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Bel Jackson and Lola Roberts have a dreamy sleepover. Photo: Jade Lott Photography


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30A Kids Club Magazine



30A Kids Club Magazine


ummer — sure it is filled with adventure and fun, but let’s be honest with each other here. It’s also stressful, exhausting and at times overwhelming. You must plan summer activities, sign up for camps in advance, figure out travel plans and deal with kids who go from a scheduled day to a wide-open free for all. Thinking about ways to organize resonated with me. It’s been a topic that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately. How do you organize your life? One of the keys that I’ve realized is that I can’t do it all. I used to walk into friend’s homes and feel like a failure. Their homes were so clean and organized while mine was a cluttered mess. I finally started asking how they did it, and I discovered something that surprised me. They didn’t. They had help. All of them. It was either someone who came to clean the home during the week or a regular, ongoing babysitter who also folded clothes (did you know these magical people existed?), or it was a food delivery service (Be My Shopper) who did the grocery store shopping for them or a home chef service that either delivered or prepped the meal for them. Others were fortunate to have family living close by or a tight network of friends who swapped off babysitting duties. And, this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Friends can swap kids for a free night out, instead of bunco you can organize a food prep party and slice and dice your way to a week’s worth of dishes. Instead of going out to dinner one night you can invite a friend of similar size to come “edit” your closet (that’s a nice way of inviting someone over to raid your closet).

We all need help nowadays. Everyone is busy. And the end result is so worth the effort. As I’ve reduced and cut down on clutter in my home (we had a major purge) I’ve noticed an energy shift. It calms everyone down when the tabletop isn’t covered with random things and the family room is picked up and organized. It’s like making your bed. It’s the most senseless thing to do. It’s not logical. In roughly seven hours you’re going to pull the sheets back down and mess up the bed. Why pull them up and smooth them out? Why are you turning your bed into a decorative space? But when you do take that extra two minutes to do it in the morning? The room feels calmer. It’s more inviting. It becomes a relaxing space. My fifth grader griped and complained and argued why it was ridiculous for him to fix his bed every morning .. and then he did it. After a couple of days I’ve noticed I no longer have to bug him about it. In business and in my personal life I’m asking and finding help in more places. It doesn’t come easily for me, but I’m realizing that there aren’t many people in this world who can truly do it all on their own. And when we “fail” at four things because we’re trying to do all 10 things ourselves? Well, that’s not succeeding either. I’m sharing more about how I’m getting organized on in the Wellness section. I hope you’ll join me there and share your own tips and suggestions. Together, maybe we can figure out how to thrive AND maintain our sanity. That’s a concept I can get behind. Thank you,

Susan Vallée Editor + Publisher 850.217.7542 30A Kids Club Magazine


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Footsteps Away from never-ending walking trails to everlasting firefly nights

TH E U LTI M ATE WALK A BO UT C O M M U N IT Y J U ST O FF 3 0A Perfect setting for family life: • Top-rated schools • Resort-style amenities • 1 mile from the beach • 1.5 miles from Seaside • Neighboring WaterColor Crossings • 3 to 5 bedroom homes • Designer models open daily • Move-In Ready homes available


Visit or call 888.496.0311

Equal Housing Opportunity. ©2017 Kolter Homes. Prices, features, dimensions, amenities, special offers and product offerings are subject to change without notice.

KNW17_017 AD_30A-Kids_7x10_r4.indd 1

4/11/17 4:16 PM

APOSTLES By-the-Sea Sundays at 11:15 a.m.

in the Rosemary Beach Town Hall Families Worship Together

+ Nursery Available

Come Worship With Us!



Worship God + Love One Another + Unleash Heaven 8

30A Kids Club Magazine





wall of fame! What 30A Kids Are Up To!

1. Music in Pictures More than 4,000

students (K - 12th Grade) from 17 Walton County Schools listened to and visually interpreted classical music by five diverse composers: Leo Delibes, Igor Stravinsky, Astor Piazzolla, Aaron Copland and Phillip Glass. GiGi O’Connell (Butler Elementary), Lily Gravlin (ECMS) and Carter Hill (Freeport High) were awarded Best in Show awards. Congratulations to all who participated!

2. Special Olympics The Law

Enforcement Run with the Special Olympics was held in DeFuniak Springs this Spring. Law enforcement personnel and Special Olympic athletes ran together to raise funds and awareness. In April, Bocce athletes competed in the county games. Jake Schumacher prepares his shot.



3. Food for Thought The Full Circle

Kitchen is ready for some serious cooking! Cooking classes, fundraisers and demonstrations will all be held in this gorgeous kitchen. Proceeds will benefit the Food for Thought program.

4. Point Washington Methodist Medical Clinic A new walk-in health

clinic has opened at Point Washington United Methodist Church. Patients are seen every Wednesday, beginning at 7:30 a.m. There are no fees, but donations are appreciated. No income verification or personal documentation is required to be seen. Patients will receive a Health Passport which lists symptoms, conditions and treatments so they have a record in case they visit the ER or seek care elsewhere. For additional information call 850-231-4928.



5. New NICU Sacred Heart on the Emerald Coast prepares to open its NICU unit at the Family Birth Center. The unit will provide critical care to children and will prevent the need for transportation to Pensacola. Have boast-worthy news to share? We want to hear about it! Send your news and image to

5 30A Kids Club Magazine





love To Float On




It’s time to ‘chillax’ in the pool. 1 Cactus Float Dry heat is supposed to be better for the skin. Pretty Please & Duckies Shop of Fun, $68 2 Taco Float Take Taco Tuesday to a new level with this quirky float. Bombora Sun & Surf, $28. 3 Pineapple Float Sweet tropical dreams on this giant Pineapple. Duckies Shop of Fun, $79.99. 4 Rainbow Float If you’re here you’ve found the pot of gold! Rainbow wedge. Pretty Please, $68. 5 Watermelon Float Sweet watermelon hits the spot, Target $19.99. Prices may vary, depending on store. // Thanks Pretty Please for sponsoring our float giveaway at Junior League's Touch-a-Truck event at Destin Commons. Local grandmother Kathy Brasher took home this beauty! 10

30A Kids Club Magazine


30A Kids Club Magazine


The POOPSHOW A New Father’s Journey By Kevin Boyle // Photo by Jacqueline Ward Images


and will pretty much do anything to stop the impending baby-forest-fire of a meltdown.

Thanks for the pep talk, Tony Robbins.

I know what you’re thinking, “This Amelie human sounds like a nightmare.” On the contrary, she’s an absolute angel. Couldn’t be more perfect. But man, when there’s a brief meltdown, it feels like a freaking eternity. I remember the first time I made the mistake of letting her see the evening bottle before bath time. Worst 22 minutes of my life. Well, aside from the time I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

ou get all kinds of advice and comments when you tell people you’re about to have a baby. Most of the time it’s not helpful at all. Usually I think, “I’m going to purposefully do the opposite just to spite you.” Maybe that’s a little far, but it’s hard to shake the feeling when someone says, “Good luck ever sleeping again!” Or, “Your life is over as you know it!”

The advice and comments (and pretty much everything) were ignored the second Amelie Claire came into the world. I can only describe it as an overwhelming shift of focus. We went from caring about our petty things like the cable bill, the future of the country, and how the yard looked to only worrying about this little human who, somehow, looked like me and was cute at the same time. That shift of focus was important because, my goodness, a human now relies on us to stay alive. Dogs? Meh, they’ll eat some grass and get over that piece of overcooked Cordon Bleu they snatched off the ground. Plants? I thought “perennial” meant “immortal.” Apparently not. But Amelie? I mean, I’ve never logged anyone’s poop schedule, let alone someone who seemingly pooped non-stop for eight weeks. It became the main topic of conversation in our marriage for a good bit. Much to the chagrin of Meagan (herein referred to as Baby Momma) I began to consistently refer to our lives as “The Poopshow.” One of my favorite parts of The Poopshow has been noting the difference in our parenting styles. I’m pretty confident it’s similar in most households. The Mom is thoughtful, perceptive to the baby’s needs, and can calm them down with their maternal superpowers. However, The Dad is panicky, unaware of even his own needs,

Honestly, the first eight weeks, Baby Momma was beyond impressive. She snapped right into her role and made everything happen. I mean, everything. I was oblivious to the attention to detail and the work she was doing. Looking back, I’m not sure why she didn’t punch me in the private parts and say, “You know what you did!” I know she worked harder than me because, one night, at about nine weeks, she had Book Club and I was left in charge of Amelie’s evening routine. “Easy Peasy,” my dumb self thought. Long story short, Meagan came home around 10 p.m. and found me sitting on the couch with a 20yard stare, TV not even on, and a generous pour of whiskey in a glass that hadn’t been touched. All I could say was, “I am so sorry. How did you do this on your own?” After that, I never left the bottles unsteamed, the diaper rack empty, or hesitated to say, “What can I do?” I’m happy to report: The Poopshow has been running smoothly ever since. Poop pun intended. Kevin will be sharing tales of new fatherhood in each issue. He’ll also be adding his humor to every other week. When not parenting, he’s planning events for Seaside.

Father's day giveaway! Enter to win a $75 Destin Commons gift card and

tickets to Smoke on the Coast BBQ contest. Join our giveaway on our Facebook page starting June 8. 30A Kids Club Magazine






spring is all about mixed patterns...




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ask ali etiquette + advice + things to know

Certified etiquette expert Ali Weil shares tips & advice on parenting and how to enhance life's precious moments.


How do I host a successful sleepover? >>>>><<<<<

Long Summer days lend themselves to playdates that spill over into sleepovers. Why stop the fun if you don’t have to? Sleepovers are a great way for kids to apply their social and communication skills. They can practice sharing, show respect for others, and practice being courteous. Here are some tips to help you host a successful sleepover:


Start off by letting the little ones know the rules in your home. This includes rules for keeping everyone safe around your house. This will allow everyone to understand your expectations and to stay out of trouble.


Keep your guest numbers small. Hosting a small number of kids will help you avoid chaos and keep things manageable. If it's your first time hosting a sleepover, start out with one or two kids who your child is accustomed to playing with.


Have plenty of games and activities to keep them entertained. Puzzles, arts and crafts and movies all make for a fun sleepover.


30A Kids Club Magazine

Images by Jade Lott Photography


Make sure to have good communication with all parents involved so that you understand any special instructions like bedtimes, night time routines and any sleep habits their kids may have. Be clear about what time the slumber party is over so that there are no misunderstandings of when your guests should be picked up.

5 6

Keep lots of fun and healthy snacks on hand. Double check with parents ahead of time about any food allergies or any special dietary needs.

Make your guests feel extra special by having some of their favorites handy. For example, buy their favorite flavor of ice cream and rent a movie you know they will love. For cute ideas on how to organize a playroom, flip ahead to read more.

Shop the Shoot: Alimrose

dolls handmade in Australia, $44-$48, Duckies Shop of Fun | bag products are the most fun! This smiley face bag doubles as a cooler to keep your goodies nice and chill. $39, Duckies Shop of Fun | Kickee pants bamboo PJ set $42, Gigi’s Fabulous Kids | Magical Unicorn Dreams book, $15, Gigi’s Fabulous Kids | “Bashful Unicorn” stuffed animal by Jelly Cat London $60, Gigi’s Fabulous Kids | Tutu Skirt with Flowers by Creative Education $24, Gigi’s Fabulous Kids | Fairy Dance Tutu dresses $64 by Kate Mack, Pretty Please Toy time. (far

left) Creative play is a great way for kids to enhance their social skills and bond. Brush those teeth! (left) Don’t forget to keep routines in place during a sleepover. Baths, the brushing of teeth and a bedtime story or music might help nervous friends feel more comfortable. Fun for everyone. Remember to let the kids have some extra fun during a sleepover - even a few bounces on the bed. 30A Kids Club Magazine


lifestyle photography o f fa m i l i e s , children & y o u n g a d u lt s


30A Kids Club Magazine



style mudroom rugs should be larger and light weight. Summer fun brings lots of sand to catch & shake out.

