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The Importance Of Backing Up Files On An External Hard Drive- 2tb Hard Drive _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Hills Thomas- There's nothing worse than your computer packing in when you haven't backed up all of your important files. Despite the increase in reliable and intelligent technology, some computers will still crash, and ultimately let us down.Whether it's those precious family photographs, important work files, or video and audio files, it's really important to keep a back up just for that worst case scenario. There's lots of simple ways you can do this, depending on the amount of files you want to back up. One way is using a USB memory stick. These are ideal for backing up a moderate amount of information and allows you to easily transport it around with you to work, or university.

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Alternatively if you want to store a lot of data, whilst still being able to easily transport your files around with you, a great option is an external hard drive. These are a fantastic way of backing up the files you want to keep safe, whilst also freeing up space on your main computer. Removing files to make room for new files came become a tiresome and mundane task very quickly. By transferring some of the files from your main hard drive to an external hard drive, it keeps them safe in case anything happens to your computer, and also frees up some of that much needed storage space.

External hard drives are really easy to use; you simply connect it to your computer and transfer the files across. They are usually lightweight too; no-one wants to be carrying around extra weight if you don't have to! The type of files you want to back up, and how many files you want to store will determine what size you need. You can find a whole range to suit your size, budget, or style requirements. Most people opt for a 500Gb hard drive allowing you to store thousands of files, songs, or pictures. If you have lots of movie or video files and you still need more than this, you can go up to a 1 or 2Tb hard drive. Tb means Terabyte is a huge 1000 Gigabytes. This size is for those of you who have a serious amount of files to be backed up.

You can get external hard drives in an array of colours, and there is definitely something to suit everyone's budget. It really is worthwhile investing in an external hard drive if want to free up some storage space, and keep those important files safe and sound.As a final option, if you are confident in customising your own computer, you can also buy an internal hard drive and add it in yourself!

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There's nothing worse than your computer packing in when you haven't backed up all of your important files. Despite the increase in reliable...

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