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New Perspecives on Bicycling in the La Crosse Area

Take on an Invader: Garlic Mustard


A Journey in Music with Gregg “Cheech” Hall



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The mission of 2Do La Crosse is to encourage community involvement by highlighting local events and activities for the residents and visitors of the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. 2Do La Crosse is published bi-monthly by MJ Ventures, Inc., PO Box 61, Onalaska, WI 54650. Readers are encouraged to verify information directly with organizers of events and activities in this publication. ©MJ Ventures, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. 2Do La Crosse does not necessarily endorse the claims or contents of advertising or editorial materials.

Welcome back to 2Do La Crosse! I’ve been having fun along with our creators explor-

ing our community as we find opportunities for you to discover. In our first issue, our talented Creative Director Clinton Grabhorn and I snow-shoed a beautiful winter storm to capture photos of landmarks in the Human Powered Trails so he could depict them in an artistic interpretive map of the trails. This issue, I joined one of our excellent writers, Amber Miller, in creating our own works of pottery at the wheel so we could have a hands-on experience at Generous Earth Pottery.

I have to share one of my favorite 2Do moments, though. Baby goats. Moving a new “kid” into our family has crossed my mind often. Their adorable spunk makes any moment its best. On my visit to Rainbow Ridge Farms, I was greeted by George (resident feline), chatted at by gorgeous chickens of varying plumage, and chewed on by baby goats. My tour with farm owner, Donna, heightened my appreciation of the La Crosse area. A farm so close to town and kids (both kinds!) are excited to play and learn there! I left there with a few large smears of mud on my pants and skin...and wore it like a badge to meetings that day. I then called writer Janelle Mathews so she could be embraced by the farm, too. This issue also celebrates bicycling, a beloved local musician, and an ever-driven volunteer. Oh! And what to do with a particular pesky plant. Hint: Hike it. Pick it. Eat. it.

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Read on to “ -Michelle Jerome

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Life on the Farm: Kid Style

Rainbow Ridge Farm Camp

Nestled in the hills of Onalaska, Wis., cur ving amongst the coulees near the end of Hauser Road, is Rainbow Ridge Far m. It is a 35-acre far m as well as a countr y bed and breakfast owned by Donna Murphy and Cindy Hoehne. On their far m, Murphy and Hoehne raise numerous breeds of goats — along with llamas, sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks, donkeys and even more creatures in their menagerie. Although they have been raising animals on Rainbow Ridge for the past 15 years, Murphy and Hoehne consider themselves “accidental far mers” since they are both from large cities, Washington D.C. and Chicago, and they did not intend to be far mers. It all “started with a few horses which became some goats and ended up turning into the far m that we have today,” Murphy explained. Murphy also stressed that “the ultimate goal of our far m is to be sustainable, and we are getting there year after year.” But Murphy and Hoehne are far more than just far mers and



By Janelle Mathews

proprietors of a B&B. They also r un a 4-H program for kids living in the area, and this summer they are starting up a new kids program. The program will r un through the entire summer and consist of 11 total sessions. Each session lasts for one week, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and kids do not have to be registered for ever y session. The cost is $185 per session. Children will participate in “milking goats, gardening, playing in the creek, making crafts, harvesting crops and natural dying among other activities,” Hoehne said. The goal is to create a “real life-on-the-far m experience.” One activity that Hoehne is really excited about for the children is the Three Sisters planting method which includes planting maize, beans, and squash together because they all benefit each other. “The maize provides a pole for the beans to climb while the squash spreads itself along the ground to block sunlight which does not allow weeds to spread, and the beans give back nitrogen

Continued on pg. 6


Rainbow Ridge Farm Summer Day Camp

(608) 783-8181 Onalaska, WI

Youth r Outdoo! Fest July 13, 2013

11am - 3pm Pettibone Lagoon FREE! FR

for kids A chance a IN W to mbo! rod/reel co

Hands-on Farm Play Learn Life on a Local Farm Make New Friends For Kids Ages 6-12

EE hot do g! Raffle prize the whole s for family!

Contact: Jay Odegaard (608) 789-7593 or Heidi Keuler (608) 783-8417

2013 ACTIVITIES Archery Birdwatching Boat Driving Bowfishing Camping Canoeing/Kayaking Casting Game Dog Demos Ducks on a Stick Electrofishing Fish Dissection/Cleaning Fish Printing Fly Fishing Fur Identification Games Geocaching Hiking Fish Identification Invertebrate Investigations Live Trout Fishing Minnow Races Mountain Biking Mississippi River Pontoon Scoop on Soil Storytelling Toni Paisley Photography



Murphy and Hoehne both emphasized that there already to the soil,” Hoehne elaborated. has been a lot of interest in the The idea for the program program and the 4-H kids that started when Murphy saw a need are already out working and for educating children about experiencing life on the far m their food and where it comes “really want to be here and enjoy from. Murphy worked for several themselves.” years at the Three Rivers Waldorf For more infor mation about the School in La Crosse, and in her Rainbow Ridge Kids Program, call time there, she “noticed that (608) 783-8181 or email r rfbnb1@ children were not ver y able about where their food came from,” Murphy said. “I felt that I Janelle Mathews is the Editorhad a commitment to the children in-Chief of Lumen, Viterbo to educate them about far ming University’s campus newspaper, and food.” That is exactly what is and enjoys hiking the bluffs of La planned for the children who sign Crosse between classes. up for the Rainbow Ridge Kids Program.

Continued fr om pg. 4

DumKipdlsing Class!

Share tea and learn to make dumplings! 221 Pearl St, La Crosse (608) 738-1221



Same day appointments close to home

Jannie Boldt and family

Franciscan Healthcare m a y oc l i ni c he a l t hs y s t e m .org For same day appointments call



REALitY tv Don’t just watch, get involved! Try a new activity and gain real-life experiences that help improve your health and well-being. At the La Crosse Area Family YMCA we offer activities that allow adults and children of all ages the opportunity to play, explore, and find new adventures. Visit us today!

Upcoming EvEnts • Family Fun Nights - May 11 & 18 • 1&2 Mile Indoor Swim - May 11 • Summer Program Registration - Until June 5 • “Got Energy” Triathlon - June 9 • Y Cycle Weekend - June 29 & 30 Visit WWW.LAXYmcA.oRg for information

Camp curiosity summer day camps Morning (ages 4-5) Amazing Castle Out of this World Buggin’ Out

Little Artists I Dig Dinos Sing Me A Story

Ranison Ice Cream & Candy

Afternoon (ages 6-8) My Story, By Me Dragonflies to Dinos In the Spotlight PLUS… Spanish Camps for ages 4-6 & 7-9 and Full Day “Kid Power” for ages 6-12

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Get details or register online at

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207 5th Ave. S., La Crosse, WI (608) 784-2652

Exp. 7/13/13 706 16th St. So, La Crosse (608) 782.1987 |



Join La Crosse One-of-a-Kind Ride for a

By Jodie Liedke

The man in front of you at The People’s Food Co-op has only his right pant leg rolled up to his knee. You think—odd. I think—biker. Only a biker rolls their right pant leg to avoid a snag in the chain and an embarrassing fall. I have only lived in the area for three years, but I know a biker when I see one, and it didn’t take me long to become one. Biking is a welcomed and attractive sport in La Crosse. Having lived most of my life in central and eastern Wisconsin and then in Kansas,

W R I T E R, J odie L I E D K E I didn’t see a lot of cycles on the road, so when I moved here and saw the bike racks outside Bodega Brew Pub, the libraries, and the colleges crammed with bikes, I knew what I had to do: I purchased a hybrid and took to the streets and the trails with the rest of the crew.

Encouraging “World-Class” Experience Most of us began our biking journey in our driveway, with Dad or Mom holding on to the backseat of a unicorn-inspired bike with purple tassels (yes, that was my first bike!). However, Joshua Blum’s passion for biking goes way beyond that first wobbly ride and across the country for 20 years.

