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It was supposed to be a one-night stand. A collection of SEVEN full-length romances with HEAs and no cliffhangers, plus exclusive bonus chapters, featuring the couples from all seven stories that are included in the box set. BABY FOR MY BROTHER'S FRIEND It was supposed to be a one-night stand. Until I missed a period, and then two . . . Yeah. I’m pregnant. With a stranger’s baby.

KNOCKED UP My prim-and-proper assistant has a dirty, dirty mind. I found her steamy writing on my computer. Now all I can think about is re-enacting the “good parts” of her story. But I don't sh*t where I eat. She's off-limits. Until I realize I need a baby—and she’d be the perfect surrogate.

AGAIN My dad said the boy was trouble, and I didn't listen. Now, years after Aiden broke my heart, he suddenly reappears—everywhere. He shows up in the strangest places. I can't seem to escape him. Worse still, I don't want to. Even if I still hate what the boy did.

I’m afraid I’m falling all over again for the man he's become.

ROYAL BEAST Life’s not a fairy tale, and princes don't fall for bookish virgins like me.

MY BROTHER'S FRIEND, THE DOM I started out with good intentions, I swear. I promised my best friend I’d protect his sister from a dark secret. Then I see her—all grown up, gorgeous, and completely off-limits. I try to stay away... until I find out just how bad she's been. Screw protection. What she really needs is punishment.

MOUNTAIN MAN'S BABY PLAN Seven years ago, the mountain man broke my heart. I've managed to stay away from him . . . until now.

MY BROTHER'S BEST FRIEND I’ve loved him my whole life. He’s only ever seen me as a crybaby. His friend's little sister. Now he’s back after 8 years away, and he doesn’t recognize me. The look in his eyes says I'm finally old enough for the ride of my life. I can't tell him who I am now… can I?

[pdf] download big bad boys the 7 book box set epub  

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[pdf] download big bad boys the 7 book box set epub  

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