That pesky entryway. Summer finds it cluttered with sandy shoes, beach towels and toys, the school year adds book bags and lunch boxes into the mix. Here's Bess Pooler's tips for entryway nirvana. Photos by Jade Lott Photography

30A Kids Club Magazine



Bess' Easy Tips:

1 Use baskets to

3 A stash of filled water


4 Keep sun

corral all of your summer gear. Designate them for each child or different activities. Keep a 'go' bag packed for the beach/or pool. It will help you get out of the house and on to your next fun adventure quicker!

bottles encourage everyone to stay hydrated on the goanother summer essential. protection essentials close at hand where you can easily see them. Hats, sunscreen & shades are a must all summer on 30A! Find Bess on Instagram at @interiorsbybess or online at


30A Kids Club Magazine

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12:18 PM

Page 1


30A Kids Club Magazine









posh play Chic Essentials + Accents By Jami Ray 1 Playhouse Canopy $159, Land of Nod, // 2 Original Cinema Lightbox 12x9", $44.99, My Cinema Lightbox, // 3 Sleepy Eyes Wooden Decor 5.8x4.3", $6.99, Sieges, amazon. com // 4 6-Cube Organizer Shelf $59.99, Threshold, // 5 KidKraft Table and Chair Set $47, KidKraft, // 6 Good Vibes Pillow Emily and Merritt for PB Teen, // 7 Pineapple Catchall $49.50, PB Teen,

30A Kids Club Magazine


play room bliss creating the perfect play space

Flip to page 70 to see the

first of our new Lasting Moments series featuring this Picnic in the Park.


30A Kids Club Magazine

Does your child’s playroom make you want to pull your hair out? You’re not alone. It’s a room that needs to be functional, fun, and still mesh with the overall look of your home. We worked with the style experts at The Covet House to create the ultimate play space. label Use pictures and words on labels to give a visual

aid of where everything goes. This works especially well if you have older and younger children sharing the playroom.

clean out Every few months donate toys that children

have outgrown to avoid clutter. If you can’t bear to part with a beloved toy that’s suddenly forgotten, try boxing it up and pulling it back out a few months later. Have your children pick up the room at the end of each day. This will save you time and teach them responsibility. measure Measure shelves and cabinets and take that

information with you when shopping for containers. This way the baskets or boxes will fit perfectly and not waste space. It’s important to consider the ages of the children who will be using the space. Placing shelves and baskets at a height that is easy for them to reach allows them to see everything they have. style Select stylish pieces of furniture for the room

that also double as additional play space. Durable fabrics, squishy ottomans, sleeper sofas and tables with hidden storage are all great ideas to maximize the functionality of the room. Making a costume wall, using cars and trucks, or some of their favorite “big” toys are great ways to add style and character to the space. Katie Creel and Mary Ashton McMillan, owners of The Covet House, offer closet cleanup, home organization, staging and interior consulting services for homeowners and businesses.

30A Kids Club Magazine


This Page: Erika Powell, founder

and owner of Urban Grace, shares her tips on balancing work and life. Opposite Page: Fabric swatches provide inspiration while designing looks for a client. Rolls of beautiful linens fill her office.


30A Kids Club Magazine

designing Style

w o m a n 's interiors have been featured in Coastal Living,

erika powell

Traditional Home and House Beautiful and the Washington Post named her a Top Blogger. So how does she do it?


Story by Sarah Murphy Robertson, Photos by Marla & Shane Photographers

aunching and managing a successful business is not easy, and when you throw parenting into that mix it gets even more interesting! I spoke with Erika, founder and owner of Urban Grace, about her business and how she tackles the joys of mom and work life. What is your background and when did you move to the 30A area?

I moved to 30A 14 years ago after graduating from Auburn University. Like most people who are "new" to this area I had always vacationed here and I knew I wanted to make it my permanent home after college. What is your business Urban Grace all about?

I own an interior design firm that specializes in high end residential projects, our scope of work spans from renovations to new-builds both locally and across the country. Our primary focus is to transform spaces to reflect the personality, lifestyle and vision of our clients. Every project is a unique experience! Our obsession

with detail sets us apart. Tell us about your family and how you manage a good work/life balance?

My husband Chance and I have two daughters, Sloane (7) and Whitney (4) who definitely keep us on our toes! We have loved raising our girls in this small, seaside community-- their schools, our neighborhood, church, and work circles have made this an ideal place to have a family and we are grateful for that fact. As far as a good work and life balance goes, I do my best which is all I can do! Any working mom can agree, when you are at work you feel like you need to be at home, and when you're at home you feel like you need to be at work. In spite of that struggle, I am working harder to try to be present where I am and to be grateful for the beauty in the chaos! Any time saver tricks of the trade for working moms?

In our house we make the most of car rides to and from school since that is built in time together! Also, on Sundays I try my best to make

a grocery list and meal plan for the week. Each morning I set out dinner before I go to work and with my sitter's help, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s usually ready when I get home - which I am thankful for. I also order everything on Amazon and can't remember the last time I went to Target or Walmart! 'Subscribe and Save' has saved my life. I highly recommend it! What is next for Urban Grace and what future plans do you have to grow the business?

Urban Grace has had a big year of change since we moved into our new office. Coming to work every day in this new space is inspiring, refreshing, and has honestly cleared my mind to be a better designer. Plus, it helps that I love the people I see every day. As a working mom, if you're going to be away from your family every day you want to love the people you're with, which I do! As far as future plans go, we are going to be launching a textiles line that we are hoping will be available this stay tuned!

30A Kids Club Magazine



OhMama! Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A. Wickey Studio/Gallery There’s nothing better than gifting

Allison Craft Designs

What is it about pearls that are so fun? Maybe it’s how resilient and lustrous they are when paired with hand-cut and conditioned leather? Or how they look like perfection with almost any outfit (even swimsuits)? Whatever “it” is, Allison Craft has figured it out. This award-winning artist combines gorgeous pearls with semi precious gemstones and other unique finds to create jewelry unlike anything you’ve seen. She was named the “2012 Artist of the Year for South Walton” and her “30A Hot Spot” winning studio in The Shops of Grayton is laid back and fun.

memories, and isn’t that what art does? It resonates with a moment that is personal to us. Allison Wickey’s artwork embodies this idea. She takes the local landscapes that feel familiar to us and breathes new memories and recollections into them. Her studio also carries gifts, totes and fun little discoveries. Stop by the Shops at the Hub and see the beauty of 30A through an artist’s eyes.

Pure & Couture Have you

heard of balayage? It’s a French term meaning, “to sweep or to paint,” and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to highlighted hair. “Instead of foiling we do hand painting. It’s like color melting,” Adrienne Brackett, owner of Pure & Couture Salon, explained. “The highlights are there, but it cuts down on maintenance and is much faster for busy moms. Most clients only have to do it three times a year.” Why not try something a little different this Mother’s Day and gift a fresh (and time-saving) new look?

Marlin Grill When it’s time to escape and enjoy a night out, there’s no

better place than the Marlin Grill Restaurant in The Village of Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Award-winning food, a knowledgable and caring wait staff and a relaxing setting turns every meal at Marlin Grill into an affair to celebrate. Noted for their culinary talents and award-winning wine list, Marlin Grill serves the freshest seafood straight from the Gulf of Mexico along with 28-day dry-aged steaks cooked over a wood-burning grill. Open daily for dinner at 5pm, reservations are highly recommended, but not required. (850) 351-1990. 28

30A Kids Club Magazine


Clay Clay has something

Jade Lott Photography

lovely to add to your life. Flowering plants, glazed garden pots, fountains for the courtyard or a discovery from the “Blessings” section are sure to make mom smile this Mother’s Day. The owner of Clay worked hard to find special blessings in the form of paintings, books, Heart Art jewelry and “prayers on the side” plaques, ornaments and cards. Stop by today and find that perfect touch of charm to brighten her heart. Marla & Shane Photographers

Ophelia Swimwear

Another Broken Egg Why not give mom a break and treat

her to a delicious breakfast out? No dishes to pick up, nothing to cook and everyone leaves full and happy. Another Broken Egg Cafe offers a fresh take on morning favorites with distinctive omelettes, scramblers and signature creations like Huevos Rancheros, the Cajun Louisiana Crawfish Skillet or Waffle Sliders. Moms with a sweet tooth will want to try the genuine New Orleans-style Biscuit Beignets or Bananas Foster Pancakes, all served with plenty of authentic Southern hospitality and care.

Did you know it’s not only possible to find a swimsuit that is comfortable, flattering and beautiful, but it can also be fun? Really! Come visit Ophelia Swim in its new Grand Boulevard location. Dresses, rompers, bags, hats, bikinis, one-pieces, shoes, you’ll find everything you need to be fashionable by the pool and at the beach this season. Comfortable fitting rooms and a knowledgeable staff will help you find the ultimate swimsuit. They have all of the most sought after brands and looks. Go to to see for yourself.

Darris Hartman Photography Time passes

so quickly. Why not treat yourself to a new family photos? Darris Hartman Photography allows you to play and have fun while she captures the magic. Just in time for Mother’s Day she’s offering a special Mommy & Me package for only $175. For that price you get a gallery of 15 photos, a print release and five digital downloads. Regular sessions are $425 for a gallery of up to 40 images, a print release and 20 digital downloads. Go to www.darrishartmanphotography. com for more information and to book.

30A Kids Club Magazine



30A Kids Club Magazine


BBQ, Sliders &

Skewers Recipes designed for dad By Amber Hunter | Photos by Jade Lott Photography When dad and the kids get cooking, delicious things happen. Kids can help mix sauces or skewer veggies and shrimp. These recipes are fun to make and delicious to eat. Now get in there and get cooking!

30A Kids Club Magazine



Buffalo Chicken Sliders Level: Easy time: approx. 20 minutes Ingredients:

1 Rotisserie chicken (cooked, skin removed) 1/2-1 cup hot sauce (We like Frank's Wing sauce, you can use a milder sauce if this is too spicy) 4 oz cream cheese 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp onion powder Hawaiian sweet rolls or favorite slider buns Toppings: (optional)

Carrots, shredded Red cabbage, shredded Celery, shredded shredded Bleu cheese crumbles Ranch dressing How-To:

1. Add hot sauce and

cream cheese to a small pan and heat on low, stirring continuously until cream cheese is melted. Remove from stove. 2. Shredded rotisserie chicken with a fork into small pieces. 32

medium 3. Pour hot sauce and

cream cheese mixture over chicken and add seasonings. Mix well and serve in rolls. 4. Add toppings as desired. >> Makes 8 servings

Shrimp and Veggie Skewers Level: medium time: approx. 1.5-2 hours Ingredients:

1.5 pound of jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined 1 large red onion 2 bell peppers, any color 1 large zucchini or squash 1 cup olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped 1 package skewers, soaked in water for 30 min 2 lemons 1/2 cup butter, melted How-To:

1. Thread shrimp onto

skewers. 2. Thread veggies onto skewers separately. (This ensures shrimp and

30A Kids Club Magazine

veggies cook properly) 3. Mix olive oil, 1 lemon and minced garlic together and marinate the shrimp and veggies in a ziplock bag for at least an hour. 4. Once marinated, lightly grease grill and heat to high. 5. Place on grill and barbecue for 2 minutes each side or until shrimp is pink. Veggies will cook 10-15 minutes or until soft. 6. Mix together melted butter, 1 lemon and basil together. 7. Pour over shrimp and veggies and serve. >> Makes 4 servings

Smoked BBQ

Level: hard time: up to 16 hours Ingredients:

6-8 lb. pork shoulder roast or Boston butt 1 qt apple cider vinegar 4 cups hickory chips, soaked Hamburger buns Dry rub:

1/2 cup brown sugar 2 Tbsp smoked paprika 2 Tbsp garlic salt

hard 1 Tbsp onion powder 1 Tbsp fresh ground black pepper How-To:

1. Combine ingredients for

dry rub. Reserve 3/4 of dry rub. 2. Cover pork with apple cider and 1/4 dry rub. 3. Put in fridge and marinate over night or at least 8 hours. 4. Preheat smoker to 210 degrees and add wood chips. 5. Pour marinated liquid into water pan of the smoker and add chopped onion. 6. Add remainder of dry rub to pork and put in center of smoker. 7. Smoke for approximately 8 hours. It should be easily shredded. Internal temp should reach 190. Monitor liquid in water pan and wood chips. Add as needed. 8. Once done, take off smoker and wrap with foil for at least thirty minutes. Add favorite BBQ sauce if desired. Serve in a bun. >> Makes 10 servings

Good Food. Good People. Good Times. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 850.231. 5900

30A Kids Club Magazine


Tacos please!

to go

Whether it's Taco Tuesday or you're craving an easy dish, try this delicious beef barbacoa recipe from Amber Hunter. Not in the mood to cook? Don't fret! Molly Carter has rounded up the best on the beach. OKALOOSA ISLAND The Gulf

We’re willing to bet The Gulf is unlike any restaurant you’ve ever experienced. The space is designed with recycled and salvaged building materials with old shipping containers as the focal point. The building is quite impressive, but the food is the real reason to visit The Gulf. The menu is handwritten on a chalkboard and changes daily. You’ll often find a crazy taco special ranging from beef tongue, duck, and fresh Gulf fish to short rib and pork belly. The

kids will go wild for the fresh squeezed lemonade while playing in the sand. @thegulfoi, (850) 387-1300

DESTIN La Paz Restaurante and Cantina

It’s a rule of thumb in the restaurant industry that if you want to find the best food, eat what the kitchen staff eats. This idea is what led LaPaz Owner and Manager Chatham Morgan to feature Mexican street tacos each Tuesday night. For just $2 a-piece, you can get chicken, carnitas, or

carne asada in a soft corn tortilla with the traditional Mexican garnishes of queso fresco, white onions, fresh cilantro and salsa verde.

