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2MCCTV is Offering HighPerformance CCTV Surveillance Cameras

2MCCTV is a reputable CCTV surveillance systems solutions provider that offers security solutions to clients all over the world. Founded by three brothers in Arlington TX, 2MCCTV has grown to carry out international operations around the world. They have offices in the US and the Middle East. They’re committed to making the future of security bright and work closely with top manufacturers to stay relevant using cutting edge technology to provide custom solutions for customers. They design, sell and install Circuit Television, Intrusion Detection, Access Control and Fire Alarm Systems. They have provided these services and products to 40 countries and in all the 50 states. Speaking about remote access for security systems, the General Manager said, “Having a remote access surveillance system is critical to have in your business or even home. The IP surveillance camera system is an excellent option for this purpose. It can get used with various camera options, DVR recorder, and interconnected network. The benefits of this system are it can be controlled remotely or on site. It works with any size setup meaning large corporations, small businesses and residences can obtain the same level of security. Remote access is beneficial as you can view what’s happen on your property and in the case of breach of security, it gives you real-time live feed from wherever you are. It ensures maximum safety as you will not be there in the event of a robbery and secondly you can alert authorities from your location and have the robbers caught unawares.

At 2MCCTV you can get some of the best CCTV surveillance cameras online. One can have a look at the various CCTV cameras they offer on their website and order them. They offer shipping services that will guarantee you get your products on time. They provide security camera systems for homes or even large, complex system customized for companies or educational campus. Their packages contain everything from cameras and recorders to cables and power leads. The package also includes a computer with a DVR capture card already installed and tested. They also provide a free 19’ flat panel monitor with every single camera system and warranty for one to two years.

Talking about why one should choose them as their CCTV surveillance partner, the General Manager added, “At 2MCCTV you can expect to get surveillance systems that you trust. We aim at providing hi-tech equipment that will guarantee you protection as we understand maximum security in the modern society is key. With our products, you can expect to get free shipping on orders of $500 or more. We also strive to keep our customers happy by providing competitive prices across all brands that will match any competitor’s price. Also, you’re guaranteed a free lifetime tech support with any purchase.” Clients looking to get outdoor bullet camera can turn to 2MCCTV as the offer some of the best outdoor mini bullet cameras. The integrated and small size design in the bulletshaped housing of bullet cameras come with benefits over the other types of security cameras. Typically speaking, bullet cameras are for outside use, where domes are used for indoor use. They are often weatherproof, waterproof or otherwise made to stand extreme weather conditions. They are suitable for any beginning CCTV application and are cost-effective and offer adaptability to any environment.

About 2MCCTV

2MCCTV is a leading security surveillance firm that offers security solutions to clients both nationally and internationally. They offer competitive prices to customers and serve both the residential and commercial industry.

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2mcctv is offering high performance cctv surveillance cameras  

2MCCTV is a reputable CCTV surveillance systems solutions provider that offers security solutions to clients all over the world.