ] З []4 ] бl Sts (heel edge), YoU W поW have 25 l28 З0l sts оп the needle Work 8 J6:8l roWS decreasino J St at toe edqe п 2nd [2ndi4tlr] and foloWng 4th row АТ SAME ТМЕ ]псrеаSе ] st at hee edge ln Зrd and folow]ng

4th [0:4th] rovJ, YoU Wll now have 25 [27 З0] sls оп the needle,

For 2пd size only Work 2 roWS decreas пg ] si at toe edge n 2nd row АТ SАlйЕ ТlМЕ ncreasing 1 st at hее edge n Jst row you now haver7 sts оп the needle


For all з sizos cast off remaning 25 127]З0] sts рUrwауý,

Edging With rc facing, usng your Srnaler needles pick чр and knit ]З I]4]16] sts {rom casl on sts at 1ор lе]1

2nd [0i0] and folow]ng 4th row You Wl now have 25 [28:З0] sts оп the needle, Next Rоw. cast off 1 З [1 4] 1 6] sts kn 1ways, kn t to end YoU Wil поW have ]2 I]4i]4] StS оп the needle, Next BoW. (lncrease ]n ]St st punways) 0 [0:1] times, purl to ast 2 sts, p2tog (front odge), vo l пll rоW -аVе l ['З:]Д 5l5 о- ll^e пеео|е Work 2 roWS decreas ng ] St at front edge п every ,ow Д* SДМL llVL г(,еаsiгg ' >l at loe edge п

2nd l2nd]0] row You W l поW have 10 112]12] stý on the needle, Work оп remaining ]0 [12:12l sts as folows: Work 7 [9:9] rows increasing ] st at toe edge опу n 0 [0:2пd] row YoU Wl now have ]0 []2ilЗ] Sts on the пееdlе,

For Зrd size only Work 2 roWS decreasng ]

St at toe

edge п ]st row.

You Wll now have []2] StS on the needle,

Right shoё Work as given for Left Shoe to ", Change to уоur mап need eS and Work aS folows:Next RоW Knit to епd, cast on 5 [6i7I sts (hee edge), YoU Wll поW have 25 127]З0] sls оп the

Fоr all з sizes Wоrk 2 rows псrеаSiпg ] St at lront edge n every low А- SAME т|МЕ dес€аS19 l SI ат toe ео9е l1 St [1 St:o] rоW Yоu W l] now have ] 1 [] З] 1 4] sts on the needle, Noxt RоW. (P2tog)0 [0 1]tmes, purlto ]ast 2 Sts, increase п net ý purways, р1, cast оп ]З {14]16] Sts (hee edge) YoU Wil now have 25 [28:З0] Sts оп


the needle,

Work п Stocking stitch for 1he remainder of the Shoe as folowsiNext RоW. (this Wil Ье the rght s de of the Work - rS).

rows ncreaýing 1 st at hee edoe n Зrd алd fol0Wng 4th [0i4th] row АТ SAN,4E Т МЕ decreasing '1 st at toe edge п 2nd [2nd:4th] апd folowng 4th rоW' YoU WL now have 25 I27 ЗO]sls

Кпit to епd (toe edge)

Work 8

[6 8]

оп the need е,

For 2nd size only Next RоW. lncrease in 1St st pur]Ways, pur to end. YoU Wi now have 28 StS оп the neede. Noxt Row. K2tog, kn]t to end. Yot] Wi now have 27 sts on the need е Fоr аll з sizes Next Row. (lncrease iп 1st stlch purlways) 0 I']:1] 1mes, purlto end, YoL]Wl now have 25 [28]Зl]sts д:оl эWs dec e.s 1q ' s, aL rcе ео9е Tst lЗrdi]St] and iolowng 4th [0:4th] row АТ SAME Т МЕ increasng 1 st purlways at toe edge iп Wo,|.



Fоl 2nd sizб опlу Work 2 roWS increasing 1 st at hee] edge п 1Sl row АТ SAME ТlМЕ decreasng 1 St at toe edge in 2nd row You Wil поW have 27 Sts оп the пееdе.

Fоr аll з sizes

cast off rernaining 25 Edging Wth rs fac ng

127:З0] зts kппл/ауs,

uý ng your sma lеr need]es

pick up

and knit 1З []4]16] Sts from cast off sts at top eft edge, З sts from Shaped edge, 8 l]0 ]2] sts eveny


itom fюпt edgв, З slý frоm фареd ёdgе апd 1З [14|16] stý fюm oast off ýts ai top right ефв, YoU Will now have 40 [44:50] sts on the пееdlе, Work 2 rows iп gartor ýtltch. Nёхt Rоw. КЗ [4:5l, lёаче th€ss З [4:5] sъ оп а saнy р]п, cast ofi М [З6:40] sts knitweys, k2 {З:4], YоU W ll now hаVб 3 [4:5] ýts оп the пфdIе, Bnoak off уаm алd leave romain]ng З [4:5] sts оп the

ýFар With Б Ъо'пg

22 |24.5:27:4.qcln



(пlеasulеd iust be{ow amhobs)



sБ bft оп

lJsing уоUr ýmaller пфdЬý cast оп 5 [5:6] sts onto fr€ё п6€dlо, Using samв nвedles and уаrп kn t асюsý tho б [8:10]


left оп other пеоdlе аý follows;-


letog, }е lЗ:4], caýt оп 18 [22:25]ýs, You now havo 28 [З4:40] sts on th€ n€edlo. [З:4],



ав З

а safбty рiп огltо thё пё€dlе hotding tho othor 3 l4:5] ýЬ. You Wil no,{ havo б l8l1 0] gts on tЪ needlo. ýlip




N* в


Wo.k 2 rоWs in ganor stitch, Саý off kпiМауý,

то мАкЕ



Join h6€l S€am, With seam at сепlrё baok of sole, sew upper part of shoe е\,€пlу all roJnd solo аllоriпg for gafl]eling at front of Shое. sew pless lastenerg to shоб straps, sбё ball bsnd fог Waýhing and furthёг саr€ instructions,



Little Bib and Tucker Cardie and Little Bib and Tucker


0-6 monthý





56 22

in in



16 44 171l4


20 54



60 2эз/4

24 9112 15








15 24










50g balls





50q balls


FULL LENGTH (approximately)


worked iп Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4 ply




Little Bib and Tucker cardie КО12 sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4 ply 2 Shade 12З Little Bib and тчсkеr waistcoat К012 sublime ЬаЬу cashmere mеriпо silk 4 рlу 2 shade 120

,li 28 stitches and work 36 rows in stocking stitch rоw knat, 1 row puri). This should поW mбаsчrе


1ocm, (4in), square, f уоUr square isn t the correc1 Width please refer to page 2


l YOU WlLL ALSO NEED 1 pair of З1l4mm (UKl0 - USАЗ) Knitting Needles the main knitting (оr the size required to give the сопесt tension), 1 pair of 2Зlаmm (UKl2 - UsA2) Knitting Needles for the armhole borders (or а needle 2 sizes smaller lhап you use {or the main knitting). 4 [4:5:5l Buttons.

stitch holder

TENsloN а

е t mе поW to knt а stocking Stitch tension square tJsing З1/4mm needles cast оп Р ease take



р2, k2, rep from'to end. 2пd Rоw. - Р2, k2 rep from'to lasi 2 StS, р2. These 2 roWS form 2х2 rb Work 5 roWS in rb. 8th BoW. (decrease row) РЗ [7:5:9] p2tog, (р4 p2toq) 1] [11]]Э:lЗ]i mes, рЗ 17 5:9]. You WI

cm cenlimetres g grammes, in nchles) k kпП, mm m гпеtrеS, 0 по roWS patt patlern р purl rep repeai, ýt(s) stпсh(еS) tog logethe( ws Wrong side, K2tog nsei( the rght hand need е through the 2nd and ]st sttches on the eft hand пееdе and knt them together to iorrn а S пglе stlci] P2tog пSеrt the rght hand need е tlrloLJgh the lst апd 2nd stilches on the ief1 hand need е апd рur them togetherio folm а single sttch. РSsо pass Slpped stlch over . pass the slpped st tch

now have 62 [70:76:84] Sts оп the need е, change 1о your mап needeS and beginn ng Witlr а kn l row Work п Slock пg St lch for the remainder of

from the right hand need е over the sttch or Stitches you have JuSt Worked, s,1 S р ] st]tch kn lways , пSеat the nght hand need е

Shape Аrmhоlеs

пtо next Stilch aS


lэUt ]ust

Slp t



lhe back as to]ows:Work Unll back measuros 14 {16:19:2a]cm |51


|61 14|71



-р bact -l oLlo

/2lin), l п sh ng after а purl



арр о, г d-рl/ 22 J25 27 зO]сm, (8Зl4 [9З/4:] 0З/4i113/4]iп) across at


Work 5 [6 8 8l roWS decreasng ] Si at each end of every row YoU W]] поW have 52 I58i6Oi68] Sts on

the eft hand

'tohand need]e Wthout Working, needle опtо the rghi circle the size you Wish to make

L|TTLE BlB AND TtJcKEп cARDlE вАск Using yoLrr Sma]]er need]es cast on 74 [82:90]98l sts, 1st Rоw (th S Wi Ье the r ght S de of the Work rs], К2,

Work оп these 52 I58:60]68] sts Unt]larrnholes пlеаSlrе 1 0 l]2:1З 14]cm, (4 [43/4:5]/4:5]/2] n), ,d,g, | оод- 1of lnё -оо of т'е need е ,о lhbeginnng of the armho]e shaping (don'l measure around the curve), fnlshnq after а pur] row.

shape Shoulders cast ofi 7 [8]8:10l sls at beginning of next 2 rows You Wi] поW have З8 [42:44i48l StS оп the needle,


cast ofi 8 [8]8ilО] sts at beginning of next 2 rows,

YoLl W l now have 22 [26i28:28] sts оп the needle,

cast ofi remain ng 22 126:28:28] sts LЕFТ FRОNТ Us ng yoL]r smaler needles cast оп З5 [З9|4З:47] sts, ,l st BoW (this WiIl Ье the aght sde of the Work - rs), ' К2, р2, rep from " to last з sts, k2, р1. 2по ВоW' а', р2, ' 12, о2, rео toт ' Io e-d, 1si and 2nd rows fоrm rib, Work 5 roWS mole iп rib, 8th Row (decrease rоW)Рз, p2tog, (р7 [8:7 8], p2tog) З [З:4:4]timёs, рЗ [4i2 2]. YoU Wil now have 31 [З5:З8:42] sts on the пееd е, change to your main needles and proceed aS

Pattern 1st Row. Knit 2nd Row. PUrl, 3rd Rоw. К18 [22:25:29], (р2, k2)h/r'ice, р2 kЗ, 4th BoW. РЗ, (k2, p2)twicё, k2, purlto end. -' Frоm 1st to 4th row forms stocking stitch апd pati, Work n stock ng stltch and patt (throughout) untl left front measures same as ihe Back to armhole shaping finishing after а Wюп9 S]de row Shape Armhole 1st Row. K2tog (armhole edge), patt to епd. You Wi now have З0 [З4|З7]41] sts оп the need в 2пd Rоw. Patt to last 2 Sts, p2tog, YoU Wil] поW have 29 [ЗЗ;З6:40] sts оп the needle, Work З [4|6:6] rows decreasing 1 st at armhole edge п every row. YoU Wll now have 26 {29iЗO:З4] Sts оп the пееd]е, Work 1 [0:0:0] rows straight,

shape Neck

1st Bow. Knit to ast 15 StS, k2to9 (neck edge), patt to епс], You Wi]l поW have 25 [28:29|3З] sts on the needle,

