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Take it Up a Notch. We know that as you design Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Fast Casual environments, you’re always looking for ways to provide fresh, relevant architectural and interior space designs. You want to blur those lines between QSR and a more upscale dining experience. The challenge is to find materials that are durable and able to withstand the beating they take in a high-traffic atmosphere while maintaining a high-end look. 3form offers a vast array of aesthetics that can help establish brand identity while translating a rich design ethos to the QSR realm. 3form products are sustainable, scalable, and offer greater design flexibility than traditional materials. Add in the capabilities of our Fabrication, Light Design and Standards departments, and you’ve got a perfect storm of design for the world of QSR and Fast Casual.

CATCH THE EYE entries and foyers


SET THE MOOD the whole environment


MANAGE THE SPACE partitions & more


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CATCH THE EYE Draw people in like a beacon. Competition is fierce, with only seconds to capture the hungry eyes of a fickle clientele.





Project – A&W Firm – II by IV Design Material – Varia Ecoresin® | HighRes, Struttura® | Fizz + Root Location – Toronto, ON, Canada Photography – Stephane Groleau



location: Keswick, ON, Canada | photography: Chico Schel

Seattle’s Best Chadbourne + Doss Architects solution:

Chroma® Cranberry 3form value:

Establish a brand identity using with an iconic architectural feature Seattle’s Best coffee wanted to reinvent their brand - employing fresh thinking to create a new image. Located in a busy Walmart, designers sought to find a way to create an iconic brand expression with simple, bold lines and color. Chroma quickly emerged as a client favorite. “The tactile component is important – Chroma is great to touch and feel,” said Daren Doss of Chadbourne + Doss Architects.

The Chroma acts as part of the signage and is also an architectural piece. Signage is usually applied to a space in a two-dimensional fashion, but Doss took it to the next dimension. “We wanted to envelop the customer in the brand,” he said. “In this design, 3form is a continuous spatial element – the Chroma works as an organizational element and draws the customer in, providing a theater of experience for the customer and the barista.” The best part of Seattle’s Best? The final installation was identical to the rendering – a perfect case of 3form helping to make a designer’s vision become reality.



“The goal is to break out of the box and do something different — to efficiently express the brand identity through architecture.” – Daren Doss, Chadbourne + Doss Architects


Material – Chroma® | Cranberry + White Out, Vitamin C + White Out Location – Venice, CA Photography – Verdego Design


Material – Chroma® | Cranberry Location – Laval, QC, Canada Photography – Normand Dion


Jody Maroni VERDEGO DESIGN LLC + Bernstein Zubieta Architects in collaboration with Venice Retail Design Group Add a touch of class to an establishment with colorful lit Chroma in Cranberry.

Le Smart Burger Dimarco Ferrao Design Inc. Recognized with a Maple Leaf Gold Award in the area of Retail Store Design in the 2010 International Council of Shopping Centers awards. Its key feature makes use of 3form Chroma in Cranberry.

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Bloom Lime, Linea Vert Location – Napa, CA Photography – Joel Rarr

Three Twins Organics Group 41 Infuse with light and color.

Material – Trace Bone, Honed Location – Toronto, ON, Canada Photography – Stephane Groleau


Fresh Fast Foods Giannone Petricone Architects Bring the beauty of stone to a space.



location: Solano Mall, Fairfield, CA | photography: Cesar Rubio Photography

Taco Bell YUM! Brands Express | Architecture & Engineering solution:

Chroma® Mai Tai x2 + Marigold + Ivory 3form value:

The boldest, best look with lit elements and brand colors Taco Bell, in non-traditional development, needed to make a simple, bold statement with real impact. Unlike free-standing restaurants that customers have to travel to for comparison shopping, food court restaurants must compete side-by-side with other food options. This head-tohead battle for the hungry requires a clean, eye-catching approach. Taco Bell Express made use of a limited number of major elements in the design, but made sure those elements were showstopping head-turners that could draw in a customer in an instant.

“3form has a great-looking product that meets our strictest landlord criteria for high design locations,” said Amberlee Sales, designer for YUM! Express. “It provides a solid punch, meets the branding requirements of Taco Bell, and the luminosity helps achieve the visibility required in the mall environment.”



