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3 Cheers January 2013


Dates for your Diary

Saturday 20th April

Fizz and Fillies Race day Blackburn Hall, Rothwell from 11.30am Tickets available at £10 per head to include Bucks Fizz, Bacon Roll and Afternoon Tea

Monday 22nd April Area Meeting: – oh F it’s the AGM

Fursday 20th June 2013 Handover Dinner at Berties Details to follow

“Area Bleatings�

Hello again and welcome to the

With only one more issue of 3 Cheers

penultimate issue of 3 Cheers.

to go before the magazine is retired

So we made it, better late than never, with the weather this year being so inclement I did wonder if we were ever going to get together! Jo’s fundraiser for the year is now in

for a while I would love you all to send me any memories, photos, silly stories for the last issue, whether recent or not and make the last issue of 3 Cheers go out with a bang and make it a bumper edition!

place and we love to see as many of you and your friends and family there as possible to raise money for

Please keep supporting Jo in her last

the YAA

few months as Area Chair and help

The event is Fizz and Fillies and will be held at Blackburn Hall in Rothwell on the 20th April, so get out

her to raise as much money as possible for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

your glad rags and spruce it with sparkles and come and have a great day out with Area 3 Hopefully you will all have bought your copies of the Fabulous calendar featuring fotos of fantastic Area 3 circles and raising further funds for the fenominal YAA! Thanks must go to Kimberley and Victoria for all their hard work in putting it all together, a great job girls!

Helen x

Jo’s Report

Happy New Year everyone I hope you have all had a fabulous, fun, family festive season and feel refreshed for a new year to do more fun, friendship and fundraising. I am just sat in the hairdressers as I write this ensuring my hair stays fabulous and I have started the new year diet after gaining a few pounds, well to be honest I was getting too fat and need to get back on track!!!!! But I do feel excited about the next 6 months and can't believe I am half way through my year, handover dinner is already in the planning!

fabulous I did have a glass of water and I think it must of been off!!!!! It made me slightly sick!!!! I will be staying away from the water in future. I have been having a great time with my own circle Halifax who remain as active as ever, and I've been on exclusive shopping evenings, a Christmas meal and I have even

We (the exec) have a fun packed 6 months for you planned and hope you can find the time to support us and in turn my charity (Yorkshire Air Ambulance). The last 3 months have been a little quieter on the circle front, we had the friendship evening in November and after a 'huge wobble' due to lack of numbers I was ready to jack the whole thing in, but my circle friends calmed me down and brought me back to reality and the reasons why I am doing this, and the evening was FABULOUS, the Friends, Fun, thanks to Claire with her funny game, and the food were all fantastic. I had such a lovely time but suffered the day after, I think although the food and fizz were

assisted Santa as he visited our local families the week prior to Christmas on his sleigh. I have also been busy with my new course at work (yes the one I started

in September, yes I know!!!!! I can see your face as you read this, it's happening and that's all I will say). I spent the week at Mottram Hall, with my NHS fellows and I had a 4,000 word assignment to do in December. So I hope if you and your circle invited me and I declined you may have more understanding why. I have another assignment to do in the next 3 weeks (not yet started!!!, but I will of by time you read this.) and then it's fun, fun, fun for a while as the next one is not due in till July. My main fundraiser Is on Saturday 20th April details will be in the form of a flyer, we are trying to make this a fun, not too expensive day, but one that will raise some funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. I do hope area 3 will support this event and bring their friends along too. I thank you for reading this and your ongoing support, please let me know what you are all up to and if I can help or just join in I will try my very best to fit you all in. YIF Jo Xxx

Vice Chairmans Report Well, only a few short months to go and

and articles to the Circler magazine and

I’ll be Area Chairman… eek! Now that all

potentially reach a much wider

the fun and festivity of Christmas is

audience. I know many of you will be sad

packed away, I’m really starting to think

to see 3 Cheers go but I think the

about what to do during my year in the

combination of social media and the


Circler will fill the gap pretty well.

The most important thing, of course, is to

The other post we are losing is Sports

gather a brilliant Exec around me and

Officer. The plan is to not contest as

that’s where all you lovely ladies come

many trophies and for the remaining

in. One of the best decisions I ever made

competitions to be organised by the

was to join Area Exec. It’s like being a

Social Officer. The Social job won’t be any

member of another Circle so you

bigger than it is now as we are planning

basically get double the fun for the same

to have just two or three trophies

subs and that has to be a good thing! If

contested during the year and maybe

you’ve ever thought of getting more

have a quick game at the Handover

involved in Circle or if you’ve just

Dinner for the Rose Bowl trophy. I hope

wondered what Area or National are all

nobody feels they are going to miss out

about, then I urge you to give it a go, I

but the competition evenings are not

can promise you’ll have fun and will

always well attended and most Circles

personally guarantee that there will be

seem to be quite relieved to get knocked

wine and a variety of snacks!

out of the Rose Bowl!