@lapazdestin, (850) 837-2247

Big Red Truck

The Big Red Truck boasts big flavors on the move. The truck’s loyal fan base knows to check Facebook each morning to see where the truck will be for lunch. BRT might be found in a different spot each day, but you’ll always find four varieties of unique and mouthwatering tacos on the menu. Choose from Fresh Fish, Harbor-Q , Asian Chicken, and, the newest addition the lineup, Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Tacos. Don’t forget the napkins. @brtdestin, (850) 737-1185

FREEPORT 3 sons bar b q

The beachbound traffic on Highway 331 moves at a snail’s pace in the summer, to say the least. Hungry and weary travelers should stop by the 3 Sons Bar B Q trailer and fuel up on the Trailer Trash Tacos. The Doublewide ($7) will get you two corn tortillas stuffed with pulled pork, Sweet Georgia Brown sauce, cole slaw and trailer-made mango and 34

30A Kids Club Magazine

ghost pepper salsa. Likely the best bargain you’ll find at the beach!

@3SonsBarBQ, (850) 583-4227

30A Bud & Alley’s Taco Bar

The food at Taco Bar is as colorful and vibrant as the setting itself. The rainbowhued tables and whimsical hanging lights might make you forget you’re in Seaside. The Baja-style fish and grilled shrimp tacos add to the authenticity with house made avocado salsa. Kids can enjoy their own variety of tacos and, of course, fresh chips and queso dip. @tacobar_buds, (850) 231-4781

Cowgirl Kitchen

Cowgirl Kitchen lives by the mantra that too much of a good thing can be wonderful. In that case, keep the drunken shrimp tacos coming! The restaurant combines fresh Gulf shrimp with a tarragon cream sauce, chipotle salsa and queso fresco all inside a soft flour tortilla for an explosion of flavor. Seafood not your thing? The pulled pork or vegetarian green chile tacos will undoubtedly please a variety of palates. Seagrove and Rosemary Beach.

@cowgirlkitchen, (850) 213-0058



aco night just got a makeover with this simple beef barbacoa recipe. Put this in the crockpot before school or work and come home ready to eat. This is guaranteed to wow your taco lovers. Set up a taco bar with your toppings in small bowls and let everyone fix their own!

beef barbacoa

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup beef broth 3 cloves of garlic 1/2 tsp ground cloves 1 yellow onion, chopped 1 lime squeezed *1-2 chipotle chiles in adobo 2 Tbsp fresh cilantro (optional) 1 tsp cumin 2 tsp chili powder 3-5 pound chuck roast 2 Tbsp butter

to serve:

8-10 fajita sized flour or corn tortillas

4-5 Tbsp fresh cilantro 2-3 limes quartered 1/2 cup shredded carrots 1/2 cup shredded red cabbage 1/4 cup red onion, chopped 1/4 cup fresh tomato, chopped 1. Mix first 10 ingredients in a blender or food processor until well blended. 2. Start with a 1/2 or 1 chipotle chile and blend then taste. It tends to be a little spicy, so just add more to your liking. 3. Heat a nonstick skillet on medium high. Trim fat from chuck roast and cut into large chunks. Add 2 Tbsp butter to skillet and brown chuck roast on each side for 1 minute each side or until brown. 4. Add blended mixture plus one cup of water and meat to crockpot and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Meat should be falling apart when it is ready. 5. Shred meat and fill into tortillas with the desired toppings. -- Photo Jade Lott Photography.

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erc olo r, s

ach, fl e b a s o r a ant

M ay

n h v c

at W

d n a

k 5

7 1 0 20, 2 Presented By:

cvhn smile mile and 5k Benefiting CHILDRENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S VOLUNTEER HEALTH NETWORK

May 20, 2017, 8 a.m. start : Watercolor, Florida Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Volunteer Health Network (CVHN) will host their inaugural Smile Mile and 5K race presented by St. Joe Community Foundation. Stay for the post race festivities including the Ohana Institute Bands, food, beverages, photo booth, kids entertainment, prizes and more.

$t 5cheockfouft!


de: use coupon lucob sc id 30ak

FOR SMILE MILE OR 5K Registration before May 1st: $20 Youth / $40 Adult Registration after May 1st: $25 Youth / $45 Adult.

Register today at



7 pantry love

tips you'll

By Amber Hunter

Organize your pantry! Why? Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll save money honey! We promise it's worth it. Your space will look great, you'll feel accomplished, prevent food spoilage and avoid repeat purchases.

Empty it.

Ditch anything that has expired or looks completely unappetizing.

Group cans, dry

goods, spices and boxes together. Place dry goods in

clear containers and label them.

Put a Lazy Susan in the corner to store spices. Use shelf baskets to store packets and small items. Invest in good quality glass containers for storing leftover foods. Place after-school snacks in an easy-toreach basket for little hands. 30A Kids Club Magazine



for the



Avocado Sushi Rolls: Making Lunch More Fun

I’ve heard kids call it “the smashed frog” and “the awesome avocado.” It’s quick, easy and as nutritious as it is delicious. The Head Sushi Chef at Old Florida Fish House, James Sargent, shares his tips:

1: Use a bamboo mat to form

slightly before preparing the roll to prevent sticking.

ingredients: • Sushi Rice • Nori Sheets • Avocado • Sesame seeds • Ginger garnish

perfect sushi rolls every time.

Servings: One roll


instructions: 1: Lay the bamboo mat

Wrap the bamboo mat in two layers of Saran Wrap (this keeps it clean and keeps the rice from sticking).

3: Dampen your hands

down. 2: Spread rice from end to end in a thin layer.

By Susan Vallée

(Buy sushi rice, otherwise the rice will not have the correct consistency.) 3: If using a nori sheet, lay it on top of the rice, rough side facing up. Omit if your kid does not like the taste or texture. 4: Slice 1/2 of avocado lengthwise and place in straight line at the top edge of the bamboo mat. 5: Gently roll the mat forward while pushing to shape the rice.

6: Peel bamboo mat back

once roll is formed. 7: Add thin slices of avocado to the top of the roll. 8: Gently press and roll with bamboo mat to shape. Flatten ends of the roll with the mat. 9: Sprinkle sesame seeds on top. 10: Slice in half and serve with a ginger garnish. See more on

Once you’ve cooked your own masterpiece, snap a photo and send it to or post it on our Instagram @30akidsclub or Facebook page. We’ll be giving away a prize! Photos by Jade Lott Photography 38

30A Kids Club Magazine

B r i ng i


n t h is a d fo r


Fresh & Flavorful • • • • •

Gulf view Organic proteins and produce Fresh juice cocktails 7 big screens tv’s Live music (check web for calendar)

Healthy & fresh options View our website for full menu! Lump Crab & Avocado Toast $11.99 Rustic sour dough topped with avocado, fresh lump crab, seasonal veggies, red pepper flakes, and olive oil. 416 calories | 22g protein | 24g carbs 29g fat | 2g sat fat | .5g sugar

Red Beet Hummus $7.99 Roasted red beets, chick peas, and garlic topped with mango jam. Served w/sour dough toast points, cucumber slices & bell peppers.


Fresh gulf grouper wrapped in a corn tortilla and topped with arugula, red onion, roma tomato, cherry bomb peppers and red pepper aioli. 600 calories | 32g protein | 68g carbs | 6g fat | 2g sat fat | 19g sugar

Quinoa Bowls $17.99 - $24.99 Tricolored organic quinoa, with your choice of chicken, fish, or shrimp mixed with fresh vegetables. 521 calories | 31g protein | 68g carbs | 16g fat | 2g sat fat | 19g sugar

63 Hotz Ave | G| rayton beacH, FL | C| HIRINGOGRAYTON.COM | 850.534.4449 | #Chiringograyton

Get Social!




600 calories | 32g protein | 68g carbs | 6g fat 2g sat fat | 19g sugar

Grilled Grouper Tacos (2) $15.99











Bike Parking Available | Chiringo is conveniently located only 2.4 miles from WaterColor and Seaside

interior desiGn art Gallery custom framinG Located in the heart of City Market | 36150 Emerald Coast Pkwy Ste. 106, Destin, FL

(850) 650-0779 | LIKE US ON







yc l e!



Re This netting used for “cheese” is actually a sack that corn came in from the farmers market!


for the


Cheeseburger in Paradise: A perfect Summer craft

Materials: • Bright cardstock • Brown paper bag • Brown crayon • Scraps for toppings • • • •

By Erin Bakker Step-by-step instructions: 1: Using a recycled brown bag, cut out hamburger bun shapes and glue them on the top and bottom of cardstock.

2: Use brown paper to cut out your hamburger patty. Draw cross-hatch grill marks with a

brown crayon on the patty. Glue on top of bottom bun. (gift wrap, tissue paper, 3: Get creative! Use a variety of materials you find around your house to pile on the foam sheets, etc.) toppings! Pasta (any shape) 4: Get silly! Add a layer of pasta to your burger for texture (always the favorite step). Glue 5: Add some sesame seeds to the top of that bun, and you are done! Scissors Sesame seeds 30A Kids Club Magazine


Teacher Gifts By OA Kids Club Staff

Handwritten notes and a little extra “something” is always a nice way to acknowledge the hardworking teachers in your life. A few ideas for you: ”Pep N Your Step” Foot Fizzies Locally-made,

these fizzies contain coconut oil and natural cocoa butter that replenish overworked tootsies and soothe the soles! $15.50, The Green Owl Boutique, Seagrove Beach, ”art on the half shell” by Susan Luttrell. This

artist (and former teacher) knows what teachers want at the the end of the year. This lovely 4x4 wrapped canvas has touches of gold leaf and is resin coated. She’s offering a hand-wrapped version, ready for gifting, for only $30. Email to place an order. Or see more samples at @artonthehalfshell. branche Beauty Sleep This 100% silk sleep mask

Gourmet olive oils, balsamic vinegars and sea salts from around the world. The

Florida Orange EVOO is flavored with real Florida oranges. Great for use in salads, for roasting vegetables, marinating feta, with fish, chicken or pork or even in baking dishes. 200ml $12.95/ 375ml $18.95, 30A Olive Oil Company, 30Avenue, Massage After a long school year, say thank you with

a gift certificate for a 50-minute restorative massage. $95 (10% discount for locals), Beach Ready Spa, Seaside, 30A Beach Calendar Local photographer Jamie

Conley (J. Conley Images) has created a calendar with breathtaking images of the beach. The calendar extends into 2018 and is a nice way to bring the beach into the classroom when they have to cut their summers short. $18.50, The Hidden Lantern Bookstore, Rosemary Beach,

is soothing and great for travel. Everyone needs their rest, especially hard-working teachers! $45, Pish Posh Patchouli's, Rosemary Beach

gift giveaway! We'll be giving away an "Art on the Half Shell" painting!

Sign up for our newsletter at to be entered into the drawing. 42

30A Kids Club Magazine

30A Kids Club Magazine



30A Kids Club Magazine


art week

A full week of Art to Inspire and Delight


day of creativity and beauty, ArtsQuest has become a Mother’s Day tradition. This year kids can let their creativity run wild in the new ImagiNATION tent. There will be arts and crafts, face painting, games, photo opportunities and a few fun surprises. And did we mention the Jazz Band second line-style parade? The excitement happens on Saturday at noon! Kids will create parade-themed crafts in the ImagiNATION tent and can participate in the parade around ArtsQuest.