“A mall setting is highly competitive. Customers don’t have to drive from place to place; they can just turn their head to make a decision. So you really need something to turn their head in your direction.” – Amberlee Sales, YUM! Brands Express | Architecture & Engineering


Material – Struttura® Fizz + Cranberry Hardware – Shapes Location – Spokane, WA Photography – Explosive Illusions, Shawn Toner

Arby’s Casablanca Design Group

These Struttura ceiling features bring a whimsical aspect to this space, and inspired a new 3form® Ready to Go solution (Plane, 400.15.03).

Establish a brand identity with bold colors.

Material – Chroma® | Cranberry Location – Chamblee, GA Photography – Casablanca Design Group


Legacy Landing WAG Spokane


SET THE MOOD Blur the lines to a more upscale experience. Bring high design to bear in the QSR space.


Project – TEC Urban Eatery Firm – GHA Material – Chroma® Cobalt + Reflect Location – Toronto, ON, Canada Photography – Stephane Groleau

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Strata Water, Eiderdown Location – Minneapolis, MI Photography – HCM Architects

Speed and convenience doesn’t mean sacrificing an elegant experience.


Skol Cafe HCM Architects


3form Light Design As the pioneer of eco-friendly translucent materials, 3form understands the unique challenges of lighting resin panels. 3form Light Design combines art and science to offer specialized service from initial consultation to final installation.


Hot Spud Martinkovic Milford Architects solution:

Wovin Wall | C3 colors, Chill Polyresin, White Oak 3form value:

Ready to Go: bang-for-the-buck, eye-catching, easy to install Hot Spud specializes in gourmet baked “jacket” potatoes. This unique establishment needed a design approach that reflected the type of food served, and provided an upscale feel to complement the natural, organic menu items. Martinkovic Milford Architects saw the potential for what Wovin Wall would bring to the project. “Wovin Wall is customizable to a space, so it’s great for expanding to additional locations while maintaining a theme,” project manager Chris Williams stated. “It has a richness and three-dimensionality you don’t get with basic laminates and its built-in, architectural nature creates a more striking effect than simply hanging artwork.” The Wovin Wall helped achieve the branding and design continuity throughout the space – providing vibrant, fresh, whimsical C3 colors inspired by the food itself (crisp baked skins and a colorful assortment of toppings) and shapes reminiscent of potatoes.

location: Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA | photography: Chagrud McAndrews Photo

“The Wovin Wall was very appealing to the designers and the client because it required no special skilled workers to install.” – Chris Williams, Martinkovic Milford Architects

wovin wall by

Pizza Nova Blue Motif Provide richness and depth in a fast casual space.

3form Studio | Parametre速 Create innovative spaces with lightweight and expandable Parametre速 3D-textile systems. Made of 100% non-woven polyester, this easy-to-install flexible textile can be used as partitions, window treatments, dividers, ceilings, and more.

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Tiger Thatch + Marigold, Parametre | Hexa Terra Location – San Diego, CA Photography – Sasha Neilsen



Material – Wovin Wall | White Gloss Location – Chamblee, GA Photography – Casablanca Design Group

wovin wall by

Arby’s Chamblee, GA Transform a space - simplicity with an impact.

3form Studio | Wovin Wall Wovin Wall is a modular system which can be extended in any direction to suit most spaces. Its modular nature makes it the perfect medium to reflect new color schemes, product launches or seasonal changes.


Material – Ripple Wall | Petal + Bewitched + Ghost [shadow: Indigo + Black Cherry + Ghost], Shapes: Varia Ecoresin | Diva, Petal + Bewitched, Indigo + Black Cherry Location – White Plains, NY Photography – Caryn Leigh Photography


ripple wall by

3form Studio | Ripple Wall™ Ripple Wall opens up a whole new design paradigm, offering flowing lines in an easy-to-install configuration with a variety of finish options. “Shadow Tiles” peek from behind the Ripple tiles, adding an element of surprising depth.