2пd RoW. Patt to end зrd Row. Knt to last 15 sts, k2tog, patt to епd, YoU wiLl now have 24 [27:28|З2] StS on the пееd]е, 4th BoW. Pait to end Frоm Tst to 4th low sets posit]on of neck ýhaping, р


Work 14 [14|16:14] roWS decreasing 1 st at neck ёdс]е aS before in пехt and every folow]ng alternate row You W l! now have 17 120:20:25] sts оп the noede, Wor]< 5 [1З:lЗ:17] rows decreasng 1statneckedge as before n neХt and every {оlоWпg 4th row YoU W]ll поW have 15 [16i16:20] StS On the needle, Work Without furthёr shaping Uпt] left front armhole measures same as Back armhole to Shape Shouder fnishing after а Wrong Side row

Shape shouldef Next RоW' cast ofi 7 [8i8:1О] sts iп patt, patt to end, YoU Wll поW have В [8|В:10] sts on the needle, Next Row. Patt to end, cast off rernaining 8 [8:8 10] sts in patt,


Using your sma]]er needles cast on З5 [З9:43:47] sts 1st RоW (this W]ll Ье the right side o1the Work - rs) Р], k2, ' р2, k2, rep from ' to end, 2пd Bow. ' Р2 k2, rep frогп to last З Stý р2 kl, ]st and 2nd rows fоrгп rb, Work 5 roWS гпоrе n rib. 8th Rоw (dесrеаsе row) РЗ [4:2i2], p2tog, (р7 [В|7|8], p2to9) З [З:4:4]tiгпеs, рЗ, You W]IL поW have з1 [З5]З8]42] sts on the needLe, Сhапgе to your main need]es and proceed as

Раttёrп 1st Rош Knt, 2nd Row. Purl, зrd Rоw. Кз, (р2, k2)twice, р2, kl8 [22i25|2s], 4th воw. PL]r to last 1З sts, (k2, р2), twice, k2, рЗ, -' Frоm lst to 4th row folms patt and stocking stitch Work in patt апd stock ng sttch (throughout) Untl the rght front measures sаrпе as the Back to Shape armhole, finishing after а Wrопg side row,

ýhаре Armhole 1st Row. Patt to last 2 sts, k2tog (armhole еdgе)

You Wil now have ЗО [З4:З7:41] sts on the needle 2пd RоW. P2to9, patt to епd, YoU W]| now have

29 [ЗЗ:Збi40] StS on the neede, Wоrk З 14:6:6] roWS decreasing Т St armhole edge in

ечеry rоw' You W ! поW have 26 [29]З0:З4] sts оп the needle.

Work ] [0:0i0] roWS stra]ght,

shape Neck

1st Rоw. Patt 1З, (песk edge)s'], k] pSSo, knLtto епd. You W]L поW have 25 Р8:29 ЗЗ] sts оп the needle,

2nd Rоw. Patt to end, 3rd Row. Patt 1з, s] k], psso, kn]t lo end, YoU Wil now have 24 [27 28|З2] sts оп the needle, 4th поw. Patt to end, l-,oт lsI-o Z-l tow cels oosto- ol -e(\Shap,lq, Work Т4 l14:]6]14] rows dесrеаSiпg 1 St at neck edge as before in next and every follow]ng aternate row. YoU Will now have 17 120:20:25] ýts on the needle, Work 5 [1З:lЗ]17] rows decreasing 1 st at песk edge aS belore n next and every following 4th row YoU Wil по!,ч have 15 [16:16:2О] sts on the needle, Work Wthout further shapn9 untl аrгпhоlе гпеаSurеs Same as back аrmhоlе to Shape shou]der, finishing after а rght side rоW

Shape Shoulder Next RоW' cast ofi 7



п patt. patt to end,

YoU Wil now have 8 [8:8:1О] sts оп the needIe, Next Bow. Patt to ёпd, cast ofi remaining 8 [8:8|10] sts in patt,

SLEEVES (Both alike)

Using уоur snra er nбedles cast оп 50 [50]54:58] sts, Work 7 roWS in 2х2 r Ь, 8th Row. Р4 1416:З] p2tog, (рб [6i6:8], p2tog)5 times, р4 [4:6iЗ], You Will поW have 44 [44:48:52] sts on the needle change to your rnain need еS and Work n stocking st tch for the remander of the s eeve as fol]owsi Work 35 [4З:51iЗ5] rows ncreasng ] St at each end ']6th [8th|8th:8th] low of Зrd and every folowing (there Wil Ье 15 I7]7i7] roWS Straight between each increase row), You Wil now have 50 [56:62:62] sts on

thё пееd]е

Fоl 4th size опlу Work ЗО rows ]псrеаS пg 1 St at each end of every

Stra]ght 168] sts on

folowing ]Oth rоW (there Wi Ье 9lows bet\rveen each inc row) You Wi l now have



Forall4 Work



15[,l7:202a]cm,(6[6r/2:8:9]/2]n),f рчr]

s nshngaftera

thoui further shap пg Unt l the s eeve


shape Sleeve


ol the

Work 5 lбi8iВ] roWS decreasing 1 st at each end every юW YoU WiJl now have 40 ц4:46 52] sis оп


Place marker lhreads at each end of ast row. 5 [6i8i8] rows W l match to 5 {6i8i8] decrease оп


These roWS

armhoes. Work 1 [0 O:0l rows W thout Shap ng, When


sewng пiо

rows, е, You

2 sts at beg nning о' next б i] 4| 1 0| 1 6] YoU Wil поW have 28 116:26:20] sts оп ihe пееd cast orf З sts at beg nning ol next б 12 4:2] rows o{f

е, ]0[]O:]4:]4]Sts

Wil поW have 10 []0i]4i]4] StS оп the need cast off rеmап пg



along 146: 5] centre

edge of right front pickupand knit 8 sts eveniy rib, 42 [50:60 78] StS evenLy Up front edge зб 47 49] Sts еVепlу чр shaped edge and 1 2 [] 4] 1 5: 1 sts еVепlу from cast otf StS at back of neck to back песk Youwilnowhave98[]18i]ЗOi150]sts


on the Start пg With 2nd row of 2х2 rib Work 8 roWS in rib,

cast off n


rib,, UP

[6i8]8] decrease rows rnarked at the Ьеgппiпg of the sleeve top, Join Side and Sleeve Seams, Join border at back of песk, sew оп buttons, Pin out garmont to the measurement gNen and cover With damp cloths unti dry (reter to page 2), see ball band for WaSh пg гthеr

care nsiruct

pick lowsi_ centre





WAlsTcoAT Tucker

Work aS given forBackof Little Bib and carde to Work unti back measureý ] 4 l] (5 ] /2 [6r /2 i8]9З/4]iп), iinish пg after а Wrong side


7:20:25]сm, row, The back Should measL]re approximate у 22 [25l backofneckpickUpandknit12I14|]5]]5]sts 27 ЗO]сm, (8Зl4 [9З/4:10З/4:11З/4liп), across atthS point, even у from cast off StS at l)ack of песk, Зб [46] 47:49] SiS evenly down shaped edge, 42 I50 60:78l shap€ Armholes Sts evenly down front edge and 8 sts ечепlу аlопg cast ofi З [4:4]4] sts at Ьеgпп]пg of next 2 rows, YoU rt,, You W now have 98 [118:1з0:150] sts оп the W]l now have 56 [62:68]76] sts оп the needle, needLe, Work 2 [2 4:4] roWS decreas ng J St at each епd of Staning Wilh 2nd row of 2х2 rib Wой З rows, every row You wii поW have 52 [58:60:68] sts оп the Next Rоw. RЬ to laýt 49 159:64:85] Sts, cast off ] st, neede, (rib 1З l16:1Зi]8], cast off 1 St) З [З:4 4]tmes, rb Workon these 52 [58:60 68]sts unt armhole 2 |З 2|Зl. measures ]О ]]2:]З]сrп, \4 |41/4 4З/ц51/41п), Next Rоlм Rьз[4:з:4],саstоп 1st,(rib 14П7 fnishing aftera Wrong sde row 14]19l,caston ] st)з [з:4:4]times, ribioend. Work З rows rпоrе п Ь, shape shou|ders cast ofl in rib,

Jo п shou der sеаrпS, lJS пg your Srnal er need es Up and kп t sts for l€fl iront tlorder aS fo With right s de of Wоrk fac ng you, starting at

[] ]




Us ng your Srпа ler n€€dles


ck Up апd


kп t sts

right flont border as W]th r ght S de of Wоrk fac ng you, stading




Work as g ven lor Lelt Frопt of Litt е в Ь and Tucker cardie to ". Work n stocking Stitch and patt (throughout) unti eit front measuros sarne as lhe Back to shape armhoe, f п Shing after а Wrong s de юw'

shapб Аmhd€ Next Bow. cast off З

sts (armhoe edge), patt to end, You Wil now have 28 [З1 З4:з8] sts on the

SeW sleeve tops into аrгпhоеS matching the 5 decrease roWS on body 1о the 5 [6 8 8l



cast ofi 7 [8:8]10] sts at beginn ng of nexi 2 rows, YoU Wil поW have З8 [42 44:4Blsls on the




Next Row. Patt to end. Work 2 [2]4 4] rows decreas пg ] st at armhole edge in every row YoU Wl now hаче 26 [29:З0:34] sts оп the needle.

Work 2 rows Without shapng

shape Neck '] 1 st Rоw Кп t to last 5 sts k2tog (песk edge), patt toend,Youwllnowhave25[28:29:3З]stsonthe neede, 2nd Rоw Patt to епd, Зrd Яоw. Knit to astlssts k2tog, paii io end, YouW now have 24127:28:З2]sts on the neede, 4th Row. Patt to епd, Frorn ] St to 4th row sets pos tion о{ песk shaping, Work 1 4 [1 4: 1 6: ] 4] rows dесrеаs]пg 1 st at neck edge as before in next and every fo low пg altёrnate row.YouW] nowhave17 [20i2oi25]sts оп the neede, Work 5 l]З 1З:17] roWS decreasng 1 sl at песk edge аS before in next and every foLow пg 4th row YoU Wl now have 15 116:16 20] sts on the needle Work Straight Unt armhole гпеаsUrеS Same as back armhol€ to ýhape shouldol f niýh ng after а Wrong Sde row.

Shарб Shouldor NBxt Rоw. cast ofi 7 l8:8]T 0] sts iп patt, patt to end. YoUWl now have 8 [8:8:10]sts оп th-^ needle, Noxt Row. Patt to end, Cast off €nrainng 8 18:8:10] sts in pait, RIGHT FRoNT


Work as given for Rght Frопt of LttLe ВЬ and Tucker

YoU Wil now have 22 [26 28:28] sts on the caýt ofi rerna]n]ng 22 [26]28:28]

Cardie to "', Work iп patt and stocking st]tch (thюughout) Unt





shape Armhole Next Row. cast ofl З

[4:4:4] Sts (arrnhole edge), patt

to епd, You Will поW have 28 [31:З4:З8] sts on the needlo,

Work 2 [2]4]4] rows decreas пg 1 st at armhole edge in every row You Wl поW have 26 [29:З0]З4] Stý оп the noodle, Work 2 rоWS Wthout Shapng,

shape Neck 1st Rоw. Palt 13, (neck edqe) s1, k1, psso, end, You W l now have

kn t

cast off iп rib

You Willnow have 15 [16:16i20] sts оп the needl6, work straight unti armhole measures same as back armho]e to shape shouLder, iinishing after а right side

right front measures Sаrпе аý the Back to Shape armhole, fnishing after а right side row


25 I28i29:ЗЗ] sts оп the

2nd Row. Patt to end,

Зrd How. Patt ] З, s] , k1 psso, kn t to end, You Wi]l поW have 24 {27:28:З2] sts on the пееdlе, 4th Rоw. Patt to end, г.оm ]* to 4lts low sеIS por(lo1o'neLk Sbaping Work 14 [14:16]14] rows decreasing 1 st at песk edge aS before in next апd every fol]owing aternate You Wll now hаVе ]7 [2О:2О:25] sts on the needle, Wolk 5 [] З]l3i17] rows decreasing ] S1 at песk edge as before in next and every tollowing 4th row

R|GHT FRОNТ ВОRDЕН US ng yoL]f Smaler need еý р ck Up and knit ýs for right front t]order as folows: W th nght side facing, starting ai ]ower edgo of r]ght front р ck чр and knit 8 StS even у а ong r Ь, 42 {54: 64:82]Sts ечеп]у up front edge, Зб {42i43:45] StS

shape Shouldsr Next BoW. cast off 7 [8:8]1О] ýts in patt, patt to end, qts on r А l ееое lO' 8 ]oW have 8 Wl L8 'о-

evвn]y uр Shaped edge and ]2 [14:15]15] Sis evenly from cast off sts at back of песk to cenlrc back песk.