Don't Miss! May 11

“We’re so excited about the new ImagiNATION tent,” Jennifer Steele, executive director of the CAA, said. “This is the 29th anniversary of ArtsQuest and we wanted it to be colorful and fun and have an element of excitement for the kids. Art is more than a painting on a canvas or a photograph. Art is joy and laughter and music and movement and … life! I hope we help inspire our young artists by showcasing art in all of its many forms.”

Art Week Kick-Off featuring The Foster Gallery Summer Artists & "Take Flight" Exhibition

The Foster Gallery will also be at Grand Boulevard during ArtsQuest. In addition to viewing works by local South Walton artists, there will be a series of workshops available.

May 18

For those who consider ArtsQuest an annual tradition - get ready. Jennifer said there was so much interest by artists who have never exhibited before that there will be a new dimension to the arts festival this year.

Justin Gaffrey Gallery Event May 12-21

Northwest Florida Theatre Festival May 13-14

ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival May 14-20

Seaside Writers Conference May 19-20

Digital Graffiti May 21

Digital Graffiti Brunch

“I think everyone is going to enjoy the festival, and our week of planned art activities. The CAA is honored to work with so many talented individuals.” The $5 donation to enter ArtsQuest benefits the Cultural Arts Alliance’s Art for All scholarships and mini-grant programs. Apply for funds at Each year $10,000 is awarded to artists as part of the juried ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival. Photos by Shelly Swanger Photography

May 25

The Art of George Rodrigue May 26

Sculpture Exhibition in Rosemary Beach >> << 30A Kids Club Magazine


When I Grow Up... I Wanna be a park ranger!

Q&A with christopher whittle, a Park Services Specialist at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. Photos: Faith Whalen What is the coolest thing you have done as a park ranger?

I’d have to say releasing loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings. We simulated typical hatching conditions by releasing them at night near the base of the dunes. This allowed the hatchlings to crawl towards the Gulf of Mexico, stimulating their blood flow and preparing their flippers for swimming.

What do I need to do if I want to be a ranger? You need a love for park visitor’s, Florida’s history and its environment. Rangers maintain park facilities while preserving Florida’s natural habitats and historical sites and educating the public through interpretive programs. Work experience and education requirements vary, but a wide variety of skills including maintenance, customer service, public speaking and natural resource management are always beneficial.

Do you get to pick which park you work at?

Yes, there are a variety of different parks in Florida and you can pick what kind of park best suits your interests.

What’s the best part about being a ranger? My favorite things are working with children and helping to 46

30A Kids Club Magazine

educate them about Florida’s natural resources. I also enjoy protecting the animals and their habitats found within the park. It is our duty and privilege to protect many different species of endangered animals such as the Choctawhatchee beach mouse, snowy plovers, sea turtles and black bears.

What’s one question you get asked a lot?

This one: “Why do we perform prescribed fire?” Sometimes the importance of fire is misunderstood. We're the lightning strike capital of the USA. Our habitat is fire dependent. Plants and animal species need fire to thrive. Some plants will only bloom or release seed when exposed to fire and some animals will leave a habitat if fire is excluded from the environment. We introduce prescribed fire to help mimic the state’s natural fire cycles. Before paved roads and housing developments lightning would strike, setting an area on fire and burning only until a natural barrier such as a swamp, river or coastline stopped the flames. Now prescribed fire is performed by trained professionals including Park Rangers utilizing strict guidelines. Our goal is to ensure the safety of Florida’s citizens and their property while maintaining the natural resources. -SV

Open 8 a.m. to sundown, $6 per vehicle, $2 for bicyclists and pedestrians. RV sites, tent camping and cabin rentals are available. l Did you know the Gregory E.

Moore RV Resort has the highest rating possible from Trailer Life & Woodalls, placing the resort in the top 1% of the nation?

l The park has 3.5 miles of white

quartz sandy beach with more than 1,643 acres of unique habitats, including coastal dune lakes, cypress domes, and wet prairies.

l Three rare coastal dune lakes can be found in the park.

l Beachgoers actually ride a park tram to reach the Gulf.

Right: Park Services Specialist Christopher Whittle performs a prescribed burn in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. The burns are vital to the local ecosystem.

30A Kids Club Magazine


850.231.2281 â&#x20AC;˘ 48

30A Kids Club Magazine

@bumpandbabyseaside â&#x20AC;˘ Seaside, FL

day tri ps To Keep Your Sanity T

By Molly Carter

he beach is great, but sometimes you need an escape too. Join us as we check out three locations that are only a hop, skip and a jump away from 30A. FAI R HOP E, A L The Fairhope Municipal Pier and Park is a one-stop shop for families looking for fun in this quaint town on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. You can stroll along the 1448-foot pier for free, or grab a saltwater license to cast a line into the bay and prepare to catch a ton of fish! Nearby is Fairhope Beach, which boasts a playground on the bay, a duck pond, rose garden, and grills for cooking up lunch (or dine at Shux on the Pier for fresh seafood with a view). Fairhope Bluffs are just above the pier and offer plenty of grassy area for the kids to run around. When the sun goes down, head to the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Point Clear for an unforgettable resort experience. While Mom and Dad play golf or relax at the award-winning spa, the kids can go fishing, feed ducks, play croquet, make smores, and much more at Grand Fun Camp. | | P E NSACO L A Downtown Pensacola has been a bustling center of activity since Spanish explorers first came on the scene in 1559. Now-a-days, explorers of all ages can go back in time nearly 400 years and experience all that Historic Pensacola Village has to offer, like butter churning, broom making, and Colonial cooking. The Pensacola Children’s Museum is one of the many museums, churches, and historic buildings that can be visited downtown. Churning butter will surely leave the crew hungry, so check out Al Fresco, a group of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines out of airstream trailers. We can bet the kids will flock to Banty Reds for chicken and waffles, while the grownups may prefer fried

avocado at Z Taco or classic pulled pork at Gunshot BBQ. If you have time, pop over to the Bayfront Stadium at Community Maritime Park for some peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Blue Wahoos baseball. The history lesson wraps up at the Pensacola Grand Hotel, where the lobby was actually a passenger train depot from 1912. The hotel is convenient to all of the downtown attraction and a 10-minute drive to Pensacola Beach. | | WAKU L L A SP RI N G S Fourteen miles southeast of Tallahassee lies Wakulla Springs, which just so happens to be the world’s largest and deepest freshwater spring. Your little nature lovers and adventure seekers will have the time of their lives exploring Wakulla Springs State Park. The swimming area opens early (9:00, to be exact), so the kids can waste no time cannon-balling off the two-story tower into the cool spring waters below. You’re guaranteed to see tons of bird species, alligators, and even the occasional manatee friend on the riverboat tour. Back on dry land, the family can explore more than 10 miles of walking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas for lunch. Stop by The Wakulla Lodge for an ice cream cone or sandwich from the 1930s original marble soda fountain (the 70-foot counter is the largest soda fountain ever built!). The Soda Fountain is famous for its Root Beer Floats, Cherry Phosphates, and Ginger Yips, all handmade by trained soda jerks. Take a step back to slower times and settle in for the night in one of the lodge’s 27 rooms. All rooms are located on the second floor, allowing you to utilize the oldest working Art Deco elevator in the south. | F L I P FOR P H OTOS! > > >

30A Kids Club Magazine


>> FAIRHOPE: Families will love the laid-back mood in Fairhope. You can stroll along the pier, enjoy the beauty of downtown or play on the bluffs overlooking Mobile Bay. >>PENSACOLA: Catch a Blue Wahoos baseball game the next time you’re in historic Pensacola and then take the kids on a historic walking tour. It’s an educational and fun way to spend the day. >>WAKULLA: If you are brave, you’ll enjoy the diving platform at Wakulla. The spring is cold, but you can’t beat the feeling of fresh spring water on a hot summer day. There’s a sandy beach, areas to picnic, a guided boat tour and more. It’s worth the drive to Wakulla. The kids will get to experience a slice of that “old Florida” of yesteryear. Photos by GJGK Photography, Visit Pensacola and Susan Vallée. 50

30A Kids Club Magazine


613 County Hwy 393 South Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32549

850-208-3114 | 30A Kids Club Magazine


re e h W

er m m Su

Fun Comes Nat ura ll y !

Biophilia Nature Center

Summer Day Camp at E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center

Wednesdays 9AM - 2PM $45 Per Camper • Children Ages 5-12 Full class descriptions and online registration at June 7 - Totally Turtles June 14 - Little Green Thumbs June 21 - Pond Pals June 28 - All About Owls July 5 - Radical Reptiles


July 12 - Forest Friends July 19 - Let’s Wing It! Birds July 26 - Buggin’ Out August 2 - Mad Science Experiments!

Summer Public Hours: Thursdays & Fridays June & July

9 AM -2 PM 850.835.1824


9AM - 2PM $165/child

students entering grades 1-8 1st Session July 17-21 2nd Session July July 24-28 Register at: &

General Admission: Adults (ages 13 +) . . . . . . $8.00 Children (ages 3-12) . . . . $5.00 Children 2 and under . . . FREE





happy days Summer Hacks To Survive By By Sarah Murphy Robertson

School’s out and in the spirit of parent solidarity everywhere, we’re sharing some tips and tricks to make your life a smidge easier this summer.

Snack Attacks

Easy Icees

Beach Bag Essential

Minimize Messes

Neat Sheet

Glow in the Dark

Individually bagged snacks are perfect for the beach or pool. Why? Wet and sandy hands are no place for communal chip-grabbing. You can also prep ‘em yourself with healthy combinations of pretzels, crackers, granola or dried fruit. But give yourself a break if you just buy them prepackaged that way too.

Keep baby powder in your beach bag and rub on your babes for the easiest (and most fragrant) sand removal ever.

Simply secure each corner of an upside down fitted sheet with your beach bags, coolers, or extra towels to make a great play area complete with barriers for keeping (some) of that pesky sand out!

Private Pool

Next time you hit the beach with your littlest ones, bring along a blow-up kiddie pool. They can splash away happily and you can even set them up underneath a tent or umbrella for cooling shade!

Throw pouch drinks in the freezer, and then once frozen, cut off the top and serve as slushy treats! When you pack them for the beach, be sure to remember your scissors and spoons. Bonus hack: place those in the freezer too, your busy brain will thank you.

Cut a small hole in cupcake liners and slide popsicle treats in to catch those melty drips.

The beach at night is a magical place and those glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces are super fun for the littles while also helping you keep an eye on them.

They all Scream at Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen before you get to the beach or pool. Even let them zombie-out on tv so you can really lather them up good. Sun-safe clothing like longsleeve swim shirts and hats are great helps too.

30A Kids Club Magazine


vacation S P O N S O R E D CO N T E N T

stress less over



By Susan Vallee

ith the popularity of online travel sites and a surge in do-it-yourself travel mentalities, it’s easy to forget there are people out there who actually enjoy figuring out all of those little vacation details. And they’ll do it for you for free.

booking the rooms, to dinners to tee times and spa appointments. All my clients had to worry about was getting to the airport on time!”

Local mom Danielle Weir is one of these detailoriented people. She wasn’t always in the travel business, but after having kids her family began spending more and more time at Walt Disney World. Because she embraces adventure and trying new things, they were always looking for new and different ways to expand their Disney vacation. Over time, she discovered she was sharing more and more of her “insider” tips with family and friends. Word began to spread that she was the person to call if you were headed to Orlando.

“There’s been several times when I’ve been assisting clients with another location and I’ve talked them into giving Disney a try. I hear, ‘My kids are too old/young or I have boys so they won’t like Disney.’ I totally disagree! Disney is for any age. The parks are constantly evolving to cater to everyone, boys especially. Avatar Land is opening in May, Star Wars is taking over Hollywood Studios, and a new Toy Story land is in the making. There's just as much for boys as there is for girls!

A travel company heard about her and, she said, she soon had a new profession. “I absolutely love it,” she said. “I do much more than just book tickets or resorts for my clients. I recommend dining, fast passes and resorts that best match their personal needs. I also share the best parade watching spots and a layout of what to do depending on which parks they will be visiting that day. “I can plan vacations to just about any resort, location or major cruise line. I also plan destination weddings and honeymoons. I just wrapped up planning a large employee trip to Exuma, Bahamas. I took care of every detail, from 54

30A Kids Club Magazine

While she books more locations than Walt Disney World, she said it’s definitely her most popular request.

