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Your Resource for Body, Mind & Spirit Fall to Winter 2015

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Hawaii’s resource for fresh local produce, specialty food, and small independent businesses. OPENING IN 2016 IN KAPOLEI, OAHU to connect locals and tourists with a

year-round farmers market, owner-operated bakeries, fish market, produce stands, specialty food stores, restaurants with healthy food options and fitness center to promote more convenient opportunity for our community to pursue more fit and healthy lifestyles. Within the 150,000 square feet market is a daily crafts market, which features the quality work of 500+ craftspeople and unique owner operated shops and services. Hawaii Ohana Marketplace provides the West Oahu Community a premium air conditioned indoor marketplace and swap meet. Independent business owners and entrepreneurs can promote and retail Hawaii-based products, produce and services. This project serves the community by providing Hawaii business owners and entrepreneurs with a quality venue for sales and marketing, and provides buyers a premium shopping experience in support of Hawaii-based, local goods and services.


We focus on working together, offering ownership opportunities, combining marketing resources and expertise, and offering benefits that are being made available by some of the small business owners in our group.

Indoor Fish & Farmers Market

Hawaii Fitness Center

Purchase Hawaii fresh fish straight from the auction at wholesale prices open to the public in a climate controlled area. Support your local farmers and buy the freshest and highest quality seasonal produce straight from the fields.

Offers an affordable, convenient and secure fitness facility for HOM (Hawaii Ohana Marketplace) members and our community. Your fitness is our passion!

Shared Office Space 2,000 square feet Co-Working space filled with people that will enrich your professional life and connect you with a diverse community. Also available are meeting, event, conference rooms, office space, mailbox and storage rentals.

Storage Units Affordable, secure self storage units available to the public.

Hawaii485-7085 Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015 1 HAWAII OHANA MARKETPLACE | 350 Ward Avenue #106-29, Honolulu, HI 96814 | (808) |

Missing Teeth? Missing Front Tooth

The “Winged Pontic”

The Carlson Bridge® “Winged Pontic” replacement has got you covered. 69% of people ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one tooth, most visibly in the front. There are five ways to solve a missing tooth space issue. First, you may choose to do nothing, which often leads to other more involved issues such as gum defects and collapse of bite, leading to more tooth loss, jaw joint issues, or muscular pain. Or, you can have a removable bridge, “flipper or snap-on-smile” method and contend with the in-and-out of the mouth business related to their inherent ill-fitting nature, a temporary fix, at best. Or, you could opt for the dental implant screwed into your bone topped off by a “crown.” Only 8% of the dentists in the America use this method even after 20 years of attempting to get the dentists of the USA to buy into this approach through nationwide advertising. Cost of most single implants runs about $4-6,000.00. You will not be told about the time commitment for the surgery, care and maintenance costs for the implant after the procedure, or the downside such as bone rejection, implant infection, or breakage of the implant. The fourth method is the traditional fixed bridge for a missing tooth, requiring radical stripping away of outer enamel, the “enamel peel” cutting method, which leaves one with a tooth stump, hastening its demise through gangrene.

Finished Carlson Bridge®

We at Carlson Bridge Technologies, Inc. offer the “FIFTH” method that, in most cases, can be done in one appointment of about an hour and a half, at a fraction of the cost of any methods, other than the flipper, and requires little more than cleaning the support teeth surfaces and adhering the “Winged Pontic” into the space. Take time to explore our “FIFTH,” and best, method (“5” is the Spiritual Way—the center of the numbers 1 though 9—the Middle Way) by visiting our sites and videos. We suggest you Google or YouTube Carlson Bridge for greater clarity. We are at the Kahala Mall, Island of O’ahu, Hawai’i at 808-735-0282. Email or visit Thank you!

Carlson Bridge “Winged Pontic” Tooth Replacement Kit ®

For professionals: the kit is available for purchase in learning this remarkable innovation at 808-955-6064. 2

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

We at Carlson Bridge® Technologies, Inc Invite and Welcome network patients, and, dental doctors who become skillful in this Art.



HBOT is an FDA, AMA approved non-invasive, painless medical treatment delivering high concentrations of oxygen inside the body. Known for treating diving injuries and decompression illness, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used to treat medical and surgical in the USA and worldwide for over 60 years.

Call for a FREE Consultation and find out if Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can help you.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Non-Healing Wounds Gangrene Poor Circulation Peripheral Neuropathy Osteroradionecrosis - Radiation damage to bone and soft tissue post cancer of jaw, throat including prostate cancer

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Osteomyelitis - Bone infection Stroke Recovery Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Autism Crush Injury Chronic Pain - Fibromyalgia RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

▪ Multiple Sclerosis ▪ Accelerating Healing after Cosmetic Surgery and General Surgery ▪ Sports Injuries ▪ Carbon Monoxide Poisoning ▪ And many more...

Hyperbaric Medicine Center • 275 Puuhale Road • Honolulu, HI 96819 • (808) 851-7030

Stimulating the Body’s Natural Healing Process


yperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) creates the optimal healthy environment your body needs to heal itself. Breathing 100% oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber dissolves the oxygen into your blood and plasma and brings it to the tissues that need it most. While you rest comfortably in a recliner chair in the chamber you can relax and watch TV, read or take a nap during treatment.

Stroke patients can accelerate their recovery and reduce disability with Hyperbaric Oxygen. Sessions are also known to reduce cerebral edema (brain swelling), improve blood flow, and improve tissue oxygenation to the part of the brain affected by stroke. Scientists agree that brain tissue can recover, and getting oxygen as soon as possible to these tissues is vital. Hyperbaric therapy enables oxygen to be transported to these tissues in greater concentrations.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has natural anti-inflammatory properties reducing swelling and inflammation, reducing pain and accelerating healing. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy stimulates collagen production and creates new blood vessel growth (Angiogenesis), which are the building blocks of wound healing and improved circulation.

Our center is staffed by highly qualified personnel including a Physician, Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nursing Staff, Registered Respiratory Therapist, and Certified Hyperbaric Technologists.

HBOT stimulates the Auto-Immune system. A high oxygen environment prohibits Staph and Strep bacteria from replicating, which is why therapy is so effective against resistant infections.

Ph: (808) 851-7030

HYPERBARIC MEDICINE CENTER 275 Pu‘uhale Road, Honolulu, HI 96819

A typical course of Hyperbaric therapy increases your own body’s stem cells eight times!!! Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


What Do Rotten Eggs and Oral Infections

HAVE IN COMMON? If you have not heard of the “focal infection” theory you are not alone but in a nutshell what the theory says is that an infection in one area of the body can spread to another area of the body through the bloodstream, and cause disease in that new area of the body. Over fifty years ago Dr. Weston Price performed exhaustive research which he claimed irrefutably proved this concept. Although many dismissed Dr. Price’s research at the time, in view of recent research it may turn out he was on the right track. You see if he was correct, if bacteria are causing disease in the mouth (including the jawbones) and those same bacteria get into a person’s circulation then they could have adverse health affects elsewhere in the body. More and more evidence is accumulating that shows the bacteria in the mouth that causes gum disease can travel to the heart and other organs and cause disease in those areas. Not surprisingly, Dr. Price suspected that the bacteria found inside dead teeth were potentially the most pathogenic (disease causing) of all bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria are what are called anaerobes, which means they live without oxygen (the bacteria in a rotten egg are anaerobes). The toxins that these bacteria release not only produce bad odors but cause severe inflammatory response in people’s immune systems. The inflammatory response is a side affect of the bacterial infection and if the bacteria are eliminated the disease process can be stopped. Some of the signs that these bacteria are present are bleeding gums, bad breath, or a bad taste in the mouth. If the bacteria is getting into the bone from a dead tooth there may be no symptom except that the tooth may be discolored. Fortunately, we have modern diagnostic tests to determine if a patient’s mouth is infected with these health-endangering bacteria. Furthermore, if they are identified, we have the state of the art protocols and equipment to eliminate them. It is our belief that the mouth is the gateway to the body and that it is truly impossible to have a healthy body without having a healthy mouth. Call us at 941-5555 to schedule your appointment. When you come in, tell us what rotten eggs and oral infections have in common and get two free movie tickets just for reading our article and knowing the answer!

Ala Moana Dental Care is now open 7 days a week, weekdays at 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. so you don’t have to miss work or school to have your teeth cleaned. We accept dental insurance and most plans completely cover cleanings and check ups, if you don’t have insurance just mention you read this article and you can get a teeth cleaning and check up for $49. Hope to see you soon.


Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Fall to Winter 2015 Publisher Sheri del Barrio Editor Jody Rose

Letter from the


Art Director Chase Nuuhiwa Cover Artist Stephanie Boinay

NEW PUBLISHER: Sheri del Barrio Sheri del Barrio is the publisher of Hawaii Wellness Magazine with a decade of production across the islands and E-zine on the World Wide Web for more than half of that. A full-time resident of Hawaii, her 18 years of directive and creative advertising in media has spanned business development, strategic planning, extensive understanding and experience of online assets, including on-demand content, social networking, database-building and marketing, content design and thorough understanding of the client integration process. An advocate for total wellness her vision for an integrated approach to the four core dimensions of wellness through online and progressive social networking initiatives will strengthen connections and support growth in the wellness arena.

Thank you

for 15 amazing years!

Contributors Lori Chaffin Photography Allison Christ Next Issue March 2016 to September 2016 Advertising Space Deadline February 1st 2016 For More Information Hawaii Wellness Directory 350 Ward Avenue #106-29 Honolulu HI 96814 Letters To The Editor: Please include your name, address and phone number, or email address. Letters may be edited for clarity or space. Send mail or email to the above address. Release of Liability:The Hawaii Wellness Directory assumes no financial responsibility or endorsement of the products or services advertised.


EXPO EDITION Winter 2013/Spring 2014


Your Resource for Body, Mind & Spirit


Na Kane

the Men of Paradise Hawaii Wellness Lifestyle Expo June 13th-15th 2014 | Blaisdell Exhibition Hall

June 2014

Hawaii Wellness Lifestyle & Business Expo June 2014 IN THIS ISSUE Body Work | Classes & Workshops | Fitness | Health & Food Holistic Care | Naturopathy | Nutrition | Wellness Resources


Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

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Meta Health Conference

What is QSM3?

