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The most passionate, loyal, adoring dog-lovers in the area are NOVADog readers. Reach your prime audience and target your advertising wisely in the magazine celebrated and read thoroughly by our 25,000 readers. Partnered With:

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Pet spending continues it’s steady upward trend...and pampering prevails! We love our dogs and that’s a fact! Pet spending hit $51 billion in 2011, and while the final numbers are not in for 2013, spending is expected to reach $53 billion. Pet spending is steadily rising above prior year’s levels, as noted in a study from the APPA. Americans own 78.2 million dogs and enjoy pampering them. Top industry trends include: eco-friendly pet products, pet travel, human-grade food and treats, spa and grooming, pet tech gadgets, brain stimulating toys and training, personalized pet products, dog walks and playcare, birthday parties, and fitness classes and gear.

Choose Award-Winning NOVADog Magazine to Help You Grow Your Business “Thank you so much for the opportunity to further promote my business. Last week I had a new customer due to my ad and yesterday I got another one!” — Anne, Rudy’s Friends Dog Training Inc.

➊ Targeted, Concentrated and Visible

Circulation: NOVADog’s readers are your prime audience: affluent, DC Metro dwelling dog-lovers, who embrace their pets as part of the family. It is the most targeted way to invest your advertising dollars. With NOVADog you reach 25,000 local dog owners who crave your products and services—all located within driving distance of the DC Metro area. Distributed at over 200 locations, 30 events and with an active online presence, NOVADog is an incredibly visible publication.

➋ Loyal Readers, Active Consumers:

More than a just a magazine, NOVADog is a local dog-lovers community. Built around the common bond of our dogs, NOVADog breeds fun, excitement and loyalty through contests, events and online interaction. Readers eagerly await the newest issue and they interact with us via e-mail, web, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and events.

➌ Award-Winning Local Content:

NOVADog features almost 100% local content and is the only local dog lifestyle magazine in-touch and in-tune with the DC Metro. NOVADog Readers know the difference and they prefer our true local content, destinations, advice and events, and they share it with their friends.


➍ Extensive Online Community and

Distribution. From Facebook to Twitter our readers engage online, entering contests, finding events and classes, and much more. And our advertisers ignite conversations and sales. Each issue receives more than 5,000 unique readers online adding significant volume to our distribution.

➎ Partners In Your Success: We are

not successful without you, so we work hard to make sure your investment pays off. Our goal is to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We look for different ways to accomplish that including: • featuring your products and services in appropriate editorial • c reating campaigns to increase your exposure •d  eveloping contests to raise your visibility • o rganizing opportunities to interact with our readers •p  artnering with you for events and working to develop unique programs to fit your needs and goals •U  sing social media and other tools to increase your visibility An ad in NOVADog is an investment in your growth.

Maximum Visibility

Unprecedented Opportunity For the first time ever you can capitalize on the engaging lifestyle format of NOVADog’s Quarterly Magazine AND bundle it with the Annual Staying Power of the 14 Year Old Pet Lovers Companion (NOVA edition) to create a sales enhancing combination. The combined force of these two publications will enhance the sales and visibility of your organization. The combined annual reach of these 2 publications is over 200,000 copies.

The perfect companion! When you add Pet Lovers Companion to your NOVADog exposure, you get: • An additional 100,000 copies in annual distribution • Increased presence to thousands of online visitors • Distribution with the Spring 2013 issue of NOVADog Magazine • Visibility in highly-used Annual Directory that is referenced all year • Incredible Value at rates at least 30% off

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A to Z LISTINGS - Products & Services 1/4 13/16

County Bold Loudon Listing


Stream Valley Veterinary Hospital ....................................... Regular 42902 Waxpool Road, Ashburn .....................703-723-1017 Animal Clinic ExtraTowne LIne 338 E East Market Street, Leesburg ...............703-777-6350

Inside Covers

Prince William County

NOVADog Discounted Rate:

” h



Animal Hospitals by Specialty

$235 animal 1 hospitals by specialty$99

Cardiology1 $149


Chesapeake Veterinary 1 $59 Cardiology Associates


4 $3195


Offices located3 in: $3895 $2,700 Vienna...........................................................703-281-7717 8138 Sudley Road, Manassas ........................703-361-0271 Leesburg .......................................................703-669-9311 Blooms Crossing Veterinary Clinic Richmond .....................................................804-497-8940 9471 Manassas Drive, Manassas....................703-335-7766 discounted non-profit rates Non-Profi Springfield ....................................................703-451-4868 t Groups O Summer Fu Crossroads Animal Care Center n With Anim Maryland Offices ...........................................410-224-0039 als at Fr yin Bold Listings: W g Pan Farm Park 12950 Troupe Street, Woodbridge .................703-497-7387 See our Ad oN PAGe 33 Art Production (One Time Fee): Dale City Animal Hospital Internal Medicine Full page $250 2980 Dale Boulevard, Woodbridge ................703-670-6181 The Hope Center for Advanced Davis Ford Animal Clinic, Woodbridge Half page $175 13478 Minnieville Road, #103.......................703-491-5134 Veterinary Medicine Quarter page $100 Dumfries Animal Hospital Pet Prog 140 Park Street, S.E., Vienna..........................703-242-4760 rams at Eighth17552 page $85 N Main Street, Dumfries .....................703-221-1880 See our Ad oN PAGe 9 Maple Shade Animal Hospital 5597 Mapledale Plaza, Dale City ...................703-670-7668 Oncology The Hope Center for Advanced Minnieville Animal Hospital 14005 Minnieville Road, Dale City .................703-680-4000 Veterinary Medicine Montclair Animal Hospital 703-437-9101 4385 Kevin Walker Drive, Dumfries ...............703-878-3442 140 Park Street, S.E., Vienna..........................703-242-4760 For Advertising Information Contact: See our Ad oN PAGe 9 Morganna Animal Clinic Gennifer Kelling | 9050 Liberia Avenue, Manassas ....................703-361-4196 Ophthalmology | 703-780-4400 (ph) | 856-753-0064 (Fax)

BackBattlefield Cover Animal Clinic, Inc.


www.petlo verscompan

rganizations in this sect contribution ion rely on s of animal the 6. VOL to care for lovers like UNTEER YOU thousands you A note R of area abus doned, and to our read TIME. ed, abaninjur ers: are a few ways ed animals each year If you are awar . Here not e of a non1. Send a chec that you can help: profit orga listed in our nization k or money book that the animal provides serv order to the non-profit community, organization ices LET US of 2. Name one our of mission is of these grou your choice. the bettermen KNOW! Part community ps charitable t of the anim thro trust, or insu in your will, al PLEASE HEL ugh awareness and 3. Donate rance polic education. real estate, P US by lettin y. a car or boat or animal relat g your vete stocks, etc. , rinarian ed service prov supp 4. Donate ider know that ort Pet Love goods and you rs Compani prof to make this 5. Ask for on and ask publication a copy of thei essional services. visible at their them business. Dire r “wish list” place . ctori es are of Pleas