“And if you’re already a big Disney fan, the ultimate vacation now is called Land and Sea. Guests go to Disney World for a few days then Disney World provides transportation from the park to Port Canaveral to board a Disney Cruise Line cruise ship. You get the best of both worlds!” If you’re dreaming of a summer or winter adventure somewhere, consider simplifying and let Danielle deal with the stress and decision making so you can just soak up the fun. After all, isn’t that what a vacation is all about? To reach Danielle, call (850) 774-8350, email or find her on Facebook, Disney planner Danielle Weir: First Time in Forever Travel, or Instagram @disneytraveldanielle.

From concept to completion, WISH's goal is to curate parties and events that inspire all of life's celebrations. Specializing in children's birthday parties, baby showers, and bridal showers our focus is on customizing parties and events that are unique and tailor made to our clients wishes. #WISHBYAPR IL W W W. W I S H B Y A P R I L. C O M | 2 4 0 . 2 8 1 . 5 5 6 5 | W I S H B Y A P R I L @ G M A I L . C O M

best beach wagons Our favorite picks to haul essentials for those sandy toed adventures.



AL L T E RRAI N D OL LY KART Seasoned beach goers are impressed with this little cart. Its wheels work on soft sand and you can load it down with coolers, umbrellas, gear and anything else you need for a fun day at the beach. // Walmart, $149

S C HW I NN WO O DY This adorable wagon comes in traditional red (right) and a modern blue. It has the “woody” paneling on the side to lend a retro feel. This wagon is great for parents who don’t have far to walk, and who have a ramp to the beach. // Walmart, $80

FOLDI NG AL L-T ER R A IN WAG ON Simple, yet efficient this bright blue cart folds when not in use and easily transports gear to the beach. Best for short distances. // Walmart, $60


30A Kids Club Magazine

SA N D USKY L I G H T-D U T Y FO L D IN G WAG ON See those huge tires? Those are your best friends once you hit the soft sand. Load up this wagon with gear, chairs and floats and fold it up when not in use. This would work best with ramped beach access (unless you have help to carry it down beach stairs). //Walmart, $102

WON D E R WH E E L P LU S This beach cart is designed for hauling gear. Think foldable beach chairs, umbrellas, bags and small floats. It folds flat once you’ve emptied it out and has mesh fabric so sand slides right out. //amazon. com $69

DE 200 850 fatd

FAMILY FUN PARKS 5 Go-Kart Tracks • Kids Country • Blaster Boats • Bumper Cars • Jam-Packed Arcade 2 Miniature Golf Courses • The SkyFlyer • Hurricane 360 (COMING SUMMER 2017)

*Buy 2 Get 1 Free

DESTIN 1125 Highway 98 East Destin, FL 32541 | 850.654.4668

* Valid on single point prices only. Must present coupon. Restrictions apply. Not valid on thrill rides.

Open Daily Year-Round (Off Season Hours May Vary)


Games • Food • Prizes • Fun • Parties

DESTIN 20009 Emerald Coast Parkway Destin, FL 32541 850.424.6021

*Redeem Card for $ 5 in Fat Daddyʻs Bucks. *Limit One Coupon Per Person Per Day. Value is 20 E-Tokens. CODE: 30AK17

30A Kids Club Magazine


sum m e r cam p sig n - u ps ahe a d Compiled by 30A Kids Club Staff


30A Kids Club Magazine

outdoors Wildlife Wednesday Summer Day Camps

Location: E.O.Wilson Biophilia Center Date & Time: Every Wednesday Ages: 5-12 year olds. Cost: $45 June 7: Totally Turtles June 14: Little Green Thumbs June 21: Pond Pals June 28: All About Owls July 5: Radical Reptiles July 12: Forest Friends July 19: Let’s Wing It! Birds July 28: Buggin’ Out! Aug. 2: Mad Science Experiments! To register: www.eowilsoncenter.

org, or call (850) 835-1824

South Walton Academy Summer Camp

Location: 585 Mack Bayou Road Date & Time: June 6-August Ages: 3-6th grade. Cost: $175

per week or $35 per day plus supply fee About: You choose your days, whether you want one day or five. Students should pack a snack, lunch, and their water bottle. Wednesday is Water Day so be sure to bring a towel, and a change of clothes. To register: (850) 622-2200 or southwaltonacademy@gmail. com

Camp SkyWay

Location: Camp Helen State Park Date & Time: Week 1: June 19-23, Week 2: June 26-30 Ages:

5-12. Counselor in Training program for campers ages 1315. Cost: $400/full day week or $200/half day week About: Camp SkyWay is an adventure day camp that offers a variety of camper activities from outdoor living skills and slimy science lab

to recreational games, soccer and camp. To register: www. or call (210) 878-9241

Camp Timpoochee-Walton County Summer Camp Week Location: Camp Timpoochee Date & Time: June 12-16 Ages: 8-12. Cost: $250 (scholarships available) About: Campers will

spend a week by the beautiful Choctawatchee Bay with kids from Walton, Holmes and Washington Counties. Kids will participate in arts and crafts, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, marine science, campfire fun, STEM activities, shootings sports, and more! To register: camp-timpoochee-registration/ Deadline to apply:  May 12

Nature Rocks!

Location: E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center Date & Time: Session

1: July 17-21, Session 2:  July 24-28 Ages: Open to 1st-8th graders. Cost: $165 About: The E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center and Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation join forces to rock your summer! This immersive experience includes hands-on drumming and songwriting classes with renowned percussionist Zig Wajler of “Hands on With Zig,” wildlifethemed arts classes and dynamic hands-on science activities. To register: www.eowilsoncenter. org or call (850) 835-1824

4-H Ag-ventures Location: Walton

County Extension Office + Fieldtrip Date & Time: July 18-19 from 8:30-4pm Ages: 8-18. Cost: $25 About: Kids will learn about

pollinators, extract honey, multiple ways to garden, create their own mini container garden and may even get to tour some local farms to see how agriculture is growing and influencing Walton County. To register: http://walton.ifas.ufl. edu/4hy/category/summerday-camps/ or call (850) 8928172

cooking Cloverbud Chefs X-treme Location: Walton

County Extension Office Date & Time: June 7-8 from 8:30-3pm Ages: 5-7. Cost: $30 About: Campers will bring home a recipe book, certificate, crafts and will learn basic cooking and kitchen safety skills. To register: www.walton. or call (850) 8928172.

X-treme Cuisine Location: Walton

County Extension Office Date & Time: June 27-29 from 8:30-4pm Ages: 8-18 Cost:$50 About: Travel the globe with 4-H during an X-treme Cuisine day camp! Kids are fully immersed in the country of the day through sight, sound and taste.  4-H makes “Learning by Doing” fun by teaching cooking safety, kitchen and knife skills, and recipe prep and measurements. To register:  www.walton.ifas.ufl. edu or call (850) 892-8172 

4-H Tailgator

Location: Walton

County Extension Office Date & Time: July 10-12 from 8:30am-4pm Ages: 10-18. Cost: $40 About: Kids will learn how to light a 30A Kids Club Magazine





850.278.2092 Rosemary Beach® ROSEMARY BEACH® is a registered trademark owned by Rosemary Beach Holdings, LLC and is used with permission pursuant to a license from Rosemary Beach Holdings, LLC.


30A Kids Club Magazine

grill, how to maintain grill fire/ temperature, how to prepare different proteins (beef, pork, poultry, seafood), food safety in prep and storage, food presentation and more! To register: or call (850) 892-8172

athletics Whole Life Fitness Swim Lessons Location: Origins

neighborhood pool and Tops’l Resort pool Date & Time: All Summer. Ages: 0-3 and 4-6 in swim groups. Cost: Prices vary. About: Catherine Brannon and her team will be teaching kids of all ages how to swim. Private lessons are available for older kids. To register: swimming/

Resolute Martial Arts Ultimate Summer Camp Location: 4014

Commons Dr. W. Unit 120, Destin Date & Time: May 30 - Aug. 4 Ages: 5-12. Cost: $169 - $189 per week; all inclusive. About: Ultimate Summer Camp is a highly active summer camp that incorporates self discipline, courtesy, respect and self control into all aspects of daily activity. Campers will earn a White Belt in Karate. Organized daily activities and a weekly field trip to the Gulfarium, E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center and more! To register: www.resolutemartialarts. com or call (850) 797-4434.

Ryland Pole Vaulting

Location: Point Washington Date & Time: 2-day camps: June 3-4

and July 22-23 / 5-day camps: June 12-16, June 19-23, July 3-7 or July 10-14 Ages: Grades 8-12 Cost: $200 for 2-day camp, $750

for 5-day camp About: Learn to pole vault! These action-packed and fun camps include meals and fun excursions. All-inclusive with instruction by 11-time National Championship winner and Olympic Trials qualifier Daniel Ryland. To register: or call (850)213-0696 or email

Dance Camp by 30A Ballet


Seussical Sensational Summer Smash by 30A Dancewave

Location: Holmes

County Extension Office (transportation provided from Walton County Extension Office) Date & Time: July 25-27 from 9am-3pm Ages: 10-18. Cost: $40. About: Flex those Science and Math muscles at the 4-H Build-a-Bot day camp! This day camp will be loaded with STEM activities to teach youth about the basics of robotics and how to “Builda-Bot” out of items you can find in your parents junk drawer at home. To register: www.walton. or call (850) 8928172

dance The South Walton Dance Project by 30A Dancewave

Location: Seaside Neighborhood School Date & Time: Monday -

Friday, 9am - Noon // Session One: June 5-9, Session Two: July 24-28 Ages: 9 - Teen. Cost:$150 per week or $35 per day. About: Dancers will increase versatility and develop skills in all genres of dance including contemporary, lyrical, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, conditioning, technique, improvisation and more. All levels are encouraged. To register: www.30ADancewave. com/ or call (850) 687-6711

Location: Panama City Beach Date & Time: June 12-16, 9am-1pm Ages: 9-12 (previous training required). Cost: $200. About: Ballet, Jazz, stretch

and condition, dance history, pre-pointe, craft project on Friday and lunch. To register: Call (850) 399-0514 or email

Location: Seaside Neighborhood School Date & Time: June 19 -

23. 9am - Noon Ages: 5 - 10. Cost: $150 per week or $45 a day. About: Based on the stories and characters from the popular Dr. Seuss books with the main focus on "Horton Hears a Who”. Performers will create their own props and costume accessories! Short studio performance at the end of the week. To register: or email

Tutus & Tea Parties by 30A Ballet

Location: Panama City Beach Date & Time: June 19-22, 9-11am Ages: 5-7. Cost: $140 About:

This one hour ballet class includes a fancy tea party with crowns, hats, boas, jewels and a lesson in etiquette and craft. To register: Call (850) 399-0514 or email

Ballet To Broadway Camp by 30A Ballet Location: Panama City Beach Date & Time: June 26-30, 9:30am-1pm Ages: 6-9. Cost: $180 About: Includes ballet,

tap & jazz classes, dance and Broadway history, a daily craft project and lunch. To register: Call (850) 399-0514 or email 30A Kids Club Magazine


Fairy Princess Fantasy Camp by 30A Dance wave

Location: Seaside Neighborhood School Date & Time: July 10-14, 9am - 11am Ages: 4 - 7. Cost: $140 a week or $35 a day. About:

Young dancers will create magic wands, swords, crowns and tiaras. A short show will be presented at the end of the week. Tap shoes, ballet slippers and tutus encouraged! Little boys should dress comfortably. To register: or call (850) 687-6711

Dance Intensive by 30A Ballet

Location: Panama City Beach Date & Time: July 10-21, 9am2pm Ages: 13 and older

(Advanced level training required) Cost: $450. About: Master Guest Instructors and Allyson G. Raymond (30A Ballet Director) will lead classes in Ballet technique, pointe, stretch/ conditioning, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and dance history. To register: Call (850) 399-0514 or email

New Light Dance Project Summer Intensive

Location: Alfonso Academy, Miramar Beach Date & Time: July 10-14 Ages: 7 and older. Cost: Space is limited! About: The

purpose of the New Light Dance Project is to spread new light about dance in our area. This five-day workshop is for intermediate/advanced dancers and will focus on Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Improv and Dance Conditioning to name a few. Several celebrity guest artists, including Meghan Sanett from Tremaine Dance Conventions will be part of the five-day intensive. To register:

Core Ballet Foundations

Location: Alfonso Academy, Miramar Beach Date & Time: July 17-21 Ages: 7 and older. Space is limited! About: Need

fine-tuning or to strengthen your technique? Led by our own Rachel Prescott Carney, and other guest artists and instructors, Alfonso Academy will host a ballet-focused five-day intensive. This workshop is for intermediate/advanced dancers and will focus on classical ballet technique, as well as core training and additional styles and genres. Dancers, please wear black leotards, pink tights, hair in a secured bun, ballet shoes and no jewelry. To register:  www.

