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Greetings From Darryl! Welcome to our March 2014 issue, we feature some new stylist, models and photographers in this issue. This year we are putting some very exciting featuring in the magazine. You will be able to viewthe issues on line as well as purchase printed copies . We have begun training a selecting our Designer for the April 27, 2014 Fashion & beauty Expo. We also have chosen photos with a variety of fashion, makeup and hair styles. 2XPOSU has a team of talent that provides the video, photography , makeup, model coaching and fashion design. We now offer that expertise to the market for local models to be able to utilize. The Low Country Exposure seminar provides training, education and networking for those in the fashion and beauty industry. We bring further exposure to those who have made our eight previous Fashion and Beauty Seminars a success. We will publish this on-line magazine that showcases our seminar participants and their talents. We will showcase others in the Fashion and Beauty Industry as well. We are a source for information and 2XPOSU to the world. Thanks to all who have supported and participated in our seminars.

Best Regards, Darryl H.V. Goodman




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estore Your G.L.A.M.

Photo: thettra Brown












Student & Professio are watching the M

Designers are watching to see w on the Run-Way!


onal Designers Models

who will wear their designs


Photo:Thettra Brown


Mr. Gibson teaching his Barber Students at “Top of The Line” Barber College


Students are learning Barber Techniques

Photos Both


Top of the Line Barber Students cut hair under a supervisor care.

Pages: Thettra Brown




7400 Rivers Ave. , STE. K, North Charleston, SC 843.863.1675





Designers, family and friends observing


g the 2014 models as they walk





photo: Thettra Brown


To The 2014 Make-up Team

Christ Sonya E. Janelle

T G 42

tel Irick Johnson e Barr

THANKS for YOUR Great Works 43

Three Beauty Steps that Will Make Your Skin and Hair Glow By Georgina C. What do skin and hair care have in common? Apparently they are two different worlds, but we found three concepts that work like dual beauty weapons on both skin and hair, and are really easy to use. Curious? Read on to find out more about BB creams, DIY fruit masks and SPF products your go-to treatments for a radiant and healthy look. The BB cream had its breakthrough in the cosmetic world with a huge promise: a miracle bottle that cleverly acts as a moisturizer, primer and foundation at the same time, working its magic on women’s skin. Known as a beauty or blemish balm, the BB cream helps modern women empty their shelves of most of their beauty products, offering them one solution alone that covers multiple problems. And, as if the craze caused by this multitasking friend with benefits weren’t enough, researchers came up with the same concept targeting women’s strands. The BB creams for hair aim to revolutionize women’s hair products. They smooth hair, tame flyaways, repair dry, damaged hair, offer hair a shine boost, fight frizziness, protect against hot styling tools and make styling easier. You should definitely try them out! Since you keep hearing about all sorts of chemicals contained in beauty products, maybe it is time to turn to nature’s great resources: fruits. Making DIY natural masks at home is fun and rewarding, not to mention they work much better than many expensive beauty products you have tried. Here are some fruits that can be used both in face and hair masks, solving different problems with their amazing, 100% natural properties: • Bananas - very rich in Vitamin B, they have a hydrating and softening effect on skin, while they work wonders on brittle, chemically treated hair. • Papaya - a great source of carotene and vitamins C and A. It exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and spotless, while the hair benefits from it in terms of growth and volume. • Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and help skin produce collagen, keeping it supple. When applied on hair, these deliciously smelling fruits help hydrate limp strands better than any deep-conditioning treatment. • Lemons - rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, they help clear skin by unclogging pores and fading away age spots and scars. At the same time they heal itchy scalp, help hair grow faster and add amazing shine to any mane. Last but not least, SPF protection is a real must when it comes to our beauty care. All our day creams, foundations and leave-in hair sprays should contain SPF protection that shields skin and hair from the harmless effects of blazing sun. This is a must, especially in summer when we are often at the beach or just strolling around the city. Make sure your beauty products have the SPF factor written on the label and don’t forget to apply them each time you go out! Use these three simple beauty steps to take care of your skin and hair. They will smile back at you for the generous TLC.


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