Next BoW. Patt to end cast off lemanng 8 [8:8:]0] sts п patt,

YoU Will now ha\,B 98 [118:1З0l150] ýs оп tЪ пееdlе, Start пg With 2nd row of 2х2 r Ь Work 8 rows.

LEFT FRОNТ ВОRDЕR Jon shoulder seams, Using yoUr Smaler needles pick lol e't ronl boloe, a5 ,ollows Jp агd k^п sts Wth right side facng, stad ng at centre back of песk pick up and knt ]2 I14:15i15] sts ечепlу frоm cast off sts at back of neck Зб [42:4З:45]sts еVеп у

cast of in

ARMHoLE BoRDEBS (Both alike)

With r]ght s]de fac]ng, using your smaller needles pick чр and knit 7О [78:82]90] StS ечепlу аl round armhole edge, Start ng W th 2nd row of 2х2 rib Work 8 rows,

down shaped edqe, 42 [54:64:82] sts еVепlу down flont edge and 8 StS evenly аопg rb You Wii now havб 98 [118:]З0:150] StS оп the needle, Startino Wth 2пd row of 2х2 r]b Wok З roWS, Next BoW' Rib to last 49 [61:69i88] sts, cast ofi 1 st, (rЬ 1З I]7l14 Т9], cast off 1 st)З [З:4i4] times, riЬ

cast oif in

Join side and armhole border seams, Jo n bordel at back of neck, SeW on buttons. Рп out garmeni to the rneasufernent given and cover WLth damp cloths Untl dry (refer to page 2), See bal band for WaSh ng and further care ]nstructions,









то мАкЕ UP

212|З 21. Next ЯоW. R]Ь З [З:4iЗ], cast on Т St, (rb 14 1 st) З [З|4:4] times, rib to епd, [] 8 1 5:2Ol, cast оп work З rows mоrе n rib,

-Е бт:

22 I25:27i3O]сm (8Зл [9Зrl 0ЗДl 1Зl4iп)


22 [25|27:30]сm

(8Зд {9З/.:10%:1








Little blossom and Little cherry b]ossom




AcTUALslzE LENGTH (approximately)

worked in Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino Silk 4 рlу






41 16 4з 1-I 1в 7 15 6



6-12 months 46 18 47

















6112 ,1


56 22 58 223/4

in in in in


MATEяlALS Little Blossom

К012 Sublime Ltaby cashm€re merino silk 4 ply shade 207 little Little cherry Blossom К012 sublime ЬаЬу caýhmбre merino silk 4 ply 1 shade 01




AS lопg as you knit stocking stilch at the above tensioп the eyelet pattern tension should Ье 27 sts апd Зб rowý to 1ocm, (4in) using Зl/4mm пеёdlеs and the diamond lace pattorn should Ье 2З sts and ,1ocm, (4in) using З1l4mm needles. 37 rows to

! Е




50q balls




50g balls

work з rows more п oarter sttch Eyelet Раttёrп 1st RоW Кпl, 2пd RоW. PUrl. 1St and 2nd rows Set Stockinq Stltch.

ABBREvlATloNS cm cenl metres, g grarnmes, in nch(es), k knit, mm гп metres 0 по roWS, st]tches or tn]es, patt раtlеrп, р pur, psýo paSS SLpped sttch over. rep repeat, s1 Slp 1 Sttclr kntways, st(s) Stitch(es), tog together, ws Wrong Sde,

you will also need 1 pair of З1/4mm (UK10 - UsАЗ) Knitting Needles the main knitting (or the size required to give the

K2tog nsert

1he r ght hапd need е ihroug h the 2nd and

]st stitches оп the eft hand needle and


correct tension). 1 pair ol 2Зl4mm (UK12 - UsA2) Knitting Needles for the sleeve borders (or а пееdlе 2 ýizes sma|lerthan you use for the main knitl|ng), Stitch holders,

kn t lhеrп

together to forrn а Sng е Stitch P2tog пSе( the rght hand пееdе purlways through the ]St and 2nd Stlches оп the elt hand needle апd pur them toqether to form а SinQle stitch, YfWd lrlng уаrп to front Ьеh^/ееп needles then take yarn over ihe top of the right hand needle to lorm а sl tch

sth Bow. nc n 1 st st,




knit to last 2 sts,

inc n r]ехl


поW have 52 158:66:72] StS оп the needle

Work 2 roWS in Siocking Stitch, gth RоW 1 пс in ] 51 st) ] ЮioiOl t]mes, knit to 2 [0:0:0l sts (inc n neк st) 1 [0:0 0] trnes, k1 [0|0]0]. YoU Wi now have 54 [58:66:72] sls on the needle, 10th Rоw. Purl 1,1th RоW (hc ]п lst St)0 [] ] i]] times, knt io last


0 [2:2]2]sts, (inc ]n пек St)0 [1 l1]tiгlrеS,k011:1:1] You Wil now have 54 [60:68 74] Sts on the neede, '1 2th RоW. Purl

chcle the size you Wish to make

,l 13th Row. (lnc п lst st) [0:0iO]tmes, k] []:5]8], S], k] psso, y,iwd, " k6, s] k] psso, ),,fwd, rep jiorn 'to last 2 [] |5 8] sts, (пс п пехt st) ] [0:0]0]tmes, k] [1


5 8], You

Usino your marn пееdlеs cast оп 50 [56i64]70] SiS 1st RоW (tlr S Wll Ье the lqht Sde oI Work rs), Кп1 ThiS row forms garter stitch,

Work 2 rоWý п stockng stilch 17th Rоw. nc п ]st St, knlt to ast 2 StS, пс n пехt

TENSloN Pease take а itte l me поW to kn t а Stockng stitch tens оп square, lJsing З!/4mm needles cast on 28 stitchёs and work Зб rows in stocking stitch (1 rоW knit, 1 юW purl). Тh S should поW measure 10cm, (4in), square. f yoL]r Square isn t the correct Width pease refer to page 2,

Зrd Rоw' К4 [З]7 2], S], k] pSSo, \,4Wd " k6, S], k], psso, }4Wd, rep from'to last 4 [З]7]2] StS, k4 [З 7:2l,


now have 56 [6068:74lStS on the пеф]е 1 4th Row. Purl, St,



You WI now have 58 |62:70:76] sts on the need]e,

8th яоw. Pun, 19th Bow. Knit, 20th Row. PUrl Frоm ]st 1о 20th row Sets pos t оп of eyelet pattern, Кеер ng cont nu ty of eyelei pat( for the rema]nder of the back Work 4 tl2:16:]6] roWS nc ] St at each end of 0 lЗrd:Зrd:Зrd] row YoLl Wil поW have 58164: 72i78] Sts оп the needle, The back shou]d гпеаsurе approximately 22 l24: 27 29]cm, {8З/4 19]/2:T 0З/4i1] ]/2]п), across at this



shape Afmholes Work 4 J5]6|6] loWS decreas пg 1 st at each end oi every поW hа\,€ 50 [5460:66] StS on the пёеdlе, row YoU Work on these 50 [54:60:66] sts unti the arrnhoes rneasure ] о [1 2:1зi14]сгп (4 l4З/4i51l4,51/2]iп)


straght down frorn the top о{ the needle tо the begnning of the armhole Shapng (don't measure around the curve), finishng afier а Ws rоW

Shape shoulders cast of 5 [6 6:8] sts n patt at Ьбg]пп пg of пехt 2 lors Yor Wl nc^/v have 40 И2i48:50l StS оп the пеёdе cast ofi б lбi7;8] Sts п patt at beginning of neХt 2 rows YoLl Wil поW have 28 [ЗO:З4:З4l sts оп the Cast off remaining 28 [ЗOlЗ4:З4] sts in patt,

LEFT FRОNТ TlE L]sing your rnan needles cast оп 2З sts,

Work З0 rows n Stocking Sttch decreasing Т st at each end of Зrd and every fol]ow пg 4th low YoU Wi] поw have 9 stý оп the needl€ Leave these g sts оп а stich holder

R|GHT FRоNт TlE Us ng youf rпап need es cast оп 2З sts, Work З0 roWS п stock ng stitch decreas ng 1 st at each end of Зrd and every fo lowino 4th row You Wil поw have 9 sts on ihе needle Next Rоw. Kn t, Leave these 9 sts on а Sttch ho]der

LEFT FВОNТ Usng yol]r mап needeS cast оп ]6 [2З127:З0] StS Next RоW' (S de edoe) К16 [2Зi27|з0] With rý of the left tie faong, kn]t across 9 sts left оп а stitch hoder for eft front te YoU W l now have 25 [З2:З6:З9] StS


25 [ЗO:ЗЗ:З6] sts оп the needle, Nёхt Bow. Purlio ast 2 SiS, p2tog You W]ll now have 24 129:З2:З5]sts on thб neede Work 2 IЗ:4]4] roWS decQasing 1 st at armho]e edge ]п every row А-Т SAN,4E ТМЕ decreasing ] St at iront edge as belore in 0 [Зrd:Зrd:Зrd] row You Wil now

оп ihe needle Next RоW. (Front edge) Р9, k16 [2З|27:З0] Next RоW. Knt to епd, Next Rоw Р9. knit to end,

Pattёrn '1 st Row. Кпlt, 2пd RoW. PUrl Зrd Row. К4 lЗ:7:2], (s], k], psso, \,fwd, k6) 2


times, knit to епd.