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Health Food Store Guide Community Bookshelf

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hawaii Ohana Marketplace Launch Party Photos: June 2015

FEATURED COVER ARTIST Based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, Stephanie Boinay draws inspiration from the stunning beauty of her tropical surroundings. She captures the energy of Aloha through a variety of vivid colored acrylic paintings created on canvas, surfboards and wood. Stephanie enjoys sharing smaller moments in time that represent Hawaii and its treasures. STEPHANIE BOINAY

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015



new exam rooms for DEEG Practice.



onolulu Neuroscience Clinic will be opening a new office at 250 Ward Avenue Ste 170 as an expansion of Doctor Michael Russo’s Hawaii Pacific DEEG neurology and sleep medicine practice. Six additional exam rooms and state of the art Dense Array EEG (DEEG) will be offered in a uniquely healing ambiance created by the Ron Artis Family. At-home ambulatory video EEG will be offered through a partnership with NeuroConnect - Hawaii’s premier ambulatory electroencephalography service. Doctor Russo believes that correct diagnosis is the key to successful healing, and that no stone should be left unturned in the search for the underlying cause of the problem. Once the underlying problem is identified, then natural, holistic, non-pharmacological as well as pharmacological interventions may be considered.

What sets DEEG apart is that it offers a far more detailed picture of the brain, allowing for more precise characterization and localization of traumatic and non-traumatic damage. Its in-depth view of the brain is also extremely beneficial for adults and children prone to epileptic seizures.

Hawaii Pacific DEEG brought the first — and still the only — DenseArray EEG (DEEG) unit in the Pacific region to Hawaii in September 2012. DEEG uses electrodes placed on multiple points on the scalp to record the brain’s electrical activity for the purpose of identifying brain injuries, including epilepsy, strokes, trauma, tumors and other central nervous system disorders.

“We will continue to develop our center and bring the best in neurological care to kama‘aina,” - Dr. Michael B. Russo, Medical Director of Hawaii Pacific DEEG

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Since opening, DEEG’s visibility has grown with constant referrals from other doctors as well as walk-ins from individuals looking to better understand their specific medical conditions. Patient feedback has been outstanding because of the results: undiagnosed illnesses are being discovered and quantified. Hawaii Pacific DEEG recently introduced 3D GeoSource to further elevate the level of insight into the brain. 3D GeoSource is a set of tools used in conjunction with DEEG to create a view of the brain that effectively uses 3D source location to show injured areas. This tool has been instrumental in helping patients who had previously been diagnosed with mental health issues find the real root of their condition.

To learn more about DEEG or to set up an appointment, please call Hawaii Pacific DEEG at 808-294-3332 or visit

Master Sha’s Tao Healing Center Special Events with Dr. and Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives Tao Source Miracle Healing with Dr. and Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives

August & September 2015 • In Person and Live Webcast

Tao Calligraphy Healing Sessions with Divine Channels

August & September 2015 • In Person and Live Webcast

Tao I–IV Retreats for Healing, Rejuvenation and Longevity November 2015 • In Person and Live Webcast

Tao V & VI Combined Retreats for Healing, Rejuvenation and Longevity November 26 – December 5, 2015 • In Person Only

More than an invitation ... a sacred calling! Master Sha’s Tao Healing Center • 885 Queen Street, 2nd Fl, Honolulu, HI 96813 808.988.8090 • •

Dr. and Master Sha Returns to Hawaii Master Sha’s Tao Healing Center is delighted and grateful to announce Tao Source Grandmaster and Miracle Healer Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha, will be in Honolulu, Hawaii from August through September. Join Master Sha for rare and inspiring Tao Source Miracle Healing events in a high frequency and vibration healing field. Created by 40 Tao Calligraphies, the healing field helps to attune your soul mind body by balancing your energy, and restoring your natural harmony and well-being. Tao Source Field carries the highest vibration of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Your body naturally resonates with this elevated frequency, and responds by activating vitality and good health. Based on quantum science, your soul heart and mind bodies are carriers of information and messages. When you experience pain or blockages, it’s not just caused by physical reasons. The soul of your organ/ system/ part of body may be carrying old thought patterns, wounded feelings and other limiting messages that block your experience of well-being and abundance. Restore a new message for joyful living in your soul, heart, mind and body within the Tao Field. Each Tao Healing Calligraphy heals, blesses and transforms all aspects of life including health (physical, mental and emotional), relationships, finances, intelligence, spiritual journey and more. Experience the incredible healing power of the Tao Calligraphies that has created thousands of Tao healing miracles around the world. More than an invitation, a sacred calling!!!

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Why our clients love us: ®

We are trained professionals in the use of high quality, non-abrasive cleaning products.


We give kitchens and bathrooms extra care specializing in removal of grease, grime, mold, mineral deposit and soap scum.


We use caution with your valuables.


We clean windows, screens, blinds, door tracks, fans, appliances, grout, outdoor areas and more.


We have 35 years of professional experience. We are timely, dependable and have excellent references.

SKILLED • KNOWLEDGEABLE • EFFICIENT We know how good it feels for you to walk in the door of your clean home and have it look and feel great! We have the experience to make this happen! ®

Weekly/Monthly/Periodic Service


Assistance to De-Clutter


Removal of Allergens & Buildup


Move In’s & Out’s


Mention this Ad - $25 off 1st Cleaning

Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION • 808-256-3540 •


Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS)

Eletro-Dermal Screening (EDS) is the art and science of balancing the energy flow in the acupuncture meridian system of the human body. The EDS can used as a early preventative measure to detect disease processes in the body. One big advantage of EDS is that is it non-invasive. A probe is used that generates a very small electric current to measure the biological conductance of the acupuncture meridian. In my office, the most common EDS detection of toxins are for sensitivities to foods, environmental chemicals, pathogenic organisms, (such as bacteria, virus, fungus) and breast implants of silicone, or saline. Auto-Immune reactions are natural for the body when it is exposed to a toxin that it cannot breakdown and assimilate. So the toxin gets stored and becomes a problem and the body begins to degenerate. Breast implants are not safe, and the chemical soup inside them eventually leak out into the body and cause damage to the lymphatic system (which has six times more vessels than the veins and arteries of the body.) These disease processes that go unnoticed for years can be reversed by early detection with EDS, and most important by providing removal of the toxin and its source.

Call for appt. 808-358-9777 or Email:


Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Where we offer a “Touch of Thailand� in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. Come and expand your dreams and future in the beautiful island of Oahu and become a licensed massage therapist.

Professional Massage Therapy Program (Morning and evening classes available)

Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage has been serving Honolulu since 2006 with a full staff of professional licensed massage therapists.

Registration and enrollment is ongoing.

Our new school Thai-Issan Massage Academy is now open for enrollments. Our instructors have many years of experience and formal training from top institutions in the U.S. and Hawaii, as well as the worldrenowned Wat Po traditional Thai Massage School in Bangkok, Thailand. Thai-Issan Massage Academy is here to help you! It is our goal to empower students to be the best at what they do. To have a dream, to drive creativity and to strive for success. Our Professional Massage Therapy Program is designed to meet the educational requirements for certification or licensing in Hawaii. Schedule an appointment!

Thai-Issan Massage Academy 1281 South King St. Honolulu, Hi 96814

Phone: (808) 593-8866 Fax: (808) 593-8035 email: web:

Classes are held Monday thru Friday Morning classes: 9:00AM - 1:00PM Evening classes: 5:00PM - 9:00PM Program breakdown - 150 hours Academic Program Course Admission: $2500.00 Administrative Fee: $50.00 Student Kit: $250.00 (Books and supplies included) 420 hours Practical Training: $2,500

(available for Internship or Apprenticeship)

Advanced classes included*: Traditional Thai Massage Shiatsu Sports Massage Lomi-lomi Hot Stone Chair and Foot Reflexology Total Program cost: $5,300.00**

- Prices includes books and supplies - Advanced classes are optional and can be taken individually. * Certification awarded after completion of each course. ** Payment plans available

Licensed Massage Services: Traditional Thai/Thai Yoga Hot Stone Massage Foot Reflexology Deep Tissue Thai-Issan Main Prenatal Samsung Plaza #204 Swedish 655 Keeaumoku St. Honolulu, Hi 96814 Shiatsu (808)949-9888 Combination

3 Locations: Thai-Issan Foot Spa Samsung Plaza #102 655 Keeaumoku St. Honolulu, Hi 96814 (808)398-3090

Thai-Issan Massage Academy 1281 South King St. Honolulu, Hi 96814 (808)593-8866

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


A-O.K. Business Services Honolulu • Private Mail Box Rentals • Clerical services include message taking, assist packaging of USPS parcels, copies, fax's mail forwarding and more.


The Importance of Commitment Venus: She needs validation • Mars: He needs approval

When you have been dating for a while and know each other well there will be a time in your relationship when you may recognize that your partner is your soulmate.

350 Ward Ave Ste 106 • Honolulu, HI 96814 808-591-2983 •

To make sure it is lasting acknowledge your love and commit. By making a commitment to get engaged you will automatically strengthen and support this recognition. Most men don’t know this but on Venus, the proposal is the 2nd most cherished memory of a lifetime after the wedding ceremony for a woman. It is one of the most important gifts a man can give and it creates the path to a wonderful future together. Martians please take this opportunity to plan your proposal to be meaningful and special for your partner.

1 month FREE! Pre-pay 11 months

Mitzi Gold Ph.D. LCSW, MPH Licensed Mars & Venus Counseling Center Certified Workshop Facilitator (808) 737-6277

Your engagement like your marriage will happen only once so make it memorable. Also, Venusians be aware that this is a very special and vulnerable time for your partner. He may be feeling more emotional than usual, he may be nervous, he may even forget what he wanted to tell you. Hopefully, you will feel his true love, sincerity and commitment to you. This moment of lovingly exchanging your heart’s desires will remind you for years to come of the special love you both share.

Kilohana Square at 1016 Kapahulu Avenue Honolulu Most Insurances Accepted • Visa/MC/AmEx Accepted Email:

“Relax Rejuvenate Heal Advance Transform”

What would life be like without stress, pain, and anxiety? Experience the deepest meditation of your life.


Create ideal weight, Hormonal balance, Joyful spirits & Abundant energy - Naturally!

