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so if i understand correct. one’s interpretation could be diversely interpreted 30dii, 3rd edition, immediate inference,


Introduction: On Misunderstandings and Other Predicaments

Kostas Prapoglou

was ascribed to the person whose language evoked the sound of babbling. This response manifests how our instinctual self-defence modus operandi automatically generates social exclusion techniques. Many misinterpretation phenomena are nowadays alleviated to a certain degree by efforts of intercultural exchange and augmented by technological progression. Not quite. We The more I think about what a misunderstanding live in a world where countless accents, diverse could possibly involve, the more I realise that it uses of verbal speech and unique ethnographic permeates every aspect of human life. components reach us from every possible direction and collide with us on a daily basis. I have always been fascinated by those tales And although the contemporary means of from the Bible we were taught at school. Did communication are so advanced, we recurrently the ancestral sin stem from Adam and Eve’s experience language barriers on social, propensity for rebellion or was it merely based business and personal domains. on grounds of misunderstanding orders from above? I have lost count the times I nervously smiled not being able to understand someone, or And what happened while erecting the Tower witnessed others responding with backchannel of Babel? We are told that God confounded norms simply because it was too difficult for what previously used to be an unified them to fully apprehend an entire dialogue. language of speech. This ‘divine’ intervention Cultural understanding and intercultural over a functional populus on a universal communication are discourse topics of scale was conducted via the psychological psychology and sociocultural anthropology conduit of absolute miscomprehension and today, reflecting upon the pressing necessity misunderstanding. to investigate the complex nature of human behaviourism and linguistic idiosyncrasies. In Babel’s case, the tower was left incomplete; These salient studies assist in the promotion of the efforts of mutual agreement and mutual understanding and intercommunication, cooperation ended in futility. An unforeseeable perusing not only quotidian experiences but ‘change of plan’ engaged everyone in a chaos of also investigating the arenas of politics and miscommunication and pushed them towards all diplomacy. Imagine what the impact of a four corners of the earth. This milestone event misunderstanding generated through wrong portrays two diametrically opposite situations communicative codes amongst two countries that formed humanity; the euphony of synergy could possibly cause. and solidarity, and the cacophony of drastic segregation. But if we depart from such exaggerative and excessive paradigms of misunderstanding But, speaking in modern terms, how often do and look no further from our neighbourhood, we encounter intercultural misunderstandings? how many times have we caught ourselves The inhabitants of large metropolises, which entangled in misunderstandings and are urban cultural mosaics, will agree that bewilderments while communicating with misunderstandings are omnipresent. A our acquaintances on social media? The vast prominent example of how we interpret the assortment of emoticons emerging on private ‘non-understandable’ comes again from ancient and public messaging platforms do not always times. For ancient Greeks, the term ‘barbarian’ succeed in conveying the author’s feelings and intended tone. Conversely, we habitually read what we want to read, or in the way that reflects our own emotional state at a given circumstance. Life is full of ‘Chinese Whispers’ games; they equally construct and deconstruct our day-today activities and affairs. They surreptitiously invade and pervade our existence.

Timeline: title #1 Concept Person #1

title #1 Concept Person #2

title #2

title #3 Concept Person #3

title #2

title #3

title #5

title #5

Concept Person #4

Concept Person #5

Concept Person #6

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The concept behind this, is an intense timebased process of exploring personal insides and opinions on different existential views. We tend to hear what we like to hear. With this project we give this a twist and make the contending creative writer have their own vision based on this psychological behaviourism. How does one encounter a conversation or event, and passes this one to others, and how much does this alter within the transition. The project will be an intents, mind provoking, extremely obsessive process.

Guidelines for the participating artists : There will be 12 timelines. • Each timeline has 6 works. • Each artist will start 2 timelines. • Each timeline you start you only name your work once. • Each artist will created in total 12 works. • Each artist has to create at least 5 motion-based works (film, animation, 3d) • The motion-based works need to be at least 20 seconds long. • one page writing about a babylonian situation (see next page).

So what will the writing be about: The project structure The subject of the Babylonian speaking mishaps is something we all encounter on a daily base. This can be about a misunderstanding you have encountered yourself, or a person you know, something you have heard about, but it can also be a philosophical response reflecting on the phenomenon.

Visualisation of a timeline: • Person #1 creates a concept for a work, gives the concept a title. • Person #2 gets the title, creates a concept on this title. • Person #2 renames the concept. • Person #3 gets the title, creates a concept on this title. • Person #3 renames the concept. • Person #4 gets the title, creates a concept on this title. • Person #4 renames the concept. • Person #5 gets the title, creates a concept on this title. • Person #5 renames the concpt. • Person #6 gets the title, creates a concept on this title. • Person #6 renames the concept.



Introduction: On Misunderstandings and Other Predicaments


The Guidelines




Timeline I


Timeline II


The Cartographer


The Fault, Dear Brutus, is Not in Our Stars, But in Our Selfies


Timeline III


If r Bud s ~Atta


The Last Conversation


Timeline IV


Way up North


Spahsim Gnikaeps Nainolybab


Timeline V


Runaway Sons Of The Nuclear Bomb (Search and Destroy Banylon)


Misunderstanding Is In The Heart of Human Relations


Hidden Star


Timeline VI


Appraisal Theory


Between The Two


Timeline VII


The Origin of The fabrication is The Misconception


Mrs Mal à Propos Speaks


Timeline VIII


The Girl From The Scrapbook


Timeline IX


The King’s Perplex Predicament


Interlude I


Timeline X


CCTV Of My Brain 15 January 2010:


Interlude II


Timeline XI


Egg Symbols and Chicken Meanings


Timeline XII




Every Wave Has Left It’s Echo Here






Trevor H Smith


Karolina Glusiec

Ignacio Bahna





Lydia Morano

stephan MIRAS

Harold Offeh


Kostas Prapoglou

Clone Rei

Charlie Cousins


Rosana Antoli


Michael W Crannage 11

Timeline One:

Who Made Who

Chenoa Solis-Fine

Obtained through introspection

Doubt Lewk Wilmshurst


Charlie Cousins


Reno Nyx

Karolina Glusiec

Jack Addis

The Climate Changing Factor

Reno Nyx: Obtained through introspection


Karolina Glusiec: Doubt


above: Chenoa Solis-Fine - The Climate Changing Factor right: Charlie Cousins - Negative




above: Jack Addis - Who Made Who left: Lewk Wilmshurst - AC/DC


Timeline Two:

Lewk Wilmshurst Charlie Cousins


Chenoa Solis-Fine

Sob Luxuries

Reno Nyx

One Bar

VALUE The Mourning of Silk

Jack Addis

Value through melancholyÂ

Karolina Glusiec

Jack Addis - One Bar


giving or receiving a mark. With these materials he began his physical depiction of the southern regions, stopping only to take food and water, or to sleep.

The Cartographer Trevor H Smith born: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom lives: Bath, United Kingdom

Arriving in the southern capital the Cartographer, who had been tasked with compiling an atlas of the region by the Council for Absolute Knowledge, was granted an audience with the area’s foremost map-makers, of whom he enquired as to the availability of their collected works. His counterparts explained to him their tradition of noble illiteracy; the craft of writing had long been outlawed. With all intelligence internalised, each citizen of the south retained only very specific knowledge of a limited range of subjects. The southerners believed that no person could know everything and that surrendering to the temptation afforded by methods of external storage could never bear fruit, for with each new sunrise comes new things into the world and anyone in pursuit of absolute knowledge would need to apprise himself of such daily newness: an undertaking of maddening impossibility. So, over a series of lectures the Cartographer was talked through the landscape until, after eighteen months, he was ready to return home. Knowing that his memorised plans would not satisfy the Council, he took leave of his journey at The Cave of the Silent Hermit. Here, in order to recall every detail of his mapping, the Cartographer also fell silent and bid the hermit go out and gather every material capable of