5th RoW. lnc n ]st St, kni1 to last 8 sts (ппеr front edge), k2tog, k6. Yоч Wi поW have 25 [З2]Зб Зs] SlS бth 7th 8th gth

RoW. PUr], BoW. Kn t. Rоw. PUr. Bow. (lnc in ]st sl) 1[0i0:0]times,knttOend You W l now have 26 [З2i36:З9] sts оп the пееdlе, 1oth яоW. Pur, 1 1th RоW' (lпс п lst St) 0 {] :] :1] times, knit to ast о [8;8:8] sts, (k2tog) 0 [1:1:]] timбs, k0 [6i6:6l, YoLr Wi] now have 26 [З2|З6:З9] StS on the neede,

2th RоW' PLrr, 1зth RoW. (lпс nlstSt]T [0]0:0ltimes k] [1:5i8] (S1, k] psso, \,,fwd, k6)2 [з:З:з]t]mеS, knit to end, YoU W lnow have 27 [З2:З6:З9] sts on the needle, 14th RоW. PUr. ,1sth Rоw Knt to last 8 [0:0:0] ýts, (k2tog) 1 10:0:0] iimes, kб I0]0i0], You W l now have 26 [З2:З6:З9] sts 1

16th RоW' РUr , 17th Rоw. lnc in 1st ýt, kn]t to ast 0 [8i8]8]sts, (k2tog) 0 [] i] i]]tmes, k0 [6 6:6]. You Wll поW have 27 [З2|ЗбiЗ9] sts оп the needle. 18th RoW' PUrl, 19th яоw, Knit, 20th Rоw. Purl, Erom ] st to 20lh row sets posit оп ot eyelet patl W th Stocking stitch at front edge. Keeping continuty of eyelet patt With Stocking stitch at front edge for th€ rema]nder о' the left front Work 4 l'2:]o,'6 ,олs г. 1 9т а, .ioA pdge aS oe'ore г О lЗrdiЗrd:Зrd] row АТ SAME ТМЕ decreasing 1 St at inn-or front edge as belore in 0 [3rdiзrd:зd] and every fo]lowing 0 [6th:6th:6th] row YoL]Will поW have 27 IЗ] iЗ4:З7] StS оп the пееdё

shape Armhole and Front shaping

Next Rоw. K2tog (arrnhoLe odge), patt to ]ast 8 [0 0:О] StS, (k2tog, k6) ] [0:0]0] tmes, You Wil поW have

haVe 22 125]27:З0] StS on the needle Work 21 tЗ2:29]29] roWS dесrеаs ng ] St at fгопt edge only аS trefore n gth [8th:5th:5th] row and every folowing 12th [8th:6th:6th] rоw You Wl поW have 20 [2]: 22:25] Sts оп lhe need]e, work straght чпt l armhole measures same as Back armhole to shou der shapn9,llnlsh п9 after а WS row

Shape shoulder Next Rоw cast off 5

ýts n patt, patt to end, YoU W l now haVB 15 []5:]6 17] sts оп the need]e, Iб бi8]

Next Rоw' casi off б [6:7]8] sts ]п patt, pait to end, you wiil поw have 9 sts оп the needLe Next BoW. Purl,

Back Neck воrdеr

Work on rem 9 sts ln Stock ng Slitch until lэоrdеr is of suffc]ent ength to go to centfe back of neck cast ofl rеmа п ng 9 sts

R|GHT FRоNт Usng your main needles cast оп ]6 [2З:27iЗO]sts, Next RоW. Кп t, Next RoW. К]6 [2Зi27iЗ0], With WS of right front tie facing, pur across 9 sts left on а sttch ho]der {or right front tie You Wll now have 25 [З2]З6:З9] sts оп the need е,

Next юw. Knt to end, Next Rоw. К16 [2З:27:30] р9, Pattern 1st Bow. кп1, 2nd Rоw PUrl. Зd Rоw Knt to ast ]4

[21:25:28] StS, (s1, k], Фs0, y,lwd, k6) 1 Р:2:3] iimes, s] k], pSSo, yб/r'd, ka [З:7:2],

5th Rоw' К6, sl, k], psso (inner front edge) kniio last 2 StS inc п пек St, k']. Yоu Wi]l now have 25 tЗ2:З6:З9] sts оп the needle, бth RоW' Purl, 7th Rоw' Kn t, 8th Bow. PurL

So neat and petite| Our gorgoously soft 4 рlу уаrп

creates the smoothest and neatest little knits wth the most delicate ittle details. Th s adorable cardie and matching shoes аrе knitted using s mple knit and purl stitches. l iti.^'"'rlLСtgЭ РГСlt-ll Car'Cl е Р,l|сr п:лt]еr- sl-L le_q il,., |ji lе Bali,.V- |'il е


k]) StS

gth Rоw' Knit to ast 2 [0:0:0] sts, (nc in пеП st, 1 [0:0;0l t mes, Yоu wil поW have 26 [З2]З6]З9] ол the 10th RoW. 11thRoW.(K6,S],k] psso) 0 [] :] :] ] t mбS front edge), knit to last 0 [2i2|2] StS, {пс n neХt k1) 0 [] i] i] ] times, YoU wiLl поW have 26 sts оп the 12th RoW. '1Зth Rоw. Knit io ast 12 9:2З:26] sts, (S1 , kl [] psso, йir'd, k6) 1 Р:2i2] trmes, S] , k], pSSo, k0[1:5]8], (inc nnextst,k1) 1 [0:0 0] t mes, You W поW have 27 IЗ2:З6:З9] sts on the

noede. PUrl,

armhole to shou der shaping, fin shing after а rs




will (inner nowhave15[15i]6i17]stsontheneedle, St, Next ВоW. Patt [З2:З6:З9] Next Bow, cast ofl б {6:7j8] sts, цrr to end. YoU Wil needle, поW have 9 sts on lhe needle Purl Next RоW. Patt , yfwd, Back Neck Border l Workonrem9Stsiлstockngsttchlnt border iS of needle, sufiicent length to go to centre back о{ neck, 14ih Воw. Pud caýt off rernaining 9 sts, 15th Rоw. (К6, s1, k1, psso) 1 l0iOio] times, knit to епd Yor WllпоW have 26 [З2:З6:З9] Sts on tlre neede, L|TTLE BLoSSoM SLEEVES (Both alik€) 16th How. Pud USngyourýmalerneedescaston37[37;З9;41]StS 7th Rоw. (К6, sl, k], psso)0 [1]1:1]tmes, knit to Wоrk 4 rows in gаrtеr stitch. ast2sts iлcinneХtst,kl.YoUWllnowhave change to уour main needes апd proceed aS folows:27 [З2136:З9]sts оп the needle, 1stRoW.K2 12З:4],"),,fwd,s],kT,psso,kб rep 18th Bow. PUr, frопп ' to ast З [З]4]5] sts, s1 , k] , psso, y,iwd, 'lИh RоW. Knt. kl [1:2:З], 20th Rоw, Рчr, 2nd BoW. PUr, Erorn 1st to 20th row Sets pos оп Of eyelet patt with Зrd RoW. КЗ [З:1|2], (!4Wd, S1, k] psso, kЗ) ] I1|0|0] stocking stitch at front edge, tmes,'k2tog, ),fwd, k1, },i/,7d, s1, k1, psso, kЗ, rep Keeping continu ty of eyelet paft Wilh stock пg st tch fгоm - to ast 5 [5|6:7] sts, k2tog, ),,iwd, kЗ [З :1] (\,,fwd, al front edge for the renra nder of the right front work ] i2], 1 ] t mes, k0 , k] , psso) 0 4 [12|16:16] rоWý decreasng ] st at inner front edge 4th Поw. Purl aS before in 0 [3rd:3rd:Зrd] and every following 0 lбthi sth Row. К4 [4|5|1], (k2tog, y,fwd, kЗ) 0 {0:0:] ] t mes, ' },fwd, s], k1, psso, k], k2tog, ,,fwd, kЗ, rep from ' бth:6lh] row АТ SAME T|N,4E nc 1 st ai side edge n 0 lЗrd:Зrd:Зrd] row to last 1 [1:2:З] sts, (\,,lwd, s1, k], psso) 0 [0:0|1] YoUWlnowhave27[31:34:З7]stsoлtheneede, tmes,k1 [Тi2i1], бth Bow. РUr, shарё Front апd Armhole Shaping 7th BoW. К5 [5:6:7] 'yfwd, s], k2tog, psso, ],4Wd, Next Bow, (К6, S] k1, pSSo) 1 [0:0:0] times (front k5, rер frоm - to ast 0 [0 ] :2] k0{0:1:2], edge), knit to last 2 Sts, k2tog (armhoe edge) YoU Bth BoW. PUr, gth RоW. Кб [6:7;8] \,4Wd,sl,kl,psso,'k6,!,fwd, W поW have 25 [ЗO]ЗЗiЗ6] StSontheneede, Next BoW. P2tog, pur to end, You W]l now have s] , k1 , psso, rep frопr ' to last 5 [5i6:7] StS 24 [29 З2:З5] sts оп the needle, k5 [5:6:7], '10th BoW. P!r, Work 2 [З:4:4] roWS decreasing 1 st at front edge аý ,1,1th before n 0 [Зrd:ЗrdiЗrd] rowATSAMETME BoW. nc nlstSt kз[з:45], k2tog, ytvvd, k,], decreaýing 1 st at armho q edge rn еVёry rоW You },lwd Sl,k],pSSo, - kЗ, k2tog, y,f!l/d, k] y4wd, sl W]l поW have k1, psso, rep from 'to last 4 [4;5:6] sts, k2 [2]з:4], 22 [25:27iЗO]StS оп the neede inc nnextSt,k] YouW now have З9 [39;4Ti43lsts Work 21 [З2]29i29l rows dёсrеаSпg ] St at front оп the needle, edge опу as before iп gth [8th 5th]sth] апd every 12th Rоw. Purl, folow пg 13th RоW' К1 :2lЗ], \,,fwd, s1 , k] , psso, k] , k2tog, ]2th [8th:6th:6th] row Yot] wi now have \4Wd ' kЗ, Иwd, s] , k1 psso, k] k2tog, Иwd, rер 20[2]:22:25]stsonlheneede lrorn "to аst1[,1|2|з] sts, k] l1|2:з], '14th RoW. Pun, Work Stra ght Unt l аrгпhоlе Tneasures sаmе as Back Next Row. CaSt off 5 16:6:8] sts, цrr to end,


15th ЯоW' К2 [2|З|4], yllvd, s1 , k2tog, psso, Лл/d " k5, yfird, s], k2tog, psso, }.fwd, rep from " 1о ast 2 [2 З:4]sts, k2 [2:з:4] 16th RоW. PUrl, Frоm 1stto 16th row forms damond lace patt. Keeping continuity of diarnond lace patt for the remainder oi the S ееVе as fo lows: ,1 Work 2З [27:19:З] rows nc st at each end of gth [Зd]Зrdi3rd] алd every followng 14th [8th:Bth;O] row (there W ll Ье ] З r]7i0] юWs Ьеhrееп each inc row), You Wi rюW have 4з [47:47:45l sts оп the пееd]е,

Fоr 3rd апd 4th sizes опlу Work [20]50] rows inc 1 st at each епd of every follow]ng [] oth 10th] rоW (there W l ье 9 rows beiween each inc row) You Willnow have [51]55] sts





s 1







Foral|4sizes Wod<Wthout furtheг ýhaping untilseeve measures 15 []7;20i24]сm (6 [6]/2:8i91/2]in), aiter а 'in]shing Ws ToW'

shape Sleeve тор Work 4 [5:6:6] rows dec@asing 1 ý at each end of every юW Yor,] Will поW have З5 [З7:з9]4З] ыs оп the needle, Place mаrkеr threads at each end of last row These

4 [5:6:6] decrease rows Wi rnatch to 4 [5:6:6] dесrеаsе roWS on body When sewing the sleeve nto armhoie, Work 0 {,]:0i0] гоWs straight,

castofi1[2|1|1]SlSatbeginningofeachoftheneХt 4 [12:8:6] rows, You Wil поW have З] []З:Зl |З7] Sts оп the needle,

Fоr 1st, Зrd and 4th sizes опlу

casioff2[2:2]stsatbegnningofeachofthenext ]0[8:Т0] rows. You W l] now have 1 ] П5i]7] Sts оп

the neede

Fоr all4 sizes

castoffremanng]1[]З:15:17]stsnpatt, L|TTLE СНЕRRY BLoSsoM sLEEvEs (Both alike) Using your ýrnaller needles cast on 4з [47i51:55] sts Wоrk 4 roWS in garter stitch change to your main needles and proceed as 1о ows:1st Rоw. К5 [7:9 З], y,IWd, s] , k] , psso, ' k6, y.twd,



k]. psso rер from ' to ]ast 4 [6i8:2] sts, k4


Shape sleeve Тор Расiпq rпаlkеr threads at each end of бth [7th; lJlh:8ltrl row (the 4 [5:6]6] decrease rows Wil match lo ,1 |5 6:6l decrcase roWS оп body Whеп sewing the Jo(]ve nto armhoe), сопt]пuе as iollows: Зrd Row. K2tog, k] [З:5i2], (ЯWd, s], k], psso) (l {)i,l]tjrnes, (k2tog, y,fwd k], y,lwd, S1, k1, psso) ] []:]1ll tmes, (kЗ, k2tog, rdwd, k], }4Wd, 51, k1, PSs()) ] [4:4 5] times, ko [0:0|З], (k2tog, yfwd) О [О1] 1|times, k] [З:5:2], k2to9. You wil поW have

4] [45:49:5Зl sts on the needle.

