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e u s s I s i h T features Shhhh! Clothing Big deal clothing Jean le roux Trashy Art jewellery

A Sneeky look @ the new designs now in stock at 2nd Avenue.

We’re Independent showcases 2nd Avenue’s newest label and what they got going down for the future.

2nd Avenue’s very own resident artist shows us his latest work!

Lowestofts most awesome jewellery company trashy art shows what there packing this summer.

Not forgetting Jolly along




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New SHhhh range has dropped online on the SHhhh website and well..... just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!! The new line is kept the true SHhhh style but throw a new ingredient into the mix, a full collective of new and upcoming artists adding there own designs to the SHhhh range. 2ndAvenue has got Exclusive Shhhh! goodies in stock!!! WE RENT HAND GUNS


We Rent Handguns is back !!!!!!! The new line up from WRHG’s has a huge illuminati vibe going down and as always expect these in very limited numbers. 2nd Avenue will still be the only store selling these shirts. to reserve your WRHG’s shirt head over to the 2ndAvenue fan page and tag yourself in the picture’s and comment what size and colour your after. These are looking to drop in store late August 2010.

Matthew Callaby is the newest edition to the collective of artists at 2nd Avenue and is soon to be exhibiting and selling his artwork in store for scibbles & scran 2. check Matthew’s blog at

g n o l A y l l o g J n i h t o Cl

jolly along’s the abyss shirt

Where to start on Jolly Along clothing? Well to be perfectly honest, the beginning. Jolly Along was founded in November 2009 by David Winder with the first range launching in February 2010. Jolly Along began as an outlet for a positive and creative mind and developed into a brand full of good humour and high spirits as interest grew. The vibe coming from Jolly Along’s owner David Winder and his designs are on the other end of the scale to what a lot of labels are putting out at the moment. Jolly Along rolls with a happy, care free vibe, im yet to find a character with a face that isn’t smiling. David tells us the overall idea is to keep the designs as fresh and as fun as possible. Future plans as far as clothing goes are expanding the line by printing onto different garments. Design wise to start working with and involving new artists to help establish a wider fan base. With that in mind it’s clearly time to get jolly.

Shhhh! Clothing


Shhhh! partiescome and gone

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e L n a e J x u o R

Jean le Roux has been working with 2nd Avenue since day one and has always done nothing but amaze. The perfect scale and perspective Jean puts out on artwork just flowing straight off the top of his head is immense and don't even get me started on trying to figure out where the ideas come from. Not only a resident artist for 2nd Avenue Jean has signed up with Shhhh! clothing putting out his own design with there awesome collective of artists. Some of you guys might recognise jeans work in the Yarmouth 6th form collage common room & the wall’s at the birdcage in Norwich. Check out Jean Le Roux’s work in 2ndAvenue street boutique.

Collab’s famous cunt shirt £20 only @ 2ndavenue street Boutique

Collab’s Sugar skull shirt (top) & Pay Attention (below) £20 only @ 2ndavenue street Boutique




To be perfectly honest everyone reading this know’s about SHhhh! clothing one way or another and this is all down to its creator Sam Harrons having his fingers in all the pies so to speak. From making custom SHhhh! sticks of rock and hosting awesome parties in Norwich and Gt Yarmouth with b-boi’s and live art on display and pretty much plastering his logo in almost every opportunity your no doubt familiar with the bubble. Recently Sam has formed a huge SHhhh! collective made up of artists, Dj’s, Skateboarders and breakdances, with this awesome collective SHhhh! clothing puts out shirts with work and ideas from artists that wouldn’t normally think to use a t-shirt as a canvas. Shhhh! clothing is set to do one thing go off!!!!


All of the clothing featured in We’re independent is available at 2nd Avenue street boutique

We're Independent  

Fashion magazine featuring labels from 2ndavenue street boutique in lowestoft.

We're Independent  

Fashion magazine featuring labels from 2ndavenue street boutique in lowestoft.