CALL TODAY: 808-373-9966 FREE CONSULTATION dr.dianajoyostroff@gmail CALL TODAY: 808-373-9966




Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

10% off your first float Intro package 3 floats for $149 (reg $225) Our FIRE ELIXIRS are powerful tools that assist you in tapping into your higher self to facilitate positive change. Each handcrafted intention candle creates a frequency reminiscent of the candles name. Carefully blended soy wax with essential oils, herbs, and fragrance oil Available at: Sedona (Honolulu) Where Crystals Rock, (Aiea) Soul Authority School (Kailua)

Complimentary Consultations

Sanctuary Salon (Kaimuki) Amita Holistic Spa (Kapolei) for more location information visit


Aloha Elixir Our FIRE ELIXIRS are powerful tools that assist you in tapping into your higher self to facilitate positive change. Each handcrafted intention candle creates a frequency reminiscent of the candles name. Every intention candle is charged with over 12 hours of mantras and positive affirmations, and the essences of various quartz crystals, semi-precious stones, and sacred waters. Each fragrance blend is carefully chosen to enhance the intention of the elixir. Carefully blended soy wax with essential oils, herbs, and fragrance oil HANDCRAFTED WITH ALOHA ON THE ISLAND OF OAHU Romantic Rose - Self Love Overflowing. By loving yourself completely you attract the perfect mate. Amplify your needs and wants by infusing your own intention for Love into this Fire Elixir. Harmonious Home - Bless, Purify & Release. Clear stagnant energy and raise the vibration of a person or space. Light this Fire Elixir to help bless your environment with positive energy. Abundant Future - Increase your Self Worth to increase your Net Worth. Financial Prosperity and Abundance is your divine right. Infuse this Fire Elixir with your energetic investment to receive a physical and spiritual return. Road Opener - The Road Best Traveled. Clears the way for creativity and prosperity. This Fire Elixir helps overcome obstacles and facilitate breakthroughs. Unlock your creativity and create new opportunities on your journey. Now - Your personal power amplified! Amplify your own energy and speed up your intention. In addition to mantras and crystal essences, this intention candle is charged with Reiki energy. Use this Fire Elixir alone, or as the perfect companion to any of our other intention candles. Allow this candle to be the catalyst for your manifestation of Love, Prosperity and Opportunity, Now. Millionaire - Limitless success! Encourage big change, success, money, promotions, and your next right move. Use this candle to put you in the Millionaire mind set. Success and the fulfillment are your divine right. Take the steps to receive what is yours through a clear mind, self motivation and positive action. Angel - Your Guiding Light.This candle is for intuition, spirit guide communication, and connecting with your guardian angels and angelic energy. Aides in subconscious communication, meditation, channeling, energy clearing, and for divine intervention. Send remote healing from your angels to anyone. Made with Aloha Elixir’s Angelic essential oil blend. Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Triumph Over Mediocrity

Helping you create the life you want today!

¬Personal Training ¬Success Coaching ¬Motivational Speaking

KC Carlberg, MPH T (808) 946-0346

“My main goal is to facilitate positive change and transformation for people.” Intuitive readings with KEOKI TAVARES

Medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient For more information or to schedule an appointment

Life Centered Acupuncture Care & Massage For almost a decade, Kymberly Pine and her husband, Brian, tried to conceive a child. They eventually tried multiple IUIs and then an IVF but all failed. “Every month that I got my period was like experiencing a death,” said Pine. “The fertility medications were giving me so many side effects and I was emotionally exhausted. I needed a break. Traditional medicine just wasn’t’ working for us.” As Catholics, Pine and her husband wanted so desperately to conceive naturally and sought out Master Gina Musetti of Life Centered Acupuncture, after seeing an ad in Hawaii Wellness Directory “Within a few months I became pregnant,” Pine, said. “We couldn’t believe it. Our prayers were answered.” At age 44, Pine gave birth to baby Allie this March. “She is a perfectly healthy and happy child. Not only did Master Gina help us to conceive naturally as we wanted, but she also worked with my western doctor to ensure that the baby developed properly. We are so blessed and thankful for her medical expertise, love and prayers for us. She truly gives her heart and soul into every patient.” For more information and free private consultation Master Gina Musetti L.Ac. (808) 349-0806


Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Creating YOUR Calling® LLC The Creating CoPOWERment® Workbook

Embracing the Power of Positive Psychology, Healing Stories and Explorations to Create the Life You Want ©2013 by Lani Kwon, MA

Published by Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House, Inc. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press in hardcover, softcover and Ebook formats and in bookstores everywhere.

FREE Initial 1-on-1 Consultation Lani Kwon, MA, Founder/CEO, New�ield Network Graduate Coach, ICF Member

Creating YOUR Calling® LLC (808) 447-9747

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Hawaii Wellness Directory

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July 2012 — December 2012 Issue

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

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Facebook me!

Nutritional & Botanical Medicine


Trigger Point Injections

Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Specialist

Two Clinic Locations Kailua and Honolulu! Creator ofin ������������������� 90 Day Program Call (808) 421-7753

One Care Hawaii

Irene S. K, Yamamoto, M.D Noel Kaori Tarver, L.Ac., MS, MA

Upholding the care and values as a second generation practice for future generations

Internal Medicine, Integrative Holistic Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Acupuncture Services natural supplements voltage assessment tennant buimodulator assess heavy metals

NaNcy HeNsler

Master Stylist & Color Specialist

Call (808) 478-2787 Waterfront Plaza 500 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu HI

integrative evaluation & treatment for common malaises simple colds bronchitis asthma

diabetes high blood pressure pain management skin care women’s care general medicine

Walk ins, new patients and urgent cases welcomed Kaheka Professional Building | 1481 South King Street, Ste. 343

(808) 943-9400 | (808) 942-2272 | Fax: (808) 942-2181

Most insurances, Motor Vehicle, and Workman’s Comp accepted.

! . ice 2/31/15 v r 1 se es

r ny ly. Expi a p ff ap 0 o rictions 5 $ rest e Som

Your partners in the pursuit of perfection.

A M Y B IG G S , M S , PA- C



BREAST • Augmentation, Lift • Revision, Reduction

• Specializing in all ages and skin types • Botox, Dysport • Injectable Fillers • Liquid Face Lift • Treatments for Men • Pigment Correction • Skin resurfacing • Laser scar removal • Laser hair removal • Laser vein therapy • Chemical peels • Hydrafacial MD

BODY • Liposuction • Tummy Tuck • Brazilian Butt Lift • Thigh Lift, Arm Lift • Male Chest Reduction • Body Contouring After Weight Loss FACE • Facelift, Necklift • Eyelids Lift • Browlift Complimentary consultation!

98-211 Pali Momi St, #103, Aiea, HI 96701

Call: (808) 487-0076

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Lisa Christian, Medical Intuitive

Medical and Spiritual Intuitive Guidance Cranio-sacral Therapy Cellular Emotional Release Therapy

Uncovering the core of an illness or disorder in the body and viewing your circumstances from a wholistic perspective. Helping you heal your body and your life. Life direction and intuitive guidance. Bring in this ad to receive $10 off your session

(808) 445-4624

What is QSM3? by Dr. Andrew Smyth Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) is a new approach in chiropractic and upper cervical care. It came about as a result of re-examining the founding ideas of NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) and getting different answers to those foundational ideas. The focus of QSM3 is to access and release whole body tension patterns that hold the body is a misaligned, stressed, and compressed state to create/enhance balance, alignment, decreased muscle tension, improved movement, and healing. This most often helps relax stressed joints and tissues which cause pain and dysfunction in the body. It is called quantum spinal mechanics for a number of reasons. Quantum refers to the nature of the touch and process. There is little to no force in the adjustment most often described as light touches or brushes near the top of the neck – we are contacting and releasing tension patterns or stuck energy not bones or vertebrae. Spinal mechanics refers to our continuing applied approach to understanding how the body gets misaligned (jammed, twisted, stuck & compressed) and how to release it. The number three refers to our three dimensional point of view in looking at the whole body. It is called upper cervical care since doctors touch around the upper neck to perform the adjustment. QSM3 doctors touch the upper neck for a very specific reason – the shape of the upper neck bones allows the skull to be used as a steering wheel. We can then direct energy to access and release pathways in the body. DK Chiropractic (808) 551-4548 | 1311 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste. #605, Honolulu, Hawaii 18

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Internal Body Cleansing and Detox Retreat on The Big Island

Come, join us and become one with nature and its elemental energy. Learn to release what is no longer serving your greatest good and your highest purpose. The Process of Detoxification and Elimination Toxins enter the body through the lungs, skin, and the gut. The liver, the primary detoxifying organ, processes the toxins to be eliminated through the lungs, skin, kidneys and colon. Excess toxins get stored in different areas of the body: fat-soluble toxins (i.e., pesticides, hormones, heavy metals) get stored in fat cells, bone marrow, liver and central nervous system/bran; watersoluble toxins (i.e., nicotine, vapors, other chemicals) get stored in the joints, blood, tissues and muscles (Advanced Naturals). Few side effects and signs of toxicity: abdominal discomfort, aches/pains/stiffness, allergies/hay fever, constipation (difficult or painful bowel movement), diabetes, diarrhea, fibromyalgia, headaches, hormone imbalance, IBS, inflammatory disorders, neurologic disorders, just to name a few. (Advanced Naturals) We will be cleansing for 2.5 to 5.5 hours every day. Included are the following procedures: •

Shake and Bake Spa

Detox Bath

Ionized Foot Spa

Energy Work

Colon Hydrotherapy

Retreat and Vacation Rental Available

Contains a wealth of knowledge in her field of Health and Wellness. Professional in her approach and focused on achieving a well-rounded outcome for her clients. I highly recommend her services to everyone.

Cecilia B. Palos | Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor | National Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Energy Work Mastery | Intuitive Coach 18-3821 South Kulani Road, Mountain View, HI 96771 Ph: (808) 968-6755 • Cell: (808) 224-8662 • Email:


Internal Body Cleansing and Detox Retreat on The Big Island

3 DAY RETREAT 10% DISCOUNT Restrictions Apply

Blissful Health, LLC

Internal Body Cleansing and Detox Retreat on The Big Island Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Susan M. Cohen, Psy.D., LLC Licensed Psychologist

Randy Hampton Master Hypnotist

Resolve Away... Anxiety, Phobia, Fear, Worry, Addiction, Habits, Smoking, Excess Weight, Insomnia, Relationship Baggage

Holistic Orientation Specializing in: Stress Management Personal Growth • Mindfulness Relationships • Parenting Anxiety • Depression

Gain...Sports Performance, Confidence & Public Speaking, Financial & Business Success

Working with: Individuals • Couples Children • Families

Mention This Ad for 10% Discount on Package Not valid with any other discount.

Beverly Craddock Master Hypnotist

808-221-7353 Free Phone Consultation


765 Amana St., Honolulu

Serving Hawaii Since 2006

Kailua Office • Most Insurance Welcome

Are you considering hypnosis?


here are many ways to use hypnosis, but it is important to find the right hypnotist to achieve longlasting results. When shopping around, Randy Hampton of Hawaii Hypnosis Center advises to look for a track record of success as well as advanced training and certification from reputable hypnosis organizations. “Clients ask why the hypnosis techniques we use are so effective,” explains Hampton. “The main reason is that we combine goal-oriented hypnosis with advanced training.” Goal-oriented hypnosis is focused on improving the way your mind processes thoughts and feelings. It is excellent for weight loss, smoking cessation and ending anxiety as you enlist both parts of your mind versus using willpower alone. With goal-oriented hypnosis you can also overcome panic, fear, pain, anger, sadness, relationship issues, worry, stress, negative self-talk or improve business and sports performance. Master Hypnotist Beverly Craddock adds that in addition to experience and training, commitment is important. “Seek out a certified hypnotist who works solely in hypnosis. We see hundreds of clients a year, which provides us with experience that gets results.” Hawaii Hypnosis Center was founded in 2006 to provide hypnosis for anyone wanting to achieve their goals using the power of their own mind. Hawaii Hypnosis Center specializes in only hypnosis and they never attempt to sell products, supplements, or unrelated services. We are located at 765 Amana Street, Suite 205, Honolulu, HI 96814. Call us today for a free phone consultation or email us at Hawaii Hypnosis Center (808) 221-7353 | 20

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Q. What is a Soul Healing Blessing and what makes is different than other types of energy healing? A. To receive a Soul Healing Blessing is to receive healing directly from the Source. This happens through a human that has purified enough to be chosen to receive a Soul Healer Transmission. This transmission literally creates a channel in the human that allows Heaven’s blessings to pass through unencumbered by time, distance or even a person’s ego.