C aroly n D vora k



When home in La Crosse though, his mountain bike’s tires explore

Be Active the Human Power Trails the most. Why are these his favorite? Simple—variety and engineering. “When you link them, there are 10 miles you can cover, and they can stand up to larger rain events,” says Blum, who recalled a flood in 2007 that brought down 18 inches. These trails appeared as though they had never seen a drop of it. Blum motivates others to explore these trails as a crew leader for the Outdoor Recreation Alliance. When not leading the Junior Group Ride Thursday nights, educating students on handling and trail etiquette, he also rides with his wife, Rachel,

Continued on pg. 10



Continued fr om pg. 9 who had never rode a mountain bike before meeting him. Now, she cannot get enough of the activity. Blum repeatedly reminded me that he “encourages” — and doesn’t “push” — people into taking up the sport, for this is how someone discovers how to respect and love mountain biking. I only spoke with him for 15 minutes, and afterward, I have to admit, I wanted to go out and purchase another bike—a mountain bike. His adoration was contagious. If you’re a beginner, Blum suggests joining a group for instruction. Also, even more important, he says, you need to be patient; it takes time. “The more times you get out and do it, the better you will be,” says Blum. “Go at your own pace.”

Making Going Green Look Good If you see a tall, slim blond tooling around downtown La Crosse on either a Trek mountain bike or hybrid, both blue (her favorite color), in a dress and heels, then you just saw Erica Black. For Black, biking is not only exercise and her main source of transportation; it is an extension of her style. “I try to live as sustainably as possible; it is fun,” said Black. However, Black notes, balancing style and biking can be “a slippery slope.” Owner of Critter Comfort, a come-to-you walking and care service for pets, she says, “I have to look at the weather forecast,” a very good reminder for all beginning commuter bikers. I know I wouldn’t want to get caught in a

J o s h B lu m racin g in R iver Fall s



Be Active downpour and then have to work an 8 hour shift. “If it is going to be really ugly, I bring my outfit and wear something I don’t care about,” says Black. So how does she manage to bike in dresses and heels? She uses rubber bands to tie the back of her skirts so they avoid the gears, and as far as those high heels, Black says, they’re “totally do-able and easier to do than walking in the things most of the time! Just make sure [that] on tight turns, your inside leg is up and not down; otherwise, good bye heel.”

Creating a Strong Community Who are those brave bikers you see bundled in black tights, gloves, and fluorescent reflective gear, riding down the street in winter? They are La Crosse’s movers and shakers within the bike community. One of them is Carolyn Dvorak, Southwest Region Director of the Wisconsin Bike Federation. “I owe my love of bicycling to a seed my parents planted long ago,” says Dvorak. When her father visits, they lay tread on The Great River State Trail that takes bikers over bridges and highlights nature at its best. Dvorak represents bicyclists by making the sport “convenient,

Continued on pg. 12

E rica B lac k bic yclin g

Ridez Series Saturdays May 11-Aug 24 Gather 3:30p Ride Out 4:00p Return 5:00p Mapped Routes Fun & Camaraderie! Ridez Food & Beverage Deals! (608) 782-9463 122 King St, La Crosse


f 11

Continued fr om pg. 11 safe, accessible, and fun”—four essential pieces of equipment for a memorable ride. To boost winter biking, since braving the face-numbing Wisconsin wind doesn’t seem attractive at first, Dvorak and other members had their first successful annual Bike Swap in February and partnered with Logan Bike Works. “People came to buy and sell bikes, parts, clothing, and accessories at pennies on the dollar,” said Dvorak, who jokes that she could never have enough bikes, but her Surly Long Haul “gets the job done,” transporting groceries to work supplies. Lifetime tune ups with all bike purchases!

Mon-Fri: 9:30a-5:30p Sat: 9:30a-5:00p Sunday: Closed

1001 La Crosse St La Crosse, WI (608) 785-2326



With more people biking, the community is encouraging the enhancement of the quality of life. “Bike-able communities are great places to live, work, and start a business,” says Dvorak. I have only just taken off my training wheels compared to these other bicycle enthusiasts, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re considering joining the biking team, put up that kickstand. Try a twowheel ride, and perhaps, you will discover an exhilarating adventure, a heel-raising fashionista, a brave, cold-defying advocate, or a curious newcomer like me in you on the trails or streets of La Crosse. 213 Main St. Onalaska

Only 1 block east of the Great River State Trail Head!

Be Active

Bikes: When you Buy Kevin Miller, Owner of Blue Heron Bicycles (608) 783-7433 “My best advice on purchasing a new bike—do your homework! Ask yourself, “Where am I going to be riding this bike most of the time?” Service during the sale means a lot. Being fitted to the properly sized bike is really important. Service after the sale, like complementary tune-ups, is important. You’re putting your trust in the individual selling you the bike. Make sure you ride the bike before you buy it. It ’s like trying on a pair of shoes. If you’re serious or even just curious, let the salesperson put you on several different models. You have to think about what you want for speed, efficiency, and comfort, and at least ride around the block to see how the bike fits and feels. Shop around. That ’s what we’re here for.” Ben Leach, Owner of Bikes Limited (608) 785-2326 “ The biggest thing for buying a new bike is to not go to a department store; their bikes are kind of onesize-fits-all. The people at a bike shop find the correct fit, and that ’s huge. Getting the right fit is going to make the whole experience more worthwhile. There’s great biking in the area— mountain, recreational, and road biking. The terrain with the Mississippi River bluffs provides all different types of biking in the immediate area.” (608) 793-1300 505 King Street, La Crosse, WI

{lower level of the King on 5th Building}

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A Tasty Threat:

Beating Invasive Garlic Mustard By Amber Miller

The glor y of springtime in Wisconsin is unparalleled. Native wildflowers like trillium, dutchman’s breeches, and the aptly named spring beauty enchant our woodland bluffs and begin a new season with a bang. But getting out to enjoy those native plants is rapidly becoming a question of saving them as well. Our woodlands are under threat from a variety of invasive

species, and one in particular takes the springtime spotlight— garlic mustard. Whether you know it or not, you have undoubtedly seen this small, biennial plant along roadsides and in almost any woodland in the Coulee Region. Brought to the U.S. in the 1800s from Europe as a medicinal herb, it has since taken over “a significant part of the state,” reports Kelly Kearns,

Kayak & Canoe Rentals Outdoor Programming Guided Paddle Groups Active Apparel Outdoor Gear 400 Main St, La Crosse, WI (608) 793-1470 14


Be Active

Invasive Plant Coordinator with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources. “In the southern and eastern halves of the state, garlic mustard is common in ever y county in forested and urban areas,” says Kearns. Global trade and travel has made it awfully easy for organisms to relocate, wreaking havoc on all kinds of ecosystems around the world. The reason that invasive species become a problem is that when they make the move to a new ecosystem, they often leave their natural enemies behind. When an organism is in its native habitat, there are predators, pests, and diseases that keep its population in check. But if you throw that organism into a totally different ecosystem, you’ll more than likely end up with a big problem. With favorable conditions and no enemies, that organism can alter and even take over an ecosystem ver y, ver y quickly. Like other invasive species, garlic mustard has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it ver y difficult for our native plants to compete. For starters, it ger minates early in the season, getting a valuable head start on space, sunlight, and nutrients. Seeds are easily spread by wind, water, animals, and yes—your hiking boots, so be sure to thoroughly br ush off your boots before leaving a garlic mustard-ridden spot.

Be Active

The worst part about this nasty plant is that its roots release a chemical into the soil that kill the fungi that for m beneficial, and sometimes necessar y, relationships with most plants on Earth called mycor rhizae. Kearns explains that this “slows the growth and regeneration of tree seedlings, and even inhibits the growth of existing trees.” If garlic mustard isn’t curtailed, it will change the composition of the forest itself. Abbie Church, Program Coordinator for the Conser vation Fund, brings to light even further-reaching effects of the garlic mustard problem. “Research has shown that invasive species have impacts far beyond that which is seen by the cur rent generation,” explains Church. “As you lose your wildflowers, you lose the pollinators that depend on them, and as you lose the pollinators, you lose the predators of the pollinators and on and on.” In addition to changing forest composition, garlic mustard has the potential to alter the entire ecosystem we call home. The silver lining is that you can do something about it—as Church puts it, “be the predator.” Garlic mustard is easy to find, and it usually for ms dense clumps that can be pulled with abandon. It’s easy enough to

Continued on pg. 16



Continued fr om pg. 15 identify that even children can get in on the action, and it’s easy to pull, with no tools required. It’s also edible—use it like spinach or make a tasty pesto. Getting outside to pull garlic mustard is a

great way to multi-task—exercise; spend time with friends, family and nature; collect ingredients for dinner; and do some good for the planet, all at once! As far as multi-tasking goes, it doesn’t get much better than that.