hat better way 69 could a child their sum spend rou mer than nd at Fry about anim by learning ing als Pan Far In 2012 Fryi at Frying Pan Farm Park? Hor ses m Par k. ng Pan Farm offering thre and Park helwill be mets e different, are provided wee throughout the summer k-long camps mak ing this an camps prov . These sum mer eco nom ide a fun ical way environmen learning abo t for to lear n ut how to and farm lives animals like horses, dogs, ride with tock! out provided free to those who All About e consider savin expense of the of charge request them g Hor a life ownses by adopting from is a great . children, ages ADOPTION/RES way for ing a hor se! Dog one of the CUE - CAT 7-12, to lear s and following rescu Lost Dog and horsebac (adults and n ADOPTION/RES e group & Cat Resc k riding. Cam about horses young han the ir own ers www.lostdogres CUE - CAT & DOG ue people generously s. These dler horse gam a ran ge of Homeward volunteer their es, daily ridin pers will enjoy clas ses incl s!) can enjoy 703-295-3647 time and mone Animal RescTrails adva g and udin g bas less nced oth ons y toward helpi er sum mer , craf obe ic to www.homewardt ue ng Northern out animal friend fun . Hor sem ts of dog agil dience, flyball and all ship skills Virg s. We have inia ity. levels lear 703-7 anAnimal Leag ned include 66-2647 provided the most tacking and grooming, Reg istr local, updated 703-368-2460 ue hors atio e care. Ridi information, howe n for cam cover mou Humane Soc ng lessons opens as ps and clas ver, nting, halt Riverside earl iety this information ses y ing, as Feb position and Rescue steering, jum of Fairfax changes rapidly. riversiderescue@ beg inning p Fair fax County Parkruar y 9th through County year this ADOPTION/RES trot Author ity. ting. Last info rma tion camp was • 703-3 Siamese Cat More can BIRD/EXOTICS CUE sold be sure to see our ad 85-7387 on page 15 sign up soon out early so http://www.fair be fou nd onli ne at www.siamesere Rescue Center Foster Parr faxcounty.g offered as . It will also Humane Soci ots, fpp/ 540-6 Ltd. clas www.fosterparro 72-6373 ov/park s/ a Spr ing Bre be ses.htm or ety of Loudoun April 2nd ak camp from Visitor feel free to Cou 781-878-3733 April 6th. call the Center at 703 A Forever nty Hom • 703-777-2912 -437-9101. Dog gone Phoenix Lan www.aforeverho e x Paws and Fun is an www.phoenixlan ding Claws 703-961-8690 inno mixing fun Animal Resc with learning vative camp 866-749-5634 703-689-0500 ue in dog care practical skill Fry . Children ing s ADOPTION/RES ADOPTION/RES Pan ranging Farm Park can particip CUE - CAT & DOG Pet Assistan Herndon, Virg 4 Paws Resc CUE - CAT ate in activitie from 9 -14 ce Leag Anim inia ue ue P.A.L. www.petleague. promote lifel al Allie www.fairfaxc www.fourpaws.o Team org • 540-659-50 ong bonding s designed to www.animalallie s rg • 703-715-63 18 and pet. Dog between own Dog Agility rks/fpp 69 Rikki’s Refu Advocats, 703-940-9183 gone Fun is and Dog Obe er Inc. a half-day cam www.advocats-in dience www.rikkisrefugege (Humans 8 For those • 703-525-25 & up - Dog .org • 540-854-08 p. chil s All Ages) 19 Briggs Animal Ado 70 Fancy Cats Classes offered SPCA of Nor ested in farm dren, ages 10 - 14, inte ption Center all year! www.fancycats.oRescue Team animals or rwww.spcanova.o thern Virginia Doggone Fun rg • 703-961-10 farm aspi rg er ring • 703-7 Farm Han • 304-724-6558 56 young 99-9390 Feline Fou Summer 2013Camp d Camp is bes t thin g the nex Caring Hea ADOPTION/RES Horseback to of Greate ndation CUE- CAT (FERA Ridi ers will lear own ing a farm ! Cam t www.caringhearrts Rescue l) Alley Cat and Therape ng Lessons n about the Washingtr pAllies 703-483-9350 utic animals at different farm www.alleycat.or on, Inc. Call for 2013 DateRiding Frying Pan g • 240-482-19 • 703-9 s Farm Park with farm 80 see our ad 20-8665 All about Hor Friends of Metro Fera , help chores and on page 15 Hom ses Camp ls Sprin eles get the Animals s g Break and Sum to work with Little Bud animals at www.metroferal dies the park incl mer 2013 • 703-528-77 and Humane Adoption goat Farm s, udin 82 • 703-385-0224 sheep, and g pigs, hand Cam www.littlebuddi Society cows! Cam ADOPTION/RES p lear Sum Homeless pers n mer abou CUE2013 will ChICkEN t crops and also 703-946-3632 Eastern Sho equipment Team - HARAnimal Rescue a farm. Gue Horse Sho Chicken Sanre used T st ws on spea kers are brou Held all year make this http://sanctuary. ctuary • 703-691-4278 ght in to a unique exp Bring this 410-651-4934 erience. ad Beginner Hor for a free bagto your dog class seback Ridi peutic Ridi of ng lessons ng and TheraLimit 2 per dog treats! are offered household year