Q. How and why does it work? A. Our Beloved Creator emits original, pure frequencies of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light through the channel that resides in the soul healer’s body. These original, pure, healing and transformational frequencies could within a short, “But Reasonable” time frame transform the dense lower and sometimes dark Shen, Chi, Jing ( Soul, Energy and Matter) blockages back to their original state of purity and balance.

Q. Can I request Soul Healing Blessings for someone else if they don’t know about it or are not locally available to see you in person? A. Yes. Healing can be offered in person or remotely with equal success. We are taught as a necessary spiritual courtesy to confirm with their soul and heaven if it is appropriate to offer Soul Healing Blessings. There are occasions where I have had to say no, I am sorry I cannot offer Blessings for that person.

Q . How much does a session cost, and how many sessions would I need? A. My fees are very reasonable especially when weighted against the results.. Between 1 and 5 sessions usually brings resolve. The variables include how long standing the issue is, the clients’ willingness to be proactive and most importantly, how much transformation the Source is willing to offer.

Testimonial “After a surfing accident a few years ago, I had lived with head and jaw pain. The pain was an 8 on a 10 scale at times. I had seriously considered a medical operation. Paul performed what he called a “Soul Operation” it only took about 5 minutes. I have no idea how it works but I can tell you my pain was noticeably reduced after this Soul Healing Blessing. I received several more blessings and as of today I am virtually pain free.“ Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Ionic Therapy by SCARF

Scarf may reduce cough, headache, neck pain & wrinkle


Camisole may help back pain, indigestion & menstrual cramp


Underwear is the best health insurance for the whole family


Small Blanket is good for children or pets Large Blanket is good for your whole body


Knee Supporter may help knee pain, arthritis, varicose veins Elbow Supporter may help elbow strain, tennis elbow, cold hands Wrist Supporter may help carpel tunnel, arthritis & sweating palm Ankle Supporter may help ankle pain, ankle swelling, dry feet


Eye Mask may improve eye sight, reduce sinus and sleep problem



Raise arm again after using Shoulder Supporter

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Pillow cover may reduce neck pain, snoring & sleep disorder


Gloves stop hand pain in minutes


Socks reduce tired feet & varicose veins





Sni away migraine

Hat may reduce headache, hair loss, snoring, sleeplessness



Regrow black hair & beard

Knee Support takes the pain away, walk again without cane

Bra Insert may help breast cancer, itch nipple & scar



Socks wear away hammer toe

Call (808) 286-2959 or email for Honolulu Showroom Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015 Actual results may vary. Consult your physician beforeHawaii using these products


Directory i Wellness Wellness Directory

Nutritional Life Insurance Policy By Kauakea Kauakea Winston Winston By

Choice is is one one of of the the greatest greatest powers powers we we have. have. When When Choice u eat, ask, “How does this make me feel?” Do I u eat, ask, “How does this make me feel?” Do I ve more more or or less less energy? energy? Notice Notice how how your your body body feels. feels. ve wareness is the fi rst step to making better choices. wareness is the first step to making better choices. In our our rush, rush, we we grab grab sugary sugary caffeinated, caffeinated, deep-fried deep-fried foods. foods. In may feel feel the the urge urge to to really really indulge indulge in in some some rich rich dark dark ee may ocolate! It’s It’s just just aa choice. choice. But, But, when when that that becomes becomes our our norm, norm, ocolate! en we are in trouble. We CAN make better choices. en we are in trouble. We CAN make better choices. In the the West West salt salt gets gets aa bad bad rap. rap. Your Your body body needs needs mineral mineral In lts; we are made of .9% salt. Replace table salt with lts; we are made of .9% salt. Replace table salt with aa tural mineral mineral sea sea salt. salt. It It is is vital vital to to our our nervous nervous system. system. tural Try quick & inexpensive meals— a packet of Thai rice rice Try quick & inexpensive meals— a packet of Thai odles boiled and add some leafy greens (meat is not always odles boiled and add some leafy greens (meat is not always quired). The The less less processed, processed, the the more more nutritious. nutritious. Drink Drink green green quired). instead of of coffee. coffee. Remember, fruit is is aaHawaii fast food! food! Our goal at Ayur Beauty is to aa instead Remember, fruit fast Coconut is is aawork nearly perfect food. Coconut oil helps helps with with with you to create an individual Coconut nearly perfect food. Coconut oil emory loss & dementia. It also lowers bad and raises good healing. In order to raises help you emory loss & program dementia.for It also lowers bad and good olesterol. Coconut water is the same pH, 7.365, as your rejuvenate we7.365, need as toyour help olesterol. Coconut water and is theimprove, same pH, ood. Alkalize Alkalizeyou andon energize your day! which at times a pathyour of change ood. and energize day! can be challenging. Our role is to give you Ten Easy Easy Steps Steps to to Making Making Better Better Choices Choices Ten the support and guidance you need to 1) Drink Drink two twobring additional glasses of water a day, 1) additional glasses of water a day, you back to good and lasting health. preferably alkalized alkalized preferably

Child Adolescent Adult Child Adult Child•••Adolescent Adolescent •• Adult Individual • Couple • Family Individual••Couple •• Family Individual Family Counseling & & Psychotherapy Psychotherapy Counseling Counseling & Psychotherapy Hypnosis • Holistic Hypnosis Holistic Spiritual Hypnosis •• Holistic •• Spiritual Author of Quantum Advanced Transformational Transformational Healing Book Advanced Transformational Healing Therapies Now available to purchase Healing Therapies

Transformational Living Center

via website below!

Manoa Marketplace Marketplace Manoa Marketplace Manoa 2851 E. Manoa Rd.1-203 28512851 E. Manoa Rd. Ste E. Manoa Rd. Ste.Honolulu, 1–203, Hon. Hon. HI 96822 HIHI 96822 Ste. 1–203, 96822

(808) 988-6168 988–6168 (808) (808) 988–6168


Licensed Psychologist Psychologist Licensed

Most Insurance Insurance Accepted Accepted Most

Experience the Healing Power of Ayurveda

2) Eat Eat something something green every day: kale, kale, spinach, We will helpevery you achieve a spinach, natural 2) green day: swiss chard… balance with rejuvenative therapies swiss chard… andsea provide 3) Use mineral mineral salts educational resources for 3) Use sea salts self-maintenance and healing. Our non4) Replace Replace coffee coffee withchemical-free green tea tea 2+ 2+ times times week 4) with green aa week invasive, environment 5) Replace soda or fruit juice with a green drink or will cleanse and rejuvenate you with 5) Replace soda or fruit juice with a green drink or coconut water organic, natural facials and therapies. For coconut water example, our facial massage treatment 6) Snack Snack on on baked baked chips, chips, aa piece piece of of fruit fruit or or crunch 6) usesstrips natural Ayurvedic (herbal)crunch cosmetics nori/seaweed nori/seaweed and strips concentrates on marma points no snacks snacks after P.M. 7) Eat Eat dinner dinner before orbefore energy Whenafter your88energy ..MM.;.; no P.M. 7) 77PPcenters. centersdrink are blocked it leads to disease 8) Drink a protein every morning 8) Drink a protein drink every morning and aging. 9) Try Try juicing juicing various various fruits fruits and and veggies–fun veggies–fun drinks drinks 9) 10) Read of of the the “Dirty Dozen”the Judith Emami, founder of Ayur 0) Read “Dirty Dozen” Beauty Hawaii is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Licensed Esthetician and truly believes in caring for the skin with Kauakea Winston is aa healer/ healer/ is organic nutrientsKauakea insteadWinston of unnatural photographer living on the photographer living on the preservatives and fillers that are common islandWe of invite O’ Sheto teaches in typical spa facials. island of O’ahu. She teaches at the the Sacred Sacred Path power of Healing Healing experience the wonderful healing at Path of School. Watch for her course, of Ayurveda andSchool. discover howfor it can Watch her help course, Lifestyle Choices, online soon you enhance your inner and outeronline beauty. Lifestyle Choices, soon www.HealingResourceHawaii. At Ayur Beauty Hawaii we look forward to www.HealingResourceHawaii. com.journey. Her email email is kauakea@ kauakea@ being a part of your Namaste. com. Her is Ayur Beauty Hawaii (808) 561-4815 July 2012 2012 — December December 2012 2012 Issue Issue July — 24

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


• Contact Reflex AnalysisEnergy Testing • Designed Clinical Nutrition • HCG-Weight Loss Program • Whole Food Supplements

Save the the Date Date Save

Advertiser’s Advertiser’s Deadline Deadline

Call us today to set up an appointment to have an analysis and then design a natural health improvement program set up specifically for your body and condition.

