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How would you define maturity and beauty? I see maturity now as taking responsibility for your impact on the world. As far as beauty is concerned, I had a great teacher who would say, ‘For the first half of your life, you get the face you are born with. And for the second half of your life, you get the face you deserve’. I believe that if you stay in your truth and integrity, you will become more beautiful. I can assure you that you can have a better body now than you did in your 20s. These firming products have changed the look of my butt...and my hands.

You have greatly contributed to Capture Totale’s success worldwide, for women easily identify with you…. It is because I tell the truth at all costs, even if it affects my popularity. When I first took the position at AmfAR, it was not popular to be the head of a charity or a campaign. Even my publicist said, ‘People will think you have AIDS’. I wondered why it would hurt my career to do a good thing but it did damage my career.

What’s your view on cosmetic surgery? Honestly, it is okay! Go get it, make yourself happy. If you have big thighs and you want liposuction, my feeling is: live it up. But do not make yourself look like you got sucked through a windscreen. Try not to resemble a Barbie doll. Do not get tits the size of your head. I believe in a logical, healthful approach.

What is your fitness programme? Pilates has always been my thing but I got a Clinical Pilates teacher who helps people with injuries. I have had some injuries and health issues. Anne Winfree is a ballet master at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion downtown. She changed my whole universe. At one point, she said,

Reinventing herself successfully with the passing of years, 51-year-old Sharon Stone is a woman who believes in standing up for truth and integrity. The Basic Instinct superstar and iconic Dior ambassadress speaks about the importance of dreams, beauty and inner radiance

‘Madonna does not drink’. I mostly drink tea but I would drink three or four glasses of red wine a week because I love great Bordeaux. After a month, I was like ‘God, I feel terrific’, but after six months, I felt fabulous. My skin completely changed. Madonna really inspired me. She has reinvented herself six times. I would like to reinvent myself twice, just twice!

Why just twice? To be interesting to the world in two new ways! I think I am reinventing myself again now. Lance Armstrong and Michael Fox have also inspired me. They overcame so much.

You had a brain haemorrhage... A nine-day brain haemorrhage! The first time I returned to Cannes for AmfAR, my right eye failed me that night. I couldn’t wear my gown, I couldn’t see. I did that auction in a red pantsuit and purple glasses, hoping no one would notice I could hardly see. People thought it was a fashion statement! All I was thinking then was ‘If Michael Fox can act when he does not know from moment to moment, I can do this auction’. We raised millions.

With each Capture Totale campaign you reinvent yourself….

It is quite something to look at yourself in playback mode and go, ‘That is me’, because you get to see yourself as another being sees you. I am such a chameleon on the surface. But I am not a make-up person and this has always been very complex for my mother. She wears makeup even to bed. My father has never seen her without any! My mother’s mantra is ‘You would feel a lot better if you put a little lipstick on and fix your hair’. My father thinks my problem is that I wear pyjamas instead of peignoir sets!

When do you feel the most vulnerable? I am very shy but I sort of assume the public character of Sharon Stone. I do that when I have to do a celebrity thing; but since I am very shy I hang out with people I can learn from. What makes you radiant? Seeing my children. My three boys are a handful! They are the very ‘Snips and snails and puppy dog tails’ sort. They are just wonderful and so, so loving.

What are your beauty rituals? I wash my eyes and my face with tap water in the morning. I never use soap and if I have make-up on, I use a make-up wipe to get it off. I don’t use soap much on most of my body either. I take showers

Look younger, easily! Dior’s Capture Totale One Essential reinvents the era of rejuvenation Detoxification: it’s the hot new topic. For without the daily elimination of cellular toxins, no anti-ageing repair can be 100 per cent effective. Since it is more than a simple serum, Capture Totale One Essential successfully eliminates toxins at the heart of the skin cells. Totally freed and perfectly rejuvenated, the cells regain a new breath of vitality. And the visible signs of ageing are rectified and the skin appears and feels remarkably transformed. With each passing day, the skin looks more beautiful and younger; as wrinkles are smoothed away, the skin gets firmed and the complexion exudes a new radiance.

once or twice a week but I take baths all the time, with bath oils and bath salts.

When you do wear make-up? The older you get, the less make-up you should wear. If you have lines, it gets into them and you look a thousand years old! Yet although I do not endorse Dior mascara, I believe the Diorshow is the best one. I like to wear a little pencil inside my eye and at night, I can add some dark shadow. Nars has the best eye shadows. I also like a pale mouth so I like Dior glosses a lot, but sometimes I wear red for something fancy.

Behind the flawless Dior icon face, what are your flaws? I am working very hard to have a better butt for my entire family has a flat butt.

As a humanitarian, you have met many political or spiritual leaders. Whom do you look up to? Oh my God, so many. I love Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi, the Hugging Saint). She goes around the world, hugs people and hears their concerns. I think that is so kind. I’ve met many beautiful people. Unforgettable memories from your travels... I have gone to several astonishing places but one has a special memory for me: Gorbachev had invited me to go do a charity in Berlin and I went to this hotel at the Brandenburg Gates in Germany. As I was standing there, I heard ‘Sharon’. I looked across the room at Gorbachev walking across to embrace me. We had been enemies with Russia; with Germany, there had been a Berlin Wall. And there I was embracing Gorbachev.

photographs by Alexi Lubomirski For Christian Dior Parfums Dior.

Special Focus

Tell us something about your new humanitarian project. I have just returned from Northern Uganda where I’m working on a project to create clean water in places where it is needed most. Thanks to AmfAR, there are new life-saving drugs for AIDS, like Nevirapine: HIV pregnant women can give birth to children who do not have AIDS. But in most of these countries, they have no clean water so HIV negative babies drink either HIV breast milk or ditch water! Many die. They need powdered milk mixed with clean water. I went to the refugee camps, which people say are non-existent. Well, let me tell you, they exist, I was there. I went to these ‘schools’ which are buildings with cut-out holes for windows, dirt floors, no electricity. The teachers were, when I say saints or angels, this would be an understatement. I talked to these teachers for a week and they said, ‘The best we have to give them is to suffer with them, so they do not suffer alone’.

Make Up By Shane Paish For Christian Dior Parfums. Face: Capture Totale Foundation In Medium Beige, Dior Procheeks In Must Have Brown. Eyes: 5 Color Designer In Amber Design, Dior Eyeliner Pencil In Brown, Diorshow Iconic Mascara In Black.

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Special Focus  

SPECIAL FOCUS To be interesting to the world in two new ways! I think I am reinventing myself again now. Lance Armstrong and Michael Fox hav...

Special Focus  

SPECIAL FOCUS To be interesting to the world in two new ways! I think I am reinventing myself again now. Lance Armstrong and Michael Fox hav...