4th ВоW. P2tog, purlto last 2 Sts, p2tog, YoU Will поW have З9 [4Зi47|51l Sts оп the needle, 5th Rоw. K2tog, kЗ [0i2:1], (k2iog, r,fwd) 0 [1ir;01 1mеS. k0 [З|З:0], (}4Wd, S], kT, psso, k1, k2iog, },fwcl, kЗ)4 [4:4:5] times, (Иwd, s1, k1, psso) 0t] ] :1] t mes, k0 IO:2:1], (k2tog, !4Wd, k1) 0 [0|0:1] trtnes k2tog YoU Wi now have З7 [4] ]45:49] sts on бth Rоw. P2tog, purlto LaSt 2 Sts, p2tog, You Wll поW have З5 [З9i4З:47l sts оп the пееdlе, 7th RоW' K2tog, k2 14:6:0], (!,fwd, s1, k2tog, pSSo, psso, J,4Wd, k5) З [З:4]5]timеs, (yfwd, 51, k2tog, !,fwd) ] [] l0:1l t]mes, k2 [4:1:0], k2tog, YoLl WilI поW have ЗЗ IЗ7:41:45] StS оп the needle, 8th RоW. (P2log) О [Оi]:1] times, pun to bst 0 [0:2:2] StS. (p2tog) 0 [0:1:1] times. YoU Willnow have ЗЗ [З7:З9:4З]sls оп the needle. /l /v4wd S' gth Bow,l dч| оп I 12 , llчlе. "2 tr:.

k], psso, k6) З [3:4:4]times, (yfwd, s1, k1, psso)

19th яоw. casl ori 2 sts, k2 [зioi]], (k2tog, y,fwd, k], }4Wd, s1, k1, pSSo, kЗ) ] [1:3:З]limбs, k2 IЗi0:1], YoU Wil поW have 1З []5:25:27] sts оп the needle, 2oth Rоw. cast off 2 StS, purlto end, YoU Will поW have 11 [ТЗ]2З:25] sts оп the needle,


[1]oio]t]mes, kЗ [5:0]2]. YoU Wil поW have З2 [З5|З8:42] Sts оп the needle, 1oth Bow. cast off 1 [2:] i1] Sts, purlto end, YoU Wll now have З] [ЗЗ:З7:41] StS оп the needle 11th ЯоW. cast ofi 2 l2]1:1] sts, k] I2:2i4], (k2tog, psso, k3, },lwd, k]) 0 [0:]:1] t mes, (y,iwd, s], k1, k2tog, ),jwd, k]) З t]mes, },lwd, S1, kl, psso, k1 [2: 4:З], (k2tog, )4Wd, k])0 [Оi0;1] tmвs, YoU Wil now have 29 [З]:З6:40] Sts оп the needle, 12th RoW' CaSl ofi 2 [2i1:1] sts. purlto end. YoU Wi]] now have 27 [29:35:З9] StS оп the пееdlе, 13th Rоw. cast off 2 [2i1;]] sts, k0 [0]0:2], (k2tog, yfwd) 0 [0:1]1] times, k0 [1:ЗiЗ], (}4Wd, s1, k1, psso, k1, k2tog, ИWd, kЗ)З times, (ynrd, s], k1, psso)

Fоr Зrd апd 4th ýizes опlу 21st Row. casi off 2 sts, k[2]З], (},fwd, 51, kl, psso, k], k2tog, },fwd, kЗ) tw]ce, (!,{Wd, s1, k1, psso) [0i1] tirnes, k[2:1], YoU wil поW have l21:2З] StS оп the needle, 22nd Rоw- cast off 2 Sts, цrr to end, YoU Will поW have l]9:21] Sts on the needle, 2Зrd Row. CaSt off 2 StS, k[1:2], (},fwd, sl, k2tog, pSSo, ИWd, k5) [1:2]times, (},fwd, S], k2tog, psso, \,,fwd, k4) I']:0] t]mes, You Will now have 117:19] sts on the пееd!е, 24th Row. cast off 2 sts, Durlto end. YoU Willnow

о [0 l 'I lmeý, ,L L rто9, yfwd) О [О:0 'l lines, ko I]:2:1], YoU Wi] поW have 25 [27:З4:З8]StS оп the needle, 14th Bow. As 12th row. You Wil поW have 2З [25: ЗЗ:З7]sts оп the needle, 1sth Row. casl оН 2 [2:I:2l cтs, lк2og, yfwd) l [0: О:О] t mes ko tO:5:6], (йWd, s] , k2tog, psso, \,,fwd) 0 t]:1:1]times, (k5, }4wd, 51, k2tog, pSSo, },fwd) 2 [2:2:З]tmеS, k2 I3:7:]]. YoU wll now have 21 12З:З2:З5] sts оп the need е, 16th Row. cast off 2 [2:1:2] sts, purl to end, You Will now have 19 I21lЗl:ЗЗ] sts on lhe needle, 17th Rоw. cast off 2 sts, kб [7|4:5], (}ird, 51, k1, psso, k6) 1 l1:З:З]tirпеs, (yfr/r'd, s1, k], psso) 011:0:0]times, k2 []:0:1l, You Wil поw have ]7 [1s:29:З1] StS оп ihe пееdlе, ,l8th Rоw, cast off 2 sts, purl to end. You W lL поW have 15 J]7|27:29l Sts оп the пееdlе.

have [15:17] sts on the needle,

For all 4 sizes cast o1f remaining


] [1З:l5i17] sts,

то мАкЕ UP

Jon Side, shou der апd sleeve seams, Join back

neck searтr. sew sleeve tops ]пtо аrmhоlеs matching the 4 [5:6:6] decreasб rows оп the body to the 4 15|6:6] decrease rowý marked at 1he Ьеg]ппiпg 01the pin out garment to 1he mеаsurеrп€пt s eeve top. given and cover With damp cloths Unti] dry (refer to page 2), See ball band for Washing and fLlгihеr care


а$ Е? д Еа Еý


21,5 [23.5:26.5:29]сm (Bl/, l9r/.:1 0lE:1 1 r/,Iin)




LittIe sweetheart

cardie and shoes worked in Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino 4 ply






то Flт сHEST




2о 54 211J2 2а



46 18 50 19з/4 24






15 6










60 2Зз/4

з4 131 /2




Little sweetheart shoes То ап average size baby'S foot for first З Sizes опlу

'it MATERlALS Little sweetheart cardie К012 suЫimе ЬаЬу cashmele mеriпо silk 4 рlу shade 205 sweet реа Little swёothean shоеs К012 Sublime ЬаЬу cashmere merino silk 4 ply shade 205 sweбt реа

! lGt ;


50g balls 50g ball

Slt.h о| Sttches

Width please reler io page 2

from the rght hand needle очеr the

AS long aS уо! kп i siock пg sttch at the above tens оп, the paltern tension Should Ье 28 Stlches and 40 rоWS

you have ]!st Worked Yfwd уаrп fofuard - Ьrпg yarn to front betlveen need es then take yarn over the top of the right hand need е to Iorm а sing е sttch

to ]Ocm,


п)оп З]/4mrп needes


YOU WILL ALSO NEED 1 pair of Зllаmm (UK10 - USАЗ) Knitting Needles the main knjtting (or the size required to give the

correct lension). 1 pair of 23l4mm (UK12 - UsA2) Knitting Needles the edgings (or а needle 2 sizes smallerthan уоU usё fol thё main knitting). 1 stitch holderfor little swee heart shoes. 5 [5:6:6] buttons for little sweetheart cardie, 2 buttons for little sweetheart shoes.

TENSloN Please take а

l1t е

tlme now 1о kп


а slocking slitch

tens]on Square, Uýing З1/4mm needles cast on 28 stitches and Work 36 rows iп slocking stitch (1 row knit, 1 rоw purl), This should поW measule '10сm, (4in) square, ]f your square Sп t the correct

cm cent гпеtrеs g grammes, in nch(es), k knt. mm rni гпеtrеS 0 по rows, sts or t rnes р pur, patt pattern. nep repeat St(s) Sttch(es), tog togelher Patt2tog f 2nd sttch оп left hand need е iS to Ье 'knit then k2tog f its to Ье'pL]r'then p2tog K2tog nsefi the right hand neede ihrough the 2nd and lst sltches оп 1r]е ell hand needle and knt thern togelher 1о lorm а S ng е sttcrr P2to9 insert the rght hand neede pUrWayS lr]rough 151 and 2nd Stitches оп the left hand neede and pur]them togelher to form а Singe Sttch M'i make опе sttch plck L.]p оор between ast and пехt sttch and work ]пtо the back of this оор. s1 s р ] Sitch kntways - nsert the rght hand needle into next Sttch aS f lo kni1 but Ust s р it off the eft hand needle опtо the rght hand need е Wthout Workng, slp Sp] Siitch pUrWayS - пSеd the r ghl hand need е nto next Sttch aS f lo рUr but ]USt s р it off the eft hand need]e onto lhe right hand need е Wlhout Workng Psso t]ass si|эреd stlch over - pass lhe Slpped slitch

circle the size you Wish to make L|TTLE SWEETHEART CARD|E вАск USng yoL]r Smaler needeS cast оп 6] [69:75]85] StS lst RoW (ths W l Ье the rlght S de of the Wolk . rs) Кпit Тr]S row forn,]S garter Stlch Work З rows in gагtеr sttch.

change to yolrr mап needeS and Work ihe rernander oi lhe back as folows:

Fоr 1st and 2пd Sizes опlу 1st RоW' К1 [5],р]'k]З.р] k7


k]З р], k] [5], 2nd Rоw. Р1 [5], k], р]З, ' k] р7. k]. р]З irom'to ast 2 [6] StS k] р] {5] ]ast ]5 l]9l StS,


