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Teenage Zombie Killers From Ohio Issue #1 March 19, 2012

Ross Thomas 3 Knightland rd, Upper Clapton, LONDON, E5 9HR 07401187315

TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas


PAGE 1 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 1, Panel 1. Wide panel of the silhouette of a city skyline. Moon glowing over the swirling ominous looking clouds. PAGE 1,Panel 2. Wide panel, Reverse angle shot of ‘Willy Wong’ whilst he’s driving. Looking out the windscreen over the road. Moody purple sky CAPTION 1: Somewhere in the meandering suburban streets of Ohio... PAGE 1, Panel 3. Larger Wide Panel, Pizza delivery van parked up over the curb, rubbish bins knocked over by bad parking from Wong. Wong close on right side of the panel pizza box in his right handonly bottom half of the character shown; long coat blowing in wind - autumn leaves swept up by small currents of wind. PAGE 1, Panel 4. Wide Panel, Wong’s hand in shot knocking the doorknocker. SFX 1: KNOCK,KNOCK!! PAGE 1, Panel 5. Inset panel, Wong’ face looking shocked looking up past camera top right, pizza box opened in hand.

TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas


PAGE 2 ( THREE PANELS) PAGE 2, Panel 1. Large 3/4 page panel, low angle shot, (reverse from behind Wong) looking up towards tall middle aged well built zombie man at opened door Wong was previously knocking on. Zombie’s eyes pointing in opposite directions, drooling. The man is bespectacled, wearing string vest holding meat cleaver that’s dripping with blood. Silhouette of Wong holding open pizza box in right hand ( almost falling out of box, his left hand held out in startled response action. SFX 1: OOOOOOAAAAARRRGHH!!!

PAGE 2, Panel 2. Wide Panel of Wong’s right arm outstretched in action of throwing pizza (which is suspended in mid air in process of being thrown). PAGE 2, Panel 3 Inset Panel of Pizza sliding down Zombies face. Reflection shown in glasses of Wong running away.

TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas


PAGE 3 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 3, Panel 1. Wide Panel, Long Shot in profile of Wong almost tripping over - arms out to balance himself looking at this Pizza Delivery Van which is swarming with zombies. PAGE 3, Panel 2. Tall panel Wong running towards camera whilst looking over shoulder at the scene of his accosted pizza vehicle. SFX 1: YIKES!! (RUNNING OVER GUTTER AT AN ANGLE OVER THE PROCEEDING 3 TALL PANELS) PAGE 3, Panel 3. Tall Panel, God eye view shot of distance between pizza van and a telephone box Wong is running towards. PAGE 3, Panel 4. Tall Panel; telephone in telephone box, Wong’s hand outstretched holding door handle. PAGE 3, Panel 5. Wide Panel, - Larger, than preceding panels - medium shot, Wong on phone looking out of the glass telephone box (to our right). WILLY WONG: Dad!? Dad?! Come pick me up?

TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas


PAGE 4 (FOUR PANELS) PAGE 4, Panel 1. Tall Panel of a 3/4 angle silhouette close up of David Wongs face;Willy Wongs father talking on his mobile. DAVID WONG: Wha? WILLY WONG: (OP) Dad, come pick me up now! PAGE 4, Panel 2 Tall panel of David Wong revealed from silhouette. He’s on his mobile, looking past camera to our right, a puzzled and frustrated look on his face, his milky blue eyes floating a directionless gaze. DAVID WONG: I can’t pick you up, I’m BLIND!! PAGE 4, Panel 3 Tall panel of Willy Wong slapping himself on his head, scrunching his eyes closed. SFX 1: SSSLLAAPP!! WILLY WONG: Aww!! STUPID! PAGE 4, Panel 4 Wide panel (short), David Wong similar expression to his previous panel but with more of a furrowed brow. Gesticulating in bewilderment, whilst shrugging shoulders. Silhouettes of people in background. DAVID WONG: (COMMENT) But what about your customers anyway? WILLY WONG: (OP) (RESPONSE) Er... DAVID WONG: (COUNTER-REPSONSE) Willy?

TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas


PAGE 5 (FIVE PANELS) PAGE 5, Panel 1. Large Panel, High angle shot of Willy in telephone box on right of panel looking out of telephone box toward his Pizza van. The vehicle is crawling with a troupe of zombies with one on his knees on the top of the van his teeth around the leg of the Italian looking company mascot. WILLY WONG: Don’t worry ‘bout that Dad-PAGE 5, Panel 2. Small panel of Willy’s worried face whilst on phone. WILLY WONG: -- Customer’s are getting a little too HUNGRY! PAGE 5, Panel 3. Medium Panel; ECU of the zombie biting into the face of the Italian pizza mascot. DAVID WONG: (OP) So what do you want me to do? PAGE 5, Panel 4 Small Panel: CU of Willy’s face looking very worried. WILLY WONG: I... I, I don’t know... Er I can’t talk now! SFX 1: SSMMAASSHH!!! PAGE 5, Panel 5 Large panel of telephone hanging from cord with view of an out of focus smashed telephone box window with muscular zombie arm reaching through. Glass is stuck in the arm with some blood coming from wounds. DAVID WONG: (B) SON! -DAVID WONG: (B) SON!!!

TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas SFX 1: DEEEEEEEEE...


TZKO, Issue #1 Ross Thomas


PAGE 6 ( TWO PANELS) PAGE 6, Panel 1 Wide Panel, Medium shot of David Wong on his mobile, people in silhouette in background. SFX 1: DEEEEEEEEE...! PAGE 6, Panel 2 Large Panel, High angle shot of David Wong putting mobile phone in pocket in nearest hand whilst in other hand he holds his hoover cane in his other. He’s revealed to be in a bustling city high street surrounded by a huge crowd of ZOMBIES!!! DAVID WONG: Damn Hong Kong, Japanese piece of crap!!

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