Twenty two years later the Cartographer completed his works and returned to the Council. Two decades hunched in a cave had taken their toll: his weathered skin resembled the years-old animal hides and tree barks on which he had etched his survey. His lined countenance reflected the networks of alleyways in the ancient districts to which he had dedicated a decade of delineation. Concentration had so deeply furrowed his brow that he wore a permanent scowl, and twenty years of silence had reduced his vocabulary to fewer than a dozen words, so that his utterances were faint and fractured. The Archivist, whose hoarded knowledge was counted by the mile, struggled to accommodate the maps made by the Cartographer, which consisted of scores of multifaceted artefacts comprising everything from petrified animal dung to newly classified precious metals.The Council employed the Interpreter to translate the work. Editors were then assigned to abridge the document into a general overview, before the Publisher trimmed the work into handheld volumes for the mass market. Almost every citizen of the north added the volume to their own personal hoard of general knowledge, but not one of them could have used its maps to navigate the southern regions, for each time the document changed hands it underwent a new interpretation, perceived through the mind of someone other than its creator, so that the published atlas bore little resemblance to that of the Cartographer’s original documents which, in any case, were based on a collection of spoken accounts. Epilogue The Cartographer, on viewing his masterpiece turned pocket-book, barely recognised his own maps, and vowed to rechart the entire Kingdom. Working outwards from the Cave of the Silent Hermit he began to right the wrongs of mistranslation. His northern lust for detail served him well at first, but eventually became his undoing, for every morning when he put his nose out of doors he would find a stone shifted by a passing herbivore, or a leaf blown in on the evening breeze. The Cartographer, in his frustrated state, was destined never to leave his cave, and he saw out his days hunched over a few square inches of desert, squinting into a magnifying glass, counting the grains of sand beneath his feet. 23

above: Lewk Wilmshurst - Value right: Karolina Glusiec - Sentiment



The Fault, Dear Brutus, is Not In Our Stars, But in Our Selfies

Clone Rei born: Los Angeles, United States lives: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Information travels at all speeds, and, often at unbelievable rates. It is a very malleable and effervescent material. It can be made to reflect a truth, or what one wants to see as the truth. It can be passed, twisted, and digested in innumerable ways. How information is processed is up to the listener, and it is and filtered by the recipient’s personal context it is born into. Through word of mouth, and various social media platforms, words you once spoke or wrote can be translated into any and all imaginable forms unbeknownst to you. People will always hear what they want to hear. For example, no matter how you say, “Becky, you’ve gained some weight,” Becky is going to hear what she wants to hear. Depending on your relationship with Becky or the tone of voice, you may be able to control how she reacts, to an extent. You might even alter her reaction it to be more (or less) favorable. This “Babylonian speaking mishap” is a daily occurrence in human life. This is how rumours are started and spread, some are more prone than others to be inaccurate / unreliable records of information. Some people are prone to embellish, flatten, or hollow out a piece of information that is given to them. For example, in a train car, I once asked a young woman, “Could you

please, not sit on my purse?” to which she took much offense to my remark. In her mind, I was demanding her to do something. Perhaps she thought I was claiming the section of the seat where my purse was located as my exclusive territory; in reality, I was asking rather politely for her to let me move my bag so that she could sit. She proceeded to act dramatically; she and talked loudly about me to her friend on the subway. The way she processed a simple request was far more violent and confrontational than I was expecting. Some humans feed on attention in a very negative way because of the psychology of their brain makeup. Humans who have underlying issues, such as in insecurity, jealousy, etc., are far more likely to jump at an opportunity to attack someone who they believe threatens their being. Humans are selfish creatures. Kurt Cobain once said, “I don’t care what you think, unless it is about me.” This attitude I believe to be true among millennials. Cobain’s words reflect an attitude that is formed upon the basis of “I only want to hear what you have to say if I gain something, or if it praises my own self.”. Another example of a selfish attitude is the phenomenon called “selfie,” in which people take pictures of themselves in random circumstances. “Self” has become the most important subject for too many young people. These young people are shouting, “I have nothing to say, but I can make this ‘”cute’” duck face in a photo that I post to all social media platforms, or send to friends and/ or strangers as a truth.” In effect, millennials are a generation saying nothing more than, , “Hey look at me making this cute face, aren’t I important?” This process leads to a sense of false importance and delusions of grandeur. Millennials are indulging in an unfathomable vanity that is ruining our youth. Humans will translate what is said to be about them from a void deep inside themselves. It is a place of loneliness and despair, and childhood neglect. It is a place devoid of love, a prom date scorned, anywhere really. It is programmed in our DNA to make something about us. That’s why in so many movies, the main character is made to be “an average Joe.” Being “average” enables “ a wide variety of people to can relate to the protagonist. They have nothing else to brag about. 26

Charlie Cousins - The Mourning of Silk


Chenoa Solis-Fine - Sob Luxuries


Reno Nyx - Value through melancholy


Timeline Three:

Karolina Glusiec

Lewk Wilmshurst The Re-workable Strategy

Chenoa Solis-Fine

Jack Addis

Reno Nyx

Abstract life forever

Charlie Cousins

The source of all moral authority Write your own Wiki The Invisibility of Man The Map and the Territory


above: Chenoa Solis-Fine - The Re-workable Strategy left: Lewk Wilmshurst - The Map and the Territory


Charlie Cousins - The Invisibility of Man


Iteration I

If r Bud s ~Atta

WILL KENDRICK born: Blackpool, United Kingdom lives: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Food is a common language and speech of Class I. He and instead of [B] of [one], I lived there when it was moved to the east. Figure 3, and, they said another one. Stone, brick, along the wall. Combustion “We put a whole in the oven of brick”. Four mentioned. The “Otherwise, Turkey, Ashtarak we, we, it is possible to make some of your own, would give the ball dead nediefytyra sprawl in the air.” 5 Ateheredie Lord came down to see the tower of the people in the town and buildings. 6 And the Lord said to the Lord. “The people, in the same language, the .Mi that you understand the start doing something and down confused ’m7” the 8Jahve Lord God is everywhere scattering the Azukamachi, and. 9 So Babel [Medium] because factors 为言 words of the great mysteries quhetdie atydie. Atjedie all Lord all the earth.

Translation is both a possible and impossible task. As with the passing of a story from one generation to the next, the meaning is revised by its translator. The historical and cultural context can be manipulated. It is a reconfiguration of meaning that can never faithfully render the original. With a translation of a language, this barrier becomes clear. The nuances of meaning and the socio-historical frameworks of each translator become imprinted on the text. Editing and re editing until the copy of a copy of a copy bares little to no resemblance of its origin. Through this process new ideas can be unearthed. With the original the entire network of words and sentences define its understanding but understanding is an interpretation and is itself an act of translation. In this particular instance the slippage of translation is between artist and machine. Code and program. Thought, meaning and perception. Iteration ii Interpretation is both a conceivable and unimaginable errand. Likewise with the death of a story starting with one era then onto the next, the importance is modified by the interpreter. Its verifiable and social setting can be controlled. It is the reconfiguration of implying that can never steadfastly render the first.

With the interpretation of a dialect this hindrance of importance gets to be clear. The nuances of importance and the socioGenesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel (The Passage chronicled structures of every interpreter get to be engraved on the content. Altering and re has been run though all languages of Google altering until the duplicate of a duplicate of a translate) duplicate uncovers practically zero likeness of its cause. Through this procedure new thoughts can be uncovered. With the first the whole system of words and sentences characterize its seeing however understanding is an elucidation and is itself a demonstration of interpretation. In this specific occasion the slippage of interpretation is in the middle of craftsman and machine. Code and system. Thought, importance and discernment. 35

Reno Nyx - The source of all moral authority


Jack Addis - Write your own Wiki


The last conversation with my father sucked. I don’t remember at all what we talked about. I only recall everything I said being bounced back by ‘but’s’ and ‘because’s’. It frustrated me, I felt misunderstood (maybe he did too?), and walked away feeling stupid about it having happened that way. Shortly thereafter my father died. This was over 7 years ago.