How to Help

1. Learn to identify Garlic Mustard. It ’s Biennial, so first-year plants look different than second-year flowering plants.

2. Gather a group of people and go hiking! Check Mississippi Valley Conservancy ’s website for maps HOW of their TOmany HELPLa Crosse Blufflands trails. The most infested MVC lands are the Hass Tract and, if plants you’relook willing to . Learn to identify garlic mustard. It’s biennial, so first-year different than travel about plants. 40 miles south, Sugar Creek Bluff near Ferryville. Bring lots of year flowering heavy-duty bags. . Gather a groupgarbage of people and go hiking! Check Mississippi Valley Conservancy’s web

maps of their La aCrosse trails. Thesimply most infested MVC lands are the 3. When youmany locate clumpBlufflands of garlic mustard, pull up the entire Tract and, if you’rethe willing to travel aboutyet 40 flowered, miles south, Creek plant, including roots. If it hasn’t youSugar can toss it Bluff in thenear Fer Bring lotsifofyou heavy-duty garbage bags.with it (don’t toss it on the ground, or it shrubs aren’t going to cook . When you locate a clump of garlic mustard, put simply up plant the entire plant, including may re-root). If it has already flowered, the pull whole in a garbage roots. If it hasn’t flowered, can toss it in even the shrubs if you aren’t going to coo bag—this littleyet devil can stillyou produce seeds if it has been pulled after (don’t tosshave it onformed. the ground, or skinny it may seedpods re-root). Ifstart it hasforming alreadyinflowered, flowers Long, late Mayput andthe wh plant a garbage bag—this little can out still of produce seeds even it hashas been pu turninbrown as they dry. It ’s bestdevil to stay the area after theifplant after flowers have formed. Long, skinny seedpods start forming in late May and turn gone to seed to avoid spreading them. Make a note of the area and go asback they earlier dry. It’sinbest stay out of the area after the plant has gone to seed to avoid thetoseason next year! spreading them. Make a note of the area and go back earlier in the season next year! 4. Toss your garbage bags in the trash, or eat it up! It ’s yummiest before . Toss your garbage bags in the trash, or eat it up! It’s yummiest before flowering, but flowering, but still makes a great pesto later in the season makes a great pesto later in the season.

First-year plants feature low-growing rosettes of rounded leaves with toothed First-year feature low-growing edgesplants the smell like garlic when crushed. rosettes of rounded leaves with toothed edges that smell like garlic when crushed.



Second-year plants reach heights of 2.5-3 feet and feature pointed, heartSecond-year plants heights of 2.5-3 shaped leaves andreach clusters of small white flowers fourheart-shaped petals. feet and featurewith pointed, leaves and clusters of small white flowers with four petals.

Be Active

Be Active

Garlic Mustard Pesto 3⁄4 cup olive oil 3⁄4 cup par mesan cheese (or nutritional yeast for a vegan version) 2-3 garlic cloves 3 Tbsp walnuts or pine nuts Zest and juice of 1⁄2 lemon 5 cups garlic mustard leaves Process the first five ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth. Add garlic mustard leaves and process until smooth, adding more olive oil if needed. Ser ve over pasta, or as a dipping sauce for bread. Repeat until garlic mustard is locally extinct! 779-GOLF (4653) 600 Losey Blvd N

Players s:ClOunlby $20

to join! Include g in ic Pr ve Exclusi Specials Email & Text r & more! 2x unts /yea Guest Disco

Tammy Z’s Yoga Studio

Yoga for Everybody! First Class is FREE! 432 Cass St. La Crosse | (608)386-1217




Gregory “Cheech” Hall

When You Love the Music

By Andrew Chulyk

As teenagers, many of us had a family of musicians, actors and dreams of becoming rock stars. artists that provided him enough Pick any decade—the ‘50s, ‘60s, creative support to freely explore ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s—and you’d find his musical interests and develop us playing guitar, dr ums, singing, an outlet for his talent by playing jamming, and looking to be disguitar and singing. He jammed covered. Ver y few of us made it with garage bands to hone his far down that road, but there were skills and music style, and while those with exceptional talent that attending UW-Stout he landed his continued on the journey. Greg g first serious gig at the Acoustic “Cheech” Hall took that road and Café in Menomonie. followed his dream, and at age 32 After his first year at Stout, he he’s “still a rockin’.” returned to La Crosse and joined Hall was born and raised in La up with his best friend and musiCrosse and grew up sur rounded by cian Lucas Hembd, son of the



Arts local blues great Randy Hembd. In 2000 he joined The Mitgee Evers jamband, moved on to Mr. T. and General Lee and then joined the Smokin’ Bandits, who just marked their tenth year with an anniversar y celebration at the Muse Theatre on April 20th. Following your dream consists of hard work tempered by failures and successes, and with fame and stardom always seeming just out of reach. Hall knows that str uggle, and he knows what it takes to achieve the dream. A day job and teaching guitar provides needed income. Bar and coffee house gigs are still necessar y to make ends

Continued on pg. 20

“Instant human, just add coffee”

Homemade soups & desserts Organic & fair trade coffees

327 Pearl St. La Crosse, WI (608)796.1200



Continued fr om pg. 19

it, reaching out to residents and developing a community followmeet, but it’s not what feeds his ing,” Hall says. creative spirit. And this is the core of Deece That nourishment comes from a Productions—putting on a great different source and that is why show. Thanks to the supporting he created Deece Productions. It efforts of the Muse Theatre and is this endeavor that drives Hall, Pearl Street Brewer y Hall has that keeps the Smokin’ Bandits been able to create a line-up of still smokin’. tribute shows from Pearl Jam’s “It’s not always about the money, Ten to Neil Young’s After the but doing it for the show “he says. Gold Rush and Har vest to the What’s important to Hall are the upcoming Allman Brothers’ Eat a people, the community, the conPeach. nections, the collaborations and “This is something I want to be what he refers to as the Deece known for” he says, “putting on Family, those that help make the a show that people remember. So dream happen. when they hear I’m creating a “I believe in Kar ma. I believe music event they know it will be in getting out there and doing good.” Hall’s music can be described as rock n’ roll blues, outlaw countr y or countr y rock, but regardless of how you define it, it’s music that reaches into your soul, that raises your spirit, that makes you want to shout and dance. Such is the “voice” that Greg g has developed Music that keep his followers listening. Art When you check out his website Theater you’ll be surprised by his schedule; Hall is ever ywhere. Whether playing solo at Java Vino, with his band at the Popcorn Tavern, or playing slide guitar with The White Iron Band, Greg g “Cheech” 119 King Street La Crosse Hall is someone with something to say and that’s what you do 608.785.1434 “when you love the music.”