Delicious Licks Frozen Yogurt Design Development PLLC Make waves with easy-to-install Ripple Wall.




location: San Diego, CA | photography: Ramsay Photography

Burger Lounge studioMYID solution:

Varia Ecoresin® Zebrano Slipmatch, Chroma® Vitamin C, Chroma Ghost 3form value:

Sustainably responsible materials with long-lasting durability Burger Lounge offers a more upscale dining experience than the traditional hamburger joint. With healthy, fresh menu items, the establishment strives to provide an atmosphere that is a step up from the ordinary. Designers were challenged with creating a fresh, unique experience for

guests, to match the good healthy food offered. Melissa Young of studioMYID knew she could rely on 3form to meet the needs of this project. “3form has performed consistently throughout these fast casual installations. It’s easy to work with – we can design creative modifications for each location while maintaining brand continuity.” Young calls 3form “unexpected, indestructible, and interesting to the guests.” The green aspect of 3form materials aligns well with the client’s ethos of offering healthy and responsible choices.



“3form surfaces are almost bulletproof ­­— perfect for high-traffic environments like service countertops, beverage stations and table tops.” – Melissa Young, studioMYID

Material – Chroma® XT Ghost Location – La Jolla, CA Photography – Ramsay Photography


Art Gallery of Ontario Frank Gehry Group Material – Chroma® Reflect + Cranberry, Vitamin C, Grass, Cobalt, Sable, Surf Location – Chamblee, GA Photography – Tom Bonner Photography

Mixt Greens Michael Guthrie & Company Material – 100 Percent® | Snowmelt, Chroma | Renew (benches) Location – San Francisco, CA Photography – Rachel Valley

Burger Lounge Studio MYID


The table is where it all happens — the surface should be durable and appealing.


MANAGE THE SPACE Partitions and more. Divide areas with translucent features in a Fast Casual environment to meet a variety of dining needs.



Project – Berry Plastics Firm – Hafer Associates Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Connection Repose + Monsoon, Connection Envy + Moss Hardware – Suspend Location – Evansville, Indiana Photography – Jack Faber, Hafer Associates Project – Arby’s Firm – Casablanca Design Group Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Connection Passion Location – Chamblee, GA Photography – Casablanca Design Group

Material – Varia Ecoresin® | OJ, Bliss x3, Vapor, Sassy, Marigold Location – Brooklyn, NY Photography – Caryn Leigh

“There is a need for more versatile spaces — not just to dine and dash, but to savor and linger — a multi-purpose space to work, to congregate and to converse, in addition to just consuming food.” – Lazar D. Kesic, AIA, OMNI Architects

Bring an unexpected burst of color and translucency to any area.


Brooklyn College Cafe OMNI Architects


Casablanca Design Group Privacy, light transmission, and an organic aesthetic all in one. Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Bear Grass Photography – Casablanca Territory Manager

Casablanca Design Group Create secluded spaces with colorful, sustainable Varia Ecoresin. Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Mango Photography – Casablanca Territory Manager

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Jackson National Life Gresham Smith & Partners Enhance your client’s brand with endless material options including color, texture, and modular partitions.

3form Studio | Ditto™ Play with structure, shape and light with Ditto — a revolutionary modular product that uses cross-shaped pieces designed to work together to create customizable partitions, wall features and art pieces. Ditto features the high design flexibility of 3form Varia Ecoresin and the low impact of 40% pre-consumer recycled content.


Material – Varia Ecoresin® | Connection Pure + Surf, Ditto™ | Ghost Hardware – Suspend, Versa Location – Franklin, Tennessee Photography – Stephanie Mullins





location: Columbus, GA | photography: John Clemmer Photography

Burger King Innerworks solution:

Ready to Go Chroma® Lightboxes 3form value:

