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Ceiling Features

Elevate your Overhead Space. 3form recognizes the untapped potential of overhead space with a new series of modern, highly-functional ceiling features. Sound-absorptive materials and eye-catching forms combined with acoustic solutions enable designers and architects to re-imagine overhead spaces as never before.




Ceiling Features

Seeyond Create a quieter, more comfortable environment with Seeyond, a modular acoustic system. Now available with cove lighting for ceiling applications, Seeyond is comprised of lightweight, easy-to-install dimensional tiles, made of sound-absorbing Sola Felt in eight colorways. Our online configuration tool makes it easy to customize Seeyond. Simply adjust pattern, scale and color to create one-of-a-kind overhead applications, as well as wall coverings and room dividers.

Seeyond Cusp, pattern strength 8 with cove lighting shown in Zinc Sola Felt







Clario Transform an overhead space with the soft texture and geometric pattern of Clario baffles. This suspended, dimensional design diffuses and absorbs noise to create more intimate and welcoming environments. Clario is an ideal solution for conference rooms or high conversation areas. Clario comes pre-assembled for simple snap-in installation on existing 15/16" grid systems. Choose from two sizes and eight Sola Felt colors with our online configuration tool.



.70 Also can be used with 24mm grid systems on a 600mm x 600mm / 1200mm x 1200mm module 4

Ceiling Features

Clario shown in Nickel Sola felt




Ceiling Features

Clario shown in Zinc Sola Felt


Sola Felt, utilizing PET technology for good. Our expertise in Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) grew from a desire to create high-design solutions, without sacrificing performance and sustainability. PET is the base material we've used for decades in our Varia line of products and now we introduce PET in an entirely different form: Sola Felt. Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled PET, Sola Felt is designed to be attractive, environmentally sound, and embedded with acoustic properties.


Ceiling Features

PET, commonly found in water bottles, is recycled into pellets that are then extruded into thin, soft fibers. Layers of these fibers are then pressed together to create a sheet of sound absorbing Sola Felt.


Velo Turn your overhead space into a work of art with Velo, a suspended ceiling system made up of pentagonal tiles. The dynamic five-sided shape lends a versatile aesthetic ranging from fun to classic. Velo's tiles seem to float in a subtle wave pattern, adding a sculptural presence to any space. Mix, match or layer Varia tiles for stunning visual impact in open-plan spaces, or use Merino Felt to warm and calm office environments. Choose from 250 Varia resin colors, or 30 Merino Felt colors when you design your Velo feature with our online configuration tool.




10 Ceiling Features

Velo shown in Goldenrod Merino Felt




Ceiling Features

Velo shown in Ghost W03 Varia and Milky White Merino Felt 13

.85 14

Ceiling Features

Tetria Standard drop ceilings no longer need to be an afterthought with Tetria. Our new series of drop-in tiles feature flat, sloped and angled shapes in four distinct designs. Combine, mix, and rotate these sound absorbing tiles in decorative patterns to define your space. Tetria solutions are simple to design with our online configurator and easyto-install on existing 15/16" grid systems. Tetria is available in 30 Merino Felt colors.

Tile 01

Tile 02

Tile 03

Tile 00

Tetria shown in Peacock Merino Felt and Heather Gray Merino Felt



Tetria can easily and quickly replace standard drop ceiling tiles, adding a unique design feature to the space and improving the acoustic properties of the room.

16 Ceiling Features



Tetria shown in Milky White Merino Felt


Shapes Dimensional shapes suspended from the ceiling are a great way to define a space and diffuse sound. These large-scale designs in various heat-formed patterns help to reduce conversational noise in open spaces, making them ideal for conference rooms and collaborative work settings. Specify any Shapes design with our 250 Varia colors for a signature statement.

18 Ceiling Features







Shapes shown in Seahorse B19, Teaberry N34, Oat N23, and Pond N46 Varia 19


20 Ceiling Features

Edge Made up of decorative modular fins, the Edge system evokes a sense of movement and rhythm with undulating colors and forms. Choose from nine intriguing designs ranging from simple angles to complex points. Edge is excellent in wayfinding applications or visually dividing open environments as both ceiling and wall features. Available in 250 Varia resin colors, or eight Sola Felt colors.










Custom Edge in Zinc Sola Felt


Materials Our Approach

Sola Felt

We are committed to creating sustainable, environmentally friendly materials that exceed your design expectations. These materials are designed to complement our solutions and create a signature look for your space.

Sola is an acoustic felt made from 50% post-consumer recycled PET available in eight colorways for use with Seeyond, Clario, and Edge.

Sola Felt Acoustic Properties Sola decreases reverberation and dampens sound energy in a space. This acoustic absorption is ideal for loud conference rooms or open spaces.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (US) Alphaw (EMEA) NRC and alphaw are measurements of how well a material absorbs sound energy. Higher numbers mean more sound is being absorbed.

Easily layout your ceiling feature with our online design tool at

22 Ceiling Features



Burnt Umber



Dark Gray



Merino Felt

Varia Resin

Our Merino Felt is a renewable material that comes in 30 curated colors for use with the Velo and Tetria overhead solutions.

Our flagship Varia line is available for use with Velo, Shapes, and Edge in 250 colors. See the full color portfolio online at

Milky White

Heather Gray


Heather Charcoal

Heather Black


Hickory G24

Turtle G28

Guacamole G29

Oregano G46

Julep G57


Heather Taupe



Heather Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Mariner B33

Atlantic B35

Moonstone B56

Cobalt B25

Atlas B58




Raspberry Jam

Royal Purple

Midnight Blue

Dahlia V05

Bewitched V13

Tamale V22

Spunky R27

Love R18


Liberty Blue

Deep Turquoise


Sky Blue


Persimmon Clementine O12 O07

Taxicab Y12

Butterscotch Y06

Sunrise N15

Hunter Green


Clover Green




Warmstone N56

Smudge N37

Wolf N44

Drizzle N42

Teaberry N34 23

At 3formÂŽ we believe in meaningful design. Our approach promotes craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and respect for the environments where we work and live. Our product portfolio ranges from simple materials to sophisticated solutions.

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3form Ceiling Features  

3form's sound-absorptive materials and eye-catching forms combined with acoustic solutions enable designers and architects to re-imaging ove...

3form Ceiling Features  

3form's sound-absorptive materials and eye-catching forms combined with acoustic solutions enable designers and architects to re-imaging ove...