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Dog Food Safety

Doggone Cute Local artist Melissa Gilkey of Doggone Tags, creates these adorable, mixed-metal tags from her home in Linden, VA. Does Fido need some bling? Melissa will work with you on a custom piece, or you can choose from a variety of designs online, at her Etsy store web site. The tag shapes are cut out of sheet metal, then heated, stamped, and pounded. Each is approximately 1” in diameter and will come with a split ring for hanging on your pet’s collar. “The Gracie tag is made of nickel, copper, and sterling silver and is my most popular tag,” says Melissa. “My tags also work well for wine glasses, luggage, books, and key rings to remind you of your pup wherever your day takes you!” The handmade tags can be stamped with your dog or cat’s name, woof, meow, best dog, best cat—the possibilities are endless. Melissa will stamp your phone number on the back at no charge, and she also offers free shipping of your order within the United States. Prices start at $15. ND FIND  it:

We are more aware than ever of the food we feed to our pets— and are more vigilant about checking ingredients and labels. Make sure to do your research and purchase a premium brand that you trust. If you do suspect that your pet’s food is making him sick, what should you do? Local residents can report complaints in Virginia, DC, and Maryland to the Regional Consumer Complaint Coordinator at 410.779.5713. Consumers often transfer dry pet food into other containers for easier handling. If possible, save the original packaging, which contains important information to identify the variety of pet food, the manufacturing plant, and the production date. Write down a description of the problem with the product, (such as off color or strange odor). If you think your pet has become sick or injured as a result of consuming a pet food product make sure to provide information about your pet including: • Species, age, weight, breed, pregnant, spayed/neutered • Previous health status of pet and any pre-existing conditions • Whether you give your pet any other foods, treats, dietary supplements, or drugs • How much of the product your pet normally consumes • How much of the product was consumed from the package • How much of the product you still have • Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy. For more information, or to file a complaint electronically, visit ND

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NOVADog Magazine Spring 2011 Issue  

The Ultimate Guide to Canine-Inspired Living in the DC Metro Area

NOVADog Magazine Spring 2011 Issue  

The Ultimate Guide to Canine-Inspired Living in the DC Metro Area