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At just 16, Maryline Bonvin is about to take part in her first freeride competition season. The young rider from Vétroz (VS) was discovered by Xavier Rosset. She opened the Nendaz Freeride in March and may well become the darling of the discipline this winter. Maryline Bonvin started skiing at the age of 4 and took up snowboarding at 9 after she met the freerider Xavier Rosset. She hasn’t put her board down since then and has thrown her heart and soul into her passion, even though she says that her studies come first “up to la matu1, if I can”. She has not yet been allowed to express her talent in competitions, which are reserved for riders over 16. However she is already sponsored by Keetch and had the honour of opening the well-known Nendaz Freeride in March this year. “I was introduced to freeride gradually”, she says. “At first I tried a bit of off piste, and got a taste for it and I carried on making progress on virgin slopes. It’s a real pleasure to go where no one has gone before. You feel alone in the world. I like that.” She says it dawned on her in 2008 on a run. “Xavier Rosset took me to do the backside, a corridor behind the Mont-Fort in Verbier. It was a revelation. It was then that I decided to take things further, to make a career of it.”


MARYLINE Maryline Bonvin and Xavier Rosset





THE 2011 SEASON WILL BE DECISIVE Winter 2011 will be decisive for Maryline who will begin her career with the four main events in her canton: the Free Session in Morgins, the Zinal Freeride, the Nendaz Freeride and of course, the Chandolin First Track. When she thinks about it, she admits that she still needs to psyche herself up so she can face the judges calmly. “When I opened in Nendaz, I was overwhelmed with emotion when I looked down at the slope from the top. I felt like I’d lost all my bearings. Luckily, Xavier was there to reassure me. I came back to my senses and I did my run. It was fine, even though I fell just after the start.” Her lack of experience doesn’t stop her aiming high. She has set her sights on a podium this season. For the youngest sponsored snowboarder in Switzerland, Maryline Bonvin’s summertime training is hiking. “I love the mountains. It’s the sort of preparation that suits me. I might do some fitness training but I’ve never tried it yet. I’ll see if I like it”. You get the idea that she prefers the outdoors to an indoor gym. She also mentions her interest in nivology (the study of snow to forecast avalanches), which is essential to practise freeride in safety. “All young people who ski off piste should take an interest in it because it’s really very important.” What else does the future have in store? “A trip to Alaska for my 18th birthday, with a film and photo shoot to boot.” She won’t say any more. She has a long way to go before then and for now she’s concentrating on preparing her entry into the ring, on 20 and 21 February in Morgins. 1 Equivalent of the British ‘A’ levels or the French ‘baccalauréat’

N° 32 – Autumn 2010  

30 ° degrees, the Swiss magazine of sports and recreation, 10 years of reporting, news, interviews, in 3 languages ​​F / D / E, also avaliab...

N° 32 – Autumn 2010  

30 ° degrees, the Swiss magazine of sports and recreation, 10 years of reporting, news, interviews, in 3 languages ​​F / D / E, also avaliab...