The Last Conversation

ROOS STALLINGA born: Haarlem, The Netherlands lives: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We try, or don’t. How could I have known, whatever happened in his mind? If I didn’t even understand my own. We somehow expect it will all be clear when we speak, and that we are talking about the same things. But our words are bound to memories, associations, all the smells, sounds, fears, and happy tremblings of excitement we ever had. We are living in mutually existing universes of being. We walk together. Maybe that is what I remember most - and even fondly - that my father was walking me somewhere. He didn’t have to. It was his way of saying: I want to spend time with you, be near you, I am trying to talk, and listen. And even though we failed terribly, I guess we tried. And my memory of him will be this last walk containing all the life we shared before. Way beyond words. When I think of it, in love, with family, and friends, I really never remember the words we shared, but rather the space in-between. The lingering, the silence, the laughter, the feeling of being connected, and loved. Words are means. They are our greatest tool. But we existed long before, and will do so long after. This I know now.


Karolina Glusiec - Abstract life forever


Timeline Four:

Destroy, Create, Cognize

Seduced by materials too good for our rough hands Lewk Wilmshurst

Reno Nyx

Ampersands groundless

Charlie Cousins

Jack Addis

Drop call

Chenoa Solis-Fine

Catching your fingertips upon a surface, rough hands over satin Communication that has not taken place Karolina Glusiec

Chenoa Solis-Fine - Destroy, Create, Cognize


couldn’t stand it, so I got off the car quietly with a piece of bread in my hand. Surprisingly, the little fox came to me one and again. We both shared quite a time together.

Way up North Ignacio Bahna born, Santiago, Chile lives: Santiago, Chile

Over 600 kms were in between my actual location and my final destination- an overland trip that took me from Santiago de Chile way up north of the country. I was obsessed with the journey’s end and I was certain I would get there. However, it was likely that what I was looking for would not exist. Everything was uncertain, then. The landscape started to alter gradually once on the way. The green strokes of the trees began changing and fierce cacti appeared little by little in their place. The heat increased drastically, glimpsing the hallucinogenic reflections of the oasis. Meanwhile, several kilometres were left behind and from the distance giant characters could be seen in the air. The shapes of these characters turned into hundreds of wind turbines, like wind power woods. In that moment, I realized I was getting into one of the richest areas in natural resources of the country and that, probably, this would not be my first encounter with a place like this. Six hours went by and I had to leave the highway in order to continue the trip through a narrow dirt track, heading for the Pacific Coast. Again, the landscape’s metamorphosis gave way, not to some cacti, but to millions of them. The vegetation was plagued of a myriad of mouthwatering plants with diverse flowers in different colours until suddenly, after some kilometres, an animal got on my way. It was a lonely fox in search of its prey in the middle of the dessert. I

Back on the road, I was increasingly anxious to reach my endpoint, but I should rest and a safe stop was at a friend’s, who literally had an oasis in the dessert. When I got there, it was surrealistic. All was just green. There was an unceasing variety of plants, cacti, orchards and a large greenhouse, in which hundreds of native species were shedding buds. Strictly speaking, he was devoted to the recuperation of endangered species , which were the product of devastation from mining activity in the area. That night we talked and discussed about the loss of plant species and the efforts invested in restoring native livestock. The next day I bumped into a man who talked nonstop about the water giant, the one which few had seen and which was my obsession – the longed for blue whale. At the spur of the moment, I felt my adrenaline swirling. I dashed in search of a small boat which would take me to the great trip to the blue whale. When I was on the way to the creek, I was astonished to see signs with the inscription “No more mining”, hung in the houses. I was pensive for a moment and then I didn’t want to think any longer. Once on board, the fisherman told me, with a great smile, that 3 whales had been seen the previous day after 8 months. I suddenly felt anxious again. The small boat sailed away straightforwardly while big waves were our companion. It was not until 10 minutes went by that I saw something like a water jet coming out of the sea and with a loud cry I told the fisherman – OVER THERE!! The boat rapidly changed direction in quest for the whale. My dream came true. We spent an hour watching the whales moving from one side to the other. Some of them were alone and some others with their babies. I couldn’t believe it. While I was still in shock, the fisherman started singing “No more mining”, I felt like some contradictions were going on in my head and I began to make sense of all the experiences I had during the way. That mine, which would be one of the biggest in Chile, would settle a few kilometres away from the whales’ shelter. Why? Inconvenient agreements? A misunderstanding? Power abuse? The reader can judge for him or herself. As far as I am concerned, I will take the situation to a work of art as a broadcasting springboard and I will come back soon to swim with the whales, provided that the mining site is not on, of course. 43

above: Karolina Glusiec - Ampersands groundless right: Reno Nyx - Communication that has not taken place



Jack Addis - Drop call


Charlie Cousins - Catching Your Fingertips Upon a Surface, Rough Hands Over Satin


Lewk Wilmshurst - Seduced by materials too good for our rough hands


a dictionary should have all the answers, but does it really?

Spahsim Gnikaeps Nainolybab

DELMAR SUMTER born: Amsterdam, The Netherlands lives: Amstelveen, The Netherlands

‘Everyone’ in the Netherlands seems to know what a Babylonian speaking mishap is and the term is widely used across the nation. But do we really know what it means and how we’re supposed to use it?! According to the dictionary, the Babylonian language was first used around the 1500s by the inhabitants of ancient Babylonia. When I mentioned the project to my wife and one of my professors, they told me about the biblical background of it. So what are my views on this very-well known phenomenon? Frankly speaking, my views on the phenomenon don’t extend that far. I had heard of the Dutch “Babylonische spraakverwarring” *Amsterdam accent* but didn’t come across the English version yet. Babylon however does activate my human movie database (#hmdb). My #hmdb takes me back to the Matrix *whispers Morpheusss*. One of the most innovative and baronial movies ever! The Promised Land was Zion, so the Matrix itself could have been Babylon. The Matrix enslaved people and had them speaking the same language in code. I also thought of a series I used to watch #BackInTheDays called Babylon 5! Didn’t love that one as much as I did StarTrek Voyager, which had a less dark setting (read #7of9) but I did have fun watching it nevertheless. Babylonian, in the movie setting, does not have a positive feel about it. “By the Rivers of Babylon” by Bob Marley, does have a positive ring to it, but also doesn’t grasp the speaking mishaps part. One could argue that

The #CambridgeDictionary for ‘Babylonian’ states the following: “the form of the Akkadian language used in ancient Babylonia”. Akkadian is an extinct Semitic language of ancient Mesopotamia. Babylonian rhymes with Calydonian, Catalonian, Ceceronian and Macedonian. Some of the synonyms are luxuriant, opulent, luxurious and sumptuous. All fairly positive and bordering poshness and arrogance if you ask me. ‘Don’t you just love dictionaries though?!’ ‘No?’ My unbound fondness for looking up words in a dictionary did not prevent me from realising that I still did not quite grasp the essence of the ‘Babylonian speaking mishaps’. Dictionaries are still wonderful but one might start to think that a bible could provide the answers to the question at hand. The biblical story was told to me by my wife and one of my professors at the university. They both gave me more or less the same information. Derived from the Akkadian word bavilim, Babylon meant ‘Gate of God’, where the Hebrew Bavel means ‘confusion’. In Genesis it speaks of men speaking just one common language, after the great flood. Nimrod, a descendant of Noah, established a common religion and built a city to keep the people together. The Babel tower was part of this city and was intended to reach the heavens of earth. God did not quite agree with this plan and came down to earth and caused everyone to speak in different languages, so they couldn’t finish building the city nor the tower. The people were forced to “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth”. Imagine yourself standing in a room full of people somewhere in Babylonia. Everyone is communicating and then, at that exact moment, you all speak a different language, so that you can’t understand one another. A speaking mishap in Babylonia. My understanding of the phenomenon has evolved from scenes from my #hmdb through a Cambridge dictionary to what it is now. A situation in which people talk to each other but don’t understand one another. Our biblical history tells us that it first happened in Babylonia, hence the term “Babylonian speaking mishaps”. My 10-month-old son was babbling to me a couple of weeks ago. And although his intonation was perfect, I had no clue of what he said. 49

Timeline Five:

Fragments of a former moon

Karolina Glusiec From Dogs to Intellectuals

Chenoa Solis-Fine Lewk Wilmshurst Jack Addis


Reno Nyx

Google Translate

Entitlement In Theory

Complete understanding

Charlie Cousins

above: Karolina Glusiec - Dismount right: Charlie Cousins - Fragments of a former moon



Runaway Sons Of The Nuclear Bomb

(Search and Destroy Banylon)

Six drawings for seven virtual performances

Rosana Antoli born: Alcoy, Spain lives: London, United Kingdom

Three. What’s up Yves Klein? I know I was going to fall, You cannot stand up eternally.

One. Misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is what happens when I try to say in English what I cannot even say in Spanish. Misunderstanding is what happens when you listen to me trying to say in English, what I cannot even say in Spanish. Misunderstanding is me saying in English something that I cannot even say in Spanish. Misunderstanding is not understanding. Misunderstanding is not understanding me saying in English what I can not even say in Spanish. Misunderstanding is to create a sentence in english that I’ve not even said in Spanish. Misunderstanding is creating in English something I know will disappear in Spanish.

It was a question to see if we can hold each other up It was a question to see if we can stand the other. To know how to stand up after falling down, could be understood as a professional job. How can you hold up a stone that’s fallen? How can you hold up a mountain? Four. The Unforthcoming. ‘Misunderstanding is - or, more likely isn’t, wasn’t or won’t be. Misunderstanding is what it is, and it is what it is not,  The Taklamakan Desert cheerfully lying between the two.’ A virtual talk


Five. Painting Babylon. (A painting for blind people, please read it loud.)

‘It’s always about this process of building something, building something, building something, and finishing it, and then completely breaking it down

In the bottom, the ruins, Everything is formed by a past that has been bombed, abused, destroyed. It’s Babylon cinema with red neon lights.

and starting over again’. Jamie Cameron

Inside a wolf in pink tights sings a love song. All the people are wearing shoes, not me. His second song is in my honour. But it was not a love song. He made a prediction. He whispered with deep voice: we won’t understand. We looked at each other eyes, and without speaking agreed to construct a house without bases, a place that will fall with time, we will call it Babylon. 54

Six. The Whale. There were two hunters, There was (not) a whale.

We are the kids of Herzog, and we wanted to conquer the impossible. But it won’t happen for us. There are dark narrow stairs, that take you to the second floor. Here there are ten living rooms, in each room the same man is sitting in an old armchair, ten men, ten armchairs, ten same postures, long hair, fat body, Chinese eyes. His multiple beings make mantras of vowel sounds, the first living room has the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the second has the oooooooooooooooooooooooooo the third has the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all of them sound at the same time. And you cannot run away from it: it’s your melody.

The fascination of the stalkers, when they think they have spotted, when they think they have reached, a big blue leviathan. When you have the wild inside you, and you recognize what that shadow could be, you fantasize with the idea, and think: yes...this is my chance. In that moment you don’t look back, You could even leave friends and family behind. It is the attraction of the big whale, And it’s at night when you can hear its chant. It has been happening since the beginning of the times. The giant who enjoys asking for a dance to the ambition of great chasers. There were two hunters, There was (not) a whale. The immense ocean howls: Come in! Come in! And both (you? Instead of both?) look to each other.

You surprise yourself trying to sing a mantra, you are not so deep, the whales are still under the sea. Third floor. The attic. It is not the last one. There is a small room before going out.A There were two hunters, dirty dark one, it feels familiar. The radio is on. There was (not) a whale. You are going to miss your plane, and they said welcome to radio Babylon. It was a matter of who first jumps into the water, It was a matter of pride. Being rational is not a choice, open the door, just go out, here it is, the city you didn’t want As good gentlemen they place themselves to be in. Thousands, hundreds, millions of alongside each of the continents, you will birds, all of them speaking different languages be in America, I will be in Europe. Let’s meet in the same place. They move all over the with the whale. terrace, and you feel overwhelmed. Try to embrace it, young woman. No está mal As there are few times in life when you agree vivir así, No hace falta entenderlo todo. C’est to catch a whale, We decide to do it well. très bien, C’est comme ça. We will do it properly. You will design the best There are sounds I cannot even transcribe, boat, and I will find the best men. They are moves I cannot understand. I am a bird now, and all of them seem to smile. A year goes by, and we decide to do it even Nothing is scarier than a bird smiling with better. I will provide the boat with food, you teeth. Here comes the train to Babylon, will train properly the men. and I didn’t even know it was a place, and I didn’t even know it was a station. A second year goes by, And they thought it could be improved. I will learn how to swim And the big says no, you don’t go. and You will learn to hunt. We are the sons of the nuclear bomb. We are just here to search and destroy Babylon.

A third year goes by, There were two hunters, There was (not) a whale. 55

Jack Addis - Google Translate


Lewk Wilmshurst - Complete understanding


Reno Nyx - From Dogs to Intellectuals


Chenoa Solis-Fine - Entitlement In Theory


Misunderstanding is in the heart of human relations Often I talk, I look but I don’t hear Often you talk, you look but you don’t listen

Misunderstanding Is In The Heart of Human Relations

Lydia Morano born: Paris, France lives: Bordeaux, France

Swaddled in wet blankets or in front of the tiny black box Screams that nobody hears echo in the empty space Then the eye stares at the mouth and the teeth And those only bring a missed rendezvous. In the heart of human relations, Sealed ears ruin the hope to break out of the shadow, And the sound keys open no doors The words betray The words aren’t hear The words are misunderstood In front of the look which buries the true words The doors of incomprehension close again And the talks fly away and twist Misapprehensions flow human relations Everywhere and in every spheres Mouths and looks don’t come across ears Within the family In the governments, the communities, the associations. From insignificant disputes to wars Misunderstandings demonstrate the communication difficulties Of the relational beings that we are Others are so close and so different at the same time.


HIDDEN STAR I thought That you didn’t want me Until you told me That you did And then all the stars Came out And I knew that mine I had often hid.

Michael W Crannage


Timeline Six:

Requires intellectual strength

Charlie Cousins

Lewk Wilmshurst

Jack Addis Chenoa Solis-Fine Karolina Glusiec

Reno Nyx

The I in Intermediarie

Finally I connected to the Wifi Orphans I Lost Myself Completely/When We Stop Searching


So if I understand correct…inside our head is our brain. And when we talk all kinds of neuropsychological and biological processes take place, neurons, synapses, firing, and communication between various and specific areas of the brain (with all kinds of complicated names). I know this and I even studied it. But I don’t think it really helps us when we try to understand. It doesn’t help us at all.

our dictionary fused with the mood and color the word gets inside your house. The way it bounces off the walls, the way other voices chat through our conversation, and whether the sun shines in your head or whether it rains and you are walking crankily outside thinking about all the things you have to do or have not done.

When we talk you may visit in a certain room inside my head, but I may not get inside a room in yours. We may go for a walk instead. Or I Because our – or maybe I should just say my would have to chase you through the garden to - experience, my subjective consciousness, get some conversation going, while branches doesn’t feel like my brain or whatever that sweep against my bare legs and I get distracted would feel like. It feels like everything around by some animal I see or sound I hear. Our me: There is sun coming through the window now and shining on my face. I hear a car driving homes, or consciousness are made of mountains and water, cities and people, colors and sounds, by and my head is fuzzy from sleeping in and feelings and smells. And increasingly also: the wine and talk of yesterday’s dinner party. Screens, pixels, virtual people and places. They It is the quiet of the city on Sunday morning, are another world that exists next to the world something that I know well and which always we live in. And these worlds are constantly makes me happy. changing and shifting, switching and swaying. When we talk we spend some time together and hope we make sense and understand each other. Family, friends, loves, and professional ROOS STALLINGA relationships may get their own room.

Appraisal Theory

When I think of yesterday I remember fragments of faces, of conversations, sentences and people coming in and out of my head. My own voice, my self, is walking around, visiting various places as well as people’s experiential heads and homes. Or so I imagine… that communication would feel like or look like. I imagine my head is a house, with many different rooms and areas, also outside. And these outside and inside worlds are constantly changing. There may be snow or a blue sea, sunshine, rain or a storm raging.

These are worlds as well that are made out of our collective and individual memories of each other. All these experiences we shared, but also the moments we thought about the other one alone, or when we felt misunderstood. Sometimes you think you ‘meet’ in the same room with someone, and it turns out they expected you somewhere else and had a whole different music playing than you. And so they put your words on a different tune, twisting and turning them into a new meaning that makes sense for them at that moment.