Increase your business with a print ad. Quarterly ads in NOVADog provide consistent exposure for your pet business. Since each quarterly issue contains new, engaging, relevant editorial, your ad receives higher exposure than annual or less targeted publications that are not updated throughout the year. Compare NOVADog to other options and you’ll find that our rates are an extreme value for the exposure and visibility we generate.

NOVADog has ad packages for all budgets—Starting at only $72/Month.


Top 3 Reasons to Advertise in Print Magazines

1.  Print Still Excites People:  2.  P rint is proven to 3.  M ulti-platform With less printed, more attention is paid to each piece. Accurate or not the old adage still prevails: The printed word is still perceived as more credible to many people than anything on the web.


be most effective on a local level. (Source: David Mueller)

campaigns engage in many different ways with different groups of consumers.

For Advertising Information Contact: Gennifer Kelling | | 703-780-4400 (ph) | 856-753-0064 (Fax)

Easy Monthly Payments


as Low as

$72 per Month!

Call Gennifer Kelling 703-780-4400

(no fees for 4 color)

1X 2X 3X 4X

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Full page with bleed

8 .625˝ w x 11.125˝ h





Half page

7.375˝ w x 4.25˝ h





Third page vertical

2.5˝ w x 9.875˝ h





Quarter page

3.5˝ w x 4.25˝ h

$ 490





2.5˝ w x 1.75˝ h

$ 255




Non-Profits (501 C3 and 501 C19s) receive a discount of 25% off published ad rates.

Additional Benefits

All ads Include FREE BONUS DISTRIBUTION in the digital edition of the magazine.

Design services: Let us design your ad for you for a very reasonable rate. Full page design: $110 1/4 and 1/3 design: $55

•A  free perpetual listing in the Resource section of the web site (A $100 Value).

1/2 design: $78 Marketplace ad design: $25

Specifications: Trim size: 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 Bleed size: 8 5/8 x 11 1/8 (keep all live matter 1/4 in. from the trim) Files accepted: we prefer press optimized PDF files set to high res, PDFx1a format with all fonts embedded. Formats also accepted are high res tiff or jpg files. Please do not send Microsoft Word or Publisher files as these cannot be processed. All files and artwork must be created using CMYK. All files requiring modification to meet ad specifications may be subject to production charges. Color accuracy cannot be guaranteed without a digital color proof. Files may be submitted electronically either on CD or by e-mail. If you send your ad by e-mail please ensure your company name and the contact person is included.

Circulation and Distribution Stats:

•Y  our ad will be visible and clickable in the online edition of the magazine. •O  pportunities to provide editorial content on the NOVADog Blog. •B  onus Distribution at Super Pet Expo and lots of other events throughout the DC Metro area.

40,000 with pass along readership. • 61% of our readers said they shared their copy with another dog lover* • More than 7,500 additional online readers per quarter • Quarterly circulation=25,000;

• Estimated total Circulation: 47,500 • Growing mailed subscription List •D  istributed at more than

300 high-end pet locations.

* Source: 2010 Survey of NOVADog readers

For Advertising Information Contact: Gennifer Kelling | | 703-780-4400 (ph) | 856-753-0064 (Fax)



Increase your Exposure and Extend Your Reach with an Online ad package at


Payments available Call Gennifer for details!



