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e4 News Letter e4 entertainment

Edition 30

June 2012

e4 News Letter


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Diary Dates July June 2nd Soulfish 3rd Wedding Pinewood Hotel 9th 2tone The Swan 2 High Street, Iver, Bucks SL0 9NG 10th 2Tone Champers Wine Bar 184 Field End Road Cavendish Pinner HA5 1RF 14th Banana Leaf 16th 2tone Chesham Private 17th 2Tone Champers Wine Bar 184 Field End Road Cavendish Pinner HA5 1RF 23rd 2tone Private 29th 2tone The Ox

6th Moor Park Ratpack/2tone Private 7th Marlborough School Soulfish 7th Soulfish Kubrick Festival 12th Banana Leaf 14th 2tone Denbigh Hall Sports & Social Club Melrose Avenue Milton Keynes 20th The Sun Lemsford Village, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City, Herts Al8 7tn 21st 2tone The Swan 2 High Street, Iver, Bucks SL0 9NG 27th Rats Castle 28th 2tone Wedding

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e4 News Letter

Steve and Shaz’s Big Day Left Mr Peter Denman Below The Canapé's

It’s not usual to have good luck, but on this day it was in abundance “The sun shone” all day, and what a fantastic day it really was. E4 entertainment planned and hosted the whole affair, from the marquee right down to the string quartet. The celebrations were held in the gardens of The Old Hunters Lodge, Whipsnade, Beds, a quaint well established grade 2 listed property owned by Mr Peter Denman. On arrival the guests were met in the well appointed gardens with an a glass of fizz, whilst the string quartet played gracefully at the far end of the grounds. Hand made canapé's were taken round on what can only be described as an artist palette, these delicate beauties were crafted by top pastry chef Mr John Ridgely “ see picture”. The guests went down the tree lined archway which was lit by 100s of tiny delicate led lights through the into the marquee for the wedding breakfast. With the guests all fed and watered, the waiting staff offered the guests a glass of Port, Baileys or Cherry brandy accompanied by hand made Cherry brandy chocolates, these were made by “Mr John Ridgely “ Then as protocol would have it the speeches, the toasts and the bit we like the best the bash it self. A short while before the guests arrived the smallest and ornate cup cakes were available to all, the level of perfection in these was apparent to everyone. The speeches firmly put to bed or so we thought, one of the Brides ”Sharon” closest friends the chef “John Ridgely” stood tall and said the most endearing speech touching on their long term friendship and her wish list. Now without dragging you through the whole thing! He had made not one but two wedding cakes, the one she knew about and the one she didn't. The first is what we all saw impressive enough the second was by all standards was jaw dropping, the base alone was over 5 foot round, her wish list was sparkles, twinkles etc this had that, along with a fountain, moving butterflies satellite cakes “unbelievable”

top pastry chef “Mr John Ridgely “ with the Bride Sharon

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e4 News Letter

Steve and Shaz’s Big Day

Where was I ? oh yes, I forgot what I was doing with all the excitement, the evening guests arrived and the party was soon into full swing, the beatniks playing all those hits from the sixties and doing the most fantastic job. The buffet announced consisting of Bacon butties, chips in cones and the classic fish fingers sandwiches. The second wave of entertainment began with the boys”2Tone” blasting out the hits from various eras and genre’s the dance floor alive, with revellers making all kinds of shapes. The D.J took over around midnight making sure he sapped the remains of the party goers energy. This has to be one of the best parties ever

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e4 News Letter

Rat Attack and the Longtails At Pendley Court Theatre Dave Mason, Ryan Chandler ,Vince Lewis their fabulous swing orchestra the Longtails accompanied by their showgirls

