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MY SECRET The truth is about to be unfold‌

By: Paramore4ever

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Hey, my name's Hailey Hollowain and I have a horrible secret. My life’s a secret, or at least it was once. I was born on October 31, 1997. I’m now 14, and I love black. I'm not a freak… but maybe I am. Here’s my story. “Honey, get ready for your uncle’s party” my mom yelled. “Ok mom, I’m going to get ready” I yelled back. I finished brushing my black hair and I went down stairs, I thought this was going to be a great day until I went down stairs and next to the fire laid my mother’s dead body no breathing no talking no moving, I screamed… “Is she going to be ok?” I asked to the white headed officer. “It looks like she had a heart attack,” the paramedics said. “She… umm, died” he said, rubbing his sweaty palm.

I called my father on the phone which was in the supermarket and he came right away. “What happened, what happened?” my dad yelled. “Mom’s dead” I sobbed and fell in into his arms he looked at me then at the police officer, our tears hitting the wooden floor of my house just like the flesh of my mother did. We both watched as the paramedics took my mothers dead body out the house. My father took his arms off me and gave me a nasty look, a look of disgrace, a look of hatred he gave me a look saying I killed my mother. Did I? Of course not, right? My father started to change since my mother’s death. He started getting mad, hitting me for no reason, drinking, staying in bars late. My father really became a horrible person. A man I didn’t know. “You killed your mother” my dad screamed. “No I didn’t dad, no I didn’t” I sobbed back. I left the house. I had to, or else he would hit me again. I stayed over my 'friend’s' house. Well, Lola isn’t such a nice friend, but she’s the only one I’ve got. I got to Lola’s house a hard red brick house, the windows kind of cracked and the lawn was well, really disgusting. Mud everywhere and the grass were up to my knees. I walked up the concrete stairs and rang the bell. A blond, short girl answered. “Hey Lola” I managed to say. “Oh, hi, Hailey” she said in a disgraceful voice. “Sorry to barge in but… Can I stay over? My dad’s drunk and you know I don’t want to stay home.” I whispered.

“Fine, ok come in” As I entered I looked around and spotted the kitchen. Through the kitchen opening there was something or someone there I know I saw someone there. I didn’t mind it I just went in and calmed down. But, something was wrong, I heard Lola talking with someone in the kitchen, was she talking alone? I peeked in, and that’s when I saw someone I knew, I felt a pinch on my neck before I knew it the world went black… “What happened” I struggled to say. “You fainted” Lola replied, my hands touching the soft brown couch. I got up and felt dizzy. “Why did you faint?” Lola asked. “I just heard you talking alone or with someone then I felt a pinch on my neck!” “Oh, I was talking on the phone and maybe something stung you on the neck like a bee or mosquito.” “Just forget about it lets go to sleep” I finished with a grunt. We went to sleep but then the phone rang. I answered it and it was my dad he wanted me to come home but I insisted, I slammed the phone back on the table, when I heard something. BOOM! I froze. “Wake up, wake up” I whispered and at the same time yelled to Lola. “What happened” she groaned. “It’s 4:00am” BOOM!

It was coming from the front door. Lola peeked through the window. “It’s your dad” Lola said while rolling her eyes. I opened the door and dad came bursting in. “You are leaving with me now young lady the police are here to investigate who killed your mother” “Wait the police at home at 4:00am?” I asked. My dad grabbed me by the arm he shoved me in his red mini van. His red mini van started turning ways I didn’t recognize. My dad stopped in an abandoned house. “Where are we?” I asked. “Just be quiet and get out” he said sternly. I obeyed like always and I got out. We entered the house. My dad locked the door behind him. I looked around and it was dark the only light in there was the light peeking through the windows. I forgot about dad but he wasn’t there anymore. “Dad? Dad where are you?” my voice echoed through the old rusty hallway. I started to feel a chill running down my spine. “Hello Hailey” a small voice said, I turned around and it was Lola. “Hey! I thought you were at your house?” “Hello honey” my dad’s deep voice said. “Hey, dad I was looking for you” I whispered.

“Hi, my little girl! Come give me a hug” a woman voice said. Wait. I knew this voice it was someone I knew, I turned around and the woman was holding something shiny… Something sharp… It was a knife and the woman was my mom… “Mom is it really you? I thought you died” I said. “No honey I am here alive, and we are all here for one reason.” “And what’s that reason?” I whispered. “You see honey” my dad said. “We all made a plan so we can kill you and take the money your grandma left in the bank” “What does grandma’s money have to do with me?” I asked. “Your grandma named the money after you” Lola’s little voice said. “So you guys are going to kill me?” I asked. “Maybe. Only if you don’t obey” my own mother said. “First you have to take this knife and break in to the bank. Then, you have to kill your grandma and grandpa. Last, you act like you killed your mother. If not we will kill you, simple enough, right?” dad explained.

“Sure” I choked to say. Mom handed me the knife but I had 2 choices, to do what they want me to do or kill them all… As my mother handed me the knife I knew I had to do it. I knew I had to kill them all. I couldn’t risk my grandma and grandpa’s life and I couldn’t rob a bank. I couldn’t act like if I killed my mother. But, I am going to kill her now. I shoved the knife through my mother’s body my dad came next to her I stabbed him on the stomach and finally I stabbed Lola on the head. It all happened in slow motion, the world frozen as I killed them all. I had to, I had no other choice. I had to kill my mom, my dad, and my “friend.” I had to kill them all. There were blood stains all over the old carpet floor, bloodstains on my hand, and blood stain’s on my heart. If you betray your family and friends they may just end up betraying you. And now you know my story. My betrayal… my secret… By: Paramore4ever


This story has scenes that may be intense for children. We recommend this for ages 11+. Not a true story. My Secret is part of one of the...