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By: William Blake


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The sun descending in the west The evening star does shine The birds are silent in their nest And I must seek for mine The moon , like a flower In the heaven’s high bower With silent delight Sit & smiles on the night

The poet describing : the world at night 1)the sun sit In the west ”the sun descending in the west” 2)the stars are glowing and shining high in the sky “The evening star does shine” 3)the birds are silent sleeping in their nest “the birds are silent in their nest” 4)the poet shall go to sleep too “And I must seek for mine”

The poet describing : the Moon in the sky 1)the moon by a flower in the sky ”The moon, like a flower” 2)the moon in the heaven’s garden high in the sky “In the heaven high bower” The moon like a man sitting by Delight “With silent delight” The moon like a man who is happy sitting and smiling “sits and smiles on the night”

Personification:“sits & Smiles” The poet describes the moon by a smiling man sitting and smiling in the heaven’s garden Simile:“The moon, like a flower” The poet describes the moon by a beautiful flower sitting and smiling high in the sky

metaphor:“I must seek for mine� The poet describes him self by a bird who shall go to sleep and his house by a nest or a place to sleep in

He was an English poet He was born in 1757 & died in 1827 His first poem was (contained in poetical sketches He engraved some of his poems on plates

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