December 15, 15, 2012 2012 December

1126 12th Avenue Suite #104 for the the next next issue of of Honolulu, Hawaii for issue (808) 732-7515

Hawaii Wellness Wellness Hawaii Magazine Magazine

No needles, knives or drugs


Lemurian Astrology and Healing Lemurian Astrology is a unique, archetypal approach to astrology offering an understanding of your life’s purpose and your strategy for achieving it. You discover your past-life lineage and the tools and talents you brought into this lifetime to reach your life goals. With an understanding of your quest for life’s meaning and purpose, you recognize life’s challenges as opportunities to consciously create your journey. I began working with Lemurian Astrology after many years of practicing Signature Cell Healing,® a Lemurian healing modality pioneered by Kahu Fred Sterling. In looking at the natal charts of my healing clients, I discovered a window into the client’s life blueprint--the same blueprint held within the Signature Cell in the pineal gland which is activated in Signature Cell Healing sessions. The ancient wisdom of these two Lemurian modalities weaves so perfectly! Explore your Lemurian journey of healing, transformation and evolution! In addition to Lemurian astrology readings & healing sessions, I also offer personalized Goddess gatherings, healing trainings and life guidance. Discover how you can activate the wisdom of ancient Lemuria within you! KARINNA NIELSEN (808) 554-3424

Are you a highly motivated woman with so much to do but no energy to do it? Have you been diagnosed with or experience Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Crohn’s, an autoimmune disorder, migraines, or another condition for more than 6 months? We can help you transform your health so you can stop being a prisoner in your own body. Do you experience any of the following: fatigue, achy muscles or joints, headaches, brain fog, low libido, insomnia, irregular menstrual cycles or irregular digestion? Do you want to look forward to your day, not dread surviving it? Do you feel confused about all of the natural health information out there and don’t know where to go for help? Does the health challenge you experience totally dictate your daily activities? Do you feel spiritually disconnected? You don’t have to. Apply for a complimentary Discovery Session at discovery/. You’ll learn what message your body is giving you in the form of a health challenge, discover an instant plan of action unique to you to catalyze healing, and get one simple step you can do now to feel better and be closer to freedom (with no obligation to you). Tarah Long, L.Ac. 808-392-1904 tarah@

Having someone to help you clarify your goals, set up a plan of action and help you navigate through the ups and downs will ensure your success. My name is KC Carlberg, an ACE- and ASCM-certified Personal Trainer and a certified Motivational/Success coach. For over 19 years I have been helping people get fitter, stronger and healthier both mentally and physical. As a personal trainer and coach, I create personalized training programs that include core strength and conditioning, weight training, aerobic conditioning programs, triathlon training, nutrition counseling, and stress management. As a Motivational/Success Coach I use my years of experience coaching athletes to specialize in life conflicts that interfere with balance and peace of mind. I have a compassionate and casual style that provides a nonthreatening experience for individuals hesitant about taking that first step. I can help you to: •

identify challenges

make decisions

create a plan of action

accomplish goals

As an avid athlete, coach and ovarian cancer survivor, I have created motivational presentations to help inspire others to create the life they want. I am available for Motivational Speaking engagements by appointment. KC CARLBERG, MPH Try Fitness PO Box 22422, Honolulu, HI 96823

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Ancient Lemurian Wisdom for a Modern World

Lemurian Astrology Readings Signature Cell Healing® Sessions Lemurian Awakening Experiences Call 808-554-3424

Intuitive Workshops and Reiki Training for Spiritual Mastery •

Usui Reiki Certification Levels 1, 2, and 3/Master Teacher

Opening to Channel, Basic and Advanced

Spirit Circle Mediumship Training (ongoing)

Spiritual Intuitive Apprenticeship Program

Advanced Reiki Teacher Certification Training

Teleconference Classes— coming soon!

The Soul Authority School of Intuitive Arts Pam Johnson, Co-founder, Reiki Master Teacher and Chief Intuition Officer 808-295-0273

Awakening the Intuitive Power of Channeling We all have intuitive power, yet many people are afraid of the level of that power. It makes perfect sense, since activating our intuition fully will bring energetic shifts. And shifts of any kind, trigger change. Whatever no longer serves you in your life will be shaken up! That is what happened to me, when, in 1987, I began to channel my spirit guides after taking a channeling workshop. Learning to communicate with my guides brought me immense joy! I had never felt such a deep, profound love before. That Love changed the course of my life in a wonderful way. You see, channeling does more than offer information, it has the capacity to heal us and make us whole. The energy of channelling is available to anyone who wishes to tap into its loving power. It is a natural part of who we are. Channeling comes through in a very direct, gentle way, allowing us to explore what is inside ourselves so we can release, transform and grow. Channeling is a wonderful way to develop intuition. At our Soul Authority School of Intuitive Arts, in addition to teaching channeling, we also offer an ongoing Spirit Circle mediumship program and a Reiki certification training that unlocks the full power of Usui Reiki using a spiritual channeling process that I’ve developed. Pam Johnson is a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Channel with over 25 years experience in the fields of intuition, spirituality and consciousness studies. In addition to teaching at her own school, Pam teaches classes at Sedona in the Ward Center and lectures occasionally at Alice Inoue’s school, Happiness-U. Pam is the co-founder and CEO of the Soul Authority School of Intuitive Arts in Kailua on Oahu. The Soul Authority School of Intuitive Arts • 26

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Yoga • Tai Chi • Massage • Acupuncture • Wellness & Business Coaching • Naturopathy • Psychotherapy MINDFUL MATTERS offers a variety of yoga classes suitable for students of all levels, ages, abilities, shapes & sizes. We offer smaller class sizes so our teachers can meet the unique needs of every student through individualized modifications and hands-on assists. You DO NOT need to be naturally flexible to practice yoga. At Mindful Matters, we believe that yoga is for Every Body! You can find our beautiful studio on the 4th floor of the Kailua Medical Arts Building, 407 Uluniu Street, Suite 412 in Kailua, HI 96734. Visit our website for current class schedules, events & monthly specials:

10 FOR 10 DEAL. Show us that you Like us on Facebook & get 10% off a 10 class card with this coupon! Not to be combined with other discounts/specials. Offer valid until Feb 29 2016.

STUDIO AND TREATMENT ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR RENT Interested in renting our studio to host your own classes, private fitness sessions, events or workshops? Are you a practitioner and need a treatment room to offer your health services? Use our beautiful, Zen-inspired space for $25/hour with discounts for half-day, full day and recurring rentals. Please call (808) 230-2476 or email for more information.

MOBILE YOGA PROGRAMS Exciting Yoga based programs that can be brought to any establishment on a weekly or monthly basis. Specializing in: • Children’s Yoga • Senior Chair Yoga • Intergenerational Yoga

Mention this ad to receive

ONE COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTE SESSION! *Restrictions apply. Offer valid only for 1st time group sessions. Call for details.

Tania Wilk 500RYT, Integrative Health Coach, Reiki II & iRest Yoga Nidra II Practitioner (631) 793-4926 Visit for more info. & offerings

KAILUA COMFORT CLINIC A Down-to-Earth Place to Resolve Chronic Pain and Other Personal Problems This Clinic is all about helping you rediscover Comfort in your life. Perhaps you or your loved ones are struggling with problems like Chronic Pain • Depression • Anxiety • Stress •Harmful Habits Family Distress • Couples Conflicts. At the Clinic, I’m dedicated to working with you (not on you), to help resolve these difficulties. Combining my 25-years of professional expertise with your personal strengths and experiences, we can join together to find the positive change and comfort you seek. Daniel Lev, Ph.D (PSY 1067) Located in the Mindful Matters Wellness Center 407 Uluniu St, #412, Kailua, HI, 96734 808-633-6569 Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Hawaii Ohana Marketplace is Hawaii’s resource for fresh, local produce, specialty food and small independent businesses. Opening Kapolei, Hawaii in 2016 to connect locals and tourists with a year-round farmers market, owneroperated bakeries, fish markets, produce stands, specialty food stores, restaurants with healthy food options and fitness center to promote a more convenient opportunity for our community to pursue more fit and overall healthy lifestyles. Within the 100,000 square feet market is a daily crafts market, which features the quality work of 500 craftspeople and unique owner-operated shops and services. Our mission is to provide a sales and marketing venue whereby independent business owners and entrepreneurs can come together and present and produce their wares, a high quality, air conditioned, indoor swap meet and farmers’ market. We focus on working together, offering ownership opportunity, combining marketing resources and expertise and offering benefits that are available due to the number of small business owners in our group.

Services Mailing Service, Storage Units, Hair Salon, Henna tattoo/ tattoo, Massage, Culinary Education, Alternative Medicine, Consultants, Beauty Services, Fitness Studio, Auctions and more!

Shared Office Space 2,000 square feet Co-Working space filled with people that will enrich your professional life and connect you with a diverse community. Made up of thriving start-ups, creative entrepreneurs, independent professionals and enterprise teams, the interactive atmosphere is here to give you access to all of the resources your business needs to grow.

• •

Meeting, Event & Conference Rooms & Office Space Rentals Entertainment Enjoy Hula Shows, traditional Hawaiian performances and other entertainment on our main stage.

Hawaii Ohana Marketplace Hours

Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday every week: Farmers’ Market | 7AM – 12PM Fish Market | 7AM – 12PM Retail Market | 9AM – 9PM Market Shops | 9AM – 9PM Restaurants | 9AM – 7PM* 28

Fitness Studio | 7AM – 7PM Monday-Sunday

• •

Indoor Fish & Farmers’ Market Purchase Hawaii fresh fish straight from the fishermen at wholesale prices open to the public in a climate controlled area. Support your local farmers and buy the freshest and highest quality seasonal produce straight from the fields. Cooking Demonstrations and Farm Tours Commercial Kitchen Fitness Studio Offers a convenient, affordable, and secure fitness facility that is focused on assisting you in achieving your fitness goals. Club features: » State-of-the-art equipment » Premium integrated entertainment systems » Full line of strength cardio equipment to maximize everyone’s fitness goals » Exciting Group Exercise classes » Friendly staff and effective Personal Training available » Locker rooms with showers and free daily lockers.

VENDOR SPACE AVAILABLE! Early bird special rates and discounts

Office Space | 9AM – 7PM Monday-Sunday

For more information: Call Christopher Ulu at (808) 485-7085 Limit (1-3) booths per product/service, modality, or company. Restrictions Apply

*tentative hours vary by restaurant

For info on vendor space and ownership opportunities:

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Hawaii Ohana Marketplace Featured Vendors

DoTerra Essential Oils. Reach your health and wellness goals. Learn how to take control of your health naturally in a SAFE, EFFECTIVE and INEXPENSIVE way. There are 3 ways you can use DoTerra essential oils. 1. Aromatically 2. Topically 3. Internally. Doterra Oils are CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils. DoTerra essential oils are all natural. They do not contain synthetic additives or fillers. Take care of your health naturally with safe, pure and effective DoTerra Oils. Just pure essential oils. Safe for your entire family, your children and your pets. No side effects. Contact us, your DoTerra Wellness Advocates for more information and request samples. Shirley Ciskowsky 808-206-5504 Sherry Ciskowsky 808-392-6660 ciskowsky

Tupperware Tupperware products provide fun and everyday solutions for the home including design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions. Traci is your personal Tupperware Lady with fresh ideas to save you time, money, space, waste, and waist (not having to eat out and ditching the drive-thrus). Our product is innovative and premium with a full lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking and peeling, bpa free and dishwasher safe. We are way more then just a bowl although all our round seals are liquid-tight and air-tight containers. Tupperware has been holding parties for over 65 years. Traci specializes in Home Parties, Cooking Classes, FUNdraisers and leading Hawaii Tupperware. There are many theme parties and some of the favorites are 20-Minute Meals, Slicing, Dicing and Chopping with Ease, Fresh Juice Cocktails, Healthy Heart Cooking Class, Mommy and Me Parties and so much more! Tupperware has truly made a difference in the lives of women around the world by offering our independent business opportunity. Traci is looking for leaders to work with in leading Hawaii Tupperware. Some of the benefits are extra income, products for free and at a discount, flexibility, full-time and part-time openings, advancement, free training, free all-expense paid trips, free company car, free gifts and so much more! Let’s connect to share more about all this goodness. Traci and Robert Fernandez 808-779-0888

ACS Hawaii Store Located inside Don Quijote Waipahu, Pearl City & Honolulu All Stores Open 7 days, 9AM - 9PM 855-832-5433 Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Your One-StopExperience More Shop for all your Telecommunication with Kyani Needs

Kyani is a global nutraceutical company marketing a complete nutritional system that repairs, defends and maintains nearly every cell in the body. Kyani is devoted to providing leading edge nutritional products that have tangible benefits to those who use them. The Kyani “Triangle of Health” features Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset and Kyani Nitro FX.