The rooms may be quiet and empty, with just me sitting and listening to my visitor, the other person. Or there may be birds and other people making sounds, distracting me from my own thoughts and the words my guest is speaking. When you visit me and we talk – so to speak – the room is made especially for us, because we have a history, there are certain pictures, words, sounds, smells, feelings attached to my image of you. But the complicated thing is that when we talk, at the same time I probably visit you in your house and home. And you have decorated and associated another image of me and another room for us. So when we talk my words arrive in your space and take on a meaning that is the ‘agreed meaning’ written in

Maybe you even sang them in this tune, but you weren’t aware. So maybe they did understand you correctly, but you didn’t really understand yourself. It all is pretty mighty complicated and confusing. The way we live and experience these subjective worlds we inhabit, next to the world that is actually independently there (which we can never completely objectively see, but only assume or infer). And the people we see, our friends, lovers, colleagues, partners, family members, all exist in this ‘objective’ world plus they have their own imagination and image of themselves in this world. Just like I tried to explain mine, but then probably completely different again! So if I understand correct…


Lewk Wilmshurst - Savages


above: Karolina Glusiec - Orphans right: Charlie Cousins - I Lost Myself Completely/When We Stop Searching



The mind wanders. The eyes follow. The ears are open. I hear my name. Pris.

Between The Two

PRIS ROOS born: Rhenen, The Netherlands lives: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The brain is triggered. What have I heard. Pris. I hear my name again. Pris. It hits me like the 12 PM alarm on the first Monday of the month. I am in absolute mode of peace and panic. The noise in the environment silences everything. There is just the echo of the word. My mind is in doubt. Was it really my name? My eyes look down on the floor. Looking for an answer. Looking up. As a viewer I am the silence between the two. The talker and the listener. I am overwhelmed. I feel like a child hiding under the table. Desperate to be noticed but hiding in my own world. The mumble continues. My ears work hard to follow the conversation. But the words fight with memories, illusions and thoughts. The winner is insecurity. My mind is confused. The words. The sentences. The conversation. Plato said it best. They are like shadows on the wall in the dark. The light cannot be seen and there are layers of layers of black and grey in between. There are just pieces of the puzzle that I know. And their minds together. They know it all.


Jack Addis - Finally I connected to the WifiÂ


Chenoa Solis-Fine - The I in Intermediarie


Reno Nyx - Requires intellectual strength


Timeline Seven:

Charlie Cousins

Karolina Glusiec Contemplating this Graceless Discomfort

How to Ignore Cues

Jack Addis

Lewk Wilmshurst

Reno Nyx

Commuter face Chenoa Solis-Fine In and Out of Tunnels

My face is a train timetable

At the end of the passage that led to where we were sitting, hung an old half fogged mirror that had a disquieting effect. We felt that this dumb witness was keeping watch...

Charlie Cousins - At the end of the passage that led to where we were sitting, hung an old half fogged mirror that had a disquieting effect. We felt that this dumb witness was keeping watch...


Reno Nyx - Contemplating this Graceless Discomfort


We are ingenuous. Because we need to process information in order to make a decision, we don’t always consider the source of the information and are not typically concerned with the factors that play into how we process this information. Chances are, you’re likely to buy whatever bullshit is designed to fit your ideals.

The Origin of The fabrication is The Misconception

CHENOA SOLIS-FINE born: Los Angeles, Califonia, United States lives: Huntington Beach, Califonia, United States

We must make decisions under uncertainty because we cannot engage without participating so we construe the semantic content of signals. A convoluted mess. We do not understand ourselves. Our belief systems are shaped by our personal experiences and influenced by our communities which are small compartments in the scheme of worldly things. Yet somehow we are ready to trust our analysis of those around us, not around us, and even those that may or may not be. Our world is full of half truths, open ends and ulterior motives. We can become aware of the information we choose to adapt as knowledge. We can decide to take information as reference in addition to what we see and hear and we can choose to believe anything that suits our needs. We can adopt ideas that serve us purpose and seek purpose within a set of beliefs that are put before us. We can even achieve successful levels of mutual understanding and still never know one real truth.


Jack Addis - In and Out of Tunnels


Chenoa Solis-Fine - How to Ignore CuesÂ


Karolina Glusiec - My face is a train timetable


Lewk Wilmshurst - Commuter face


Before I start speaking, I’d like to say something. There is no time like the pleasant. Necessity is the mother of convention. It’s like deja-vu, all over again. It’s like finding a haystack full of needles.

Mrs Mal à Propos Speaks

Harold Offeh born, Born in Accra, Ghana. lives: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Never let a gift horse in the house. We made too many wrong mistakes. The bowels are a,e,i,o,u and sometimes y. The flood damage was so bad they had to evaporate the city. The doctor felt the man’s purse and said there was no hope. But remember every silver lining has a cloud around it.


Timeline Eight:



Oil is in THE waY

Charlie Cousins

Lewk Wilmshurst One Sure Thing In Life


Jack Addis

Reno Nyx

Chenoa Solis-Fine

Cyclical LOVE ON BEHALF OF LOVE Karolina Glusiec


It is all in my head

Reno Nyx - Love On Behalf Of Love


Jack Addis - Oil Is In The Way


Chenoa Solis-Fine - One Sure Thing In Life


Karolina Glusiec - Circle


The Girl From The Scrapbook

Stephan miras born: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe lives: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

In his famous novel Anna Karenina, Russian writer Leo Tolstoy asks: “is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?” To convey an emotion entails so much more than just the comprehension of language and grammer. It requires from the recipient a certain empathy, connection, interest, a recognition based on experience and also on culture.

rely on each other, emotionally and financially, which created this incredible bond of trust between us. We indulged in this ‘us-againstthe-world comradery’, strengt-hening our ties, deepening our trust, expanding our love. We traveled the world together, embarked on adventures, fought and overcame adversities and celebrated our victories and triumphs.

The Portugese have the word ‘saudade’, which has no direct translation in English. ‘Saudade’ describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for a absent something of someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing may never return. In Turkish the word ‘hüzün’ is used to express a certain sadness or melancholy. It took the famed writer and Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, several pages in his memoir Istanbul: Memoires and the City, to describe and translate ‘hüzün’ to non-Turkish readers. In my personal experience, there has been one particular event of emotional miscommunication, that has scarred me forever and painted me a few shades darker on the chart of cynicism.

Our views, experiences, thoughts and minds became so intertwined and in sync, that we paralleled emotionally as well. We knew each other so profoundly; every secret, every desire, every flaw, every trigger, every crease of our minds, every dark edge of our perversion. We understood each other. Without words. Without language. Without sense. Just through sensibility. Through empathy. I simply understood her.

My first relationship lasted for nine years. We were each others first loves, high school sweethearts, both transitioning from adolescence into adulthood together. At a young age, we moved in together, only being able to

However, as most first loves, ours turned out not to be inextinguishable. The cracks of temptation, insecurities, resentment and even monotony had finally tarnished and ruined the mosaic that was our relationship. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the strength and mutual respect to part from one another with grace and dignity. We spiraled and decayed in a long, winding descent down the abyss. Resentment, anger, hurt, blame, jealousy. These emotions were now clouding our judgement


and making it more and more impossible to see one another as we once were. However, deep down I still had faith that we could see each other as we were, hear each other, feel each other. Separation was imminent, and acceptance had dawned upon us both, but I didn’t want to accept this estrangement, this apathy, from this person whom I spend one third of my life with, who once was my great love and best friend and knew me better than anyone. I didn’t want to accept that we weren’t able to communicate, that we couldn’t understand each other and comprehend where we stood on this crossroad of our lives. After a brief period of silence, I asked her to meet me one last time. I had crafted a scrapbook containing photographs, poems, memories, movie tickets and all these little reminders of how we once were and what we had shared. I wanted to give her this collection of memories, in order for us to part on good terms and leave behind what we had with the significance that it deserved. We met on a cold, cloudy afternoon, but despite the weather, decided to sit down on a terrace outside. It was immediately apparent; something had changed, dramatically. She seemed distant, vacant, almost as if she wasn’t there. I started to feel anxious and uncomfortable so I handed her the scrapbook

and told her what I had to say. She quickly glanced through the pages, thanked me almost callously and then fell silent. After a short pause, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes. However, these were not tears of endearment, these were tears of sorrow and anger, resonating the old wounds I had just cut open. She told me how selfish it was of me to request to meet her again and confront her with these memories. Selfish? Me? I couldn’t believe she didn’t understand what I was trying to convey, what I was trying to preserve. How could she not recognize my intent and feel the same way? We bickered back and forth for a while, just noises and facial expressions being exchanged without any resonation, lacking any sense of comprehension. Then we both fell silent and looked at each other. We couldn’t see one another, vacant gazes trying to reach the shore of an endless ocean. We stood silent, in complete alienation. I tried to recognize the girl from the scrapbook, but her eyes were too distant, her words were foreign and her heart was estranged.

