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Cold, Wet, Windy Special points of interest: October 1st 2tone +Dj Gatsbys Berkhamsted 7th 2tone + Dj Soppers Charity Night 8th Ratattack And The Long Tails Luton Hoo 13th Ratattack Dalillo 372 Ballards Lane Finchley 14th Dunstable Golf Club Ratattack 15th Wedding 2tone +Dj Luton Hoo 20th The Sun 31 Lemsford Village, Welwyn Garden 22nd 2tone Denbigh Hall Milton Keynes Mk3 6pu 23rd Ratattack Bricket Wood 27th Ratattack The Swan 2 High Street, Iver, Bucks 28th 2 Tone Elton London 29th 2 Tone Thistle 30th 2tone The Ox Watford

With the night’s drawing in, the leaves leaving the trees we are in the transition period from the changing season, this is a time when we feel we need a little bit of a pick me up a tonic of some description? Well come and party with “2Tone” it’s the only tonic you need? There’s no S.A.D. here The Lads started this started the month at the Thistle Hotel St Albans, entertaining Mr &Mrs Dewing’s guests, who were celebrating a mile stone anniversary. The party was a huge success with the Ry guy not only joining in with Iranian dancing but also making up new moves! Now can you imagine him doing that? The evening started late, as the guests tucked in to a sumptuous cuisine, followed by speeches and the all important thank you. 2 Tone hit the floor running and never stopped joined by Vince from the rat pack the evening was always going to be a blast. I have to say having never had the privilege of being at a party with Iranian music before, it was fabulous, so if you get the chance go!

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e4 News Letter

―What has Happened‖ Surely the Lads are not Starting Football?

Course Not Just Another Party Night! And what a night glitz glamour and shed loads of awards. The ceremonies took place at the ——— stadium (which stadium is it? Please email your answer) with all the pan ash you would have expected, the stadium itself was fantastic but dressed appropriately for an Oscar event it was stunning. A full lighting crew, camera crew, audio visual crew. sound crew not mentioning all the stage and prop guys the place was buzzing before the event took place. It just got better and better! Best known as the organization behind the movie industry’s most prestigious honour, the Oscar, the Academy encourages excellence through a range of coveted awards. While the Oscar statuette – a symbol admired around the world – acknowledges the very highest level of achievement, every form of Academy recognition, be it a certificate, plaque or other form of trophy, carries significance like none other. So, here we are. The Big Daddy of the awards season. The red carpet at the entrance I am confronted with fashion in varying degrees coloured gowns in all shapes and sizes, designer tuxes to die for, I might try to put one on expenses the lads probably won't allow that, so I'll just whinge about it instead.

e4 News Letter

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Yes It’s True 2Tone At The Oscars

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e4 News Letter

2Tone & Rat Attack At Jury’s Inn What A Party! What A Relaunch!

Jury’s Inn Croydon Re-vamped and re-launched,

Below Key Members Of Staff At Jury’s Inn

As usual with Jury’s there are no half measures everything thought of down to the last detail. As invited guests arrived they were greeted with paparazzi styling, the flashes from the Bill Bowman’s camera crew filling the air momentarily with light, the well turned out and extremely professional staff of Jury’s ensuring everyone was made to feel more than special. The boys played their role of the Rat Pack as you would have expected in true 2Tone fashion to the delight of the guests. A Banquet of a buffet came out to the likes of which would not have been out of place in any top class establishment, with the gifts given out and more entertainment from the boys an absolutely fantastic time was had.

Below A Re- vamped Room at Jury’s Inn

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e4 News Letter

Sarah & Adam wedding at the Grimm's Dyke Hotel Middx,

WEDDINGS STILL IN FULL FLOW 2 Tone had the honour of performing at Sarah & Adams wedding at the Grims dyke Hotel, Old Redding, near London a fantastic venue and an amazing wedding. 2Tone kicked off the music with swing as requested by the newlyweds and i must say it was a perfect choice, from the moment Dave and Ryan started the dance floor filled. The DJ played in 2Tone’s break Which allowed the guests to a well earned drink. The second set caught everyone by surprise as the bride Sarah stepped up took the microphone and bravely and confidently opened the evenings second set with ―I’m so excited‖ and believe me after that so were her guests. The night flew by as 2Tone blasted out hit after hit to the delight of the wedding party.”Great job Sarah great job Guys” The Gatsby in Berkhamsted was the next stop for 2Tone entertaining for Caroline Finlay, and what a night! The guests arrived all looking fabulous and were greeted with a champagne reception the evening just blossomed into a magical night, with speeches from Caroline's husband Dave which was funny enough to be on the TV followed by the sons joke made the lads job very easy people were ready to party and believe me they did. The end of the night as always came round to fast. What a great night!!

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So there’s three bits of trivia this month

OUR PICTURE OF THE WEEK “FABULOUS” If this was you or you know who it is please let us know

―What do you mean I need a car!?

Name the Stadium Where was this taken Who is she

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A huge thank you to all that supported our events last month, there are more pictures to be found on our web site with the usual comment box if you see yourself or someone you know please do write in the box! It makes for good reading. Also if you would like a copy of the picture we would be more than happy to send you one.


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