Making a Difference:

Vicki Miller, Volunteer Extraordinaire

By Janelle Mathews

West Salem’s Vicki Miller is an active volunteer for numerous organizations in the Coulee Region. Cur rently, she is a board member of Coulee Partners for Sustainability (CPS), where she ser ves as co-chair of the Earth Fair in the spring and the Living Green Expo in the fall. She is also vice president of Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, a board member of the Western Technical College Sustainability Institute and she helps with the Boys and Girls Club of West Salem’s annual fundraiser. “My husband, Rich, jokes Vicki Miller that all of my time spent volunteering is ‘pretty much like sustainability and believes that a full-time job,’” said Miller. they “go hand-in-hand and are Seven years ago, Miller retired intricately linked,” Miller said. from her job as an administra- “Health is sustainability.” tive assistant at Trane where Because of her passion for she learned that she loved to these values, Miller became collaborate with others, braininvolved with Earth Fair in stor m ideas and share all the 2006 when it was coordipositive activities that a person nated by the UW-La Crosse can do. This positive, can-do Environmental Council. She attitude has translated well to “did any job they asked of me. her volunteering career. Miller I ended up picking up litter has a passion for health and most of the time,” Miller said. 22


2 Volunteer After this experience, Miller decided that more could be done with her talent and connections. The following year she talked to the chair of the Earth Fair and asked to get the Cameron Park Far mers’ Market involved. The committee agreed, and the Cameron Park Far mers’ Market officially opened its spring season at the Earth Fair and has been a mainstay ever since. CPS became involved in 2009, when Miller co-chaired the event with a UW-L student. In 2010, the Earth Fair was fully adopted by CPS’s Earth Fair Committee. Miller is also part of the grassroots Natural Step movement that the city of La Crosse is undergoing. According to the Natural Step website, their “primar y objective is to help municipalities and their broader communities build capacity to understand and move strategically toward sustainability.” This movement has greatly expanded over the past few years “due to the passion people have for the environment and their city,” Miller explained. This passion was evident to Miller at last year’s Earth Fair where she expected that

only about 1,000 people would show up. However, Miller was surprised and humbled when it was estimated that about 3,000 people had visited the Earth Fair that year. Miller said that “ever ywhere I went people were smiling and enjoying themselves.” Her involvement with Hillview Urban Agriculture Center (HUAC) also began on a small scale. In July 2010, she attended a public meeting at Hillview Greenhouse Life Center where Dr. Tom Klemond put out a call to the community to “Help Save Hillview.” Continued on pg. 24


Don‛t leave your buddy home alone!



Continued fr om pg. 23 Miller, along with 11 other community members, answered the call. Since then, HUAC has collaborated with the La Crosse Community Foundation, Mayo Clinic Healthcare System, and Western Technical College to pursue this mission of creating a healthy community through a local, sustainable and accessible food system and has great plans for the future. Miller’s goal with all her volunteer work is “to make a difference for generations to come.” She stressed that people need to be part of

something they love that excites them. Miller said, “In the La Crosse area there are so many wonderful people doing amazing things, and that is what I love most about this area.” Janelle Mathews is the Editorin-Chief of Lumen, Viterbo University’s campus newspaper, and enjoys hiking the bluffs of La Crosse between classes.

Tuesday, May 14

May 12-18, 2013

Sunday, May 12

Mother’s Day Brunch 9a-1p, Pogreba Restaurant 10% of sales to benefit Options Clinic.

Monday, May 13

Lunch 11a-2p, 4 Sisters Wine Bar & Tapas 3% of sales to benefit Options Clinic and National Women’s Health Week. FREE Vaccine Clinic 2p-4p, Options Clinic Receive FREE Gardasil and Tdap vaccines from La Crosse County Health Dept.

FREE Street Yoga & Health Fair 5:30p-6:30p, Options Clinic Root Down Yoga Studio will be providing a FREE yoga session IN THE STREET.

Wednesday, May 15

FREE Mammograms 9a-4p & Skin Screenings 9a-6p, Options Clinic Mammogram appointment required. Call (608)775.8390. Walk-in screenings by Dr. Stephen Webster of Gundersen Lutheran. Wings for Women’s Health & DJ Trivia 7:30p-10p, Sloopy’s Bar & Grill 25% of sales to benefit Options Clinic. Wing special!

Thursday, May 16

Wine 4 Women’s Health 5:30p-9p, 4 Sisters Wine Bar & Tapas Only $30/person. Gift Baskets avail. to support Options clinic. Must pre-purchase tickets through Options Clinic. May 12- May 18 | Shop Downtown! Kick & Lark will offer incentives to benefit customers, Women’s Clothes Closet, & Options Clinic! Details At: Contact for details! Diva Night Fundraiser & Bra Drive 5p-7p, Lillians of La Crosse 10% of sales to benefit Options Clinic. Bring a buck and and old bra to donate to “Free the Girls”,



2 Volunteer Be that gal (or guy)

Like 2Do La Crosse 2 WIN!itb’secafuuns!e Congrats to Eric Dykman for Winning our first Facebook contest!



Volunteer Oppor tunities Children’s Museum of La Crosse: Lend a Hand! Volunteers are an important part of the Children’s Museum team. If you are enthusiastic, reliable and fond of children, check into our current volunteer opportunities. Possible fun includes special event help, face painting, crafts and games, and much more! (608) 784-2652 x226;; Great Rivers United Way: Great Rivers United Way Volunteer Center hosts an array of volunteer opportunities. Give an hour. Give a Saturday. Give your best. We all have special talents. Things we can do to help. And when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. There are hundreds of volunteer options available every day. Give the gift of you. Volunteer. (608) 796-1400; jlarsen@; /volunteer-2 Hillview Urban Agriculture Center: The mission of Hillview is to create a healthy community through a local, sustainable, and accessible food system. We have volunteer opportunities in the following programs: Market Baskets, vermicomposting, various gardening tasks, hoop house construction, fundraising, grant writing, and marketing. (612) 423-5375;; The Hunger Task Force of La Crosse: The Hunger Task Force works to alleviate hunger in the Coulee Region through two programs: The Food Recovery Program and The Kane Street Community Garden. Tasks and info: Food Recovery Program- driving for deliveries, sorting, truck loading and unloading, clerical, special event duties. (608) 793-1002; Kane St. Community Garden- preparing and planting, weeding, harvesting. (608) 386-3319;; La Crosse Area Family YMCA: Volunteering for the Y opens a window of career opportunities.Imagine being a part of one of the most respected human services organizations in the world, where your work positively influences the lives of others, apply your experience,



2 Volunteer knowledge, creativity and energy, and build your resume while discovering new talents. Opportunities include special events, Youth Sports coaching, Miracle League Baseball Buddies, Teen Center, and much more. (608) 782-9622; Y-North: 400 Mason St., Onalaska; Y-La Crosse: 1140 Main St., La Crosse; La Crosse County Historical Society: To volunteer with the La Crosse County Historical Society could mean many things. From re-enacting to helping with collections, exhibit design, museum interpreters there are no shortages of jobs we need help with! (608)782-1980; Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA): The Outdoor Recreation Alliance seeks to optimize world-class outdoor recreational opportunities. Volunteers are needed for various activities, including trail work. Pump House Regional Arts Center: The Pump House Regional Arts Center offers a wide range of visual and performing arts activities. Volunteer opportunities include: ticket taking, telephone orders, mailings, poster/flyer distribution, garden and lawn care, administrative duties, teaching, painting, and more. Whatever your interest, we most likely have something for you!  Volunteers are the foundation of this community cultural center. (608) 785-1434; contact@; Wisconsin Conservation Corps: WisCorps engages youth and young adults in direct conservation projects on public lands across the state. Volunteer opportunities include trail maintenance, tree planting, event assistance, and more! (608) 782-2494; staff@wiscorps. org;

Please let these organizations know that you saw them in 2Do La Crosse! They like to know how the word spreads. Thanks! To include a Volunteer Listing in 2Do La Crosse for your organization, email:



Fun, Creativity, and a Way to

“Throw” Away Stress Karen Bressi Shares the Love of Pottery

By Amber Miller With a stressful career as a critical care nurse, Karen Bressi needed to find a way to decompress. When she happened upon a potter y studio in Ver mont that was offering classes, her mother-inlaw encouraged her to sign up. As soon as Bressi started using the potter’s wheel, or “throwing”, she knew she had found something special. “I fell in love with throwing pots immediately,” Bressi said. “I loved creating a for m from a lump of clay using just my hands and the wheel.” That was over twenty years ago. Karen Bressi She continued her career as nurse “The interest in classes was apparuntil opening Generous Earth ent from the beginning,” so Bressi Potter y in downtown La Crosse began offering classes in 2011 and in 2010. With a simple business had over 40 students in the first model, Bressi originally opened session! her shop as a place for her to Bressi also added a paint-yourcreate pieces and “hope someone own-potter y studio, All Glazed might occasionally buy one.” But Up! in the basement of Generous the people of La Crosse had Earth Potter y. “The interest in something different in mind:



Do Local this was so overwhelming,” says Bressi, “and the competition for space in the basement with all the potter y students was the reason for the move of All Glazed Up! to 205 Pearl Street.” There, you can choose a piece of potter y that has already been made and paint it yourself, with as much instr uction as you need. In addition to painting potter y, this location also offers hand building with clay, canvas painting classes, fused art, jewelr y, and more. They even host events as varied as children’s birthday parties to corporate gatherings to wedding showers.


ns “You’ll Love Our Bu


& Bakery

Continued on pg. 30


Natural Cleansing Programs Herbal Therapies Holistic Body Work & More

Evening Features 3:30pm to Close: SUN: Free Dessert Night MON: Kids Eat Free TUE: Tap Beer Night 1/2 Price! WED: Fish Fry All You Can Eat THU: Date Night

Half priced bottles of wine!