I simply could not understand her any more.


Lewk Wilmshurst - Cyclical


Charlie Cousins - Quincunx


Timeline Nine:

“I’m here, where are you?” Self Awarness = Data Compression Absence

Where am I, and what am I doing here Nebulous Nebular

Jack Addis

Chenoa Solis-Fine Lewk Wilmshurst Reno Nyx

Charlie Cousins Karolina Glusiec


above: Chenoa Solis-Fine - Self Awarness = Data Compression left: Jack Addis - “I’m here, where are you?”


Karolina Glusiec - Absence


This mortal coil wraps and unwinds Reno Nyx - Where am I, and what am I doing here


security of his country.“Which country will give us support if this leads to war? the King asks. “So far of the 34 countries, 20 will fight with us” the Minister of Defence says. The Minister of Finance quickly states that the cost so far are already: 36,4 million medium of exchange. The king stairs for a couple of minutes in front of him. The room is dead silent. I am of to my vacation home, keep me informed. War and Econemy, Part III After a short flight the King arrives at a private airport near his vacation home at the Land of Dust. Here he will finally see the Queen and his RENO NYX 3 sons again. “Any thing new happened” the born: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Queen asks. “No, the usual, nothing special” was lives: Amsterdam, The Netherlands his reply. He continue’s: “Did you hire new help? now with the Yambuku virus, we can’t take the War and Econemy, Part I risk.” The queen looks up to him and nots her After being in an airborne object for 14 hours, the King set foot on The Land Of The Submissive head. She fired all the help a week ago, and flew in people from their own country. She thought Dwarf People. At the moment the King sees the Prime-Minister, he tries to remember if he should it be more helpful to keep them the same color, so nobody would notice. Also with a war going bow or shake hands, that awkward moment on just 30 kilometers away from them. they got broadcasted live on television. After a car live really isolated . “Will there be help for the ride of 2 hours, they arrive at the banquet. The people who might get the virus?” she asks. The king is trying to hold in a yawn, while in his King quickly replies with “No” this country is earphone he is hearings the translation from beautiful, but this will cost a large medium of the Prime minister’s speech. A long talk about exchange, and they simple don’t bring enough the wrong doing’s in the great war, where the insane lederhosen Dictator, terminated the lives to the table to be worth that. Is lunch ready?” of millions of people and that the war had cost 125,690,477,000 medium of exchange. No longer War and Econemy, Part IV than 5 hours later the King is back in the air. But It is around 3am, and the king receives a call. “There has been a deadly shooting in the Land before he left, he said that both countries have of Opportunities. Do we make a statement a long history and than they both can learn on this event?” The voice on the phone says. from each others economy. “Does this have any conflict with our companies there?” “No, everything will just go the same War and Econemy, Part II way” “Than just give our usual statement. While being in the airborne object, the This won’t be bad if there would be a war King get’s the information that an other breaking out among the people there. Next time airborne object has been shot down. With the something like this happens don’t call me” The information that 2/3 of the passengers are his king says with an irritated voice and directly fellow country men. He get’s on the phone with the Prime-Minister, to get a more clear image of ends the call. what happened. “Who has done this?” the King asks. “We don’t know, we think it is…” before the War and Econemy, Part V For the first time the King meets the Supreme Prime-Minister can finish, the King interrups. Pontiff. “Thank you for the medium of exchange “Please, don’t guess, find out!” As soon as the King arrives he get’s in a car. After 1,5 hour drive contribution, your country made.” whispers the Supreme Pontiff to the King, while holding his he arrives at the international headquarters of hand. The King moves his head close to the ear of the Supreme Pontiff and says: “Is it true, is it true the end of the world is near?” The Supreme one jumps up a little bit with a surprised look he reacts; “Who told you this?” The King leans in even closer. “When we all parish, will all the good ones be resurrected by Lazarus? is there a plan? The Supreme Pontiff now turns his head to the Kings ear; “If you pay, you can be a part of the plan. Only believing in God is for free, the rest you need to pay for”

The King’s Perplex Predicament


As soon as we start putting our thoughts into words and sentences everything gets distorted,

language is just no damn good I use it because I have to, but I don’t put any trust in it. We never understand each other.

Marcel Duchamp


above: Charlie Cousins - Nebulous right: Lewk Wilmshurst - Nebular



Timeline Ten:

Cease to be visible like Yonaguni-Jima Pyramids The town beneath the sea Consider The Source

parallel line parallels never crossing never meeting

Karolina Glusiec

Lewk Wilmshurst

Jack Addis The screen is hereÂ

Reno Nyx Chenoa Solis-Fine Stay lost, like the Yonaguni-Jima Pyramids Charlie Cousins

Chenoa Solis-Fine -Consider The SourceÂ


Charlie Cousins - The town beneath the sea


--Reno Nyx - Cease to be visible like Yonaguni-Jima Pyramids


just don’t know what is she saying... Yeah, good that you mentioned that, you know, language barrier” Barrier, barrear, brear rear, breeear, be rear

CCTV Of My Brain 15 January 2010:

Karolina Glusiec born, Lublin, Poland, lives: London, United Kingdom,

Hello. Haellow. Hi low. How long Howwwwlllll I wanted to tell something to you but I did not do it, I tried not to interrupt your private space, you never know, a cultural thing, you know all. Sometimes people just, you know, don’t want it. So I came in, said Hello. And you know, just the rules of general politeness, all followed. So yeah, come in unnoticed and leave unnoticed, I mean, not to disturb anyone, you know what I mean, do you? I mean, I know you do, don’t ake it as something offensive. Hello. You’re right? Y’right? Alright? Yright? Yrighgt? Yrght? So how are things? Not to be nosy, but, you know, I know that everything is alright with you so, please, don’t get me wrong – you’re ok, your family, you don’t have any problems, you’re not ill, I get that, ok, you have a good salary, your children go to these good schools. Your dog is fine, you’ve been to that holidays in Bali, yes, I know things are alright. No, I did not mean that, no, I know, I know, ok. Yes. This is the transcrypt of the recording from the CCTV on what had been really said: Me: -Hi, how are things? You: - Yeah, How are you? Me: - Yeah. Yeah, ok, happy now? Been there, done that, got what you wanted, didn’t you? Get over it, ok? Come on it’s not a big deal. „Yeah, you know, I guess that, yeah, you can’t be exactly the same, I mean... You know, it’s thaty, cultural difference, You know what I’m saying. It’s this language barrier, that it like, yea yeha, exactly, I’m not saying that, but, you know. I