зld RоW К1 р1, (kз р1)0 [1l1imes '(k6. pr) t,.2 5

twce, (kЗ, р]) tWce rep from'to last 15 [1s] sts, k6. р1, k6, р1, k], (k2, р], k]) 0 []] times, 4th BoW. (К1, р1) 1 [З]tmеs, р5, k], р] k], р5, " to ' (р] k1) 4 times, р6, k] , р1, k] р5, rep 'rom last 2 [6l sts, (р], k]) 1 [зl tirnes, 5th RoW. (КЗ, р])0 [,]]tmes, k2 'k4, р1 , kЗ, р] kб р], kз, р1, k2, rep from'tO last 15 [1 9] sts, k4, р], kЗ, р1, k6, (р1, kЗ) 0 [1] tirлеS. бth Rоw' Р5 t9], k], р5, k] рЗ, ' р12, kT, р5, k1, рЗ, rep irоm'to last 2 [6] sts, р2 16], 7th Row, К2 [6], ' k2, р1, k7, р1, k]1, rep from ' to ]ast 15 [1s] sis, k2, р], k7, р], k4 [8] 8th Rоw. Р4 [8], k], р7, k], р2'рТ 1, kT, р7 k], р2 rep lrom'to ast 2 [6]sts, р2 16], gth Rоw. (К1, р]) 0 [1] times, k2 [4], ' k2, (р], kЗ) twce, р], k6, р1, k4, rep from' to ast 15 [1g] Sts, . , Lp,, t l] lW,сё, р,, л4 [ь] lp,, t ] I0 |] li1 es 1oth RоW' (К1, р1) 0 [2] t mes, р5, (k], р1) 4 times, р2, " рз, kl р1, kl р6, (k], р])4 tmes, р2 rep frопr ' to lasl 2 [6l Sls, р2, (р], k]) 0 [2] times, llth Rоw' (К3, р1)0 [1]times, k2,'k4 р], kЗ р], k6, р1, kЗ р], k2, rep lrom - to last ]5 [19l sts, k4,


kЗ, р1, k6, (р1, kЗ)0l1]timеs. 12th Яоw. Р0 [4], k], р14, ' рТ, k], р5, k1, р14, rep from ' to last 2 [6] sts, р1, k1, р0 [4]. These 12 rows form patt,

Fоr Зrd and 4th sizes опlу 1st ЯоW. К[0;5], р1 k7, р1 'klЗ, р1, k7, р1, rep from " 1о ast l0 5] sts, k[Oi5], 2пd Row. Р[0:5], ' k1, р7, k1, рlЗ, rep from'to last 19

]a]ýS, k], р7, k],


3rd ЯоW. К [0:с], (рl l^З)lдсе, lG.o, ,ер tоrr ' Io asl






бth RоW. (Р], k], рЗ)l01]tmеs, 'р12 k], р5, k], р3, rep from ' to ast I9i14] StS р[9:]2], (k], р1) I0:]] tггlеs, 7th Row. (К2, р1) [0:]l times, k[9:11], ' k2, р1, k7, р], k] 1, rop from to laýt {0]5] sts, (k2, р1, k2) l0:1] tmes, 8th RоW. (Р2 k], р2) [0:]] times,' р1 1, k], р7, kl,


sts, {k2, р] k2) [0:1]times 1oth Rоw. (Р1, k], рЗ) [0:]] t]mеS, ' рЗ, k], р1, k] р6, (k], р] )4 tmes, р2, rep from'to ast [9:]4] sts, рЗ, k], р1, k1 р[З:6], (k], p])[0:]]times,

11th RoW. (Р], ka)I0l]]imes, k2 рl,kЗ pT,k2, ' k4, р1, kЗ, р1, kб р1, kЗ p],k2,repfrom-tolast l0:5] sts, (k4, p])[0i]]limes 12th Row. Р[Oi5]" р1, k], р5, k], р]4, rep from'to ast [9]]4]sls, р1, k], р5, k] pl]:5]. These ]2 rows form patt.

Fol all 4 sizes cont]nue Unti the tack rneasures 10I]2i]5i2o]cm, (4 [43/a;6:8]in), finSh пg after а Wrong side row so lha, ,|е llgn- .loр ot WoJ- la"eb,oL'o. lАЬбо,rпrg of the armhoie shaping. |1-6 оа., (rо ,|о тбасU,р арр.олrоlеý 22 [25, 27:зO]сm, (8З/4 [gЗ/4:10З/4]] ]Э/4]iп) across at lhis point,

Сhапgе to your man needles and Work thё remander of the ett front as foLows:

Pattern Fоr 1st and 2nd ýiz€s опlу 1st ЯоW. К1 [5l, р1, k13, (l]1, k7) twice, 2nd BoW. (Р7, k]) tWce, рlз k], р1 l5l, Зrd ЯоW. К], р1 (kЗ p])0[1ltirnes,k6,p,l,k6, (р1, kЗ)twiсе, р1 k6, р] 4th Bow. Р], k], р6, (k], р1) 4 tmes, р5, k], рт, kT, р5, (р1,


[З] t

sth Rоw (hJ, pl]




k6, р1, k2, бth Rоw. РЗ, k] р15, k], р5, k], р5 [9], 7th Bow. К4 [8l, р], k7, р], k]З, р1, k4. 8th Bow. Р4, kl рlЗ, k], р7, k,], р4 I8], gth Rоw. \h р' j 0 [lI lin es, 1.1'6', /о1, \з) -Wсе


(р], k6)h,vice р1, kЗ р1, 10th RоW. (Р], k])tWce, р6, k], р1, kl, р6, (k], р]) 4 tiпres, р4, (р1, k]) 0 [2] times. 1Ith BoW. (Кз, р]) 0 [1] times (kб р], kз p])twice, k6, рТ, k2, 12th RoW Р8, kT, р5 k], р]5, k], р0 [4] These 12 rows form patt,

shape Armhoies Work 5 rows decreasing Т st at басr] end of every row YoLr Will now have 5] [59:65]75] sls оп the Work оп these 51 l59:65i75] sts Unti the armholes rneasure 1 0 [1 2: 1 з: т 4]cm , \4 |4З/ ц51 /ц51 /21 п) Straight down frоm the top of the needle to the beg пп!пg otthe armhole Shap пg (don'l measure around the cL]rve), fn sh ng after а \r'"fong sidё row

[0 5] 5lэ, k[0:5],

4th BoW. Р[0:5], ' (р], k]) 4 limes, р6, k], р], k], рi, ,ер 'ют ' lo lacl [С '4]cls ,,1 o')ltlrРs, pl]:6], 5th Row. Р[0:]], kl2:6], р1, kЗ, р1, k2, ' k4, р], kЗ, р] kб рl,kЗ р1, k2, rep from'to last [0]5] sts, ktO:al, pI0 r],

р2, rep frorn' io ast [9:1 4] stý, р[9:1 1], (k1, р2) [0]]] times, Иh RоW. (К2, р1, k2)l01ltmes, k4, р] k4,"k2, (р1, kЗ) iwice, р1, k6, р1, k4, rep flom ' to ast l0:5]

For 3rd and 4th sizes опlу '1si Rоw <l0:)] о', - /, о', . lЗ, ip,, "7\ l$, сс 2nd RоW. (Р7 kl)twce, р]3, k], р7, k], р0 [5l, 3rd Bow. KI0:5], р], (kЗ, рl)Мсе, kб р1,kб (р1, kЗ) tw]ce, р1 k6, р1 4th RоW. Р] k] , р6, (k] , р1) 4 times, р5, k] , р] , k ] , р6, {k], р1) 4 times, pJ0]5l, sth RоW, D[0:l], kI2:6] (р',tЗ р1 }6) rlnes

3hape Shoulders cast ofi б l7:8:] 0] StS iп patt at beg nn ng of пехt 2 rows, You Wil] now have Зs [45:49i55] sts оп the

р1, k2, бth RoW. Рз k1, р15, k1 р5, k], р[]2 ]7l, 7th RoW. (К2, p])[0|]]limes, kI]]:]З], р1, k7, р1


р1, k4, 8th Bow. Р4, k], р13, k], р7,

cast off б [7:8|11] sts п patt at lэеgiпппg of next 2 rows YoU Wi] поW have 27 [Зl:ЗЗ:З3]ýtS on the needle

cast off rema

п ng

27 lЗ']:ЗЗ:ЗЗ] sts,

LEFT FRОNТ Using your smа er need es cast on З1 [З5:З8 4З] Sts, Work 4 roWS n garter Sttch.



pI] ] |]З], (k], р2)

I0|]]tmes, gth Bow. (Р2, k], р2) [0:1] times, k4, р1, k6, (р1, kЗ) twce (р1, k6)twice, р] kЗ,р1. 1Фh Bow. (Р1, k]) twice, р6, k], р], k], р6, {k1, р1) 4 iirnes, р5, k1, р1, k], р[З:6], (k1, р1) [0|]] t mes, 11th Row. К[2:7], (р1, kЗ, р1 k6) З times, р] , k2.

12th Rоw. Р8, k], р5, kl, р15, k], These ] 2 rows form patt,

р5 k'], pl]:6l,

Fоr all4 sizes continue unt] left front measures sаmе as Back to armhoe, finishing after а Wrong S de row Armhole shaping Next Row. Patt2tog (armho]e edge), pati to end YoU Wllnow have З0 [З4:З7|42]sls on the needle, Next Row. Patt to ast 2 sts, palt2tog. Yоu Wil now have 29 [ЗЗ:З6:4]] sts оп the needle, Work З юWs decreasing ] st at аrmhое edge n every row YoU пееdlе,

Wl now have 26IЗO:ЗЗ

З8] sts оп the

Work saaight untl armhole rneasures 4 [6:7 7]сrп, \11/2 I21 /z2З/4,2З/4]п), tinish пg aitel а rght sde

Neck shaping Next RoW. cast off б

[8 8i8] StS in

patt patt to епd,

You Wil поW have 20 [22:25]З0] sts on the needle, Work 2 roWS decreas ng 'Т st at neck edge n every

row You Wil поW have 18 I20i2З:28] Sts оп the Work 8 rowý decreas ng 1 st at neck edg€ п 1 st and every folow ng alternate row. YoU Wil have ] 4 [16:19:24] sts on the needle Wo 1Ь [599,oWSoe(,eas.lq 1 s-a- -6c|- edga n ]st and every followinq 4th row You W l now have ]2 []4]]6i2]] Sts оп the пееdе, Work straight unt armhole measures Sarne as Back armhoe to shouder shaping, fiпsr] ng after а Wrong

shape shoulder Next RоW. cast off б [7 8|10I sts n patt, patt to end, YoU Wl now have б [7]8]] ]] StS on lhe пееdе. cast off remaninq б [7]8:11l StS n patt

R|GHT FRоNт Usng your srnaller пееd еý cast on 31 [З5:З8:4З] sts, work 4 rows п gar(er sttch Сhапg€ to your mап needles and Work the remainder of the rght front as follows:

2nd Row. Р1 l5l k1, рlЗ (k], p7)twice, Зrd Rоw. Р1 , k6, (р1, kЗ) tW се (р1 , k6) twice, р1 , kl [Зl, Ф1, k1)0 [1]tmes, 4th Rоw (К], р1) ] lЗ]tmеs,р5,kl р1, k1, р6, К1 р]) 4 limes, р5, k], р], sth Rоw. К2 p],(k6,p] kЗ,р])lW]се,k6,(р] kЗ) 0 [1]times, бth Rоw. Р5 [9], k], р5, k], р15, k1, рЗ. 7th Яоw. К4, р1, k]З, р], k7, р], k4 J8l, 8rh Яоw. P4l8], k1 р7 k1, р]З, h], ф. gth ЯоW. Р1 kЗ, (р1 k6)twice, (р1, kЗ)tWсе рТ, k4 [6] {р], k]) 0 []] tirnes, 10th RoW. (К] р1) 0 [2] times, р5, (kl, р]) 4 tmes,

р5, k1, р1, k1 p6,(kl,pl)twice ,l,rth RоW. К2, (р1, k6, р1 kЗ) twice, р] , k6, (р] , kЭ) 0 11]tmes, 1ah Row. Р0 [4] k1, р15, k1, р5, k], р8, These ]2 roWS torm palt,

Fоr Зrd and 4th sizes опlу 1st Rоw. (К7, р]) tw]ce, k] З, р], k7, р], k[0:5] 2nd Bow. Р [0:5] k1, р7, kl, р]З, (k], р7) twice, Зd RoW. Р1, kб (р1, kЗ)twiсе, (р], k6)twce, р1, (kЗ, p])tWce, k [0]5], 4th Row. Р[0]5], (р], k])a tmes, рб k], р], k], р6, (kl, р1) 4 iimes, р5, k], р] sth Rоw К2, р1, (k6, р1, kЗ, рТ) З t mes, k[2i6], р[0|1],