FRI: Fish Fry All You Can Eat

Laurie Stiers MSN, FNP-BC; CH | (608)780-2255 1033 Caledonia St., La Crosse | Tue-Fri, 12p-6p

SAT: Surf ‘n’ Turf Night 135 4th St S, La Crosse | (608)784-9548



Continued fr om pg. 29 Shaan Khan was new in town when she first found out about All Glazed Up! at a Ladies’ Night Out event. When she learned about their birthday party packages, she began planning her daughter Zara’s fourth birthday party. It was a hit! “I would definitely have a party there again,” said Khan. “Their organization was perfect, and they were ver y accommodating. Ever ybody had a great time!” Zara’s friend, five-year-old Tauren, attended the party and said, “That is a memor y I will keep forever because that place was so awesome!” Zara had so much fun that it’s her best sug gestion for what

Shane Lamb

History Made Daily Hixon House 7th & Badger

Weds-Sun 10am-2pm

Coming soon ...

NEW LOCATION announcement!

Swarthout Gallery in the Library, 9th & Main Mon: Closed Tue-Fri: 10am-5pm Sat & Sun: 1pm-5pm

Hixon House

Visit the Historical Society Today... and Visit Yesterday!

Riverside Museum, Riverside Park Memorial Day to Labor Day Mon-Sat: 10:30-4:30pm



Silent City cemetery tours, Ice Cream Social, Mystery Bus Tour, period re-enactments -The La Crosse County Historical Society is a nonprofit organization located in the Public Library at the corner of 9th and Main Streets, dedicated to making the past come alive. Visit today and visit yesterday!

La Crosse County Historical Society La Crosse, Wisconsin • (608) 782-1980


• Website:

Do Local to do when they have guests from out of town. Even after moving the two businesses to separate locations, Generous Earth Potter y still needed more space. “The need to move was obvious on any given day,” remembers Bressi. There were over 50 students, and Bressi wanted them in the spotlight rather than the basement. Generous Earth Potter y moved to 321 Main Street last year. “With our new location and all its windows, passersby could witness all the creativity occur ring at all hours of the day. As a business person, I knew this would help the sustainability of the studio, and as a potter myself, I felt the space was welcoming and would help create a community amongst all of us.” The space is indeed welcoming, not to mention intriguing. The displays of elegant vases, sturdy mugs, and colorful plates is enough to pique anyone’s interest, but it is the students taking classes and experienced potters hard at work that make the space tr uly captivating. At Generous Earth Potter y, you see it all— people pouring out their creativity into the first stages, various pieces waiting to be fired, and the many finished works waiting to

Continued on pg. 32

Handmade Pottery Children & Adult Classes 321 Main St. La Crosse, WI 608-782-3904

Paint Your Own Pottery Jewelry & Glass Fusing Week-Long and Mini Summer Camps 205 Pearl St. La Crosse, WI 608-782-7248



Continued fr om pg. 31 take their place on your kitchen shelf or fireplace mantle. Like All Glazed Up!, Generous Earth Potter y has a lot to offer, including classes for all skill levels, including children. If you’re not ready to commit to a full seven-week class, you can tr y one of their fabulous “Wheel Deals”—a two-hour class where you’re guaranteed to take home two finished pieces. It is an excellent way to tr y it out, even if you think you’re not an “artsy” type. Instr uctor Cheri Schuyler reports, “There is room for all levels and interests. Some people come just because they want something new



to do. Some people begin with production potter y and sales in mind. Potter y has many different aspects—throwing, trimming, and glazing, and each one lends itself to a different creative skill.” Whether you find yourself to be a skilled potter or not, you will undoubtedly find relaxation at the potter’s wheel. “We all talk about the therapy creating potter y gives us,” said Bressi. “It is the process of creating that is the reward. At least once a day, a student will tell me how they just ‘needed’ to come in and throw. It requires centering oneself as well as centering the clay.  It requires ‘being in the moment,’ and that feeling is addicting.”

Do Local

7 Pastas! 7 S au ce s ! 14 Toppin gs!

Magically prepared ...right before your eyes! Dine in, carry out, or drive through today! • (608)788-PASTA (7278)

91 Copeland Ave., La Crosse, WI

$1 OFF APPETIZER with this ad!



PPETIZER DublinSquareLax with th is ad! DublinSquareIrishPub | (608) 519-2509 Dublin Square, 103 N 3rd St., La Crosse, WI 54601

HURRY! WITH THIS AD, SPRING SPECIALS* 5 Bronze Tans ONLY $15 5 Gold Tans ONLY $30 5 Platinum Tans ONLY $50 3 Spray Tans ONLY $29.99

9376 Hwy 16, Onalaska | (608) 781-BODY (2639) 1006 19th Street So La Crosse| (608) 782-TANU (8268)

*Some restrictions may apply. See Studio for details. Offer can be used once every 365 days.





318 Pearl Street, La Crosse, WI

Do Local

shop co-op shop local check out our cooking class schedule online!

People’s Food Co-op

and NEW

downtown La Crosse • 608.784.5798


Martini Bar

local • organics • fair trade • artisan cheeses & breads • deli special diet • specialty & ethnic foods • organic body care vitamins & supplements

    Lunch Buffet 11am - 3pm Dinner Mon - Thur & Sun 4:30pm - 9:30pm Fri & Sat 4:30pm - 10pm Free Delivery 5pm-9pm Any Takeout

1812 Jackson St, La Crosse (608) 782-8133

Like us on Facebook!

Buy One Entree, Receive the Second

15% Off 1/2 Off Exp. 7/1/13

Bring this coupon in! *Coupon for dine-in only

Exp. 7/1/13

Bring this coupon in! *Coupon for dine-in only



Ceramic Tile | Carpet | Vinyl | Laminate

things to do DOWNTOWN Downtown Walk Around

Friday, May 3rd - Friday, June 7th Take the challenge. Pick up your Downtown Walk Around card and visit participating businesses to be eligible for great downtown prizes!

Krazy Daze

July 11th, 12th, 13th. Downtown Mainstreet Inc.

608 - 784 - 0440

Annual sidewalk sale. Spectacular savings and specials, music, events and fun for everyone! Join us for a Street Dance on Friday, July 12th!

