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TO ORDER, VISIT 2DCLOUD.COM Strong Eye Contact by Christopher Adams. 104 pages, 9”x6.75”, paperback, $14.95. Available now for PRE-ORDER. First 25 pre-orders get a copy of Christopher Adams’ last 2D Cloud release, Period, gratis! In addition, all direct orders come with a free mini-interview zine! All pre-orders will ship in July. Praise for Strong Eye Contact: “Rarely have magic markers worked such luminous brilliance.” -- Matt Seneca “Weird, imaginative, and raw. Adams creates a textural experience leading you through the follies of his character’s life.” -- Aidan Koch, The Blonde Woman, The Whale “A bloody Q- tip, the crumbs of a waffle and an airplane on all comes together with Christopher’s unique drawing system. Is the comedian dreaming or is the comedy a dream?” -- Eamon Espey, Songs of the Abyss, Wormdye “Like a Mr. Hulot transposed into the America of soft-serve and mini-golf, Adams’ comedian is a normal guy trying to deal with work and relaxation in a landscape of perplexing patterns.” -- Matthew Thurber, 1-800-MICE, Infomaniacs

Strong Eye Contact  

In Christopher Adams’ Strong Eye Contact, the reader is led through a kaleidoscope of crystalline memory fragments, guided by a quixotic, Bu...

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