Lesson’s learned/ later: Yeah ok, everyone is good, everybody’s fine, don’t even need asking, or rather, I don’t even need answering, because I’m alright, you said that already, didn’t you, sorry for asking. Yes I did understand correctly, don’t be like that to me, alright? You ask me If I’m alright? What the hell do you mean, I’m alright?! Y’right yourself! Hello, so, hi, yeah, I was meant to, you know. I wanted to tell you, but how am I supposed to tell you. That’s a lot, I really wanted to, but.. No I still want to, I want to tell you, about it, about the beauty, come on, I can tell you, I am able to tell you, I trained to do that, I mean, I was trained to do that. I know what I’m talking about, I got all that! Yeah so I wanted to tell you, I still want to tell you. Yeah, bollocks. Coffee? Tea? Coffea? Teae? Coffee? Tea? Cofi? Teee? Cough Fee? Thee? Ko-fe? Tieh? Kah Feeh? Theeh? No. Yes. No. Ok, that’s fine. Ok, thank you. Bye. Who’s next? How can I help you? OK, Hello! Good bye, see you again. Have a good day, bye! Hiya, Cheerio! „So, yeah? You see, that was easy. You can do that, you’re not that stupid. I knew you’re not that stupid! Well done, you made that! You’ve improved so much, see, things are easier when you don’t think about them that much! Easy, isn’t it? Ok, laters, gotta go now, stay good and have a good one!” -Which one? Confusion. Corn fusion, can fussien, cough fusioen, canfusion, c on fsien, cfiesien, cnfsion, cunt f zzzien, c untj zz n, cn fz n So dumb. Cnt sea nothink, Nay Ayh sayd, kaent sayh nothinkgg, jaest forgit that!! „So you know, that chick, Jesus Christ, such a pain.. So she had like, like a pinch on the shoulder.. You know I’m saying, yeah. No, but you know, you can still, you know... You can say things, tell her to do things and she can do that, but... Exactly, she won’t say nothing, nothing! You know I’m saying! Nothing! Forever! I’m telling you, you get me? Yes, exactly, she shut herself up, for six fuckng years!! You get me? Bubble, babble, b bbl, bbl, -Thaerr yer goe. Keahp theye chaenge. thh 107

Lewk Wilmshurst - Stay lost, like the Yonaguni-Jima Pyramids.


We are all islands

shouting lies to each other,

across seas of misunderstanding

Rudyard Kipling



above: Jack Addis - The Screen Is Here left: Karolina Glusiec - Parallel Line Parallels Never Crossing Never Meeting


Timeline Eleven:

Black Mirrors//Magnetic Tools I cleaned the screen

Nuanced Perspective Subtle differences

Charlie Cousins

Distinctions DISTANCE

Jack Addis

Chenoa Solis-Fine

Lewk Wilmshurst Reno Nyx Karolina Glusiec

Karolina Glusiec - Distance


Reno Nyx - Distinctions



above: Chenoa Solis-Fine - Nuanced Perspective left: Lewk Wilmshurst - Subtle differences


Egg Symbols and Chicken Meanings.

LEWK WILMSHURST born: Oxford, United Kingdom lives: Bristol, United Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Through a series, of apparently improbable, yet essential, and therefore arguably, inevitable, physical, mutating algorithms, growing pains and chemical reactions, consciousness became aware of things in the nothing.

From then on, there was always something. Light, Dark, Cold, Hot, Hard, Soft, Wet, Dry, Me, Comfort, Discomfort, Life, Death, Activity, Good, Bad, Attraction, Repulsion, Reaction, Movement, Bits, Other Bits, Surface, Distance, Boundaries, Ingestion, Digestion, Inside, Outside, Substrate, Air, Water, Environment, Impulse, Run, Pain, Pleasure, Fear, Excitement, Breed, Spread, Split, Error, Duplicate, Separate, Growth, Prey, Predator, Hungry, Ill, Sick, Tired, Corruption, Death, Food, Trees, Grass, Well, Life, Sex, Selection, Competition, Flint, Flight, Fight, Fire, Fast, Strong, Smart, Good, Bad, Colony, Damage, Integrate, Energy, Transfer, Repair, Distinction, Definition, Selection, Excretion, Empty, Full, Heavy, Light, Movement, Stillness, Mono, Poly, Repetition, Specialisation, Fish, Mammal, Alligator, Chicken, Limbs, Jackal,

Hands, Fins, Eyes, Teeth, Quills, Tubes, Skin, Tear, Fix, Hair, Reach, Membranes, Puddles, Pools, Leaves, Algae, Moss, Rivers, Bracken, Rock, Wind, Sky, Sand, Salt, Mushrooms, Magic, Mountains, Planes, Gorges, Forests, Jungle, Breathe, Cough, Hoarse, Memory, Recognition, Meaning, Alarm, Squeeze, Bark, Names, Silence, Use, Classification, Categorisation, Hierarchy, Words, Communication, Understanding, Behaviour, Meme, Before, After, Experience, Technique, Convey, Hunt, Territory, Forage, Evade, Ward, Defend, Crop, Home, Teach, Young, Gods, Ours, Theirs, Right, Family, Others, Terms, Husbandry, Organisation, Orders, Command, Activity, Nomads, Farmers, Settlements, Travel, Religion, Oceans, Islands, Seas, Continents, Countries, Borders, Heaven, Hell, Good, Bad, Stay, Go, Resources, Trade, Translation, Distribution, Crafts, Lines, Value, Symbols, Meaning, Writing, Record, Accumulation, Time, Progress, Better, Learning, Numbers, Signs, Shapes, Abacus, Myths, Language, Legends, Story, History, Mutation through Memory, Reference, Gold, Defence, Wine, Fight, Iron, Invade, Rape, Spread, Sacrifice, Empathy, Limits, Unison, Goals, Share, Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, Reward, Punish, The Fall, Culture, New, Old, Meme, Revolution, Hijack, Turning, Agriculture, Forests, to Clearings, Farms to Villages, Villages to


Towns, Towns to Kingdoms, Borders to Borders, Division, Labour, Inertia, Stock Pile, Distributors, Hieroglyphs, Pyramids, Innate, Generations, Divine Creation, The Great Forgetting, Divine Right, Connection, Civilisation, Philosophy, Theology, Nature, Nurture, Scribes, Moses, Samuel, Elijah, Fabius Pictor, Cato, Ssu-ma T’an, Offspring, Ssu-ma Ch’ien, Hellanicus, Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon. In Reeds, Baskets, Buckets, Buckles, Sticks to Spears, Chisel and Stone to Dye and Papyrus, Grain and Slaves, Isaiah and Jeremiah, Lao-tzu, Gautama Buddha, Thales and Heractilus, John the Baptist and Jesus, Confucious and Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Teaching, Aquinas and Bacon and Galileo and Newton and Descartes, Ford, Darwin, Turing, In the Engine, Steam, Gas, Carbon, Electron, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Silicon, Gold, Osmosis, Tide, Cells, Sperm, Eggs, Bacteria, Virus, Vacine, Distribution, Patent, Opportunity, Dawkins, Hawking, Fresco, Morpheus’ splinter, Ideas, Percieved, Perspective, Shapes like Eggs from the Future, Chickens in the Past, Lens, Me, Family, Community, City, Culture, Government, Country, Nation, Continent, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Super Galaxy, Universe, Space-Time, Multiverse, Quantum Physics, Paleantology, Prehistory, Dark Energy, Quarks, Higgs Bosom.

Distance, Train, Ship, Track, Cargo, Pirates and Treasure, Spice, Construction, Debt, Demand, Leavers, Takers, Silk, Roads, Paths, Politics, Agreements, Levers, Arrangements, Disagreements, Intent, Profit, Market, Supply, Distribute, Capitalise, Intensified Agriculture, Level, Consumption,Communise, Barbarism, Avoids, War, Sword, Spoils, Bayonet, Reward, Machine Gun, Tank, Jet, Nuke, Compromise, Internet, Economy, Community, Information, Soldiers, Drones, Whistleblowers, Terrorists, Revolution, Transparency, Resources, Pyramids, Green, Pharmaceuticals, Hunger, Top, Down, Famine, Trickle, Cameras, Everywhere, Renewable, Answers, Ebola, National Security, Quantum, Investors, Return, Genocide, Mine, Insurance, Extortion, Reward, Boom, Bust, QE, Potential, Planned Obsolescence, A.I., Exponential, Integration, VP, UKIP, WW2, ID, GP, KB, GB, USA, U.S.S.R, BNP, ISIS, ISIL, WIFI, ASAP, HDU, BP, COD, EU, GNP, EMP, SWAT, CIA, KGB, MIB, GOV, LOL, XOXO, 0101101101000101010100011100, SOS. Ideas, translated and conveyed through language, that later become petrified symbols through actions performed in the past. Egg Symbols and Chicken Meanings. Good and Bad activity, incremental conscious perspective, Hindsight, meaning mutates, Singularity. - £$%^&*&*^%$%&£$@!!?&^%$#€¢€¡º&*%ª+^% #¢∞ª!!? -

This is not forever and consciousness lived happily ever after. But not under Capitalism.


