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November 2011



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Email from the Editor

Hello gorgeous, As you may have noticed, this month we‘re celebrating Movember. It‘s a time to grow a moustache (if you can) and raise awareness about men‘s health issues. Specifically prostate cancer and depression. You can find out more about Movember at, or just google it, you lazy person. If you are a man, do remember to go and get your man-parts checked out by a qualified professional. It could save your life! In the meantime, see if you can find all the moustaches in this issue! (There‘s no prize, just something to do if you get bored.) byeeeee

Renée Renée Editor-in-chief

Concept, design & layout

Tate Tatsen Pontifex Maximus Nice drawings

Shameless self-promotion We have a band!

Quiz 3000 Statistics!! october 2011 Number of teams: 13 Winning team: Consol Losing team: Besserwisser

coolest handwriting

best halloween-themed

(and nice eye drawing):

page decoration:


cosmo kramer

just the rudest team ever (shame on you!): fritzi and the fancy fuckers

Stories From Bobhoskinsworld


You have to understand, dear reader, that in Bobhoskinsworld there is not much else other than Bob Hoskins, therefore all the moustaches are always the same size. Apart from that though, Bobhoskinsworld is a beautiful place of equal opportunity for everyone.

halloween quiz photos

best single costume!

the Winning team!

winner of the loser prize!

More exciting pictures in the next edition of 3000 things magazine!

best group costume!

Quiz 3000 Q & A with...



his month we caught up with the Consol team and asked them some questions. Here‘s what they said.

How are you? Most excellent, dude! How did you come up with the name Consol? The original five team members worked for the Austrian video game magazine Consol.AT. So we came up with this incredible team name. Cool, eh? Why is your team the best team? Everyone in our team has his or her own special interests and so we can provide a large variety of useless knowledge ‌ and then there are also people who just sit there and try to look pretty.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future of humankind? The biggest dream would be to finally hit 88 miles per hour. That‘s gonna be some serious shit! What was your favorite Quiz 3000 moment? We have plenty of favorite moments during the Quiz 3000 sessions. Mostly when Mischa and Fatih try to answer a nasty music question and the answer seems so fucking close … yeah, it‘s mostly just one Tequila shot round away! After winning the Quiz 3000, what do you feel is your next goal? I‘m afraid there is no higher goal to achieve. Winning the Quiz 3000 is the dream of every little boy or girl. We did it, now we just wait until life is over. How hard is it to grow a moustache? Pretty hard; patience is the key. But there‘s also the easy way: permanent marker! Who is your favorite moustache-wearer? Of course our very own special moustache team member Mischa! …and Johnny Depp. Is there something you‘ve always wanted to say in a free magazine that only about five people will ever read? The cake is a lie, seriously!

PRETENSION SECTION Poetry schmoetry Moustache Tiny little hairs Between your nose And your lip When you shave All around Do be careful Not to trip Round your stache Don‘t be brash Or you‘ll get A shaving rash So take care With your hair Or your lip Will soon be bare.

Street Style Name: Bonzo Age: 12 Occupation: Half-person How would you describe your style? I‘m all over the place, but mostly hip hop. And I‘m a FIEND for sneakers.

Name: Laverne Age: 37 Occupation: Theoretical Astrophysicist How would you describe your style? I guess kinda preppy/girly/vintage/ trendy and a little crazy. I know you‘re thinking “How is that possible?“ but it is.



3000 Things Magazine - Movember Special  

The third issue of the 3000 Things Magazine, concerning everything by 3000 Things from The Quiz 3000 to Criminaly Vulgar parties. Movember S...

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