Check our website often for information and new events W W W. L AC R O S S E D O W N T O W N . C O M



Calendar n n

Kids Be Active

n n

Arts 2volunteer


Do Local

Ongoing Events & Activities

n “All Fired Up” Exhibit: This fire fighting exhibit features three large vehicles, one hand-drawn, one horse-drawn, and one early motorized fire truck with a chain drive. A 60-foot timeline adorns the walls as well as other artifacts and displays showcasing the history of fire-fighting in La Crosse. FREE; Tue-Sat 10a – 5p., Sun 1p – 5p. La Crosse County Historical Society Swarthout Gallery 112 South 9th St.; (608)782-1980;

n Amazing Castle Traveling Exhibit: Check out this fun exhibit! Included with admission. May 25 to Sept 8.  Children’s Museum; (608) 784-2652;

n Basic Nutritional & Herbal Therapies: Laurie Stiers MSN, FNP-BC; CH, presents varied programs on herbology, teas, tinctures, gardening, health, and more. Herbs All Around 1033 Caledonia St.; (608) 780-2255;

n Cameron Park Farmers Market: Description: A wide variety of vendors offer fresh, local produce, meat, dairy, eggs, baked goods, honey, maple syrup, other food, crafts and more. Music entertainment most Friday evenings from 5:15 - 7:15 and free yoga classes every other market day starting in June.; Farmers Market Every Friday-May 3rd to Oct 25th; 4-8 pm; Cameron Park Market Association; Cameron Park on King St., downtown La Crosse; (608) 433-6708;

n Chinese Language Class: Learn Chinese in a fun, relaxed setting for free!; 11:00-11:45am; 2nd and 4th Saturdays/month; Dim Sum Tea Shop 221 Pearl St.; (608) 738-1221 n Cruise Nights at Rudy ’s: Check out or show off your classic cars and trucks at Rudy ’s Drive-In! 6p-8p. Tuesdays, June 4-July 30 (except July 2). 1004 La Crosse St, La Crosse; (608) 782-2200;

n Downtown Walk Around: May 3-June 7. Take the challenge. Pick up your Downtown Walk Around card and visit participating businesses to be eligible for great prizes!; Downtown Mainstreet; (608) 784-0440;

n EcoPark Ongoing FREE Offerings; 789 Myrick Park Dr., La Crosse (608) 7840303; Turtle Talk with Matt; every Wed 10a-12:30p Matt, EcoPark resident expert on

Continued on pg. 38



amphibians and reptiles. Walk on the Wild Side; every other Thur 9a, Walk with an EcoPark naturalist. Marsh Bird Walks; Tue 6:30a, Led by Pat & Bobbie Wilson and Dan Jackson. Forest Bird Walks; Thur 6:30a, Led by Pat & Bobbie Wilson and Dan Jackson. The Rock Star Show; every other Wed 7:30a, Observe the stars from the marsh. Bring your binoculars! If it ’s overcast, enjoy a discussion of rocks and meteorites.

n Fayze’s Evenings Out: Tuesday - Half Price Tap Beer Night - Get all your favorite tap beers at half price every Tuesday at Fayze’s, 3:30pm to close. Thursday - Date Night - Treat your sweetheart to a night downtown, and enjoy half price bottles of wine every Thursday at Fayze’s, 3:30pm to close.; (608) 784-9548;

n Kickstand Wednesday: Ride your bicycle to Rudy ’s! Show the current Facebook post special on any mobile device and receive a FREE Root Beer with your food order! 1004 La Crosse St, La Crosse; (608) 782-2200; n La Crosse Queen Cruises: The La Crosse Queen is a modern-day replica of the grand river boats that plied the Mississippi River in the late 19th Century. Cruising out of Riverside Park, she is one of the few authentic Mississippi River paddlewheel river boats still in operation in the United States today. Cruise this hometown favorite for a sightseeing, cocktail or dinner cruise today! Check the schedule on the back of this issue of 2Do La Crosse! Riverside Park (west on State Street); (608) 784-2893;

n New Taste of India Monday Specials: We’re now open on Mondays! Lunch Buffet: FREE soda with purchase of lunch. Dinner Hours: Buy two tap beers, receive 3rd for FREE. 1812 Jackson St., La Crosse; (608) 782-8133

n Pottery Classes: Learn pottery basics or discover new skills. “Wheel Deals” available! Children & adult classes, Paint Your Own, Jewelry & Glass Fusing, and more! Generous Earth Pottery, 321 Main St. La Crosse; (608) 782-3904;

n Premier Fitness Group Fitness Classes: 505 King St. (lower level); (608) 7931300; Basic Training: A challenging workout that combines intense cardio and weight training. 60 min.; Thursdays at 5:30pm Cardio Dance: Fun dance workout from Hip Hop to Jazz to Modern! 60 min.; Tuesdays at 6:30pm Cardio Kickboxing: A challenging class inspired by martial arts and boxing. 60 min.; Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm Core & Stretch: Concentration on core muscle groups.; Wednesdays at 8:15am Crunch Time: A quick ab workout to add to your program! 15 min.; Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:45am; Fridays at 8:45am Group Strength: Complete toning and strengthening workout. 60 min.; Saturdays at 8:00am Open Boxing: Supervised session. Heavy bags, speed bag, or double ended bag. 60



Calendar min.; Wednesdays at 6:30pm Spin Express: A lunch hour quick spin class! 30 min.; Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15pm Yoga: A mind and body class that will increase your strength and flexibility. 60 min.; Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30pm; Wednesdays at 12:15pm; Saturday at 10:00am Zumba: Latin and international music mixing body sculpting moves and easy dance steps. 60 min.; Mondays and Fridays at 5:45am; Tuesdays at 5:30pm; Saturdays at 11:00am All Premier Fitness Group Classes included free with membership.

n Rainbow Ridge Farm Summer Day Camp: Available for children ages 6-12. Kids enjoy organized farm activities including caring for goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and calves. Farm-to-table gardening, cooking, crafts, and outdoor fun round out the week. We provide your child with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover new interests, all while participating in real life on a local farm. (608) 783-8181;; www.

n Summer Day Camps at the Children’s Museum: Pre-reg and pre-pay required. (608) 784-2652; Summer Day Camps for ages 4-5 without adult: 8:30 to 11:30 am; Mon-Wed, June 17-19 “Amazing Castle”, July 8-10 “Little Artists”, July 15-17 “Out of this World”, July 29-31 “I Dig Dinos”, Aug 5-7 “Buggin’ Out ”, Aug 12-14 “Sing Me A Story ” (choose one or more 3-morning sessions). $55/session, per child for Museum Members / $65/session, per child Non-Members. Summer Day Camps for ages 6-8 without adult:  1:30 to 4:30 pm; Mon-Wed, July 8-10 “My Story, By Me”, July 29-31 “From Dragonflies to Dinosaurs”, Aug 5-7 “In the Spotlight ” (choose one or more 3-afternoon sessions). $55 per session, per child for Museum Members / $65 per session, per child Non-Members. “Kid Power ” Summer Day Camp Sessions for ages 6-12 without adult: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm; Mondays, June 17, July 15, Au 12 (choose one or more full day sessions)  $45/session, per child for Museum Members / $55/session, per child Non-Members.  Summer Spanish Sessions for ages 4-6 without adult:  8:30 to 11:30 am; Mon-Thur, June 24-27, July 22-25, Aug 19-22 (choose one or more 4-morning sessions). $105/session, per child for Museum Members / $125/session, per child Non-Members.   Summer Spanish Sessions for ages 7-9 without adult: 1:30 to 4:30 pm; MonThur, June 24-27, July 22-25, Aug 19-22 (choose one or more 4-afternoon sessions). $105 per session, per child for Museum Members / $125 per session, per child Non-Members. Remember to check the Ongoing section of the calendar on page 37!

