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2logix is a leading name in Social Media Management Services. Located in the outskirts of vibrant city “Karachi” Pakistan as our regional office & our head office in stunning Singapore, with a team of Core Developers, Project Management Specialists, Artistic Designers, & Skilled QA Leads, 2logix remains active round the clock. 2logix Specializes in providing customized technology solutions. Established in 2010 as an emerging business providing company, 2logix spans both worlds of technology & business process. Our team of expert developers & quality assurance personnel’s drives our clients and the internet along with the business process that go behind it. Today, 2logix is striving for more offshore & onshore services to board range of various industry verticals by leveraging its people, partners, and valuable clients.

Vision: To strengthen 2logix as a business that bestride the world of technology and business processes in order to place the company at a momentous gain in a globalized world where ideas can virtually be transformed into platforms with breathtaking speed.

What we do? We give power to brands, companies and agencies with custom applications, branded pages, Facebook Connect integrations, Mobile websites as well as customizable tools which are necessary for controlling and monitoring them with greater convenience. Startup experience in developing applications and mobile websites makes us count among the industry’s finest business entrepreneurs. We are innovators with a sharp focus on social media technologies, keeping ourselves upgraded & updated. 1|P ag e

Our Top Notch Services includes:      

Custom Application Development Social Plug-ins & Open Graph Integration Quality Assurance Consultancy Social Media Marketing Analytics Management Mobile Websites Development

Custom Application Development: Do you have an idea, or a product which you want to socialize around social media networks? We will do it for you. We have expertise in developing custom applications Websites, Mini sites, Web applications, and any other latest third party services. From the designing phase to product launch, we cater all services under one roof using up-to-date techie teams & development platforms.

Social Plug-ins & open graph Integration: Plug in your services to any third party website and allow users to access their Facebook accounts in a trusted environment. We at 2logix help you to connect with Facebook efficiently, which give users complete control over the permissions granted. Facebook’s open API also allows you to turn your website or web service into a recognizable product in the Facebook open graph, allowing it to interact seamlessly with Facebook by leveraging all its social connections.

Quality Assurance Consultancy: 2logix provides extensive QA consultancy services to its clients by developing schemes & tactics that will fully employ the existing channels to boost their applications into astounding quality. We realize that just applications will not do in terms of capturing & maintaining a large user base to fuel success. Quality plays a major role in focusing on measurable results of your success.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is all about promoting your brand and growing its leads and traffic along with developing its recognition in order to enhance sales that will give you strong charisma to maximize ROI for creation in the social media race. We, at 2logix, increase brand 2|P ag e

recognition across social networking sites and blogs on the internet by building community engagement which is integral.

Analytics Management: After your social media campaign is online and deployed on social networks, there is more work to do; it needs to be a success as well as retain its position so that you can reap the benefits. These benefits are measured in terms of value & ROI required through effective social analytics management. If this is what you are looking for, 2logix is always prepared to integrate your campaign with a range of different social networks. Best of all, we provide strategies that are built and improved on the basis of each client’s perspective and vision.

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