Fairytale Princess by 30A Ballet Location: Panama City Beach Date & Time: July 24-27, 9-11am Ages: 3-5. Cost: $140 About: This

class includes ballet instruction, a snack and a craft relating to the princess of the day. To register: Call (850) 399-0514 or email

theatre Improv Bootcamp

Location: The REP Theatre Date & Time: May 30-Aug. 4 at 2pm Ages: 5-14, Cost: $25 To register: About: Improv is hilarious. Learn

from the pros and then share those new theatre skills with friends and family. To register:

Magic Workshop with Jeanette Andrews

Location: The REP Theatre Date & Time: June 2-July 14 Ages: 5-7 at 2pm, 8-14 at 3pm. Cost: $25 About: Jeanette

Andrews is a talented professional 62

30A Kids Club Magazine

magician. She provides the magic props and the instruction. Kids will learn sleight of hand and tricks to amaze their friends. Get ready to be impressed! To register:

Little Rascals

Location: Bayou

Arts Center, Hogtown Bayou Date & Time: All camps from 9am - noon. June 5-9 Lion King theme June 12-16 Pirates and Princesses July 10-14 The Frozen Snow Queen Friends July 24-28 Hawaiian Mauna Theme Ages: 4-6. Cost: $130. About: Designed for the youngest players, Little Rascals camp focuses on activities that students to explore movement, singing and acting in a fun environment. A final performance is given on the last day of camp. To register:

Treasure Island Location: Emerald

Coast Theatre, Grand Boulevard Date & Time: June 5-9, 9am-3pm Ages: Grades 2-8. Cost: $170 About: Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic “Treasure Island” is adapted for summer fun. Join Long John Silver, his talking parrot other swashbuckling characters for some pirate fun. Lots of characters for both boys and girls to play. Final performance on the last day of camp. Scholarships and discounts available. To register: www.

Theatre for Young Audiences Location: Emerald

Coast Theatre, Grand Boulevard Date & Time: June 11-16, Sunday 2-6pm, M-F 9am-3pm Ages: Grades Middle/ High School. Cost: $150 About: Work with ECTC director/professional teaching artist Darla Briganti on this


On Stage

THEATRE CAMPS Experience and training in theatre can improve students' communication, critical thinking, self confidence and team-based skills! ECTC offers summer theater camps throughout June and July, for students ages 4 to 18.

AGES 4-6






Summer Dance Camp!

Come dance and craft with us this summer at 30A Ballet! Registration is now OPEN!

Dance Camp: Ages 9-12, June 12-16, 9-1:00, $200. Tutu’s & Tea Parties: Ages 5-7, June 19-22, 9-11:00, $140. Ballet to Broadway: Ages 6-9, June 26-30, 9:00-12:30, $180. Dance Intensive: Ages 12-16 (Placement class req’d), July 10-21, 9-2:00, $450. Fairytale Princess Camp: Ages 3-5, July 24-27, 9-11:00, $140. Details & registration: Visit our facebook page & click on “sign-up” or call Allyson Raymond (850)399-0514


30A Kids Club Magazine


advanced theatre production of Peter Pan. Limited spots available. Scholarships and discounts available. To register:

Camp Showtime

Location: Seaside Neighborhood School Date & Time: June 1216, 9am - 3pm Ages: Grades 2-8. Cost: $150 About: Come

act, sing and dance your heart out to popular Broadway tunes. We’ll also play theatre games and watch classical musicals on film. We’ll wow parents on the final day with a performance. To register: www.

What’s Improv Anyway? Location: 30A

Learning Academy, Gulf Place Date & Time: June 13 & 15, 9am-1pm Ages: 7-12. Cost: $90 About: Learn the art of improv and have a little fun. Class is taught by Toccara Scott, a professional Opera singer and actor. To register:

So You Wanna do Shakespeare Location: Emerald

Coast Theatre, Grand Boulevard Date & Time: June 19-21, 9am-3pm Ages: Middle/High School. Cost: $150 About: In this workshop we’ll tackle some of Shakespeare’s most beautiful poetry, sonnets and works. The answers to doing Shakespeare are hidden within the words themselves, and half of the fun of Shakespeare is hunting for those answers. Scholarships and discounts available. To register:

On Broadway! Sing & Dance Like a Broadway Star Location: 30A

Learning Academy, Gulf Place Date & Time: June 20 & 22, 9am-1pm

7-12. Cost: $90 About: Learn Broadway songs and fun choreographed routines. Class is taught by Toccara Scott, a professional Opera singer and actor. To register: Ages:

Freedom of Improvisation Location: Emerald

Coast Theatre, Grand Boulevard Date & Time: June 26-28, 9am-3pm Ages: Middle/High School. Cost: $150 About: Why do we do improve? Does it help you become a better actor? We’ll explore how improvisation can be a tool to take your acting to a whole new level. Scholarships and discounts available. To register: www.

Disney’s Cinderella Kids Location: Emerald

Coast Theatre, Grand Boulevard Date & Time: July 10-29, 9am3pm Ages: Grades 3-9. Cost: $425 About: This three-week camp gives instructors time to train with stage presence, acting techniques and theatre games. Scholarships and discounts available. To register: www.

Finale! More Fun with Improv Location: 30A

Learning Academy, Gulf Place Date & Time: July 18 & 20, 9am-1pm Ages 7-12. Cost: $90 About: Learn the art of improv and have a little fun. Class is taught by Toccara Scott, a professional Opera singer and actor. To register:

art Shardworx ART classes! Location: The

Shard Shop in

Grayton Beach Date & Time: Daily (except Sunday) starting at 11am, 12:45pm, and 2:15pm Cost: Children $40 Adults $85 About: All materials and supplies are provided. Kids create an 8" x 10" piece of ShardWorx art made with glass and resin on painted canvas. You lay out the design with glass. The Shard Shop does the resin! To register: tor call (850) 231-1416

Mixed Media classes Location: 30A

Artist Studios at 237 Market St. Date & Time: Every Friday, 3:45-5pm Ages: 1418. Cost is $160. All materials included. About: We will explore techniques with resin, acrylic, glass and metallic leaf. The students will create 4 2x2 pieces. To register: Email editor@

Art and Carp Summer Camp with Abrakadoodle Location: Destin

Fishing and History Museum Date & Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday all summer long Cost: $35 per day About: This camp will teach kids about local Destin history while making art. To register: www. or call (850) 865-1651

“Sew” Funtastic 4-H Sewing Camp Location: Walton

County Extension Office Date & Time: July 6 from 8:30am-4pm Ages: 8-18. Cost: $20. About: Kids will learn basic sewing skills from hand stitching to sewing machines and how to thread machines at home for future projects. This camp is strictly for kids who have no (or minimal) sewing experience! To register: www.walton.ifas.ufl. edu or call (850) 892-8172. 30A Kids Club Magazine


Have Baby, Will Travel

Tips for Flying with Small Children by Sarah Bailey White


30A Kids Club Magazine


lying with small children is not for the faint of heart, but if you love to travel, don't let the fear of the flight hold you back! My son will be three in July, and he has flown to Miami, Paris, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Honolulu; and my six-month old daughter took her first flight to Tokyo in March. People are always shocked when they find out I’m planning to fly with a baby. I will admit, the idea of keeping them seated, quiet and happy for hours on end is daunting. Flying with kids isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to make the jour-ney a little easier.


You can also bring headphones to take advantage of the in-flight entertainment or download new shows and kid-friendly apps on your tablet. Trust me, this isn’t the time to worry about going over the recommended 30 minutes a day of screen time!

For me, packing is always one of the most stressful parts of the trip. It seems as if there is an endless list of necessities. This is not the time to be a minimalist. Make sure you pack plenty of diapers, formula and snacks. You don't want to run out mid-flight…or be in trouble if you hit some delays!

Snacks are also a form of entertainment. This is a good time to offer some “special” snacks you don’t normally allow. My 1-year old had potato chips for the first time on a flight to Arizona, and the silence was golden. I would avoid anything messy, like chocolate, or high-sugar items, for obvious reason.

TSA allows you to carry on any breast milk, formula, baby food or medications you may need for your child during the flight. Just be prepared for a thorough screening at the airport.


It goes without saying that you should bring a change of clothes for the baby. But make sure you bring one for yourself as well. My son vomited on me 15 minutes into our flight to Paris, and I had nothing to wear. Now I always pack a spare set of clothes in a plastic bag so I have somewhere to contain the soiled clothes if we need to make a change.

S E AT I NG Kids younger than two fly free as a lap infant on most airlines in the continental United States. There is a fee for international flights. But if it’s within your budget to buy a seat for the flight, I highly recommend it. Although it can be a hassle to lug the carseat through the airport, it can make the flight a lot more manageable. For my toddler, it was no different than a car trip. He enjoyed watching movies and easily napped in the com-fort of his carseat.

E NT E RTAINMEN T Pick up some inexpensive new toys. Make them last by only bringing out one or two at a time. Try wrapping them to add some extra excitement. Stickers, mini dinosaur figu-rines, cars, little dolls and coloring books are all good options for toddlers and small chil-dren. Get creative! My son had a blast playing with an empty cup and a few ice cubes. I’ve heard other moms say their child had fun sticking post-it notes on the window and tray table.

Strollers, pack-n-plays and carseats all check free when you fly with an infant. You can also gate check your stroller for free. If you don't have an umbrella stroller, now is the time to invest in one. Look for a stroller that reclines and has a large basket. I suggest you get a bag for your stroller as well. I have seen many people leave their strollers un-collapsed at the gate…and I've seen those same strollers laying on their sides on the tarmac in the rain. I cringe every time I see that. If you're cringing with me, get a bag! They make various bags depending on the size of your stroller. While you’re at it, get a bag for your checked carseat, too.

TA KE O F F & LA NDING The pressure during take off and landing is especially hard on little ones because they don’t know how to clear their ears. To ease discomfort, offer a pacifier or time feedings for take off and landing. Older kids can use a sippy cup or chew gum.

MA NAG E E XP ECTATIO NS The most important piece of advice I have for parents is to manage your expectations. Although I’ve had some rough moments flying with my kids, I have never once wished I hadn’t gone somewhere. The flight won’t be relaxing. Gone are the days of reading magazines or catching a nap, but you will be making great memories. Remember, no matter how badly your child behaves, or how long your baby cries, eventually the plane will land.

30A Kids Club Magazine



! e n i l n O p U Sign n- A rt

ly M ak e- Yo ur -O w nd ie fr a is p ho S rd ha T he S ra yt on of f H w y 28 3 G of ps ho S he T in ue bo ut iq . W e of fe r da ily 98 y w H d an A 30 n ee be tw e te ch ni qu e of cl as se s in a m os ai c- lik in te d ca nv as ! ap pl yi ng gl as s to pr e- pa r al l sk ill le ve ls ! fo e bl ita su e ar es ss la C e! A ge s 6- 96 ar e w el co m us ! B re ak so m e gl as s w ith


Try us out!!

% 0 1 E SAV

0A n SAVE 3 o ti n e m r 17, o s_club_20save some $$$! Offer valid on Classes only id k : e d o Offer expires: Aug 31, 2017 nline C in the shop to Cannot be combined with other offers. Use this O


nly 17


A Former Teacher's Tips For Keeping Kids On A


By Ashley Smith

here's only one person who looks forward to summer more than your children: their teacher.

