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I w o n ’t Be De ni e d.

Trou b l es hooti n g te s ti mon i a l # 21 7


he only thing keeping me from the complete enjoyment of my favorite after school snack chip is the time it takes to pull apart the packaging. Now, everyday I sacrifice valuable hours to the refinement and strength of my forearms. All these precautions simply to assure nothing gets in the way of me and my happiness, especially no machine pressed vacuum sealed bag. I will do whatever it takes.

Trouble shooti n g te s ti mon i a l # 1 5 2


y life is dedicated to cleanliness which has been a major problem when it comes to my favorite snack food. Crumbs on my carpet is my worst fear, seconded only by that of the reddish orange fingerprints left upon my couches’ cushions. With every step the image of nacho cheese grinding deeper into the thread of my fabrics replays in my mind without compassion. Fortunately, success comes in many forms. Mine came in the form of full body coveralls and plastic wrap. Whatever it takes.

I w o n ’t B e D e ni e d.

I w o n ’t B e De ni e d.

Trou b l e s h ooti n g te s ti mon i a l # 4 6 3


y self confidence has deplenished with each bite. The feeling of self loathing overcomes me because of my inadequicies. I feel like if I could get the whole chip in my mouth at once, maybe my peers would accept me a bit more. Snack preferance is our bond of commonality and oppositly the reminder of our differences. At night I pray for a few extra centimeters around the sides of my mouth just so I can be that much closer to being able to eat an entire chip in one bite. One thing that has afforded me that opportunity is the advancement in surgical procedures. As luck would have it, I seem to be the perfect candidate for this yet unexplored realm of electoral surgery. I WILL do whatever it takes.