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This is my penguin. He eats fish and bacteria. He paddles and he can swim. Aidan 25/5/11

This is my penguin who eats lots of fish. When it is cold all of the penguins huddle together. When it is hot, he goes swimming Emperor penguins are the biggest living penguin.

At the beginning of winter, Emperor penguins walk a long way on the frozen sea. Mother Emperor penguin lays an egg, then she goes away looking for food. Father puts the egg on his feet and spends the cold winter standing on the ice. He is keeping the egg warm. To keep themselves warm, all the fathers huddle together through winter. They move along, taking turns at being on the outside of the group It is really cold there. Ayden 26.5.11

Adelie Penguins are the cute curious penguins of the Antarctic ice. Their beaks are covered in feathers to help keep them warm. Each year they walk and slide hundreds of kilometres across ice to get to their breeding colonies. There they constantly collect stones

to make their little nests. Competition for stones is so fierce that penguins resort to stone stealing. This leads to fighting, which is not so cute after all.

Geoffrey 26.5.11

This is my penguin. It’s a baby penguin. It can’t swim yet. It is cute. Its mum is getting fish for the baby penguin. Penguins are all around the baby penguin keeping him safe and it’s on an iceberg. It’s white blue and orange. My baby penguin lives in Antarctica. There are seventeen different kinds of penguins but not all live with my baby penguin. All penguins have very strong beaks. My penguin eats fish, squid and shrimp. My penguin can’t fly . Hunter

This is my penguin. He is cute. My Penguin lives in an igloo. It likes to eat Fish. It is happy all the time and my Penguin can swim. My penguin Loves to slide on his belly. Sophie

This is my penguin. His name is Fluffy because he is cute and fluffy. Fluffy likes to hide in the snow. Fluffy likes to eat little fish, krill and squid. When Fluffy swims in the water there is danger. The danger is a leopard seal. Fluffy likes to slide across the snow. Fluffy likes to go on adventures with his friends. Molly


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