When taken together, these three products provide the body with unmatched nutrition for optimal health. The Kyani Triangle of Health combines the Wild Alaskan Blueberry, Omega -3 fatty acids, tocotrienols (the most potent form of vitamin E) and Nitric Oxide together into one easy-to-use system. By taking Kyani Sunrise in the morning, Kyani Sunset at night and Kyani Nitro FX / Nitro Xtreme throughout the day, you will begin to feel the Kyani difference and start to experience more in your life. Kyani also offers an unrivaled compensation plan, with 8 different ways to get paid. By leveraging the power and effectiveness of the Kyani products, distributors have an exciting opportunity to build their own Kyani business. The Kyani legacy, is to help people Experience More in their lives…More Health, More Wealth and More Life. Jan Roach (808) 216-4934

Hawaii Ohana Marketplace will be setting up accounts with companies offering discounts for vendors/members for group health insurance, retirement, technology services and more! ACN began as a reseller of long distance services in the U.S., but over time has grown to offer all the essential services customers in 24 countries use on a daily basis. ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business, but more importantly, they’ve provided a vehicle for countless individuals to change their lives. ACN is passionate about giving back to the community as well, and in 2011 the nonprofit organization ACN Global Reach Charities was founded to expand and enhance their charitable efforts. ACN Products & Services •

Digital Phone Service

Local & Long Distance


Energy (Gas & Electricity)

Merchant Services


Home Security & Automation

High Speed Internet

ACN Technical Support

Small Business Services

Rita Salvanera (808) 256-1711

FREE QUOTE Technology Services

HOMe Discounts (restrictions apply)

ACN (808) 364-1435 30

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Calling All Entrepreneurs

We can help take your business dream and turn it into reality! Business Plans: •

Define your company’s purpose.

Illustrate your niche and distinction in the marketplace.

Describe your operational strategies.

Detail your plan for profitability and positive cash flow.

Do You Need One? •

Starting a business?

Need funding for your start-up or existing business?

In a high growth stage and considering expansion?

Having cash flow problems?

Considering selling your business?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, we can help. Creative Business Partners can assist with other steps along the way to building a successful business. Other services include: •

Start-Up Logistics

Logo Design & Graphic Art

Website Development

Business Coaching

Creative Business Partners (808) 797.2122

Hawaii Ohana Marketplace

NIMITZ FISH MARKET HONOLULU Nimitz Fish Market Honolulu is an open, outdoor market providing sustainable, fresh fish at wholesale pricing direct to you from our local fishermen. In 2016, we will launch our new location at the Hawaii Ohana Marketplace in Kapolei! There was a missing link between Hawaii’s local fishermen and selling to the public. We took that need and established Nimitz Fish Market Honolulu. Now we get to provide the same local, fresh, handline caught fish to the Leeward side! We Offer Daily: Fresh, Whole Ahi, Aku, Monchong, Ono plus our wonderful, local Deep Sea Shrimp, Ama Ebi. This sweet shrimp is caught over 2,000 feet deep daily in our mineral rich waters. We will also offer Smoked/ Dried Fish and Poke! Benefits Of Eating Fish Are Unprecedented. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential to keep our heart and brain healthy. Our bodies don’t produce Omega-3 Fatty Acids so we must get them through food we eat. Fish is also a low calorie, lean protein that is less expensive than red meat! By shopping with us, you are supporting the local economy, fishermen and directly reducing our significant reliance of fish imported to Hawaii.

LOCAL FISH FOR LOCAL PEOPLE. ALWAYS SERVED WITH ALOHA. Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015 31

Plan Today, Nimitz Fish Market Protect Tomorrow! Nimitz Fish Market - Honolulu is an open, The Ultimate Living Product - Life Insurance you don’t have to die to use. Use up to 95% of your face amount when you encounter a serious illness such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer, etc. Our term and permanent life insurance includes living benefits at no extra cost to you. Living Benefit = Critical, Chronic, and Terminal Illness all included in one policy... No extra riders or fees! Time to Retire your Government Qualified Plan such as the 401K, IRA, 403B, TSA, ROTH IRA and SEP’s! These plans were created by the government to benefit the government period. Did you know you don’t have to pay taxes on the money you save? Volatility of the market is unpredictable, why put your money there? Secure your hard earned money where the wealthy puts there’s. We have a retirement plan that is proven, predictable, profitable, and TAX FREE! Don’t wait till it’s too late, call today for more information!


Quote & Consultation

Ask about HOMe Vendor Retirement Plan Included in booth space fees) Jory Atamian 808-368-3290


outdoor market providing sustainable, fresh fish at wholesale pricing direct to you from our local fishermen. In 2016, we will launch our new location at the Hawaii Ohana Marketplace in Kapolei!

There was a missing link between Hawaii’s local fishermen and selling to the public. We took that need and established in town, Nimitz Fish Market. Now we get to provide the same local, fresh, handline caught fish to the Leeward side! Wild Caught is ORGANIC! We Offer Daily: Fresh, Whole Ahi, Aku, Monchong, Ono plus our wonderful, local Deep Sea Shrimp, Ama Ebi, caught over 2,000 feet deep in the beautiful waters off our coasts. We will also offer Smoked/ Dried Fish and Poke! Benefits of eating fish are unprecedented. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential to keep our heart and brain healthy. Our bodies don’t produce Omega-3 Fatty Acids so we must get them through food we eat. A low calorie, lean protein that is less expensive than red meat! By shopping with us, you are supporting the local economy and directly reducing our significant reliance of fish imported to Hawaii. Local Fish for Local People - Always Served with Aloha Nimitz Fish Market 808-209-9732

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Contest! Pick the name of the our jewelry company! This name will be featured at our booth @ Hawaii Ohana Marketplace opening in 2016. If we chose the name you submit you will win $100 Jewelry Gift Certificate. Email your name suggestions to: Deadline: January 1st, 2016 The winner be announced on the Hawaii Ohana Marketplace Social Media pages! You know that moment when you have the perfect outfit with amazing shoes and you open your jewelry box to find out you don’t have anything to match. Well I have exciting news for you, accessories is our speciality! Come down and pick out your unique, super cute, affordable jewelry. One of the best things about our store is that we don’t sell more than two of the same piece of jewelry, which means the chance of someone wearing the same thing you have on is so small. We have studs earrings, hoop earrings, dangling earrings, cuff earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, sun glasses, hair accessories, and so much more you will just have to come in and see for yourself. Tauasosi Annie Ki 808-699-0659

Maureen Pua’ena O’Shaughnessy Spiritual Intuitive

Hawaii Wellness Directory Special!

COMPLIMENTARY 30 Minute Phone Session

(for new clients only - mention ad)

CALL 808-256-8620

Enjoy more energy • • •


Sound Sleep Mental Clarity Dietary Truths

The Gentle Gravity Method

ISLAND CLUB AND SPA is Honolulu’s luxury fitness and rejuvenation destination. A place where our members and guests feel welcome, pampered, cared for and can call their home away from home. We are committed to providing the finest personal service and facilities for our Members by adopting and living the 10 Island Club Gold Standards.

Treatments can Help • • • • •

Eliminate toxins Constipation Gas Headaches Skin problems


Island Health & Beauty Clinique • Kate Butterfield, R.N. 1154 Fort St. Mall, Ste 416, Honolulu, HI 96813 • (808) 523-7505


1177 Queen Street, Honolulu Call (808) 543-3900

Expiration: March 1st, 2016 Restrictions apply: First time visitor only. Must be local resident over 18 years old. Please call to activate pass and receive a club tour prior to first visit.

Learn The Art and Science of Self-Healing. Go Beyond Traditional, MindBody, Natural and Quantum Medicine. Go META.

Where traditional and alternative medicine meet. Integrative health at its very best.

Conference Dates: Oct 24, 25 2015 • Conference Workshops and Trainings Oct 26, 27, 28 Join us Oct. 24-28, 2015 for the META-Health Conference at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort featuring World-Renowned Experts in Integrative, Natural Medicine and META-Health (or WATCH ONLINE!)

Gary Craig

Susan Osman Bernie Siegel MD

Pedram Shojai MD

Susanne Billander

Johannes R. Fisslinger Lars Mygind

Transform your health business and improve your client’s well-being. Gain clarity and deeper understanding of the root causes behind disease. Master an understanding of how stress affects the body at an energetic level and gain breakthrough results for yourself and your clients. Discover the connection between emotions, thoughts, lifestyle and social challenges and their role in your health. Apply the Natural Laws of Self-Healing in your own life and your practice. Increase healthy outcomes. Provide Possibilities. Reduce Costs. Improve productivity. It is time to go beyond. Go META-Health.


Join a radiant local health professional and healer community. Meet Gary Craig, Dr. Kwesi, Johannes R. Fisslinger and other 20+ top experts in person. Register and get a SECOND TICKET FOR FREE

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015



Fuel for Life

Experience the Art of Healing at the MOA (Mokichi Okada Association) Wellness Center. The MOA Wellness Center is a gathering place where individuals can collaborate with health professionals and other volunteers in our Community to learn how to enhance personal health and lifestyles and to participate in helping others through the Okada Health and Wellness Program (OHWP).

Will it be heavenly bliss of whole strawberries? The sweet tang of real raspberries?

OHWP includes OKADA PURIFYING THERAPY (OPT) - A form of Bio-field Therapy, ART AND CULTURE PROGRAM - Healing through Beauty, NATURE FARMING AND NATURAL FOODS - Healing with Natural Foods.

Or something else entirely. Jamba’s got the smoothies that will drive your taste buds bananas.

Other modalities of healing includes Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Music Therapy and Nutritional Therapy which are offered by physicians of JABSOM Department of CAM from the University of Hawaii. Call 566-6922 for an appointment. We have other practitioners in Acupuncture, Bowenwork, Natural

Skin Care, Massage Therapy and Reflexology.


Jamba Hawaii has 31 locations to serve you. Log onto: for store location and hours.