As a former teacher, I can tell you, when we finally ring in those two glorious months of beach days and sleeping in late, we want to do it right. That's why so many of us plan a summer schedule for our own kids. I've done the "no rules, no problem" approach to summer, and while it's nice for the first week of barely noticing what day it is and watching movies 'round the clock, that pattern soon turns to cries of "Mom, we're bored," and truthfully, I was too. A few years ago, I nixed the complaints by setting a summer schedule that wasn't rigid but gave our days the comfort of routine. The key to having a great summer, I learned, is preparation. For a well-balanced schedule of recreation and relaxation, check out these tips:

1 . P R E P YOUR S UM M ER P L A N S N OW As my dad used  to say (and still does), "Proper planning prevents poor performance." So gather the kids and plan your summer bucket list before the school year ends. Write down all of the things you want to do this summer, perhaps a picnic in the park, kayaking, an ice cream brunch, then prioritize that list. The more ideas the kids come up with, the more invested they'll be in those activities once summer arrives.  2 . C HART YO UR CO UR S E   If there is one thing a teacher knows the value of, it's a good chart. Visibility is vital; if your plans aren't staring you in the face daily, your best laid plans will get laid aside. So create two charts: one for at home activities, the other for day trips. These trips don't have to be expensive or involved. In fact, I recommend searching free activities in the area to build buzz with your little ones about what they'll be doing. A few ideas from our former charts include the Coastal Library Lego Club, Baytowne's family night and Wednesday night concert series, The Hub's family movie night, and the First Friday ArtWalk--all free and all perfect for kids to get out of the house and expel pent up energy. 

12 pm - Lunch 1 pm - Outdoor hobbies  2 pm - Nap (for younger ones)/Computer time for older kids A note: When my kids were in the toddler years, I also liked to keep a few creative ideas handy to get them started during playtime:   Have the kids collect leaves, flowers, and twigs and group them together to learn more about coastal nature. -Budding Botanist:

-Recycling Roundup: That

juice box can be recycled. Are the lights in empty rooms turned off? Set the kids on a mission to preserve resources. -Pillow Fort: Who

doesn't love a fort? Let the kids drape their blankets over a couple of chairs and invite the whole stuffed animal brigade in for an imaginary expedition. 3 . M OD I F Y AS N E E D E D Kids' ages will dictate how detailed their schedule needs to be. Older kids will likely want more input in their schedule, and to include time for friends, outings, and technology. For toddlers and pre-schoolers who aren't yet at an age to read the schedule, use pictures to signify each part of the day, and a clock to display the time. Breakfast might be an image of a berry-topped waffle, for example. This avoids tantrums because a child's demand of "But I want it now!” can be met with a simple, "What does the chart say?" With a little preparation, all that's left is a summer of fun with your family.

Meanwhile, your at-home schedule might look something like this: 9 am - Breakfast  9:30 am - Free play 10:30 am - Summer reading  30A Kids Club Magazine



Sunglasses provide

protection for your eyes and add a little bit of style to your look. Know what to look for when buying sunglasses for your kids.

Are sunglasses fashionable or healthy? An optometrist weighs in. A Q&A with Dr. Lan O'Donnell. Q. Do sunglasses protect your eyes during the summer? 

A: Yes, sunglasses do protect your eyes during the summer from harmful UV rays on the same level that it damages your skin.  Moreover, it causes pinguecula, the yellowing “calluses” and pterygium at the horizontal positions of the white part of the eye (the conjunctiva). In laymen's terms, the white of your eyes yellow over time with excessive sun exposure without the protection of sunglasses.  Finally, extra precaution should be taken after LASIK to protect your corneas for the rest of your life. 

Q. Should contact lens wearers still need them?  A: Contact lens wearer still need to wear UV-blocking sunglasses. 

Q. Does cloudy weather matter?

A: Yes, during cloudy weather the sun’s rays can pass through the clouds to cause damage to your eyes. 

Q. How do UV rays damage the eye?

A. UV rays increase the risk of eye disease, including 70

30A Kids Club Magazine

cataracts, macular degeneration and cancer. There are two types of UV rays that can harm your sight: UV-A rays can cause damage to your central vision. UV-B rays can damage the cornea and lens on the front of your eye. Children should wear sunglasses when outside. Sun exposure adds up day after day, and it happens every time you are in the sun.

Q. Does the sun reflecting off the white sand cause additional harm in some way? A. Yes, the reflections from the sand can inflict damage onto the eyes. They are generally at their highest and most dangerous levels during peak sun hours, usually between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Q. If sunglasses really do help, what are the best kinds to look for?

A. The marketplace is full of great options. I always recommend my patients look for sunglasses that offer UVA and UVB-blocking, sunglasses that are labeled “100 percent UV" and avoid sunglasses that claim to reduce the glare while not referencing UV protection.  The goal is for sunglasses to block 99% to even 100% of UVA and UVB rays.  The label or sticker on the lens should help you make a buying decision.  If there is no label, then assume the sunglasses provide no UV protection.  Look for labels that say “UV absorption up to 400 nm” or “Meets ANSI UVRequirements” which indicates the sunglasses block at least 99% of UV rays. Watch out for red flag words like “cosmetic” on labels that only protect against 70% of UV rays.  Dr. Lan O'Donnell, with the O’Donnell Eye Institute, is a licensed Optometrist. The Eye Institute offers pediatric exams and sells more than 100 brands of sunglasses.


COSMETICS | IMPLANTS • Dental Implants

• Dental Cleanings

• Six Month Smiles Orthodontics

• Periodontal Gum Treatments

• Cosmetic Dentistry (Veneers/Whitening)

• Occulusal Splints/ Athletic Gueards

• Extractions

• TMJ Treatments

• Root Canals

• Dentures

• Tooth Covered Fillings

• Botox/Dermal Fillers

• Crown and Bridge

850-622-2226 | | 2441 Hwy 98 W, Ste. 107 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Sunscreen 101 Wellness

ashley smith shares everything you need to know. Wearing sunscreen is a no-brainer, but knowing which products to choose and which to avoid requires a bit more information. No worries (those cause frown lines), just take the 30A Kids Club crash course in everything sun care:

product from an aerosol can or bottle may become flammable—not a risk you want to take if you’re going from an afternoon swim to a beach bonfire.

History of Sunscreen

Sunscreen’s shelf life depends primarily on how it is stored. If kept at optimum conditions in a cool, dry place, sunscreen can last for three years and maintain its potency. Over time, however, the compounds in sunscreen breakdown: first the emulsifier, then the active ingredients. This means you should check the bottle’s expiration date and toss it if it has expired. Sometimes sunscreen can become ineffective or lose potency before the expiration date if it’s stored in beach bags or left in hot cars, which cause the ingredients to degrade more rapidly—within six months to a year. In that event, buy a new bottle of sunscreen each year.

For centuries, people protected themselves from the sun’s rays by coating their skin in mixtures of oil, clay, and mud, but sunscreen as we know it wasn’t invented until the early 20th century. Introduced in the 1930s, it later underwent top secret military research. As a matter of skin health, sunscreen was marketed to the general public in the 1960s; however, breakthroughs in UVA and UVB protection didn’t occur until the 1980s.

What to Look For Sunscreen protects you from the sun in one of two ways: it blocks and reflects light, or absorbs it. Mineral compounds, sometimes labeled as inorganic compounds, block and reflect light—the two most common being zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Organic compounds (more accurately called chemical compounds) absorb and scatter UV rays to prevent sun damage, and are typically listed as oxybenzone and avobenzone. Your best option is to check the ingredients label for sunscreens that provide both types of coverage, and are labeled “broad spectrum.”

Who Needs Sunscreen + How Often Everyone. Yep, that means you, and you, and you with the sun-kissed complexion and tan that lasts all year. No matter how bronzed your skin, you still need sunscreen, preferably 15-30 minutes before going outside. And despite what some labels boast, sunscreen needs to be re-applied every two hours. Within a couple of hours, the active ingredients have either washed away or have been absorbed.

What to Avoid While spray-on sunscreens are a huge hit thanks to application ease, they are hit-or-miss when it comes to protection. With wriggling kids anxious to jump in the water, chances are they’re dotted in a light mist rather than coated in sunscreen. Plus, any spray-on 72

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How Long Is Sunscreen Effective

What we Love Butterbean Organics makes the list, boasting a number one ranking with the Environmental Working Group (we featured Butterbean Organics in the March issue). Plus, the company was founded by local Mom-preneur Summer Brown who uses only unrefined products, including beeswax, neem oil, vitamin E, shea butter and non-nano sized particle zinc oxide. For sensitive or rash-prone skin, 30A Kids Club photographer Jade Lott gives Blue Lizard Sunscreen her personal stamp of approval. “It’s the only thing I’ve found that doesn’t cause a rash for my little one” she said. Publisher Susan Vallee prefers rash guards and hats for her boys and either Butterbean Organics or Badger Balm for their faces, ears, legs and feet. She also avoids going to the beach or pool between the hours of noon and 2 pm (when the sun is strongest). “Melanoma took the life of my nephew several years ago,” she said. “It sounds overprotective to buy rash guards, hats and slather on sunscreen for an hour at the beach, but it may very well be a life or death issue for you or your child one day. It only takes a few minutes to protect the skin. Once you get in the habit it becomes part of the summer routine.”

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Don’t be afraid to enroll babies in a swim class. Little ones can learn to hold their breath, float and reach for the side of the pool. Drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 5 and younger.


Watch, Stop & Learn

Three Ways to Keep Kids Safe + Tips to Prevent Drownings


ere in Florida, the leading cause of death for children ages 5 and younger is drowning. Drowning is not loud. Victims do not call out for help or splash loudly. It is silent and takes only one minute. The Florida Department of Health recommends having multiple barriers in place to ensure safety: 1 ) S U P E RVI S I O N What happens when you’re at a friend’s house for a barbecue? Everyone is talking and having a 74

30A Kids Club Magazine

great time, but is anyone focused on watching the kids in the pool? Designate a “water watcher” at your next get-together and rotate the responsibility. 2 ) P H YS ICAL BARRI E RS Door alarms, pool gates and childproof locks keep your kids safe when you’re loading the dishwasher, cooking dinner or answering a phone call. Remember, it only takes one minute to drown. 3 ) L EA R N C P R Hopefully you’ll never have to use this important skill. Did you know the

Red Cross offers online CPR courses? Go to to sign up. You don’t even have to leave your house to learn how to save a life. 4 ) SWI M L E SSON S Children can learn basic floating skills before they learn to walk. Emphasize floating and getting to the side of the pool before focusing on actual swimming skills. Knowing how to stay safe if they fall into the pool is far more important than doing the backstroke.


Local Events



(M AY 1 - J ULY 5 )




GRAND BOULEVARD ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival

Saturday, May 13-14 10am-7pm Grand Boulevard The 29th annual ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival takes place May 13-14 at Grand Boulevard. ArtsQuest provides an opportunity to view and purchase original art from over 200 artists from around the country while also experiencing live musical entertainment, ImagiNation (where kids rule), student exhibits and great food & beverage options in the Town Center of Grand Boulevard at Sandestin.

SANDESTIN Sandestin Luau

Every Tuesday from May 2 - July 4 6-8:30pm Baytowne Marina Every Tuesday from May through July, come to Baytowne Marina for an evening of fun for the whole family at the Sandestin Luau! Enjoy delicious Hawaiian cuisine from 6-8 pm, live music, bonfire, limbo contest, magic show, face painting, bounce house, parrot meet and greet, and much more! After enjoying the music, food and fun, cap off the evening with an amazing fireworks

display over the Choctawhatchee Bay. Tickets are available at Events/29299/2017-sandestinluau

Baytowne Wednesday Night Concert Series

Every Wednesday May 3 -24 7-9pm The Village of Baytowne Wharf Come out for a free concert in the Baytowne Events Plaza and enjoy the talents of local and regional artists every week throughout the year. Free and open to the public.

Sunday Cinema

Every Sunday May 21 - Aug. 6 8pm Events Plaza Lawn, The Village at Baytowne Wharf Grab a lawn chair and blanket and cozy up on the Events Plaza Lawn for a featured film.

Boomin’ Tuesday

Every Tuesday May 23 - Aug. 1 7-9:30pm Events Plaza, Baytowne, Sandestin Enjoy lawn games and inflatables in the Events Plaza. Then put your eyes on the sky and watch as we light up the night sky with a breathtaking fireworks show over the Lagoon at 9:15pm.