Save a Bundle!! When you bundle one of the online packages with a print ad in the same issue, you will RECEIVE A 25% DISCOUNT on your electronic ad.

Over 2,500 unique visitors come to the NOVADog website each month to review information, access the Marketplace, and read the online edition of the magazine. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your business and direct them immediately to your website to learn more about your products and services. Your ad stays with the reader throughout the NOVADog website experience and is listed on almost every page!

Homepage Advertising Buttons Rates

3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months

Homepage Button $375 $680 $975 $1,240 n Banner size: 200 pixels wide x 140 pixels high (GIF or JPEG format, maximum file size 75K, no Flash)

It is the sole responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that all banner artwork is compatible with the most recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. All target URLs must be a valid link or banner will be removed. Prepayment is required on all advertising offerings.

For Advertising Information Contact: Gennifer Kelling | | 703-780-4400 (ph) | 856-753-0064 (Fax)

NOVADog Marketplace The place our readers go when they are looking for great petsitters, vet services, trainers and more! Save a Bundle!! When you bundle one of the online packages with a print ad in the same issue, you will RECEIVE A 25% DISCOUNT on your electronic ad.

Get premium visibility with an ad on our Marketplace homepage. The area thousands of NOVADog readers access when looking to purchase products and services for their dogs.



Marketplace Home Page Rates

3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months

Top banner ad


Bottom banner ad $250







n Banner size: 560 pixels wide x 100 pixels high

Receive top billing within your category with a large graphic ad on the category page of your directory listing.

Category Header Ad Rates

3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months

banner (header) $290 $550 $790 $990 n Banner size: 560 pixels wide x 260 pixels high

banner (footer) $190 $350 $480 $650 n Banner size: 560 pixels wide x 100 pixels high

Ensure your organization is in the list of options when readers come to The NOVADog Marketplace to find the products and services they need for their dog.

Text Listing $99 Rate: $99 for a lifetime online listing including: Company name, contact name, address, phone and web address with hot link to your web site.




Digital Edition Sponsorship: Our most coveted online sponsorship Only 1 Available This sponsorship gives you incredible exposure with NOVADog readers, directly in their e-mail inbox and beyond, in the following ways: • Your company will be featured on the Digital Edition Page, accessed thousands of times each quarter. • Your logo and link will be placed on the cover of the online edition of the magazine. • Your banner ad (with link) will appear in each e-mail transmission sent during the 3 month sponsorship period (a minimum of 2 e-mails). • Your brief company description and URL is included at the bottom of each e-mail that is sent during your quarter of sponsorship.




3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months

Digital Edition


$1,720 $2,460 $3,140

n Banner size: 468 pixels wide x 125 pixels high (GIF or JPEG format, maximum file size 75K, no Flash)

NOVADog Blog Sponsorship— Only 1 Available Access NOVADog readers on a deeper level through a unique opportunity. As the sponsor of the Blog, ( your ad is displayed largely and prominently and you’ll also have the opportunity to provide quarterly Blog posts for additional exposure. Blog Sponsorship Includes: • “Sponsored by” ad on the Blog homepage. • Opportunity to provide one “guest Blog” per quarter (We will work together to determine dates and topic schedule). • Site listed in “Sites to Bark About” and Link to your company’s Blog on our Blogroll. • Online lisitng in the NOVADog Marketplace 3 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

$600 $1,140 $1,620 $2,040

Your Banner on ‘the scene’ slideshow on the homepage!

The Scene Sponsorship— Only 1 Available • One email per quarter announcing the Scene winner, which includes a link to the new “Scene” slide show. This email will have your banner and your 75 word message. • Your banner on the Scene Submission page.  • Once a month we will post one “Scene” photo to Facebook and include a link to the full slide show.  This will direct a lot of additional traffic to the page. • We will post the slideshow to YouTube • Your prize selection will be advertised and added to the gift package the winner receives.