600 Queen Street, Suite C-2 Honolulu, HI 96813 Ph: 952-6900; Fx: 808.566-6911 Em:

Spiritual Journeys When the spirits from Brazil want to connect with you, you will hear about John of God. I was already a medium and teaching Reiki healing when I heard about this miraculous healer and was drawn to go. Famous for curing people of cancer and other “incurable” diseases, you can actually ask the healer for anything; emotional, mental even financial. It was one particular day that changed my life. I asked John of God for help with a business and was directed to sit for a moment. My mind was not meditative at all. In fact, completely occupied with my business question. All of a sudden, I seemed to be engulfed by a beautiful white light. So strong was the feeling that I burst into tears of joy. Then a voice came, “But what is your higher purpose?” Meaning, “Why are you worrying about all of this? This is what it is like to be on your life’s purpose. This is what you should strive for.” At that moment I said, “I want to share this with others.” The voice came back and said, “So be it!” I really believe that day, I spoke to God. I was indeed blessed to share this. People reported feeling this same white light as I shared my journey with them. I went on to write my book Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God, and people reported feeling the energy through the book! I filmed the documentary John of God, Just A Man and people felt they received a healing through the movie. The spirits are reaching out to us to connect. I now lead trips to Brazil and if they cannot make it I take their photo. As you are reading this, maybe it’s your time to connect. Hawaii Group going on John of God Tour: January and June 2016. If you are interested please contact Gail Thackray. Gail Thackray 34

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

⠀ 㠀   㠀 ⤀ ㈀ 㘀 ㄀ ⴀ 㤀 㔀 ㄀ 㤀 ∠ ㈀ 䄀 䄀 刀伀 一 䄀 倀 䰀䄀䌀 䔀 Ⰰ 匀 唀 䤀 吀 䔀 ㈀   ㈀ 䬀䄀 䤀 䰀 唀 䄀 倀 䤀 䰀䄀吀 䔀 匀 圀 䔀 䰀 䰀 一 䔀 匀 匀 ⸀ 䌀伀 䴀

VIDEOSYNERGISTTM I am KEN AUSTIN, “ VIDEOSYNERGISTTM ” ACSW, DCSW, LCSW HI LIC. #3067. I am the Single Member Proprietor of VIDEOSYNERGY® STUDIO II, LLC, 1216 Young St #305 Hon., Hi 96814 – located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu – HOME BASE for the VVFPSCM (Videosynergy Video Feedback Psychotherapy Session Controller Module). VIDEOSYNERGY® is a USPTO Registered Trademark #2,563,832, April 23, 2002. A proprietary software program built by Dot C Software, Inc., Kailua, HI. VVFPSC v1.0, ©2008, Videosynergy Studio II, LLC, was completed in August of 2008. An updated version VVFPSC v2.0 was installed on an HP EBook 8470p ©June 6, 2015. This is a state-of-the-art custom configured HP Laptop with audio and video camera inputs running Windows 7 Pro. I have spent 40 years in system development to this current form. I am a Certified Behavioral Health Care Provider for HMSA, ‘Ohana Heath Plan, & UHA. I use this VVFPSCM daily with a forward looking clientele seeking to alter their conscious awareness to ever-expanding, integrated higher levels of functioning. I have developed the most unique program of applied quantum physics concepts yet devised for improving human behavioral health – SERVING: individuals, couples, families and groups of up to 10 people. If you are a serious seeker of Selfactualization, Self-transformation & Self- Realization – this methodology is for you! AND IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE ON OAHU. I AM the Initial Incorporator and Volunteer Fundraiser for THE VIDEOSYNERGY® CONSORTIUM, a501(c)(3) IRS Tax Exempt Hawaii Charitable Organization formed 02/05/2009. Our current Project is focused on Homeless Veterans with PTSD. CALL: (808) 591-9110 FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO BOOK A VVFPSCM APPOINTMENT Ken Austin (808) 591-9110

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Blissful Health................................224-8662 Kate Butterfield, R.N....................523-7505 COSMETIC SURGERY Healy Plastic Surgery...................487-0076 COUNSELING

Advertiser’s Line Listing

Susan M. Cohen, Psy.D................262-5335 Thomas A. Cummings, Ph.D......292-0962 Mars & Venus Counseling Mitzi Gold, Ph.D..........................737-6277 Dr. Laura Sturgis, Ph.D.................988-6168



Dr. Kevin Gibson............................955–9556

Ronald Carlson, D.D.S..................735-0282


Institute of Clinical

Declan Devereux, D.D.S...............941-5555

Barry Nutter, D.C............................358-9777

Paradise Aura Co...........................591-9110

Rainbow Healing Arts..................262-3700



Hawaii Pacific DEEG ....................294-3332

Ronald Carlson, D.D.S..................735-0282

Acupuncture................................521–2288 Life Centered Acupuncture & Care.............................................349-0806 Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff....................373–9966

Declan Devereux, D.D.S...............941-5555

Wide Awakened Healing & Acupuncture............................392-1904



DK Chiropractic ..............................551-4548


Sarah Stone...........................702-689-8800

Upper Cervical Hawaii..................638-1313

Fulfillment Meditation ................222-9673




Dean Nelson, D.C..........................388–9896

Creating CoPOWERment® Center ........................

Beyond Heart Beats ....................341-1772


Down To Earth

Barry Nutter, D.C............................358-9777

Braden Seamons, D.D.S..............596-7788


Alice Inoue...................

Honolulu....................................... 947-7678

Body Mind Spirit

Karinna Neilsen .............................554-3424



AURA PHOTOGRAPHY Paradise Aura Co..........................591–9110 AYURVEDIC Ayur Beauty Hawaii......................561-4815 BARTER Privacy Currency BEAUTY

Kapolei............................................675-2300 Pearlridge......................................488-1375 Alice Inoue................... Island Spa & Spa............................543-3900

Vasper............................................... 679-1268 EDITING SERVICES Jody Rose........................................ 292-9220



Meditation on Inner Light and Sound ....................................879-0871

Lien Bal..............................................488-6230

META-Health Conference

Marianna Griffin ............................726-5847 FITNESS KC Carlberg, MPH..........................949-0346

Ayur Beauty Hawaii......................561-4815

Sacred Path Healing School.............................................737-8859

Nancy Hensler................................478-2787




Maid In Paradise............................256-3540

Kate Butterfield, R.N...................523–7505



Clothing for Health....................... 737-6335

Creative Business Partners.......797-2122

COLON HYDROTHERAPY/ COLONICS Alcyone Aquarian..........................261-4511


Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

Vasper............................................... 679-1268 Dream Float Hawaii .....................386-5997 GRAPHIC DESIGN 2 Easy Designs

HCG WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM George Raquel................................676-1717

Barbara Melamed Ph.D........................................ (914) 393-6132

NOTARY PUBLIC A-OK Business Services: Sharen Uniamaka......................591-2983


META-Health Conference

Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center.............................988-8090

Irene Yamamoto, M.D..................943-9400 MOA Hawai’I ..................................952-6900

Maid In Paradise........................... 256-3540




Island Spa & Spa............................543-3900 HEALTH FOOD STORES See Guide on page 39 Down To Earth Honolulu....................................... 947-7678 Kailua..............................................262-3838

Sarah Stone ........................ (702) 689-8800


Alcyone Aquarian..........................261-4511 PAIN MANAGEMENT

INTUITIVE SERVICES Lisa Christian .................................445-4624 Pam Johnson Maureen O’ Shaugnessy.............256-8620

Creative-Healing ...........................561-5424 Dream Float Hawaii......................386-5997 Hawaii Pacific DEEG ....................294-3332 The Wellness Center Hawaii........................................... 732-5363




A-OK Business Services: Sharen Uniamaka.......................591-2983

Upper Cervical Hawaii..................638-1313


Braden Seamons, D.D.S..............596-7788

HEALTH PRODUCTS Alternative Health.........................732-7515 Clothing For Health.......................737-6335

Karinna Neilsen .............................554-3424

Natural Wellness Center.............988-0800



Creating CoPOWERment Center ........................

Irene Yamamoto, M.D..................943-9400 HOLISTIC CARE Susan M. Choen, Psy.D................262-5335 Fickes Holistic Care Corp............395-6800

PERMANENT MAKEUP Face It Salon....................................488-3310


KC Carlberg, MPH................808-949-0346 MARKETPLACE Hawaii Ohana Marketplace.......485-7085

Laura Sturgis, Ph.D.......................988-6168


Marianna Griffin ............................726-5847

Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage.......................................949-9888



PILATES Kailua Pilates & Wellness Center................................................261-9519 PLASTIC SURGERY Healy Plastic Surgery...................487-0076 PSYCHIC Keoki



Hyperbaric Medicine Center.............................................851-7030

Lisa Christian .................................445-4624

Thomas A. Cummings, Ph.D......292-0962



Fulfillment Meditation ................222-9673

Barbara Melamed, Ph.D....................................... (914) 393- 6132

A & C Wellness...............................739-1111

Dr. Kevin Gibson.............................955-9556

Hawaii Hypnosis Center.............221-7353 Spiritual Solutions ........................840-9135 Laura Sturgis, Ph.D.......................988-6168 INFERTILITY Life Centered Acupuncture & Care.............................................349-0806 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Hyperbaric Medicine Center................................................851-7030

NATURAL PRODUCTS Alternative Health.........................732-7515 NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN Dr. Ryan Ferchoff...........................988-0800 Dr. Allison Gandre..........................421-7753 Dr. Kevin Gibson.............................955-9556 Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff.....................373-9966 NEGATIVE ION CLOTHING

RETREAT Blissful Health................................224-8662 ROLFING Holistic Healing Hawaii...............358-9777 SCHOOLS A & C Wellness...............................739-1111 Institute of Clinical Acupuncture.................................521-2288 Sacred Path Healing School.............................................737-8859

Clothing For Health.......................737-6335 Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015





Face It Salon....................................488-3310

Spiritual Solutions.........................840-9135

Thermal Imaging...........................395-6800




Beyond Heart Beats.....................341-1772

Hawaii Hypnosis Center.............221-7353



Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center Honolulu.........................988-8090

Mars & Venus Counseling Mitzi Gold, Ph.D..........................737-6277




DK Chiropractic...............................551-4548

Paul Fletcher...................................469-6199

Hawaii Ohana Marketplace ......485-7085

Kailua Pilates & Wellness Center............................................261–9519



Paul Fletcher...................................469-6199

Thai-Issan Therapeutic

Mindful Matters Wellness Center.............................................358-9618

Natural Weight Loss and Pharmacy Dr. Ferchoff...................................988-0800



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome For millions of Americans, it is a daily struggle just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone summon enough energy and drive to fulfill their daily duties and responsibilities. Questions about fatigue are some of the most common that I hear from patients. We all become run-down now due to the stresses of everyday life and the demands of our busy schedules. Over extended periods of time, this can overburden our bodies, creating a situation where bouncing back is not as easy as it once was. At present, there is essentially no effective treatment offered by conventional medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). And while the individual root causes of chronic fatigue tend to vary from combinations of virus’, bacterial, yeast, parasitic, food intolerances, environmental allergens to name a few; there are a number of holistic approaches that I have implemented over the years with tremendous success. Other common symptoms include: bloating; nausea; diarrhea; night sweats or chills; brain fogginess; dizziness; shortness of breath; chronic cough; visual disturbances; allergies or sensitivities to foods, alcohol, chemicals; irregular heartbeat or palpitations; jaw pain, or pain in eyes or mouth. A qualified naturopathic doctor can usually devise a protocol that will be effective in treating these and other symptoms, as well as creating health and well-being for the totality of the patient. Some effective naturopathic treatments include: •