Yes I am fully aware September 15th seems along ways off but truth is following the success of the past Rat Pack events, we know this is going to sell out very quickly. For the people who haven’t seen the show, it consists of the lads singing all those classic Rat Pack swing songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and of course Sammy Davis Junior, they also perform some Tony Bennett numbers and more. Backing them is their very own 14 piece swing orchestra “The Longtails”. These are some of the top musicians in the country who also grace their expertise for the likes of Shirley Bassey, Michael Buble, and many more. To round off the evening nicely is their fabulous show girls with their lavish costumes complete with feathers, top hats and lightening fast costume changes, along with the extremely well choreographed dance routines to the numbers completes the show. Oh did I mention the dinner, or the roulette and black jack tables, possibly not, well let’s not go on eh! BOOK NOW OR YOU WONT GET IN!!! 07543 - 560478 Please have your credit/debit card ready

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e4 News Letter

Moor Park Golf and Country Club

Moor Park golf and country club saw the three lads next for a firm of solicitors Jubilee bash, an extremely lavish affair with all the trimmings. Employees turned out in full to celebrate their own Jubilee with Ratattack, crooning out all the most popular swing hits to the delight of the party goers. “Great Job�

Puntos restaurant was the place to be for Stuarts mums birthday celebration and what a great night was had good food wine and dancing to the wee small hours just brilliant The boys on form again

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e4 News Letter

Kim’s Wedding Day

2Tone were definitely at this one “it’s Dave’s niece”!! The lucky fella was Mr Stuart Patterson (it was her dad really) LOL They had the reception at the Barn Cooling Castle where Soulfish and 2Tone entertained, this however was not the “headline act” it was Dave’s great niece who sang a solo in the church for her aunty, it was truly amazing “the shyness obviously runs through the family” Alexis gave a great performance, a perfect start to an amazing day. Left a picture of Dad and Daughter taken some years back was put onto a DVD that was played whilst they had a dance a perfect choice for a doe ting dad.

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e4 News Letter

“Shirley’s Banbury bash”

Shirley’s biffday bash was simply “Fantastic” It was held in a sports and social club near her home in Banbury. A buffet that was fit for a king and enough to feed his army.2Tone on the stage for some part, but hitting the floor early, with the food and cake tucked away the party really kicked in , party goers strutting their stuff around the dance floor to all the well known tunes the cheesy favourites the motown specials “let’s face it everyone loves a boogie” can’t wait for her 40th? As usual huge thank you to all that supported our events last month, there are more pictures to be found on our web site with the usual comment box if you see yourself or someone you know please do write in the box! It makes for good reading. Also if you would like a copy of the picture we would be more than happy to send you one. The Swan in Iver are having a party night June 9th etc look forward to seeing you there folks xx

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OUR PICTURE OF THE MONTH Ok you know the routine! Where was this taken ? Who is it ? What’s he saying ? Were looking for the best caption ? Email us as usual please

e4 entertainment

“The Surprise” 2Tone were fortunate enough to be asked to entertain at a surprise birthday party for Mr James Deary, his wife Catherine and daughter had gone to extreme lengths to keep the all the details hidden including his favourite singer Mr “Tommy Fleming”!! Now I can tell you we had never heard of him, but I can assure you his reputation as “the voice of Ireland” to name but many holds water like you can’t believe. On the stage he stood accompanied by his guitarist no gimmicks, no effects just a man with the most amazing voice, you could have heard a pin drop as he enveloped everyone into his world. Dave and Ryan “2Tone” spent some time with Tommy “he is a true gentleman who deserves everything he’s achieved and definitely hasn't forgotten where he came from” they said. After meeting him I decided to google Tommy, the results were astounding, his fame across the world to his charity work with GOAL helping famine stricken children in Africa not for just a week but months on end. Oh yes the party A.m.a.z.i.n.g hidden so well from james that Tommy was in his home without him knowing!! With caterers and staff doing the most fantastic job, the weather held off, the dinner served, a few words were said and Tommy went on, it couldn't get much better. With a lot to live up too 2Tone it the floor running, the music coupled with their dance moves became infectious and within minutes had the dance floor packed the party goers revelled in the mood till the early hours. Well done Catherine great job.

Our thought for the month:Foot prints in the sand of time are not made by sitting down

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