A unique design that provides mass appeal In an effort to create brand consistency, many large restaurant chains strive for conformity of design among their various franchisees. However, in some cases, a franchisee may have the opportunity to expand upon the corporate standards. This was the case of Burger King #6446 in Columbus, GA, where the owner and design firm wanted to increase the styling while remaining true to the brand. QSR restaurants such as Burger King take an enormous amount of abuse. The architectural materials need to be durable while maintaining strong

aesthetics and being scalable to many locations. The design paradigm must remain fresh and relevant to the younger, tech-savvy clientele while being balanced against the relatively short five-to-seven year life cycle of QSR designs. Innerworks used backlit Chroma with CNC cut shapes on the front side to create subtle branding. The designers were also able to reinforce the brand by using flame shape cut Chroma panels inset into partition walls that separate the customer service and dining areas. “3form offers a great product to be able to add a really nice upscale punch,” said John Lay, of Innerworks. “We employ design concepts that we feel give our clients the most flexibility while casting the largest net for customer appeal.” With 3form, you really can have it your way.

p.40 ™

“Creating a story is key – 3form allows a designer the opportunity to move between multiple concepts seamlessly with a diverse set of products that all blend well together and help lay the foundation for that story to take shape.” – John Lay, Innerworks

Ready to Go solutions are pre-packaged options for creating easy-to-specify partitions, doors, tables, and more; includes material, fabrication, hardware, and CAD drawings. Ready to Go solutions can be installed as-is or used as a starting point and modified to fit your design needs.

Five-sided square lightbox

Plane shapes ceiling feature




Easy ® tostuttura Specify

chroma® RTG Lighting: 5 sided light box

Featured on page 14

Featured on page 37 RTG 36"


Fabricated six-sided transaction lightbox 36"

Suspended partition for concrete floor and wood ceiling, fastened on top & bottom









Find similar on page 11 40"

Find similar on pages 30-31

Lightweight and modular, curved suspended partition

ion: Ditto curved partition (144 tiles)


Transaction lightbox, corner wrap




variaecoresin® RTG Lighting: Lower case reception






Double connector

Spacer connector


hardware Suspend

Find similar on page 08 88"

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varia ecoresin®


pressed glass®

Select the color, choose the interlayer, and specify a finish. Varia Ecoresin offers design freedom with easy specification and 40% pre-consumer recycled content.

10,000 luminous color options. Chroma boasts 40% preconsumer recycled content and is engineered to be resurfaced for a second life.

Laminated architectural glass with optical clarity. Select the color or choose the interlayer.



100 percent®

koda xt ®

Reminiscent of natural stone but altogether unexpected. Captivating translucency creates intriguing effects.

The Struttura collection offers superior structural capabilities, with color customization in a lightweight format.

100 Percent is an exciting, designdriven material with a minimal environmental footprint, made entirely from post-consumer recycled HDPE.

High performance, exteriorrated material with 40% preconsumer recycled content.



The industry’s most extensive hardware line, from standoffs to sliding doors and partitions. 3form Hardware is custom designed for turn-key specification.

A collection of striking, easy-to-install, 3-dimensional solutions. Transform walls, develop artistic partitions with modular solutions, add subtle privacy to glazing installations or create stunning centerpieces that bring your spaces to life and inject unique beauty.





The 3form National Standards Program Difference 速

3form participates in preferred vendor contracts with Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes. The Standards program includes: 1. Collaboration for Ready to Go and custom-designed branded products 2. Corporate purchasing agreements 3. Loyalty-rewarding pricing structures 4. Expedited delivery 5. Online ordering process (3form Direct) 6. Dedicated customer support 7. Product stocking 8. Account management tools



Light Design


As the pioneer of eco-friendly translucent materials, 3form understands the unique challenges of lighting resin panels. 3form Light Design combines art and science to offer specialized service from initial consultation to final installation.

From complex projects to simple finishing details, 3form offers the world’s leading fabrication capabilities to deliver turn-key solutions. Services include joining and seaming, custom and standard forming, edge detailing, etching and custom CNC cutting.

3form Light Design is available to deliver turn-key lighting solutions that will make the most of your 3form installation and overall environment. Our services and products include: lighting design for 3form material, light boxes with custom LED lighting system specifically created for 3form materials, and final installation review and adjustments.

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QSR / Fast Casual Design  
QSR / Fast Casual Design  

Collection of Quick Service Restaurants and Fast Casual installations using 3form product.