Vitamin B12 and B complex vitamins where deficiencies are present

Trace minerals and concentrated mineral drops in proper dosages

Bee pollen

Ginseng/Astragalus or another properly prescribed medicinal herbal formulation

Stress Management - breathing, meditation, relaxing in nature

Nutrition/Blood Sugar Regulation

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff N.D., D.O.M., L.Ac. (808) 373-9966 | 38

Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015



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Ma mm

og ram

���������� ������������ No Radiation, No Compression Accurate for Women Under 40, or w/Implants 88% Accurate (Thermograms) � 35% Accurate (Mammograms) Distinguish Benign v.s. High Risk Lumps Monitor Cancer Treatment Progress Check for Estrogen Excess Detect Inflammation or Infection Detect Organ Stress (liver, thyroid & more) Detect risks years before mammogram Gives time for nutritional correction

� � � � � � � � � �


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July 2012 — December 2012 Issue

| 31

Health Food Store Guide Celestial

Umeke Market

Down to Earth

Vim N Vigor

Haleiwa.....................................................637-6729 Honolulu...................................................947-7678 Kailua.........................................................262-3838 Kapolei.......................................................675-2300 Pearlridge.................................................488-1375

Good Health Food Store


Kokua Market




Ruffage Natural Foods


The Source



Downtown...............................................522-7377 Your Resource for Body, Mind & Spirit

Ala Moana................................................955-3600

Winter to Spring 2015

Vitamin Shoppe

Aiea.............................................................487-6180 Honolulu...................................................949-5424 Kaneohe....................................................235-8705 Kapolei.......................................................674-9629 IN THIS ISSUE Body Work | Classes & Workshops | Fitness | Health & Food Holistic Care | Naturopathy | Nutrition | Wellness Resources

Coming Soon! Hawaii Ohana Marketplace - Hawaii’s Largest Swap Meet

You may pick up your copy of Hawaii Wellness Directory at any of these participating locations. Please give your support to these local health food stores listed here as they support the Hawaii Wellness Directory and your community. Thank you! Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


My Journey with

HCG Weight Loss by Jurate

Working with Dr. George Raquel was incredible, because I felt his unconditional support and guidance through the whole process. If I had any questions or concerns, I was able to reach him anytime. He was very good at explaining everything, encouraging not to give up. And when you see the results, you really don’t want to give up; you want to keep going. There are many reasons for that: you feel better, you get your confidence back, you see your body becoming leaner and sexier every day. The detox is not necessary but it is a good way to clean your body before you start this program. So it is able to drop the weight faster. The support team in the office was helpful. I would come to the office once a week with lots of questions and the friendly staff would always answer the questions and go above and beyond to make you feel safe and encouraged. I would highly recommend reading the book Kevin Trudeau about this diet: The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You To Know About, so you understand how it works and you learn all the details about the diet. It truly changes your perception about the food you put into your body and all the toxic ingredients that makes you fat. If you want to have a healthy life style,energy and the results that last forever, you need to change your thoughts first, then take action. Do the diet, stick to it for at least 21 days and definitely follow the book or what Dr. George tells you. It is very important to stick to it all the way and you will see amazing results. I did this diet right before the photo shoot for my company’s website. Being highly involved in the fashion world and having my own clothing line of hand painted luxurious silk couture ( I always have to look my best. Sometimes I even have to model my own dresses which require high self confidence and feeling comfortable in front of the cameras. Having lean and healthy body gave me that confidence. Now I love doing the photo-shoots, representing and modeling my beautiful silk couture and being a spokesperson for my own company. Jurate (Article in Your Health Hawaii Magazine November 2011 Issue)


HCG Weight Loss Package


(first time clients only) Restrictions 40 HawaiiApply Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

What is the HCG & Cleanse Weight Loss?

HCG cleanse and weight loss is a detoxification and fat loss program centering around “re-setting” the hypothalamus which controls both your hunger and your metabolism. A sublingual formulation ormone called HCG to target fat cells. Diet to stimulate metabolism.

For a FREE consultation: Dr. George Raquel, D.C. (808) 676-1717

Services also available: • Chiropractic • Colonic Hydrotherapy • Massage


Ken Simon has a extensive 40 year background in sales, consulting and lecturing on telephone sales. He set up telephone sales offices for small companies to major corporations, held seminars on telephone sales, lectured on closing over the telephone and helped companies improve their profit and image. This book covers many challenges that deprive people of success and how to overcome them and become a more productive professional. Ken Simon


How are a few people able to dramatically change their lives, their attitudes, and their destinies while most people just get stuck “trying to do better?” This is the book that explains the steps necessary to successfully make dramatic changes in your life. Learn how the power of active choice is the difference between people who succeed and people who keep trying. Using the power of active choice will supercharge every other selfhelp book you’ve ever read. Randy Hampton and Beverly Craddock


This book begins with some profound statements about why humans struggle so much in life and the origins of that struggle—those origins are not based in a typical Judeo-Christian concept of good vs. evil or Original Sin, but rather in how we have separated ourselves from Source and from the Mother. Kawai states, “Deep in our matrix lies a part of ourselves that has never been awakened. We hold within a lost consciousness that longs to return. This energy is our Mother of Creation; She has been denied since the beginning of time for the purpose of evolution.” It is now time to return to Her and become whole! Natalie Kawai


Retired former Honolulu daily newspaper editor John E. Simonds has found poetry a challenging way (especially for seniors) to revisit experience, to recapture moments and reflect on them in new light. Many poems in his book take this narrative path to recalling key points in life. Others focus on what’s happening now, whether in world events or his Oahu back yard. John Simonds


Lucas visits with his grandfather whose mental health is deteriorating, but in those few moments of lucidity he teaches Lucas lessons that changes the course of his life. In Life Lessons From The Lantern, we experience grandfather’s wisdom to embrace forgiveness, cultivate compassion, and to light the lantern within ourselves. Luis De La Fuente Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


YOU ARE THE PEACE YOU SEEK: • Receive guidance on all spiritual matters:


• Love and family relationships

of The Heavenly Father, Jesus, Mother Mary, the loving Angels and our beloved love ones.

• Children issues • Death, Dying, and Loss • Marriage recovery

Messages of hope, love. and healing from the other side

• Illness and health recovery

QUANTUM BEING: Divine interventions happens each day the Heavenly Father heals the heart of his children, His crying children. Awaken to a new life. Transform in spirit in a matter of one hour by being immersed in his presence. QUANTUM PEACE WORKSHOPS: Held every first and Second Saturday Morning from 7 am to 10 am., and Friday Night from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

• Spiritual detox from addiction • Freedom from death and grief-connection to love ones who have died on earth yet now live in spirit in heaven: peace and closure. • Pets communications and spiritual healing. • Transformation and recovery of struggling businesses for healthy and positive haven.

LIGHT UP AND MANIFESTED. 3 hour workshop on your divine purpose: Hear the Heavenly Father announce why you chose to be born on earth. Be empowered. Be transformed! Get on! Get going! Be the success you’re born to experience now! Start your heavenly Business on earth while being aware of their guidance.

• Know your life purpose and be empowered to go with infinite courage with the heavenly guidance.


• Monetary and carrier opportunity revelations.

Call (808) 341-1772. To book an individual and corporate spiritual revival appointment.

Behavior Medicine Associates 600 Queen St. C-2 Free parking

You can find happiness in your relationships through therapy at Behavior Medicine Associates. Director: Barbara G. Melamed, Ph.D. ABPP Hawaii Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist, Board Certified by the American Assn. of Professional Psychology;

• Job and housing relocation guidance • Guardian Angel announcement of Coming birth of children to family. • Guidance on pregnancy success. • Abundance and true success revelation.

Defined Problem Visual Solution


New Business

Family Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapist Program Director Conflict Resolution; Graduate Certificate at UH Matsunaga Center for Peace & Conflict Resolution Clinical Affiliate at the University of Hawaii, Clinical Studies Program.

L SPECstaIA rting at

Everything makes more sense when it's on paper.


Job relationships, family businesses, trauma-related issues I conduct clinical interviews to assess pain, chronic illness, anxiety, depression, anger and family issues in both children and adults This helps me to get to know my clients and begin to build on their strengths and offer treatment plans usually employing, hypnotherapy, meditation, biofeedback and cognitive-behavioral approaches. I can work with clients on an individual basis or group sessions as well. Most insurance accepted. For All Your Psychology Needs Call (914) 393-6132 or (808) 737-7420


Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Call: 808.220.1827 or email

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A&C Wellness & Healing

TRAINING INSTITUTE Hypnotherapy Board Approved Training Institute Time Line Therapy™ • NLP

Training & Certification In:

Learn to Let Go of Limiting Decisions & Emotions Improve Mental & Physical Performances Experience Stress Relief Professional Savings 20% OFF A & C WELLNESS & HEALING THERAPY CLINIC • CranioSacral Therapy • Hypnotherapy • Applied Hypnotherapy: Working with children, adolescents and adults to relieve anxiety and stress • Reiki • Training & Sessions in Self-Hypnosis

• •

Acupuncture/No Fault/ Workman’s Comp Reiki

Counseling Sessions for adults, children, adolescents, couples and family

• • •

Clinical Hypnotherapy Life & Performance Coaching HMSA Discount Provided

ALL Classes

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DR. BRADEN C. SEAMONS is a Board Certified Diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology with over 20 years of experience. He is the Pioneer of Laser Gum Surgery in Hawaii and was the first periodontist to embrace this revolutionary approach to treatment. Laser Therapy, utilizing the LANAP Protocol, is the only periodontal laser procedure with human studies documenting the ability to grow back new bone! (see radiographs to the right) PerioCare also offers in-house 3-D imaging, digital impressions and metalfree dental implants. Dr. Seamons and his highly skilled staff combine these state-of-the-art treatment modalities with caring compassion. PerioCare offers you an experience that will surpass your expectations. You no longer need to fear getting treatment!

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Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015

periodontal LASER THERAPY

an alternative to cut & sew gum surgery. “Laser Therapy was the most positive dental experience I have ever had” Monica Chan


LASER PROCEDURE Bone Re-Growth after procedure

Bone Deterioration around tooth/root

• No Cutting! • No Stitches! • Heals Faster!


Replace Missing Teeth with Titanium or Metal Free Implants

In-office 3-D Cone Beam Imaging (facilitates Implant Therapy)

3-D Cone Beam Imaging has 40 times Less Radiation than CT Scan Hawaii Wellness Directory // Fall to Winter 2015


Hawaii Wellness Magazine - Fall to Winter 2015  
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