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Brandy D. We rescued my sweet Maltese thanks to Friends of Homeless animals. FOHA took her from county the animal shelter after she was deemed unadoptable due to her age (our vet says she is at least 8 and maybe older) and the poor condition of her teeth. Now she is toothless but that doesn’t stop her from loving every day. She has learned plenty of new tricks (including sit, stay, shake, and play dead). She was no problem to house train, loves to play fetch, and she always comes to love on me when I am sad or upset. My friends complain about their puppies destroying their house and I can’t help feeling smug—older dogs are the way to go! Barbara O. My senior was Tyson, a lover and the best dog. He always knew when I needed a special hug, rarely did he come up on the couch, but when he did it was to cuddle with me. He wouldn’t care if I was on the computer, he would just plop down on my lap. You my think he was a small dog, no Tyson was a boxer husky mix.  When he wanted to go to bed he would just get up, start walking to the bedroom, but before he went down the hall he would stop and look at me, like he was saying night-night.  It will be a 2 years at the end of the month that he went to the bridge and I still miss him. I know he is at the bridge, still avoiding baths and rain drops as much as possible, running with all the others and his brother Chester, being his great loving self.

NOVADog asks, “What would your dog wish for, if she/he could sit on Santa’s lap?” Gerylee B. An indoor swimming pool that can be used all day, every day, all year long. June P. My dog would say “please, just once...leave the fridge door open.” Kayla K. Smiley Riley would wish that every homeless pet would have a loving forever home for Christmas. Lisa N. Boomer would like an endless amount of snow to play in. Kelly Ann T. Artie would wish that I never had to work and we could go on adventures every day. Tami G. Sadie would wish for unlimited cookies, unlimited hugs and no cats in the house. Tracy S. Endless stuffed toys and a king size bed all to himself! Katherine P. My foster, Misha, says, “I have been a very good boy, and my only wish is for a Forever Home of my very own.” Doris S. My pups Rex and Sammie would like there to be no abused or homeless animals. Nanc C. My dog Ping Pong wishes to have all of the squeaky balls in the world and my dog Dillinger wants all of Ping’s toys.

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NOVADog Magazine Winter 2014  

The Ultimate Guide to Canine-Inspired Living in the DC Metro

NOVADog Magazine Winter 2014  

The Ultimate Guide to Canine-Inspired Living in the DC Metro