бth RоW (Р1

рЗ) [0 ]]tmes, р]2,

р15, k], рЗ 7th RоW К4,

р1 k13, р1 k7 р1, k]],

mes, 8th Rоw. (Р2,


[0]] ] t



[0]ltmes,p]l,k] p7,k],

рl з, k], ф gth Rоw, Р1 , kЗ, (р], k6) twice (р] , kЗ) twice, р] , kб р], ka, (k2, р1, k2)I0]1]tmes, ,lOth BoW. (Р1, kl, рЗ) [0:1]tmes, рЗ k1, р1, k1,

lWce. 11th RoW, К2


Next Rоw. Patt2tog, patt to end YoU Wil now have 29 [ЗЗiЗ6:41] sts оп the neede. Work З rows decreasing 1 st at аrгпhоlе edge n every row YoU Wil now have 26 [ЗOiЗЗ]З8] StS on the needle Work stra ght untilarmhoe measures 4 16:7:7lсгп, 1 |1 /2 I21 / z21 / 2 21 /21 Ф, l nish п9 after а Wrong side

Neck shaping Next Rоw. cast off б [8]8i8] sts n palt patt to end, You WLl now have 20 122:25:З0] sts оп the needle, Wod( 2 rows decreasing 1 st at песk edge n every row YoL w l.ол 5.!е 8 l20 2з:'8] S.s ol lhe

Work 8 rows decreas]ng ] St ai neck edge in 1sl and every foloW пg aiernate rоW, You Wil have']4 [Тбi]9:24] sls on the neёdle, Wo1 5 [5,q:ql .ow- dF..дасl.lq l S, d -eL< еdqд г ]

st and every foloW ng 4th rоW You Wil поW have

]2 []4]16:21]sts оп the needle, Work siraight unil аrmhоlе measures same as Back armhoe to shouder shapng, finsh ng after а right

р5, k],

(k2, р1, k2)

р6, (k], р1) 4 times, р5, k], р], k], р{6]6]

Armhole shaping Nёхt Bow. Patt to ast 2 StS, patl2tog (аrmhо€ edge), YoU Willnow have З0 [З4iЗ7:42] sts on the

(k] р])

shape shoцlder Next Bow. cast off б [7:8:Т 0] sts in patt, patt to end. You wil now have б [7:8:1]] Sts оп the пееdlе, Next BoW. Patt cast off rбmaining б [7:8:11] sts in patt,

SLEEVES (Both alike) Usng youl smaller needes cast on 45 [45:47:49]sts, Work 4 roWS n gаrtеr stitch.

change to your main needles and Work the


(kб р], kЗ рl)З tmes, k2, (k4,

р]) [0i]]tmes. 1Дh Row. Р[];6] k], р5, k], р]5, k], р5, k], р8, ТhеSе ]2 rоWs form patt.

rernainder of the sleeve as fo]ows|-

Pattern 1st Rоw К7 l7:8i9l, р1, k7, р1, k]З, р], k7, р], k7 [7:8:9l,

Patt€rn Fоr 1st апd 2nd sizes опlу 1st Rоw. (К7 рj)hл/iсе, klЗ, р1, k]


For all 4 sizes cont nue Until rght front rпеаsurеS sаmе aS Back to arrnhoe, finishn0 after а Wronq sde rоw.

2пd RоW. Р7 [7:8:9] k], р7, k], рlЗ, k], р7, k], р7 [7|8|9].

Зrd Rоw (Р1, m1) 1[1:00]tmes,(kl,m])0[0:]:1]


(р 1,

O:1l, (m1, р] ) 1 [1:0|0] times, (m], k] ) 0 [0 1:1]

YoLr W l поW have

47 И7 49:51] StS оп the neede

4thRowP0 0:]2l,\,oI k!,ob /bl pI)4il-es, p5,k] p],k] рб (kl,p])4times p5,k],p],k1, р0 I0:112], 5th RоW. К0 [0:0 1], р0 I0:1:1], kЗ, р1, (k6, р1, kЗ, рl)з tmes k6, р], kЗ, р0 [0 ] |1]. k0 [0:0 ]] бth Rоw. K010:0:1], ра [а 5]5], k], р15, k1, р5 kT, р15 k], p4l4i5:5], k010:0:1], 7th Rоw' К5 [5:6i7], р1 klЗ, р] k7, р1, klЗ, р], k5 [5 6|7], 8th Rоw. Р5 [5:6i7],


р]З, k1, р7, k1 р,lЗ, k1,

р5 15 6:7], gth Rоw К1 [1|2]Зl, р], kЗ, р1, kб р1, k6, (р1 kЗ) lwce (р1, k6)twce, р1, kЗ, р1 k1 [1 2:З], loth ЯоW. Р0 I0:1:0], (k], р1) З IЗ]З:4] tinres, р5, k1 р]. k], р6, (k], р1) 4 tiгпеS, р5, k] р], k1, р5, (р1, k]) З lЗ:З:4] times, р0 [0|] ]0] 11th Поw. (К1 m])0 [0:0:]]times, р0 [0:1:1], kЗ, р1, (kб р1, kЗ, рl)З times, k6, р1, kЗ, р0 [0:1:]], (m], kl) 0 [0i0:1] tiгпеs, You Wil now have 47 [47:49i5Зl sts оп the neede. 12th RоW. Р9 [9:10:12], k], р5,

k1 р]5 k1, р5, k],

р9 19]]0:12l, These 12 rows 1om poýtjon of patt Work З] [41:4]:67]roWS inc 1 st at each end of ] ]th I1Sti]St]71h] and every following 20th [1oth: 1Oth:]oth] row (there Wl Ье 19 [9:9:9l rows straight betw_oen each increase row), You Wil] поW have


[57 59i67] sts on ihe needle,

row You

Wi1 поW have

4] [47:51:57]Sts on the

расе marker threads at each end of ]ast row These 5 roWS


rnatch to 5 decrease roWS оп body When

Sewing the S]eeve inio armhoe. Wоrk 1 row stlaght, cast ofi 2 [З:2:З] sts in patt at beginnng of each of

the next б |12:2 12] rows YoL] Wll поW have 29 []1:47:21] Sts оп the neede cast off З [з|зi4] ýts ]n patt al lreg пп пg oi each oi

the neХt 8 [2:14:4] rows. YoU Wll поW have 5 sls on

cast off rеmаiппg 5 sts п patt

NEcKBAND Join both shoulc]Ф Seams then Usn9 your Smаlеr needles pck uр StS around neck shф)пg aS folowsiWlth right side of thё Work fac ng you pck up and knit З5 [З6:З6:З8] sls even у Up right side of neck, 25 [29 Зl:З1l sts from 29 [з]:зз]ЗЗ] cast otf StS at back of neck and З5 [Э6:З6:З8] StS evenly down left Side of neck. You Wil] поW have 95 [] 01:10З:] 07] sts оп the need]e. Work 4 roWS n garter Stitch, cast off knitways,


With rght side of the Work facing you, Us]ng your Smaller needIes prck Up and knt З sts еVеп у а ong gагtеr St]tch, 45 [61i76i96] ýts ечеп у Up froni edge and З sts evenly up neckband, YoU Wil поW have 51 [67i 82:102] sts on the neede. Work ] row n garter Sttch,

Next RоW. л2,

" log,/"!vd,49I-Jl]'7],t2los,

yfi,vd] 4 [4 5i5] tirnes, kЗ,

Fоr Зrd sizё only Work ]2 юWs nc Т st at sасh end ot 12th row (there Wi lre ]1 roWS strarght between ncreas€ row), YoU Wll поW have [61] sts оп the пееdе. For all 4 sizёs Wolk Wthout fufiher Shap пg Unti the Seeve s 15 117l20:24]crn, (6 [6r/2i8i9]/2]in), fnish ng a{tel а

ýhape Sleeve Тор

Work 5 roWS decreasing ] St at each end of every


Work 2 rows n gаrtеr stitch. casl oif knitways,

LEFT FRОNТ ВОRDЕR With right Sde of the Work fac ng you, Using your Smaler needles р ck uр and knit З sts evenly down 45 [61 76]96] sts evenly down front edge and З sls ечепу down garter sttch, YoU WilI поW have 51 [67l 82i102] ýtS оп the needIe, Work 4 rows n garter sttch, cast off knitways

то мАкЕ uP

Join side and sleove seams, SeW Sleeve tops into armholes matchng 1he 5 decrease roWS on the body 1о the 5 decrease roWS mdked at the t]еgiпп пg of lhe s]eeve top, SeW оп buttons, Рп out garrnent to the measL]rement given and covel With damp cloths Unti dry (refer to page 2) See balband for Washing and further care instructons.

L|TTLE SWEETHEART sHoES (Both аlikё) L-]sing your smaler needles cast оп З9 [45:49] sts ,lýt Row (this W ll Ье the liqht side of the Work - Б



This iow forms garter Stitch, 2nd Rоw КТ, m], k]8 [2]:2З], m], k], m1, kl8I21i2З] m] k] You Wllnow have 4З [49|5З]sts on lhe пёеdlе,

зrd, sth, 7th and gth RоWs. Knlt. 4th Rоw. К1, m]. kls [22 24], m] kЗ,ml, k]9 I22 24], m1, k], Yotr Wil now have 47 [5З:57] SiS on the needle бth Bow. К1, m], k20 [2З:25], m1, k5 m], You Wll поW have 51 [57:6]] Sts k2O t2З:25] m], on the need е. 8th RoW. К1, m], k2] [24:26], m], k7, mT,


k2] [24:26], m], k], You Wl now have 55 [61:65l Sts

оп the need е. 1Фh RоW. КТ, m], k22 125|27], ml, k9, rnl, k22 [25:27l, mT, k], You Wil now have 59 [65:69] sts оп the пееdlе, change to yoLrr larger needles and Work the remainder of the shoe as folows:-

1st Rоw. Knit. 2nd Rоw. Pur , Work 0 [2]2] rows in Stocklng sttch, Next Bow. К1, s], k], psso, k11 l12 1З], s], k], psso, k27 [зl iзз], k2tog, k11 [12:1з], k2tog, kl. You WlL now have 55 161:65] sts оп the neede Next Row. PUrl Nsxt Row. К1, s1 k], psso k']0[11:12] k2tog, k25 t29:З1], k2tog, kl0 I1 ]:12], k2tog, kl, YoU W lL now have 51 [57i61] sts оп the пеоd]е,

Next Bow. К25 [28:З0], р], k4, s] k], psso, turn. You Wil поw have 50 [56:60] sts оп the needIe, Next RоW Slp, рЗ, k1, р], k1, р3, p2tog, turn, You Wil now have 49 [55i59] stý on the needle,

Next Row. S1 k2, р1, kз, р1, k2, S1, k1, psso, turn. You will now have 48 [54:58] sts оп the пееdlё, Next RoW. Slp, р1, k1, р5, k], р1, p2tog, turn. YoLr Wil now have 47 [5З]57] ýtý оп the need]e, Noxt BoW. s1, р1, k7, р] , ý1, k] , psso, tLJrn You wil поW have 46 [52:56] sts on the neede. Noxt Row. Slp, k1, р7, kl p2tog, turn, You Wll поW have 45 [51:55] sts on the needle, Next RoW. 51, (р1 , kЗ) lwice, р1, ý1 , kl, psso, turn, YоU will поW have 44 [50:54] sts оп the need е, Nёхt Rоw' S]p, (р], k]) 4 tirnes, р1, p2tog, turn, YoU W lпоW have 4З 149]5З]sts on the neede, Next Row. S] k2 р1, kЗ, р1, k2, sl, k], psso, turn. YoU Wil поW have 42 [48i52] sts оп the needle, Next RoW. Slp, р9, p2log, pLrrlto end, You Wi now have 41 [47:5]] sts оп the needle,

Noxt Row. К], 51, kl, psso, k]1 [14:16], k2tog turn, Slp remaining 25 [28iЗ0] StS onto а sttch

to these 25 128:З0] sts later to work the second side of the shoe, Next Row. cast off ]0 [1Зi15] sts, рЗ, YoU Wl поW You

Wi come Ьасk

have 4 sts оп the пёеdIе. Work 4 rowý in stockng stitch, cast ofi,

то work the second side of the ýhoe rеtuгп the 25 [28:З0] sts ooto the main need е, Wjth right sde of the Work fac пg you, rejoin уаrп and cast off 9 sts knit to

end YoUWilnowhave16[19:21] Stsonthe

N€xt Row. Р1, p2tog, р] ] [14:]6], p2tog, You Wil поW have 14 [Т7:19] sts оп the needle, Next Rоw. cast ofi ]0 [1З:15] sts, kЗ, You Wll поW have 4 sts оп the пееdlе. Work 5 ro\0s in stock ng stitch



Using your Smaler needle cast оп 5 [6|6] sts. Usng same пееdе апd yarn With rrght Sde of the work facing you

pck чр and

6 sts frоm top oi hee, 2 sts irom top of edglng and Uslng same needles апd уаrп cast оп 22 125:28] Sts, You Wi] now have З7 [41i44] Sls on the needle.