Wednesday Night Concerts at Baytowne

HydroFlight Monday Every Monday, May 22 Aug. 1 6:30 & 7:30pm Baytowne Wharf, Sandestin Set your eyes on the sky as you enjoy fly-board extraordinary Ben Merrell over the Baytowne Lagoon. Watch as he soars to the sky and makes waves at Baytowne Wharf.

Every Wednesday Night, May 24 - Aug. 1 7pm Event Plaza Lawn, Baytowne, Sandestin Enjoy live music & musicians to entertain all.

Magical Thursday at Baytowne Every Thursday Night, May 25 - Aug. 1 7 & 8pm Events Plaza Lawn, Baytowne, Sandestin Enjoy two magic shows with our featured pirate Captain Davy and watch as he takes center stage!

TOPSAIL PARK Geocaching Around Topsail Every Wednesday May 3 - August 9am to 2pm

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Get outdoors with this fun geocache program. Visitors check in at the Camp Store and pick up a geocache packet. This activity will take you to various points throughout the Preserve. Note: the hiking and biking trails are easy to moderate in difficulty, some are paved, sand and gravel, or hard pack. Geocachers are free to take a treasure, or “swag” (except the logbook, pencil, or stamp) from the cache in exchange for leaving something of similar or higher value behind. Enter the park through the main gate and park staff will direct you to the Camp Store. You will need a GPS or a smart phone capable with GPS. Park entrance fee applies.

Family Challenge Saturdays Every Saturday May 6, 2017 - August 9am-2pm

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Each Saturday of the month We invite visitors to come and participate in our “Geocache Topsail & Topsail Photo Scavenger Hunt” programs. You may choose to do one or both programs and return to the camp store to pick up a surprise at the end of your visit. Enter the park through the main gate and park staff will direct you to the camp store to pick up your

30A Kids Club Magazine


program packets, you will need a gps or a smart phone capable of gps as well as a camera or smart phone for pictures.

Breakfast with a Ranger

Saturday, May 13 9am Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Join the Rangers of Topsail Hill for a full service breakfast where visitors will learn about the history and wildlife of the park and ask the rangers all the questions you have been dying to ask. To cover the cost of food, please bring a donation which goes to the Friends of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park ($5/ adult and $3/child).

Breakfast with a Ranger

Saturday, June 10 9am Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Come out for Breakfast with a Ranger. Join the Rangers of Topsail Hill for a full service breakfast where visitors will learn about the history and wildlife of the park and ask the rangers all the questions you have been dying to ask. To cover the cost of food, please bring a donation which goes to the Friends of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park ($5/adult and $3/ child).

GULF PLACE Gulfplace Sunday Concert Series

Every Sunday May 28 - August 5-8pm Gulfplace Amphitheater Lawn Each week will feature a different local or regional band, ranging in genres. Performances will be appropriate for attendees of all ages. Concerts are free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs and blankets to enjoy the concert on the amphitheater lawn.


30A Kids Club Magazine

GRAYTON BEACH Grayton Beach 4th of July Parade

Tuesday, July 4 (Line up at 8 am) 8:30am The Red Bar Come join in the fun for the annual July 4th parade in the wonderful and funky town of Grayton Beach. Line up at The Red Bar starts at 8am, with the parade starting at 8:30 am. Decorate your cars, jeeps, boats, bikes, scooters, etc. No registration needed and everyone is welcome! Get your popsicles, watermelon and lemonade at the end of the parade.

WATERCOLOR Movie in the Park at Watercolor

Every Thursday from May 25 - June 29, sunset Marina Park Join us for a family movie in the park! Bring your blankets and chairs to Marina Park in WaterColor to enjoy a movie under the stars. Complimentary.

Memorial Day Weekend Concert at Watercolor Sunday, May 28 5-8pm Marina Park Bring a blanket or chair to Marina Park and listen to some great music. Sit back and relax, or dance the night away to some oldies and new favorites. Complimentary.

Easy on 30A Concert Monday, July 3 6-10pm Marina Park at Watercolor Stop by Marina Park to celebrate July 4th with music and dancing for a great cause. This year’s concert will benefit Alaqua Animal Refuge, Lighthouse Family Ministries and the Muscogee Nation in Bruce. Enjoy live music, plus a silent auction, raffles, and much more!

Fourth of July Fireworks at Watercolor

Tuesday, July 4th 9pm Watercolor Beach Make your way down to WaterColor Beach to see a fantastic July 4th Fireworks show. Fireworks will be shot off over the Gulf of Mexico, and will last approximately 20 minutes.

SEASIDE Seaside Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday 8am-12pm Seaside Amphitheater The Seaside Farmers Market takes place in the Seaside Amphitheater every Saturday rain or shine! Live music takes place in the middle of it all and everyone enjoys strolling Central Square in the morning hours with a coffee or mimosa. Airstream Row is just next to the market as well as many shops, restaurants and places to sit and watch the town go by.

Seaside Dance Festival

May 5-7 Seaside Amphitheater The Merchants of Seaside will host professional dancers from around the country for a weekend of performances and a movie night.

Seaside Children’s Theater Performance

Every Monday May 22 - Aug. 14 6:30pm Seaside Amphitheater Join the REP for a magical children’s theater performance. Enjoy an educational and entertaining experience for kids of all ages!

Memorial Day Weekend Kick Off at Seaside

May 26-27 Seaside Amphitheater Kick off the summer with Seaside’ Memorial Day Weekend Festivities. Movie night on Friday night followed by a concert on Saturday night.

Seaside Farmer’s Market

Every Tuesday May 30 - August 8am-12pm Seaside Amphitheater Enjoy and additional day of the Seaside Farmers Market! The Seaside Farmers Market takes place in the Seaside Amphitheater every Saturday rain or shine! Live music takes place in the middle of it all and everyone enjoys strolling Central Square in the morning hours with a coffee or mimosa. Airstream Row is just next to the market as well as many shops, restaurants and places to sit and watch the town go by.

Summer Concert Series at Seaside

Every Wednesday May 31 - July 26 7pm Seaside Amphitheater Celebrate the summer season with your friends and neighbors as we welcome the sounds of some of the region’s top musical acts to Seaside. Music will fill Central Square and entertain guests of all ages.

Central Square Cinema

Every Friday from June 2 -August 25, 2017, 8pm Seaside Amphitheater Grab your blankets and head to the Amphitheater for a family movie under the stars. Enjoy a great variety of films during this yearlong series.

Stories By The Sea

Every Monday - Friday June 5 - Aug. 14 4pm Solomon Square, Seaside Join The REP Actors as they present a free, one-of-a-kind storytelling experience for children of all ages. Each day will offer a new story and there might even be opportunities for your participation. Free for all ages!

Huck & Lilly Concert Every Tuesday June 6 - Aug. 29 6pm Seaside Amphitheater

Events Fun filled characters and music for kids and the grown ups who love them!

Patriotic Pops Concert

Monday, July 3 7:30pm Seaside Amphitheater Join the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra for a Stars & Stripes music performance on the Amphitheater stage!

South Walton 4th of July Parade

Tuesday, July 4 8am Seagrove Plaza to Seaside Join your friends and neighbors for the annual July 4th Parade down Scenic Highway 30-A and concluding in Seaside with even more fun.! The parade begins in Seagrove Beach and travels down 30A, ending in Seaside. After the parade, stick around for the awards presentation, face painting and other fun all around this favorite SoWal beach town. It is the perfect way to kick off your Independence Day!

4th of July Celebration at Seaside

Tuesday, July 4 7pm Fireworks at 8:30pm Seaside Amphitheater Make sure to reserve your spot on the lawn for a festive performance followed by an unbelievable fireworks finale! Make sure to grab your seat on the lawn early, as space fills up quickly for this festive event.

SANTA ROSA BEACH From Shelves to Shores at Coastal Branch Library

Saturday, May 13 10-11:00am Coastal Branch Library The Coastal Branch Library in South Walton will host the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance to provide a fun, hands-on activity for children of all ages! Activities will include growing Spartina alterniflora in salt marsh nurseries and learning about the Choctawhatchee Bay. For more information please

contact Amanda Briant at (850) 200-4168.

Mother’s Day Garden Tour & Shrimp Boil

Sunday, May 14 9am-12:30pm Eden Gardens State Park Treat your mom to some fine food, fun and adventure on her special day. Tour Tucker Bayou by Hydrobike then enjoy Grayton Beach Catering’s famous Low Country Boil at Eden Gardens State Park. A tour of the historic Wesley House will follow lunch. Lunch includes shrimp, andouille, corn, potatoes and cocktail sauce. Dessert will be a variety of baby cakes from Sweet Henrietta’s. Water and tea are also provided. Please book by noon on Saturday, May 13. $90 adults, $65 under 12, $30 under 8, $65 Adult nonrider Please note: You will need to pay a $5 per car entry fee to Eden Gardens State Park. Cash or check is accepted at the State Park.

THE HUB 30A Family Movie Night at the Hub

Every Wednesday May 3 -31 6pm The Hub 30A Every Wednesday throughout the summer, bring the whole family out to Movie Night at The Hub. Movies are shown on the jumbotron on the events stage. Free and open to everyone. Come sit outdoors on comfy chairs and enjoy.

Cinco de Mayo

Friday, May 5 3:30-9pm The Hub Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at The Hub. Live music with Mike Whitty & Friends in the afternoon and then later in the evening with Dread Clampitt. It's going to be a blast with great food, drink, and giveaways!

ALYS BEACH Digital Graffiti Festival

Friday, May 19-21 (All day) Alys Beach opens its doors,

courtyards, and pedestrian paths to innovative artists who transform the entire resort town into a living work of art during Digital Graffiti. The juried festival explores ways in which art, design and technology interact with the distinctive architecture of Alys Beach to create new forms of expression.

twists and turns thrown into the mix! Winning team gets $100 to spend in their favorite shops and eateries in Rosemary Beach! All ages welcome!

Sinfonia Goes Pop

Every Thursday May 4 - June 29 6-9pm 30Avenue Join the fun at 30Avenue on the green with exciting live music. The concert series takes place every week under the palms. Take it easy on the green while enjoying the music of the area's top artists.

Sunday, May 28 7:30pm Alys Beach Amphitheatre Enjoy the orchestral sounds of Sinfonia Gulf Coast under the palm trees in the Alys Beach Amphitheatre. Free and open to the public. Fireworks to follow. Bring blankets and low-back chairs. Food and beverages available for purchase.

30Avenue Thursday Night Concert Series


Alys Beach 4th of July Concert

Summer Concert Series at Pier Park

Tuesday, July 4 6–9pm Alys Beach Amphitheater Join us for a night of live music by Bucktown Allstars. Fireworks show to follow. Food and drink available for purchase.

Every Thursday, June 15 - Aug. 10 Aaron Bessant Park at Pier Park Come out and join us for a free concert in the park every Thursday at Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the sounds of summer music! Coolers, food and pets are welcome.

ROSEMARY BEACH Rosemary Beach Farmer’s Market

Star Spangled Spectacular

Every Sunday 8am-1pm North Barrett Square Come browse the 30A Farmers Market in Rosemary Beach. The local farmers market takes place on Sundays year round in North Barrett Square along Scenic 30A. Stroll under the trees in this beautiful park setting and visit with farmers, makers and bakers.

The Amazing Rosemary Race! (Scavenger Hunt)


Friday, May 5 10am-2:30pm South Barrett Square, Rosemary Beach Partner up with family or friends and get ready to explore all Rosemary Beach has to offer. You will be given a series of clues, tasks and instructions that will take you through an “amazing” race around town. Much like a scavenger hunt but with a few

Tuesday, July 4 9pm Pier Park Join us in celebrating Independence Day with the largest fireworks display on the Gulf Coast! We'll have dueling fireworks from the City (RussellFields) and County (MBMiller) Piers. Tune into our partner radio stations Kick'n 103.5, BOB FM 105.1 or Hot 107.9 to enjoy the live music simulcast presented by Powell Broadcasting. The best place for viewing is right on the beach so be sure to bring your beach chairs and enjoy the Star Spangled Spectacular Fireworks Show.

30A Kids Club Magazine


Lasting Moments

Pancake party Celebration inspiration to help make everyday moments a little more magical.


30A Kids Club Magazine

Event Design: Wish by April // Photos: Jade Lott Photography // Cake: Holy Cakes // Banner: Copy Systems Business Center // Linens: Destin Wedding Linens

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