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Executive Summary What the trip is all about…

Costa Rica

Years of experience riding all over the world on a variety of bikes…and still I always come home to my first and truest love, my Triumph! 1 woman, 1 bike, 1 year… all 50 states and Canada

There is not one reason when you take on a trip a like this, but 2 years ago returning from a 2-up trip in Chile and Argentina I knew this is what I needed. Looking out the airplane window returning home I made the decision to depart in 24 months on a yearlong journey through all 50 states and Canada.


One thing I have learned from 2-wheeled world travel is that I am never left bored or alone. Even on a solo trip you are surround by the community and culture that is motorcycle riding. There is always an amazing story to cherish and learn from, or the beauty of silence after a long and trying day shared over a cold beer and a camp fire! Everyone has a story it is what makes us human, this trip is a part of my story! Throughout my travels I will be doing mini-documentaries on “street stories” the stories that others carry around the nation. (With focus in a couple areas-our homeless as a doco, and possible stories of other Triumph riders / interviews for BC) I will also be reading from the young readers’ edition of Philanthropic Wanderlust and providing free classroom sets to schools as I go. Spreading the joys of giving and having a humanitarian heart with the hope to inspire future generations of philanthropy. This adventure will also become a book, a non-fiction travelogue on motorcycle travel and taking on the fear, stepping out of the “comfort zone” life and fully embracing the thrills that lay around us. This book will get written during the journey and cleaned up after its completion. -trip will ride with purpose leaving on International Day of Peace and riding to raise awareness and funds for charity. Current idea is Lost for a Reason ( a small new non-profit providing for the needs of families and children in the remote places they ride their motorcycles) – I have not confirmed or discussed with this company as I am open to combined decision on whom the ride should raise funds for.

THE ROUTE The current route will start in Arizona and make my way to California and up to Yosemite (Horizon Unlimited moto event – featured speaker) then continue north through Oregon, Washington, then turn loop back south for the start of winter. Idaho, Nevada, East coast Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina… the route is loose and flexible for weather. The route will then continue either up east coast and into Canada to head over to Alaska or to loop back and hit other states, this will is not a set in stone route have lots of flexibility for weather and so have the option to including speaking events on a whim and meeting other riders… There will be a planned route for every month released the month before as I will be traveling to schools and donating books and there are that will need planned and booked so as for now this is the loose start to the adventure. (AZ, CA, OR, and WA are guaranteed the first 4 states as I already have confirmed speaking and author signing events to attend in those states. **(This map is cut / copy from online just to give a visual for British-Customs I do not own the copyrights so please do not post or share publicly, just in-house for the BC family to get an idea of what the trip will be.)

Background and Awards: My background, who am I‌ summed up: A Traveler, Fashion Designer, Author, Adventurer, Humanitarian ... pretty much just a girl addicted to living life to the fullest!

I am the founder and director of Highwire and co-founder and director of Threading Hope (both humanitarian organizations), the president of Dl-couture, an author of 2 books and publisher of 2 Wheeled Wanderlust the magazine. As an entrepreneur and holding degrees in Art, B.S. Psychology, and Masters in CrossCategorical Education, I speak on the national and international forum on a variety of subjects. From Fashion to Education, Traveling Solo to Motorcycling, Philanthropy to Leadership / Business and more. I am also an annual presenter on travel at the Horizons Unlimited (specific to motorcycles) and Overland Expo (adventure travel expo). An avid traveler by the age of 30 I had been to over 43 countries and have done humanitarian work in Africa (Morocco, Kenya, Malawi), El Salvador, Haiti, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Estonia, Colombia, Cuba, and Ecuador.

Honored to receive the following awards: -Humanitarian thanks from the First Lady of El Salvador -1 of 21 artists in the state of Arizona nominated for the Governors Arts Award in 2011 and 2014 -1 of 5 in the USA -International Young Designers Competition 2002, Air France Jewelry Category, awarded with jewelry presentation in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. - Avant-Garde Fashion Designer of the year 2002 IFAC. -Scottsdale Designer of the Year, 2010, top 10 finalist, gowns presented in SMoCA, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. A good link to writing bio and accolades is below:

*This list is not exhaustive and does not include the multiple accolades written in newspapers and magazines. Please visit my websites for the extensive press received since 2008.

Audience And Current reach Pre & During adventure reach upwards of 3 to 5 Million+ approx. people reached! Annual speaking engagements as featured presenter and author signing booth (reach ≈ 9,000 people) -Horizons Unlimited – California (Sept) – 2013 approx. attendees 800, 2014 estimate to attract 800 to 1000 people (Canada has invited me as speaker for the Aug 2015 HU≈ ) presenters listed scroll for Danell -Overland Expo – Arizona (May) 2013 records approx. 6000, 2014 estimated to attract 7000+attendees. Business & direct contacts (dl-couture, threading hope, Highwire, 2 WW magazine, author…) reach≈ min 10,000 people after start writing on ADV rider – upwards of 500,000+ readership for the ride. -Constant Contact Newsletter subscribers approx. = 600 people [to include national and international newscaster direct contacts (AZ-FOX, CBS) (Univision- Miami)] -Current combined followers from my businesses ≈ 1000+ people -Maptia founding writer – online international travel and cultural exploration writers’ site ≈ 7000 Readership (FB- 6.9 k, Twitter 9k, G+1.3k) -ADVrider online – Ride report writer approved for the adventure, a network to connect to hundreds thousands of riders direct readers of motorcycle travel. (current readership adv rider is 21 million views) Booked coverage-editor and host to cover the Black Tie 2 Black Top: reach≈ 2.5 Million+ people-viewers -Right this Minute – Host Nick Calderon (ride buddy & friend) – 2 segments (totaling 5 million approx.) -Pre-trip segment – reach ≈ 2.5 million viewers and growing. -follow up during trip at month 6 /8 – reach ≈ 2.5 million viewers and growing. -Richmand Media Group (So Scottsdale Magazine, Go Gilbert, Uptown, Scottsdale Health…) multiple AZ Magazines – print and digital subscribers -Editor has been covering Danell Lynn – dl-couture, and author coverage since 2008. Met And discussed press pre-departure they are wanting to do coverage in every magazine they run. Minimum of 5 different magazines with a reach into the 100,000+ readership Post trip Reach September 2015 Current set up for post BT2BT trip, post Sept 2015 – The reach just grows; the book will be released within 12 months of the trip completion (estimated minimum 17,000+) -

Horizons Unlimited speaker and author at 3+ events in the US, plus HU-UK held in England and HU –Canada. (estimate HU ≈5000+) Overland Expo US West coast event and East Coast event (estimate 12,000+)

The estimated reach after book release for individual direct reach minimum= 10,000+ just in speaking and author signing direct contact with audience alone.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit and all the different hats I wear, literally and figuratively! Cheers, Danell Lynn Further sites of interest to learn a little more:

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