Jack Addis - I cleaned the screen


Charlie Cousins - Black Mirrors//Magnetic Tools


Timeline Twelve:

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Method of Madness

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Charlie Cousins Chenoa Solis-Fine Reno Nyx

Jack Addis

Karolina Glusiec

Lewk Wilmshurst

broken head

The garden of Cyrus

Established by calculation

Charlie Cousins - The garden of Cyrus


When using text as our primary form of communication, reading each other becomes so much harder. A picture speaks thousand words.


JACK ADDIS born: London, United Kingdom lives: London, United Kingdom

The silent touchscreen, where emoticons sign our deafness to one another, I smile when you type hello to me. Though I’m not really smiling, just sitting on the bus scrolling though my journey home. I can see you have seen me smile back at you but haven’t said anything. Are you there? My phone rings, the screen is dirty from work and slow to respond. My flurry of swipes ends your call. I try calling back, the line is engaged. Are you calling me back at the same time? No matter, I go into a tunnel reception is gone. The flashing lights of passing cars reflect off the screen. I leave the tunnel and am distracted by some people liking an image I left online. I wonder what do they like about it. No comments just recognition. Still it is enough to raise my score for 15% off something I wont use. Do they know what a like can provide? A like is a standard, meaningless. You send a message asking where I am. On my way home I type, is everything ok? A round yellow face smiles back at me.


This therefore touches the idea that; while the object and language is enabled by the movement of time; with no one direction for it to find its path. As writer W.G. Sebald writes as his narrator of the poetic “Rings of Saturn”...

Every Wave Has Left It’s Echo Here

Charlie Cousins born, Barnstaple, United Kingdom lives: Glasgow, United Kingdom

The narrator of J.G. Ballard’s story “Prisoner of the Coral Deep” (1964) finds the fossilized shell of a gastropod in a rock pool near a cave. He becomes aware of being watched, by a woman with skin white like ancient pearl. I am not sure why , he remarks to her, but fossils fascinate me-they’re like time capsules; if only one could unwind this spiral it would probably play back to us a picture of all the landscapes it’s ever seen...The sea is like memory. However lost or forgotten, everything in it exists forever...” As Ballard’s narrator points out, if “every wave has left its echo here”, the shell has recorded the sounds of all time.

“And as I looked on these apples which shone through the half-light much as the golden apples likened in proverbs to a word fitly spoken, the quite outlandish thought crossed my mind that these things, the kindling, the jiffy bags, the fruit preserves, the seashells and thesound of the sea within them had all outlasted me, and that Michael was taking me around a house in which I myself had lived a long time ago”... Repetition of memories and learning and ideas can now spread like the surface of a body of water. Spreading towards available spaces or trickling downwards towards new spaces through fissures and gaps, eroding what is in its way. The surface can be interrupted and moved, but these disturbances leave no trace, as the water is charged with pressure and potential to always seek its equilibrium, and thereby establishes smooth space. Constantly storing the past; enabling something new; reflecting, refracting, repeating...

Objects have a language; leaving open opportunity for time, history and ideas from the past, to potentially erupt in the present. Where indexical traces can be left, as a direct result of our contact with one another. There is also a trace of that which is completely left to chaos and chance. Chance and chaos amongst learning and natural repetition result in the unusual and the curious amongst the repetitive and the everyday. The meteoric and the orbital are able tocoexist; patterns of repetition clash with chaos to create the fresh, new and profound.

Ref: 1-J.G. Ballard, in The Complete Short Stories: Volume 2 2-Michael Newmanʼs “Analogue, Chance and Memory”


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Reno Nyx - Established by calculation Original Sculpture by: Neza Agnes Momirski


Chenoa Solis-Fine - Method of MadnessÂ


Karolina Glusiec - broken head



Written: Trevor H Smith Image: WIL KENDRICK

How many times have you been told what you said? Not what you meant - you know what you meant. You meant something concrete; you know with surgical precision exactly what you meant. “But you said something completely different. Yes you did. Yes. You did.” So if you’re putting together a project based on the concept of misunderstanding and misinterpretation, how do you go about it? You can start by commissioning digitally, through social media and email, dripping out details one drop at a time - the project builds over thirty days, it includes twenty five artists some of them writers - it has been done twice before, but this one is more ambitious in all areas. In a month it will be over. As an artist you want to try new things, to push your practice into uncomfortable areas, to find out what you’re capable of, and perhaps what you are not. You say yes. You wait. The commission comes in and it’s already day one - a response is required to the subject of misunderstanding - the clock is ticking. The commission requires a personal tale, a critical slant, or something more philosophical. A link to an audio file is attached: the instructions for submitting two images along with your work. The description is distorted just enough to be unclear as to what the commissioner expects: a clue to the contributors that the project is for


real. This sort of detail need never be known by the recipients of the final publication; the subject of misunderstanding is so deeply ingrained into the project that even the commission itself is glitched. “No, I said exactly what I intended to say. You clearly misheard.” Say you did ‘mishear’, does that change the meaning of the message? Well, it does if you are not in direct contact with the author and so cannot gain clarity over the confusion. Even then, would spoken word fare any better? How does that change if you are responsible for passing on that message? You, the reader, are not a blank canvas onto which the writer’s vision is pasted - could you dare to imagine yourself that passive? You complete the work. All the publicly exhibited work that you have ever seen - from statuary to literature, from old masters to pop music was completed by you, and you are just one of each of those works’ potential outcomes, regardless of how solid the intention was in the mind of its author. So what if that is turned on its head and interpretation is left deliberately open? What happens to a signal when it is relayed through half a dozen terminals?

be to give an interim reading; a snapshot of the project as it stands at the moment of publication. These signals, sent out by Reno and translated by the artists - from collage to installation, through performance and prose - become stories in themselves. They bounce between users, building up static along the way as they collect and emit new meanings, often apparently unrelated to the original content. In this way this book itself represents only a stopping point in the journey of the thought that created it; a thought that will exist beyond this publication, and on into the minds of its contributors and recipients. It is highly likely that partaking in this project will inspire one or more of us to open a whole new line of inquiry in our practice - what new projects will emerge because of what we have lain down here? Misunderstanding, as a lot of the writers included here have said, constitutes the very essence of communication. Between a sender and receiver there can be any number of outside influences, from how much the sender was hugged as a child to whether the receiver is happy in his day job. A discussion about misunderstandings can never be fully understood. Come to your own conclusion.

To conclude a project like this can only ever


Extra thanks: Starting this book was harder than the previous two. When you work together with someone for a long time, one tense to forget sometimes how much that someone contributed in any form you can think. Who will you talk too? Who will balance your thoughts? Who will advise you not to do things? The safety net was removed when that person was not no longer a part of the process. So how do you start? In this case meet new people, look at new people’s works. Start a new conversation. Cause that is the whole meaning of this book in the first place. So saying thank you in specific to people is in place. Will Kendrick who is not only a great artists but also the biggest new people sublier for the 30DII book. Any question asked, he always replied with a solution giving answer. Trevor H. Smith’s writing is a joy to read. Even with the time pressure, he still delivered great work. And Renée Royers for a great contribution to the book and the movie we shot, it was truly an amazing time to work with you. And of course every person who worked on this book, all the appreciation for your contribution and may there be many more books to follow. Thank you -Reno-


Concept: Reno Nyx & Neza š Agnes Momirski Book Design: Reno Nyx (nyxum.com) Fonts used: Quicksand Book Quicksand Light Quicksand Light Oblique Quicksand Bold Courier Courier Bold

thanks to everybody who worked on this book. the concept of the project is to bring together creative minds to share thoughts, ideas, visuals and writing. for info: site: WWW.30DII.COM email: book@30dii.com Printed at: ??


Noo . . . third edition all rights stay with the visual artists and writers www.30dii.com

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30DII: So If I Understand Correct  

30DII book, third edition. 6 visual artists, 19 writings by artists. all together in one book. based on a misunderstanding. how a misinterpr...

30DII: So If I Understand Correct  

30DII book, third edition. 6 visual artists, 19 writings by artists. all together in one book. based on a misunderstanding. how a misinterpr...

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