3 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

$900 $1,720 $2,460 $3,140


For Advertising Information Contact:

Gennifer Kelling | | 703-780-4400 (ph) | 856-753-0064 (Fax)


NOVADog Reaches DC Metro Dog Lovers—Everywhere You Find People and Dogs. Our audited distribution network is one of the solid backbones of NOVADog Magazine. We ensure reliable distributors in high-end, high-traffic, dog-centric locations and we constantly refine our list to ensure its providing the best exposure. As an advertiser, you can also receive copies to distribute to your clients.

Dogtastic Events: Events Sponsorship— Only 1 Available • Banner included in twice quarterly emails to the full NOVADog database. The emails include a list of the upcoming events and up to 3 events the sponsor provides. • Skyscraper ad on all of the events pages of the website. • In the Event Calendar, your 1 column x 1.5 inch ad will appear at end of print calendar edition as follows:  Event Listings sponsored by: [your logo] • Posting of all your events to our events calendar • Posting of your events to our Facebook page • Listing of your top 2 events in the print edition



In 2012 NOVADog sponsored and participated in many dog-friendly events that add visibility to the publication, the editorial, and our advertisers including: • The Washington Nationals, Pups in the Park • Super Pet Expo • Wags ‘N Whiskers • Reston Pet Fiesta • WHS Bark Ball • Fun Dog Show /St Patrick’s Day Festival • Herndon K9 2K • WHS Walk for the Animals • Springfield Days PawFest • Olde Towne Doggie Walke • Home 4 The Holidays •F  riends of Homeless Animals Barktoberfest

3 months

6 months

9 months

12 months

• And many more!

$725 $1,300 $1,940 $2,550


Bonus Distribution:



Winter 2013 Jan., Feb., March • Super Pet Expo • Fun Dog Show/ St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Spring 2014 April, May, June Bonus Distribution: • • • • •

Reston Pet Fiesta Pups in the Park Dog Yappy Hours Springfield Days PawFest And More!

Summer 2014 July, Aug., Sept. Bonus Distribution:

• Pups in the Park • Wags ‘N Whiskers • Olde Towne Dogge Walke • Paws for the Cause FFX pets on Wheels • Dog Yappy Hours

• HART Dog Walk • WHS Walk for the Animals • Dog SwimPohick • Dog Days at Great Country Farms • And More!

Fall 2014 Oct., Nov., Dec. Bonus Distribution: • • • •

Home 4 The Holidays McLean Pet Expo Halloween Doggie Events And More!



Space Reservations Due: December 1, 2013 Materials/Payment Due: December 1, 2013 Distribution target date: January 13-18, 2014

• Dogs on Deployment • The Scoop on Choosing a Dog Walker • Heart Murmurs in dogs

Space Reservations Due: March 1, 2014 Materials/Payment Due: March 1, 2014 Distribution target date: April 14-19, 2014

• • • •

Space Reservations Due: June 1, 2014 Materials/Payment Due: June 1, 2014 Distribution target date: July 14-19, 2014

• New technologies for dogs and their owners • Local dog clubs • Summer water safety for dogs • Doggie Yappy Hours

Space Reservations Due: September 1, 2014 Materials/Payment Due: September 1, 2014 Distribution target date: October 13-18, 2014

• Navigating the pet adoptions process •F  etch More Fun: reader survey results •A  natomy of an canine health exam • Doggie dental health

Dog-friendly wineries Pet food pantries Dog and cat blended families special pharmacies that serve pets

Please note: Editorial topics and bonus distribution are subject to change at Publisher’s discretion.

Get Social with NOVADog & the Pet Lover’s Companion:




4,474 fans


176 fans LoversCompanion

For Advertising Information Contact: Gennifer Kelling | | 703-780-4400 (ph) | 856-753-0064 (Fax)


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