Nеп RoW.

EDG|NGS (Both alike)

IJSng your smaler needles pck up sts around shoe as fo]lows: Wth righi Sde 011he Work facing уоu pick up and knit 4 StS from side edge of hee. 9 112:14] sts irom cast off Sts at 1ор left edge 2 StS from shaped edge. 9 sts from cast ofi sts at top front edge, 2 sts frоrп shaped ёdgе, 9 []2:]4] sts from cast ofi sts at top rght edge and 4 sls 1rопl Sde edge о{ hee, YoLl W l now have З9 [45:49] sts оп the needle. Next RоW. КЗ k2tog, kB [] ] ]З], k2tog, k9, k2to9, k8 [11i13], k2tog, kЗ. YoU Wil поW have З5 I41i45] sts on the needle, Nёхt Row. КЗ, k2tog, k7 [10:12], k2tog, k7, k2tog, k7 [10|12], k2tog, k3, YoU wilnow have З] [З7]41] sts оп the need е cast ofi knitways,

knit 2 Sts from top of edg пg,

Кп t,

Next RoW. Кг l .о last 4 5IS, ylwd, [2log cast off kntways,


LEFT STBAP lJsing your srnaller needles pick up StS for Strap as folows|Using your smaler neede casl оп 22 125:28] sts, Using same needle апd yarn With right S]de oi the Wоrk facng уоu pick up and knit 2 Sts frоm top of odg ng, б sts frоrп top of hee. 2 sts from top of edg пg and using same needles and уаrп casl on 5 16:6] sts, Yоu Wil поW have З7 [41:44] sts оп the


NeK RoW.

Кп t.

Next RоW. К2, k2toq, !,fwd, knit to end cast off knitways,


то мАкЕ UP

Join Sole and hee seam then Uslng your smaler needles pick Up sts ior Strap as fo ows:

sew оп buttons, sёе bal band for WashIng апd


&: ý_i оо

flla(her care instructons,




22 125:26:ЗO]сm (8З/аt93Лi]Orl 1 1ЗЛ] n)


a ,r. .\И,lа,{,/па Г[l

s llC

Kl] t .]





rlsр rеli



r:l.t с]




. ,i._,,i __ r,

э las

tехi.lгi., Lo ardc] а

so s lli-t,i , ,sl


t i i







.;]i., ь,-";:..,.,,,,,:'l ....' ..|a-: . .J , . :tё:,,;' ,.:l,'. ,L: .i ' :' :|:











{',-',,i,; try_.

, ,l. ":,.

,, ;Jij.i,;:i::l|l!

Fоr а l those awkward



wrigglers heresagreat


envelope neck, lts rеаllу easy to get оп and off, Litt е cadet in Ь ue Ьу Juiie Larlcham


This rеtrо-iпsрirеd sweater is even еаsiеr than the blue version - its got а stocking ýtrtch back and sleeves| Lttle cadet tэy Jttlle Latloham

This adorable l]ttle kп t with lt s lacy s]eeves s perfect fоr wеаr ng w th her prettiest

1 ,t

wtri,e рац o,"..g5, (1il r i, vanilla fоr the п-]оst реrfесt christening оr brdesma d s саrо -А il,

,,.i ,1rj






'itri ,р





wtil еуе ets :tпd 1,1,,th gorgeo,-s y се c]i]tc асе S ee!,.S tп S p,etiy Dottec_j

саrd о rllily iake гэ li -о сспсепtrа| a]гl bLlt it :.е Ccll]p ll]el,]ls !,l1 Ье ,".,lогlil t

Pretý and versatile - this vintage-inspired ooat looks gorgeous with all her every da5routfits, Add beautiful реаrl buttons and а satin dress for those special occasions iп а ЬаЬу girl s diary.

Littie vi ntage ргаm coat Ьу Sue Bat еу Ку|е

The de]ic,ate sweetheatls

ог'п,S р|о,' l,-lд d О,А пlб irеаtеd iп simple knit апd strtches, Add sоmе 'О ou'or OolqeoLj- р^о4 ЙаЙе t truly аdоrаlэlе

our l

4| 4 l

t о.


Sublime а greatness with which nothing else сап Ье compared and is beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement and imitation.

lл lfl \о о (л


Mixed 5оч.Фý




West YortGhire WF2 gND United Kingdom t +44 [0]1924 З69666 { +44 [0]1924 290506 е contactus@sublimeyarns,com The SUЫirпе knitting helpline| +44 [0]1924 2З1686 (Voico mail se]vice - €plies Within 7 working dayý) SJb me s а -lade lйаt \ о1 Sildff Sp ппt g Uпil€d WABNING: Вврюduсtоп ol thb р!ЫЬаt]ф з р,оlбоl€d Ьу Фрлqht, it s фdФ флdit Ф lilat it i9 Фv UФd for поюmфrc а рqфi д]lоlф.



Ипе Wakefield

RBf: пэhъ

Ф БбФd




Тrепdу tanks аrе аl the rаgе fоr ittle wrigglersI


+ е_


i ,\



Ё ,{



I \ ч

Fоr those who ove to саье hеrе s at,l аdогаь е tt е vee песk ts such а tiny knt t rrui .oL о О ,





1 ,.




,, ]


daLe , w]h []rаrlс]пl;l




CoNTENTS Little Cadet iп Blue & Little Саdеt.,,......,.....,.....рЗ

Vintage Cable Sweater & Tank .,.......,..,......,.....рб Little Vintage Pram Coat, Little Vintage

Рrаm Cardie & Pitter Patter Socks..,.,..,..,....,


Little.Bib & Tucker Cardie & Litt|e Bib & Tucker


....,......,..р1 7

Little Blossom & Little Сhеrry Blossom...........p21 Little Sweatheart Cardie & Shoes ...................р25



Please take а lttle tirne to knt а tenson sqL]are oi 1he Sze ndcated fol1he design you are Workng, ll tЪ Sma er your tenson s tght and the galment W Ье ,, э л,о| ,о.р.tёd I 5 blqqe, ,oU -",о oose and the gаrгпепt Wll Ье lr g When comp]eted Kntting а garmenl ai an ncorrect tепS оп Wil produce disappointno resu ts апd гпау Wel reql] re а dfierent dl О 1 о' Jat'r i а' ло !ро |iiod, fu ono,L а, д, 5io,1 squareon а bgger needle f yourf rst squarewas , ,qud,e /,,.. b,q, тJ,о| сidlо.|Фd.-',о,,., When yolr Sqllare гпеаSUrеS ]0сm (4п) begin kntl ng tlre galment оп the needles you Used for th s cq ,d,a ] Jo- L d,a l,dd lo Ц.гое roJ, тбd|6 с, а .e16-oot .ьd, I ". d.,9I . .е, l оlд |ьJ. ог- <, ё of neede you WiL need to adiust each need е Sze


lnstluctons are grven for the frst Sze. The figUres Wth п the brackets refer to lhe arger Slzes Where опY опе foL]le S qven ths арр eS to al the Sizes

yarn amounts

The уаrп amounts given Ior each design are based оп average requirernents When US ng the

1,2 PaSS the neede undel both strands ofthe first Sl]tch of the Upper ресе (emerg ng between the firsl Stlches о{ the lpper pece)as Shown п d agram 1,2


],з тhеп take the need е back nto the centre of the iirst Sttch оп the ower ресе and emerglng Lip lhrough the сепtrе of the nexi sitch to the eft aS



the Lrpper ресе take the need]e down behnd ,о tL о ol, lne llsl tfto blld, о, o'|l е па" ! |, , Then crossing to the ower ресе take the need е down lhrotroh the септе of lhe asl stlch worked emerging through the centre of lhe neХi Sttch ' Repeatfrorn' to' to end,


Finishing your garment

When sewing Up уоUr garmeni please take care and а tt е Ь t of i rne to fo ow the nstruct ons gven w th ad,Ц de)9l We (UooAcl Ц.l о, ,-д _ d]|to, stitch for vertlca seams and the grafting technique . 'о, l'o1/o, d ot "Lo ,d-l ье" -, ь'оlлг Ь-о \ о g,

Joining horizontal or Shoulder seams.

D]agram ] 4 ShoWS а finished seam, Wth the dark thread represent по the sttched row


Lay the peces to Ье sewn edge to edge Staing at the rght hand Side of Work bring ihe needle up through lhe centre of the frst Sttch of the ower р есе аs shown n d aglam ],].


These examples ShoW Stockng stitch peces s,оWп together, but the principle s tlre Sаmе for any kп 1ted

Joining vertical seams (i.e. side or Sleeve seams) 1.5 Mattress stitch

Witlr rght Sde of Work facng ау the two preces to Ье oned flat and edge to edge, Workrnq from the front and either опе sttch or hal а st ch п frorn the edoe оп each рЕсе depend пg оп What fabric you are sewng together, пSеd the пееdе from the front lhrough the сепlге of Sttch Sid ng it lnder two rows aS ]lustraled п 1,5, 1 б and ].7 0Ле recomrnend ll'al /oL,-d,"d'L l ,1 ,o,1 -о, d. л'.,ioT g garter Stich and rnoss Sttch, but опу haf а sitch

n5"1 9,"rg o,1 g.'|,п cross to the opposte ресе


bb.d рс


of Work апd s de th-o

needle Under two roWS at а t]me Bepeal lhs acton. Make sure that you don't m sS any roWS and that the Work mat.h_as а1 both sid_As

once the gаrrпепt S compete place а damp coih оVеr а th ck towe. Place the gаrгпепt onto the damp coth. Pin out the garmenl to the rпеаSUrеrпепts given, mak ng SL]re that enough р lS are Used so tha1 the out ne of lhe gаrгпепt remaiлs Smootr] cover Wth dаrлр с oths and leave to dry nat|rra у

Washing lnstructions

Washing nstructons After Wash]ng reshape Wh е St Wel and dry flat away frorn d rect heat,

check the ba]l band fоr













Il J-


t }


The second irresistibly


i *Ф,''

, *чъ

1З designs for babies from Ьirth to З years with designs Ьу Sarah Hatton, Julie Langham and Sue Batley-Ky|e

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