We’re making a few changes to Exec for

So, with Publicity and Sports gone, what

next year. Firstly, the post of Publicity

does that leave us with? There are still

Officer will no longer exist. We are the

lots of Exec jobs up for grabs:

only Area still producing a magazine

Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer Social CSLO (fundraising)

(we won the National trophy for Area Newsletter so many times, they’ve let us keep it and we were the only entrants last year!) Most of us keep in touch via Facebook and all your events can be emailed to the whole of Area 3 via the Area Secretary. We can still send photos


Your Exec needs YOU

Vice Chairman





Please contact Penny Daynes for nomination form

Hebden Bridge

November 3rd and it was Hebden

had a super evening with a

Bridge’s Bonfire time again! This

fantastic feast of food and the fizz

year we repeated our ever successful chocolate tombola, provided the punters with delicious hot and cold drinks and failed to persuade them what they really needed to finish off the night was a jumbo jacket potato! By the 4th night that week potato based meals in our house were becoming a little tedious!!! my book-"the many ways to eat a Hebden Bridge Bonfire jacket potato" will be in the

flowed, maybe just a little too

shops in time for next year!

much and too quickly for a "school night"! Before we knew it, it was time to go home and say "Farewell" to our "favourite friends" from Area 3.

After sharing the unluckiest raffle table at Friendship Evening with some lovely ladies from Halifax Ladies Circle we were invited to

We then joined Jo for the Fabulous Friendship Evening of Fun! We

that didn't change was the pattern of the evening which generally consisted of moving from one food stall to another and filling our faces with the odd gluwein or hot choc in-between. We spent a considerable amount of time at

join them at their next meeting which was to be at The Soap Shop in Hebden Bridge. We had a fantastic evening and it is such a magical place and� No� we didn't spend much!!!!!!!!!

the "Giant Marshmallow" stall

The beginning of December saw us

the marshmallow for us only to

head for the Christmas Markets in Leeds having a change from Manchester this year. One thing

trying to choose which was find that our eyes were perhaps a little too big for our bellies and they were a tad on the sweet and sickly side! Still you live and learn! Christmas Dinner we were served a Turkish Feast at The Olive Branch in Hebden. The food was delicious, Pass The Secret Santa parcel was played and we were treated at the end of the night to a special Christmas musical

A Cracking Christmas!

interlude from a couple of waiters-

Jingle Bells with tambourine!

Rothwell Circle brought Christmas early to young and old in Rothwell. First of all a few of us raided Morrison’s, armed with trollies to buy items for a Christmas Day tea, Boxing Day lunch and lots of lovely treats for some of our elderly people in the area. One of our prospective members, Vickie kindly offered to wrap the fifteen hamper boxes...what a job! Then another team met up to finish them off and how lovely they looked. Lesley, Hannah and Kay hand delivered them, stopping off for cups of tea and even a ride on a stairlift!

A few days later, it was our annual community event-Santa In The Park. The ex- Rothwell Round Table lads were once again brilliant at setting it all up for us and the bacon sandwiches and reindeer food were a success. Unfortunately, the gale force winds meant that Santa had to drive in by car but the children still enjoyed meeting him and his friends.

The responses we have had have been lovely-a very worthwhile thing to do.

That night we treated our children to a carvery and pantomime at The Village, which was organised by one of our newest members, Sarah. The kids loved it and so did we, especially the innuendos!

Fizz & Fillies

Elland Christmas Shopping

On Saturday 1st December, Elland Ladies Circle set off on the train to Manchester for a day of shopping, eating and drinking. Things didn’t get off to a brilliant start as the trains were delayed due to a track-side fire so we were squashed in like sardines and had to stand all the way. Never mind, the sun was shining, the kids were at home and were going to hit the

England had the same idea and Manchester was crammed! We split up into smaller groups and visited the German markets, had a spot of lunch, did a bit more shopping and eventually all met up in a bar for fabulous cocktails. The day was rounded off with a delicious Italian meal, after which only Anita had room for chocolate truffles! As we made our way home, our feet were sore and our purses

shops. As it was such a nice day,

were lighter but we’d had a

the whole of the North of

great day.

Friendship Evening

This year Friendship Evening

and more about the company, it

was held at Gimbles in Sowerby

was a really good night, with

Bridge and all those who

lots of fun and friendship and

attended had a great evening.

gift swopping to fight over! We all came home with a present on the night, some better than others to be fair, but we certainly had a laugh about in along the way.

Now as a child I always judged a good birthday party on the quality of the spread laid on, and to be honest nothing has really changed – hence I will never be a size zero! Well on

Many thanks to those who

this basis the evening was a gold

arranged the evening, everyone

star, the food just beautiful and

enjoyed themselves so much as I

as for the desserts words fail me,

am sure you will see from the

those lemon meringues were to


die for – sorry Hebden Bridge as we ate your left overs!!!! Anyway, less about the food

Helen Shiggins

More Friendship Fotos

Poets Corner

So Christmas is all over The decs are put away The snow is lying on the ground And here it seems to stay

Now our Jo is plannin’ a party A girl’s day out in frills and frocks To raise money for the air ambulance And see how our area rocks

So let’s raise a glass to our Jo And come on girls lets have some fun “3 Cheers to Mrs Sparkles!” Lets all help her get the job done

January 2013 3 Cheers  

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