Continued on pg. 40



n Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun Kung Fu Class: Learn This Chinese form of exercise utilizing slow and deliberate movement. NO CHARGE; 2:00p.m.-4:00p.m.; Every Sunday; to be held at Riverside Park at the fountain, East Veterans Memorial Drive; (Note: On bad weather days 12:00-2:00p.m meet at Dim Sum Tea Shop, 221 Pearl St.)

n Tea Tasting Party: Learn about teas while sampling a variety. Dumplings and egg tarts included with take-home loose tea sample.; 1st Tuesdays/month-6pm ($6 pre-pay, $8 at door) AND 3rd Saturdays/month ($8 pre-pay, $10 at door); Dim Sum Tea Shop 221 Pearl St.; (608) 738-1221

n Tour de Pearl: Peddling for Pints: Beginning May 18th, join Pearl Street Brewery ’s 2013 Tour de Pearl and Register and Ride for a chance to win a custom designed Wyatt Bicycle! $20 registration fee includes Tour Shirt, Water Bottle, Tour Badge, Lanyard and Sponsors’ Grab Bag. (608) 784-4832; www.PearlStreetBrewery. com

n Weekly Group Paddles: Grab your canoe or kayak or use one of ours and join us for one of our weekly group paddles held at some our favorite local paddling spots. Stress relieving and a great way to explore nature with other paddlers! Check website for a NEW LOCATION EACH WEEK. Pre-reg $20; Day of $25 OR bring your boat =FREE. (Please register if you bring a boat.) *Cost includes boat rental, paddle, PFD and some instruction. June – September. River Divas (Women only) Mondays, 6:00pm-8:00pm (meet at 5:45); Paddle Time (Guys and Girls) Tuesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm (meet at 5:45). Register at Three Rivers Outdoors; 400 Main Street La Crosse; (608)793-1470;;

n Wine Guyz Ridez Series: Enjoy fun and camaraderie on a group bicycling ride on a mapped route ending with an evening of refreshments! (Ridez beverage and food deals!) Saturdays May 11- Aug 24; Gather: 3:30p Return: 5:00p; (608) 7829463; 122 King St., La Crosse;

n Yoga with Tammy Z: Yoga is for everybody! We offer a variety of classes for every level of experience. First class is FREE! Contact us for schedules. 432 Cass St., La Crosse; (608) 386-1217

Upcoming Events & Activities

Sat, May 4 n Chalk Workshop (May 4) and Chalk Art Festival (May 11): Participants in the Chalk Workshop, with instructors Nicole Prigan and Jacque Olson, will learn to make their own chalk and leave with a bucket full. The workshop is sponsored by the City of La Crosse Arts Board and is free of charge. All Chalk Workshop



Calendar attendees are then invited to register for the Chalk Art Festival during which they can put their new homemade chalk to use on the Pump House sidewalks. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 chalk drawings chosen by general public viewers. Workshop is May 4, 1pm and is FREE, registration required; Chalk Art Festival is May 11, 10a – 5p, registration is $10. Pump House Regional Arts Center; 119 King Street, La Crosse; (608) 785-1434;; www.

Wed, May 8 n Repair Café: Bring your goods that need fixing or your skills for fixing goods.; 7-9p; Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Thu, May 9 n La Crosse Schools Exhibition Artists’ Reception: Exhibitions featuring work by students of the La Crosse School District, including Aquinas, Central, and Logan. Exhibitions will be available for viewing May 9 – May 25, with an artists’ reception May 9, 5-7 pm. FREE. Pump House Regional Arts Center; 119 King Street, La Crosse; (608) 785-1434;;

Fri, May 10 n Adelyn Rose/Ryan Hartkopf LIVE: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Sat, May 11 n Chalk Workshop (May 4) and Chalk Art Festival (May 11): See May 4th details. n 1 & 2 Mile Indoor Swim: A timed swim to test your endurance and enjoy fun competition. Anyone is welcome to participate. This event is a fundraiser for our Aquatics Departments so they can purchase new swim fins and lane lines. $10. 8am – Noon. YMCA-La Crosse Branch – 1140 Main Street, La Crosse; (608) 782-9622;

n Chance to Bloom: My Food Journey Continues: Thippi Fleckenstein, a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Team Hero, activist for local food, and cooking demonstrator will share her passion for cooking, gardening, and food education.; 10:30am; La Crosse Public Library 800 Main St.; (608) 789-7136;

n YMCA Family Fun Nights: Visit the Y for some quality family time. Enjoy swimming, games, crafts and more. No need to pre-register. Non-members $10 per family. Members are FREE. 5-8pm; YMCA-North Branch – 400 Mason Street, Onalaska; (608) 782-9622;

Remember to check the Ongoing section of the calendar on page 37!

Continued on pg. 42



n Natty Nation LIVE: 9p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

n A Tribute to the Allman Brothers Band: Eat a Peach LIVE: Featuring Gregg Hall, Jimbo Zill, Tim Powers, Bill Golden, Peter Von Arx, Tommy Bentz. Doors open at 6:45p. Show at 7:30p. Tickets available at Deaf Ear Records, Tree Huggers Co-op, Pearl Street Brewery, and online at Show at the Muse Theatre, 1353 Avon St, La Crosse.

Sun, May 12 n Bike to Work Week: Fun events all week long for grownups and kids! Ride your bike! May 12-17.

Thu, May 16 n War Eagle Days: May 16th & 17th. Tours available on a reservation basis only starting from 7am and on. Celebrate the anniversary of the sinking of the War Eagle with artifacts and stories from the War Eagle Steamboat disaster, as well as many other natural history objects in the museum. Riverside Museum, 410 E Veterans Memorial Dr, La Crosse. La Crosse County Historical Society; (608)7821980;

n Dehydrating and Raw Food: Join Annie Gausman, PFC wellness staff, in learning how to dehydrate and prepare delicious, healthy raw foods. Annie will describe different techniques in dehydrating food, and prepare recipes including: Kale chips, avocado chocolate pudding, chia chocolate pudding, and macaroon cookies. 42 hour pre-registration required. Cost $15/members $25/non-members. 6-8p. People’s Food Co-op 315 5th Ave. S.; (608) 784-5798;

n Bike Nights at Rudy ’s: Check out or show off your motorcycles at Rudy ’s Drive-In! 6p-8p. 1004 La Crosse St, La Crosse; (608) 782-2200; www.RudysDriveIn. com

Sat, May 18 n Riverside Museum at the Family Fun Fair: During the Fair, receive a special 50 cent admission price! Natural History displays, War Eagle artifacts, cinema with local history movies playing, and much more! Noon – 4p. Riverside Museum, 410 E Veterans Memorial Dr, La Crosse. La Crosse County Historical Society; (608)7821980;

n YMCA Family Fun Nights: Visit the Y for some quality family time. Enjoy swimming, games, crafts and more. No need to pre-register. Non-members $10 per family. Members are FREE. 5-8pm; YMCA-La Crosse Branch – 1140 Main Street, La Crosse; (608) 782-9622;



Calendar n Theilman Spring Trail Ride with Rod’s: Come ride with the crew from Rod’s Ride On Powersports for this off-road dirt bike trail ride in beautiful Thielman, Minnesota. Trails are well marked and range from easy to challenging. May 18th and 19th. Visit www. or for more info. (608) 788-4514

n Tour de Pearl: Peddling for Pints, Opening Ceremonies: Join Pearl Street Brewery ’s 2013 Tour de Pearl and Register and Ride for a chance to win a custom designed Wyatt Bicycle! $20 registration fee includes Tour Shirt, Water Bottle, Tour Badge, Lanyard and Sponsors’ Grab Bag. Pearl Street Brewery, 1401 Saint Andrew St., La Crosse; (608) 784-4832;

Mon, May 20 n Seminar on Triathlon Racing Strategy: An informative seminar about triathlons and racing strategy. Come to learn new tips and socialize with other athletes. FREE. 6-7:30p. Meet at Schmidty ’s, 3119 State Road, La Crosse. Bluff Busters Triathlon Team;;

nn One Book, One Community: Join public high school English students in reading Jack Gantos’ 2012 Newbery-Award winning novel, Dead End at Norvelt. Melding the entirely true and the wildly fictional, this “brilliant book” (according to Dave Barry), is the story of an incredible two months for a boy named Jack Gantos, whose plans for vacation adventure are suddenly ruined when he is grounded by his feuding parents for what seems like forever. 6:30p-8p. Logan High School, 1500 Ranger Drive, La Crosse; (608) 787-0226;;

Wed, May 22 n Crash the Lights LIVE: From Madison, WI. 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Fri, May 24 n Hixon House Tours: May 24-27, then through Labor Day. Wed-Sun 10am-2pm (with last tour starting at 2pm) , 7th and Badger. Adults $8, Seniors & Students $6, Children 5-12 $5 (4 and under free), Members are free. 7th and Badger. La Crosse County Historical Society; (608)782-1980; www. n Riverside Museum: May 24-27, then through Labor Day. Mon-Saturday 10:30a-4:30p. Adults $2, Students $1, Family $5, Members are FREE. Riverside Museum, 410 E Veterans Memorial Dr, La Crosse. La Crosse County Historical Society; (608)782-1980; Remember to check the Ongoing section of the calendar on page 37!

