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Cultural Opportunities

Cultural activities will be prepared to keep students learning in and out of the classroom. CIEP-sponsored activities may be coordinated to suit groups needs/requests. Although activities vary each year, cultural opportunities may include the following: • CIEP Talent Show •C  anoe Trip (paddling down a nearby river) •A  merican-Style Barbecues/Picnics outdoors • Host Family Day

• American Baseball Game • Local Business Visits • Touring local farms • T rips to other cities in Iowa (Des

Moines, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, etc.) • Lost Island Waterpark • Local shopping • Bowling • Lectures/Culture Talks • International Food Potlucks • Community festivals • Movie in the park •C  onversation with Retired Senior Volunteers

UNI Campus & Community

The University of Northern Iowa campus is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The campus has two dining facilities, a library, student union, student health center, computer facilities, counseling center, a wellness and recreation center located within minutes of the student dormitories. All summer students will have full access to campus facilities. The population of the Cedar Falls/Waterloo is 110,000. The university’s location in Cedar Falls provides student with many advantages of a large city, but in a smaller, peaceful, clean and safe atmosphere in which to study and live. Cedar Falls is in northeast Iowa, not far from Chicago and Minneapolis, and is served by the Waterloo, Iowa Municipal Airport (ALO) and the Eastern Iowa Airport (CID) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Conversation Partner Program

The Conversation Partner Program is a wonderful opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills with native speakers. Generally, CIEP Students meet once per week with their conversation partner during the academic year. Special programs do not generally include conversation partners because they are short-term. However, conversation partners may be requested upon your first inquiry about the programs and added within the context of a special conversation class for a small charge. Weekend home stays or host family day events may be arranged to give participants a taste of family and community life. Students may join a family for a day of games, conversations and home-cooking. Please make this request on the application survey.

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English Language and Culture Immersion Program

Orientation Students may participate in a pre-departure orientation in their home countries that will introduce the students to important immigration information and will prepare them for traveling and attending classes in the United States.

Program Description The English Language and Culture Immersion Program of the CIEP at the University of Northern Iowa will facilitate cross-cultural understanding and enrichment by providing a unique opportunity for: cultural immersion, intensive language study, exposure to academic classrooms settings, travel excursions, recreational adventure, personal growth and building life-long friendships. This program offers English language courses focusing on conversation and speaking skills. Students will participate in an intensive English class about listening and speaking, an American culture class, and a unique conversation class just for summer students. The program could be customized for three or four weeks.

Features and Highlights This program includes specialized classes of conversation and culture. It also provides the chance to interact with many groups of Americans: students, young children and the elderly. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of shopping, learning and culture excursions.

English Assessment & Certificate Students will take a series of exams to evaluate their current abilities in English listening, speaking, reading and writing. The tests are evaluated by CIEP teaching staff and the students are placed in the appropriate courses in the CIEP program. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a CIEP certificate and a progress report.

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Admission It is important for the students to follow an admission process in order to accomplish the CIEP and immigrations requirements. All applications for admission into the CIEP must be completed and returned to the CIEP at least one month prior to the starting date of classes. Admission into the CIEP does not constitute admission into any other academic program at the University of Northern Iowa. Applicants requiring special accommodations due to their physical or learning disabilities are welcome to apply for admission; however, the CIEP determines whether or not the program can accommodate their special needs. Students with disabilities not communicating their special needs requirements prior to their arrival to the CIEP would likely be counseled about the benefits of the program to the student.

Admission requirements To be admitted to the CIEP, students must submit: • Completed application form. • Financial guarantee letter or bank statement. •D  eposit of $275.00 in the form of a check, credit card, or money order. • A copy of your passport informational page. After we receive those documents and payment, we will send the admission letter, an I-20 form, the SEVIS receipt, housing contract, and some health forms to be completed. The CIEP will send a guide on what the students should know about obtaining an exchange visitor (J-1).

When the students arrive on campus, they will participate in a three-day mandatory orientation before beginning classes. This process includes a variety of informational sessions, campus tours, and opportunities to meet other CIEP students and staff. Students will also participate in intercultural communication sessions to prepare them for study in the CIEP.

Housing and Meals Special program participants will use on-campus housing. The air-conditioned dormitories are very convenient, and staff members are helpful! Beds and desks are provided. Bed sheets may be purchased for a small fee. Participants will be housed with another program member. Chaperones can expect to have a single room. Roommates are always the same gender and live in residence halls segregated into floors or wings. The participants will be required to share communal showers and toilet facilities assigned by floor. Food service will be provided for the entire program. Tuition includes all meals. Participants will eat on campus except for select events off campus such as the welcome party and field trips. There are two large dining halls on the UNI campus. Students can easily walk to the dining halls for meals and back to classes. If students wish, they can also purchase snacks and food items from one of several vendors on campus.

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English Language and Cultural Immersion Program  

UNI CIEP Special Program

English Language and Cultural Immersion Program  

UNI CIEP Special Program