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Novel David Copperfield By: Charles dickens


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This novel is about a young Child called David and he is cute little boy and his mother the loving Clara and the nice and second mother of David , the servant Mrs.Peggotty

Let’s see what happened to this lovely family an what disasters happened to them This is a : “Charles dickens� novel

Mr.Peggotty : the sister of Mrs.Peggotty Miss. Murdstone : The sister of Mr.Murdsto ne

Mr. Murdstone : the husband of Clara

David : The hero of the story

Clara : The mother of David Miss.Peggott y : The servant of David & Clara Miss. Betsey : The aunt of the father of David

One day …. Clara was sitting on fire , and about to give birth She saw some 1 out of the window … that person knocked at the window and pressed his/her nose at the window … Clara was afraid and Miss.Peggotty went to see who is there .. It was a strange looking old woman Her name is Miss. Betsey and She was the aunt of Clara's dead husband an she didn’t agree to marry her but he did and he died She told Clara that she would take the baby and call her Betsey after her and be like her mother but Clara was surprised how did she know that it’s a girl But Miss. Betsey said “I’m sure it will be a girl” … suddenly she started to scream .. She was about to give birth , they called the doctor and he came After the birth Miss. Betsey said “how is she?”.. The doctor replied ”She is fine she only needs rest” .. She was confused she said “the baby how is she”

The doctor said that he was a (he) not a (she) Miss. Betsey was angry and she hit the doctor and left without coming back ever again.

She said that she was sure it will be a girl She hit the doctor after knowing it’s a boy and never came back

She knocked at the window

Miss. Betsey is a weird old woman

David had a happy and lovely life .. His mother was teaching him instead of going to school and miss. Peggoty was like his second mother , she was so kind and loved Clara … they had a very happy life until Clara decided to marry some guy called Mr. Murdstone …. Peggotty tried to stop her “ Master Copperfield wouldn’t have liked someone like that” but she disagreed and wanted and insisted to marry him .. She knew that David won’t love this man so she asked Clara to take him to Yarmouth with her ( Yarmouth is her home town ) to give Clara the chance to marry Mr. Murdstone They took the cart and went to Yarmouth … the cart man when they arrived told David to tell Miss. Peggotty “ I’m is welling ” … David didn’t understand him so he didn’t tell her Mr. Peggotty was a kind man … they life was hard but they were kind and loving and from this moment David's life changed

When they got back from Yarmouth … David entered the house happy and wanted to see his mother because he missed her He went upstairs to see her but she wasn’t in her room .. He thought from a moment that she is dead and Peggotty took him to hide from him that she is dead .. But when he went downstairs Peggotty told him “What do you think .. You have got a father” and she is sitting in a room and she pointed it to David … and told him to shake hands with Murdstone He entered running to his mother and his mother also went to him and was about to hold him to kiss & hug him … Mr.Murdstone said “Remember Clara!” So she stopped and only shock hands with David .. From that moment he knew that Mr. Murdstone is a cruel man and his life is going to turn into dark and sadness

David’s life had turned upside down since the marriage of his mother First : David had a happy life with loving mother (Clara) and kind servant (Peggotty) while he was learning from his mother Second:A man entered his life by cheating his mother (Clara) and turned David’s life into sad .. He deceived Clara by telling her that they would be friends in a happy life Third: After the marriage Mr. Murdstone stopped Clara from showing her love to David

At that day Mr.Muderstone went to David's room and told him “ Do you know what do I do to a horse or a dog that disobeys me?” … “No Sir” Replied David “ I beat him and beat him until he do what I order him to do” David looked at His eyes with silence .. Murdstone left the room after what he said to make David afraid of him that he would beat him if he didn’t obey him After that he invited his sister to stay with them .. When she entered she said that the house is like upside down and that they should change many things She asked to take the keys of the house from Clara so Clara could say anything and she gave it to her .. So they took control of both Clara and the house

One day and while Clara was teaching David ‌ Mr. Murdstone intended to give David a very hard question to make him get it wrong and to make everybody think that he is a bad boy So .. Mr. Murdstone punished David hardly but David bit his hand so sent him to his room Clara couldn’t do anything and protect him so she was just crying He stayed there for about a week and then Miss. Peggotty went to him and told him that she I going to tell him 2 things First of all : That he is sent to school and he is going next morning and he is going in the holidays The second thing : that he should never forget her because she will never forget him and that she will take care of Clara and watch the home until he come back

Mr.Peggotty : he proved that he is kind while making David staying with them

David : is and innocent boy his life has turned to sad since the marriage

Miss. Murdstone : The sister of Mr.Murdstone and she is as cruel as him .. She took control of both Clara and the house Mr. Murdstone : The cruel husband of clara that fooled her at first and now he is showing that he is the worst husband ever

Clara : The weak mother who got fooled and couldn’t protect her own son Miss.Peggotty : The kind servant that loves Clara & David and serve them

Miss. Betsey : The aunt of the father of David and the very strange character

Mr. Murdstone is a cruel man He punished David

hardly after intending to give him hard question He sent David to the school in the holidays He let his sister to take control of the house by giving her the keys of the house and of Clara

It’s a boarding school •


The buildings were dull & the • classrooms were cold


The books were old and dirty • with marks of tears and some hair


There was a bad smell of ink • everywere

He is ignorant He is the sternest & severest & cruelest person He likes beating fat boys with his cane He was talking in whispers to make the students afraid He beat David until he cried He said “ Come fresh to you lessons I advice you because I’ll come fresh to punish you with my cane “

David went to the school and found that the school is an boarding school .. The buildings were dull .. The class rooms were cold .. The books were old & Dirty with marks of tears and some hair in them .. There was a bad smell of ink everywhere And also found that The manager Mr. Creakle is an ignorant man .. He is the cruelest man ever .. He likes beating fat boys .. He was talking in whispers to make the boys afraid He Punished david hardly because Me. Murdstone asked him to do so until he cried So it was like a nightmare to him … months went and he went back to his home for the holiday Clara was alone so she showed her love to David and kissed him and a lot because they missed each other The next Day at the breakfast .. Miss. Murdstone said “ How long are the holidays” and that reveals that she is the cruelest woman in the earth