Continued on pg. 44



n Matt Monsoor/Casey Virock/Moth Mountain LIVE: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Sat, May 25 n Early Bird Kayak Clinic: Get a jump start on the season by learning the basics of kayaking to increase both your safety and confidence on the water! After a full morning of instruction, put your new skills to the test on a peaceful tour through a favorite local paddling spot. Whether you’ve been paddling on your own for years or you’ve never kayaked before, our ACA certified instructors will help you improve your technique or develop new skills. Register by May22nd. $60 (includes instruction and equipment rental); Goose Island Park: Shelter #1, 10 am - 4pm. Three Rivers Outdoors, 400 Main Street, La Crosse, WI; ; (608)793-1470; michelle.3ro@

Thu, May 30 n Cook your Catch in Cast Iron: Join our own meat department ’s Andrew Meyer in a demonstration on how to prepare fish sourced locally. Just in time for their respective opening seasons, this timely class will demonstrate how to cook catfish, walleye, and trout with different techniques. Cost $15/members $25/non-members. 6-8p. People’s Food Co-op 315 5th Ave. S.; (608) 784-5798; www.peoplesfoodcoop. com

Wed, June 5 nn Summer Program Registration Begins: Regardless of your age, the La Crosse Area YMCA offers programs designed specifically for you. From personal fitness to group exercise to youth sports and senior aquatics, the YMCA is here to help you get mentally, spiritually and physically fit by providing support and encouragement throughout your workout while also emphasizing our character development values. YMCA-La Crosse Branch – 1140 Main Street, La Crosse and YMCA-North Branch – 400 Mason Street, Onalaska; (608) 782-9622;

Fri, June 7 n Exhibitions and Artists’ Reception: An artist reception in celebration of two Pump House Gallery exhibitions: “ Teamworks,” featuring work of Pump House volunteers and “ The Space between Order and Chaos,” featuring the work of Christine Alfery. “ Teamworks” is available for viewing May 30 – July 13; “ The Space between Order and Chaos” is available for viewing May 30 – July 6. Reception June 7, 5-7p. FREE. Pump House Regional Arts Center; 119 King Street, La Crosse; (608) 7851434;;



Calendar n Ida Jo LIVE: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668; www.

Sat, June 8 n Trail Work Days: Get excited to dig in! Volunteer for trail restoration and building. 6:00pm; Outdoor Recreation Alliance (ORA); La Crosse; www.

n Living For Liz Motorcycle Tour/Liz Fest: Rod’s Ride On Powersports invites you ride for the cure. There will be snacks, coffee and juice provided before the ride. This motorcycle rally will start at 10:00a.m. from Rod’s Ride On Powersports, located at 4140 Mormon Coulee Ct., La Crosse. Ride ends at Veteran’s Park where there will be live music and food. All riders will receive a t-shirt and Lizfest button. Pre-registration $30. day of event $35. (608) 788-4514;

Sun, June 9 n Got Energy Triathlon-Presented by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives: A triathlon with a time-trial start for sprints distances and a wave start for intermediate distance. This is perfect for the beginner or experienced participant. Clinics are offered in advance of this event. 7am. Lake Neshonic, West Salem, WI; (608) 7829622;

Mon, June 10 n “Painting People from Photographs: An Approach with Watercolor with Ted Nuttall”: Eastbank Artists are pleased to announce their sponsorship of a watercolor workshop by internationally known watercolor artist Ted Nuttall. The workshop will be held June 10-13, 9am to 3pm daily. Daily instruction will include lectures, demonstrations, individual instruction and critique. This workshop is aimed at intermediate and advanced artists. The 4-day workshop is $500. Class size is limited to 18 students. June 10-13, 9a-3p each day. Pump House Regional Arts Center; 119 King Street, La Crosse; (608) 785-1434; contact@thepumphouse. org;

Tue, July 11 n Krazy Daze: Annual sidewalk sale. Spectacular savings and specials, music, events and fun for everyone! July 11th-13th. Join us for a Street Dance on Friday, July 12th! Downtown Mainstreet, Inc.; (608) 784-0440; www.LaCrosseDowntown. com

Remember to check the Ongoing section of the calendar on page 37!

Continued on pg. 46



Wed, June 12 n Repair Café: Bring your goods that need fixing or your skills for fixing goods.; 7-9p; Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Fri, June 14 n Hunger Task Force Fundraiser with Andy from T.U.G.G: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Sat, June 15 n Freedom Fest: Featuring musical performances by nationally-renowned entertainers, Chicago and Daughtry; regional favorite, The Remainders; and the 451st Army Band. The concert series will be preceded by the Freedom Fest Motorcycle Ride, a tour through the Coulee Region in commemoration of Veterans. Proceeds benefit Veteran causes. Tickets starting at $45 (plus tax) available at Festival Foods and online. Event at UW-La Crosse, La Crosse St., La Crosse; www.

Tue, June 18 n What Is a Whole Grain?: Cassandra Gebhart will share her nutrition knowledge on whole grains. What is a whole grain, why is it healthy, and where can they be found? These questions, and more, will be answered! Recipes include whole grain products from the bulk bins at the People’s Food Co-op. Recipes include: Granola Snack Bars with flaxseed, Spelt Waffles, Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa, and Roasted Vegetable and Farro Salad. Cost $15/members $25/non-members. 6-8p. People’s Food Co-op 315 5th Ave. S.; (608) 784-5798;

Thu, June 20 n James Belflower Poetry Reading -Open Mic Takeover: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Sat, June 22 n The Coulee Region Race: The Coulee Region Race is a fun filled adventure. There are three divisions for the race: Male, Female, and Coed. Teams of two solve and complete ten challenges, while competing for the first place prize of $1000 in each division. The second place team will be awarded $300 in each division. You will have the adventure of your life while learning more about the La Crosse area. Benefits the Boys and Girls Club of Greater La Crosse. Registration begins at 8am, Race at 9am.



Calendar n Kangaroo / The Jacquets LIVE: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668; www.TheRootNote. com

Wed, June 26 n Laura Meyer LIVE: 8p. Root Note 115 4th St.; (608) 782-7668;

Sat, June 29 n Y Cycle Weekend: Multiple routes available on Brice Prairie and in Holmen from 26.2 mile time trial to a 30 mile ride. June 29 AND June 30. Details online. Swarthout Park in Brice Prairie and Evergreen Elementary, Holmen; (608) 782-9622;

Sat, July 13 nn Youth Outdoor Fest: Tons of activities to celebrate kids getting outdoors! A small sample includes archery, bowfishing, canoeing, geocaching, hiking, and so much more! The day includes a chance for kids to win a rod/reel combo! Raffle prizes for the whole family! 11a-3p. Pettibone Lagoon. FREE. (608) 789-7593; www. /Parks

n Hixon House Ice Cream Social: Tours of the house will be going on as well as ice cream and other treats served in the Hixon House yard, right next to the beautiful gardens on the property. 11a-4p (last tour at 3p). 7th and Badger. La Crosse County Historical Society; (608)782-1980;

n Bike Nights at Rudy ’s: Check out or show off your motorcycles at Rudy ’s Drive-In! 6p-8p. 1004 La Crosse St, La Crosse; (608) 782-2200; www.RudysDriveIn. com

n Run For Your Lives 5K with Rod’s: Join Rod’s Ride On Powersports for this fun 5k event in Millville, Minnesota, only an hour and a half from La Crosse. Your goal in this event is to make it to finish line before the zombies get all of your flags! Register at (our team is in the 10:00 a.m. wave) Get a free t-shirt for joining the Rod’s Ride On Powersports Team (limited to the first 50 persons). (608) 788-4514 (ask for Michelle);

Remember to check the Ongoing section of the calendar on page 37!



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2Do La Crosse May June EDIT  

2Do La Crosse is the premier magazine and online source for discovering activities and events in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area.

2Do La Crosse May June EDIT  

2Do La Crosse is the premier magazine and online source for discovering activities and events in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area.