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2+2 publication For U.S. Higher Education Overall ` A win-win-win for universities, community colleges and students ` Higher education costs become more globally competitive ` Entry to U.S .higher education becomes more flexible and accessible

For U.S. Community Colleges ` Transparency about the transfer process will attract more international

students ` Colleges will be able to adapt best practices used by community

colleges in other states to attract international students

For U.S. Universities ` Increases marketability of universities leading to increased international

student enrollments ` Offers another market from which universities can recruit international


For Students ` Clarifies the transfer process and makes U.S. community colleges

an attractive option ` Gives students the ability to clearly explain to consular officers key

reasons for attending a U.S. community college ` Provides tools to help students understand requirements to satisfy all

transfer agreement stipulations ` Ensures the transfer process is smooth and efficient ` Showcases 75 U.S. community colleges and their two top transfer

universities ` Presents detailed information about 25 universities in the United States

which accept transfer students from U.S. community colleges

CGACC: Benefits of 2plus2  
CGACC: Benefits of 2plus2  

CGACC describes the benefits of 2plus2